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(Valley of The End)

"Owlbert why am I here?" Eda said to the owl on her staff "I mean c'mon I hate the rain…even the unboiling kind." she said as she whined like a child while the wooden owl who was also the youngest of the two rolled his eyes.

Owlbert felt the urge that he needed to be here and he needed to bring his owl-looking and lazy companion here as well and soon his instincts were proven right as they found a boy in a small pool of blood.

"Owlbert what the hell?" Eda said slowly in some form of shock feeling like she was gonna puke as she saw the boy had two stab wounds the size of fists in his chest.

Olwbert gave her many calls as he left her staff to go near the boy.

"Help him? Look at him!" Eda said as her longtime companion looked at her saddened as he looked at her pleadingly 'damn it, damn it, DAMN IT.' she thought picking him up as gently as she could and pulled out a key and a door appeared.

(10 minutes later)

"I swear Owlbert I may just kill you." Eda said as she pulled out some healing books she had when she was doing some answers "This kid has lost too much blood how he hasn't croaked yet is insane." she said as she found a book that may hold the answer "blood transference spell." she said as it was a water spell that needed her to cut herself and let her blood go into a wound and given the fact he had so many it was a matter of which she picked and just as she drew the magic circle her jewel on her chest turned midnight black "oh no." she said feeling the change occur.

Owlbert watched in sadness seeing his friend go through a transformation he knew she disliked and he could hardly blame her as he had seen what followed.


A giant owl creature found usually in the depths of Eda's mind was now in a sewer and felt all it's feathers pop out in fear as it stood before a cage and saw a massive creature, it saw the boy that was with it's host lying before the cage, it inspected the boy and for some odd reason didn't want to kill him, it pulled him away from the cage and wrapped him under it's wing.

"This brat." The Fox said as he could feel the woman and this creature's presence affecting not only Naruto but himself as well 'is it affecting me, him, or the seal.' he thought not knowing which was more accurate.

(next day)

Eda woke up in her nest immediately feeling like she could go back to sleep, but her eyes shot open as she remembered the boy she brought to her home and how she transformed last night and when she shot up she saw the boy in her nest…but he was different from what she remembered, he had strawberry blonde hair and a white stripe going through his hair similar to her own, she also noticed he had sharp nails and as he began to awaken she saw he had blue eyes but there was a golden amber color in his irises.

"What the hell." Naruto said feeling sore in every way imaginable.

"Umm hi." Eda said a little confused as she had no idea what to do as she was pretty sure this boy was less canine when she got him.

"AHH! CREEPY OLD BIRD LADY!" Naruto yells in fear at seeing the odd looking woman.

"Eh not the first time that's happened….AND I'M NOT OLD!" Eda says before yelling the last bit in annoyance, sure she was in her Mid 40's but that doesn't mean in anyway that she was old.

Owlbert merley cooed in amusement.

"Shut up, I'm not a pedophile." Eda said to her owl and to Naruto "ok listen kid why don't you fill me in on what the hell happened to you?" she asked as she did find him very wounded and in a world she was unfamiliar with.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Hold on I have a crystal ball here somewhere." Eda said as she ept a crystal ball in order to do a little viewing other people when she knew certain things sharing memories through it was also possible.

"...What are you some old fortune telling hag or something?" Naruto asks finding the the whole owning a crystal ball thing weird…unaware that he just caused the soul of the dead third Hokage to sneeze inside the Shinigami's stomach before he continued his eternal battle against the soul of Orochimaru's arms.

"Eh been called worse." Eda said holding a glowing purple ball made of glass "ok short lesson you touch it and I touch it we see what the other has seen kill some time." she said as she intended to be quick and not give him the chance to see everything she knew.

"Yeah I am not touching that" Naruto says with a raised eyebrow look at the weird lady holding the ball.

"What why not?" Eda asked in annoyance.

"Put yourself in my situation. Wake up in an unfamiliar place with a strange old lady you don't know and then she asks you to touch her crystal ball…yeah that doesn't raise any red flags" Naruto said sarcastically.

Eda didn't see that coming and then laughed as she had to admit the kid was spunky "Gotta hand it to you kid when you put it like that you kinda have a point…now touch my ball." she says quickly grabbing Naruto's hand and putting it on the crystal ball.

Both had no idea what they were expecting as the one thing they both felt when touching the ball…was pain.

Eda's mind flashed to all the pain she had endured since she was cursed and then felt weak as she had seen Naruto had been beaten, abused, neglected, and so much more she had no words.

Naruto felt so much anger and solitude from Eda's memories, it was like seeing…himself and he could feel she wanted the same thing as him…to not be alone.

Both looked at the other having no words as both saw…everything about the other.

(few minutes later)

"Kid I don't know how you're sane cause in your position I would've burned down everything and would've killed pretty much everything." Eda said drinking apple blood to calm her nerves.

"How do you stand it?" Naruto asked as she had been basically living in solitude like him having minimal or barely any real relationships and she had been doing it for more than twice his age.

Eda looked at him and sighed as the message was clear on her face, she barely could, finishing off her drink the woman then looked at Naruto "So what do you want to do now kid? I mean you're basically all healed up so if you want I can take you back to your world?"she asked and instantly knew she asked wrong as the people there…were terrible "On second thought how about you stay here I could use an apprentice." she said she never felt such a kindred spirit before and didn't want to lose that or take that away from him.

Naruto was slightly hesitant as he didn't know what to say or do "I think I will stay here if that's okay as while there are some people I care about back in my world they are safer without me around given how I apparently have a group of super-powerful criminals after me" he says finally making a decision.

Eda smiled hearing this and wondered if he could do magic given he wasn't born here 'he has my blood and he definitely changed.' she thought as his memories provided a clear image of how he was before the spell 'maybe my blood changed him and maybe his heart.' she thought not knowing as the spell was touch and go and she had zero idea what she could've done to him 'ugh there is one person I can call.' she thought as there was only one person she'd admit that was either her equal in knowledge.

(few days later)

"Kid I may kill myself after this." Eda said to Naruto taking a big swig of apple blood

"Who are you meeting?" Naruto said as it has been a good few days and they grew comfortable around each other.

"The biggest annoyance of my existence, a pain in my ass, a brown noser, and a lot of other stuff that means annoying."

"...I feel like if they are that big of an annoyance then maybe we should just cancel" Naruto says with a deadpan as this person sounded extremely annoying.

Eda loved that suggestion but she needed answers and this person was her best bet.

Soon many people began to leave the moment a woman with black hair and a black dress entered the bar, she seemed to have a pleased look on her face as she approached Eda and soon froze when she saw Naruto as the woman felt like she saw a ghost as he bore a striking resemblance to Eda when she was younger "You had a child!?" she said so loudly everyone outside heard it. "Edalyn how could you not have told me I have a nephew? Hello, I am Lilith." she said to him politely with a slight curtsey.

"Ok in order shut up not what you think and be quiet I don't need people thinking I'm a MILF I have enough idiots on my ass as it is." Eda said in a loud whisper.

"Well it's hard not to think that he is your child given the similar appearance and your long string of Ex's…I mean really Edalyn the Warden of the Conformitorium?" Lilith says causing Eda to twitch.

"First of all I never went out with that lunkhead…Second I really need to get King to stop spreading rumors, now you mind casting some spells for me you were always better at healing magic" Eda said getting straight to the point.

"I am no healer but let me check my nephew over." Lilith said as she made many circles.

"So what are the results?" Eda asked curiously.

"Hmm well other than some minor malnutrition, former injuries that have healed, I don't have a name for the paternity test but it's showing three names…odd oh one of them is yours, and…the curse." She said as the circle was changing between a positive and negative mark, she had no idea what it meant, but guessed his beast-like characteristics were the cause 'his whisker marks are adorable.' she thought with a small blush at how cute they were.

"Well to explain the whole my name being on the paternity test thing I had to give him some of my blood to save him as he was pretty badly injured…As for the Curse how bad?" Eda explains with a wave of her hand.

"You did a blood spell! Those are only supposed to be for family to do it to a non-family member is basically blood adoption Edalyn that means he basically IS your child." Lilith said as blood spells were rarely used for a reason.

For some odd reason, the two didn't seem bothered as after seeing each other's lives and living together the thought didn't bother them as much.

"This is so exciting I have a nephew!" Lilith said as she pulled him into a hug and began to smother him.

'Maybe being a mother will have some benefits.' Eda thought as it probably meant her sister would annoy her less.

"Now Edalyn we must celebrate this wondrous occasion and have you join the Emperor's Coven!" Lilith said with a wide smile.

"Oh fuck my life." Eda said as she chugged her glass of Apple Blood.

"Oh and you could join as well Nephew you could be my apprentice!" Lilith said in excitement.

"Beat you to the punch sis." Eda said with a smile

"Oh well that's a shame though I can still teach him a few things now come let us go and get you situated." Lilith said with a smile

"Well you see there is a slight issue with that Lily…Smoke Bomb!" Eda says before suddenly throwing down a smoke bomb and grabbing Naruto under the cover of smoke before getting on her staff and flying away at high speed.

The smoke was suddenly blasted away revealing a fuming Lilith "EDALYN!" Lilith roars in rage stomping her foot creating a small crater.

(Naruto and Eda)

"So uh what's with the sudden quick getaway?" Naruto asked from his spot behind Eda on the flying staff.

"Well in addition to being all the annoying things I mentioned earlier my sister is also a big wig working for the Emperor who has a real interest in capturing me" Eda says casually as they fly over the countryside on their way back to Eda's place coincidentally named "The Owl House".

