"This place looks nice," Susan smiled as she led them inside the quaint restaurant. It was early evening, which meant there was a small crowd but nothing they couldn't manage. Harry smiled as he observed her leading them inside to a table in the secluded corner.

They took their seats facing the entire restaurant and Harry smiled at the waitress who came over for their order.

"A Piña colada for me," Susan chimed in, earning a surprised look from him. She simply smiled.

"Make that two please," Harry told the waitress who walked away. He turned back toward the redhead. "Alcohol so early?"

"It's almost sunset, Harry," she chuckled.

"Fair enough," he shrugged.

They were both not hungry yet but after their stroll around Buckingham Palace and Westminster, both wanted to give their legs a much-deserved rest.

Their order arrived in no time and Harry chuckled as Susan grabbed her drink quickly. She simply stuck her tongue out at him.

"I was really surprised when you wrote, you know?" Harry remarked as they took the first sips of their drinks. "It's good."

Susan hummed as she drank.

"I meant what I wrote in that letter. I've been thinking about it lately, and I realized I should be a better friend to you. After everything Fudge and his cronies are throwing at you since that blasted tournament ended, you deserve all the support."

Harry gave her a soft smile as he squeezed her hand gratefully.

"Thanks, it means a lot."

She waved her hand dismissively.

"Me and Hannah were talking about it after you left that day," she whispered. "What we saw in that memory… Harry, I want in."

"Pardon?" Harry blinked, taken by surprise at the sudden change in her tone.

Susan gazed at him with utmost seriousness as she replied, "I want to be a part of whatever is going on behind the scenes. I know there are people who are working to fight against him and I want to be a part of it."

"Hold on a moment here," Harry raised his hand as he discreetly looked around, making sure no one was paying them any attention. Once he was certain of it, he cast a quick privacy charm around them. "Does your aunt know about all this?"

"I'll have you know I'm an adult in the eyes of law and magic, and I have full right to make decisions for myself," she replied hotly.

"And I'm not denying that," Harry replied calmly. "But don't you think you should first discuss this with your aunt before talking to me about it?"

Harry did not see any reason to deny whatever theories she had about the existence of a resistance group, considering the fact that things would soon be public anyway.

Susan shrugged, "One – she won't be stopping me, and two – even if she does, I'm not gonna listen. I've decided I want in and that's final."

Harry stared at her disbelievingly, feeling at a loss for what the appropriate response could be here. Fortunately, Susan saved him from his predicament.

"I don't have my family because of that monster and his bloody followers," she said with gritted teeth. "They killed my parents and everyone else. Aunt Amelia raised me as her daughter, forsaking every chance she had at a happy, fulfilling life. You have no idea how guilty I feel for taking it away from her, all because of those monsters and what they did."

"I don't believe Amelia blames you for anything," Harry replied caringly.

Susan glanced up at him with teary eyes and chuckled.

"She's a great woman. Obviously she'd never do anything like that. But I feel guilty. Those assholes have destroyed everything and now they want to do it again. I'm not so weak that I'll sit on the sidelines, twiddling my thumb, as they keep massacring people and destroying even more lives," she said passionately.

Harry stared at her in surprise. This was the first time he was seeing her filled with so much conviction. Her determination was shining through and he truly could not bring himself to deny her.

"Alright," he said and resumed sipping his drink.

Susan stared at him for a moment, as if unsure he had truly agreed.

"You really agree to let me join you guys?" She asked searchingly, earning a shrug from him.

"Can't exactly stop you now that you're so determined, can I?"

Susan's face blossomed into a wide grin and she nodded.

"What are you guys doing then?" She asked eagerly, gulping down a hefty bit of her Piña colada. Harry chuckled when she made a face.

"Where do I even start?" He muttered and began describing the situation to her. He knew he could trust her. After all, his magic and the bond had recognized her, and he had nothing to hide.

Susan listened with rapt attention, her ears hanging to his every word and her eyes wide in wonder as he described what had unfolded after he'd woken up in Hogwarts. She gasped when he told her about the attempted sexual assault by the missing students on Fleur and what had become of them. Harry was a bit skeptical of how she would perceive their killing but she showed no sympathy for them.

