The Magic of Amber


Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Jurassic Park belong to J.K. Rowling, Michael Creighton and everyone they have given licensing rights too. I use the permission they have given to write fanfiction, making no money and only getting the satisfaction of having others read my work.


This is a Harry Potter/ Jurassic Park crossover. There will be magic, dinosaurs, adventure, romance and a very different world for Harry and Sirius.

Throughout the world, I will draw upon movies, books and research on dinosaurs that will put them somewhere between what was known or speculated in the early 1990's to current research. The world in the story will also be AU, from both perspectives, so if something is not like Cannon, it is most likely intentional for my story.

As Harry navigates this new world, he will grow, find love and survive more harrowing adventures. The romance will be Harry Potter / Lex Murphy. Lex will be aged to just about sixteen, while Harry has been thrown out of his timeline about a month before he turns sixteen.

Warnings: There may be some mental health issues. Adult themes and situations in later chapters. Gore. Possible graphic violence.


Chapter 1


A very bad night...

June 20, 1996

London, England

"Reducto! Diffindo! Reducto!" Harry said as fast as he could, his wand moving faster than his thoughts could really concentrate on the spells, but they came out anyways. Sirius was beside him, casting silent spells at both Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. It was a furious duel where Harry was holding his own, but just barely.

"Protego duo!" he screamed as Lucius shot a nasty looking purple spell and something impacted the side of the podium, sending rock shards everywhere. Rock shards made little tinkling sounds as they hit with some force. A gong responded when Malfoy's spell impacted.

Malfoy screamed, his hands going to his face. The man bent over, stumbling towards the edge. Harry was about to follow up when a cheerful Sirius yelled, "It's just like old times, James!"

Harry was trying to concentrate and cast the man a disbelieving look. The grin Sirius gave him, his eyes coming off the duel with Bellatrix for just a second, was all it took for Harry to lose the last one he considered family. It was a dark purple spell with what looked like black spikes. Harry watched it as though time almost stopped. Sirius realized a second too late, his wand starting to raise, taking a step back, the mirth changing to a look of horror before the spell hit him. Harry shifted his own wand, another Protego spell on his lips as he witnessed the spell from Bellatrix rip through his godfather.

"NO!" he screamed as a gash opened from Sirius' hip to his shoulder. Blood spraying out and Sirius fell back. He was so close to the fluttering veil that as he stumbled back, a light splattering of blood between him and Bellatrix Lestrange was the only signs that Sirius had just been standing there.

Harry was stunned. He had just watched Sirius being ripped open, and then he wasn't there. In one night, Harry had just lost everyone he really cared for. Hermione had been sliced open and he was sure she wouldn't make it. Luna had been trying to heal her, now nowhere to be seen. Ron was laying on the floor of the room. Neville was holding his arm, blood freely flowing down, looking paler than Harry had ever seen him.

It was a mad cackling that suddenly pulled Harry out of his horror. Without thought or word, he snapped his wand at Bellatrix. There was no word or form to the magic, just a need for revenge. Three lines of white light burst from his wand. They were blades of pure magic.

The insane witch was fast, spinning her wand before her. A shield intercepted the top two blades, sparking and making another gong sound. It drew most peoples attention to see the witch's legs cut off a little below her knees. The look of surprise in her eyes was so absolute that Harry didn't know what to do at first, watching her fall back, blood spraying out of her stumps, her wand falling from her hand and pain replacing her surprise.

"Sirius!" Harry bellowed, turning towards the veil.

"Harry, no!" Remus yelled from nearby.

Harry was already moving, he was going to jump after his godfather to pull him back. Then get him some treatment. He was about to dive through when someone grabbed his jacket. "I'm saving Sirius," Harry yelled.

"Harry, no! He's gone," Remus called back.

Harry pushed his arms back, one arm slipped out of the coat, while the other twisted it out of Remus' hand. As soon as he was free, Harry dove through the veil...

As soon as he was through the veil, he felt as though his head was being torn apart. Harry screamed as his scar burst open. It was worse than when Voldemort had put him under the Cruciatus curse. He screamed at the pain. Something nearby screamed as well. Then it suddenly stopped...

