~~June 1959~~

"Hello, Father," a quiet dark-haired woman said as she stood on a rocky cliff staring out the choppy ocean.

"Hel! My lovely, most beautiful of all, my daughters!" Loki said as he came over to his daughter and gave her a kiss on her decaying cheek.

"I am your only daughter," she said, glaring at her father.

"Doesn't change the fact that you are beautiful," Loki told her with a wink.

"Not that it isn't good to see you...but the All-father has forbidden us from meeting," Loki said as he grabbed her decaying hand and started waltzing on the clifftop to the sound of the sea below. "Not that I do whatever he says, but you know I don't want to get caught making mischief... It's funny to watch if they don't know I've been up to something." Loki smirked, and Hel rolled her eyes at her father's antics.

"Did you know I had three sons?" Hel asked as she placed her head on her father's shoulder as they danced.

"Of course, Antioch was a brash Gryffindor who threw himself into every fight he could, much like your uncle Thor," Loki said as he twirled Hel away from him and then back into his arms. "Cadmus was plain, no fun. Boring Hufflepuff. However, Ignotus, I blessed him with Mischief. He was of my house."

"I'm aware," Hel said with a deadpanned look.

"What is this about, my darling?" Loki asked as he stopped dancing and tipped Hel's face up to him to see her eyes.

"I have two heirs left on this world...all the rest have died. The heir of Cadmus is a madman that I would sooner drag to Niflheim and feed him to my Draugr's than see him leave his seed on this world." Hel sighed and moved away, staring at the sea again.

"The second heir?" Loki asks as he takes her decaying hand in his, bringing it up to his lips to kiss before just holding it in comfort.

"The heir of Ignotus...he is the last, and he cannot father any children. Can you heal him? I don't want Cadmus's child to be the last of my heirs on Midgard." Hel looked at her father.

"I'm not a healer...but let me meet him, and I can see what I can do...does he know about you?" Loki asked.

"Sort of..." Hel responded with mischief flashing in her eyes. Loki through his head back and laughed hardily into the sea air.


Dorea and Charlus Potter had just sat in the solarium, where they enjoyed eating dinner most nights. The solarium was made of glass on three sides with a glass roof. This allowed them to see the land that surrounded their manor house. Their manor house lay at the top of the twin to Stinchcombe Hill. The Potters had always had some sort of home on top of that hill; since before William the Conqueror came to the land. However, the local population forgot about the twin hill when the International Statute of Secrecy was enacted. Much to the chagrin of the Potter family, who made money off the local muggles with their healing potions.

"Ooh...Squab pie..." Loki said as he took a bite of the mutton pastry. Dorea's wand was out of her wrist holster and aimed at Loki, who sat opposite her husband. Charlus was looking not at Loki but at the woman sitting next to him. He slowly pulled a cloak out of his pocket and watched as the woman rolled her eyes at him.

"You won't need that. I'm not here to take you away; just speak to you." She told him. "Father, do behave yourself." She turned to her companion, who was ignoring the woman with the wand in his face as he took a second helping. "Do you know who I am?" She asked the man.

"Death," Charlus replied.

"Yes, I am Hel, Goddess of Death...and I gave your ancestor, Ignotus Peverell, that invisibility cloak."

"That's where my cloak went! Hel, you do not steal from your father! I have been looking for that cloak for ages." Loki complained with his mouth full.

"Close your mouth when eating, then talk." Dorea and Hel scolded Loki simultaneously as Charlus fought hard not to snigger.

"Hel, that cloak is the only thing that makes me invisible around your grandmother; she can't see through it. I can't prank her without it." Loki whined.

"Oh...so that's why grandmother gave it to me," Hel said, looking down at her fingernails on her non-decaying hand. Then, looking at Charlus, she asked, "do you know the true story of the three brothers?"

"I know that Ignotus Peverell was my ancestor and that he was gifted one of the Deathly Hallows, as were his two brothers. Whether the story about the river was true or not, I don't know."

