"Sorry, he has plans right now."

"Sorry, he's a little busy at the moment, he'll talk to you later."

"Sorry, he's busy right now."

"Sorry, he's busy."

"He's busy."

"He's busy."

"He's busy!"



Two weeks had passed since the truth of the world had been revealed to Yanagi and she'd had the unpleasant time of realising the boy she was in love with…was currently living with a girl he only met a few weeks ago, who was also now in love with him.

Two weeks since she'd learned of devils, angels, fallen angels, monsters, vampires, giants, dragons, gods and all other manner of crazy beings right out of mythology actually existing.

Oh…and agreed to share the boy she loved with a thieving twin tailed cat who so totally wasn't from the church.

What kind of girl raised in a church would be so openly lewd, cheerfully talk about the boy she loved getting a harem and wear such a slutty 'combat' outfit.

If it wasn't for Kaito actually confirming her words as truth and explaining to her how things actually worked, she would have more likely believed Irina was a succubus in disguise working some slutty battle nun route.

Oh, how cold she forget?

"He's busy today again." Yanagi could barely contain the growl that wanted to escape her lips as she pulled Kaito out of the classroom by the arm…and found a white haired devil midget waiting for them.

Since the day Kaito had told her of what was going on and what went down on that day when he talked to Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri, not Shitori before getting to her…this little loli jailbait had tried to speak to her boyfriend every day after class.

And every day, Yanagi shut her down before she could get a word in edge wise. And not only her, because anytime she had eyes off of her beau, she found him being approached by the likes of Kiba Yuuto who offered to 'hang' out with him. Or was greeted by the girls of the student council.

She was pretty sure she even caught Akeno Himejima bending over at just one opportune moment when Kaito was walking behind her and allowing him to stare up her skirt.

Now that they apparently knew where Kaito stood, they had practically thrown subtlety out the window.

While she'd taken care to keep him away from most of them, she paid extra special attention to Koneko.

Who according to Kaito was a 'Rook' for Rias' Gremory's peerage of servants. Literally a chess piece that gave the girl super strength, durability and endurance. And her distaste for Hyoudou wasn't exactly a secret.

That perky assed little loli had alarm bells ringing in her head. Especially since she hit niche neither she or Irina could cover. Irina had the voluptuous curves, the exotic hair colour and eyes, fitness that put Olympic athletes to shame and even had some kinky twin tails, while she, Yanagi herself was a super busty short stack.

Between the two of them, they had curves for days and tits for weeks. That little loli had the cute shortness of her though and the complete lack of curves and athletic looking body Irina had. She was a complete contrast to them which made her stand out all the more than the other girls that approached him to lure him with the sexy.

That, plus her being a super strong physical fighter that would probably try to get close to Kaito through training and working out? His literal passion in life?

'Hell the fuck no!' Yanagi scoffed to herself as she dragged her boyfriend of two weeks along with her, while he gave her a bemused look, as always.

Many might think she was being insecure about this. But, she completely disagreed, she was just marking her territory.

It was like if she had a car. She would trust the locks on it to stop people from getting inside it in general, but that didn't mean she would just let people try and break in.

She had already made the mistake of leaving her 'car door' unlocked and Irina had managed to worm her way inside and was now riding shotgun.

The only way anyone else was getting in this wild ride was if she let them!

She glanced back over her shoulder to see Koneko giving her a bland, dry look.

Her yellow eyes narrowed lightly as Yanagi met her gaze, though her own eyes were hidden by her bangs.

Oh, she was challenging her? Well then, fine.

She narrowed her own eyes and focused.

Two things happened then.

Koneko's eyes widened as her skirt suddenly blew up, revealing slim, toned pale legs and a pair of light powder blue panties between her legs.

And Kaito looked over his shoulder, "What are you staring a-" he paused mid word and stared at the up-skirt view provided by her, his incredibly loving and giving girlfriend.

…Oh no what had she done?!

Thankfully, Koneko salvaged the situation, forcing her skirt down with her hands, cheeks blazing red. And then she turned on her tiny feet and stomped away.

"…What are you doing?" Kaito deadpanned at her.

