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Another planet was being destroyed, luckily it was a dwarf sized one.

The Space-Time-Anomaly itself had swallowed it entirely, even the massive asteroids that always damaged unsuspecting ships and crafts.

Jr. on the other hand, could only watch the destruction unfold before him. By the Durandal park's window, he stood sliently.

The park was unoccupied thankfully, always it was the perfect to unwind.

It's water fountain was the first that soothed his mind, after that were the amber fireflies.

Although Jr. had grown to seeing darkness as threat, it didn't vibe the same here.

It was rather peaceful watching them hover about, MOMO especially loved watching them too.

In awe and fascination her face would light up, exactly like a child.

Jr. simply couldn't help but smile, MOMO truly was adorable. She understood his worries, just the very same as how Sakura always did.

In a lot of ways she resembled her human counterpart, but at the same time MOMO held her own unique qualities.

She wasn't just a replica she was a "actual" person, just like everyone else was. With the same rights, and everything else in-between.

Jr. always strongly believed in granting everyone that privilege, to be precise the power of will.

He'd heard of the many terrible stories of their mistreatment, one such case was never able to leave his mind.

The Kirschwassers. No matter how harshly Albedo had treated them, they'd always come back to his side.

Even if their fellow sisters were brutally murdered, they still desired to stay at the Song of Nephilim.

Could they feel Albedo's sadness? Could they truly sense his grief, his anguish his pain?

They had to, otherwise they would've despised his very existence, Jr. thought.

But a while ago he did them a solid, Jr. saved them by destroying the space station entirely.

However Jr.'s thoughts were suddenly halted, once he heard the partition doors open from behind.

On the other side Shion walked in, ever since Jr. had returned from the Omega System he hadn't been seen since.

He disappeared from the group, to reflect upon what Albedo had told him.

His friends, his adopted family at the Foundation, everyone that he had ever cared about. They were in danger.

Although Albedo remained silent for now, Jr. couldn't help but keep his guard up.

He was always unpredictable, pulling out tump cards at the worst of times. The Proto Merkabah was a perfect example of this.

Shion asked, once she sat next to him on the park's front bench. "Is everything okay?"

Jr. couldn't give a straight answer immediately, but at the same time he had to at least answer her, to stop her from getting deeply involved.

He didn't want to keep making the same mistakes again, he didn't anyone else to suffer or die because of him.

He had to go alone, even if anyone else said otherwise. "I'm fine, what about you?" "Were you able to make sense of that dream you had about Kevin?"

Shion disagreed with a shake of her head. "Not yet, my mind still feels hazy." "To be completely honest, work's been really taking a toll on me as of late."

"Yesterday and today, I slept all afternoon and I even missed my meeting with Haksheen!" Jr. didn't recognize that name at all. "Haksheen? Who's that?"

"It's the Professor's real name, you could say that we've worked together so long that he's entrusted it to me."

"It's so much better to just call him that anyway, it feels odd to call him by his profession."

Ah, the Professor. Jr. always knew him as a lunatic. Always wanting to achieve the impossible, no matter how unrealistic his ideas were.

The almighty Erde Kaiser, was the Professor's most passionate project.

To put an stop to the "Dark Professor's" own creation. Creatively titled, The Dark Erde Kaiser.

Unfortunately Jr. also got thrown into the Professor's plans as well, as far as to helping with his plan to take down his much darker counterpart.

"Yeah I totally agree, that damn' title is sure a mouthful!" Once Shion had heard Jr.'s attempt at humour, she laughed with a smile that spreaded across gently.

"I have to admit, I'm not exactly into repetitiveness either." When her sight changed to see the distortion, she remembered her question that she'd forgotten to ask. "Ah, but more importantly, what are you going to do now?"

"We'll be leaving tomorrow to head into the anomaly, so there's still a lot of time to prepare before then." Checking up on everyone was the first idea, that had entered Jr.'s mind. He hadn't seen any of his other allies since the fight against the Proto Omega.

Then, there was the more technical side of his worries. The E.S's still needed to be repaired.

There was no way in hell that Jr. would leave his craft in it's current state, especially if he wanted to depart alone.