As the crimson red glow faded from her vision, it was replaced by the sound of a girl squealing and moaning and the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh.

Rias found her jaw dropping law and she just stared at what met her.

The first thing she saw, was Uzaki Yanagi face down on a futon. The only reason she could tell it was her at all, was because of the obscene amount of breast flesh squashing against the futon and spilling out at the sides of her torso and her rather distinctive short silverish grey hair.

She was as nude as the day she was born, her springy, reddened buttocks in clear view and her womanhood would have been the same, if not for the thick sloshing white fluid trickling out of it and hiding much of it from her view.

The second thing she saw, was Kaito Evander himself, just as naked as Yanagi, displaying a broad and powerfully muscular build riddled with sweat, while he pulled on a familiar pair of auburn twin tails and drove himself into the large, perky backside of…a familiar exorcist she met over a month ago.

Shidou Irina and the holder of Excalibur Mimic.

"Oh! Oh! Kaito-kun~ OOOOOH!" she moaned, squealed and shrieked as the one she came to propose to fucked her absolutely ragged, her full ass cheeks rippling with each clap of his hips against hers, her large bouncy breasts swinging and bouncing with each stroke and her pretty violet eyes, much like Akeno's own, rolled up into the back of her head while her tongue lolled about helplessly.

Rias had seen enough 'anime' in her day to recognise that look anywhere. It was a picture, perfect 'ahegao'.

She didn't even know that was actually a real thing! She thought it was just played up in silly doujins!

'Maybe…I should have knocked?' Rias thought blankly, staring open mouthed at the spectacle before her.

Despite herself, even as her cheeks blazed red she found herself look at Kaito, his face scrunched up into an almost lustful snarl as he yanked on the girls hair and pulled her into his powerful thrusts.

She couldn't help but swallow heavily. If…if her plans came to fruition, she would most likely, end up in that exact same position.

It wasn't like she was a prude or anything, or didn't think about sex, but thinking about it, and seeing it this up close and personal, with a boy she'd literally just came up with the plan to propose to and marry and the sudden realisation that if he did accept and things turned out the way she wanted, it would be her that would be moaning, squealing and shrieking, and most likely sporting an ahegao like that, made her body shiver and her mind go blank.

…She wasn't even sure what to think of that.

All she could do was stare as they fucked like animals, off in their own little world of wanton pleasure that she was peering into.

She jumped in place as Kaito let go of one of Irina's twintails and whipped his hand out to spank her across her bubbly ass making her give a loud squeal, leaving a bright red hand print on her ass cheek before grabbing her twintail with it again and railing into her even harder.

They kept going for quite a while, Rias wasn't even sure how long before with a roar, Kaito thrust himself in fully and stayed there, smooshing the girls face against the wall as he erupted inside her.

It felt like forever before he pulled back, panting, unsheathing himself from the older girls quim. Irina slumped to her knees, propped against the wall and looked completely out of it, a great deluge of thick white sperm trickling from her opening and down her thighs.

While Kaito wiped sweat from his brow and regained his breath…his absolutely gargantuan erection flagging just a bit, but hanging like a flagpole all the same.

'…Oh wow…' Rias stared at it. How did that even fit in a girl as small as Yanagi? How would that even fit in her if things worked out? 'I guess he wasn't lying to Issei two weeks ago.' she realised blankly.

Just then, Kaito turned and his eyes met hers.

He blinked.

She blinked back.

"What the fuck!?" his eyes widened and he cursed in shock, "Gremory, what the hell are you doing here?!"

At his shout, the two girls in the room moved sluggishly, the former exorcist pushing herself up against the wall on shaky legs and Yanagi's head perking up, looking over her shoulder.

She couldn't see the younger girls eyes at all, but she did see the sudden growl on her lips.

Her thighs shifted together and she forced a smile on her face, "…I came to visit?" she offered.

"Oh…hell no!" Yanagi swore and flopped onto her hands and feet and pushed herself up shakily, he really had given it to her hard, huh? "You've gotta be kidding me, I have to share my first time with the self proclaimed church girl and before I even get the post nut cuddle, you show up?"

