"Are you a Wizard, Uncle Alastor?" the young woman asked as she stared at her scarred uncle. He once told her he received all his scars because he was a soldier, and all Moody's were soldiers, male and female. Dating back to the first Saxon Modig, "brave soldier" landed in Britain and set up a plot of land in the south-eastern corner of the Island, eventually moving into Dumfriesshire, where the ancestral Moody manor now stood. An empty estate, as he, was the last known Moody.

No one knew about his squib sister, niece, and daughter. A daughter proving to be a Moody, even though she didn't realize she was his daughter.

"Aye, lassie, how did you know?" Alastor asked as he eyed his child, knowing his sister didn't tell her.

"I read all about you in the school library," the girl replied, "extra credit work for history. Did you also go to school at Hogwarts? What house were you in?"

"Our original name was Modig, which is old English for brave," Alastor said, smirking at his daughter, a daughter who, like, all Moody's, was a Gryffindor. "What book were you reading?"

"The Rise and Fall of the Five Bulwark Families: Bones, Graves, Longbottom, Moody, and Potter," the girl stated in a matter-of-fact tone that made Alastor wince.

"Uncle Alastor," the girl said hesitantly. "Did we really lose over 200 members of our family during the war with Grindelwald?"

"During the 1910s, Gellert Grindelwald rose in power," Alastor said, sitting down on the front step of his sister's house, patting the step next to him, encouraging his daughter to join him. "We Moody's have acted as Bulwark's of the Wizarding world since our ancestor, Godric Modig, lost his wife to the Catholic church in 1125; she was the last to carry the Gryffindor name, Godric Gryffindor's youngest granddaughter.

"We're related to Godric Gryffindor?" the girl asks, her eyes wide with awe.

"Aye, so are the Bones, Graves, Longbottom, and Potter's, and any family one of those families married into," Alastor mentions, not really thinking it was that big of a deal.

"Ugh! I'm related to that toe-rag!" the girl huffed, and Alastor chuckled, not knowing which boy at school she was referring to apart from the Graves family, which was now extinct.

"As Bulwarks, we have always been the Soldiers, Aurors, Hit-Wizards, and Witch-Hunters of the Wizarding world. But, above all, we have always protected the Wizarding world," Alastor said, looking out into the Muggle street in front of his sister's house, lost in thought.

"Witch-Hunters?!" the girl shrieked.

"Yes, we Witch-Hunters, hunted the Inquisitors, who hunted Witches," Alastor said, confused at his daughter's shriek.

"Witch-hunters, hunted witches, Uncle Alastor," the girl replied, with a huff, like he was stupid.

"No, the Catholic church had Inquisitors, who hunted witches. The most famous being Heinrich Kramer, who we Moody's did away with after saving a German witch," Alastor said smugly, proud of his ancestor.

"Inquisitors, like the Spanish Inquisition?" the girl asked.

"Aye," Alastor responded as he watched his twelve-year-old daughter work through the name's etymology.

"So, because the Moody family, males, and females, were the Bulwarks of the Wizarding world, they all died?" the girl asked, getting back to the 200 dead Moodys.

"Aye, they took the fight to Grindelwald. First, the German branch of our family was wiped out to the last babe. Then the American branch. The Australian branch turned tail and went home after arriving in Britain and discovering what happened to the other two branches. My grandmother cursed them; they could no longer carry the Moody name. Anytime they tried to write Moody, it became Coward," Alastor laughed as he thought back to his French grandmother, a grandmother who happened to come from the original family who drove the Malfoy's from France, cursing them with the name, 'mal foi,' or 'bad faith.'

"What happened to the British branch?" the girl whispered.

"Picked off over the years, by 1945 when Grindelwald was defeated, we went from one-hundred and fifty strong down to fifteen; forty-five killed in the Ēostre battle before Dumbledore's famous battle."

"You were the only one to come home alive in the Moody family from that battle," the girl whispered.

