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Today's Story: Hunter, the hunted, and a grim.


Chapter 19


August 26, 1993

Voldnord, Norway

Sirius grasped the forearm of Alain. "I'll schedule the jet. Are you sure you want to stay for now?"

"We need to time to prepare and ensure the protections will hold. There has always been someone of the blood of the eight here. I do not know if it only protects Voldnord or the preserve, but if dragons are breaking through them while they are at their strongest, I do not think my family will be protected through the long night," Alain said worriedly.

Sirius understood in a way he never would have before. The last few months with Harry, and understanding that Lex was sort of his daughter, had him viewing things differently now. "If you need anything before then, just give a my or John Hammond a call at that number."

Alain nodded. The Greengrasses were isolated, but they still interacted with the Muggle world and understood much about it due to the Muggles here. Half the spouses here had grown up in the muggle world. After apparating to Lakselv, he had been able to talk with Hammond yesterday. Even with Alain not understanding many of the basics of magic, he was a good teacher to his children and Sirius could use any help he could get.

There was some laughing from inside the house. Sirius turned to see Harry making a few paper airplanes and a paper crane fly out of the house. The children of the town all ran out after them, chasing them down as Harry kept his wand up to keep them all flying about. It was a silly party trick. To everyone here it was spectacular due to the lack of real magic and wands.

"It's more in the imagination than the wand movement itself," Harry was telling Daphne and Astoria. Daphne looked to be concentrating hard as she pointed her wand to a small paper crane in her other hand. "Animo," she incanted. The small paper crane flapped its wings and rose a foot before falling back into her hand. Daphne gave out a huff of exasperation. "Why can't I get this!"

"It is a more advanced spell. Most spells are meant to do a specific task, like turn a hedgehog into a pin cushion or a charm to cheer you up. This is a general animation spell," Harry explained.

Astoria did a huge movement with her wand. "ANIMO!" the younger girl shouted. There was a surge of magic and the paper crane in her hand shot into the air. It didn't even flap its wings as it was quickly lost to site. Astoria squeaked, dropping her wand, her eyes wide. "I didn't mean to do it that hard."

Sirius chuckled. "They both need more training, and quick. If Astoria can't learn to control her magic that could get dangerous, and Daphne is absorbing everything like a sponge."

Anders smiled. "She takes after her mother. She is very bright and quick on the uptake. I struggled to control my magic when I was able to make my rod."

Harry picked up Astoria's wand. "You don't need to put so much power into it. Here, take your wand again." Harry said. He touched Astoria hand, showing her to hold it in a looser way. The twelve year old flushed as Harry instructed her on how to hold it and to focus more, instead of using more power. After three more tries, a new paper crane lifted and hovered before her face, the wings slowly flapping. The girl looked at it in wonder.

Daphne huffed. "Why can Astoria do this and not me!"

"I think you are trying too hard. This is something Professor Flitwick used to have us do. Close your eyes," Harry told her. She did and Harry moved to change the way she was holding her wand too. Daphne had a little colour come to her face, but not as much as her younger sister. "Now, take a breath. What do you see the paper crane doing?"

"It flies. Like a bird. What else should I see?" she petulantly questioned.

Harry smiled, but to his credit didn't laugh at her. "A bird does fly, but it this a real bird?"

Daphne frowned. "It's a bird."

She still sounded defiant. Astoria had ended the spell and cast it again. Her paper crane was moving around her head in a jerky manner. Harry nodded. "It's a bird, but it's not a real bird. It wants to fly, but it doesn't have feathers or real wings. You have to imagine your magic making it move. You have to see it flying. See it flapping its paper wings. See it moving as though it wouldn't be possible. That is what magic is at times. Doing the impossible when you don't even think it could happen."

Sirius rose an eyebrow at Harry. The kid may have only completed his OWL's now, but he was a natural at understanding the basics of magic and performing it. He also seemed to be a natural teacher.

Daphne frowned. Harry let go of her hand and her frown deepened.

Anders regarded the pair. "Is Harry engaged?"

Sirius looked to the man. He recognized that look. It was the same look many pureblood fathers would look at a potential match for a daughter. How many times had his mother done that to girls before he had his falling out? He hated it then, and definitely hated it now. He felt very protective of Harry, and Lex. "Harry has a girl he's pretty serious about back on the island."

There was a quick look of disappointment on the man's face.