Harry rolled as he came through the other side of the veil. His glasses cracked and fell off as he splayed out onto a cold floor. Someone yelled and then there was a few people talking rapidly in... was that Spanish? Harry pushed himself up, his wand coming up. Something warm was flowing down the left side of his face and he could only make out he was in a room that seemed bright. It was not the Department of Mysteries, which was dark everywhere.

Someone started to yell at him. He heard someone running.

"Where am I!" Harry yelled back. "Stay back or I'll stun you!"

"Easy, lad," said a man with an African accent. "No one needs to have their eyes poked out with that stick."

"Who are you? Where am I? STAY BACK!" Harry warned as he saw a shape getting closer. He couldn't clearly see anything closer than about ten feet. As he looked around, he was able to make out the man that had been talking to him. He was a relatively tall man in khaki shorts and shirt. He had a safari hat on and had his hands out.

"Stand down," the man said calmly. "Where did you come from? You have a nasty cut on your head," the man mentioned.

None of them had wands, which made Harry hesitate, instead of casting blasting hexes as he turned around quickly. "Where is Sirius!"

Harry jerked as he saw a shape coming from his right. "Stupefy!"

He could tell he hit the man as the shape fell. Harry whipped his wand to another shape. Merlin, he wished he didn't need glasses! "Stupefy! Stupefy!" he screamed out, realizing that none of them were casting spells. Another shape fell. There was a sound like an air gun then there was a pain in his leg. "Stupefy!" he got off a few more times before he stumbled, suddenly feeling dizzy.

"Easy there, lad," the African sounding man said.

"Where am I..." Harry got out before he his legs collapsed.

Someone caught him as he fell. "Go get Benning and call Hammond. We have a breach..."

Harry drifted off as the man ordered whomever he was talking to.


Sometime later...

Location... Unknown

"SIRIUS!" Harry screamed as he suddenly shot out of the bed. Only, he didn't.

His arms came up short. Jerking him to a stop, then plunged him hard back into the bed.

"NO! Accio wand," he cried out. The magic in him flared to his need. He felt the pull. There was the sound of something crashing to the ground outside the room and a yell. His holly wand came shooting through the door and into his hand. The adrenaline was starting to thrum through him as he realized he was bound to the bed. Catching his wand, he snapped, "Alohomora!"

There were clicks and the handcuffs that were wrapped in cloth fell off his hands and feet.

"He's awake! Get Muldoon," someone yelled.

Harry rolled off the bed. Looking around the room for a way to escape. His vision was rather blurry. Making out a table on the side of his bed, he stumbled to it, quickly finding his glasses. He shoved them on his face. One lens was cracked. The glasses sat crooked on his nose. He needed to repair them but had to figure out where he was first.

There was a door with a toilet visible behind it. A window, obviously at ground level and showing a jungle outside. The window was reinforced with a wire mesh, as was the one in the metal door that his wand had flown through.

Looking through the larger window, Harry wasn't sure why he was looking at a jungle.

He spun back towards the door and raised his wand when he heard a rustling. A woman in a white nurse's outfit was at the door. She was a mid-shade brunette, with a nice figure and blue eyes. Her hands were held wide. "Easy there, kid," she said. "We don't mean you any harm."

"Why was I cuffed to the bed then? Where am I? Where's Sirius?" Harry questioned, his eyes looking everywhere, trying to find a way out. He wanted to blast the window, but it had made him a little apprehensive to see the wire reinforcement. He had only seen that on the tellie in places like a mental institute or somewhere that expected gun fire.

"Easy. Is Sirius that man we found a floor up?" she asked quietly.

"He made it through? Where is he? I need to get out of here," Harry told her, standing up fully, his wand still pointed at her. She seemed to be a Muggle, but he didn't care at the moment. He needed to get to Sirius, and he needed to get out of here.

"Just calm down. Sirius was taken to the mainland last night. He's still in critical condition, but the doctors think he will survive. What ever cut him only went bone deep, no internal injuries," she told him.

Harry let out a ragged breath, his wand lowering a little. "I can't stay here. People will be looking for me," he told her.

"I don't think you will get far dressed like that," the man that he met yesterday said.