Naruto remembered the giant wanted poster with the insane amount of zeroes and guessed that was the reason.

"Anyway fuck covens kid my motto is "Learn everything and learn from the best" and lucky for you I am the best." Eda said proudly pointing at herself.

"Um okay?" Naruto said sounding a little unsure

(3 months later)

"Wake my trusty lieutenant, we have breakfast to conquer and destroy." King said poking Naruto's face.

'If he wasn't so adorable I'd kill him.' Naruto thought to himself as he and his mother slept till what was basically noon "A lieutenant now huh? Yesterday I was a Sergeant" Naruto says, stifling a yawn.

"You earned a promotion when you belly rubbed me and got me that candy." King said not sounding ashamed at all.

"Heh well then maybe I should stop giving you so many belly rubs and so much candy otherwise I will outrank you before long" Naruto says with a chuckle.

"Never!" King said in defiance.

Naruto began making breakfast as he and Eda took turns cooking, but in actuality he did most of it as it was his way of saying thanks to her…and she honestly kinda sucked at cooking unless it was for a potion.

"Morning, what's on tap today?" Eda says walking into the kitchen with a yawn as she takes a seat at the table.

"Griffin eggs, and Apple Blood" Naruto says, spooning some of the cooked griffin eggs onto three plates.

"Ah apple blood the best part of waking up" Eda says nuzzling her glass of the drink.

"Keep that up and I might just limit you on how much you can have" Naruto says finding the scene a little disturbing while King just ignored the whole thing more interested in devouring his own plate of griffin eggs.

"You will never take my beloved!" Eda yells dramatically cradling her glass causing Naruto to sweatdrop before he starts eating his own breakfast "So today we will continue trying to see what magic you can do" the witch says suddenly resuming eating her eggs, Naruto had a knack for potions and got creative something she herself was impressed with, he also had an average skill in healing that needed further developing, Eda was curious as to how his powers would develop.

"Alright here goes nothing" Naruto said with a shrug as he closed his eyes and began to concentrate as Eda instructed. He began mentally searching his body for the pool of energy, the exercise reminding him of the one from the academy when he was taught how to access his chakra. After searching for a bit he felt a large pool of energy and imagined himself grabbing it and giving it a big pull.

Eda watched Naruto do the exercise before a blinding light flashed and she was launched back by a shockwave and sent flying into a bush. The witch poked her head out of the bush spitting out some twigs and leaves before her eyes widened at what she saw "Whoa kid could be a real powerhouse" she said at the sight she was seeing.

(2 weeks later)

"Are you going to leave me with the bill again?" Lilith said in annoyance as after last time she had to pay her sister's large tab of apple blood.

"No not this time I need an official favor, one you'll do for free." Eda said with a smirk.

Lilith didn't know whether to laugh or slap her sister across the face "And what pray tell is this favor?" she asked wondering what Eda could ask of her.

"I want…to adopt Naruto." Eda said as she was asking her sister to pull some strings.

"Why adopt?" Lilith asked as the two shared blood and that didn't mean an instant bond, she was wondering what changed.

Eda thought back to the time she spent with Naruto and the accidental slip she had last week as she knew deep down inside her rather than instinct or maternal feelings she was developing, but she honestly never felt so close to someone like this, there was no judgment or pity between them only concern and understanding, she guessed that was the reason she wanted to do this to be there for him like he was now doing for her and some part of her wanted to prove that.

Lilith saw the look in her sister's eyes and decided to do the necessary paperwork "I can't do the adoption." she said seeing the sad look her sister had "but I may be able to make him your legal son, he shares your blood so no one will question it." she said as Naruto would be her son officially 'I owe her at least this much.' she thought as she was doing this more for herself trying to alleviate her guilt.

(few days later)

Eda felt terrible as she saw the boy let out tears feeling incredibly guilty as she had just told him, she had done the paperwork to make him her son and was surprised he hugged her so tightly, she swore to herself at that moment that he wouldn't let any more tears of sadness come down his face and if anyone did she would let her owl side take over and for some odd reason she felt that the owl hooted and approved of that idea.

(1 week later)

Eda watched proudly as Naruto practiced his magic trying to give it shape instead of it just being an aura around him 'so this is motherhood…not bad.' she thought as it had been taking time for it to truly set in as to call herself a mother had yet to feel right as she wanted to earn it, she had a thought as she saw Owlbert go out to be with Naruto which made her smile as it took a many great things for Owlbert to like a person or trust them.

'I'll do my best kid.' Eda thought thinking she was subpar for the job or that she wasn't capable, yet she knew she was his best option which made it that much sadder as while she didn't care about the opinions people had of her as a crazy, wild, and a bunch of other things that followed of her life as a witch, she didn't want Naruto getting any of her excess baggage or have any more hardships.

(1 month later)

"Soooo I get to make my own staff?" Naruto asked curiously as he saw Owlbert hoot "Palisman right." he said to him.

"Yeah I know a thing or two about carving." Eda said both happy and sad as she thought back to when her father and her carved Owlbert together and seeing Naruto's potential she thought she could start him early.

The two found a palisman tree and began cutting down a block as they needed to only make the top part for Naruto to fully gain a staff.

"Picture something in your mind to reflect who you are or something that makes you safe or something that you wanna be and carve into the wood with your magic I'll help." Eda said as she instructed him on how to carve, she watched him get to work and helped him channel his magic more properly, he took his time to think and it shocked her by what she saw when he began…she saw golden magic leave his hands 'dad always said our dominant magic would always show.' she thought as of all the covens there was no gold color 'has he…discovered a new branch of magic!?' she thought as his magic sped up the process and she was blinded when it encased the wood, after a few moments when her sight returned she stared in awe as Naruto's palisman looked like…her but different, it had an owl like body like Owlbert but it had her face and hair and her eyes were like slits like Naruto's.

"Whoa!" Naruto said as his Palisman glowed gold and he almost dropped it as one of his hands shined a bright gold.

"Hold your horses kid I have no idea-" Eda was saying till Naruto's free left hand's claws became like finger knives made of the golden energy "are you doing that?" she asked in concern and wonder as that looked impressive as she knew a few people who could actually make magic bend so freely to their will and those were in the abomination coven.

They watched as the energy died down from his hands both slightly disappointed but their attention was brought back to Naruto's Palisman as it flew to his shoulder.

"Got a name for it." Eda said as a palisman could take on many forms but it was difficult to determine what gender they leaned toward as with Owlbert, she thought it leaned more toward the male side.

"Evalyn she looks like you so I wanna name her like you Eva for short." Naruto said seeing her smile at him as well as the palisman.

Eda smiled and held back her tears as she remembered what she said when she told Naruto about crafting his palisman 'He cares about me enough that I shaped his palisman.' she thought truly touched.

(1 week later)

Lilith felt on edge as she heard through the grapevine that the 'Owl Lady' had a child and was performing incredible feats of magic, she was glad her coven wasn't paying much attention to it, but that may be hard as some of her coven mates attacked her nephew and ended in the infirmary and to make it worse they attacked her sister as well and she guessed her nephew didn't like that as those men were even worse off, she decided to go see him as he had yet to be wanted as he was still a child.

(1 hour later)

"You had him forge a palisman, he's barely 14!" Lilith said as she saw Naruto's palisman and was shocked about it.

"Lily calm down also you gotta see something." Eda said as she went to get a sword "Hey Naruto!" she said before charging at him with the blade.

"Eda no!" Lilith said so shocked she didn't even consider or think about scrying she closed her eyes in fear and when she heard a clank she opened them and was shocked to see Naruto's left arm turned entirely into a blade made of gold magic, she stuttered repeatedly till her sister picked up her jaw.

"It's so cool Lily he can actually shape his body into stuff so far all he's got are claws and a sword." Eda said as Naruto was a pioneer of this new magic so it was up to him to learn and teach himself, she tutored him in potions.

"Amazing it looks like a unique way to shape Energy Magic" Lily says her eyes glued to Naruto's blade arm as energy magic revolved mostly on the light spell as people used it for light or to improve fire spells and the like, but that was it, she had never seen so much raw power and shape before.

"Yep and Lily I know we've had our differences but…can he be an exception? I want you to be part of his life." Eda said as she knew Naruto deserved as much love as possible and her sister while a pain above all pains loved her and she knew Naruto deserved that love too.

Lilith was shocked as her sister asked her this and she looked at the boy playing with his palisman and nodded with a smile "That doesn't mean I won't still try to catch you" Lilith says with a smile.

"Ha bring it on Lily" Eda says with a laugh.

(1 month later)

"You should enroll him into the academy." Lilith said to her sister as she personally checked Naruto's skills and knew he would do well.

"You really want him in the emperor's coven don't you." Eda asked/stated to her sister as she couldn't deny the pros and cons to that as she knew Naruto would do well in school and do the Clawthorne name proud and live up to her reputation "you mind signing him up feel it'd go easier with you." she said as she was sure the principal was still upset with her for…everything.

"I don't want to go to school" Naruto says with a deadpan look.

"You will go if it's the last thing I do!" Lilith said taking off.

"Crazy aunt…who the hell is that?" Naruto asked seeing an exhausted scientist looking guy smelling so much like an abomination he could be one.

"Well well if it isn't Alador Blight what brings you out to this neck of the titan" Eda says with a cheeky grin at seeing his exhausted state.

"I have…a request Edalyn and I could use your assistance and discretion." Alador said tiredly.

"Son meet Alador Blight of Blight Industries and former champ of the Bonesborough Brawl, I used to love watching him fight, but then he became…an adult." Eda said as if the word was poison.

