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Half an hour outside the city, a big black monster truck swerved around Remus as if it was going to pass him. Still, instead of passing, he tried to ram Remus's truck sideways, making it go off the road. However, having expected it, Remus slammed on his brake, pulled his parking brake, and turned the wheel, spinning him so the truck wasn't hit. "Now, Harry, now!" Remus had said as he was executing a perfect high-speed turn avoiding the crash.

"Harry made a portal while the truck was still moving and got all Aphrodite's daughters into it, leaving Ares's son, Daryl, and Ares's twin daughters, Alala and Clovis, in the truck. He knew they would like to see the smackdown too. Harry left in the portal and quickly stole the popcorn Mr. D was currently eating and portaled to Clarisse, who was swirling Luke and portaled her and the popcorn to the side of the road where Clarisse's brother Daryl and sisters Alala and Clovis watched as Remus was getting his ass kicked by both Sandraudiga and an unknown man. Clarisse grabbed the popcorn, "Okay, kid, this is worth interrupting my fun time with the newbie." Daryl and the twins reached over and took some popcorn.

The man fighting Remus turned and sniffed in Harry's direction before leaving the fight and heading straight for the kids. The kids scrambled. The popcorn went flying. Daryl let loose an arrow headed straight for the man; simultaneously, an arrow from the tree above them headed for the man; the two arrows collided, and the man batted them away. Clarisse pulled her sword and snarled at the man. At the same time, Alala and Clovis extended some hair sticks that were in their hair, becoming heavy metal staves with decorative ends that looked sharp. All sisters took a fighting stance. The man ran past them, headed for Harry, who got knocked over when the popcorn flew.

Harry looked at the man who was running towards him and froze, the man was so familiar looking at the same time Harry just couldn't place him, but the man terrified him for some primal reason.

Vernon had already lost all his guns when fighting that fucking werewolf pansy Remus but never needed a weapon to kill the little Freak; his hands worked fine.

Sandraudiga thought, 'fuck!' when Remus was able to pull out of the crazy spin he did to avoid getting hit, she actually yelled out, "FUCK!" when Remus yelled, "Now, Harry, Now!" and the children started to disappear. When the truck stopped, and Remus grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the truck, she thought she just might get away with this until he punched her in the nose, and she flew backward ass over teakettle.

She got up, pulled her sword, and turned towards Remus, surprised he had his sword already out and swinging towards her. She was able to block his first two strikes but was distracted when Vernon joined the fight, and she received a cut to her upper left arm. Remus quickly destroyed Vernon's guns using magic, and the two werewolves snarled at each other.

Sandraudiga jumped back into the fight at the same time Vernon took a swing with a long ballistic knife. It was suddenly two-on-one, and both Sandraudiga and Vernon were able to get some cuts in. This stopped when Vernon turned and took a sniff, 'oh good, the boy is back,' Sandraudiga thought as she and Remus fought hard.

Vernon stalked towards a frozen Harry only to have to stop when a woman on a motorcycle jumped off and started to shoot him two-handed. Vernon turned his body so most of the bullets hit his metal arm; those that pierced his body were no bother as a werewolf. He turned and backhanded the woman; she flew over the motorcycle and lay there.

Seeing the red-haired woman lying there triggered the protective nature in Harry, snapping him out of the frozen state. Concurrently, a bald black man with one eye stepped up to Harry and tried to help him stand. Harry pushed the man towards Ares's daughters, telling them to protect the man, and charged Vernon.

Sandraudiga knocked Remus's sword out of his hand, making it fly over the truck. As she turned to behead Remus, she was hit with an arrow in her right shoulder, where it met the pectoral muscles. At the same time, Remus uses his hand to punch Sandraudiga right in her chest, turning her just so another arrow hits her in her left shoulder, where it meets the pectoral muscles. Remus pulled back, and Sandraudiga fell flat on her back, her arms spread wide with two arrows, each with a different fletching out of her upper chest shoulder area. 'Remus shouldn't have the ability to beat me,' she thought, 'I watched his training with the demigods. He couldn't have taken me.' What Sandraudiga didn't know was after the demigods got done training Remus, Ares, Apollo, and Heracles took turns training him. Remus Lupin, the mortal grandson of the Norse God of Wolves, was the most highly combat-trained mortal on the planet Gaia. This entire battle from when Remus pulled Sandraudiga out of the truck took less than two minutes. Remus dropped Sandraudiga's heart on the ground and turned to protect his cub, only to see Harry beheading Vernon.