"Yes, I was seventeen and home for Ēostre, you call Easter before I graduated. I was the last adult male Moody alive after that battle. The other fourteen Moody's were wives, daughters, and young children. My mother and squib sister included. Cousins," Alastor said with a monotone voice; he took a shaky breath, "over the last twenty-seven years, they have all been systematically murdered. My mother was brutally raped to the point she stopped using magic and stopped talking; she eventually died from suicide. I hid my sister in the Muggle world, so the one that attacked thought they both died together. My wife was murdered while she was nine months pregnant. I had to cut you from her to save you," Alastor said, still looking towards the road, and the little girl gasped, "my daughter Lily."

Alastor woke up as still as possible, as he had for the past forty-nine years since his family started to be murdered. 'Never give away that you were awake in case you were about to be murdered in your bed.' He paranoidly thought to himself.

"He's still in a coma, Albus," Alastor heard Poppy Pomfrey, the current healer of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, tell Albus Dumbledore towards the foot of his bed.

"I just want to check on my old friend, Poppy; I promise I won't wake him," Albus replied.

"Fine, go sit with him for all I care, but if you wake him up, I will curse you bald and douse you in saltwater!" Poppy threatened, and Alastor could feel Albus cringe. Unfortunately, after graduating, some students did precisely that to the then Deputy Headmaster Dumbledore. Alastor wished his old friends were still alive so he could bring them the juicy gossip of just who made Dumbledore bald in 1949; alas, they were all dead; they just didn't proscribe to the CONSTANT VIGILANCE lifestyle that Alastor did.

"Alastor? Alastor? Are you awake, my old friend?" Albus whispered as he sat down next to a still Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody. Alastor decided to continue to fake being in a coma.

"Ah…just as well, Alastor, I wanted to not let you know…." Albus chuckled at the fact that he was not really telling his friend secrets, "that yes, I knew you were locked up in your own trunk for the past ten months; also, I am the one that has slowly been killing your family." Albus chuckled again as he sat and unwrapped a lemon drop, reminiscing. I had decided long ago that the Bulwark's time had ended. It was time for new families to become the heroes of the Wizarding World, obviously starting with my own family. "All those aunts and cousins…your mother…." Albus paused, making sucking noises on his candy, "ah…your mother…I do have to admit. I am a Dandy, not really attracted to women, but raping your mother wasn't about attraction; it was pure power." Albus hummed, and Alastor fought every instinct not to kill the old man; just yet, Alastor needed to know more. "Killing your wife and the unborn baby was the highlight of removing the Moody family. Definitely better than anything I did to kill off the Graves and Potters. Just you and Harry now. I really should get on with it and kill you while you are in the coma, but watching as Death Eaters slowly carve you to pieces has been entertaining. Not to mention manipulating the last of the Potter to kill himself trying to kill Voldemort…ah, priceless, Machiavellian manipulation. Never would have known I was a Gryffindor with how good I am at manipulation. Ah well, the time has crept up on us, and I must get to dinner. Voldemort used the Potter boy to resurrect himself, killing the poor Diggory boy; what a fine-looking boy, such a waste." Albus replied as he stood up, "get well soon, my friend," Albus said loud enough to wake him had Alastor not been in a pretend coma. Alastor heard Poppy huff in agitation as she shooed Albus out of the medical ward.

Alastor slowly sat up, grabbed his wand by the bed, and dispersed the listening charm placed in the room by Albus, the nosy bugger. Then slowly opened the curtain separating the bed next to him where the Potter boy was. Harry James Potter, the spitting image of his father, if one didn't know his mother well, but Lily was his daughter; he could see Lily in Harry's face, not only in his eyes but his cheekbones. Harry actually had Alastor's nose; that is when Alastor had a full nose. Moody put his finger to his lips in the universal 'shut the fuck up' move and looked for Poppy. She was in her office, door shut, and back towards the window that showed the ward, eating her dinner. Looking down, he could see a dog hiding underneath Harry's bed, further obscured by an invisibility cloak. "Potter, Black, looks like we need to talk."