Chapter One: Back Home

"Sarah, I'm home! …Sarah? Where are you?"

"I'm in bedroom Jared, come in here, I have something for you!"

"What is it Sarah?"

"I'm not telling you, come in here and you will see."
Jared entered the room and saw Sarah sprawled out on the bed. There were candles in every corner of the room.
"Sarah what is this?"

"Have you forgotten it is our anniversary Jared?"

"Oh honey, you look very nice but please, I can't do this now. I have a lot of work to do tonight." And with that he left the room.

"Wait just a minute, Jared. You mean to tell me that your work is more important than our time together!"

"Sarah please, why don't you go in the bedroom and read for a while. I will be in a few hours, then you will have my full attention.

"Jared, NO! This is the last straw, you are always avoiding me and doing other things that could wait! I am beginning to feel like you don't love me anymore, Jared, that I am just something in your way! Well don't let me bother you anymore!"

"Sarah, what in God's name are you saying?"

"I am saying that I am through with you. You treat me like shit. I do everything you want and you give me nothing in return. So I am leaving, the hell with you Jared!"
Sarah ran into bedroom and started to cry. She then blew the candles out and got changed. She packed her clothes and started towards the door, when Jared came up behind her and grabbed her arm.

"You're not going anywhere Sarah! Not if I can help it!" he screamed.

"Let go, you are hurting me… let go!"

"The hell I will!" And then he punched Sarah in the face. She fell to the floor in shock. When she felt the surge of pain go through the whole right side of her face, she got up and kicked Jared in the crotch. He moaned and when she had her chance she ran out the front door, got in the car, and drove down the street. In an instant she was gone from the life of hell. Sarah went to her father's house and asked to stay there for a few weeks so that she could figure things out. Her father agreed and said that she could stay there as long as she wanted.

Her face was now big and swollen. It hurt to talk and blink. Toby went into the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and handed it to Sarag so that she could put it on her face to keep the swelling down. She went into her old room and looked at all of her old belongings.

It was nice to see that her father kept the stuff in the room, instead of packing it all up and putting it in the attic. She went to the vanity beside her bed and opened the drawers, pulling out the old scrap book she had as a child, the one with her mother on the news paper clippings. She looked through it and then set it down on her bed. Then she pulled out a leather book with gold lettering on it. The title spelled "Labyrinth." She smiled and then pulled the book towards her heart.

Holding this book brought back so many wonderful memories. She wished that she could go back and see all of her friends in the Underground, but she figured that was not going to happen. She decided to reread the book. She sat on her bed and propped up the pillows behind her. She kicked off her shoes and got comfortable. She was hoping that reading the book would help her get Jared off her mind. She continued to read all through the night. This book brought her so much pleasure as a young girl, and now it still had that affect on her. She read every page with such enthusiasm. At one point she decided to get off the bed and start acting out the parts.

After finishing the book she then looked at the clock and saw that it was 3:47 AM and then thought that she should go to bed. But all of the sudden her stomach began to growl, so she put on her robe and crept downstairs into the kitchen to grab something to eat. She opened the refrigerator and looked inside to see what goodies she could have.

There was really nothing to her liking in there, but she did see an apple, so she decided to eat that. She brought it to the counter and took a knife, slicing the apple into pieces. She then placed the apples in a bowl and added some salt to the top. She grabbed the bowl and headed back upstairs. She looked out the window in the hallway. It was raining out. She looked at the tree and saw an owl looking directly at her. She blinked her eyes and then looked harder to make sure that what she saw was in fact an owl. It looked so similar to the owl that used to come by when she was a young girl.

She opened the window, placing her arm out in a gesture that seemed as though she wanted the owl to come to her arm.

"Come on, come on… I won't harm you," she whispered to the owl. The owl jerked his head and then opened his wings, flying off the branch and into the distance.

"Oh! That beautiful owl, I wish it would come back!"

Sarah then shrugged and closed the window and headed for her room. By this time the apple was already turning brown. She ate the apples, brushed her teeth and went to bed. She dreamed of the owl. In the dream the owl came inside with her and sat on the bed post. Sarah talked to the owl, telling it everything about her marriage, and how Jared was a bastard, and that, that night he punched her in the face and that is why she had the black eye.

Then while she was in the middle of talking to the owl it turned into a human. Not just any human though, it turned into a tall, slender but built man, with golden hair and mismatched eyes.