"Why aren't you?" the girl with impeccable taste in hair styles cocked her head to the side and asked her younger sister.

Sona-chan froze, mouth opening and closing as she tried and apparently failed to come up with a response.

Serafall resisted the urge to giggle. Hmm, actually, now that she paid closer attention to the other twin tailed girl in the room, The hair style just like her own. Violet eyes that looked to be the same colour as her own. Those abundantly large breasts, those wide hips, that bouncy toned ass, all topped off with a perky seeming personality from her initial estimates and from what she could sense, a rather large concentration of holy power, comparable to a four winged angel by her estimates…

Did Heaven try and create their very own Anti-Serafall!? No, Nega Serafall? Hmm, it couldn't be Dark Serafall, that must mean she was….White Serafall!

Or light Serafall!

An evil…holy doppelganger?

Wait, she would be the evil one according to them though, being a devil and all.

Whatever, the similarities were kind of eerie really. Even their facial structure was somewhat alike. The biggest differences between them was that the human girl with holy power, was taller than her with lighter hair.

Her eyes flickered to to boy she came to meet at the request of her sister, eyes briefly glancing at his large, rigid…and very erect manhood. The same manhood that no doubt ejected the huge deluge of sperm leaking from the twin tailed girl and the hentai protagonist short stacks gaping womanhoods.

'…Maybe Sona-chan is over thinking things and he really does want to marry and breed me?' she couldn't help but wonder idly, as her eyes trailed up to meet his own rather perplexed looking ones.

He apparently had a thing for voluptuous, violet eyed twin tailed girls after all!

"Leviathan-sama….Sona?" Rias-chan, just as nude as the other three occupants of the room barring her and her precious little sister asked halting, looking both distraught and confused.

She looked at the naked redhead and gave her a bright smile, "Yo Rias-chan!" Serafall greeted her, hopping over to greet her, "Heard you were having a little trouble recruiting my would be suitor so we hopped on over!"

Rias-chan just looked even more confused in response. She turned and looked to Sona-chan, "Sona…explain?" she pleaded.

"You explain!" Sona sputtered, pushing up her glasses, "I approached my sister for you just in case you weren't able to reincarnate Evander-san, only to come here and find you all naked. Naked and with an exorcist, why is Irina Shidou still here? She's with the church!"

"Ah, I got excommunicated actually, teehee," The twin tailed girl, apparently named Irina rubbed the back of her head and stuck her tongue out sheepishly, "I learned something I wasn't supposed to, so they kicked me out. Now I'm just Kaito-kun's wife to be!" she then announced proudly.

"….They just kicked out a holy sword wielder?" Sona gaped at the girl.

Oh, so this was the wielder of Excalibur Mimic then? If that was the case, then that meant things were a little more interesting than she initially thought.

Satanael had been a bad bad boy it seemed and blabbed the secret about big ol' Top G going the way of the dinosaurs.

"Yup." Irina shrugged

"….That's do dumb though." Sona continued to gape. Poor girl, she really was out of her element here.

It was odd she was so content seeming with things though. It had only been what, a month since Satanael had been dealt with? And Serafall couldn't feel even a lick of sadness or grief from the girl.

Interesting. Once again her eyes were drawn to the boy, Kaito Evander who hadn't spoke at all yet and eyeing her now with a frown and a serious gaze.

It had to have been his influence. Especially since the girl wasn't freaking out about two devil heiresses and a literal Satan popping in and interrupting their hanky panky spanky fun time.

And there was definitely some spanking going on there. She could see the literal hand print imprinted on the former exorcists bouncy round, right ass cheek.

Looked like somebody was a little domineering when it came to sex.

She winked at him.

He raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Well, he was doing something right considering it seemed he already had two girls very willing girls to himself.

And probably would have been a third going by Rias-chans state of undress if she was capable of recruiting him. Heh, funny. If she were a little bit stronger than she was, Rias-chan would probably be bent over right now and getting a similar hand print engraved on her own ass cheeks.