Daphne suddenly gave out a squawk of surprise. She started to say something excitedly in Norwegian as her paper crane took up. It started to fly circles around the three. Astoria looked determined as her paper crane quickly joined Daphne's. Sirius didn't miss the way both girls looked at his sixteen-year-old godson. He hoped that Lex wouldn't react too poorly. He had already seen how she looked jealously at Hermione and glared at Susan when they came. If they didn't find other boys soon, this may all blow up in their faces, especially how magic tries to seek out those that a wizard or witch is compatible with. There were reasons why most girls took the monthly potion at Hogwarts. Hormones were high and magic tried to find a mate. It was part of the reason so many were married by their early twenties, even if most witches and wizards lived well past a hundred and could have children far longer than Muggles.

"You are sure?" Anders questioned.

Sirius could see it from the girls, but Harry wasn't responding. "I'm sure. I think it's time Harry and I get going. We have a flight in a few hours."

Anders nodded. "Pity. They get along so well. We'll meet the airplane on October first."

"I left all the details with Iliana and the tickets. If you need anything before then, call. I look forward to seeing you out on the island. I think you'll like the island and its animals," Sirius told the man.


August 28, 1993

Washington, D.C.

Sirius made sure that Harry was on the InGen jet to Costa Rica before he had met John outside the airport. It was still early in the day, the plane from Germany landing just after seven in the morning. Getting in the car, John spoke over the seat, "Mrs Murphy was wondering if you wouldn't mind dressing up tonight. I'm to drop you off at the Sapora at seven."

Sirius rose an eyebrow. "Is this a suit and tie type of place?"

"Yes," the man replied.

Sirius frowned. "I didn't bring a suit."

"If that is the case, I was instructed to take care of you," John told him.

"Well, let's get it over with," Sirius replied.

As John navigated the crowded streets of the U.S. capital, Sirius looked out the window. As he did, he tried not to jump when he saw something moving in the shadows between buildings. He knew it wasn't a dementor, but even though it had been three days, he still felt the shadow of those damnable demons. Visions of his mistakes haunted him every time he closed his eyes. Harry would have been totally creeped out if he had woken to find Sirius standing over his bed, just needing to know he hadn't screwed up again and his godson was still here. He had thought he had left the horrors of those years behind him, but apparently he still wasn't over Azkaban. Perhaps he never would be?

It was with those dark thoughts that John the driver dropped him off at a place called Sapora later that day. He felt nervous as he took out a small bag of roses. It may have been well over a decade since he had dated, but he hadn't forgotten the form. Well, he thought this was a date. The thought helped to chase the shadows out of his mind.

The restaurant was in a busy spot not too far from the Capital building. It was on the corner of a brick building. Large windows allowed him to see into the restaurant. He caught sight of Linda sitting at a table for two in the middle of the restaurant. He was still a few minutes early. Looking at her, his nerves started to get the better of him. He had been out of Azkaban for three years now, but he hadn't felt attracted to anyone since then. To tell the truth, Sirius found Linda to be a very attractive woman with her shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, killer rack and shapely legs. For a woman of his age, she looked younger. If her daughter looked half as pretty as this woman did when the same age, Harry was going to be a lucky boy.

Of course, he shouldn't be thinking of Lex that way. She was sort of like his daughter, but not really. It was the Sirius of this world, not him. It still didn't mean that he felt he shouldn'y treat Lex and her family well. Since Linda had told him about all this, Sirius had to admit to himself he was confused. Looking at the beautiful blonde he didn't feel as confused. Hornier? Yeah, that was it, but even that was different. It was like he was developing feelings for her. That was something new for the man who had been a playboy up until he had been sent to that hell hole.

Entering the restaurant, the Maitre'd motioned for him to go in. When she saw him, she gave him a small smile that actually had his stomach churning in a good way. When was the last time he had felt something like this? Marlene McKinnon? Sixth year?

"I'm glad you could make it," Linda said getting up to greet him.

"It's hard to turn down when a pretty woman says to meet her at a nice restaurant. These are for you," Sirius said, handing her the three white roses. James used to say that flowers were never wrong on a first date... of course that was what Uncle Fleamont said as well, and neither had dated anyone but who they married.

She took the roses. After smelling them, she gave a small smile. "Thank you. Care to join me?"

"I was hoping you would offer. How is Tim?" Sirius asked.

She gave an exasperated smile. "Well. He can't wait to return to the island. Talks nonstop about it even though I keep telling him it's a secret for now. He also wants to see more magic."