"I was getting a bit of revenge because she's been annoying me always trying to bother you," Yanagi huffed, "…Instead I just gave her some bonus points."

She just gave her boyfriend a free up skirt view of the 'cutest' girl in their entire school.

"You realise she probably know's that was you right?" Kaito deadpanned.

Probably, but Yanagi didn't really care. With her boyfriend already on the radar and with them more interested in him than her, she most likely had a lot less to worry about and she'd just tell them to piss off anyway if they tried to recruit her.

Eternal life and easy to use magic power? She was all for it, but not if she had to be in the same group as freaking Hyoudou.

Especially since giving that weirdo the chance to perv on her could end up leading to some world ending war because her boyfriend would rip his head off and it would piss off Gremory, who apparently had an older brother that was one of the top ten strongest beings in existence and could slap around gods.

Rias looked up as the door to her main office slammed open, smashing against the wall hard. Akeno barely even batted an eye, and Kiba was currently out and about.

Issei and Asia though who were chatting on the couches? Jumped with twin yelps that seemed to merge together into a girly shriek.

Koneko stomped through the door opening, a deep frown on her face as she made her way over to the opposite couch from Issei and Asia and sat down with a huff.

"…Are you…okay Koneko-chan?" Issei hesitantly spoke up.

Koneko narrowed her eyes at him, but said nothing.

"I take it speaking to Kaito didn't go well again?" Rias asked, a bit amused in spite of herself.

While she had made it known to her peerage that she'd like to recruit Kaito Evander and asked them to socialise with him if possible if given the chance and try and gain even a bit of affection with him to make recruitment of him easier.

…It had not at all gone well despite their attempts.

Koneko in particular had been trying to invite him to her own personal gym that Rias' had gotten built for the girl since it was well known how much the boy loved working out and pushing his body.


"That huge titty midget sow is beginning to piss me off now." Koneko replied simply.

Yes…that. Yanagi Uzaki had practically shut down all attempts from them attempting to talk with the boy. Not even just her own peerage, but Sona's own as well that had been attempting to talk with him now were getting shut down hard.

"They are a lot closer now I've noticed, there are rumours going around they're dating even," Rias mused, "Still, did she do anything in particular?" while her shutting Koneko down was kind of annoying, it wasn't something Koneko would usually let bother her all that much es-

"I think that cow has a Sacred Gear as well," Koneko bluntly replied cutting off her thoughts, "She blew up my skirt somehow and I didn't sense any magic. Gave Evander a good look at my underwear."


Interesting, perhaps some elemental based Sacred Gear? Most likely a wind based one or perhaps telekinesis? There were a few like that.

"Ehhh! Lucky bastard!" Issei took that moment to complain, before his eyes widened as something seemingly occurred to him and he turned to look at Rias herself with a huge excited grin, "Hey, hey buchou if Yanagi has a Sacred Gear, why not recruit her instead? I'd much rather get to see her amazing oppai every day than that muscle gaijin bastard!"

"Moron," Koneko scoffed, "The chicks an annoyance. But beyond that, get your head off of tits for once in a while will you? Evander will literally kill you if you try it."

"He wishes!" Issei unashamedly retorted, standing up and proudly puffing out his chest, "He might be a muscle freak that could beat me up before, but now I'm a devil with the Boosted Gear! And you said he only has those Twice Critical's that are like super weak versions of mine right? Screw him, kick him aside and let's get Yanagi-chan, huge oppai for life!"

"Ara ara, while it's good to be passionate about things Issei-kun, you should calm down," Akeno giggled as she began making her way around the room and setting cups for tea, "Kaito-san seems to know a lot from our reckoning and still had no fear in believing he could defeat both buchou and Sona and our combined peerages."

"Indeed, you should be careful Issei and not let him hear you say something like that," Rias warned him, while she would stand on Issei's side should a fight break out and she didn't see the big deal of Issei wanting to see the girls breasts, Kaito was a different story altogether and she could kiss recruiting him goodbye if something like that happened, "Keep in mind he now apparently possess the power of a Cadre, a fallen angel that was more than a thousand times stronger than the Raynare one you fought before."