That would have been hot.

"…I'm beginning to get really pissed off," the hentai protagonist girl finally spoke up, "You devil bitches just keep barging in as you please. Gremory was one thing, but why the hell is one of the literal leaders of you devils here?"

Serafall grinned at her, flinging her a two fingered peace sign, "My precious So-tan begged me all teary eyed to recruit your boy toy into my peerage and lend him to Rias-chan for her little marriage hiccup," she replied, "So here I be, Miracle Levi-tan is on the case!"

In response, there was silence.

Only interrupted by her precious Sona-chan groaning and palming her forehead in annoyance.

And embarrassment, couldn't forget that.

…Well, the effect was ruined by the fact she was wearing her typical work outfit of a green blouse and long ankle length skirt. She had to dress serious for business after all.

If she was in her magical girl outfit, they'd definitely be staring at her in awe! And total lust on the boyfriend.

She was just that sexy after all.

"Why should he?" Miss Hentai growled at her. And my, she was an angry little thing wasn't she? She was like a little barking poodle. With huge tits, "Pretty arrogant you think you can just waltz in and claim crap like that. At least Gremory was willing to give up a good offer and was willing to pay up front."

Interestingly, out of the three humans in the room, Kaito Evander had the weakest magical power. He was at around the pinnacle of what a Low-Class was magic wise, while the hentai girl had seemed to be on the lower end of Mid-Class, and the exorcist girl was approaching that of High-Class.

Well, not that magical power was the be all and end all.

Besides…his magic power, it felt familiar to her for some reason. Like the former exorcist girl, his magic power didn't feel like that of a humans, but different.

But she couldn't quite place it right now.

"I mean, he's the one that wanted me in the first place, there's no need to be so mad," Serafall giggled in reply, before winking at the boy, "Isn't that right big boy?"

He did not deign to give her a reply. A wise choice really, when his girlfriend was practically snarling at her.

Snarling that was abruptly cut off at her reply, "…Tch," the girl clicked her tongue, and her face relaxed, making it hard to tell her expression now, what with her hair hidden by her hentai protagonist do, "You'd be mad to if your first time with your lover was interrupted multiple times by a bunch of thots lusting after him."

Well, she was both right and wrong. If she had a significant other, and was in love with them and finally got around to having their first time together only for some idiot to teleport in to try and recruit him, she'd punt them across the planet.

But she wasn't lusting after the body, and she didn't think Sona-chan was either, though that was hard to tell, her sister had never been upfront with any crushes she'd had growing up, which sucked. She never got the chance to tease her at all about it.

….Granted, considering how easily Rias-chan got naked and if Sona was to be believed, her big plan was to propose marriage to the boy so he'd become a high class devil upon the union, well, she might have dipped into the thottery genes she inherited from her stacked mother.

Well, she didn't really blame the girl. She inherited lewdness from both of her overly horny parents, so of course she would be into the handsome young, strong human she wanted to recruit, who's form rippled with muscles that looked like they were carved from marble and had a huge swinging donkey dick that could be used to club a seal.

But, Serafall was a mature, generous lady, so in return, she just nodded at the hentai protagonists words, "True, sorry about that," she magnanimously apologised, then turned her attention back to the naked boy and pranced over to him, "So, what is it you actually want? Is it high class status from the get go, or do you really just wanna knock me up?"

Just because she apologised and understood the girls point though, did not mean she was going to stop having fun at her expense.

"God you're annoying," Hentai girl huffed, "At this point I'd rather he knock you up just so he can screw you cross eyed and make you squeal, it would be a marked improvement over your annoying attitude."

How rude.

"Do you always let your girls do the talking for you?" Serafall ignored the girl outwardly and grinned at the boy. He opened his mouth to reply, but before he could, she touched her hand his to bare chest and with a thought, summoning the Leviathan teleportation sigil at her feet, "Let's take this somewhere private so you can actually talk, neh?"