Sirius returned her smile. Not knowing what they might talk about, he surreptitiously cast a muffliato charm. It would allow anyone standing next to the table to hear things, but not anyone else. This was quickly proven as a waiter came and took their drink orders.

Sirius returned his attention to the beautiful woman sitting across from him. "Tim is a little young to know all this, but I think he'll do well. I'm hoping that we will have some more magicals joining us soon. I'm going to need the help."

"So, your trip was successful?" she asked. "Up in Norway?"

"Partially. We were able to meet three families that have a few adults and five kids with magic. More importantly is that we found Durmstrang and that it's on a giant protected reserve. We couldn't get into the school though." He couldn't keep his shutter in. "There are some very dangerous dark creatures there that I hope will stay there."

She gave him a curious look. "Is this a danger to Tim and Lex?"

"No. Harry and I know how to handle them, and it seems that they were bound to the castle and the surrounding countryside. I don't think they will leave," Sirius told her truthfully.

She regarded him for a few. He could see something going through her head. "Sirius, you said magic isn't bad. Dad had us tested again. The magic in us is gaining strength faster than it was. What did you mean about the intent of a witch or the magic behind it?"

Sirius wasn't surprised that she would want to dive straight into this. Hammond had told him how much she was struggling with all this because of her faith. When the drinks came, they ordered dinner and spent the evening talking about magic, what it meant for her children and how Sirius and Harry fit into all this. As desert came, things had lightened up.

"Then, James," Sirius said chuckling. "James turns to us and says 'Well, chaps, this is it.' Like we were about to walk into the pits of Tartarus. He then walked into the girl's bathroom. The screams were so worth it to see all their hair turn yellow the next day. I think we would have gotten away with it until Remus couldn't hold in his laughter to hear Hillary Ross that it wasn't just the hair on their head that was a bright yellow. We didn't mean that. Of course, the hexing started when I asked to verify that."

Linda was chuckling at him. "I take it you were a bit of troublemaker and playboy back then?"

"Still like to make trouble, but haven't been a playboy for years," he confessed. "I could be convinced to return to those ways."

She gave him a shake of her head. "Good try, but I'm not the same girl I was. If you were to take me out on another date, I may consider otherwise."

Sirius smiled at her. "I am here for a few days. What are you doing tomorrow night?"

She chuckled. "I like persistence. I have a dinner at the university to talk with alumni about donations and grant money. I could use some eye candy to talk with some of the widows."

Sirius wagged his eyebrow. "I prefer them my own age, but if you need the escort."

Linda shook her head. "Maybe it would be safer if I left you home."

"Most definitely, but what is the fun in life in doing that?" Sirius asked. Perhaps this new reality was better for him than he had thought.

"Fine. If you can be a gentleman, be ready for six. The dinner starts at seven. I'll have John pick you up at the townhouse," she told him.

"Sounds like fun. Are we done tonight?" he asked her.

She cocked her head, "Do you want to be done?"

"Not really, but I admit I really don't know my way around here," he told her.

After regarding him for a moment, she said, "We aren't far from the Mall. Seeing the monuments lit up at night can be nice. It's only eight thirty and I don't have anything until the dinner tomorrow evening."

They got up. "A walk with a beautiful woman is always nice."

She laughed. "Buttering me up won't get you any further than maybe a kiss on the cheek tonight."

"It's a kiss," Sirius told her, wagging his brows, having her laugh at him again.

She guided him to the left as they left. "It's only two blocks down and this part is usually safe," she told him as the sky was turning dark and the lights around them were drowning it out.

"I think we are safer than you think," he assured her.

Linda started to talk to him about some of her research, which was something to do with genetic and evolution probability. He didn't understand it, but she had a real enthusiasm that caught him up. They were passing an alley when he heard something. His hearing was more refined from his animagus form, so over the sound of the passing cars, he thought he heard someone cry out in pain.

Stopping, he looked down the dark alleyway that cut between some buildings. Linda stopped too. "Everything okay?"

"Thought I heard something," he told her.

She frowned. "Probably one of the homeless we get around here. The city needs some more shelters and other services."

"I come to have you repent," he heard just at the edge of his hearing.

"I didn't do anything," a frightened boy came back.

Sirius had a sinking feeling. His magic was telling him that danger was nearby. "Linda, I need you to call John and have him come pick you up."

"Sirius, what is going on?"