Which was a must have for her peerage. One day, years in the future she would have to face Riser to break free of their marriage contract, Kaito with that power would make it a non issue, because she'd never force Akeno to call upon the part of her she despised. And while Issei could most likely beat the man in the future himself, that was only if he achieved his potential, and very few Red Dragon Emperors managed that.

"Ehhh…are you telling me even with the Boosted Gear I have to run away from that bastard when he catches me peeping?" Issei pouted at her.

"No, you should totally go peep on her, I'll let you know when my class next has gym and you can hide in the lockers," Koneko piped up, "You can leer at that cows huge tits all you want. Then you can die after Evander rips you in half, useless pervert."

"Koneko-chan, why you gotta be so mean!?" Issei cried out in dismay.

Koneko gave him the finger.

Rias palmed her forehead and shook her head a bit. There was never a dull moment around here.

And of course Akeno couldn't resist adding fuel to the fire to tease Issei even further.

"Speaking of buchou, I tried to approach him myself, but I'm dummy thicc you see as the the boys like to call me fu-fu-fu," her queen informed, "And the clap of my ass cheeks alerted Yanagi-chan of my intentions."

Issei's jealous shriek would have echoed across the school property if there weren't a barrier around the building.

Issei was in a bit of an admittedly foul mood when he got home. Even Asia's soothing presence made it hard to get out of his funk.

Kaito Evander.

He hated that guy. He was worse even than that stupid prince Kiba. Not only was the guy fit and popular, he had tons of girls always wanting to hang around him.

And to make it worse, the girl with the best oppai in the entire school outside of buchou and Akeno-senpai!

Ah, how he dreamed of burying his face in those huge, luscious melons while that bastard muscle gaijin stood off to the side and cried like a little girl.

But no, she was like a bunch of other girls always trailing after him. 'What's so great about him anyway? Sure he's tall and good looking and muscular. Sure he's really smart with top grades and captain of the soccer club and someone everyone says is going to be a big famous name in the future and…..waaaah I hate that guy!'

Issei rolled over on his pillow, "He has all that going for him and he still gets on my case just because I want to peep on some girls, fuck that guy!" he was always trying to beat him and his buddies up! And not like the girls who didn't really do any damage, that guy truly and utterly wanted to kick the shit out of him.

That guy could probably get a harem already if he wanted, so why did he have to waste his time tearing Issei down? It wasn't fair at all.

He fell asleep cursing Kaito Evander in his head.

Only to wake up immediately after, "W-w-where am I?" Issei trembled his previous anger filled thoughts dissipating away as he found himself floating in the pits of hell!

Or something like that at least. All around him all he could see was towering walls of red hot flames!

"Uwaaaa I'm gonna die!" he panicked.

"You sure are noisy, shitty brat." a deep ominous voice echoed from around him and the wall of flames in front of him parted to reveal the towering form of a gigantic crimson red dragon with bright green eyes!

D-ragon!?" Issei trembled.

The huge dragon scoffed, "Obviously, who else would it be?" it rumbled back at him, "I've been trying to speak to you for years but you've been too weak to even hear my voice."

"W-what?!" Issei didn't understand at all what was going on, "Who are you? W-what do you want? Please don't eat me!"

"Why the hell would I eat something as scrawny as you?" The dragon snorted derisively, "Besides, lacking as you are compared to others, you are my partner this time around whom I shall be fighting alongside."

"…Partner?" Issei blinked, before his eyes widened in remembrance. Didn't buchou say there was a huge scary dragon that could kill gods living in his Sacred Gear?!

"That is all, I just came to greet you, we will talk more later boy," the dragon spoke deeply, "But a warning to you. Watch your back, as you are the White one will easily destroy you. And you already have drawn the ire of my kin, one who has inherited my flesh, the one whom roars with the Principles of Domination that I once stole from God."


"What do you me-" Issei never got to finish his question as the world of flames faded away from around him and he awoke in his bed, his alarm ringing to signify it was time to wake up.

Bright and early on Saturday morning, Kaito's eyes opened up at the prompt of his cell phone alarm.

Irina, sprawled over his chest and dressed in a pair of skimpy pink pajama's gave a sleepy murmur but didn't stir all that much. She was quite the heavy sleeper.