"Good. Those monsters got what they deserved," she nodded vehemently, earning a look of surprise from him. "What?"

"Uh, nothing… just… I thought with you being… you know… Amelia Bones' niece, you'd be more of an advocate for law and order."

"I'm not an idiot, Harry," she deadpanned. "I know you've killed, and I don't believe you did anything wrong. And you're right. I'm Aunt Amelia's niece. The same Aunt Amelia who gave you immunity from prosecution as long as the coast is clear."

There was a moment of pause as they stared at each other.

"Point taken," Harry replied finally. "So where was I? Ah right, my anger that night and what happened. What I was angry about was what Dumbledore had told me minutes before it all went down."

"Dumbledore?" Susan asked curiously. She was surprised when Harry let out a scoff.

"It's a bit of a long story so bear with me," he said and told her about the existence of Horcruxes. He explained what a Horcrux was, how Voldemort had created multiple of those abominations, how he had once been a Horcrux until he had been saved inadvertently by Voldemort himself when he cast that killing curse, how he had gained the memories of the dark bastard himself, how Dumbledore had known about everything, and how the old fool had been letting things play out in the hope that something happened to him so that the Horcrux inside him died with him.

"Holy fucking shit," Susan whispered in sheer disbelief as she downed the rest of her drink in one go. Harry took down the privacy ward and asked for another round of drinks for both of them. Until it arrived, they sat in absolute silence, with Susan absorbing everything he had told her so far. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that things would be so complicated and people would be such assholes.

Once their drinks arrived and the waitress went away, Harry reapplied the privacy ward and resumed the explanation. He told her about his arrival at the Black townhouse. Susan already knew about Sirius' innocence so she was not surprised to know that he had been living with his godfather.

It was when Harry explained to her about the ritual he had conducted, the reasons why he had resorted to such a measure and the hidden and unexpected side-effects of the ritual that she almost lost it.

Her brain went haywire and her eyes bugged out as she stared at him unblinkingly. The glass of white alcoholic beverage stayed still halfway to her mouth as she tried to come to terms with what she had just been told.

"I'm sorry. This is such a sudden and massive information dump on you. We can discuss more some other time," Harry said in concern.

"It's alright," she shook her head, her voice merely a whisper as she took a rather large sip of her drink. "I'm just working on believing what you just said."

"Take your time," Harry smiled as he leaned back in his chair and made himself comfortable. Right beside him, Susan turned back to her drink, staring at its surface as her mind ran amok.

A few minutes passed in total silence as they slowly emptied the second glass of their alcohol. The glasses were on the larger side and both could feel slight intoxication settling in. It was nothing worrying though.

"So… you have assholes out for your blood now, and your private army of beauties to save you from them?" She asked finally, a small grin dancing on her lips.

Harry chuckled.

"Something like that," he replied before he paused. "Scratch that. It's exactly like that. That's what they call themselves."

"Can't believe you're banging so many women at once," Susan remarked. "How many do I know of?"

"Well," Harry mused thoughtfully. "There's Nym. You might know her as Auror Tonks."

"You're banging her!?" Susan blurted out in shock.

Harry chuckled and nodded.

"Funny enough, she practically fell in my lap, that curious kitten."

"I won't call her a kitten, Harry," Susan replied uncertainly. "She's a full-grown cat with claws."

"Don't I know," Harry muttered, still remembering the feeling of her nails as she'd clawed on his back during one of their more intense fucks. He saw Susan blushing and chuckled. "TMI?"

The redhead shook her head and motioned for him to continue.

"Well, Fleur's also there."

"I'm not surprised," Susan sighed. "You saved her from a fate worse than death, after all."

Harry nodded absently and told her about all the other women he was involved with. The redhead was shocked to hear that even Auror Tonks' mother was now warming his bed, not to mention Lady Greengrass.

"Merlin, and that's without adding your betrothal to Cassandra Malfoy, or is she a Black now?"