"I'm sorry which one of us has gray hairs?" Alador asked shooting back with a retort and slight grin.

"Careful Blight or I might just have to repeat that little incident from school…you know the one" Eda says with a Cheshire grin causing Alador to gulp.

"I'll help." Naruto said copying his mother's grin.

'He's definitely her son.' Alador thought as he heard the rumors and thought they were crap as, he didn't think there was a man alive that could deal with Eda or one she would partner with.

"Now son we don't even know what the job is…or more importantly how much it pays" Eda says with a wide toothy grin.

"Really Edalyn?" Alador says with a sweatdrop falling down his head "100,000 snails there was an incident with my excess waste materials they all formed an amalgamation of abomination parts." he said as he didn't see that happening considering they were mostly liquid and destroyed.

"...Can you repeat that I stopped listening after you said 100,000 snails" Eda says with money signs in her eyes, but she then got an idea "Tell you what I'll send Naruto to do the job."

Alador would've said no given that he was a child, but considering Naruto was Eda's he thought he had a better chance than anyone else besides Eda herself.

"Oh and if this kills him I'll find you and castrate you…and then kill you slowly and painfully" Eda said with a smile that showed no hint of kindness and it was as if her owl form itself was coming out.

Before Alador could change his mind Naruto took off stealing a map he had with the general location of where he believed the amalgamation to be "Later mom!" he says jumping on his staff and flying away at high speed nearly creating a sonic boom

(1 hour later)

"Hey Eva any ideas where this thing may be?" Naruto asked his palisman who was sleeping on his shoulder 'maybe she was made too much like my mother.' he thought as his palisman was a bit lazy, he was startled when she shot up and flew ahead 'and just as impulsive.' he thought to himself as he chased after her.

Eva smiled as she flew ahead of her wielder as she was more like him than she was of Eda, she was spirited and felt that there was more out there and trusted her gut entirely and like her owner, her gut found something or more accurately someone as she landed on a teal girl's head with brown roots.

"Ah get off me!" the girl yells trying to shoo the palisman off her head.

"Okay pretty sure that's not what we're looking for Eva as last I checked Abominations are purple not green" Naruto says with a chuckle at the scene.

Eva just waved him off and settled into the girl's hair finding it to be soft.

"Umm who are you." The girl asked him curiously as she saw the palisman rest in her hair, she saw the boy behind her wearing an orange shirt with a black belt, gray ashy pants, black boots, and a black hooded cape with owl feathers around the collar.

"Naruto Clawthorne." Naruto said as he decided to change his name when Eda adopted him as it felt right.

"As in the Owl Lady?!" the girl asked in surprise.

"Yep so what are you doing here?" Naruto asked as he saw she looked familiar for some reason.

"I'm ah hunting!" the girl said quickly.

"Uh huh." Naruto said as he knew half truths and that was as blatant as one got "mind telling me who you are?" he asked as she had yet to introduce herself.

"Oh I'm Amity Blight." Amity said quickly

"Any relation to Alador Blight?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He is my dad" Amity said crossing her arms over her chest

"Daddy issues?" Naruto asked as he felt like that was the answer and soon he saw her huff and her face turned as bright as a tomato

"Who asked you…now what are you doing out here?" Amity asked returning his question.

"Hunting down some rogue abomination experiment that your old man cooked up" Naruto said with a shrug

Amity was now nervous as she wondered if he'd rat her out or get to the beast before her.

"And no I am not going to rat you out to your dad given how you seem to be out here also hunting for said abomination only without him knowing." Naruto said with a knowing look at the girl.

"Thank you." Amity said as people would've normally ratted her out or would've tried to blackmail her in Naruto's position.

"No prob so you wanna team up?…and what magic can you do?" he asked figuring if he knew what she could do it could make it easier to work together.

"Abomination." Amity said as it was her specialty magic and something she studied in depth.

Naruto smirked as he raised his hand and encased it in an energy claw.

Amity was shocked as she had never seen that kind of energy magic manipulation before. The closest thing she had seen was her father or the Abomination coven leader doing that with Abomination Magic coating their arm in Abomination goo or in the case of the Coven Leader turning his whole arm into Abomination goo.

The two decided to work together and try to find the monster abomination.

(2 hours later)

"What the hell am I looking at?" Naruto asked as he saw a giant abomination with three heads, a dozen arms, mismatching legs, some gold and silver armor, and what appeared to be broken oracle shards from a crystal ball.

"No idea." Amity said as she was a bit nervous.

"You wouldn't happen to know oracle magic would you." Naruto asked as he had no affinity for it at all and he believed in choice and wasn't so spiritual.

"No I am only proficient in Abomination magic…My mother is the Oracle Mage" Amity said in an annoyed tone.

"Based on the tone of your voice I am guessing your mother is a real piece of work?" Naruto asked with a raised brow.

"You don't know the half of it" Amity said with a scoff.

"So how do you want to hit this thing?" Naruto asked, wondering how she wanted to attack the rogue abomination.

"What do you mean?" Amity asked with a confused tone not understanding the phrasing.

"I mean how do you want to attack? Like what is our plan as I doubt just running in and attacking head on will be effective" Naruto said explaining himself so that the girl would understand.

"I could try distracting it while you come in and try to take it down. The main issue is trying to find the core" Amity says not taking her eyes off the rogue abomination as it continued lumbering around.

"The Core?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Abominations are normally controlled and fueled by a Witch's magic right? Well it stands to reason that since this Abomination is no longer controlled and fueled by my dad's magic it must have developed some kind of magical core that is sustaining it right?" Amity says explaining herself

"So all we need to do is expose and destroy the core then?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow, finding the plan pretty simple.

"Thats correct" Amity assures him

"Well sounds like a plan, give me like a minute to flank it and then you can fire away" Naruto says before sneaking off not waiting for an answer.

Amity begins counting in her head and once she reaches a minute she takes a breath before raising her hand and tracing a spell circle "Abomination Rise" she says after finishing the circle causing the small container on her hip to open and Abomination goo to come out and fly towards the rogue before forming into a humanoid form and punching it sending it skidding back a bit.

The rogue experiment slid back several feet from the force of the punch before turning its attention towards its attacker and letting out a deep gurgling moan. It suddenly launched several of its arms forward at Amity's Abomination making her have it bring its arms up in defense only for it to be sent flying past her crashing into and knocking over a tree and splattering against another.

Amity's eyes widened in shock at the sheer power the rogue had before she traced another spell circle reforming her Abomination and making it grab the fallen tree and pick it up before swinging it like a club at the rogue. The female witch expected the rogue to be sent flying only for those expectations to be shattered when it easily caught the tree with several of its hands, the firm grip of which pierced the tree.

The rogue then proceeded to rip the tree in half before extending its remaining arms out to wrap around several trees before with its immense strength ripped them out of the ground roots and all giving the rogue several large clubs which it began to use to brutally smackdown Amity's abomination.

"Anytime now Clawthorne!" Amity grits out in annoyance trying to maintain her Abomination despite it repeatedly getting smashed into the ground by the multiple tree wielding rogue. With a final mighty swing of all the trees it was holding, the rogue abomination splattered Amity's Abomination into pieces all over the forest floor and shattered her spell circle.

Amity's eyes widened in shock and horror at seeing this and she gulped in fear as the rogue abomination looked at her. However before the rogue Abomination could make a move a pair of golden claws erupted from its chest freezing it in place.

"Good work Amity!" Naruto yelled with a grin from behind the Abomination his energy magic claws still sunk in its back.

Amity blinked owlishly for a moment before her eyes narrowed "Good work?...What the heck happened to, a minute!" she yelled in anger.

"It hasn't been a minute yet" Naruto counters with a shrug as best he could given his arms were still sunk into the Abomination.

"Yes it has, I counted to 60 and then attacked! You were supposed to come right in then!" Amity snaps back stomping her foot on the ground.

"No, I meant distract it for a minute while I get into position to strike" Naruto fires back.

"YOU DIDN'T SAY THAT!" Amity erupts in rage her facing turning red from anger.

"Huh my bad then…Oh well doesn't matter as I got the core, mission accomplished" Naruto says with a grin.

"Yeah one slight problem with that" Amity says crossing her arms over her chest.

"Oh and what's that?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"...You missed the core" Amity revealed, pointing to the broken shards of the crystal ball in its chest…which Naruto's energy claws were on either side of instead of piercing.

"Oh…crap" Naruto says looking up to see the rogue Abomination's head turn around to face him, before he was sent flying back as the rogue shifted its body slamming an arm into him 'ok that one got me.' he thought feeling a rib crack and the organs on his left side to become bruised 'shit I can't heal this in a fight.' he thought as his healing magic was limited and wasn't meant for this level of restoration.

"Are you ok!?" Amity asked in urgency.

"No..but thats not a problem right now as we both won't be in good shape if we don't take this thing down soon." Naruto said as he kept his attention focused on the abomination and saw it was changing slowly starting to resemble the spirits that came from crystal balls "We gotta hurry I don't want this thing to get any faster or develop any other nasty surprises." he said to her as this thing was tough enough if it's body adapted they were screwed.

"I have no idea." Amity said as her family was in the business of making abominations stronger not weaker.

"I may have an idea…but it might kill us." Naruto said as he gripped his arm and made a large blade out of energy.

"It's not solid that'll do nothing." Amity said as abominations barely suffered from physical attacks.

"Oh I'm not gonna hit it." Nruto said as he charged at its chest and soon was swallowed whole.