He reached over with his free hand and turned off the alarm and just lay there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of one of his girls soft bodies pressed against him.

She was so soft and so warm.

Kaito admired Irina's cute sleeping face, her hair undone from its usual twin tails and falling in a long waterfall down her back.

He stroked his hand through her hair, just taking her in and confirming as he had done near every morning over the past two weeks, that this was real. Irina was his girlfriend.

Fiance even according to her.

As was Yanagi.

Bright smile appearing on his face, Kaito gently extracted himself from his girlfriends embrace, allowing her to roll over onto his pillow and nuzzle her face into it.

Before getting his early weekend morning preparations taken care of. He washed up, changed into some exercise clothing and had some pre-work out.

Before leaving the house behind by six-thirty in the morning.

He was meeting Yanagi at her place this morning at half-ten. The earliest she would ever pull herself from bed on a weekend.

Until then, he could get a decent work out in.

His plan was simple.

A thirty mile jog.

Then two hours in the gym.

Then another thirty mile jog.

Then he would head to Yanagi's.

While it wasn't really any different from what he did everyday, he was super glad he made it a habit. Working out as hard as he did everyday, did wonders for his self control around his girls.

It was funny how both Yanagi and Irina were down bad to fuck straight away before. But after everything that happened, the intimacy part of their relationships had stalled.

He made out with them both multiple times a day. He got to feel them up as he pleased. And Yanagi was definitely not okay in allowing Irina alone to be the one to help slurp up the dragon power within him.

But that was as far as they'd gotten at this point, Yanagi had been the one to stall things a bit despite how gung-ho she was before.


…She had picked up using her inner magic power as a funnel like Irina told her really fast.

And she picked up sensing magic just as quickly. Kaito was still struggling with it. From what he gathered, the trick to sensing magic was not so much as spreading his own magic power out like sonar, but rather using his own magic within his body like a radio tower picking up on radio waves.

Figuring that out though, had put him no closer to figuring out how to do it.

Kaito sighed in defeat as he jogged through the park on his way to Yanagi's. He'd probably need to take the time to change before he headed to his short stack girlfriends home. Luckily there were some public bathrooms in this park he could change at.

He was almost dreading heading to her place today though, since she wanted to reveal to her family that they were dating down. Fujio was going to be a pain for sure.

"….S-sixty o-one." Kaito paused as he heard a wheezing, almost familiar voice echo through the park.

He cocked his head to the side.

Surely not?

"S-si…..x….sixty….two." there it went again.

Kaito resisted the urge to sigh in annoyance as his curiosity got the better of him. He listened as the voice struggled to count out two more…of whatever he was doing.

"Sixty….five!" Issei Hyoudou grunted out, sounding like he was trying to squeeze the mother of all shits out of his ass.

He should just walk away, but again, his curiosity got the better of him, so he made his way over to where he heard the voice, turning around the bend to find Issei Hyoudou doing push ups, albeit, horrible ones going by the positioning of his arms.

Completely horrible form and technique.

Sitting atop his back, casually resting on him as he struggled up and down, was the ever gorgeous Rias Gremory.

'The fuck?' Kaito couldn't stop his head from tilting to the side as the perverts hips gyrated, practically humping the air…and the ground as he lowered towards it.

"There's lewd thoughts going on in your brain right now I see, I can tell by the way you're wiggling your hips Issei." Rias rolled her eyes and gently smacked him on the ass.

"Ooh!" he…moaned? And froze mid-air and began wiggling his ass from side to side, "I can't help it buchou! When I think about you riding on my back, my inner stallion reaches maximum power!"

Kaito couldn't help it.

He snorted.


And very loudly.

Hyoudou froze, a look of horror appearing on his face as his head mechanically turned around to look at Kaito and as he did, his eyes widened in terror and looked as if he'd seen a ghost.

Rias on the other hand, merely smiled at him and tossed him a wave, "Hello Kaito-kun, a lovely morning isn't it?" she greeted him, unperturbed.