And with that said, she activated the array at her feet and in a flash of pink light, she disappeared from the tiny apartment, alongside the naked boy, appearing moments later in a large, beautiful forest beside a humongous, crystal blue lake.

She had a lot of these spread about her territory. They were super pretty and made for a good back up water source to draw on in a last resort after all.

An annoyed sigh came from the naked boy she'd dragged along with her and he looked down into her eyes, giving her a dead stare, "Seriously, you kidnapped me?" he asked dully, "You couldn't even let me get dressed? This is why you supernatural types are so fucking annoying."

Said the boy who's raging hard erection was pressing up against her stomach right now.

"Ah come on, don't be such a sour puss, we couldn't talk freely unless we were alone after all," Serafall stepped back, hands clasped behind her back and grinned at the muscular boy, "You were walking on eggshells back there with your little hentai protagonist girlfriend, not that I blame you or her, but I've got places to be so I can't really tiptoe around the issue right now, so I brought you here to the forest around my estate in the underworld."

"…Pretty far to go just to talk private, we could have just went outside y'know?" he snorted, crossing his arms, "Besides, I thought there was some kind of law where first timers into the underworld had to go through a train or something like that? You just broke your own law."

"Well, something along those lines," Serafall shrugged, not at all surprised he knew about such a thing, the boy had clearly done his homework, "But don't worry about that baby cakes, as far as this goes? I am the law and we Satan's have our own little backdoors to bring people here without that long boring train ride."

"…Of course you are," Kaito Evander rolled his eyes, "Alright, being fully truthful? I'm not interested in working my way up your little pyramid scheme. Unless I get high class from the get go, I won't join your faction. Call me arrogant or entitled if you want, but I know my worth."

Blunt as heck wasn't he?

"Well if the report given to be by Sona on you is true, then you're not wrong," Serafall mused, then gave him an impish grin, "What about the whole wanting to marry and impregnate me thing?"

"Seriously?" he gave her an annoyed look.

"Seriously, come on Kaito-chan, be truthful," Serafall gave him a shit eating grin and clicked her fingers. Her business clothes lit up with pink light and transformed into her skimpy magical costume, incredibly tight crop top, tiny mini skirt, stockings, hat, wand and all, "Don't you wanna breed miracle Levi-tan? You can't just get a girls hopes up like that and not deliver." she swished her wand at him and posed provocatively, one leg curled a bit to raise her skirt up to just nearly giving him a view of her panties and showing off the vastness of the absolute territory of her thighs.

"I don't get it," he shook his head, "Why are you acting like this? It's weird, you don't even know me."

"Cuz it's amusing," she laughed at him, giving him another wink, "Besides, if I'm gonna recruit you, it's best to get this kinda stuff out in the air y'know so it isn't awkward."

Besides, despite people wanting to marry her and impregnate her, as she said before, that was more or less the old fuddy duddies that wanted powerful children. And the devils that actually wanted to fuck her, and there was a lot of the younger generation that talked on the private devil forums and such about what they'd like to do to her, none had ever been so bold to announce it in public, never mind to her sister where it would definitely get back to her.

They were afraid of her for good reason.

He didn't seem to be.

That was impressive in its own right, even if it was just a negotiation tactic.

Not to mention, she wanted to see more of his actual character. She was testing him. How things went here, would decide on if she transferred him to Rias' permanently, or just loaned him to her.

Kaito rolled his eyes and snorted, "Fine, whatever, I'm at the edge of my rope here with you guys interrupting me," the boy said and uncrossed his arms to point at her, "If given the chance, I'd absolutely destroy you. I don't give a crap that you're a Satan, I'd rail you silly until those pretty little eyes of yours roll up into the back of your skull, the things I'd do to you would have all your devil minions crying in outrage and envy and then after I got my fill of you I'd tattoo my name on your ass just to make sure everyone knew who you belonged to."

Serafall blinked, "Huh….that was graphic," she nodded in understanding, then grinned, "How about a little bet?"

A little incentive never hurt anyone. Except maybe her ass in this equation.