"We've yet to have the records in the ministry adjusted properly, although it's only a formality. She's of age and betrothed, so it ain't as if Lucius has any power over her anymore."

"Good riddance, I say," Susan grunted. She'd never liked that pompous prick.

"Yeah," Harry chuckled. "I honestly can't wait to see the look of fury on his face when he sees me with his former daughter."

"Or his former wife," Susan quipped teasingly, chuckling when he grinned.

"That too," Harry replied.

"I never thought you were such a lecher though, Harry," she added casually, smirking when he puffed up.

"Can you blame me?"

Susan chuckled.

"No, can't say I can," she replied. "I assume it was Cassandra who brought Greengrass and Davis into the fold, or was it because you saved them?"

"Funny you mention that," Harry remarked. "Turns out, Cassie, Daph, and Trace had already had an understanding that they'd share me with them. For them, it's just extended now."

"By quite some margin too. You don't feel they're neglected or something? Merlin knows handling so many women at once must be tough."

"Truly not," Harry chuckled. "I don't know how the fuck this ritual works, but they tell me they're happier than they've ever been. Even though I trust them, it's quite apparent to see in the way they spend their days or interact with others. You'd be surprised to know that this ritual somehow ensures they remain as close as possible so that there can be no quarrels or ill-thoughts in anyone's mind."

"That sounds oddly utopian," Susan wondered out loud. "You're telling me they feel no jealousy? No desire to have you all to themselves and not share?"

"Do you?" Harry asked brazenly. Susan's eyes jerked to his, locking with his intense emeralds that seemed to glow with power.

"Do I what?" She asked, a little hesitant.

"Feel jealous," Harry replied, casting caution to the wind. Reckless he might be, but he knew they both felt the effect of the ritual. There was no need to be overly tactful. "Feel the desire to have me all to yourself."

"I… uh…" She stammered.

"I know you've felt it too," Harry continued without missing a beat. "The pull of the ritual. It's quite obvious in both your behavior but even if it wasn't, my magic tells me everything about it. This ritual has recognized you as well, and I know how you feel too."

Susan stared at him as if she were a deer caught in headlights. Their empty glasses stayed on the table in front of them. She could hear her heart thudding in her chest as they sat in silence.

"No," she replied after a few moments of prolonged pause. "I suppose I don't."

"There you have your answer then," Harry waved his hand forward. "And in case you've been worrying about how to broach this subject with me and troubling yourself, don't. I know perfectly how you feel and what you want, Susan. I've seen this so many times now not to. The only question that remains is how long it would take you to accept it all. Andi took quite a while, and I believe Narcissa would be like her sister as well. Your aunt on the other hand… I have mixed feelings about her."

"Auntie as well!?" She asked, aghast.

Harry merely gave her a small smile.

"I have no control in who my magic chooses, Susan," he replied. "All I know is that the people it chooses after this ritual are those I can trust without any reservations."

"Which is why you told me all that sensitive stuff," Susan wondered out loud, staring at him in surprise.

"I already trust you with my life, Susan," he replied. "You and all the people I've bonded with, no matter what our relationship might be."


They spent another fifteen minutes inside the restaurant. They ate nothing but ordered another glass of Piña colada each, further adding to their rising intoxication. It was all under control though and they walked out, finding a dark sky overhead.

In a display of acceptance on her part, Susan linked their arms together and pressed herself against his left side. Harry smiled down at her, loving how it felt to have her generous curves pushing against him.

"What? You said you already know. What's the need to pretend to be a silly, shy idiot?"

Harry chuckled and leaned down toward her. Susan saw him approaching and a smile blossomed on her face. She happily leaned upward and met him halfway in a searing kiss.

A gasp escaped her lips as otherworldly sensations coursed through her veins. It felt as if her world had exploded in a series of sparks as their lips caressed each other in a delicate kiss.

It was perhaps minutes, or perhaps hours later when he pulled away, and she stared up at him breathlessly, her chest heaving as her heartbeat skyrocketed.