Amity and even the abomination looked confused as to what the purpose of this suicide move was.

'Oh no.' Amity thought in fear as the abomination looked at her and drew closer and closer till it halted, it started to glow at the center of it's chest and slowly it's body began to harden 'what in the world?' she thought till the abomination completely turned to stone, she jumped back when Naruto punched through the chest as the abomination crumbled turning to dust.

"Your dad so owes me one." Naruto said tiredly as he fell to the ground exhausted.

Amity looked at him in surprise as that abomination was on another level and he won 'he looks kinda cute.' she thought noticing his whisker marks and given he was unconscious she decided to rub them and to her delight, he purred like her favorite animal.

Suddenly Naruto's eyes snapped open causing Amity to let out a yelp and jump back "...Were you just petting my cheeks?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow as he slowly sat up and looked at the girl.

"D-Don't be ridiculous of course I wasn't rubbing your cheeks" Amity sputters out turning around so that her back is to Naruto hiding the fact that she was blushing heavily at having nearly been caught.

(1 hour later)

"I thought you were hunting an abomination not girls?" Eda asked him teasingly as Naruto came back and she noticed he was a bit roughed up.

"Amity?" Alador said in surprise not expecting to see his daughter as Eda had held him here till Naruto returned.

"Ok pay up first then scold your daughter." Eda said collecting Naruto's well earned money.

Alador paid as he was a man of his word as that was a principle he lived by.

Naruto watched as the man berated Amity for her reckless endeavor.

'Crap.' Eda thought as she expected this which was why she collected the money before as Naruto stood up for people no matter what.

"Excuse me Mr. Blight" Naruto said suddenly catching the attention of the father and daughter "If it weren't for Amity's assistance I likely wouldn't have been able to complete this job as the rogue abomination was incredibly strong and durable even going so far as to start adapting to our attacks" he continued praising Amity's contributions in the fight hoping to make her dad less angry with her "In fact the skills she showed in the fight were very impressive and I wager that as she grows older Amity could grow to give even my Mom a run for her money when it comes to skill and power in Abomination Magic" he added on figuring that comparing Amity to someone as skilled and powerful as his mom would further help Amity.

Alador would've said something but it was not Eda's threatening glance that stopped him, it was the steel in Naruto's eyes unmoving resolve to defend his daughter that was something he could respect and he decided to cut his losses "I take it you are not one to lie so I shall look at the positives Amity you helped in defeating a stronger creature that shows you are developing nicely. However that does not outweigh that you not only disobeyed me but also put yourself in immense danger as a result. Therefore you are grounded for 2 weeks and are to assist me by cleaning my workshop without using your magic...And after you complete that I will be letting you look at some of my old personal notebooks on Abomination Magic" he said as while he never favored any of his children above the other Amity took a real shine to his talent in abomination magic which made them bond closer so he was going to use her punishment and her 'reward' as a way to further bond without his wife being able to complain about it.

Amity's eyes widened in surprise hearing this before she turned to look at Naruto who gave her a subtle wink and a grin.

"Ah I guess I better scold you as well…Oh well I guess the ass kicking serves as punishment enough and your reward…maybe apple blood drinking with me and I'll show you how I blow stuff up." Eda said with a grin.

Hearing this caused Naruto, Amity, and Alador to all gain a deadpan look on their faces before Alado shook his head with a small smile on his face 'Same old Edalyn' he thought good naturedly before looking at his daughter "Come Amity it's time for us to head home…It's going to be difficult enough explaining your 'Absence' to you Mother" he says with a slight shudder as while he loved his wife she was a bit…much at times.

"Hey do you have a Penstagram?" Amity asked him curiously a light blush on her cheeks.

"Pensta-what?" Naruto asked blinking owlishly never having heard of it before.

Eda's eyes widened in amusement "he does here is his info." she said as she made one for him to use and to always see how awesome she was as she was always a trend.

"Should I be concerned?" Naruto asked his mother.

"That I gave your info to a girl whose father is a champion in the ring probably." Eda said as she shoved out a blushing girl and an angry parent who was looking at Naruto with intent to harm to her door.

"...I meant that you apparently created something using my private personal info to make something without my knowledge," Naruto said with a deadpan look.

"Oh nonsense it's not like I put your measurements or anything in it" Eda said waving her hand


"...I feel violated," Naruto said his face still in a deadpan.

"Nonsense I am your mother you have no secrets from me" Eda said with a grin.

"Well with that out of the way come Amity it's time to head home" Alador said still glaring at the door to the Owl House.

"Yeah yeah yeah Al also if you got more jobs feel free to hire him and he'll be able to visit your home as much as possible." Eda said opening the door and poking her head out with the last part mostly to make Amity blush which it did.

"...Noted" Alador grits out as Eda proceeds to once more close the door in his face.

"Thanks for stopping by Hoot come back soon Hoot" the Owl Face in the door aptly named Hooty said as Alador and and Amity began walking away heading home.

"...So what are your thoughts on Edalyn's son?" Alador asks after several minutes.

"...He is pretty cool and powerful" Amity says before blushing as she thought "and his whisker marks are cute" remembering the defining marks

Alador seeing his daughter blushing slightly gulps "Titan help me" he thought not looking forward to dealing with his youngest daughter going through puberty especially if she took after her mother in that regard as he still had nightmares of being around his wife when they were kids and she started going through puberty.

(few weeks later)

"Remember if they try and slap a coven seal on you, beat them up painfully or you know call me." Eda said as her sister wanted to show Naruto the Emperor's Coven and she agreed knowing he'd be safe as Lilith assured her and she trusted her sister's word more than anything…despite their disagreements.

"Listen I only agreed to do this for one reason…to cause total chaos in the coven and maybe if their lucky terrify them so badly they wet themselves." Naruto said as he saw Eda wipe away a tear.

"Yes my minion bring forth chaos in my name!" King yelled from next to Eda raising his tiny arms into the air.

"Forget your name, make them fear the people of the owl house!" Eda said in excitement

"EVEN ME!?" Hotty asked in excitement

"...That might be too much for even Naruto to achieve" Eda said with a deadpan causing the Owl Worm? To slump sadly

"...Though I can give it a shot" Naruto says with a grin catching Hooty's attention.

"Ah thanks Naru thats why you're the best! Here I will even pack you a snack for your trip!" Hooty says excitedly before he starts making himself gag as if he is trying to throw something up.

"NO!...I mean no thanks Hooty I am still full from breakfast though how about I make us all some stew when I get back to celebrate" Naruto yells before clearing this throat politely declining Hooty's "snack" as there were several things he never wanted to experience ever again and one of them was one of Hooty's snacks which were in reality owl pellets that he regurgitated up.

(1 hour later)

'Auntie I love you…but this is too much.' Naruto thought as his aunt was very eager he'd never deny that, but she was to into history.

"Oh hello Emperor Belos!" Lilith said taking a bow, but got afraid when Naruto didn't.

"Hello Lilith…and you must be…Naruto Clawthrone." Belos said looking at Naruto.

'Something is wrong, something is very very wrong.' Naruto thought as his empath abilities were sensing…death so much death coming from this man it was almost choking him.

"How did you know his name my lord?" Lilith stuttered

"The Titan told me…he has big plans for you young Naruto until we meet again." Belos said walking away

Naruto stared at the man's back as his wording and choosing of emphasis on the words young and meet caught his attention.

"Did you hear that Naruto the TITAN itself sees great things for you oh who knows maybe one day you'll be by my side in the Emperor's Coven" Lilith said with stars in her eyes

"Yeah…great" Naruto said half listening as his mind was still preoccupied with his encounter with the ruler of Bonesbourough, he decided to put his thoughts back toward dying all the guards cloaks pink and most high officials not counting his aunt, and also doing interesting graffiti with some special magic paint he brewed with his mother.

(3 hours later)

"You saw Belos!?" Eda asked in pure shock as Belos was always a tool in her opinion, but he was dangerous.

"That guy gave me real bad vibes, Eva hid inside my cloak the entire time." Naruto said as Eva was too terrified to even leave him in Belos' presence.

Eda relaxed and really hoped her sister would wise the hell up soon as Belos wasn't right in her mind and was a total dictator.

(few days later)

'Ugh someone kill me.' Eda thought as someone was dumb enough to bang on her door let alone this early in the morning 'where the hell is Hooty I swear THIS is exactly his job.' she thought as Hooty was made to keep people away "what in the name of Titan-" she was saying till she saw who was at the door and figured out why Hooty didn't stop this person "Hello mother." she said flatly as she wondered if this was her yearly visit, but something seemed different as her mother had a hard look on her face.

"Edalyn." Gwendolyn Clawthorne said in a stern tone "it has come to my attention I have a grandson." she said looking her daughter in the eyes.

'Ahhh sorry kid, but if she focuses on you it'll be less annoying when she visits.' Eda thought with a small chuckle as it'd be nice for her mother to not be so focused on her curse and be loving toward her son.

(with Naruto)

'Not gonna lie still not so bad when she steals me from my bed.' Naruto thought waking up in his mother's nest as the owl beast was as loving as his mother was, he went downstairs and made some breakfast "mom I got your apple's blood and it extra smelly." he said coming to the living room and saw an elderly woman with similar looks to his mother.

"Naruto say hello to Gwendolyn my mother…your grandmother." Edalyn said as she saw the surprised look "make an elderly joke about my age and not even that delicious apple blood will save you." she said as she really loved how Naruto could always find the good kinda apple blood she really liked.

"Hello honey." Gwen said as she hugged Naruto crushing him slightly.