"A bet?" he goggled, thrown off. The sudden change of topic and her easily accepting his words, probably confused him.

"Yeah," she shrugged, "Let's fight. For all I've heard about you and all you've said, it's all well and dandy. You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Being a member of a Satan's peerage isn't your standard fare after all. I need to make sure you can back up your boasts in a fight."

If he was actually someone she could trust to watch her back and help her with his duties, he was more than worth his weight in gold to her. From exposing his desires like that, she got a feel for his lust. She needed to see more of his personality though.

And of course his battle prowess.

"Fine with me, can't expect to get something I didn't earn after all," he agreed, "What's the bet though?"

Serafall gave him a massive grin, "It's a simple wager, you just need to land a single clean attack on me that does some damage, a cut, or even a bruise works," she replied, "And if you manage it, well, you can pin me down and have your wicked way with me."

"….Wot?" he gaped once more at her offer.

"You heard me," she gave him a salacious wink, trailing her hands up her hips, over her stomach and up to cup her large breasts and jiggle them at him teasingly, "You manage that, and you can do whatever you want with me for…let's say an hour, can't be gone too long after all."

His huge rigid cock, somehow pulsed with an almost threatening aura at her words, the thick turgid vein running up the sin of it throbbing powerfully.

Despite that though, the boy stared at her still in disbelief, "What…just what? Why?" he asked, shaking his head, "That seems like a net loss to you. What would even equal that in return? And hell, you're real quick to offer something like this even though you know the initial demand was fake. Are you some kind of horny degenerate?"

"Like you're one to talk, Mr. I have two lovers," Serafall snorted, "And no, I'm not a slut, I've actually not gotten in laid in oh…two hundred years or so now?"

"Then…why?" he asked, it apparently didn't make sense to him. Though he couldn't hide the primal desire that darkened his eyes and the way he seemed to almost involuntarily leer at her with bedroom eyes.

It spoke well of his character and intelligence that he wasn't letting his dick lead him. After all, when an offer seemed to good to be true, more often than not, it was. massively more often than not actually.

"Why not?" she teasingly threw his lovers words from earlier back in his face. It wasn't really that big a deal to be honest. She doubted his chances, but even if he did, so what? The kid would rail her for an hour on his huge dick, scratch an itch she hadn't scratched in hundreds of years and she'd win both in that and the fact he was actually good enough to do so. Not to mention, she could hold it over Sona-chans head and tease her that she'd legitimately offered up her 'virtue' for her.

"Fuck it," Kaito groaned and shook his head, before focusing and sending her a steely gaze, "I'm so done with trying to make sense of you crazy supernatural's. Fine, let's do it."

"That's the spirit, try and defeat this magic girl with the power of the penis!" Serafall grandly declared, swishing her wand and withholding a giggle, "If you do win, I'll even let you record it, your little hentai protagonist girlfriend did want to hear me squeal right?"

"Her name is Yanagi."

"And? come on, you can't tell me you never noticed the hair style?"

Kaito apparently wasn't interested in replying. Instead, the naked teenage boy lowered down into a crouch, placing one hand against the grass and transitioning into a runners take off stance.

Then she felt his magic swell up and out of his body, covering it in a red haze and she blinked, surprised.

Now that he was actively using it, she could sense what it was and why it felt so familiar, 'Dragon magic. So he's using Dragon Aura then?' she mused, head cocking to the side in interest.

How did he have the power of a dragon? Was it because of his Sacred Gears being dragon based ones?

He wasn't done apparently as she felt a shift in the air around him. That was an energy she wasn't too familiar with personally, but the way it shaped around him, seeping into his already formed cloak of energy…But she'd seen quite a few people use it over the years, especially lately with her visits to Kyoto.

…How the heck did he learn how to use Touki?

That wasn't something a human just could learn, or anyone really. The only species with a natural talent for using their life force like that, were the Youki. Was he part Youkai?