He heard a slap, then the sound of a trash can hitting something. He saw the trash can and a man in what looked like priest robes stumble out of the alley way. The hackles on the back of his neck were raising and a growl came out of his throat. This just didn't feel right. "Linda, please," he told her, looking around quickly. He didn't see any cameras in the alley.

Sirius started to run as the man stood, pulling a long rod out of his robes. It was just like the rods the Greengrasses made. "Sirius!" Linda called behind him. He stumbled as he forced his animagus transformation. That was one of the few things he hated about this place. The transformation wasn't as natural, and it hurt for a moment as his body morphed. As he stumbled onto his feet, his hands hit the pavement as paws.

The man started to chant something in Latin, then a red burst of energy left the tip of the rod. It looked like a stunner, but different. The man dodged something thrown at him. Sirius poured on the speed, leaping two yards or more between each pad of his paws. The large grim he was had large teeth and was the weight of a man.

He barked as the man was about to use his rod again. He turned, fear flashing across his face for a second before Sirius launched himself at the man. His jaws grabbed the man's hand. The man screamed in pain as Sirius bowled him over.

The rod slid away, and Sirius jumped off the man. He went through the painful transformation again. As he turned, his wand snapped to his hand and he pointed it at the man dressed like a priest. "I wouldn't move if I was you," he growled.

The man's eyes went straight to Sirius wand. "Impossible. All the wizards were killed," he said in a Boston accent.

Sirius looked into the alley. It was a dead end. Next to a dumpster was a young teen that looked a little beat up and holding a metal rod, ready to strike.

"Yeah, well, we came back. You alright, pup?" he said, too used to calling kids that age that.

"Who… who are you?" the boy asked, sounding very frightened.

The man on the ground started to chant Latin again and make the sign of the cross. Sirius felt magic building up. He flicked his wand, a stunner jumping the short distance and the man fell limp to the ground. As he did, his arms fell to his side and an amulet fell out of his hand.

Sirius wasn't sure what it was, but the second it left the man's hand, the magic that had been building up dissipated. Something about it felt dangerous. He jabbed his wand and a piercing hex split it into three pieces.

"You're one of them! I won't go back," the boy said, stepping back and hitting his back into the wall.

"Are there more?" Sirius asked, looking around. He saw Linda at the end of the alley looking at him with hands over her mouth. "Oh, bloody hell," he muttered. "Pup, are there anymore?"

The kid was looking at him with fear filled eyes. "Stay away! I won't go back! I'm not a devil! I swear I never meant to do any of those things." Tears were rolling down the kids face.

Sirius, thinking the immediate danger was over, spread his hands. He pointed the tip of his wand away, not wanting to put it away yet. "Listen, what's your name? I'm Sirius."

The boy lifted the rod. It looked a shower rod, so it wasn't going to do much damage. "You are going to take me back, aren't you?"

Sirius shook his head. Linda started to walk down the alley.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Is this man part of the church?" Sirius questioned.

The boy started to shake with fear, or was it exhaustion, as he got a better look at the boy. He must be about thirteen. "The seminary. That's Brother Thomas. He says I'm a devil. I didn't mean to do it."

"Listen, it's alright, pup. I'm not part of the seminary. Can you do magic?" Sirius asked, thinking he was understanding the situation more.

The boy started to shake more. "They say it's the art of the devil," he said in a low voice.

"Right," Sirius said. "Are there more of these brothers?"

The boy shook his head. "Only Brother Thomas and Father Riccardo. If you aren't a brother, who are you?"

Sirius took a calming breath, scanning the alley again. Linda was just about to them. She was holding a small can in her hands. They were still alone.

"I'm Sirius Black. I'm what you call a wizard," Sirius said, hoping this might get through to the boy. "What's your name?"

The boy lowered the shower rod. "Owen. Owen Grady. I just want to go back home," the boy said in a broken way.

"Alright, Owen, where do you live?" Sirius asked.

"Boston. We moved there about six months ago. I didn't mean to break all the glasses that day," he said, tears streaming down his face.

"Accidental magic is common in younger wizards. Where you upset?" Sirius asked, taking a step forward, his arms still open.

The boy rose the shower rod again. "Roger Benson and Dan Gregory were talking about shooting pigeons when they went to their camp. I told them that wasn't right, then they punched me. I didn't mean to hurt them."

"I'm sure you didn't. Listen, I have a safe place you can go. We can call your parents from there," Sirius offered.