Harry crouched, putting most of the bed between him and the man. For the first time he realized he was in a hospital gown. Focusing on the man, Harry saw him holding a gun, which was pointed towards the floor. Harry tried to figure if he could get a shot off at the same time he cast anything. "Don't come any closer," Harry warned, his wand coming up.

The man regarded him.

"This is a clinic. Don't you dare fire at my patient," the woman declared.

"That boy took down four men with some type of taser or something," the muscular man said. Getting a good look at the man, Harry knew that this man was a hunter or warrior. There were sounds behind him and Harry caught sight of someone in battle gear with a gun in his hands. "Stupefy!" Harry called out. The man he had been talking too stepped out of the way, but the one in body armour fell as the red light hit him.

The man's gun was up, and the bullet just missed as Harry turned. Something was off with the gun though. It didn't make a big bang. "Bloody hell! I don't want to hurt you," Harry yelled out. "I only want Sirius!"

There was another cling of a bullet off the railing of the bed. Harry's eyes caught the blur to see a dart sticking into the wall. "I won't kill you, but you have just attacked us again."

"You have bloody guns!" Harry shot back.

"And what is that taser thing?" the man countered.

"Bloody hell! If you don't stop we will all be in trouble," Harry yelled over the bed. "Just take me to Sirius and we won't bother you again."

He heard at least one other come into the room. Leaning back to peer over the bed, he saw a man in Muggle body armour. The first man fired off a shot. Harry growled, jumping to the side. "Stupefy! Stupefy!"

The two men fired a few more times before reaching into pouches on their belts to take out a long box. Harry scrambled as the other opened fire, diving behind a chair in the corner. He heard a few other darts hit the chair. "He's out, like the others," a man said.

"Listen, lad. If you don't stop, I may have to use something more lethal, and I really don't want to do that," the man with the African accent said. "If you ever want to see this Sirius bloke again, you will want to live."

"If you fire at me with a real gun, I'll have to use lethal force too," Harry warned. He wasn't sure why Aurors or Obliviators hadn't shown yet.

"Alright. How about a compromise. You tell me why and how you broke into a very secure facility, and I won't take out my real bullets," the man said.

Harry huffed. Where was the damn Obliviators or Aurors? The Ministry was always quick to condemn him before. He was sure Fudge would love to get his hands on him. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

There was a pause. "Try me. I've heard some pretty tall tales before."

Harry laughed. "Not like this."

"One more try, boy," the man said, sounding a little frustrated this time.

"My name is Harry," he called back, hating to be called 'boy'.

"Alright, Harry, what is your story?"

Harry chuckled again. "Magic."

The silence was a little longer. "What's the real story?"

Harry figured he was already in trouble, so he cast his wand at a phone box on the wall that was clearly visible to the men. It was one of the more recent transfigurations that Professor McGonagall had taught them. "Porcinifor."

The box morphed into a large African porcupine. "Bloody hell," the man that was talking to him cursed.

"What the fuck was that?" the other one said. Harry thought he sounded American.

"I can do something else," Harry called around the corner of the lounge chair. "If you don't believe me."

The porcupine made an aggravated sound and lumbered out of his view. "Right, Harry. Why don't you come out nice an easy? Throw your stick thing out first."

"Not bloody likely," Harry shot back.

"Alright, we will lower our tranquilizer guns and you hold that stick out where we can see it," the man said.

Letting out a long breath, Harry turned, and slowly stood, his wand out to his side. The two men held their guns to their sides. The porcupine was now leaving the room.

"What did you do to my man?" the one in khaki shorts demanded.

"I stunned him," Harry answered.

"What did you use? The four you got yesterday still haven't woken up," the man said.

He felt a little confused. Usually, a stunner wore off in an hour or so. Perhaps because they were Muggles? "I didn't hurt them," Harry defended himself.

"How do you wake them up?"

"Can I use my wand?" Harry asked.

"Is that what that stick is?" the one in body armour queried. Harry nodded. When the other man nodded, Harry pointed his wand towards the man on the floor. The other two rose their guns halfway up. "Enervate."

The white light sailed across the room and a second later that man started. "What the hell hit me!" the man said, rolling over.