"How dare you unhand my minion right now!" King yells pointing at Gwendolyn.

"Oh and who might you be?" Gwendolyn asks still not letting go of Naruto who was flailing his arms helplessly.

"I am King the king of demons." King said before going on his usual rant.

Eda just watched as her mother fawned over her little family, it honestly reminded her of before the curse 'I just hope the curse doesn't ruin it for me this time.' she thought looking at Naruto with concern as while she was glad her owl form didn't harm him she still couldn't forget of when it hurt her father.

"Oh well thats nice…Now Edalyn we need to have a talk about you keeping the information that I have a grandchild away from me" Gwnedolyn says giving a stern motherly glare at Eda while still hugging Naruto who had slumped in her grip

"Crap!" Eda said as she said it loudly and let out a large whine as she noticed Naruto's lack of movement "Um mom before you chew me out you might want to lighten your grip on Naruto kid needs air afterall" she says pointing at Naruto and causing Gwendolyn's eyes to widen as she looks down at him unconscious in her arms.

(1 year later)

"Alador no offense but you look like an abomination." Naruto said as the man looked half dead and smelled like an abomination.

"Thank you." Alador said with a smile as he loved abominations.

"So what you need me for this time?" Naruto asked as Alador gave him weird job requests either involving abominations or just hiring him to talk to him.

"I am in need of a rather rare material for my latest experiment and need you to go fetch it for me" Alador says reaching into his and pulling out a scroll of paper and handing it to Naruto "Given the sensitive nature and rarity of the item in question you will find the details in here and as usual I expect your usual discretion" he added

Naruto nodded and made his way to see Amity before he headed out, careful to avoid her mother as Alador and Amity said she was a piece of work and he could honestly believe it as he had heard the woman when she almost found him when he was with Alador and Amity on one occasion.

(4 hours later)

"You are so lucky you pay me so well." Naruto said half naked and slightly charred.

"Actually you're the cheapest person I have ever hired." Alador said to him as he ripped apart an abomination.

"...Wait I could've asked for more money this whole time!?" Naruto said in anger.

"To be fair you never asked for a raise or set a price for your going rates." Alador said as he was a talented negotiator.

"Hey dad can-" Amity was saying till she saw Naruto's upper body and with the ash and sweat he looked so much hotter, her face turned extremely red and she was on the verge of passing out. Then as if to challenge her, what remained of Naruto's tattered shirt and pants fell apart exposing his torso and legs to her yet somehow his tattered hood remained intact. The sight of Naruto's sweaty and ash-covered muscular chest and back proved too much for the girl and she passed out falling to the floor.

Naruto looked toward Alador only to see he was distracted by a purple butterfly that flew into the room 'may as well sneak outta here.' he thought trying to slip away and bumped into Ophelia Blight.

"Alador why is there a half-naked boy walking out of your office and why is Amity passed out on the floor" Ophelia says walking into the room seeing Naruto

"It's nothing to worry about Ophelia, simply someone I hired to get me a rare material for my experiments. As for his state of dress the job was a little more difficult than we had imagined and his clothes were in tatters when he returned. That leads into Amity being unconscious as when she walked in his clothes finally gave way revealing his body to if you will excuse me I have an experiment to conduct" Alador explains before getting up and walking down to his lab.

Almost as if his children had super hearing Alador saw Edric and Emira come into the room with cheshire grins.

"Ah poor mittens can't handle the sight of a nearly naked boy" Edric teases, poking his little sister's cheek.

"Take it easy on her Ed, afterall that boy didn't have your standard boy's body...mmm those muscles" Emira said purring the last part as she liked what she saw.

"Really Em?" Edric asked with a deadpan.

"Oh lighten up Ed a girl can appreciate a well built body without it meaning anything" Emira says before looking down at her still passed out little sister "Now how about we have some fun with our dear little mittens?" she says with a grin before Edric sports a matching one.

Ophelia demanded further information as her husband while lacking in many business practices, he was no fool when it came to talent and if he hired Naruto more than once he must've been something.

(few years later)

Naruto was returning home after another odd job from Alador as he wanted him to hide him from his wife for a few hours and given that Ophelia was an Oracle that was a bit tricky to accomplish, he made it home and saw King celebrating with an old crown that was stolen "finally made a break for the crown?" he asked curiously.

"Yeah with help." Eda said as Naruto stopped on his way to the kitchen and stopped

"From whom, you don't have friends?" Naruto said as his mother never asked for help

"Hey! I have friends" Eda snaps back

"Name one and your crush on Raine doesn't count." Naruto said as his mother shot him a dirty look.

"I swear I'll kill whichever of you read my diary." Eda said as he and King always got into shenanigans together and teased her together it was both heartwarming and annoying.

"So who is this person?" Naruto asked wondering who was brave, dumb, crazy. Or all of the above to help his mother.

"Hey Luz!" Eda said calling out to their new guest.

Naruto waited as someone came downstairs and he saw a dark skinned beauty, she had a short purple and white short sleeved hoodie that revealed her smooth stomach and was tight on her D-cup breasts, showing off her curvy body with model like hips, and wore skiing tight sweat pants that were very tight on her nice round plump ass, and thicc thighs and showed off her nice legs.

"Hi Naruto right? Nice to meet you Eda has told me so much about you!" Luz said with an infectious smile.

"Oh my god you took an apprentice, this is awesome." Naruto said with a chuckle "well Luz let me welcome you to the owl house it'll be fun to have another human around." he said seeing her shock.

"You're a human!" Luz said in shock.

"Well half technically." Naruto said as Eda's blood gave his ears more of an edge but he could still be classified as human and demon.

(few days later)

"You should have really told her more mom. I mean c'mon you're just asking for trouble if she believes the Azura books." Naruto said as he read the books with Amity and he had a good guess on how Luz saw magic.

"Ok ok my bad not my fault I mean when I got you, you were streetwise off the bat." Eda said as not many people were as street smart as them, but she guessed Luz had some common sense at the least.

Naruto summoned Eva and they left to go find Luz.

(few minutes later)

"I swear if this guy ripped her off I'm gonna break his hand." Naruto said as his mother had odd clients, but this one seemed even more so.

Eda shivered as she had seen Naruto angry and even her owl beast felt both sadness and worry whenever Naruto was pushed to his limit 'I almost pity this guy…almost.' she thought as Luz was spunky a trait she both liked and respected.

They followed Luz's trail and soon found her and the puppet demon.

"Luz this whole thing has been an illusion this sick fuck gets his rocks off fullfilling your dreams and then crushing them." Naruto said as Eva hissed at the puppet demon,

"C'mon kid how about I grant you your greatest desire c'mon what is it you want." the puppet demon said trying to persuade him.

"I already have that dimwit." Naruto said as his greatest desire was family and he had that with Eda and King this demon had nothing to persuade him with and therefore had little to offer "I'll be taking this." he said taking the small pouch of snails he had "covers your purchases and this is for hurting Luz." he said as his nails glowed gold and he made a slashing motion cutting the puppet demon to pieces.

Eda approved as demons like that were basically murderers and this one had killed many if not all kinds of people so killing him was probably the right move.

"Woah." Luz said as despite her day Naruto's magic looked amazing and from what Eda said he had a magic unique to him.

(few hours later)

"You know you can't sneak up on me." Naruto said sitting on the roof of the owl house.

"Dang it!" Amity said as she had grown much over the years she wore a loose black shirt that showed off her large DD-cup breasts and model like body with smooth curves, and wore tight brown sweatpants which hugged her heart shaped ass nicely and showed off her well built legs.

Naruto smiled as she lay down next to him as they watched the stars.

Amity smiled as she saw a glow next to her head, a glowing blooming flower made of his energy magic in her hair, the energy magic making it sparkle much like the starry night "charmer." she said kissing his cheek.

"Not my fault you are so pretty." Naruto said kissing her back on her cheek.

"I heard that there was a human here and knowing Eda I just naturally assumed she was at the center." Amity said with a smirk as Naruto chuckled.

"Good guess c'mon." Naruto said as Amity made small ropes out of abomination goo and lowered the two down so they were looking through Luz's bedroom window seeing she was narrating to herself on her phone "She can be a bit weird at times but she's a good person…and she like Azura." he added knowing that'd catch Amity's attention.

Amity looked at Luz and at first didn't think much, but if Naruto saw something than something was clearly there 'she's kinda cute.' she thought to herself checking Luz out before blushing 'get it together Blight you have a guy, a great guy…even if we aren't dating yet!' she thought as she loved Naruto, but couldn't help but admire certain females as she was bisexual something she still hadn't told Naruto yet. The two never became official but they were aware there was something as they did kiss each other a lot, only pecks on the cheek though.'

Naruto and Amity went back to the roof to talk more, just randomly talking about everything or anything that came to mind.

(next morning)

"Young man why do you have lipstick on your cheek." Lilith said as she saw Naruto in the kitchen with a purple lipstick mark.

"Auntie I'll be honest…I'm a whore." Naruto said as his mother sprayed her apple blood in Lilith's eyes.

"EDALYN I AM GOING TO GUT YOU FOR CORRUPTING MY NEPHEW WITH YOUR LECHEROUS WAYS!" Lilith roared in rage, her magic flaring around her shaking the house.

"Why am I…ok point made, but c'mon it's just a kiss on the cheek I doubt he did the deed." Eda said before thinking Naruto took after her "You didn't right? I'm too pretty and young to be a grandma." she said to him.