Owen dropped the rod, looking totally defeated. "They are the ones that sent me to the seminary."

Oh, this was just getting better. "Right. Well, I have a place you can go, if you want. There are other wizards there. I have a godson that I think is a few years older than you. He loves animals."

Which is the biggest understatement of the century, a voice in him was saying.

"I'm not a devil," Owen told him.

"No, I don't think that. We can't stay here if others come. Would you trust me to take you somewhere?" Sirius asked.

The boy looked like he desperately needed someone to cling to, but his trust had been shattered. He lifted the rod again. "I'm not going back."

"No, you aren't going back. If you just take my hand, I can take you somewhere safe. Somewhere you aren't a devil. Magic is normal," Sirius told him.

"Is that what you did to Brother Thomas? Are you going to do that to me?" Owen sounded dubious.

"I give you my oath that I don't mean you any harm. You look hungry. I can get you some food. A nice place to sleep for the night. I just need you to trust me to take my hand," Sirius said, reaching out his hand. He needed to get them out of there fast, and he had a feeling that if he stunned the boy to apparate him away, that might destroy any chance he might have of gaining the boy's trust.

"You won't hurt me or send me back?" Owen asked.

Sirius held his wand out this time. "I, Sirius Black, swear on my magic that I mean you no harm. I give my word that all I want to do tonight is get you a meal, a place to sleep and then figure out what to do tomorrow. I swear I won't do anything you don't want."

His wand glowed blue.

Owen, as though feeling the magic, cocked his head. "Was that magic?"

"It was an oath that binds me to suffer damage to my magic if I do anything against it. Will you trust me? I can take you to a safe place," he told him.

After a moment, the boy lowered the shower rod. "You won't take me back to the seminary?"

"Only if you ask me to," Sirius told him.

"Who is she?" Owen asked.

Sirius turned to look at Linda. "This is Linda Murphy. She's a professor in maths and we were on a date tonight. She's going to come with us, and we will go back to her place."

Owen frowned. "You swear you mean it?"

"The blue glow bound me to my word. Would you like me to do some magic to prove it that I suffered no ill effects?" Sirius offered.

Owen was still shaking. Probably adrenaline shock and exhaustion. After a moment, the boy moved towards him. He extended his wand hand to Linda. "You will want to grab on too," Sirius told her.

It took a moment for the boy to edge forward, looking every bit a frightened animal ready to bolt at the first sign of trouble. Linda put her hand into his, still not saying anything. The boy reached his hand out, then pulled it back.

"There will be a warm meal and bed where we are going. I will not send you anywhere you don't want to go," Sirius tried to assure Owen.

With what looked like a Gryffindor level of courage, the boy reached out. The second his hand was in his, Sirius turned on the spot. The crack wasn't observed my anyone, but when Father Riccardo found the stunned Brother of the Order of the Invisible Hand, he knew that this was something the boy hadn't done.


Same day…

Isla Nublar, Costa Rica.

As the helicopter flew over the ocean, Harry was thinking. He was disturbed by what they found. Dementors were not anything to mess around with. Selmas, dragons, trolls, centaurs and half the other magical beast of Europe had been seen on the three-day trek. Then given what was at Hogwarts, and the realization that could be other wild areas that were somehow still hidden from the normal world was very worrying.

He thought it brilliant to have dinosaurs. Dragons, not as much. Dementors could be a terror that could destabilize things. As far as he knew, Muggles couldn't see them. How would they be able to fight against them if the wards around the Durmstrang preserve were to fall? At the same time, it wasn't safe for the Greengrass and the others to stay.

What would they do if the creatures were to escape?

He doubted that the lindworm was the only one, and there were obviously breeding populations of selmas, Swedish Shortsnout and Norwegian Ridgebacks. Any one of them could kill dozens, if not more before a military could respond.

He leaned his head against the window. Since the dementors, he hadn't been sleeping well. Like every time he encountered them, he heard his mother screaming to let him live.

As the island came into view, Harry studied the jungle covered ridges and mountains. From here you couldn't tell there was a hidden world behind them. Was that what it was like for the Muggles? Magic hid itself so they didn't know? Was it a way for magic to protect itself after what the church had done?

It was a possibility.

He fingered the scales and teeth in his lap. Daphne had wanted to make sure he got some of the spoils from the selma they had harvested on the way back. He had helped to take it down, so he was entitled.

