Inspiration for this story came from Evilgoddss at and her story No Competition; please check out her fantastic work.

Harry Potter was not the last scion of the Potter family. There was one more…one that most people did not know about, or if they did, they discredited; after all, the Potter family was a Light family, right? After all, they wouldn't have a…HAG…as a member of their family. Right? Wrong!

Harry struggled to keep up with Hagrid as they made their way to Gringotts. He was utterly overwhelmed and exhausted. Not just physically but also mentally. The sausage that he and Hagrid had shared this morning was the only food he had had in three or four days…the less he ate, the more foggy his memory was, and he was always starving.

"There yeh are 'Arry, Gringotts! The wizarding bank." Hagrid broadcast loudly.

Innogen Potter set her alarm early on July 31, 1991; she was vigilant in watching for her little nephew for a month. Knowing that asshole Dumbledore he probably had a big to-do-da set up for Harry's return to the Wizarding World on his birthday. He better be returned; she would be beyond pissed if Harry did not return.

Innogen went to the bank and was one of the first people there when the Goblins opened the door. Smiling and thanking the Goblin warrior for holding the door open for her, she entered the bank and promptly sat down on one of the benches against the wall.

"Miss Potter? Can we help you?" A Goblin teller asked.

"No, thank you," Innogen said as she took some knitting out of her bag, sitting at her feet. "I'm waiting for someone."

"And how long do you plan on waiting?" The Goblin asked, suspecting who she was waiting on.

"Until the bank closes." The Hag snarked to the Goblin.

"Very well." The Goblin replied. "If we see him, we will flag you down." The rest of the Goblins nodded their heads.

A little bit after noon, the waiting finally paid off as Innogen watched as little, and she means tiny Harry Potter came into the bank with…a giant. "Oh, dear," she thought to herself. Then, standing up, she started to approach Harry nervously.

"Out of the way, Hag!" Hagrid shoved Innogen down and away from Harry as they followed Griphook, the Goblin cartman, out of the main entrance. Griphook turned to look at Innogen, and she just waved him off.

A pair of Goblin guards held their hands out to Innogen and helped her off the ground as Goldfist, the head Goblin teller, came up to her, "Do you want to press charges, Miss Potter?"

"No, but that oaf is not going to let me near Harry," Innogen said with despair.

"Hmmm…we do need to speak with him about the Potter accounts. Both Dumbledore and now Hagrid have denied us that right." Goldfist tapped his chin in thought. "I will have a pair of Goblin guards follow Harry while he is shopping, and they will follow Hagrid as he takes Harry home. Then you and I will go to Harry's home and have our conversations.

"Thank you, Goldfist. I want to be in the conversation with Harry about the Potter accounts as the oldest living Potter scion to help Harry out. My father gave me that right when he was teaching Fleamont, and I don't believe my brother or any of my nephews removed me." Innogen said as she picked up her fallen knitting.

"I will check with the account manager in the meantime; why don't you head back to your pub, and we will let you know when we have the young Heirs' location," Goldfist said to the Hag.

Innogen sighed and looked towards where the Griphook took Harry, "okay, see you soon." Innogen walked out of the bank and towards her Pub, The Evil Goddess in Knockturn Alley.