Wow, she could give Koneko's mouth a run for its money.

"Hey, how many times do I need to tell you, I'm not self proclaimed…though it is former I guess, hehe." Irina shot back and then giggled.

"Sorry?" Rias offered, feeling a lot more awkward right now than she had felt in a long time, it was a rather novel feeling to be honest, "I didn't mean to catch you guys like…this. I'm just kind of…in a rush?"

Kaito in return sighed, scratching at the back of his head, "Desperate, huh?" he snorted, giving her a knowing look, "Did your engagement get moved forward then?" he asked,

Her eyes widened in shock, 'How did he…!?'

He knew of her engagement of course, he'd alluded to her during their last meeting, but how did he guess that was the reason she was here so easily?

"The chicken guy?" Yanagi took her attention off of Rias to look at her boyfriend questioningly.

"I think he's supposed to be a phoenix actually," Irina tapped her chin and pondered as she leaned on the wall to keep upright, "I got briefed on them before I got kicked out of the church a few times. They have fire powers and can regenerate and stuff."

"Regenerating fire chicken, yeah, sure," Yanagi snorted, before looking back to Rias herself, "Trying to recruit Kaito, eh? Unless that stupid white haired flat chested midget and those other two are waiting outside and you're all about to bend over and wiggle your slutty devil asses for him, then you're shit out of luck. Not that I blame you, I couldn't imagine having to marry some loser fire chicken after meeting Kaito."

Rias just stared….she really hadn't endeared herself all that well to Yanagi huh? She really disliked them, and Koneko especially for some reason. Who disliked her right back.

Though it was ironic this little near white haired short girl was calling anyone a midget.

"Yanagi-chan!" Irina gasped, "What are you saying, that's not nice! And wasn't it you who gave Kaito-kun into trouble for offering that in the first place?"

"Course I did, but cost fallacy and all that," Yanagi crossed her arms under her large, naked breasts, "If she wants to bind him to her the way these evil pieces do, then she should be at least willing to offer that much in return since she can't give him what he actually wants."

Well…she certainly had a high opinion of Kaito at least. And it seemed he was rather open about himself with his girlfriend…s?

Was he dating both actually?

Well, that didn't matter right now-

"You remember the part where I said I was kidding about that right?" Kaito gave the short girl a deadpan look, "I only did that to piss off Hyoudou."

"Which isn't nice by the way," Irina pointed out with a pout, "I know you don't like him and he's a bad boy now, but being malicious like that isn't like you Kaito-kun, I don't like it."

Kaito winced, "Yeah…sorry about that, I'll try to do better." he replied.

Irina beamed and pushed off the wall, opening her arms wide open to hug him. Only for her legs to almost buckle out beneath her. She would have fallen if not for the equally naked boy quickly turning around and catching her.

…Just how hard had he fucked them Rias couldn't help but wonder?

She shook her head, 'Irina knows Issei?' she thought for a split moment, filing that away before getting back on topic, "Actually…about that."

Three heads whipped around to look at her, "…No…you've gotta be kidding me…" Yanagi groaned, palming her face.

"Yeah…I came here with an offer along those lines," Rias decided to bite the bullet and just lay it all out, looking directly into Kaito's eyes, "I can't offer you an immediate promotion to High Class if you join me, I don't have that power. And, I won't force the girls in my peerage to sleep with you. But, how about me?"

"…You?" Kaito frowned, crossing his arms across his broad muscular chest and giving her a shrewd look.

"Yes, me in my entirety," Rias nodded, "If you join my peerage, help me get out of my marriage and are…cordial to them, even Issei, then I'm more than willing to marry you. While you'd still be in my peerage for the most part, and have no real political power in devil society, you'd be part of the Gremory and as such, would become a High Class devil."

"….Ugh…." Kaito's eyes widened and he gaped at her, the serious look on his face fizzling out as fast as it had appeared.

He apparently hadn't at all been expecting that offer.

"Ah, yeah, that would work." Irina on the other hand, just nodded in understanding.

