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Chapter 10: Take me home!

As Sarah's father and Karen entered the house, they were astonished by what they saw; watching Jared being carried away in handcuffs. And they saw that the house was a complete mess. There was a knife in the wall. And blood on the floor.

"Where is Sarah?" Her father yelled to Jareth, after looking around to find her.

"She is upstairs, Mr. Williams. She is lying down in her bed. She has been through a lot?"

Sarah's father shoved Jareth out of the doorway and made his way towards the stairs. Karen followed in her husband's footsteps. Jareth stayed with the officers and explained what had happened. Then paramedics came through the door. They also headed upstairs to go and see Sarah. One paramedic was looking at Jareth checking to see if there were any marks on him.

Back upstairs, Sarah's father was talking to her. She was still shaking. Karen was sitting on the side of Sarah's bed and was rubbing her hand. When the paramedics came in the room they knelt down next to the bed and opened an orange medical bag. It was full of IV packages, pain relievers, a stethoscope, rubber gloves, etc…, anything that you would need. Karen got off the bed and went to go and stand with Sarah's father. After the paramedics left the room, Sarah's father went back to go and talk with her.

"Sarah, don't you think that you are being a little selfish?"

"What do you mean? How am I being selfish?"

"You are not listening to what Jared has to say to you!" He yelled.

"Dad, what is there to listen to? He cheated on me, and practically forced me out of the marriage! I thought that you would be happy that I am taking control of my life, and that I am watching out for myself!"

"Sarah we do want you happy, but we think that Jared is the best thing for you."

"But, what about Jareth? I love him. He treats me the way that I want to be treated. He has never forced me to do anything that I did not want to do!"
Sarah was now sitting up in her bed.

When Jareth saw that the paramedics came back down stairs, he thanked them and closed the door behind them. Then he went upstairs to see Sarah. When he heard Sarah's father yelling, he decided to stay out of the room and listen to what he was saying.

"Sarah, Jareth is no good! You are moving to fast. That is why we bailed Jared out of jail, and planned on going to a movie tonight. We figured that you were going to be alone. So we told him to come here so that he could talk to you."

"You did, WHAT!? I can't believe that you would do such a thing. I am an adult and I live my own life! How dare you metal in my affairs!"

"Sarah we want you to have the best!"

"And getting beat up and threatened you my husband, is the best for me? I have heard enough, I am leaving!"

Sarah jumped out of the bed and stormed over to the door…

"Sarah we love you!" Her father cried.

Sarah closed her eyes tightly, than opened them, with tears trickling down her cheek. But Sarah opened the door and walked out.

"Jareth!" Sarah said surprised. "What are you doing?"

"I came to see you, but apparently I am not welcomed by your father and Karen."

"Well don't worry!" She turned and looked at her father now standing in the doorway. "He's not my father!" Then she turned to look back at Jareth.

"Jareth I want to go home!" She said as she smiled at him.

"It would be my pleasure!" Jareth smile back to her.

Jareth opened his hand and he looked at Sarah's father and Karen. He smirked and suddenly a crystal appeared in his hand. Sarah's father and Karen were completely shocked, as they store confused at Jareth. He threw it into the air and pulled Sarah close to his body. She had her hands on his chest. They started to glow, than suddenly they appeared as an owl. The owl flew around Sarah's father and Karen before flying out the window and into the distance.

The End!