Author's note. This chapter will probably be short. It takes place when Elsa convinces Maria to return to the Abbey from Elsa's POV. Enjoy.

Elsa's POV

I can't believe Max invited that mountain girl to dinner and Georg went with it without any hesitations. I realized Georg's talking to a baron and snuck upstairs. I knocked on the door, Maria said "Children you're supposed to be in bed". I opened the door and said "I wondered if you'd like help choosing a dress for dinner". Maria said "Yes please and it's very kind of you to offer". I said "I'm delighted. Now where is that lovely blue dress you wore before when the captain couldn't keep his eyes off you?" Maria asked "Couldn't keep his eyes off me?" I said "Yes or maybe the ballgown you wore where he also couldn't keep his eyes off you then either" and went looking through her wardrobe. Maria said "I don't know what you mean". I said "Now Maria we're are both women, now so let's not pretend when we know we have a man's attention". Maria walked to the window and said "The captain pays attention to everyone and everything".

I said "You know you don't have to get defense you are quite attractive you know. Besides the captain could hardly call himself a man if you couldn't capture his attention. Here we are". Maria said "Baroness you must be joking". Perfect. I said "Not at all". Maria said "But I haven't done anything-". I said "Oh I know but if there's one thing a man can't resist and that's a woman in love with him". Maria said "In love with him?" I said "Yes and what makes it sweet is that he's in love with you as well". Maria said "But that's not true he couldn't". I said "Oh I'm sure you've picked up on how he looks in your eyes and you know when the children were singing neither of you were watching, instead you were watching each other" and a guilty expression appeared on her face.

I said "Well you know how men are he'll get over you sooner or later. You should now that innocence attracts a man and you being so innocent will be appealing to him more and more but he'll get over it". Maria said "Then I should leave, I can't stay here" and took a carpet bag from under her bed. I asked "Is there anything I can help you with?" Maria said "No nothing" and I started leaving. Maria said "Wait yes just one thing". I asked "What is it?" Maria said "Please don't say anything about this to the captain". I said "No not at all, I wouldn't dream of it. Goodbye Maria, I'm sure you'll make a great nun" and left.

When I got downstairs, Max asked "Where were you, Elsa?" I said "In the ladies' room" and took 2 champagne flutes and gave one to Max and said "I feel like celebrating". Max said "You know something?" I said "Perhaps". Max said "Well if you know so much tell me how can I convince Georg to let the lovely fraulien perform in the festival or get fraulien to convince Georg to let the children to perform". Even Max knows. I said "Well you could just ask me, I'm sure I'll be able to convince him". Max said "Yeah but fraulien is easier to ask favors from". I gave Max my champagne and started dancing with Georg.