"Wait!" Yanagi cut in, frowning at her, "I don't buy this. You're so desperate to get out of this marriage you're already due for, but to get out of it, you'll marry another guy? I mean, obviously Kaito is superior to this flaming chicken guy, but you're still just trading one marriage for another. What's the difference here?"

Rias shrugged, "Because it's my choice," she admitted, giving them a sardonic smile, "Would you happily marry some arrogant, womanizing overbearing idiot just because your parents said so? I refuse to be just another member of Riser's harem to fuck whenever he wants. I won't lie, this is my last option and I wouldn't choose it if I didn't have to but Kaito gets what he wants with this, and I at least, get to pick my husband and I can trust Kaito not to lord his power over my peerage like Riser would and especially not have him force them into his bed."

She looked at Kaito who's mace had quickly shifted to impassive and had not said a word so far.

"Hate to break it to you, but even with Kaito, you're gonna be part of a harem, we were here first Gremory, and we don't plan on leaving," Yanagi proudly jabbed a finger at her naked jest, jostling her large doughy breasts, "You're gonna get bent over by Kaito and his massive cock here, and he's gonna take you by that perfect hair of yours and drill your fat ass till you squeal his name." to punctuate her words, Yanagi outright grabbed Kaito's penis, which had flagged down to a limp state now, though was still obscenely large and whipped it at her threateningly as if she was brandishing a bullwhip.

…How obscene. She could give hedonistic devils a run for their money with that complete lack of shame.

Rias felt her cheeks flush and she swallowed as an image flashed in her mind, of her, completely nude, her legs pulled back up over her shoulders, a pair of young muscular arms holding her by the thighs and bouncing her up and down on a massive turgent cock, her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and her tongue hanging limply, obscenely as Kaito fucked her in a full nelson.

…She'd had a front row seat after all to what the younger boy was capable of doing to a girl with that piece of meat between his legs that was currently being brandished at her like a weapon.

"My ass isn't fat," Rias denied, and then sighed, shoulders slumping, "I kind of figured, about the harem thing at least. You guys didn't make it a secret that you were dating after all, granted I wasn't expecting Irina-chan to be a part of it as well, but I'm glad she's alive at least."

"…Tch," Yanagi clicked her tongue, letting go of the penis in her hand and crossing her arms again, "Fine, whatever. I'm not happy about this, but I'll allow it. Just cuz I have though, doesn't mean anything, the final decision comes down to whether or not Kaito agrees."

She wasn't wrong there at least.

"Can you guarantee it?" Kaito finally spoke up, "I can beat Riser Phenex, that's not a problem. And I can easily just ignore Hyoudou as long as he keeps his hands off of what's mine. The real problem here is you, what if your parents decide that I'm not a valid candidate? To them, all I'd be is a nobody reincarnated devil, a strong one mind you, but not all that special, it's not like I'm say…the Red Dragon Emperor."

The look in his eyes, was intense. Looking at his eyes, she could understand suddenly how he could face off against a Cadre of all things when he was just a human with a simple Twice Critical, or well, two at least.

"I can," Rias nodded firmly, "I won't give them the ability to refuse."

His brows furrowed, "How?" he questioned.

Rias smirked and shrugged, "I'll give them an ultimatum," she replied, "Either they let me marry who I want, or I'll kill myself and that's that."

"…What?" Kaito blinked, and Yanagi at his side gave a choking gasp.

"You can't do that Rias-chan!" Irina shook her head vehemently, twin tails bouncing wildly on her head, as well as her large breasts on her chest, "Suicide is a sin!"

"I'm a devil though Irina-chan." Rias giggled and pointed out. It was hard to believe this girl was supposed to be an enemy of devil kind before and someone she'd have to be wary of above all else with a holy sword in hand.

"Oh…right." Irina pouted.

"I don't buy it," Yanagi frowned, "If it was that simple, why not just do it to get out of your current marriage?"

"Because I love my family and I have a duty to my family as well," she shrugged, "I can't force my parents to cancel it themselves, it was an agreement made between two families, my own and the Phenex family. If my parents allowed me to back out because I simply didn't want to, the Gremory name as a whole loses respect. But I can force them to let me pick my next husband candidate."