"Merlin…" She whispered.

Harry took one glance at her expression and chuckled.

"It do be like that," he smirked. Arm in arm, they walked along the pavement, with Susan still reeling from the aftereffects of her first kiss.

"That was… wow…" she said disbelievingly. "I've heard about first kisses, but that was something else."

"I'm your first!?" Harry asked in disbelief. Susan glanced up at him and nodded happily.

"And I'm glad you're the one," she replied.

"Wow. Can't believe you've never even kissed someone before."

"Never found someone quite deserving, and then there's my position to consider as well. Being the only ward of the head of the DMLE comes with additional baggage, and one of them is carefully choosing who I associate with."

Harry nodded thoughtfully as they walked.

"Well, at least that's one problem solved. No need to carefully choose anymore," he teased.

Susan shook her head with a fond chuckle.

He was not wrong. She had already decided she was going for it, no matter how many or who she had to share him with. Her dreams had been filled with nothing but them together ever since the day he'd come to her home and she knew what she desired.

As they walked, she glanced toward him and smiled to herself. Indeed, she knew what she desired. However, she wondered just how to go about it. She'd never been with someone before, so taking the first step toward something so significant was daunting.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when he brought them to a stop and she found him looking to the side. Following his line of sight, she saw it was a large clothing outlet.

"Come on," he urged her.

"You wanna buy clothes right now?" She asked in confusion.

Harry rolled his eyes and replied, "I'm buying you something, to remember our date with."

A smile overtook her features and Susan let herself be led inside. It was quite clearly an upscale outlet with very little crowd and they began looking around.

"Anything you'd like in particular?" Harry asked as they walked.

"A dress, maybe," she mused thoughtfully.

"Over there, near the changing rooms," Harry spotted the collection quite easily.

"That's seeker eyes for you," Susan teased as they approached the section concerned.

Once they reached it, Harry did what came naturally to him. He took a seat on one of the stools near the wall that led to the changing area and let her loose. Susan merely rolled her eyes and started browsing.

Harry watched her go by, happy that she looked to be in her element. He reminded himself to take everyone else on a date soon before refocusing on the redhead. As she picked one dress after another, Harry could not help but picture her in each. She was truly a beautiful young lady.

Susan glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and found him watching her. Feeling a bit more self-assured, she walked away from the racks and turned around so that her back was facing him. Smirking, she grabbed one of the dresses hanging on one of the hooks and accidentally dropped it.

Harry was watching her all the while, enjoying the sight she presented in her beautiful attire that hugged all her delicious curves. However, his eyes widened and his lust mounted for her when he saw her drop one of the dresses and bend over to pick it up. Her firm, round arse pushed against the fabric of her jeans, almost straining the fabric and presenting him with the alluring view of her tight rear hiked up in the air.

Susan smirked to herself, sure that he had enjoyed the sight. Her heartbeat went up once again at her daring, but it certainly took away almost all the nerves she had built up once she'd decided how she wanted the evening to go. She felt much more comfortable in her skin now and began to conjure plans for what she wanted.

The idea came to her in no time and she smirked to herself. Still facing away from him, she picked up all the dresses and glanced back toward him.

"I'm gonna try these out. You okay out here by yourself?"

Harry looked up and chuckled.

"It isn't as if I can go in," he replied in amusement.

Susan gave him a saucy grin and whispered, "I won't tell anyone if you won't."

Harry's eyes blazed with lust as realization dawned on him.

'Oh you minx,' he thought to himself as he looked around. 'C'mon, you're a wizard or what? Just cast a privacy charm and be done with it!'

Harry watched her wink at him over her shoulder before she walked away with a purposeful sway of her hips, leaving no doubt as to what she had in her mind. Once she disappeared behind the wall, he looked around. The store was almost empty and there was no one else around them.

As quickly as he could, Harry cast privacy, silencing, and muggle-repelling wards around the entire changing area before he walked in. He heard the sound of rustling from inside one of the booths and twisted the knob. The door opened and he stepped inside, leaving it open behind him.