"Holy shit," the one in body armour said. "What do we do Muldoon?"

"Erica, you need to get Benning here and call Hammond," the one named Muldoon called through the door.

"Right away, Mr. Muldoon," the nurse said from the hall.

"I need to see Sirius. Where are my clothes?" Harry was concerned with what was in his clothes. His invisibility cloak was in an expended pocket in his jacket, as was his coin pouch, the Marauder's map and knife Sirius had given him.

"In the nurses office. Found a few interesting things," the man said.

BLOODY FUCK! "I need it all back," Harry told him.

"We need to talk. You going to put down your... wand?" Muldoon queried.

The other guard was up and his gun pointing to Harry. "You going to put down your guns?" Harry asked, raising his wand, ready to cast a shield.

Muldoon nodded and all three put their small guns into holsters. Harry lowered his wand below the edge of the chair. "I would put mine in my holster, but I don't have it right now."

"Go get the lads stuff," Muldoon said. "Ericks and Rogers, stand guard outside the door."

One man walked out the door, the other stood just inside, keeping an eye on Harry. Muldoon pulled up a stool on wheels by the door. Sitting, Harry still had the impression the man was a danger. He didn't miss the man had one hand close to his gun, and the other close to a large knife. Seeing how the man moved earlier, Harry wasn't sure he would be able to get off a spell or two before the man got him. "We need to have a talk."

Harry looked at the man a little dubiously. "About what?" Harry asked cautiously, knowing what the man probably wanted to ask. Where were the damned Aurors!

Harry wasn't sure if whatever trouble he was in was better than the Aurors or not... he really didn't want to be captured by Fudge, but looking out at the jungle outside his window, he doubted he was anywhere near Scotland. Maybe another ministry would pick up on his spell casting?

"What ever that was you just did," the man said calmly.

Harry eyed the man. "You and the others seem to be taking this a little calmly," Harry pointed out.

"I've seen a lot," the man said rather stoically.

"You've seen magic before?" Harry asked.

"No, but I have seen things that seem like magic," the man commented. Harry felt like he was an antelope being sized up by a lion. The tenseness of the situation was not going away, even with the man's calm tone.

The man that had been sent to get his stuff came back in the room, dropping it on his bed and took up a position just inside the door. Harry nodded to the man while eyeing everything on his bed. "What about them?"

"Let's say they've seen about as much. That as an interesting jacket we got of you last night," Muldoon commented, nodding to his jacket.

Harry saw his oversized clothes, his invisibility cloak, what looked like Sirius wand, his map, the coin pouch, his taped-up trainers, the wand holster, and the knife Sirius had gotten him that could open any lock.

Harry didn't say a thing.

"I assume most of those things are magical? Like that other stick we found with the man that we had to fix up?"

"If other wizards find me, they will come in here and obliviate everyone about who I am," Harry warned the man.

"So, there are more of you?"

Something about the question had Harry's guard up. "Ah, lots," he said.

"Why don't you get dressed. If the Nurse says you are good, we can take you over to the security offices," the man told him.

"Security offices?"

"You and that man, Sirius, have somehow made your way a hundred and twenty miles of the coast of Costa Rica, to a highly secret facility and onto an island that should have been near impossible to be on without coming by helicopter or boat, and I know that no one has smuggled here on a boat," Muldoon said.

Bloody fuck! Harry yelled in his head. "Are you going to hand me over to the police?"

"That depends on my boss. I am more curious about that stick in your hand, as are a few others here on the island after watching the video feeds last night," Muldoon commented.

Harry looked out the window, contemplating what he should do. Harry never wished more than now that he could apparate.

"I wouldn't try that, if I was you. There are worse things than lions and tigers and bears out there," the man said in a way that had a shiver go down Harry's spine.

Turning back to the bed, Harry put his holster on first. His hand slipped through the bands. Knowing that it wouldn't matter with all the other magic he had so far, he touched his wand to the holster, and it automatically tightened. It wouldn't disillusion itself until he put his wand in. Harry wondered how they had gotten it off, but that was something to figure out another time.

"What does the cloak do?" Muldoon asked. "Is that some type of occult thing?"