"….Ah…" Yanagi was rendered speechless by her reply. Rias just smiled though, she could understand why the girl would be confused by it. But the simple matter was, she prided herself on being a Gremory and had pride in her family name, even if she wanted someone at the same time to see her for more than that, and want her as Rias and not just the Gremory Heiress.

She wouldn't allow herself to tarnish the name and break an agreement between their two families. In the end, the agreement had only been for her to marry Riser, nothing that came after it.

"Alright, fine." Kaito agreed suddenly.

Rias blinked, "You'll do it?"

"The biggest issue was if you could deliver on it and Yanagi and Irina, but they've already agreed," he replied, "If they do refuse and you kill yourself, I just become a free devil, right?"


"More or less, yes." she nodded and Rias sighed, feeling a sense of relief echo through her body.

"Then, if it's fine with you, can we move on to reincarnating you as a devil right now?" Rias asked, getting back to the brass tacks, "We may have to go straight to a Rating Game with Riser, so the quicker we get it done and you adjust to being a devil, the better."

Kaito shrugged, "Fine with me."

"Wait," Yanagi spoke up again, and once again gave Rias a suspicious look. She really was such a thorough untrusting girl wasn't she? "What proof do you have that this isn't some set up? You could go back on this anytime after all once this Riser creep is done with, from what I've heard, once Kaito joins your peerage, you'd have all the power and it would become illegal for him to rebel against you or anything like that, so how can we be sure that you won't go back on your word once you get what you want?"

She wouldn't at all do that, especially to a member of her peerage. Though, it was smart of her to realise that it would be a possibility with another devil. She got the feeling it would be a stupid thing regardless with Kaito. He picked a fight with a Cadre when he was much weaker, somehow she doubted he would be content if he were screwed over in a deal like this and no doubt she'd find herself, and her peerage dead very quickly.

Kaito would not care her brother was the Satan Lucifer, she could tell that much from their interactions so far.

But it was true she didn't have proof that she wouldn't do such a thing.

"I can't really prove it," she admitted, "I'll do whatever you want to prove it though."

"Fine then," Yanagi smirked, "Strip."

"Eh?" Kaito did the same.

"Ah?" Irina tilted he head to the side, confused.

"From what I hear, you're a virgin right?" Yanagi shrugged, baring her toothy grin towards Rias when she nodded, "Then let's settle if you're really up for it or not and true to your word. You're getting your busty devil ass railed right here and now."

A pin dropping to the floor could have been heard in the silence that accompanied her words.

Rias felt her cheeks heat up, but nodded, "Fine." she agreed. She wasn't expecting this so soon, but it was inevitable really, she'd be getting fucked by him later down the line, so why not now? Reaching up, she unclipped the cape of her school uniform, before sliding her fingers through her collar and down, unbuttoning the top of her short, allowing her large, huge really, breasts and abundantly deep cleavage held in a lacy pink bra to bounce into view.

"…You don't need to do that." Kaito offered.

Rias chuckled, her eyes glancing down at his crotch where his limp cock had began to rapidly harden and rise high up into the air, throbbing intensely with anticipation.

It truly was massive.

"That says otherwise." she pointed out knowingly.

Giving him a wink, Rias stripped off her shirt, unclipped her bra, slid out of her skirt and pulled the pink thong she was wearing down her ankles and sat down on his futon.

"Well then Kaito-kun, come get me." Rias gave the younger boy her best bewitching smile as she lifted her arms up over her shoulders and gave him a full clear view of her large creamy breasts.

She shivered as he growled lustfully, his eyes darkening with pure desire, his huge turgid cock throbbing with the sheer need to plunder her depths and make her squeal.

This was not at all how she imagined losing her virginity, not even close. But it was betting than losing it to Riser at least.

Kaito took a half a step forward, before pausing, "…You've got no guarantee that I'll keep to my own word after I take your virginity." he pointed out.

"Except you want to be High Class." she pointed out.