"Gremory," he nodded back before meeting Hyoudou's eyes and giving him a look of utter disgust and contempt, "Hyoudou, can you do nothing without involving that tiny little worm between your legs and letting it get in the way? Honestly, here I almost thought you were doing something respectable."

Rias' immaculately trimmed red eyebrows rose up into her hairline at his words and she casually stood up as her pawn trembled beneath her.

It looked like she was waiting to see what he did.

"Screw you muscle freak! It's not that small!" Hyoudou protested, pushing himself to his feet.

"Keep telling yourself that, one day it might actually reach five inches." Kaito snorted again, crossing his arms and tilting his chin up, just to make sure he knew how much he looked down on him.

"It's five and a quarter actually!" Issei roared back, shaking his fist at him angrily.

So angrily in fact, a flash of red erupted from it and a moment later a crimson red gauntlet with a green jewel in the middle formed at the back of the hand of it.

….Was that supposed to be his comeback?

In response, Kaito raised an eyebrow at him, calling upon his first Sacred Gear with a thought, the black and gold gauntlet forming seamlessly, "Yeah? Mine's twelve."

Usually, he would not literally resort to a dick measuring contest. It was juvenile and honestly, his dick was more trouble than it was worth most of the time.

But he'd happily abuse the size of it to crush Hyoudou's dignity.

Hyoudou froze, gaping at him, before shaking his head, "N-no way, that's bullshit, you gotta be lying!" he protested.

Kaito shrugged, "You want me to prove it?" he raised an eyebrow before looking at the older red haired beauty standing beside her pawn watching the interaction with both interest and a speculative eye, "I'll even let Gremory here measure it, let her get a nice big handful of it to confirm it and everything."

Rias raised an eyebrow, before smiling, "I don't mind," she replied, "But it will have to be quick, Issei-kun needs to hit one hundred push ups today, we've been working towards it for a while now."

….A hundred? That was it? He'd been a devil for over a month at this point and he was working towards…a hundred? And with that crappy form at that?

Hyoudou's skin went as pale as a sheet at her words, "No way, no no no!" he frantically waved his arms, "Stay away from Buchou with your nasty gaijin dick Evander!"

'You know, I'm kind sick of being called that.' Kaito rolled his eyes. It was only guys that ever called him that as well.

He wasn't really one the play the racism card, but in what world did a scrawny pure Japanese loser like this, get to look down on him?

Kaito tried to be an easy going person for the most part. But, he had a temper, everyone did. And it had only gotten worse as of late, with the stress of his life over the past month and the changes he'd went through.

And when it came to Hyoudou? The anger, transitioned into maliciousness pretty easily.

So, with the perfect target to use to hit the perverted fool where it truly hurt, Kaito felt no need to hold back.

He looked into Gremory's blue eyes and smirked, "You still want to recruit me right?" he asked.

She blinked, "Yes, that hasn't changed, especially since you seem to just keep getting stronger and stronger by the day," the Gremory heiress nodded, "Why?" she asked, narrowing her eyes ever so slightly.

She was smart enough to catch on where he was going with this, or at least vaguely in some manner. She already knew he was going to say something to get at Hyoudou.

Not that he was being serious, but he was gonna push that button of his anyway.

"I'll give you another way to recruit me, an easy one in fact that you can get done today even," Kaito replied, "You, Himejima, Tojou and the new girl you recruited, the blonde one, Asia was it? I want to bed all four of you."

Apparently whatever Rias was expecting, it wasn't that. She blinked, mouth dropping low in gaping shock.

Hyodou blinked as well, before rage exploded onto his features a split moment later, "Evander, you bastard!" he roared, or tried at least. It was more of a pitiful shriek really, his voice was far too high for a roar.


The voice of Ddraig echoed throughout the park and the brown haired boy erupted into a charge towards him.

His physical abilities doubled and the boy swung at him with a wild haymaker. But, he may as well have been standing still for all the good it did him.

Kaito simply stepped to the side and thrust his foot out. Issei completely missed his massively telegraphed punch and tripped over the younger teens foot and landed face first in the dirt.

He tried to push himself up immediately, but Kaito merely lifted his foot, placed it on the older teens back and pushed him back down.