"Well…" Naruto said trailing off with a grin "A gentleman never kisses in tells" he says coyly

"Oh dear Titan…You used protection right?" Eda asks in horror while Lilith is gaping like a fish.

"What's protection?" Naruto asked perfectly feigning ignorance

Both Clawthorne women were silent at that.

"NO I AM TOO YOUNG TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!" Eda yells pulling at her hair which seemed to turn even whiter in horror.

"Tell me I want names of who has defiled my nephew. I will imprison them and make sure they are permanent residents of the conformatorrium!" Lilith said shaking Naruto violently.

"You know he's messing with you right." Hooty said as this was sad even by his standards.

"Darn it Hooty you couldn't have let it go on for a bit longer?" King asks laughing his ass off.

"Not when Eda is pacing on my floorboards so much that she is leaving a rut no." Hooty said not liking it when Eda did that as she wore his planks out a lot.

"...Wait so not only did you not knock someone up but you also didn't have sex?" Eda asked stopping her pacing

"Nope still a virgin." Naruto said to her

"Uh-oh" Eda says with a gulp.

"What?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"...I may have just sent a message to Alador saying you and Amity got down and dirty…and knocked her up" Eda said with a slight chuckle at the end.

"Ah the youngest Blight Daughter that one has much potential…Out of curiosity though why did you assume she was the one Naruto had…slept with" Lilith says before visibly shuddering at having to say the last bit.

"WelI I figured it was her as she is the only girl he is that close to that it would be believable that they knocked boots" Eda said with a shrug.

Naruto immediately threw his pouch Amity gave him which held abomination matter and used his Energy magic on the wall and made chains to hold it and then reinforce it as Alador could make and control abomination matter and he immediately ran to the window and dove through it shattering it and landing on the lawn only to be greeted by Alador 'I am so dead.' he thought to himself.

"You have knocked up my daughter out of wedlock Naruto Clawthorne you will atone for this." Alador said sending Naruto to the wall and pinning him there via his abomination goo " will propose to and marry her "

"Um would me saying that there has been a massive case of misinformation regarding this whole situation help at all?" Naruto asked before gulping as Alador made a blade of Abomination Goo press up against his crotch

"The only misunderstanding is your lack of self control." Alador said as he held Amity who ironically was looking like a blushing bride.

Luz chose to make her appearance at that moment and soon saw what was unfolding "What did I walk in on?"

"Insanity/a proposal/ my humiliation/ funniest day of my life/I'm king of best men!/he should wait till he's older." were the responses she got.

"Umm come again?" Luz asked in confusion having no idea what was said given everyone talked at the same time.

"Lilith you free me and I'll prank the golden guard more." Naruto said to her knowing she hated that guy.

"Sorry dear nephew not even that is good enough as you must stand by your actions" Lilith said shaking her head.

"Ok then blackmail I'll tell grandma you have both not gotten men while I am getting married." Naruto said not knowing he caused Amity to blush even more.

The sisters shivered as their mother wanted them to marry…and give her more grandchildren.

"Regardless you will be proposing to and marrying Amity by the end of the week" Alador said narrowing his eyes at Naruto and causing Amity to blush.

"I thought dads didn't want to give their daughters away?" Luz asked Naruto.

"He's an idiot, is what he is, sleep more man!?" Naruto said as Alador needed more sleep to think straight.

"Jeez enough already Dad, Naruto didn't…impregnate me! Hell we haven't had sex and I am still a virgin!" Amity yells blushing atomically.

"Oh then this is one of Edalyn's pranks my apologies." Alador said neutrally while also sounding put out as he seemed to like the idea of having Naruto as a son in law and the thought of grandchildren.

"Actually this time it was Naruto, heck he even got one over on me *sniff* I am so proud" Eda says while wiping a tear out of her eye.

"...Please don't become like your mother, one of her is enough." Lilith said to Naruto as two of Eda was like a nightmare.

'Wonder if being attracted to lime green hair is genetic?' Eda thought to herself thinking about Raine and how close Amity's dyed hair and his were similar.

"Come Amity we should head back home" Alador says while dispelling his abominations and releasing Naruto.

"Will I see you at Hexside?" Amity asked as Lilith had been pushing for it for years and she wanted to see Naruto more.

"Meh still haven't decided to join yet…but who knows?" Naruto said with a teasing grin and shrug.

"Promise me you won't have sex in the lockers trust me I did a lot of stuff there." Eda said speaking both literally and figuratively as she did a lot in school.

"...Come quickly Amity!" Alador said wanting to hurriedly get away as he didn't need Eda giving her ideas or worse acting like Eda.

"Right…Um dad, didn't Mom see you dragging me out of the house in what is essentially a wedding dress and muttering about all that pregnant stuff?" Amity asks causing Alador to stop in his tracks as he had forgot that

"Your mother might actually encourage this believe it or not….Though there is also a very strong chance she would raise so much hell not even the Titan could save us...We should hurry just to be safe" Alador said as his wife would see this as an opportunity as she had seen him training Naruto and Amity in his unique style with abomination magic and Naruto did well like Amity and she wanted to use his energy magic to further weaponize their abominations to make them more deadly and teach him the ways of the family business.

"Yeah I may kill her." Eda said simply as she knew the way Ophelia looked at Naruto and it was predatory, she couldn't tell if it was business or sexual, but both disturbed and angered her, she was just glad Naruto didn't see any appeal in the woman.

"No killing Amity's mom" Naruto said with a sigh as that would only upset Amity as despite the…strained relationship between her and her mother Amity still cared for her mother.

"Fine she can live…for now." Eda said with a roll of her eyes whispering the last part to herself as she never really liked Ophelia anyway.

(Next Day)

"Hey Willow." Naruto said seeing his friend fail at abomination magic spectacularly.

"You know this was never your area of expertise, why stay in Abomination classes?" Amity asked as her abomination was primed and ready.

Luz then showed up and asked them a barrage of questions about hexside for Willow while Naruto and Amity walked away.

'Aunt Lily is always going on about this place, may as well sneak in.' Naruto thought sneaking into Amity's cauldron while she wasn't looking 'shit didn't think of this.' he thought not realizing how hot it was gonna be, he used a simple ice spell to cool himself down not realizing his own magic was leaking into the abomination goo.

(1 hour later)

"Abomination Rise" Amity says standing in front of her cauldron in her class.

A groaning is heard before shirtless Naruto coveting bits of Abomination Goo rises up out of the cauldron.

"Very impressive Ms Blight spectacular even" the teacher says clapping

Amity meanwhile freezes up and blushes heavily "Naruto...shirtless...covered in Abomination goo!" She whispers before letting out a tiny eep as Naruto winks at her as she blushes redder than ever before.

"Had dreams like this huh." Naruto whispered teasingly as it was nice to know Amity dreamt of him.

"Be quiet!" Amity harshly whispered back her face fully blazing with a blush now.

"Remarkable simply Remarkable Ms Park a talking Abomination simply remarkable" the teacher says causing Amity and Naruto to turn their attention to Willow and their eyes to widen as standing next to the girl covered in Abomination Goo is none other than Luz.

'Smart.' Naruto thought a little impressed that she had the same idea as him though her version of the idea was obviously to help Willow while his was to just mess with Amity.

Amity saw the look of respect on Naruto's face and immediately felt jealous as she liked that look solely on her and at that moment she didn't like Luz.

(with Eda)

"Listen mama bird, they just went to school it's not the end of the world." King said with a roll of his eyes.

"No my baby is a rebel he causes destruction in his wake he's too good for school!" Eda said flying overhead looking into the classroom "and Luz is my apprentice she needs to learn from someone more dignified." she said puffing out her chest.

"You mean Naruto." King said getting flicked in his outer skull.

"Don't forget who feeds you." Eda said

"Again you mean Naruto" King said as Eda slept a lot and rarely took proper care of herself.

"Well I taught Naruto everything he knows" Eda counters

"Naruto already knew how to cook and taught himself magic as you don't know his specific type of energy magic" King counters back.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't have Owlbert drop you." Eda said to him with a glare.

"Cause I feed him too." King said as Owlbert was easy to bribe.

Owlbert looked away guiltily.

"...All of you are traitors who next Naruto?" Eda asked as Naruto was too honest, something she respected, but also was concerned about.

(with Lilith)

'Finally the paperwork is done.' Lily thought to herself as she had to undo all of Eda's early handiwork from when she was in school 'he needs to be somewhere safe.' she thought as Naruto was becoming a bit of a celebrity with people as how he handled certain jobs and fought certain people 'thankfully the emperor doesn't seem to mind him.' she thought as Belos seemed actually impressed with Naruto.

"Maybe he'll replace the golden guard." Lily said in amusement as she hated the Emperor's nephew. "First things first though I need to get Edalyn to join the Emperor's Coven and convince Naruto to attend Hexside" she says before going back to her work.


Amity and Naruto the latter of whom had cleaned the Abomination Goo off of himself and put his shirt back on were walking through the hallways of Hexside. Under normal circumstances the sudden appearance of an unknown person would have raised some alarms but given the fact that Naruto was walking alongside Amity who was the Top Student and a favorite of the teachers many just thought she was showing the mysterious blonde around.

"Hey Amity, who's this hottie?" a voice says causing the two to turn and see a three-eyed girl with red hair wearing the standard Hexside uniform but with Yellow sleeves and pants signifying she was attending the Potions Track.

"Oh hey Boscha, this is Naruto a friend of mine I am showing around Hexside as he is thinking enrolling" Amity says with a strained smile as her jealousy that was just starting to subside regarding the whole thing with Luz during class, flared up at Boscha checking out Naruto given she called him hot.