"We'll be going through the mountains in a few minutes. Best to make sure your buckled," the pilot told him through his headset.

Harry put the items into his pocket. He would have to enchant another bag or pouch for traveling. He had a feeling he would be doing more, as well as bringing back other keepsakes or knowledge. If there really only were a few left out there, and they were awakening more magic, then it would be there responsibility to save as much magic as they could.

He was looking forward to seeing Lex and Rexy soon. He had talked to her from Washington last night, but it wasn't the same as seeing her blue eyes or feeling her hugging him. Rexy would probably be looking for him as well. Harry was gone for a few more days than expected and the guy was getting better at keeping track of how many sunrises it had been since seeing Harry.

He held onto the side as the helicopter bumped and jumped coming through the mountains to the site at the centre of the island. He couldn't wait for the new airport to be finished on the eastern side of the island. It would be an easier flight, and five or ten more minutes in a jeep would be worth it.

At the helicopter came in, a smile came to his face to see a red and white Jurassic Park jeep with a very familiar blonde standing next to it. She was in khaki shorts and a jean shirt that looked to be unbuttoned a little low as the downwash blew it open to show part of one of her bra covered breasts.

Once it landed, he waited until the pilot told him he could leave. Getting out, he ducked down to avoid the slowing blades. Lex was already moving towards him. Like she was prone to do when separated for a bit, she launched herself on to him. He had to grab her by her bottom to keep her from falling as her hands pulled his face up to snog him on the tarmac.

They were interrupted when Muldoon chuckled. "Good to see you back, lad. Someone missed you."

Harry gave him a big smile, Lex not getting off him, instead wrapping her legs around him. "He's not leaving for a while."

"Not if you latch on like that. Come on, we have a briefing in a little bit and I wanted you involved," Muldoon told him.

"What's going on," he asked, moving towards the car while carrying Lex. She giggled, burying her face in his neck. He had to laugh to feel her breath tickling his skin. "Stop that," he told her.

He had missed her more than he thought he would.

"I don't want to let you go," she whispered.

"I can't carry you in the jeep," he told her.

"You should sit in the front, Harry," Muldoon told him.

"Alright," he said. She finally got down, but once he climbed in, she climbed on his lap. Muldoon laughed at them. "Hold her tight. Hammond will have my hide if I let Alexis get hurt."

"I think I should be more afraid," he said. It took him a moment to be able to close the door. Lex giggled at his problems. "It would be easier if you got off me," he said without meaning it.

"Not going to happen. I haven't seen you in ten days," she informed him.

"I missed you too," Harry told her. Muldoon took off towards the Visitor Center. "What's so important that you came yourself?"

Muldoon didn't look happy. "There is something going on. Wu took off for the mainland a week back and hasn't returned. Lockwood and all the scientists are in lockdown and Hammond is still pressing for more raptors. Whatever we are going to take from Isla Sorna to replace the ones that escaped I want you on the team."

Harry frowned. "I thought that was decided?"

"I did too, but whatever is going on with Wu has everyone riled. As chief of Security here, I shouldn't be kept out of this, but this is being handled by Isla Sorna and the Corporate offices on the mainland," Muldoon told him.

"Grandpa doesn't want the raptors. I thought he said dromaeosaurs," she said.

Harry grimaced. "That isn't much better. They are smaller. Do we have a paddock for them?"

"Two new ones are going to be built by the river on the north loop. They are talking of Allosaurs or Cryolophosaurus in the old raptor paddock," Muldoon told them.

"Grandpa said that would happen closer to Christmas," Lex said.

"He did, but we should prepare now. None of my crew here have dealt with them and I don't want another issue," Muldoon told them.

Harry frowned. This was another thing to worry about.

"Did I miss anything else while I was gone?" he asked, feeling more like he was thirty than sixteen.

"Grandpa and Mr Lockwood went with me to Isla Matanceros. There is nice spot to build a school and some dorms and such," she told him. "Are you really that upset with grandpa, Mr Muldoon?"

The man shook his head. "No. It's whatever is going on with the scientists. I need to know if there is a danger to Jurassic Park or Isla Sorna. I don't want to see anyone else or the animals hurt."

Harry knew that Muldoon loved the animals as much as anyone else on the island. It was hard not to know that with how he treated them. That didn't mean that he didn't realize they were dangerous and what it took to keep the people here safe.

