After Tatsuya and Miyuki ran through the cherry blossoms, they left First High and arrived at their home in Chofu a little past 2 o'clock P.M. Miyuki was insistent that Tatsuya rest after his fist fight and that she would take care of him and Tatsuya obliged. Of course, all of his injuries were gone because of Regrowth and he was now once again in peak physical condition but he wanted to indulge Miyuki. A part of him also enjoyed having Miyuki dote on him. Miyuki made him sit on the sofa in the living room and brought him some tea and sandwiches. They had already eaten lunch at the graduation party but she insisted that he regain his strength after the fight. She decided she would feed him and brought up the sandwich to his mouth.

"Tatsuya-sama you should eat, you must be tired after that fight"

Tatsuya leaned his neck forward and took a bite from the sandwich. Miyuki blushed bright red after he took his bite much like her when she first tried feeding him on the school roof when their engagement was first announced. She was about to retract her hands when Tatsuya said "Wait, please feed me more" in a teasing tone. Last year he had refrained from teasing her in consideration of the fact that he still wasn't able to return her feelings but this time things were different. Miyuki, still bright red, stopped and blinked in confusion at his teasing. Tatsuya clasped his hands around hers and brought the sandwich to his mouth.

"Food tastes more delicious when Miyuki feeds me" and then he smiled wryly at her. Their eyes met and Miyuki relaxed seeing Tatsuya's loving gaze. After Tatsuya finished eating, he sipped the green tea she had made for him. Miyuki was cleaning up after Tatsuya had his light snack and went to take the plates and cup to the kitchen, when she returned she had brought a light blanket with her and covered Tatsuya in it. It was Spring, and while it was no longer freezing it was still a bit cold. She sat next to Tatsuya, covered herself in the blanket and scooted closer to him intending to press herself firmly against his left arm. When she got near, to her surprise he lifted his left arm and pulled her into his chest. His left arm was wrapped firmly around her. She didn't resist and instead closed her eyes and buried her face in his chest. Though she blushed and made a quiet purring sound, her face betrayed a smile of pure bliss. Tatsuya looked down at his fiancée and smiled warmly. He thought to himself "How did I get this lucky?" They sat on the sofa in silence, the sweet atmosphere of a pure and gentle love covered the whole apartment. If Lina were here, she would have probably made a noise to dispel this touching scene as she didn't enjoy being the third wheel between these two.

As the couple enjoyed each other's company in silence, Tatsuya was reading some journal articles on his terminal. He had intended to use this afternoon to do some research for project ESCAPES in the laboratory downstairs. He changed his plans after seeing Miyuki so eager to spend the afternoon taking care of him. As Tatsuya scrolled through the files with his right hand, a notification sound chimed.

"Who is it Tatsuya-sama?"

Tatsuya showed Miyuki his terminal

"Lina sent a message in the group thread, apparently she will be eating dinner out with Erika and the others to celebrate today's graduation. She said we can join them at Cafe Einbrise later at 7 o'clock. Would you like to go Miyuki?"

Miyuki scanned the message and saw that Honoka and Shizuku were also invited. She wasn't sure how to interact with Honoka yet. Honoka was the person who had pushed her to the front after Tatsuya had declared that he "wouldn't let anyone else have Miyuki" but Honoka did so with tear filled eyes. She knew that Honoka loved Tatsuya deeply and thought it would be inappropriate to be there with him. Though Honoka was her rival in love, she was also her friend and showing up with Tatsuya there felt like she would be rubbing salt in the wound. Moreover, if they were to ask her about their relationship status after Tatsuya's declaration, she wouldn't know what to say. Everyone knew they were engaged and that Miyuki was in love with him and that Tatsuya loved her but she was still at a loss for whether he loved her as a woman. Tatsuya's love for her was undeniable and unconditional so without an express confession from him saying that that love now included romantic love and seeing her as a member of the opposite sex, his declaration could have been interpreted as restatement of the obvious. Tatsuya promised Miyuki to try to return her feelings and see her as a woman after she confessed but he hasn't said anything to her about this after their engagement night.