"Nice to meet you Boscha, Amity has told me a bit about you. She says you have some pretty wicked Grudgby skills" Naruto says politely leaving out how Amity had also said that the girl was a pretty big bully as well taunting or picking on students she felt were less talented as Witch's than her.

"Oh did she now? Well I am sure she only glossed over my talent afterall I am Captain of the school's team and have led us to win the championship for the last few years" Boscha says with a flourish unaware that both Amity and Naruto roll their eyes at this. "So Naruto where has Amity been hiding you huh? I mean she never mentioned she knew a total hottie like yourself" Boscha then asks causing Amity to soundlessly grind her teeth in jealous anger.

"Oh I have been homeschooled when I started learning magic, and met Amity here a few years ago through our parents as my Mom and her Dad were old friends back in school and he needed her help with a job or something, so when he came to ask for help Amity tagged along" Naruto says heavily editing much of his and Amity's history.

"Mmm lucky her I guess. Anyway Amity, what's this about "Half-a-Witch Willow" making this totally awesome Abomination for her project or something?" Boscha asks turning to Amity as the eyes of both Naruto and Amity widen a bit hearing this.

"Where did you hear about this? It just happened a few minutes ago in class." Amity asks, wondering how Boscha found out about Willow's "Project" so fast.

"Please girl it's all over Penstagram and blowing up almost as much as my last post" Boscha says with a scoff annoyed that anything Willow did was coming even remotely close to her level of social media attention.

"Well there isn't much to say honestly as Willow seems to have done a lot of practicing" Amity says with a shrug.

"Yeah right, more like she cheated somehow as there is no way "Half a Witch Willow" of all people could improve that much even if she had a hundred years. Anway catch ya later girl I am going to go do so digging to see what's really up…oh and Naruto feel free to hit me up on Penstagram i might even follow you back" Boscha says with a wink and wave as she walks away.

After Boscha turned the corner in the hallway Amity let out a growl "Argh! I can't stand that girl!" she snarled out.

"I can see that….Why are you friends with her exactly as she seems like nothing more than a vain bully" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Ugh that's my mother's fault. Apparently she and Boscha's mom were friends or rivals back in their Hexside days or something and as a result my mother wanted me to have friends that were successful or talented or whatever given how Boscha's mom apparently is pretty well connected" Amity says with a tired sigh as she hated how her mother was so controlling of her life.

"Sounds…rough" Naruto says after a moment.

"You have no idea, the stress of dealing with Boscha is insane" Amity says with another sigh, this one sounding tired.

"Well…It looks like you don't have any classes until after lunch so if you want we can find a private place and I can give you one of those shoulder/back rubs you like so much" Naruto says with a grin figuring that would cheer Amity up while also suggesting the private location as she was very shy about what could be considered close or intimate interactions in public.

Amity's face flushed at this as she absolutely loved it when Naruto would give her a shoulder or back massage having found out how talented he was at it one time after he helped her with her physical training. After the training was done he had noticed how sore her muscles were given how she winced everytime she moved so he offered a massage and needless to say she had gotten kind of addicted to them afterwards.

"...Let's go!" Amity said before grabbing Naruto and beginning to drag him behind her as she ran down the hall to find a private place.

(With Eda)

The Owl Lady had finally made it Hexside in her search for Naruto and Luz to save them from the horrors of School and quickly peered in one of the windows to see a class of very young children being taught to recite the various runes "No blind obedience" she says in despair before rushing to another window.

In the next window she sees a teacher going on about the Heximal System while the students take notes Luz still pretending to be an abomination among them "No! Pointless busywork!" Eda says before rushing off to another window in search of Naruto.

Looking through a third window Eda see's an abandoned classroom in which Amity has a look of pleasure on her face as Naruto is behind her massaging her shoulders and back "...okay thats not so bad, and Lilith owes me 50 Snails now!" Eda says with a grin

"Ah! Right there Naruto" Amity moans out as Naruto massages a particularly tight spot "Oh crap durry and finish Naruto or we will be late for my next class" Amity says with wide eyes realizing just how much time has passed.

"If I go faster and harder it could wear you out" Naruto says with a grin as he continues his motions.

"I don't care we can't be late…ooooh!" Amity says before moaning loudly as Naruto increased the speed and force of his ministrations.

"No! Why? School!" Eda yells falling to her knees in despair at Naruto being worried about getting to the next class on time.

(Lunch Room a bit Later)

Willow, Luz who was still in Willow's cauldron, and a new friend that Luz made named Agustus or "Gus" as he wanted to be called that after hearing how Luz a human knew a Agustus that she called "Gus".

The boy was utterly ecstatic to meet Luz when Willow introduced her to him as Gus was the head of the Human Appreciation Society and a member of the Illusion Track as indicated by the light blue sleeves and leggings of his school uniform.

"Hey do humans eat PB&J?" Gus asked reaching into his lunch bag and pulling out said Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich holding it up for Luz to see.

"Oh my gosh I haven't eaten real normal food in so long please give me some" Luz said quickly her mouth watering at the sight of the sandwich before Gus tore it in half and she bit down on her half holding it in her mouth as she sunk back down into the cauldron to eat it.

"I don't know Gus if anyone saw that they would know Luz isn't really my Abomination as Abominations don't eat" Willow said in worry.

"It's fine Willow nobody saw anything, they are all busy minding their own business" Gus said with a shrug as he bit into his remaining half of his sandwich.

Unknown to the two someone did in fact see them and the sight caused said person to grin "I got you now "Half a Witch" and let's see what the Principal has to say when I tell him" Boscha said having seen the whole thing before she walks off.

(Little While Later)

"Woo I'm a sweaty little abomination!" Luz says as she climbs out of Willow's cauldron still covered in Abomination Goo "But now people won't be calling you half a witch. High Five!" she adds before holding up her hand. Willow and Gus look on in confusion at the gesture "Slap my hand…it's a human thing" the human girl says with a smile.

Gus raises an eyebrow before he walks over and slaps his hand against Luz's before his eyes widen and he begins doing it over and over "Oh man what a rush!" he says in excitement.

Suddenly the door to the room the three were in bursts open to reveal Boscha who had an arrogant smirk on her face before she stepped aside to reveal a man wearing black dress robes with a golden collar and sleeves, a blue scarf, and a imp themed headpiece that covered everything from just above his nose with two eye holes in it.

"Good afternoon students," the man said with a smile as he walked into the room.

"Principal Bump" Willow says in slight fear as she notices Luz slump to her knees getting back into her role as Willow's abomination.

The principal walks over to Luz and grabs her by her chin and turns her head side to side to get a look at her 'hmming' as he does so "Abomination Rise" he says as Luz stands up in order to maintain her cover, "Abomination, lie" he then says.

"Um viral fame is a worthy pursuit, your cat would never eat you if it got the chance, chemtrails are real…" Luz begins to list off quickly only for Bump to interrupt her.

"Oh no Abomination, hmm how strange for it to get the command wrong. I mean lie down" he says pointing over to a table before Luz nervously walks over to the table and lies on it "Hmm so very lifelike. When Ms. Hieronymus told me about your Abomination Ms. Park I simply had to come by and see what she's made of" Bump says as he and Willow walk over to the table where Luz is lying.

"Oh! Um, I have her list of ingredients right here…" Willow says as she rummages in her pocket for the list.

"No we were hoping for a closer and more direct look" Bump says with a grin as he pulls a ritualistic looking dagger with a curved blade out from his sleeve "Willow I will allow you the first cut" he adds before handing the dagger to her.

The glasses-wearing girl nervously takes the dagger and leans down towards Luz "Um you can't just cut open a human can you?" she whispers to which Luz shakes her head slightly.

"Willow, go ahead and make the first incision" Bump says with a smile pointing down at Luz's chest.

"Wait Principal Bump!" Gus suddenly says causing everyone in the room to turn to him "Um…High Five!" he suddenly yells before knocking over several cauldrons which spills the Abomination goo within them resulting in the Abominations forming and walking towards Bump.

Seeing their chance, Luz and Willow run out of the room only for Boscha to notice them "They are getting away!" she yells

"No the intruder won't get far" Bump says before walking over to the wall and scribing a magic circle before placing his hands on it before multiple magical wards appear on the walls and begin spreading throughout the school as he activates Hexsides defense wards

(Luz and Willow)

"This is all my fault Willow, I just wanted to see what a real magic school was like" Luz says as the two girls stop a ways down the hall to see if the coast was clear.

"Well, how do you like it?" Willow asks with a smile.

"It's lovely actually" Luz says with a smile of her own before the two girls start to giggle.

"Okay we should get out of here before…Bump seals us in" Willow begins to say only for the school's defensive wards to reach the two and trap them.

(Different part of the school)

Naruto and Amity were walking down the hallway after having left her last class barely having made it in time given Naruto's massage had turned her legs to jelly making her unable to stand. Luckily for teh witch Naruto carried her the whole way which given how he was once more covered in Abomination goo it didn't seem out of place.

"So what do you think of Hexside so far?...Think you are going to join?" Amity asks hoping he says yes as it would be wonderful to be in school with him.

"I have to be honest it seems really boring…though the peers might be worth toughing it out for" Naruto says with a slight grin

Suddenly the defensive wards reach them and trap them where they are "That's weird Principal Bump activated Hexside's defense wards something must be going on" Amity comments upon seeing them trapped.

"...It wasn't me" Naruto says quickly with a gulp.

"Naruto…what…" Amity asks slowly turning to look at her companion.

