~~ October 31/November 1, 1981~~

"Oh, Fuck! Stay away from my wife and son!" James Potter shouted, panicking.

"Avada Kedavra!" Another man whispered, knowing he did not need to shout to kill the black-haired youth in front of him; James's body fell, and he stepped over it and moved towards the stairs.

"NO!" James yelled, looking around and noticing he was no longer in Godric's Hollow but the Bi-Frost chamber in Asgard, "Heimdall, send me back!"

"Loki!" An older man said from behind the black-haired man.

"FATHER!" James cried out, "Send me back, Father! He'll kill my wife and son!"

"No, Loki. I let you spend the last 21 or so years playing in Midgard. Heimdall was ordered to pull you out if you were about to die! A golem was killed in your place."

"Father, let me, Sif, Baldr, and the Warrior's Three go to Midgard, take care of the scum trying to kill my little brother, and rescue his woman and son," Thor stated loudly as he escorted his mother, Frigga into the Bi-Frost chamber.

"NO!" Odin yelled, losing his temper. "Loki, you were told no more children! They all turn out to be monsters!"

"Odin..." Frigga started.

"Father, he's not a monster; he's a baby! He's an Asgardian!" Loki/James said from his knees. "Please, father!"

"NO!" Odin yelled.

"Heimdall..." Frigga stated, "Can you tell us if Loki's wife and child are still alive?"

Heimdall looked at his King, who evasively shook his head no. "Heimdall, please look," Frigga stated.

Heimdall looked and saw Loki's wife pleading before...Heimdall, following his King's orders, shook his head no.

"NO! Lily! Harry!" Loki wailed, falling from his knees to his hands and knees, sobbing.

"Thor, take your brother to his room," Frigga stated. "I'll be there shortly with a healing draught."

"Wait!" Odin stated. "Loki, for crimes against Asgard, you are hereby banned for 100 years from entering Midgard."

"Crimes against Asgard?" Loki asked, confused as Thor held him up.

"You were told no more children! Your children are monsters! Shall I list them?" Odin said cruelly.

"Yes, father. Go ahead and list them and what type of monsters they are. Then I will tell you where they get that MONSTER gene." Loki replied, just as cruelly.

"Odin..." Frigga started but was interrupted by her husband.

"Let's start with your oldest and only daughter...Hel, Goddess of Death! Enough said about that. Then there is your son Jormungandr, literally meaning enormous monster, a large deadly serpent that is prophesied to kill your brother Thor! Then your son, Fenrir, another enormous monster! A Giant wolf, who bit off the God, Tyr hand!" Odin was spitting when he was done, and Frigga could not look at her husband.

"I think I agree with Loki..." Frigga said, walking up to her children, who were gasping at their father as if they had never seen him before. "I think Loki's children get the monster gene from you." She said, looking at Odin.

Odin gave his wife a dirty look as she walked away with Thor and Loki. "Heimdall...the wife and child, did they survive?"

"The wife did not," Heimdall stated as he looked down the Bi-Frost to Midgard. "She was a Midgardian Seidr and was killed using Midgardian magic by a Midgardian Seidrmenn." Heimdall looked to his King. "Loki's son was attacked by the same magic that killed his mother...he did survive. I do believe Loki is correct to say the boy is Asgardian, and he does not show any sign of being a monster."

"Send me to Midgard...I will check myself." Odin stated, and Heimdall opened the Bi-Frost.


Odin landed in Midgard and made himself invisible to all. He stood as he watched an old long-bearded Seidrmenn talking with an older Seidr, who was sniffling and trying to hide her tears. Odin looked up to the sky as he heard a monstrous racket coming from the northeast. He saw a Midgardian J├Âtunn land and get off a flying contraption much too small for the hairy giant. He was the one that carried the tiny infant that Odin was curious about. Odin watched as the old man placed the baby on the doorstep of a house that looked like every other house he could see. The old Seidrmenn, the Seidr, and the giant all left without informing the home inhabitants about the child; Odin walked up to the infant and looked at him. He could feel the magic of the boy-Asgardian magic-he leaned over to check the injury on the babes head with one finger; he could feel the maleficent waves coming off the child. "Just as I thought...another Monster...I should kill you...but I have left all your older siblings alive, who are just as monstrous as you are. You might be more monstrous...since you look like an innocent babe. Frigga would never forgive me if I killed you...So I will leave you alive...for now. Heimdall! Bring me home."


Two beings other than Heimdall were silently watching as the God Odin arrived on Midgard and threatened a baby. "Sister...I believe Father has been busy again." A black/graying-haired high-energy man said as he bounced over to the baby on the doorstep, picked him up, and started to rock the child in his arms.

"Yes...Fenrir, it does seem like you are no longer the youngest of us." A black-haired woman walked over to the man and baby. The woman, Hel, was a beauty until she turned...one half of her was a gorgeous woman, and the other half looked like she was decaying. The decaying side was gray and saggy, with white hair and bones peeking out of her fingertips where the skin no longer covered her. It was not pretty...it was monstrous...unfortunately for the woman, that was the only thing that was monstrous about her despite what her grandfather said.

"What is his name?" The man said as he held his little brother. "He is perfect..." He murmured.

Hel held out her arms for the baby, and Fenrir whined a little as he handed their little brother over to his big sister. "His name is Harry Loki Potter," Hel said as she used some of her death magic to identify him.

"WHAT?!" Fenrir exclaimed in shock, "you don't mean our little brother here is Harry James Potter?"

"Yes, the same person. Father was going by the name James Potter for the last 21 years."