"The story of the river was not true; however, the destruction that the Elder Wand creates and the death of Antioch was true, as is the depression that the Resurrection Stone causes, resulting in the suicide of Cadmus. You are quite aware of the deviltry of the Invisibility Cloak." Hel said with a wink.

"Why did you gift the three brothers?" Charlus asked; at the same time, Dorea asked, "Why are you here?"

"We are here because Antioch had no heirs. Cadmus's heir is insane, and I would rather drag him to Hell-as you would say-and Ignotus's heir is infertile." Hel declared, looking at Dorea; Charlus looked away in shame. "I refuse to allow MY heirs to die out on Midgard. Antioch, Cadmus, and Ignotus were MY sons. I gifted them what you call the Deathly Hallows because they were my children, and I wanted to help them. Antioch was a powerful wizard who had a hard time finding a wand that would work for him; because of this, he was teased at Hogwarts, called a squib when really he was the son of the Goddess of Death! So I made him a wand that would work for him as the son of Death. Cadmus's wife died in childbirth, and I wanted to give my son and daughter-in-law a way to stay together even after death. Ignotus, like my father, Loki, was full of mischief. His favorite game as a child was what you would call Hide-and-Seek. His older brothers always found him, and as the family's baby saddened him, he wanted to win for a change. My grandmother, tired of being pranked by my father, saw my son's tears and gave me the cloak to give to him."

"How can anyone be tired of being pranked?" Loki asked as he leaned in the chair, balancing on the back two legs. Hel banished the two legs causing Loki to fall to the floor.

"I don't know, father, I can't see why anyone would not want to be pranked," Hel said, giggling as both Charlus and Dorea laughed at the misfortune of the God of Mischief and Chaos.

Loki fixed the chair and sat down with a huff; looking at Charlus, he asked, "Were you a Hufflepuff in school?"

"No, I was a Gryffindor, while Dorea here was a Slytherin," Charlus stated, looking at Loki and noticing some familiar traits between Loki, his daughter Hel, and himself.

"Gryffindor? How are you a Gryffindor? When your wife first noticed me, her wand was in her hand, ready to blast my head off while you reached for your...MY invisibility cloak to hide. You seem to have your traits mixed up."

"And how do you know so much about Hogwarts traits?" Dorea asked between bites as she ate her dinner.

"Last time I was on Midgard, I took the name Salazar Slytherin," Loki stated.

"Merlin!" Charlus exclaimed, looking at Loki.

"No, Salazar. Merlin was a second-rate charlatan who convinced people that he was the second coming of Myrddin Emrys just because he was a decedent of the man. Myrddin was a great wizard and prophet, one of the last battle mages."

"No, father, when one of the Seidr/Seidrmenn says 'Merlin,' it is equivalent to saying 'My God' or 'All-Father' in surprise; he wasn't calling you Merlin," Hel responded, shaking her head at her father.

Loki looked at her, rolled his eyes, then winked at Charlus. "Again, why the switched traits?"

"I am a Potions Master, my wife, however, is an Auror. Which is why she is quick with the wand." Charlus stated as he continued his dinner. "So what can the Potter family do for our ancestors who have gifted us with their presence tonight?" Charlus asked.

"You can have sex," Loki said seriously. Both Loki and Hel burst out laughing at the blank look that Charlus gave them and the incredulous look that Dorea gave them. "No, great-great-grandson or some such bother. It is what we can do for you." Loki said with a smirk.

"O...kay. What can you do for us?" Dorea stated.

"I can give you a baby," Loki said with a wink and a smirk.

"I am not having sex with you!" Dorea snarled.

"Nor I, you. The All-Father would be pissed if I were to father another child." Loki said, rolling his eyes.

"Your husband has the sperm casing, but there is nothing inside, which is why you cannot conceive," Hel stated.

"If you perform sex magic during the summer solstice, then I, the God Loki, can enter your husband's sperm and finish the deed. Essentially your child would have three parents, a mother and two fathers. Still, I would not be genetically the father of your child...which would be myself. Ooh...ooh...Hel, I would be my own grandpa!"