"Not the same," he shook his head, "If you're offering an olive branch like this, I should to. Reincarnate me now, and then we'll have sex."

Ah, he was that type, huh? That was a pleasant surprise.

"Alright." she wasn't going to argue. She held her hands out and summoned the box containing her evil pieces, her lips twitching lightly as she heard Yanagi gave an annoyed huff.

She took out the single glowing crimson red Rook piece she had left and stood up, approaching the younger boy and stopped only when her large breasts squished softly against his muscular chest, and the huge throbbing erection that would claim her virginity pressed powerfully against her lower stomach.

"In the name of Rias Gremory of the Gremory House, I command you, Kaito Evander, rise and become my Rook." she chanted, crimson red light erupting from the chess piece and lighting up the room.

She pressed it against his chest and focused.

And focused.

She found herself gritting her teeth as she tried and tried and tried.

'…No…..' she thought, dismay filling her.

"Isn't it supposed to go inside him or something?" she heard Yanagi question, even as her entire attention was focused on the muscular chest of the boy she'd promised to marry in return for his help, "What does this mean then?"

"…It means Kaito-kun's innate power and potential is too much for me to reincarnate, I'm too weak." Rias found her lips moving and admitting without conscious effort from her brain.

Her legs felt weak.

She could feel it. She was so close. Just a little more. Six pieces would be enough. If she hadn't reincarnated Issei, she would have had enough pawns to do it.

Her legs gave out beneath her as a sense of defeat enveloped her being. She would have hit the ground if not for Kaito's arm wrapping around her waist and keeping her afloat.

The rook piece that was in her hand, fell from her grip and hit the floor. Rock bottom.

Just like her chances to escape Riser.

They had slipped through her fingers.

'…This isn't fair at all.' she bit her lip.

It took a lot of effort on Serafall's part not to giggle.

It was a near thing though.

Sitting behind her desk, she watched in amusement as her dear little sister Sona paced up and down the length of her office, her phone gripped tightly in her grasp.

It was cute how she was worrying over something as minor as the impending marriage between Rias-chan and Riser Phenex.

As if Sirzechs would ever allow that to happen. He would gladly take the hit to his relationship and a little bit of bad blood with the Phenex clan in return for making sure his little sister was safe and happy.

And all things considered, it wouldn't even be that bad, because the only ones truly invested at all in the upcoming marriage was Papa Gremory and Papa Phenex.

And maybe Riser, but that was just because he was a horny boy and Rias was a beautiful girl.

'Speaking of horny boys though.' Serafall giggled inwardly and looked down at the file atop her desk, a picture containing the face of a young, handsome human boy staring back at her.

Kaito Evander huh?

He was a funny one.

A human boy, whom Sona was initially wanting to recruit to her peerage according to her. Smart, skilled, hard working and decently powerful for a human and growing bit by bit as time went on.

As it turned out, he had a sacred gear. Two in fact apparently, both Twice Criticals. What an unlucky boy, imagine getting onto Gods Gacha and then getting the lowest tier reward twice in a row.

Or was he lucky for actually getting on it at all? It was a bit of a catch twenty two there really.

Perhaps, the most interesting, or at least second most interesting thing about him was that he'd apparently killed Satanael and fed his corpse to his Sacred Gear and made it evolve. And could now apparently call on the full power of the former Cadre through it.

She wouldn't quite call that a Longinus, but it wasn't that far off. Satanael was a tricky, powerful fellow, whom she'd fought with multiple times in her youth. In fact, he'd almost killed her a few times before she surpassed him vastly in strength, but even being much stronger than him, he was never someone she could take lightly.

Weakened massively or not, the fact this human kid with just a pair of Twice Criticals managed to kill him, was very impressive. Especially considering Satanael had Arondight.

She could see why Sona wanted to recruit Kaito Evander, he would be a real heavy hitter in the future. Well, considering he could draw on Satanael's power as he was, then he was technically already a heavy hitter.

Serafall idly wondered what kind of Balance Breaker he'd get from something like that.