"Oh, you should know too that another inspection is going to happen in two weeks. Dr Sattler and Grant are going to come again with a few others. You've been requested to tour them around for the weekend," Muldoon told him.

Harry smiled. He liked Grant and Sattler. "No Malcolm?"

"Not this time. This is a tour of the top brass at InGen that haven't been here yet. From what I understand it will be to see if they can take the investors here in December, just before the first advertisements start going out," Muldoon yelled over the jeep as they pulled into the Visitor Center.

"Sirius and I may have some more trips to do," Harry told him.

"I want to come this time," Lex said in no uncertain terms.

"We'll see. This last time was a lot more than we expected," Harry told her.

The jeep stopped. "I want you to be in the conference room at one," Muldoon said.

Harry looked at his watch. It was a little before eleven. "I'll be there," Harry told him.

"Lex is invited too today," Muldoon told them as he got out and walked off towards the Visitor Center.

As they got out, Lex pulled him in to look at him. As she did, her blue eyes started to look concerned. "Did you get hurt again?"

"My ribs are a lot better now," he told her. She didn't look impressed. "Can I tell you in private? We also will have more magicals coming soon."

"I heard from grandpa. A few families that know magic?" she asked, still studying him.

"Sort of. They didn't have wands, and most of their magic is like a first year that never sat a class," he told her. "We have to really start on you, Lex. I know we have tutors coming from the normal stuff, but you have to start learning real magic, especially if you want to come with us. I forgot how dangerous magic and magical creatures could be. Most of the dinosaurs are like kittens to them."

Lex looked really concerned. "What happened in Norway? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, luv. It will just be a few more days of stiff movement, but I'm all healed. Here, this is from a giant snake called a selma," he said, reaching for one of the scales. It was a dark blue, in a rough hexagonal shape, with a scalloped edge where it had been attached to the hide. She took it in her hand, where it filled most of her smaller palm.

She ran a finger over it. "I can feel something," she said.

Harry put his hand over hers. "That is magic. Selma's are very powerful creatures, but nothing compared to dragons, lindworms and others. This is why I don't want you going yet."

"Then you shouldn't be either. You can't keep getting hurt like this," she told him, moving closer.

"I'll be alright, luv," he told her, kissing her forehead.

"How can you say that? You've been hurt every time you go away," she whinged, leaning her forehead against his.

"Wizards are tougher than normal people. Our magic helps protects us. I will always come back to you," he promised. He felt the magic swirl around them for a moment.

Lex shivered. When her eyes met his, Harry felt his groin stir. "Holy fuck, Harry, what was that?"

"My word to you," he told her.

She threw her arms around him, her lips crashing into his. Her tongue almost immediately followed her lips. Harry's hands found her hips and she pressed herself against him. Someone laughed and they broke apart. They were both heaving and Harry gave Yvonne a two-finger salute when he saw her snickering at them.

"No one in the bungalow right now. Come back to my room?" she asked him.

"Merlin, I missed you," Harry said, pulling her towards her grandfather's bungalow.

Lex laughed as he pulled her along, jogging to catch up with him. "I missed you too. Grandpa said they will put in swimming pool on Isla Matanceros. Maybe one here too."

"You are missing swimming, aren't you?"

"I am missing sports," she told him. "I've been playing baseball, softball or swimming since I could remember. I feel like I'm getting soft."

Harry nodded. "Running isn't helping you? What about joining us for my sword practice and the workouts I do with Yvonne and Simmons."

Her fingers interlocked with his as they made it to the bungalow. "I've started to work out with Yvonne. It's still not the same as swimming."

Once inside, Harry pulled her against the wall next to the door, his hands slipping up her blouse. "Your stomach feels pretty hard to me."

Her eyes grew lidded and her lips pouty. "Your hands are rougher."

He went to pull them back. "Is that a bad thing?"

She moved her hands up to keep his on her midsection. "I like it. I want to go into my room so grandpa doesn't walk in on us."

Harry gave her a silly smile as she turned, walking backwards with his hands held to her stomach. Harry kicked the door closed as she pulled him to her bed. "We are not being interrupted this time."

"I'm good with that," Harry said, moving to kiss her. Lex met him halfway, shifting his hand up higher. Harry had no issues slipping his hands up, pushing her blouse up and cupping both her breasts. Lex moaned into his mouth as her tongue brushed over his. Her hands snaked under his shirt.