Harry fell to his knees and promptly threw up. The red-haired woman stood up with her two guns back in her hands, checking the area. A man with a bow jumped down and informed the bald one-eyed black man that a bus with Delphi Strawberry Services was less than a minute out. Daryl seeing the other archer, immediately turned his bow towards the man. At the same time, his three sisters spread out more and held their weapons ready. Remus was busy rubbing Harry's back but keeping an eye on the red-haired woman who had relaxed her stance, knowing her boss wanted to recruit some of these kids.

The bus arrived, and 12 of the older kids, sons, and daughters of Ares, Apollo, and Hephaestus, poured out of the bus and surrounded everyone. Surprisingly, the bus driver was Mr. D, who was bemoaning the loss of his popcorn.

"My name is Senior Agent Fury; this is Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff; I am a senior Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division member. I am allowed to know magic; you do not need to memory erase me or my people," the bald one-eyed black man said, speaking up before anyone else could say something.

"You realize we erase people's memory for a reason," Remus said as he stood up with Harry asleep in his arms.

"Remus, give me Harald," Hera said, coming up behind Remus. Remus handed Harry to her and watched as she portaled away. Behind the outsiders, he saw an invisible Apollo, Ares, and Heracles. A visible Fenrir was checking out Vernon's headless body. Hel stood and looked at Sandraudiga's body. Sandraudiga's chest looked like an alien had busted through it. She really shouldn't have gone to the movies with Ares. She was seeing Alien's everywhere now. Lilja and Dordi stood behind their Queen, each holding a struggling spirit in one hand. Lilja had Vernon, and Remus could hear her whispering all the tortures she would do to him. Dordi held Sandraudiga; Sandra was begging her Queen and blaming everything on Odin. None of the outsiders could see the two spirits or the two Valkyrie. Still, Clarisse proved she could by spitting on Sandraudiga.

"Yes, millions of my people died thinking they were killing your people. Adult Witches and Wizards could get away from Witch hunters and the burning stakes; the ones that burned were non-magical people who were falsely accused of being witches, and your children, who could not escape. Your people went into hiding," Agent Fury replied.

"Yes," Remus said, looking at the three agents.

"I've been trying to speak to some of the youngsters you train at the Strawberry Farm; I would like to offer them some jobs," Agent Fury responded.

Daryl looked at his father, who nodded, "Only Remus," Daryl pointed his chin at Remus, "is a wizard; the rest of us, Remus included, are Demigods."

"Demigods?" Agent Barton said, looking at all the kids.

"Yes, Demigods," Chiron said as he stepped out of a portal in full Centaur glory.

"Трахни меня, кентавр," Agent Romanoff said.

"Are you sure?" Chiron replied, his eyebrow raised at the woman; behind the Agents, invisible Ares and Apollo silently giggled.

Remus snorted and couldn't help it; he laughed and couldn't stop laughing. Hel flicked her hands, and both bodies disappeared, as did the Valkyrie and spirits. She walked over to a laughing Remus and opened a portal, walking away and taking Remus with him. "Little brother, please make sure everything is cleaned up properly," Hel told Fenrir before closing the portal.

"Demigods are real. The Gods come to earth, procreate, then leave their children here. We at Delphi take in those children and protect them from the monsters that roam the earth," Chiron said as he moved to where Remus previously stood.

"Monsters?" Agent Fury asked, "What kind of Monsters?"

"The ones that normally do not hurt Mortals like yourself unless they are hungry," Chiron replied.

"Unless they are hungry." Agent Fury repeated slowly. "Oh, I really want some of you to work for me," Agent Fury stated.

"Can you get my brother out of jail?" Daryl asked.

"What's he in jail for?" Agent Barton replied.

"He punched his commanding officer; he doesn't do well with authority," Daryl replied. Agent Fury's eyebrow rose, and Daryl continued, "We are sons of Ares, the God of War; his commanding officer was a jackass who knew jack shit about being a warrior. Tried to order my brother and his men into a suicide mission while he sat on his ass at the base. My brother punched the motherfucker."