"A secret," Harry replied. Muldoon didn't look pleased with the response.

"Who is this Sirius guy? Who does he work for?"

Harry thought about that as he shoved the cloak into his right pant pocket. Luckily Hermione had taught him how to put an expansion charm on that, it just wasn't a large as his jacket pocket. Harry was only skilled enough to extend the space about four times its normal size. At the thought of her name, his throat clenched. He had no idea if anyone he had left last night was still alive...

"Where am I?" Harry countered.

Muldoon held his gaze. "Tell you what, Harry. You answer one of mine and I will answer one of yours. You won't need the jacket. It's rather warm outside."

Harry pinched his lips, putting his jacket over his right arm, leaving his left free and easier to get his wand. Sirius' knife slid into a sheath on the side of his holster. "Sirius Black is my godfather. He doesn't work for anyone right now," Harry said.

The man took a moment to say, "You are on an island called Isla Nublar, out in the Pacific Ocean. How did you get here?"

Harry steeled himself. "We were in a fight. Sirius got hurt and fell through a veil. I jumped in after him and ended up here." Getting annoyed with his broken glasses he took them off his face and took out his wand. The man at the door pulled his dart gun. Harry held his arms wide open. "I am only going to repair my glasses."

Muldoon turned his head to look at Harry sidelong. After a nod, the other man holstered his gun.

"Oculus Reparo," he said, tapping his glasses. He was curious why they broke, since he knew he had charms on them. The cracks mended themselves and the bridge straightened out.

"What type of fight were you in?"

"Against some really bad wizards. I need to find a way to get in touch with other wizards to see if my friends are alright. When can I see Sirius?" Harry asked.

"Sirius is going to be in the hospital for a while. I heard he was pretty cut up and it took much of the night to get him fixed up. I would have suspected my people to die from a wound like that," Muldoon said.

Harry felt his chest clench. "Is he going to survive?"

"We don't know yet," Muldoon said. "Is he a wizard too?"

Harry put his wand away, his holster vanishing from view, with only Harry able to see it. Muldoon's eyes rose at this. Harry picked up the last thing on the bed: Sirius' wand. He tucked it into the second wand slot in the opposite way so he would only grab his own wand when he needed. "He is," Harry confirmed. "Can I see him?"

Muldoon shook his head. "I can't let you leave until we know you aren't a threat and Hammond says you can leave."

"I can break out," Harry told him.

"Like I said, there are some bad things out there," Muldoon replied.

Harry snorted. "Worse than dragons and basilisks?"

There was a light in Muldoon's eyes. "Dragons are real?"

"Yeah. Big. Ugly. Breath fire. Not something I want to meet again," Harry told the man.

"You hunted one?" Muldoon queried.

Harry snorted. "I was forced to face one. It almost killed me."

"But it didn't."

Harry agreed. "But it didn't."

"I don't get why a small lizard would be so dangerous, though. There are basilisks all over the jungles on the mainland," Muldoon said. "I've seen them run across water, but never thought they were dangerous."

Harry looked confused. He had never heard of a basilisk that could run. "Ah, a basilisk is a snake. Yellow eyes. Most poisonous thing in existence. If it looks directly at you, it kills you."

Muldoon looked even more interested. "It strikes that fast?"

"No. The stare kills you. Like if you look directly into its eyes, you die. Period."

"And you killed one?"

Harry wasn't sure how the man knew, but with how much trouble he was already in, did it matter what he said? Harry was still positive that the man would be obliviated as soon as others found him. "Yeah," was all Harry said.

Muldoon didn't look like he doubted him. "Sir, Benning is here," the man outside the room said.

A tall black man with a bald head and a piercing gaze walked into the room. "You get anything out of the sneak?"

"I don't think he is a sneak, but I wanted to hold him in the cells until Hammond gets back," Muldoon told the man.

Harry stood his ground as the man looked at him.

"How old are you?" Benning demanded.

"Almost sixteen," Harry replied almost instantly to the command in the man's voice.

"And who was the spy with you?" the man asked.

"Sirius is not a spy," Harry said rather indignantly. "We didn't want to come here."

Muldoon stood up. "Benning, I think this is something different than you think."