He exploded up out of his running stance, dashing towards her in a blur of speed. If it wasn't so patronising and mean, Serafall would take the time go give him a clap.

He was moving nearly two hundred miles per hour.

That wasn't bad at all for-


Twin voices, of same baritone and pitch erupted into the air in a split moment, flashes of light forming around the Kaito's arm and back. A pitch black and gold gauntlet forming on his right arm and a pair of metallic black and gold wings of the same make shooting out from his back.

And suddenly, not only did his magic power shoot up massively in potency, if not volume, his speed increased to, or rather, multiplied.

A quadruple increase.

Suddenly his gears shifted, moving from that of a speeding race car, to a cracking bullet that split the sound barrier.

Serafall twirled elegantly to the side, avoiding his sudden accelerated punch that was aimed straight at where her face was.

He skidded, feet gouging into the grass and lashed out, rotating around like a spinning top and throwing out a windmill kick straight towards her neck. A simply sway of her head made it fly right by though.

He followed with his own momentum, swinging around to face her and as he did, she noticed flaming embers glittering between his lips.

Dragon fire as well huh?

Before he could fully open his mouth to unleash the blaze he'd formed within his throat, Serafall lashed out and clonked him under the chin with her wand lightly.

He was sent flying back through the air, the flames escaping his mouth and shooting off harmlessly into the air, while he landed on his back thirty feet away.

"Gonna have to try harder than that if you wanna clap my cheeks Kaito-chan!" Serafall called over teasingly, doing a very good job in her opinion of hiding her surprise.

She wasn't sure about his battle experience, but from that brief exchange, she could tell already, he had a rather amazing battle instinct. He knew from the start he was nowhere near as fast as her, so used the dragon aura and touki to lure her into a false sense of security and then when he closed in and she wasn't taking it seriously, instantly summoned his sacred gears and multiplied his physical abilities.

Smart, and skilled. His hard work showed, she'd seen many users of both the Boosted Gear and Twice Critical. Summoning the gear, or gears in this case and boosting so quickly, showed how skilled he was in its usage.

He must have trained hard.

Not to mention, he was surprisingly ruthless. Going straight for her face, then her neck, then trying to light her up with dragon fire. If that was what he'd bring out against a woman he wanted to sleep with, she would be quite excited to see what he'd do to his enemies.

It took him a moment to get up from where he landed, a wince on his face, "Shake it off big guy, you can do it!" Serafall cheered him on.

His eyebrow noticeably twitched.

"Surprise?" she beamed at him, "Bet you thought I was a squishy wizard type? Everyone always does these days."

He blinked, "…You're not?"

"Nope," she popped her lips cheerfully as she replied, "I'm all about getting up close and personal with my enemies and cutting them up into little pieces. Out of we four Satans, I'm the literal strongest, check out these guns!" twirling in place and shaking her hips to make her skirt flare up and display her panties at the boy, pure white as expected of a magical girl like herself and thrust her hand out, curling her arm lightly and smiling beautifully as sparks erupted around her and glittered gloriously.

"You've got twig arms," he deadpanned, rubbing his rapidly bruising chin, "I suppose your thighs at least have got some meat to them."

"You noticed, huh? They are pretty thicc!" Serafall nodded in agreement, "Actually I'm pretty thicc in general. That's a funny word isn't it? Not long ago girls would hate to be called that. Heck, I used to have a complex about how short I am, but not anymore, I'm a sexy bodacious short stack!"

She grinned as she remembered his two lovers, "Hey actually, Irina-chan and hentai-chan. A busty short stack and a busty twin tailed chick, that reminds me of someone," she gave a mock pat of her chin in thought before sending her grin at him, "You really are totally into me huh? You even got two girls just cuz they resemble me. Have we met before and I don't remember? Was it love at first sight for you?"

His other eyebrow twitched.