"What's your brother's name?" Agent Fury asked.

"Dixon, Merle. I'm Daryl. Merle's in Leavenworth Pen."

Agent Fury slowly reached into his side breast pocket and pulled out a stack of business cards. He saw all the male and female kids reacting like soldiers with an unknown hostile in their territory. They weren't holding guns but knives, swords, staves, and axes. Daryl had his crossbow at the ready, but one and all of them were ready to fight if Fury made one wrong move. "As I said, I've wanted to hire you kids for a while now. Are any of you eighteen yet?"

"Nah, when we hit seventeen or eighteen, the thing that attracts the monsters to us dissipates; we will still always attract a monster if one is standing right next to us, but we don't attract them as severely as we do as children," Daryl explained. "I'm the oldest at sixteen."

Chiron walked up to Agent Fury and took the stack of business cards. "I will make these available to all the Demigods," he said, "I will even contact some of the older Demigods who have left us, and give them the number and the job offer," Chiron explained.

"I will always have an opening at our academy for any of the Demigods. Are there those who don't fight?" Agent Fury asked.

"Aphrodite's daughters," Clarisse said with disgust, "although they would be suitable for Mata Hari-type work.

"Can they fight at all?" Agent Romanoff asked.

"They squeal if they get a blister," one of Apollo's kids spoke up, the disgust leaking.

"I can work with that," Agent Romanoff said, nodding to Agent Fury.

"How about inventors, scientists?" Agent Fury asked and watched as three of the sixteen kids raised their hands.

"We are sons of Hephaestus; we like inventing weapons. The daughter of Hephaestus tends to run more towards science," one of the boys said.

"How about hanky panky between yourselves? As children of the Greek Gods, you are all cousins, right? You don't do what the Greeks of myths do and sleep with your sisters, right?" Agent Barton asked.

The kids all started to laugh; "come on, kids, back to the Camp," Chiron said as he began to herd most of the kids back into the bus. Daryl jumped into the truck with his three younger sisters, and all the Demigods became invisible around 500 meters from where Fury had moved into the middle of the street. Fenrir jumped into the black monster truck and drove it through the same portal Chiron trotted through. In less than half a minute, all the kids and vehicles except Agent Romanoff's motorcycle were gone. Even the bloodstain from the two battles was gone. The three SHIELD agents looked around at nothing.

"That happened, right?" Hawkeye asked.

"Indeed, it did," came a voice at the edge of the road where Agent Fury had been originally standing. The agents turned and saw three men, one dressed like an ancient Spartan warrior and one wearing a toga with fire dancing around his head like a halo. Another was around the size of the Hulk, wearing what looked like an animal pelt, a lion maybe, wrapped around his waist and nothing else.

The three agents stared at the men, who stared back, "Would any of you like a job?" Agent Fury asked, breaking the silence.

"No, Nicolas Fury, we are not allowed to meddle in the world of mortals," the man with the pelt replied.

"But you, Hercules, are known for just that," Agent Romanoff replied.

"Heracles," the man corrected, "and yes, as a Demigod, I was allowed to, but as I became a Full God, I had that right revoked, Natalia Alianovna Romanova."

"Did you know, Miss Romanova, that you are a Demigod yourself?" The man with the fire halo said, looking at her like she was the most exciting bug he had seen.

Agent Barton and Fury turned to look at her but relaxed when they saw how wide her eyes were, "what?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," the Spartan said, "the last 100 years have been so interesting, five new Demigods, none with Godly parents. You are creating yourselves," the man threw Agent Romanoff a saucy wink.

"Ares, Apollo, behave," Heracles sighed, "Yes, the one you call Captain America is the first, the one called the Winter Soldier, the Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and now the Hulk," Heracles replied.

"With Captain Marvel and the Hulk well on their way to Godhood," Ares said, cutting in.

"Only time will tell," chirped Apollo.

"Captain Marvel," Agent Fury said with excitement at the same time; Agent Romanoff noted with horror, "Winter Soldier," Agent Barton had said, "Captain America," with a proud intonation to his voice.

"Poor Bruce, ignored," Ares laughed.

"I think he would prefer that," Apollo responded.