Miyuki bowed her head and gloom slowly crept through her face. In a hesistant voice, she said

"Tatsuya-sama, maybe we should have dinner here alone tonight? I think you should still rest and I can cook your favorite meal to celebrate the graduation."

Tatsuya could hear the hesitation in her voice and see pain in her eyes. Something was wrong and he didn't know what. He thought maybe he had done something wrong. Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned that Lina sent a message. Just a few moments earlier her face was the picture of utter bliss and contentment but now her mood seemed to have made a 180 degree change. He wanted to relieve her worries but he didn't know what she was worried about.

"Are you sure Miyuki? We don't have to go if you don't want to but maybe you could let the HAR make dinner tonight. You look like you might need to rest a bit" Tatsuya said this in a reassuring tone as he put his hand on her head and stroked her hair. He wanted her to know that he was there for her. Miyuki's shoulders relaxed and her cheeks had faintly tinged pink. Her mood was getting better and the pain in her eyes seemed to dissipate.

"No, onii...Tatsuya-sama. I want to cook dinner. You just continue to rest and I'll call you when it's done."

It was a little early to start preparing dinner but Tatsuya did not reproach her for this. She seemed to have at least turned back to normal and he didn't want to ruin her mood by saying anything further so he nodded his head and continued sitting on the sofa. Miyuki got up from under the blanket and proceeded to make dinner.

The dinner was pleasant. Miyuki's food was delicious as always and they enjoyed their meal while having friendly conversation. Tatsuya discussed the journal articles he had just read and Miyuki asked insightful questions. Many people upon first seeing Miyuki would think that someone as beautiful as her would be an airhead but in fact Miyuki was quite intelligent. She had graduated First High in the top of her class and her theoretical grades and written examination scores were only second to Tatsuya's. Needless to say, Tatsuya enjoyed their dinner and whatever caused Miyuki's earlier mood reversal seemed to be long gone. That is until the videophone of their apartment rang.

Tatsuya had just finished his meal when their apartment's terminal started ringing. The caller was the main house.

"What could Oba-sama be calling about at this late hour?" Miyuki asked, her face showing a mix of fear, confusion and hesitation. Maya Yotsuba, the head of the Yotsuba clan, usually only called them at this hour for urgent business or to assign a mission. Miyuki feared that her fiancé would once again be exposed to danger.

"I don't know but there's only one way to find out." Tatsuya stood up and Miyuki followed him.

Tatsuya stood square in front of the monitor's camera and Miyuki was on his right as he answered the call. They respectfully bowed to the beautiful woman now across from them on screen. Maya Yotsuba was an enchanting beauty. She was dignified and refined but she also had the alluring sex appeal of a mature woman. Although she only looked to be 30 years old, she was actually over a decade older than that. Moreover she had a terrifying aura about her. While she smiled and nodded politely when being spoken to, she was considered to be one of the most powerful magicians in the world and you could tell that she would not hesitate to kill if needed. This was Maya Yotsuba. She was their aunt but officially she was Tatsuya's mother.

"Good evening, Oba-ue. To what do we owe the pleasure of your call tonight?" Tatsuya and Miyuki bowed as he exchanged pleasantries.

"Ara, Tatsuya-san you don't need to be so formal with me. I am your mother after all. Why don't you try calling me Okaa-san?" Her lips mischievously curled upwards.

"Is she just calling to tease us?" Tatsuya thought. He quickly dismissed this. Though, Maya enjoyed toying with him and their family members she wouldn't call them just because she was bored. She had plenty of people to toy with at the Yostuba village and she could easily assuage her boredom by reading reports submitted to her by the village's researchers. For all the power that Maya Yostuba had, she was still a researcher at heart and there were far too many questions about Mental Interference Magic than answers. No, she must have a good reason to call.

"I think Haha-ue is more appropriate" Tatsuya said in an emotionless tone. He wasn't going to let Maya toy with him right now and his gaze seemed to say "get to the point"

Maya pouted but her eyes betrayed her deviance. She still wanted to tease Tatsuya and she wasn't going to let him ruin her fun.