For a long moment, he stared at the sight of Susan clad in a flowery green sundress that came to the middle of her thighs. The dress was held over her shoulders with thin straps and was a bit tighter around her chest. Her large tits were pushing against the fabric.

"Seems a bit tight, don't you think?" She asked, earning a nod from him. Smirking, she turned around and asked him to unzip her so she could take it off.

Harry easily unzipped her and watched with nothing but lust in his gaze as her bare skin became visible. His breath hitched slightly when she turned around in nothing but her bra and panties and stared at him.

Harry ran his eyes over her delectable frame unabashedly. He loved how tight and firm her ass was within the confines of those sheer panties, and he relished the sight of those huge, delicious tits straining against her bra that appeared to be a lot smaller for someone her size. Her tits were heaving, forming a massive cleavage that was impossible to hide no matter the size of her bra.

Susan went back to trying the dresses out again, putting them on and off right in front of him. She gave him the full show, keenly observing his manhood as it formed a large tent in his trousers.

"This one looks good, doesn't it?"

Harry simply nodded, the trial of dresses a thing of the past already. He'd discerned a long time ago that she was showing herself off to him, and he loved what he saw. She smiled and took off the dress she'd finalized before she began to redress herself in her black halter top and tight jeans.

"These feel so tight now that I stayed out of them," she remarked as she fixed her clothes before she glanced at him. "Yours feel a bit tight as well, Harry."

"Yeah?" Harry asked softly. "What gave you the clue?"

Susan smirked and hid her nervousness expertly. She wanted this and she would take this.

"Considering how I'm the reason for this little… discomfort, it makes sense for me to know and help you out as well, don't you think?"

Harry's eyes blazing with raw passion bore into hers and with a grin, Susan reached forward and grabbed his length over his trousers.

"I think you're right," he whispered as she slowly sank to her knees in front of him and started fiddling with his trousers. She unbuckled his belt before she unbuttoned and unzipped him. The trousers dropped to the floor, pooling around his legs, and leaving him clad in his boxers which soon followed, freeing up his manhood for her eyes to feast on.

Susan stared at it in fascination before she gingerly reached upward and grabbed him, feeling his hotness against her colder palm. She recalled everything she had ever read or heard about it, determined to follow it all to the tee.

Harry sighed when she began stroking him. He could scarcely believe how quickly the ritual had worked its magic on her. What he didn't know was that it wasn't only the ritual but her own attraction for him that had intensified her emotions.

As she stroked him, she saw some precum leak out of the tip. Slowly, she leaned forward and touched the tip of her tongue against the head of his cock, licking the precum off before swirling her tongue around it.

Harry's hands automatically reached down to grab her head and he pressed her slightly forward. Susan got the message and parted her mouth open. Her desire for him reigning supreme, she plunged her mouth on his cock, taking as much of his length inside her as she could.

For his part, Harry released a soft sigh as he felt his cock slide against her slick, hot tongue, pushing further inside her mouth until more than half of his manhood was pushed inside her mouth, gently teasing her throat.

Susan gripped her thighs harshly, feeling the head of his cock touching her throat. Slowly, she pulled back, sliding his cock out of her hot mouth until only the crown remained inside before she plunged forward once again, taking his cock in.

In no time, she had developed a smooth rhythm. While nowhere near deepthroating him, she was blowing him hotly. Her tongue swirled around his length, caressing the veiny surface of his prick as she blew him. She was holding him by his arse, squeezing softly, as she ran her tongue all over his length while his cock pushed in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmm…" she moaned around his length still more than halfway inside her mouth, sending waves of vibrations straight through it.

"You're doing so good, Sue," Harry said in a breathless whisper, loving how she was sucking him off.

Susan preened at both his praise and the term of endearment. He was one magnificent man, the desire of the entirety of Wizarding Britain, and the lover of almost a dozen other women. And yet, despite the massive experience he already had with all those beautiful women, he found her sloppy blowjob so good.

Moaning happily around a mouthful of his dick, she thrust her tongue back and forth, swirling and swishing it all around his length until he sprung free from her mouth with a wet pop.