Heracles nodded, and all three men just disappeared.

"Harald Potter…Harry Potter…" Agent Fury said, realizing who the black hair boy was, "Ah…shit!"


Harry and Remus were brought home to their rooms on Olympus; the two Queens switched victims while Hel took Harry to get him bathed and put to bed. Hera did the same, except she had the Dryads help wash Remus. Shouting could be heard from his bathroom, and the Dryads quickly left the room giggling. Apparently, Remus didn't need help bathing. Hera stayed in Remus's room, keeping an ear out for the mortal in case he was too severely injured and became unconscious in the bath. Sitting at Remus's desk, she looked across the room at the fruit on the dresser and smirked.

Hel panicked for a few minutes when she stripped Harry's shirt off him to help him into the bath and saw 4 gigantic claw marks going from his left shoulder across his chest to his right hip. By that time, Fenrir had arrived, and hearing Hel panicking, he entered the bathroom and whistled, seeing the marks on the boy. The claw marks quickly disappeared. "Will he become a wolf?" Hel asked, upset.

Fenrir walked over to Harry, squatted down to his level, sniffed Harry at the crook of his neck, and then snorted. "Nope, wolf-free," Fenrir said, disappointed.

"Ugh, Fen, you got boogie on me!" Harry cried out and wiped his neck.

"Boogies, oh no! We'll have to get those off!" Fenrir picked up Harry and jumped into his pool-like bathtub, clothes and all, with Harry giggling and Hel rolling her eyes.

"Fenrir, come quick; Remus is unconscious!" Hera yelled out from Remus's room.

Hel switched places with Fenrir and continued to get Harry cleaned up. At the same time, Fenrir rushed out of the room to run into Remus's room, who was lying on the floor with only a towel wrapped around his waist, a gold glow emanating from his body.

Hera walked over and whispered in his ear before leaving the room to go check on Harry. Fenrir picked Remus up and put him in bed, tucking his grandson in. "We are going to have so much fun!" Fenrir told his unconscious child before leaving the room.


The old man sat at his dinner table, watching as others ate around him, 'Less than six months and the boy should be receiving his Hogwarts letter,' the man thought as he sucked on his sour lemon candy, 'the Potter line ends with the boy.'


"Hey, lil' brother," Merle said as he nuggied Daryl's head, "thanks for busting me out of prison an' findin' me a job."

"Getoff! I'm seventeen, you asshole, not a kid." Daryl struggled to make Merle let go of him. Finally giving up and allowing Merle to hold him by his head, he asks, "You likn' it?" Daryl asked, "cuz, I'd thinkin' I'd go to their academy next year," Daryl replied as the rest of the Campers poured into the room.

Camp Half-Blood had gotten the invitation to tour Stark Labs courtesy of one Agent Coulson and the lovely Pepper Pots, who thought it was a lovely idea for SHIELD to sponsor orphans who wanted to work in the sciences. Although she wasn't a fan of Junior Agent Dixon. Today's tour corresponded with Tony's arrival in New York after a disastrous six months in Afghanistan. Pepper was tempted to cancel it, but at the same time, she didn't want to disappoint the orphans.

"Ya, I lik' it," Merle said, letting go of his baby brother and rubbing the back of his neck, directing all the demigods to an open meeting place; Mr. Stark was going to give a press conference, and the Campers had been included along with the press to witness it.

Almost all of the Camp over age twelve was invited and excited to join SHIELD's academy; the youngest was little Harry at ten—I'll be eleven in a month. The daughters and sons of Aphrodite dreamed of being Mata Hari and James Bond-type spies. The sons and daughters of Hephaestus were the most excited to be here, with Stark Industry being the leading weapons tech firm. The children of Hermes were excited by the idea of getting away with theft. Ares and Apollo's kids were excited to be able to hit people and learn modern weapons.

All the Campers giggled as Tony Stark had them sit on the floor; they were used to it, but it seemed like the adults had a problem. As the older demigods tried calming down, the younger ones missed most of the questions being asked. They all went silent hearing Tony Stark says, "The truth is: I am Iron Man."

Harry broke the ice by shouting, "COOL!" Somewhere in the dark forests of Eastern Europe, Zoë facepalmed

~Fini until book three, Godly Invasion.

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