"That's it….?" Kaito actually found himself goggling, disappointed as he looked at Rias in askance.

She sighed and palmed her face, "You planned that," she accused, before shaking her head, "Would you actually though?" she asked.

Hyoudou struggled and scrambled and thrashed beneath him, trying to push up against his foot.

But he was too weak.


The voice of the Red Dragon Emperor once more echoed from beneath his foot and the struggle Hyoudou put up against him, increased once more as he pushed against the ground and pushed Kaito's foot up with his back.

Only for his face to smack back into the dirt as Kaito put more strength into pushing down, not even looking at the older boy he had pinned beneath him.

He grinned at Rias, "Well, you're all beautiful girls and I wouldn't mind a child of mine inheriting that Power of Destruction of yours," he bullshitted, "I mean, if I can't become High Class from the get go or get the Satan Leviathan to myself, marrying into the Gremory family is still pretty great consolation prize."

Rias raised both eyebrows at him, "You are far too bold for your own good." she commented.

"Maybe, but I'm pretty well informed as well," he forced a chuckle and shrugged, "Like, I hear you have a little flaming problem that you're not too fond of, I can help you with that for the right price."

"That would just be trading one for the other though." she pointed out, and didn't even ask how he knew.

It was easy to assume he learned through the same way he knew of Serafall Leviathan.

"Yeah, but I'm not forcing you to and beyond carrying my kid, I'm not expecting anything else from you," he pointed out and then cast a glance at the boy who had stilled beneath him, trying to follow the underlying messages of the conversation, "Granted, after a night of getting your brains fucked out by me, I'm sure you'd be all too happy with the arrangement."

Rias opened her mouth, but before she could-


His found himself stumbling back a bit as Hyoudou's strength spiked beneath him.

'Rage boost?' Kaito mused inwardly. He could do that couldn't he? 'Looks like I touched a nerve, or a lot of them.' he couldn't help but smirk again as Hyoudou shot to his feet much faster than before.

"EVANDER!" the Red Dragon Emperor of this generation shot towards him, his new speed blowing that of his first charge out of the water as he attacked with all his might.

Only to miss his second punch as Kaito simply spun slightly out of the way and then lashed out with an elbow that crunched into the boys nose.

With a cry of pain, Hyoudou dropped to the ground again, blood flying into the air as his nose broke.

"Again, that's it?" Kaito rolled his eyes and stuck his hands in his pockets dismissively.

Rias huffed, "Stop goading him, I know you're doing it on purpose. I'm going to get angry y'know?" she said, anger bleeding into her tone now as she shook her head, "Sorry, but the answer is no Kaito-kun, I don't need help with that, I've got at least four years before that becomes an issue. Maybe if it was just about me, but I wouldn't ever force my peerage to take part in something like that."

That she thought at least. But no, she didn't. Her tune would probably change very soon. Though, once it did, he wasn't going to accept even if she did manage to convince the Akeno, Asia and Koneko to sleep with him alongside her.

Yanagi would have his balls if he did.

"Wasn't saying you should force them, I wouldn't take part without their consent anyway," he pointed out and cast a look at the boy laying stunned on his back on the ground, grasping at his broken nose, "Unlike some people, I don't force my own perversions on others, that's why I've got two girlfriends y'know? When you're cool, strong, hardworking, handsome and have a huge dick like me, being a Harem King is just destiny."

"Two?" Rias' head cocked to the side and she blinked.

"H-harem King?" Hyoudou gaped up at him over the hand grasping his nose and jealousy shone fervently in his gaze.

"Yup, that's the way of things when you're not a perverted loser Hyoudou," Kaito couldn't resist twisting the nail in just a little bit more, "I tell you, you've not lived until you've slept with your head between a nice, soft massive of pair of oppai, both easily a match for Gremory here's." he jabbed a thumb at the red haired devil heiress.

"Fuck…you…" Hyoudou hissed at him.

He laughed mockingly and then looked at Rias, "Well, feel free to bring it up with your peerage girls Gremory and get back to me." he winked at her, before tossing her a wave and walking away, unable to resist whistling a jaunty tune.
Man, that was cathartic.

He heard the redhead sigh from behind him.

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