"But actually now that I think about it, I haven't been to anywhere in Kuoh besides meeting Sona-chan in a while, how long ago was this?" she mused aloud, before 'gasping', "It must have been years ago. And you've carried a torch for me this long? If only I knew you'd turn out so interesting, I'd have snatched up your shota self for myself. Actually, that's kind of par the course for magical girls as well in a lot of doujins now isn't it? Getting dicked down by hung shota brats. Missed opportunity there huh?"

Kaito lifted his arm up and clenched his hand into a fist. In response, tens of dozens of glittering orbs of energy formed into existence in the air around him.

Orbs of holy energy.

The golden parts of his wings glowed brightly with golden power, and suddenly the orbs of holy energy exploded in size, forming into large spears of light, each as wide as she was and just as tall.

"…Consider that nerve touched." Serafall nodded. Now that was what she was talking about!

Maybe she'd gone a little too far with her teasing?

'…Nah.' she decided a moment later, "Sorry you couldn't mating press me as a shota and make me your big sis magical girl love slave Kaito-chan, I take full responsibility!" she apologised with a thumbs up.

Ooh, he was getting even more annoyed!

How could she tell?

By the way the tens of dozens of large light spears shot towards her like a hail of blinding bullets.

Though, far faster than bullets.

She waved her wand gently through the air and launched a massive iceberg out to meet them. Over a hundred feet high and so wide it blocked off all vision from Kaito's side, it smashed into the hail of holy spears.

And was torn asunder.

The land beneath her feet trembled from the impact as the spears tore through and continued on to her and she whistled.

To break through her ice? Even if she wasn't giving it her all, it was impressive.

It was an ultimate attack in power the boy had just let loose. Really impressive. He really wasn't lying at all about being able to use Satanael's power was he?

He was rough with it, nowhere near as skilled currently, but he definitely could.

Humming, Serafall swished her hand out again and created a giant ice wall that erupted from the ground and towered up high enough to near pierce the clouds and pondered to herself as the hail of energy spears tried to pierce through her newest conjuration.

And failed.

She had long since surpassed the might of Satanael after all.

He wasn't getting through that. Satanael's power wasn't even close to strong enough to break through her ice barrier.

"Now…what to do?" she mused, doing her best to press down on the excitement that was beginning to boil in her blood. Kaito Evander was strong indeed and had the power output to match a lower class god with Satanael's power.

But his physical ability didn't come close to matching that power currently. With his dragon aura, touki and his boosts, he was definitely on the level of High-Class, and even without Satanael's power, he would definitely make mince meat out of Rias-chan or Sona-chan if they fought.

But the difference between high class and ultimate class was as vast as the distance between Earth and the sun. Ultimate class, was where one stepped into the realm of power and ability belonging to the gods.

And she personally, was on the higher end of Ultimate class. She could and had crushed multiple gods at once in a fight before.

Kaito-chan had the potential to reach such heights, but right now, he couldn't hope to touch her with this level of ability. The question right now though, was how to let him down gently?

'Sorry Rias-chan, Sona-chan, but I'm going to be keeping him to myself.' she mentally apologised to the girls.

Kaito-chan was right in his assessment of his own worth. It truly would be a waste to have him toil away as a Low-class devil. With the right training, she could make him into a complete monster.

She just had to secure his loyalty properly, "…It's too bad he isn't actually in love with me." she mused. If his goal really was to marry and impregnate her, it would be so easy to make sure they kept his loyalty.

It was honestly a bit skeevy to be thinking like this about him and making plans to secure his loyalty, when he could just be loyal in the end after joining naturally, but such was the burden of a Satan.

The job sucked harder than the Great King faction sucked on that old fossils dried out, dusty raisin sized testicles.

Well, honestly she could think about it in full later once s-


"Huh?" Serafall blinked in surprise and looked up. Just in time to see a huge hole form in her ice ice barrier, a deluge of pitch black flames roaring forth towards her.

"T-that's!?" gasping in both shock and surprise, she threw her hand up, a circle shield of ice forming around her palm and violently rotating around by her command.

The rotating shield launched the flames of her, but as it did she clicked her tongue, looking at her hand.