"The Boy-Who-Lived..." Fenrir said in awe. "He survived a killing curse."

"Of course he did; he's an Asgardian," Hel said as she rocked the baby in her arms. "Do we take him with us?" Fenrir asked his sister.

"I cannot take him to Niflheimr with me. It is too cold in Hell for him; even Ice Giants don't venture into Niflheim. Not to mention he is alive, and the dead of Niflheimr would not appreciate me bringing him there. I never brought my own sons to Niflheimr while they were alive." Hel looked at the babe.

"I cannot take him," Fenrir said sadly. "At this moment in time, I am a wanted man with a kill on site order by the Midgardian Seidr community."

"Yes, I am aware," Hel said, looking at her brother with disappointment. "You shouldn't have spread your wolf around."

"I can't help it..." Fenrir whined. "Whenever I am in wolf form, I want to mate with everyone...to mate, they also must be wolves...I can't help it."

"Yes, I am aware that you are a horn dog...as they say here on Midgard." Hel snipped at her brother with a slight smile on one side of her face. "You have that in common with Father."

Hahaha! Fenrir laughed. "So, what do we do with Harry?"

"You leave him here with his Midgardian aunt for now." A woman said from behind the siblings.

"Queen Frigga!" Hel said as she held her baby brother protectively in her arms.

"GRANNY!" Fenrir exclaimed excitedly. Frigga tipped her left eyebrow up at his name for her.

"FENRIR! Behave yourself!" Hel scolded.

"Let me see your baby brother," Frigga said, walking up to her three grandchildren. She waved her hand over the baby, "oh...I see why Odin thinks the baby is a monster."

"He is not a monster!" Hel growled at her grandmother, pulling the baby away from Frigga.

"Stop, granddaughter," Frigga said. "The baby has another soul attached to him. A soul of the monster that killed his mother. As the Goddess of Death, I thought you would be able to tell." Frigga chided.

"What?...wait!...you are correct. A broken soul, broken into seven pieces...no six...the snake has not been made into a soul container yet. Each time a soul container is made, the soul is broken in half...the cut on the babe's head only holds 1.5625% of the total soul." Hel said, her voice in a trance. Coming out of the vision, Hel cooed at Harry then looked at her grandmother, "the slice of the soul in his cut is not enough to influence him."

"That is good, but it was enough to influence your grandfather. Odin could feel the malevolent wave coming from the cut and has declared your brother a monster." Frigga said with a sigh waving her hand at the baby; she renewed the warming charm on the blanket.

"He's not a monster, though!" Fenrir cut in. "He's perfect!"

"Yes, grandson. I agree." Frigga said, reaching up and placing her hand on his cheek. Then, Frigga, an accomplished Seidr in her own right, conjured a pale green gemstone, "Hel can you move the malevolent soul from your brother to this piece of apatite?"

"Yes, I can do that. Fenrir, please hold Harry." Hel said as she moved the baby to her brother. Hel stood in front of Fenrir to his left, while Frigga stood in front of him to his right, holding the gemstone in her hand. Hel started chanting in the language of the dead, and a black cloud exited the cut and went screaming into the stone, making it a darker green.

"It's a good thing we have a silencing charm up," Fenrir stated as he now rocked a wailing baby.

Frigga pulled a healing draught and cloth from the pocket of her golden robes and poured a little of the healing draught onto the cloth; she wiped the black goo from Harry's forehead. "Odin has grounded your father from entering Midgard for the next 100 years for creating another child," Frigga said, rolling her eyes. "I will try to bring down an Asgardian Golden Apple when he turns five years old as I did for each of you...hopefully, he lives long enough to become immortal."

"He will," Hel declared. "I won't let him die."

"Thank you, Hel, darling," Frigga responded as she cupped Hel's face, the monstrous side. Hel gasped with tears in her eyes. Very few would touch that side of her body; she could name the number of people willing to come into contact with her on one hand; her father, Fenrir, Jormungandr, and her late Midgardian husband, William Peverell.

"We must leave Harry here to be cared for by his maternal aunt. This way, Heimdall can keep an eye on him and keep me informed. Unfortunately, there are pockets of the Seidr Community that Heimdall has trouble seeing. Hel, can you gather the rest of the soul containers for the monster that killed Harry's mother and give them to your brother Jormungandr to destroy? The venom in his fangs should work." Frigga asked as she handed the apatite stone to Hel.

"Yes, but Jormungandr has been missing for the last 1,000 years," Hel responded as she gave the now sleeping Harry a kiss on his now healed and scarred forehead.

"Well, if you can collect them, I will ask Loki; he always knows where you kids are," Frigga stated. "Meet me here on the fifth anniversary of Harry's birth. I will give Harry the Asgardian Golden Apple of Immortality and let you know where Jormungandr is." Frigga leaned over and kissed Harry before kissing Hel and Fenrir to both of their shocks. "Fenrir, can you keep an eye out for Harry? I'm afraid the Midgardians he is related to will not like that he is a Seidrmenn."

"Yes, Granny," Fenrir replied cheekily before he, too, gave his little brother a kiss, placed him back on the doorstep, and apparated away. Hel looked at Harry and Frigga before waving her hand, opening a portal to leave.

"Baby Harry, know that your father loves you so much. Your Granny Frigga also loves you, and I promise I will watch over you." Frigga renewed the heating charms, renewed the Muggle repellent charm, and strengthened the wards to protect her grandson from the vassals of the Dark Seidrmenn, who attacked her family, killing her daughter-in-law and injuring her son and grandson.