The tall man cast a glance at Muldoon. He had an American accent. "What do you mean different?"

"Did you see that porcupine out there?"

"The one they showed out. Who is importing illegal species?" Benning barked.

Muldoon nodded his head to Harry. "Pull up the camera footage and you'll see. I think we should keep this quiet until Hammond gets a look."

"Why does he have his stick back? And you are letting him keep a knife?" Benning asked, looking a little sceptically at Muldoon.

"The lad earned it. Besides, where will he run if he gets out of the compound?" Muldoon countered.

"How did he get here in the first place?" Benning challenged, turning his hard eyes back to Harry.

"I fell through a veil. Magic did something. I'd rather get my godfather and head back to England," Harry said back.

"Magic," the man snorted. "Is that how you justify stealing stuff. Have the kid locked up and take away those weapons," the man ordered.

Harry reached for his wand, ducking low so only his head was above the side of the bed. The man next to Benning drew his dart gun again and the other outside the door stepped in. "If you fire, I'll blast you this time," Harry warned.

"Put those away," Muldoon ordered. "Bloody damn it, Benning. Let me handle this. I am the chief of security."

"Hammond put me in charge while he is away. Lock that boy up and I want updates on that one we sent to the mainland twice a day," Benning said, not having even flinched at the tension in the room. With a hard look at Harry, the man turned and walked out. The other two hadn't put their dart guns away.

"Holster those damned things," Muldoon ordered. After a moment, the two guards did. "Listen, Harry, right?"

He nodded, slowly standing up. "If you wake up the men you knocked out yesterday, I'll let you keep your sticks. If you try anything funny, you'll wind up in here again, tied to the bed and I will break both those things."

Harry knew the man wasn't bluffing. "Sure," Harry agreed. He woke the four he had stunned yesterday, still not understanding why his spell had lasted so long. Two of them were in worker overalls and spoke only Spanish. The other two were guards.

When they walked out of the clinic, Harry saw a road and walkway. To he left, the road stopped at a twelve-foot-high wire fence and a gate house with a door on either side and long enough to hold a vehicle or two. This had his curiosity up as to why they would have something so secure. Turning as Muldoon started to walk away in the opposite direction, the walkway led off a large building with a thatched roof. It wasn't a far walk, perhaps a few hundred feet. More importantly, though, was walking out of the air-conditioned clinic, it was a muggy, hot mess outside.

Next to the clinic, on a carved stone was a circle with what looked like a dinosaur skull, like the ones he had seen in some of Dudley's books he had been able to steal. He caught lots of curved teeth in the skull. Above it was carved, 'Clinic'.

They weren't even halfway to the big building when Harry was already sweating. Even though it was June in Scotland, that didn't mean it was much above fourteen-point-five Celsius. It felt more like thirty-two out.

Another signpost had arrows pointing to 'Bungalows', 'Visitor Center', 'Transportation Hub' and 'Stegosaurus Overlook'.

He blinked a few times. The yellow and orange sigil at the top of the post matched the dinosaur skull outside the clinic. His head followed the signpost as they walked past. As the large white building came into full view, there was scaffolding and canvas cloths covering sections of it, with construction equipment and supplies were scattered about as at least a dozen workers looked to still be building part of the structure.

Above the large doors in the centre was a sign that was yellow on the top, orange on the bottom and clearly announcing that he was at 'Jurassic Park'. Though, it wasn't the sign that caught his attention, but the cage on the back of a white jeep with the park's logo that was chirping loudly at him, as though there were many animals in it.

He stopped as a half-dozen heads poked out, each with a long snout, long necks and standing on two feet. His breath caught. His guards didn't force him on for a second. "Are those dinosaurs?" Harry got out as a whisper. He had seen some fantastic things in his short life, but to see something that should have been extinct millions of years ago was a real shock to his system.

Muldoon leant down, "Like I said, there are things worse than lions and tigers and bears out there."


14.5 C = 59 F

32 C = 90 F

A/N: I am shamelessly starting another fic. This is one that just won't let go and has my muse so hyperactive that I have written more in the last week than I have in the last three months. I blame Jurassic World: Dominion for sparking the almost manic way I am working on this.

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