"I guess nothing can be done about that right now" She said in exaggerated exasperation. "I just wanted to congratulate you and Miyuki-san on graduating high school. I heard that Miyuki-san graduated at the top of the batch and that you received personal thanks from Momoyama-sensei during the ceremony. As your mother, I would have loved to cheer you on as you stepped on stage but I have an aversion towards crowded areas" Maya was kidnapped and experimented on when she was a child on a trip to Taiwan. The Yotsuba family mobilized their strongest combat magicians to get their revenge on her kidnappers. They destroyed a small country in the process, thus earning them the nickname "Untouchables."

"Thank you for kind words of praise. Miyuki and I are truly honored to be thought of so highly by the head of the Yotsuba family" Tatsuya once again bowed

"Tatsuya, I told you not be so formal right now" Maya's voice betrayed a hint of irritation. She wanted Tatsuya to play along. She quickly let out a sigh. "I also heard something interesting happened at your school earlier during the graduation party" Tatsuya's expression changed slightly and his eyes showed a hint of panic for less than half a second. Maya did not this miss reaction and she pressed forward with her mischief.

"I heard that you got into a fist fight with Ichijou Masaki-san behind a small gymnasium during the graduation party. What on earth were you two fighting about?" Maya said in a teasing tone. She knew what had happened. She already received a report on it. Tatsuya and Miyuki were under constant surveillance during the graduation and graduation party due to the threat to security that these events posed. Many people would be entering the school grounds and the party was a mix of all the students of the graduating batch. Something could have happened with this many people around.

"We were fighting about Miyuki" Tatsuya said curtly. Though his tone remained calm, Maya could see that something was stirring beneath the surface. Tatsuya let his emotions go unchecked in his fight with Masaki earlier. He had no limiter when it came to how he felt about Miyuki. During his fight something snapped inside of him and he was now once again remembering the anger he felt at Masaki's words. Maya saw his reaction and seemed to be pleased with herself. After provoking this reaction, she was satisfied.

"Ara, so you were defending Miyuki's honor?" Maya said teasingly "Well then I must congratulate you. I was told that you won that fight. Miyuki-san you must be very happy that Tatsuya-san successfully defended your honor."

"Yes, Oba-sama. Tatsuya-sama fought very valiantly and for that I am very grateful." Miyuki bowed towards Maya. Miyuki didn't know what game Maya was playing but she judged that it would be best to play along for now. Maya was still toying with them and she hadn't gotten to the main point of her call yet.

"Well then, now that that situation has been cleared up. Tatsuya-san, Miyuki-san, I would like both of you to come to the main house next week. We will be having dinner at 7 o'clock pm and I hope that the two of you can spend a night or two here." Maya smiled sweetly at them.

"Of course Oba...Haha-ue. Miyuki and I will be there. Thank you for the invitation"

"All right, if you two have no further questions. Then will you excuse me and I look forward to your visit." The screen turned black and Maya's smiling visage was nothing more than a memory to them.

Tatsuya stood in front of the blank screen for a few seconds, motionless while clenching his fist. He was again reminded of his fight with Masaki and the nerve that Masaki touched. Masaki had claimed that Tatsuya didn't love Miyuki as a woman and that was something he had been desperately trying to improve. He knew he loved Miyuki more than anyone, more than anything else in the world and it pained him to know that he was causing her pain by being unable to return her feelings. Although his fight with Masaki led to an epiphany, he was also made aware of all the pain Miyuki had to go through all alone due to his own obliviousness. He was mad at himself.

"Onii-sama...Tatsuya-sama are you okay?" Miyuki gently held Tatsuya's clenched fist as she looked into his eyes. All she saw was pain and deep regret. She wanted to console him.

"Tatsuya-sama why don't you sit on the sofa and I will make you some coffee." Miyuki said in a warm and gentle tone as she continued to hold Tatsuya's hand in hers. Tatsuya relaxed slightly and opened his clenched fist. He looked at Miyuki and nodded.