"Merlin, I never knew sucking you off would feel so great," she gushed as she grabbed his slick length and started stroking him firmly. "I want you to cum so bad, Harry."


Susan nodded eagerly and pushed his dick inside her mouth once again, this time plunging even deeper than before. The tip of his prick hit the back of her throat, making her gag around his length. Thick globs of saliva dribbled down her mouth and on the floor as she gagged, all the while, plunging her mouth back and forth on his cock.

"Ugh… fuck yes," Harry grunted. "I'm close, Sue."

Susan's ministrations intensified and she began to move her head back and forth, plunging his cock in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace. She wanted to make him cum and she wanted everything he had to offer.

"Fuck," Harry breathed. "Take it, Sue."

Susan braced herself and she held the head of his cock inside her mouth. In no time, a massive glob of his thick, potent seed shot out of the expanded head of his cock and splattered her mouth. Several more shots of his cum followed, and it all everything in her power for Susan to remain in control of the situation. She swallowed all of his cum greedily, intent on wasting not even a single drop in the process.

Breathing deeply, Harry shot one final load of his hot jizz inside her mouth as he pulled back. Susan remained on her knees on the floor and gulped down his seed, marveling at how full she felt. She watched him pull his boxers and trousers in place before he fixed them properly.

"I'd love to return the favor soon," Harry said as he looked at her kneeling self and he easily pulled her to her feet.

Susan smirked and pressed herself against him before she stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, "Let's not get too impatient. I want to savor this experience with you."

Harry smiled at her as she pulled back and gave her firm, round arse a soft squeeze.

"As you wish," he replied, dropping a soft kiss on her forehead. "You decided on your dress?"

Susan nodded and held up the one she had finalized, leaving the rest hanging on the hooks behind the door.

Arm in arm, they stepped out of the changing room. Their footsteps paused and they stared ahead in surprise. The store's lights were out and the doors were all shut.

"Did they close the store without noticing these lights were still on?" Susan asked curiously.

"I applied privacy, silencing, and muggle-repelling wards around this entire area. They probably didn't even notice anyone was in, or that the lights were still on."

Susan nodded.

"So now what? Apparition?" She asked.

Harry shrugged. He levitated the necessary cash over to the counter before apparating them away to their destination.

Having Amelia's trust meant he could apparate directly into the foyer. As they appeared, they saw Amelia sitting on the couch, probably waiting for them. She was reading a letter which she put back in the envelope when she saw they had returned.

Harry easily recognized Andi's familiar handwriting and gave the woman a meaningful look, smirking when she bit her lip softly and glanced away.

"Here you go," Harry smiled at Susan who smirked at him before she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him firmly right in front of her aunt who stared at her in surprise. She didn't know they were already so close or that her niece could be so brazen. She could not help but attribute it to the ritual.

"Seems you two had a good time," she remarked, failing to hide her curiosity.

Susan grinned and nodded.

"It was the best date ever. I can't wait to do it again," she said, glancing meaningfully toward Harry who smirked.

"I'll make sure it's very soon," he replied.

"You should stay for dinner, Harry," Amelia interjected suddenly, making both Harry and Susan turn toward her. The latter beamed.

"Brilliant idea! You should, Harry. Join us!"

Harry glanced from one redhead to another before he smiled and nodded in acquiescence.

"Alright," he replied.

Amelia smiled and motioned for them to follow her. However, they were interrupted by a patronus that Harry recognized as Nym's.

Harry, it's urgent. Werewolf attack in Privet Drive. Be quick!

Shocked, the threesome stared as the patronus vanished before they jolted back into action.

"Susan, stay here and wait for us. Harry, let's go," Amelia instructed.

Susan immediately nodded and stepped aside. She nodded toward Harry when he looked at her.

Harry smiled gently before he turned toward Amelia who had already transfigured her clothes into one more appropriate for a battle. Nodding approvingly, he linked his arm with hers and twisted on the spot, apparating away.

To be continued…

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