Of course, it seemed her dear Sona-chan had went about things wrong and the boy wasn't her biggest fan now.

Her sister was never the most…social person out there. If not for Rias-chan, she probably wouldn't have had any friends growing up.

Poor poor silly Sona-chan, if only she'd took all of her offers to be trained in the art of being a magical girl and starred in her show with her as her apprentice, she would have learned how to people with the best of them.

Aka herself.

There was a reason she was the head of foreign relations after all. And honestly, Sona-chan was lucky to get here when she did, she was just about to head to Kyoto to talk to Yasaka.

Those annoying Chinese Gods were being annoying as usual and crying about the unfairness of the world and all that rot.

As if the gods behind communism had any right to claim anything was unfair, utter nonsense. They were lucky she didn't freeze their Tian realm last time when they got all uppity. One of them even spat on her, the nerve!

What the hell did having eyes and not seeing Mount Tai even mean anyway? Of course she couldn't see it at the time, they were nowhere near it!

'Courting death my perky magical ass!' Serafall snorted inwardly.

Well, they weren't important right now. What was important, was Sona-chan, Rias-chan and Kaito Evander, the boy who's greatest dream in life was apparently to impregnate her.

Or so he claimed.

Just thinking about the way her dear Sona-chan tried to explain it to her, all red faced and stuttering and embarrassed made her want to giggle out loud.

If nothing else, she thanked him for letting her see such a cute sight. It was too bad he apparently didn't go into detail about how he'd like to go about such a thing, that would have made the moment even better. Just imagining Sona-chan trying to stutter out an explanation of how a young teenage human wanted to full nelson or mating press her, maybe put love hearts in her eyes and breed her, would have been too much for her to contain her amusement!

Embarrassed Sona-chan was just that cute!

Alas, it seemed it was only a front and what the boy truly wanted, was to become a high class devil and would settle for nothing less if he was to become one.

Which was why Rias-chan was apparently off trying to convince the boy to marry her in return for beating up Riser for her and why her little sister had come here to plead with her to reincarnate the boy as part of her peerage if she failed somehow.

Talk about drastic measures. Both her and Sirzechs sisters were so silly with their desires to be independent and not rely on them. If it weren't for Rias-chan being in trouble that she didn't know Sirzechs would deal with if push came to shove, Sona-chan wouldn't be here at all and wouldn't seek out her help if it was her in Rias-chan's place.

'Honestly, we didn't go fighting for the good of devil kind just to force our precious family into unhappy marriages.' Serafall scoffed inwardly.

In the end, the only reason Sirzechs didn't put his foot down straight away was because he was kind. If they really wanted to, they could run riot as they pleased and nobody could stop them. They were the Four Satans for a reason and even that old fossil would bend over and happily accept a reaming from them if they desired it.

Even the Great King Faction, was just a thing because they allowed it, to keep the uppity whiners that wanted the old days back in check and keep track of those trying to cause a true disturbance.

Well, she should just be happy Rias-chan hadn't been desperate enough to do something even sillier. Like enter into a master-slave pact with the boy. Now, that would be bad.

They'd been trying to bury that for a long, long time now. It was obsolete now with the Evil Pieces and served no purpose but to leech off the strength of the enslaved.

It was a horrid thing and not something devils as a whole needed to be painted with and give them an even worse image in the vast scope of the supernatural world. Most pantheons already didn't like them.

…Which was especially why they needed to keep an eye on the Asmodeus family members and the Old Satan Faction as a whole as well. The old fuddy duddy's spirit had somehow remained even after God smote his ass alongside his buddies Lucifer, Beelzebub and Leviathan.

Of course, the first thing he did when he managed to possess someone was have sex with some woman and somehow, have the stars align and impregnate her.

Luckily they'd dealt with him, but the damage was already done by then.

They had a literal half human daughter of Asmodeus running around in the human world with the likes of Creusery Asmodeus desperate to find her.

Not out of any family obligation though, but rather to use the horrid power he'd inherited from the original Asmodeus. The ability to absorb the power of those baring his blood through killing them.