"I mean I MAY have placed a massive stink bomb in one of the classrooms but this can't be my fault as it hasn't even gone off yet-BOOM!-Correction now its gone off" Naruto says before being interrupted by a loud boom and the screams and coughing of people can be heard. The teen starts sweating as he sees Amity glaring at him with a twitching eye, her arms crossed over her chest as she taps her foot in anger/irritation.

(Luz and Willow)

The two girls had managed to sneak through some of the wards and made their way to Hexsides main rotunda and as they made a break for it down a open hallway the defense wards suddenly blocked it off causing them to turn and see the group of Abominations that Gus had let loose being controlled by Bump and coming towards them.

They quickly ran away and hid behind a pillar. "This is awful. I don't know what to do. Boscha is right I am just "Half a witch Willow"" Willow said in despair.

"Your "Full Witch Willow" and you're great. Someone once told me that great witches are resourceful" Luz says before reaching into her pocket and pulling out random stuff like string, a coin, a bandaid, and a small brown sphere.

Willow's eyes widened upon seeing the sphere "That's it!" she exclaims in realization, taking the sphere out of Luz's palm.

"How is that little slime ball going to help us?" Luz asks in confusion, having no idea how the small slime ball Eda had given her earlier that morning when they went…scavenging…in a dead trash squid. Merely remembering the foul smelling dead squid caused her to gag and shiver a bit.

"Luz this isn't a slime ball, it's a seed! Thank goodness you had it on you" Willow says as she sets the seed in her lap and scribes a magic circle above it "Please…GROW!" she yells as the seed suddenly bursts to life sending out a flurry of large thorny green vines that quickly spread throughout the area, destroy the Abominations, and wrap around Principal Bump before picking him up and pinning him to the ceiling of the rotunda.

Bump shakes his head to clear his dazed state before his eyes widen in shock as he sees the entire rotunda covered in the green thorny vines "Remarkable" he states in shock and wonder at what he is seeing.

Due to Bump's distracted state it causes the defense wards of the school to fall and upon seeing this Luz shouts "There's the exit!" before she and Willow begin running towards it.

"NOT SO FAST!" Boscha yells in rage cutting them off "You're not getting away "Half a Witch" nor are you freak" she says as she raises her arms and a fireball forms in each of her hands. The tri-clops girl then throws them at Willow and Luz only for Willow to quickly make another magic circle and command the vines to block the deadly attacks.

"Get out of her Luz!" Willow yells her eyes glowing green as she commands the plants to continue blocking Boscha's attacks as she launches more fireballs.

"No I am not leaving you Willow!" Luz says in contrast not wanting to leave her friend only to yelp as a vine wraps around her waist and lifts her up.

"I may get detention, but you'll get dissected!" Willow says as she commands the plant to lift Luz up and over the fight before setting her down outside the school and pulling the door shut so Luz couldn't get back in.

"Willow!" Luz yells banging on the door as she can hear the sounds of Boscha and Willow's fight raging still inside "I can't save you right now but I know someone who can!" the latino girl shouts before running off towards the Owl House.

(Owl House)

After her little freakout at everything she saw at Hexside Eda and King had rode Owlbert back to the Owl House where Eda had promptly grabbed an entire jug of Apple Blood and sat on the ground in front of the house drinking away her sorrows "How could I have failed my son so badly?" she says taking another long gulp from the nearly empty jug "I tell ya I should have been wilder, shown him more amazing wild magic and all sorts of crazy things then he wouldn't have wanted to go and conform to school!" she says slurring a bit.

"Shouldn't we take that away from her Hoot Hoot" Hooty says looking at the jug of apple blood in Eda's hand.

"Are you kidding, this is hilarious!" King yells with a grin as he was finding the whole situation a riot to see.

"EDAAAAAAAAA!" Luz is heard yelling as she runs up to the house and jumps at Eda hugging her.

"Huh Hey what is this!?" she yells dazedly given her state.

"Your lesson about keeping junk in my pocket worked and saved my life. But I need your help as my new friends are in danger!" Luz quickly says about to start pulling Eda off to Hexside.

"LUZ!" Willow's voice could be heard yelling as she and Gus ran up to Luz who let go of Eda at hearing her voice and hugged her two new friends "You won't believe it Luz! Everything is perfect now. Principal Bump was so impressed by my plant work he's switching me to the Plant Magic Track!" Willow says excitedly before she changes the sleeves and pants of her uniform from Lilac to Green signifying her Plant Magic Track.

"That's incredible!" Luz says with a smile and cheer for her new friend "Oh what about Boscha?" she asks after remembering the girl.

"Oh nothing is happening with her as she technically didn't do anything wrong or against the rules" Gus said with a casual shrug.

"Well thats kinda unfair given she attacked us…but no matter I can't wait to see you two in action next time I sneak in!" Luz says unaware that Willow cringes behind her.

"Um about that…Your kinda banned" Gus says awkwardly as he pulls out a poster from his pockter that has Luz's face on it with the word "BANNED" above it in bright red letters.

"Whoo! That's my girl! Baby's first wanted poster!" Eda cheers drunkenly as she staggers on her feet.

"But um we could come here and teach you what we learn?" Willow suggests trying to be helpful and feeling bad that her new friend was banned from attending or entering Hexside.

"Aw that would be nice. But I have a pretty good teacher already" Luz says before looking back at Eda whose eyes widen slightly as she hears this.

"That's right Luz is my student, back off academy twerps!" Eda says with a grin as she snatches the poster out of Gus's hand and takes a look at it "Huh not bad looks like I taught you something after all" she says patting Luz's head.

"Uh you high five with your hands not your head" Gus says suddenly coming between the two causing everyone to start laughing.

"Seems lively here what's going on?" Naruto's voice is heard as everyone turns to see him and Amity walking towards the Owl House.

"TRAITOR!" Eda suddenly yells pointing a shaking finger at Naruto.

"Um what?" Naruto asks in confusion having no idea what his mother is talking about before he notices the jug of Apple Blood lying on the ground and seeing it nearly empty "Oh Titan don't tell me you drank almost that entire jug of Apple Blood?" Naruto asks facepalming.

"That's beside the point I saw you! You were in that empty classroom canoodling with little miss Abomindork here and all worried about getting her to class on time" Eda says causing Luz and Willow's eyes to widen, King and Gus tilt their heads in confusion, while Amity and Naruto blush.

"MOM WHAT THE HELL!/IT WAS JUST A MASSAGE!" Naruto and Amity yell at the same time their faces still bright red from their blushes.

"Don't give me that you're betraying me and choosing to conform and go to school like a normie! My son has forsaken me!" Eda yells dramatically and sniffling as tears begin to form in her eyes.

Naruto just sighs as he pinches the bridge of his nose "Dear Titan, this is why I limit how much Apple Blood you drink…Mom I haven't made up my mind on whether or not I want to go to Hexside" he says.

"YES I KNEW YOU WEREN'T BETRAYING ME!" Eda suddenly yells with a wide smile on her face all previous depression and sadness gone while everyone else just sweatdropped and decided to ignore the older witch as she started to do her victory dance.

"You're in the Plant Magic Track now Willow?" Amity says, finally noticing the change in Willow's uniform.

"Um yes Principal Bump saw my skill with Plant Magic today and transferred me to the Plant Magic Track" Willow says kinda shyly.

"Hmm well it definitely suits you more than the Abomination Track" Amity says with a blank face though there is a slight twitch upwards of her lips as the ghost of a smile forms.

"Yeah you should have seen her today. She was totally awesome and covered the whole area in vines, saving us as a result!" Luz says excitedly causing Willow to blush slightly.

"Wait so you two were the cause of the school going into lockdown today?" Amity asks in slight shock.

"Yep that Boscha girl was a jerk and told the principal I was acting as Willow's Abomination and he wanted to dissect me so we had to run" Luz said with a wide grin.

"...I have no words" Amity said with wide eyes at the craziness of what she just heard.

"Heh so I was right and it wasn't the stink bomb I placed going off that caused the school to go into lockdown. See I told you it wasn't my fault Amity" Naruto says with a grin while Amity just sighs and rubs her temples.

"Wait you set off a stink bomb!" Gus says with wide eyes.

"Oh yeah and it was a massive one…Side note you all might want to avoid the Oracle Track classrooms, students, and teachers for a few days at least" Naruto says causing their eyes to widen that he managed to prank that specific track.

"Wow, it's amazing that you got away with it and weren't banned like Luz was" Gus says causing Amity and Naruto's eyes to widen as the boy pulls out another wanted poster from his pocket and shows the two.

"...Impressive" Naruto says after a moment genuinely impressed that the girl had managed to get herself banned from the school on her first ever trip there even if it was a secret trip.

"Yes it is quite impressive that she managed to get herself banned from Hexside her first time there" Amity remarks crossing her arms over her chest

Luz could only chuckle sheepishly and rub the back of her head at this not really having a response to that.

"So does anyone want to hang out for a bit?" Naruto asks getting a series of nods from the others before they start heading into the Owl House.

"Lieutenant, I demand snacks!" King shouts suddenly pointing up at Naruto.

"Yeah yeah keep your collar on oh king of demons" Naruto says with a roll of his eyes and a grin.

"You can't talk that way to me, I am your commander!" King yells with a pout stomping his foot.

"Ah you are just so cute!" Luz says picking King up and hugging him tightly much to his protesting as the group of teens head inside while Eda is oblivious to this still doing her victory dance.

After a few moments Eda finally stops her dance and looks around to see everyone gone "Hey where did everyone go?" she asks herself before shrugging and resuming her dance.