Once they were both on the sofa and the coffee cups were on the table Miyuki spoke. "I don't know what Oba-sama is planning but it's worthless to get worked up over her scheming. If she tries toying with you again, I will resign my post as heir and leave the Yotsuba clan." Miyuki said in an angry voice filled with conviction. Tatsuya shook his head and smiled warmly at Miyuki. He put his hand on her cheek and said

"I'm not mad at Oba-ue. I'm used to her teasing us. I was just thinking about my fight with Ichijou earlier and got a little angry. Don't worry I'm fine now and you don't need to resign your post as heir for me. I would never ask you to turn your back on Okaa-san's family. I know you loved her and she taught you that you have duties and responsibilities to the Yostuba." Tatsuya said in a calm and reassuring tone. Their mother had taught Miyuki from a young age that her status as a direct descendant of the Yotsuba family was a responsibility she would need to carry for the rest of her life and Miyuki wanted to honor her mother's memory by doing as she was taught.

Miyuki searched Tatsuya's eyes and could see that he was being sincere but she couldn't understand why he was so angry. She was not there when the fight broke out and only got there when they were already trading blows. She doesn't know what could have caused her brother...fiancé to get so angry. Actually, she did know. The fight was about her and she was apprehensive to learn the details of that fight.

"Tatsuya-sama...umm..that fight was about me right? Can I ask what Ichijou-san said to make you so angry?" Miyuki said in a quiet hesitant voice. Tatsuya sighed and gave an awkward smile as he looked at Miyuki's face clouded in hesitation. He meant to reassure but he felt guilty and could only muster the half-hearted awkward smile.

"Ichijou said that I didn't and couldn't love you as a woman"

"I see..." Miyuki's eyes were sad but they also urged him to continue

"It struck a nerve with me because I had been trying very hard to love you as a woman and then something inside of me just snapped and before I knew it was trading blows with him" Tatsuya paused. He turned his whole body towards Miyuki and held her hands in his. His face was serious but it also conveyed a certain amount of awkwardness and shame. His face was lightly flushed. Miyuki had never seen Tatsuya look this way before. "Could he be embarrassed?" Miyuki thought to herself but she had no idea why her brother...fiancé would be embarrassed. He won that fight, he had nothing to be embarrassed about. As all these thoughts ran through Miyuki's mind, Tatsuya took a deep breath and while still holding onto her hands, looked deeply into Miyuki's eyes. He smiled sheepishly.

"I was hoping to tell you this tomorrow after I took you out on a date but during the fight with Ichijou I realized that one of the reasons I got so mad when he accused me of not loving you as a woman was because it wasn't true. I realized that I had already grown to see and love you as a woman." His eyes were firmly on Miyuki and his hands still held on to hers. "Miyuki, I love you. I hope you're not too disappointed that it took me this long to realize this but I love you with all my heart and all my soul. I love you as a woman." His eyes started desperately searching for Miyuki's reaction.

Miyuki was silent and she blinked a few times. It was as if her brain was no longer capable of processing information. All her prayers had been answered. Her body, no, her entire being was full of joy. Her entire body trembled in happiness. Her fiancé had just told her he loved her as a woman. She felt as if her chest would burst in happiness. She felt almost as happy as she did on the night of their engagement. No, she was happier now. She now had confirmation that Tatsuya loved her as a woman. Tears of joy started to well up in her eyes and she soon started sobbing. She couldn't control the immense joy she felt.

Tatsuya saw Miyuki sobbing and started to panic. At this point, he wasn't sure how she would react to his confession. He had just told Miyuki he loved her as a woman and he wasn't sure how this would make her feel. He knew that he loved her as a woman but it took him a long time to reach this point. He thought it may have been possible for her to resent him for taking this long or maybe after hearing it she would lose interest. His mind was spiraling. Emotions and relationships are tricky for him to say the least. Now, he saw Miyuki as woman, as a romantic partner, and wasn't sure if the same tactics he used to calm her down when he saw her as his sister would work on her now. But he had to try something. He wanted to help her. He instinctively put his hand on her head and stroked her hair. Miyuki looked at him. Their eyes met.