Where a tiny burn had formed where one stray ember had gotten past in sparked against her hand.

Her other hand came up and she flipped her hand out, a wave of ice erupting from and roaring forth, swarming over the pitch black flames.

She heard the wind whistling from above and tossed her ice shield aside, thrusting her wand up to catch the blade of a pitch black sword stabbing down at her from above.

She actually found herself grunting a little bit from the sheer force of it. The power behind the swing, was way more than he was capable of generating a few moments ago.

Serafall sighed, putting a little bit more strength into it, she tensed her legs and thrust up. She overpowered his swing and forced him back through the air with a jerk off her arm.

He flipped and landed a few feet away, wings glowing in preparation for a new attack, even as flames ignited along the pitch black sword in his grasp and dragon fire pooling in his mouth.

Yeesh, give a girl a break Kaito-chan!

"That's enough Kaito-chan." Serafall sighed, well, maybe a little huff. But she couldn't help but, how was she supposed to know he had Arondight?

And, those pitch black flames. She was sure those were the cursed flames of Caenis Lykaon. They were very distinct.

What a lame way to lose!

"What?" the boy faltered, the power he was charging dispersing as he gave her a weird look, "I'm still good to go though?"

He apparently had stamina in spades too.

Also, how had he maintained his erection through the entire fight? Was that normal for him?

"Yeah, but you already won," Serafall pouted and held her hand up to show him the little black burn, "Your little surprise attack burned me a little bit." she told him.

it was a tiny little thing, no bigger than an ant sized dot that he probably couldn't even see from over there. But, she was a magical girl of her word.

Which reminded her, she better take care of that quick before it actually infected her body properly with the curse.

She quickly froze the cursed flames in the burn and snuffed them out.

"…So I won the bet?" he cocked his head to the side, looking like he couldn't quite believe it.

"Yup," she shrugged back, "You defeated the great and powerful Leviathan-sama and Miracle Levi-tan the ultimate magical girl of love and justice. And now you won the grand prize of clapping my cheeks!"

"…It doesn't feel like I won." he grimaced.

Ah right, according to Sona, he was the self made type right? He took pride in accomplishments. A little thing like this, probably rankled his pride.

But he was looking at this the wrong way.

"Honestly, can't you at least boast about this? I'm pretty amazing and powerful you know? I've made gods cry and beg for mercy!" Serafall pouted at him, "The fact you landed a hit at all, even as tiny as this, means you're a crazy monster kid. I literally beat up a Chinese god a few weeks ago without him managing to land even this much, I gave him a wedgie, then a swirlie and stole his wallet and made him cry!"

"…You what?" he goggled at her.

"Well he was a dick, and had a tiny one by the way, not like yours, which…is still erect, how does that even work?" Serafall shook her head before pointing at him, "Honestly, it doesn't matter, where's all that cocky talk from before about railing me silly and tattooing your name on my ass? You all talk kid?"

"Give me a break you crazy Christmas cake magical girl, I'm just surprised is all!" he shot back.

She stilled, "….What did you call me?" Serafall felt her own eyebrow twitch.

And for the first time since they started interacting so far, he grinned at her, "A Christmas cake, what else would I call a chick who's hundreds of years old and still not managed to get married yet?"

Her hand clenched around her wand so hard, her knuckles popped, "There's just some things you don't say to a magical girl you brat," she bit out, then forced a smile, "But, it's fine, that isn't a problem anymore after all."

"Yeah, did you get married in the last few seconds without me noticing?" he scoffed back at her.

"Well close, there's this cocky kid that was talking shit about how his most grand ambition in life was to marry me and impregnate me with his kid," she shot back and relished in the his eyes widened in remembrance, "No take backs Kaito-chan!"

"This is the weirdest way I've been hit on in my life, honestly, I can't even believe this is my life," the naked teen rolled his eyes, the sword disappearing from his grasp, and his Sacred Gears following suit a moment, "Get over here."

Serafall blinked, a bit taken aback by his sudden turn in demeanour. But well, she'd already tread down this path, she wasn't going to back out now.