"No, no, you wouldn't. Can you be a little bit less crazy?" Hel replied, rolling her eyes at her father's antics. "Loki would become your child and live the life of a wizard. He would not know he was the God Loki; any parental tests would show his father as Charlus Potter. Like all Gods, he would be immortal. Still, any action normally resulting in death would release his memories. He would cease being baby Potter and be the God Loki again. Any children fathered by baby Potter would be genetically a Potter."

"Essentially, I would be born from you, grow at a normal Midgardian rate, father children that would be Midgardian and 'hopefully' out of the All-Father's sight, grow old and die, releasing me to be a God again. It's going to be so fun!" Loki said, clapping and bouncing in his chair.

Charlus and Dorea looked at each other, then Loki, "Would he be as hyper as a child as he is right now as an adult?" Dorea asked Hel.

Both Hel and Loki through their heads back and laughed, "Yes...my brother Fenrir is just as hyper. Sorry, that's a Loki trait. But, I do have some concerns..." Hel stated, looking at Charlus. "You are not naturally infertile. You were cursed."

"Yes, as an exasperating youth, I fought in the war against the Dark Lord Grindelwald; when I came home from the mainland, we found I was cursed," Charlus stated.

"My concern is it wasn't a known enemy that cursed you but a hidden one, pretending to be an ally."

"Who?" Dorea asked, looking concerned between Charlus and Hel.

"I don't know; the Norns have it hidden," Hel stated.

"Longbottom," Dorea stated with a nod a squinted eyes at her husband. "Augusta Prewett was not happy you married me instead of her."

"No, I can tell you it's not Longbottom. The Longbottom family will always side and protect the Potter family." Hel said, looking at Dorea. "They have given a familia-oath that cannot be broken, even by spouses."

"Norns?" Charlus asked as he zoned back into the conversation.

"The Fates...three sisters who like to play with destiny...prophecies are sent to seers and prophets by the Norns/Fates."

"Crap," Charlus said.

"Yes, my thought exactly," Hel stated.

"Fates smates... I'm a God; they have no control over me," Loki stated while juggling some knives. Hel, Charlus, and Dorea's eyebrows rose in disbelief with that statement.

"Do not tempt them, Father!" Hel scolded. "You know good, and well, the Norms can play with the fate of Gods. My brother Jormungandr is fated to kill your brother Thor! My brother Fenrir is fated to kill your father, Odin! Just because you are a God does not mean the Fates do not have a hand in your destiny!"

Hel was yelling at her father by the end of her mini-melt-down. Loki catches the three knives by separating himself into three Lokis' before becoming one again. "I'm sorry, darling. I will try not to tempt the Norms." Loki said as he walked over to where Hel was standing and hugged her kissing her decaying cheek. He bent down, picked up the chair she had knocked down, and held it like a gentleman so she could sit back down.

"Would you like some tea, my dear?" Dorea asked as she looked at Hel.

"Yes, please," Hel responded, still trying to catch her breath.

"Morrigan, tea service for four, please," Dorea said. Not a moment later, a little elf in a red dress with the Potter crest across her heart popped in and placed a pot of tea with four cups next to her Mistress. There were cream and sugar, and small pastries also included.

"Your Brownie is named after the Celtic Goddess of War?" Loki asked as he sat down and started to reach for a pastry, only to get his hand slapped by Dorea.

"She is a House Elf," Dorea stated as she served Hel her tea and pastry before serving her husband, then herself. Hel's lips were curved into a closed-mouth smile as she watched her father squirm before Dorea finally helped him.

"Same thing. Just as Dwarves are Goblins. Elves are High Elves of the Seelie Court. Dark Elves/Frost Giants/jötunn are Elves of the Unseelie Court. Jötunn's are also called Giants. Trolls are Trolls." Loki said dismissively. "So, sex magic?"

"Is not discussed at the dinner table!" Dorea stated and slapped Loki's hand again as he reached for another pastry.