"Miyuki, I'm sorry for making you cry." He said in a warm and gentle voice.

Miyuki shook her head "You don't have to apologize for anything Tatsuya-sama. These are tears of joy. I am just very overwhelmed with happiness right now. It feels like all my prayers have been answered."

Tatsuya took Miyuki into his arms and embraced her tightly. She buried her face into his chest. Tears stained his shirt. Miyuki softly nuzzled her face into his chest and said "Tatsuya-sama again...can you say it again please?" Tatsuya leaned in to her ear and whispered softly "I love you, Miyuki." She looked up at him and beamed the happiest smile he had ever seen on her face. It was as if the sun was shining from within her from how brightly and brilliantly she radiated with joy. Tatsuya held Miyuki's chin with his thumb and index finger and held her face looking upward at him and his face approached hers. The distance between their lips disappeared and they shared a kiss. It was soft and gentle. Tatsuya felt Miyuki's soft lips against his and Miyuki felt Tatsuya's warm lips against hers. After they broke away, Tatsuya sheepishly smiled at Miyuki as she sat there completely red all the way to the tips of her ears.

"I'm sorry, Miyuki. I guess I should have asked before I kissed you." Tatsuya said in a slightly embarrassed but gentle tone.

" don't need to ask permission Tatsuya-sama. I quite...enjoyed it." Miyuki's face was still beet red and she was stuttering

Tatsuya saw the happiness radiating from his beet red fiancée and felt a sharp pang of guilt. He had deprived her of this happiness for so long. He had been a constant source of pain and anxiety for her when she was worried that he would leave her had she confessed her true feelings for him. She was suffering in silence all these years due to his own obliviousness. "She must have been so lonely." He thought to himself. Miyuki saw the pain starting to cloud Tatsuya's face and asked him what was wrong.

"Miyuki, I'm sorry. Seeing you so happy now only proves to me that I've caused you so much pain. I'm sorry I could not return your feelings sooner and I'm sorry I was oblivious to them from the start. It must have been very lonely all those years to carry such a burden..." Miyuki cut him off. She shook her head and said

"You don't need to apologize Tatsuya-sama. It was my fault to begin with. Though I'm very happy that you have returned my feelings, you had no obligation to do so. I want you to love me because you do not because you feel impelled to do so. I also wasn't honest with myself about my feelings towards you for a while so I can understand the struggle you went through after my confession. It must have been very confusing for you. I also should have been honest with you once I understood my feelings. It was my fault that I carried the burden myself." Miyuki gave him a reassuring smile and Tatsuya wrapped his arms tightly around her, pulling her close to his body as if trying to absorb her warmth. Miyuki did not resist and wrapped her arms around him as well.

"Miyuki, I love you. I love you because I want to; because I do love you. These are my true feelings and no one has impelled me to love you. I am choosing to love you of my free own free will and I will continue to choose loving you everyday for the rest of my life." Tatsuya squeezed Miyuki tightly and then relaxed his embrace.

Miyuki looked a bit disappointed at Tatsuya letting her go but she wasn't going to complain. All her dreams came true tonight. Her deepest desire, for Tatsuya to love her as a woman, had finally become a reality. All the stars had aligned for her. Nothing was going to spoil her evening.

"Tatsuya-sama..." Miyuki said this as if suddenly remembering something "You said earlier that you wanted to confess to me tomorrow after taking me out on a date" She said teasingly. Tatsuya smiled wryly.

"Yes, I was going to ask you tonight if you were free to go on a date with me tomorrow. I wanted to spend the whole day with you."

"Hmm...let me check my schedule" Miyuki put her index finger to chin as if she were in deep thought.

Tatsuya let out a chuckle at Miyuki's teasing.

"I guess I'm free tomorrow and I would love to go on a date with you." Miyuki beamed a brilliant smile at him

"Okay, I guess that's settled. Let's leave at around 11 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. Is that alright with you?"

"Yes! Of course!" Miyuki said with the enthusiasm behind each syllable.