That did not mean she wouldn't continue teasing him though, "Hey, you're finally manning up a bit, good I'd hate to-"

That was as far as she got before he stepped forward to meet her, one hand grasping her by the cheek while the other slipped behind her and under her pink mini skirt to grasp her by the ass and cover his lips with her own.

Her eyes widened as he forced his tongue into her mouth, his hand tightening its grip, digits sinking into her soft, toned ass cheek.

Three of them at least. The other two, went straight for her pussy, rubbing her womanhood over her standard magical girl cotton panties.

He was surprisingly skilled, and she shuddered as he ground his huge, fat cock into her bare belly left free thanks to her tiny pink crop top.

His tongue overwhelmed hers before she could do anything in reply and wrestled it into submission.

…It had been a long, long time for her okay?

She ground against his fingers on instinct, her hands coming up to wrap around his cock and she marvelled at how heavy and warm it felt. It had been a long, long time, but for sure, she could remember her experiences enough to know she'd never had anything close to this beast.

She leaned into his kiss, while stroking his cock up and down with both hands, and before she knew it, his hand on her cheek slid up to her hair, where he grasped her by one of her twin tails and jerked her back, making her look up into his very intense looking eyes.

"What was that you wanted me to do?" he bared his teeth in a wild grin, "Clap your cheek was it?"

"Mmm." Serafall nodded, wagging her tongue at him teasingly. While her position was that of submission here. That was only because she was letting it.

"Beg me for it." he said

She blinked, and snorted. Fine, if that was what he wanted. Peeling herself out of his grip, she turned around and bent over at the waist, letting her skirt ride up and expose her ass, and wet stained panties to him, "Kaito-chan p-"

She gave a small surprised squeal as his hand impacted one of her ass cheeks. He spanked her.

"Kaito-sama." he corrected her.

Well, look who had been possessed by the spirit of domination. She snorted inwardly.

"Kaito-sama~ Please clap my slutty cheeks." she begged, wiggling her ass at him, even as she reached for her panties and exposed her dripping slit to him.

God…she was horny as hell right now. She couldn't remember the last time she'd ever been this horny. She'd really let things escalate here far too quickly.

And he was too.

Eyes dark with desire, huge cock pulsing with lust, the human teenager grabbed onto her full hips tightly and lined himself up with her pussy, preparing to thrust it in and take her.

He was going to take her hard and rough, make her his little slut. And she was going to love it and-

Her phone rang, she froze.

As did Kaito.

For a second, they just stayed in that position, but the ringing continued. He sighed, so did she.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone.

It was her sister.

"We….should probably get a move on." he grimaced.

"Yeah…we still haven't done what we actually came here for," she laughed a bit awkwardly, even as they stayed in that position, both just feeling something in the air and frozen still. She coughed, "So…I've got pretty much all my evil pieces besides the queen, I'm sure you know what the do, so what one do you want?"

"Rook," he answered without hesitation, "Beyond that though, we need to talk pay."

"We can cover that later, but don't worry you'll be getting a good amount," she nodded. She coughed again, and slid out of his grip, feeling a brief sensation of disappointment as he didn't just pull her back and spear her on his massive rod, "Alright, let's do this Kaito-chan." she held her hand up and summoned the box containing her evil pieces.

"What happened to Kaito-sama?" he raised an eyebrow at her.

She snorted, "We'll talk about that later as well."

Once she sorted through her own feelings on the matter. Her head was clearing up a bit, and while she didn't really see anything wrong with what she did, it was a bit too…fast. She would have preferred to play it out longer. And in a bedroom.

…If Sona-chan hadn't called when she did, then right now she'd be getting railed into the grass. Not exactly her idea of a good time. Well, not for their first time together at least. She was going to be his boss and leader now, she couldn't have him always imagining what she looked like moaning and squealing on his dick in the middle of a forest!

That was more a third encounter type of thing. Or roleplay, like the defeated magical girl!

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