Author's note. This is the sequel to The Girl the Beast Dreams Of if you haven't read that yet, I suggest you read it before continuing with this story. The 1st chapter will take place from Max's point of view from when he returns to the villa and when he drives Elsa back to the villa. PS. This story takes place 2 weeks after the last chapter in The Girl the Beast Dreams Of. Might be a little short. Enjoy.

Max's POV

We were all sitting around, the breakfast table waiting for the lovely fraulien. Gretl asked "Can I go check on fraulien father?" Georg said "No need she'll be down soon". I said "Oh Georg let her go. You should be happy she wasn't scared off". Georg said "I never said I was unhappy". Liesl said "Does that mean you like fraulien Maria?" These kids keep talking about Maria and it is amusing to see Georg so annoyed. I don't know why; I mean since she's been here, he's been turning back into the man he was with Agathe. Georg said "Well she's very great with all of you". Gretl said "Don't forget father, she took great care of you too father when your leg was broken". Louisa asked "Maybe I can check on her?" Georg said "Uh no she'll be down soon". I said "Well maybe I'll go check on her". Georg said "No! I mean no she'll be down shortly". I said "Okay but I think an escort would be decent". Georg said "Please Max you're not even a gentleman". Frederich said "Well maybe you can check on her father?" Come on Georg take the bait. Georg said "Oh uh no, no she'll be down soon". Frederich said "I'll go check on her" and left.

Georg said "So Max you've been awfully quiet since you've returned from Vienna". I said "Oh, have I?" Georg said "Yes. So, what are you hiding?" I said "Oh nothing Georg, nothing at all". Georg gave me a skeptical look. I said "Nothing". Georg said "Max, I know you, I've known you since we were 11 years old that's long enough to know when you're hiding something or don't want me to know something". I said "It's nothing". Georg said "Max". I said "Georg you wouldn't understand". Louisa said "Ah ha you are hiding something, spit it out". I said "No, no, Georg it's about the Saltzburg festival which is very important to Austria". Georg said "Well alright. Congratulations Max, you found someone to expose at the festival". Well, it's better than what I'm actually hiding. I said "Yes exactly". Liesl asked "Who?" Georg said "Yeah Max. Who?" I said "Well I haven't found them... They've agreed to, consider fame and fortunate. I mean who would ever consider doing something for fame and a fortunate". Georg said "I would".

Kurt said "But father aren't you a famous war hero". Georg said "I joined the Navy because I wanted to, I didn't ask to become a war hero. I did it for my country". Fraulien Maria came down with Frederich and they sat down and we said grace and started eating. Georg said "Max, I have an errand to run with Louisa, can you drive Elsa in from Vienna?" That's exactly what I didn't want to do. Louisa asked "Where are we going father?" Georg said "You'll see". I said "Elsa's coming back?" Louisa rolled her eyes and Frederich stifled a laugh. Georg said "Yes, she called me this morning". I asked "Can you send Franz instead". Georg said "Today's Franz's day off". I asked "Can Franz go tomorrow?" Georg asked "Why?" I said "Well, I woke up this morning with... a bit of a headache". Georg said "Just take a nap and then get her by noon". Since coming back to the villa a couple of months ago Georg & fraulien exchanged some looks that would make me wonder if she's just a governess to him, or is Georg serious about Elsa or not. I said "Fine". It's probably better if I have a talk with Elsa before we get to the villa.

Well noon came far too soon. Georg said "Come on Max, you know Elsa doesn't like being late". I mumbled "Then she shouldn't be friends with someone never on time". Georg asked "What was that?" I said "Nothing, nothing just I'll have her back by the end of lunch". Georg said "Oh and Max try to be a gentleman". I mumbled "That's hard to do when you're not with a lady". Georg asked "You say something Max?" I said "No nothing" and continued getting dress. When I was finish getting ready, Georg & Louisa were gone & Maria was in the ball room. I heard Maria's enchanting singing voice

Soon the duet will become a trio

Fraulien said "And then the chorus". I knocked on the door and I heard Brigitta say "Don't come in" and fraulien opened the door and said "We're practicing for the puppet show". I said "Well maybe you can cancel it". Gretl said "Cancel it but we practiced so hard". I said "Something came up and I might not be here to see it". Marta said "We can always do it again". Fraulien asked "What came up Max?" I said "Uh nothing you guys just keep practicing. I'm about to leave for Vienna". Kurt said "By uncle Max". Louisa said "Make sure to lose the baroness uncle Max" and I left.

When I arrived at Elsa's house, she was walking to the car and stopped by the passenger seat and asked "Aren't you going to open the door". I said "For a lady I would not for you". Elsa said "Whatever" and got in and I started driving. Elsa said "You know Max, I don't understand why you're so upset". I said "I don't know maybe it's because you cheated on my best friend or because you're not at all who I thought you were. And we're going to have to talk about it". Elsa asked "About what?" I said "About you and Georg and you and what's his name". Elsa said "You don't know anything about it". I said "That's why we're going to have to talk about it. Georg's going to sense something's not right and you will have to explain to him". Elsa said "I will, I will convince him to throw a party and all the planning should keep his mind off it". I said "Elsa, Georg hasn't had a party since Agathe". Elsa said "I know and that was years ago, it's about time there was a party".

I always knew Georg loved Elsa but not the same way he loved Agathe or the way he loves Maria. I asked "Are you going to tell Georg about what's his name?" Elsa said "After the party so there's no stress on the night of the party". I sighed. I couldn't believe I was keeping such a dark secret. Elsa asked "Why did Georg send you instead of coming to get me himself?" I had a smirk and said "Oh he's having fun with Louisa" knowing Elsa can't stand Louisa. Elsa said "That's exactly why Georg should've sent the children to boarding school". I said "Why? Because he's enjoying time with his children". Elsa said "When he should be enjoying it with me. Why do you think I went back to Vienna". I said "Honestly, I didn't think about it".

When we walked into the house Gretl was running ahead of everyone else. Gretl said "Hi baroness Schraeder". Elsa asked "Where's your father?" Gretl said "But I said hi". Elsa said "And I asked where your father is?" Liesl said "You don't have to be mean". Elsa said "Uh I see you children haven't changed". Maria emerged from the room and Elsa said "Maria do at least try to do your job and teach these kids some respect" and started walking upstairs and I went to my room.

Author's note. Okay this wasn't as short as I thought it was going to be. Thank you to those who is reading the 4th book in the series The Beast & the Girl. Enjoy.