They'd already caused problem with the Yokai not long ago searching for the girl, which was what led to her having to meet up with Yasaka to soothe her ire, which then lead to her getting involved with the nonsense going on between the Chinese and Japanese Pantheons, which was playing centre space in Tokyo…the territory of the Yokai.

It was just a whole massive mess.

Just thinking about it was beginning to give Serafall a headache.

Thinking on that, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to recruit this Kaito Evander? If Sona-chan was praising his work ethic, then he must be quite reliable. And with the power to hit at the Ultimate Class already with his Sacred Gear, then she could even let him deal with some annoying people in her steed and free her up some time!

Assuming he said no to Rias' offer, or she failed to reincarnate him. Though, why the kid would give up the chance to marry Rias-chan at all all, possibly, was beyond her, Rias-chan was gorgeous after all and with such beautiful hair.

'Unless he wasn't actually lying about wanting to impregnate me?' she mused. Though, she'd no idea why he would. She'd never met him before, had she?

Maybe he'd saw her at a convention in the human world and fell in love with her at first sight? They were quite common in Kuoh after all.

Well, honestly, she didn't really mind him wanting to, as long as it didn't cut into duties she'd give him! He would hardly be the only one that wanted to impregnate her, granted, most of the ones that did were older devils that wanted to marry her and have her birth them a super duper strong kid.

Pfft, as if she would, morons!

Truly, it could be a curse sometimes to be the ever beautiful and sexy Levi-tan.

The tiny pink mini skirt and crop top with no bra probably didn't help, but such was the burden of a magical girl.

They were beings of love, hope, magic, salvation and fanservice all in one!

"…Ah." she looked up when she heard Sona gasp a bit and saw her looking down at her phone, a grimace on her face.
Well, that wasn't a face that spoke of good news.

"So she replied back then So-tan?" she asked.

Sona nodded and sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose, "He apparently agreed to Rias' terms," she said. That should be good news, but going by her face, it wasn't. Which could only mean-, "Apparently, her rook wasn't enough, according to her estimates, he'd need at least six of her pawn pieces to reincarnate."

Ah, well, that sucked. So close, yet so far it seemed. She could only imagine what Rias-chan was feeling right now, even if it wouldn't be fine in the end, she still felt for her.

"Nee-sama…" Sona sighed again and looked at her with pleading eyes.

Ah, as if she could ever turn her down when she was giving her such a look!

"Alright So-tan, no need to worry!" Serafall bounced up and over her desk with a grand flip and landed beside her sister to clasp her hands and give her a beaming smile, "Leave it all to big sis, I'll go let this kid impregnate me and recruit him to my peerage then lend him to Rias so she can get him to beat up that little turkey boy."

"Nee-sama!" Sona-chan shrieked in embarrassment, face going blazing red, "That's not what he wants, I'm sure he just wants to be high class."

"How can you really be sure though So-tan? He is a teenage boy after all," Serafall giggled at her reaction, "But don't worry So-tan, big sis will happily give up her virtue for you! Even if he bends me over and does me doggy style while pulling on my twin tails, even if he makes hearts appear in my eyes and puts a great big dopey ahegao on my face, just know, it's all for you!"

"Rias…you better be grateful for this!" Sona-chan hissed as she pulled her hands away from her and covered her face with them in her embarrassment.

Giggling even louder, Serafall focused on the location Sona had given her for where the boy lived and snapped her fingers. Her room lit up with a beaming pink glow as the Leavithan crest appeared underneath their feet and they were teleported away from her office, appearing a moment later in a very, very small apartment.

And there was Rias-chan.

Who was naked.

Alongside a tiny white haired girl with a hentai protagonist haircut and absolutely massive tits. Who was also naked. And leaking sperm.

And a believer of the great twin tails just like herself, who was also very naked. And also leaking sperm.

…And a very, very naked muscular young teenager, with an absolutely massive dick.

Her would be impregnator.

'Wow.' Serafall blinked, taking a split moment to just look.

That was impressive indeed.

"WHY ARE YOU ALL NAKED!?" Sona-chan screamed from beside her.

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