Harry, wanting to feel her skin against his, moved his hands out to undo her buttons. Lex kissed along his chin, then down his neck. Harry breathed a little heavily as she sucked on his neck. They broke apart only to take each other's shirts off, and then her bra. She pulled Harry down onto her bed. He didn't waste any time kissing down her neck. Lex let out a moan, her hands going to his hair. His hands massaged her chest, then he kissed down her orange sized tits. She shifted and moaned more as he sucked on her nipples, something he really liked to do.

Having missed her and feeling bolder, his left hand drifted down her stomach to come to play along the top of her khaki shorts. Her legs were rubbing together. He stopped just long enough to lift his head. "Can I unbutton your shorts?"

"Take them off if you want," she told him, pulling his head up to kiss him. Harry fumbled at the button for a moment as she snogged him senseless. Feeling her bare chest against his had him as excited as his hand finally freed her button and pushed the zipper down.

Lex's tongue pushed as far as it could go into his mouth, wrestling with his. Harry found it very distracting until his hand slid into her shorts and he moved over her smooth knickers. She spread her legs. He didn't know what he was really doing but liked how his fingers slid into a small notch between her legs. Her knickers were damp. Lex stopped kissing him, letting out a stuttering breath. Harry smiled into her mouth. He moved his hand up and down. Her hips followed the movement. "Am I doing this right?"

She reached down to hook her fingers into the top of the khakis and her knickers. "These are in the way."

Harry propped himself up to see her shed her clothes. He took in a breath to see a neatly trimmed diamond of blonde hair on a mound that was at the top of her crotch. "Have I told you you are beautiful?"

She giggled. "Not today. If I knew getting naked would get you to say it, I would have done it earlier."

Harry turned back to her, his hands tickling her side. "Don't get cheeky with me," he warned as she laughed, enjoying how her body moved. When he stopped, she had to breathe for a moment.

"You going to do something about it?" she challenged.

His hand moved back to her slit. "I think I am," he told her, leaning down to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he started to rub his fingers up and down her slit. Lex groaned into his mouth, her breath becoming a pant as he learned to play with her. She was bucking her hips as he pushed a finger into her.

"Fuck," she muttered. "Fuck."

Harry figured he was doing something good as she didn't sound like she was swearing at him. He slipped a second finger in with how she was acting before she held her eyes closed tight, her whole body stiffened, then she started to cry out as his hand became even wetter than it was. He felt her tighten around his fingers.

When she stopped crying out, he pulled his fingers out as she lay panting next to him. "Was that an orgasm?" he questioned.

She gave a breathy laugh. "Holy shit, Harry. That was amazing."

His smile grew as her blue eyes met his. He met her eyes for a moment before other movement distracted him. She was panting, her breast going up and down in a hypnotic way.

They didn't get a chance to do anymore when someone called out. "Alexis? Are you in here? I heard Harry is back and wanted to get lunch with him."

"Shit, grandpa," she said in a hushed tone.

Harry shot up, looking for his shirt. He threw her blouse and bra at her as she struggled on the bed to get her knickers and shorts back on.

"Alexis?" Mr Hammond called out again as a knock came at the door.

"Be right out, grandpa," she called back.

"How much trouble are we in?" Harry asked her in a hushed tone.

"None if you get out of here. Do that appatition thing," she told him.

"Apparition. It makes a crack," he told her.

"Then hide in the closet until we leave," she told him, hooking her bra and getting into her shirt.

"Don't take too long, we have a meeting at one I want you to be at," Mr Hammond said through the door.

"I know, grandpa. Almost done," she called. "Hide!" she whispered yelled to Harry. Her hair was all messed up compared to the way she usually kept it well combed or in a braid.

He rushed to the closet and snuck in.

He heard her open the door. "Hi, grandpa."

"Hello, Alexis," the man said sounding like he suspected something. "Where is he hiding?"

"Where is who hiding?"

The man sighed. "Come out, Harry."

He winced, sliding the closet door open. "Hello, Mr Hammond."

The man gave him an unimpressed look. "We will talk about this later. I thought your mom told you no closed doors with Harry?"

Lex blushed a little. "I'm not doing anything to get pregnant," she told him.

Harry flushed some too. The man looked between them. "Let's go get some lunch. We'll talk about this later."

"Yes, sir," Harry said, feeling like a little kid that had his hand caught in the cookie jar. She took his hand in hers, giving him a satisfied smile. Harry couldn't help return it before he had the chilling thought, At least I didn't get caught with my hand in Lex.


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