"You….know?" Akeno swallowed heavily, a distraught look appearing on her face.

It was almost fascinating how quickly such a confident, sexually bold, teasing demeanour could evaporate and be replaced by near the complete opposite in just a few scant seconds.

"Course I did," he replied with a shrug, "Like I said, I made sure to know who I was dealing with just in case. In case you forgot, I had no interest in joining at all, I'm not the type that likes to be a low class flunky."

Technically, he wasn't lying either.

Technicalities for the win.

He could have done this with a bit more subtlety, but he simply couldn't be bothered with it at this point. This day, had been rather trying for him and he'd lost much of his rather considerable patience.

"I…see…" Akeno trailed off, biting her lip, before giving a tight nod, "Yes, it's true. As you said, my father is Baraqiel a high ranking member of the Grigori, while my mother, was a shrine maiden who once saved him when he was wounded. Their meeting is what led to my filthy conception." she reached up to grasp her shoulder tightly as she trembled, tears beginning to bud in her eyes.

She looked up at him, meeting his eyes and as she did, twin wings erupted from her back, one dark and leathery, like that of a bats, while the other was filled with deep beautiful ebony black fathers like that of a majestic raven. Her fallen angel wing bore subtle distinctions that he noticed from those of Satanael's own. Her feathers appeared softer, more cushiony and almost inviting to his eyes, in contrast to the Cadre's which were thin and razor-like and looked like they could slice through skin if touched at the wrong angle.

'I wonder if I'll get dragon wings when I decide to fully transform?' he mused idly.

"There's no point hiding them," she said, "You see them? These corrupt and and disgusting black wings. It's the proof of my heritage, the reason why my family hated me so much and considered me tainted. It's only fitting I'd become a devil as well no? I'm a repulsive woman with sullied blood flowing through her veins and it only made sense to add the corruption of a devil on top of-

Akeno was cut off.

But not by Kaito's voice.

Rather, by the back of his hand meeting her cheek, the echoing of his backhand ringing through the room and stunning her silent.

It wasn't hard at all, definitely not enough to hurt a Queen like Akeno, but it didn't stop her from being stunned quiet and cupping her cheek in shock.

"Shut the hell up, nobody asked for your god damn sob story," he scoffed at her, "I don't need your freaking life story."

The tears trickled from her eyes down her cheeks, "Yes…I suppose you're right, who would want to listen to the tale of such a filthy disgusting-"

She stopped as he flicked her on the nose, quite hard, drawing a little yelp from her, "No, it's the simple fact that you being a half fallen angel doesn't mean jack shit to me, as far as I'm concerned, you being disgusting or not, is who you are as a person, And I don't know you enough know if you are or not," Kaito retorted, "Honestly, who the fuck even cares you're part fallen angel? Really, honestly, get the fuck over yourself. So you were born stronger than any human without an overpowered Sacred Gear could ever hope for, with an innate beauty that would make models weep in envy and even without being a devil would have probably have had a life span in the tens of thousands, boo fucking hoo."

"Ah…eh?" Akeno uttered, staring at him wide eyed and unable to form a response.

"I don't know shit about your situation or your sob story, but I'll tell you straight, my father never even knew I existed and my mother abandoned me, but I don't give the shit off of a camels ass, and you wanna know why?" Kaito growled at her, looming over the girl and looking her straight in the eyes, "It's because it won't fucking change anything. Saying your filthy, corrupt, disgusting and blah fucking blah, is an excuse to pity yourself, grow up, the only thing obscene about you is your absurdly obscenely sized tits. Well, that and the fact you've had the power to beat Riser yourself all this time and won't use it because boo fucking hoo nonsense?"

Akeno stared at him at wide eyed, wide mouthed and in total, absolute stunned shock.

Kaito sighed deeply, and ran a hand through his hair, "And there I go again losing my temper," he rolled his eyes, then shook his head and locked his gaze with hers once more, "Whether or not you're a shit person, comes down to you alone and nobody else. I don't know what happened between you and your family beyond some basic things I dug up, but in the end, fuck them, they've got no bearing on who you are now, so just wash your hands of them, suck it up, and be the best you can be, live your life and be happy, there's no reason why you don't deserve it."

"Even…though my family killed my mother because she gave birth to a girl like me?" Akeno's shoulders shook as she asked her question.

"Even then," he nodded, "You don't owe the world or anyone else anything for being born. You can do whatever the hell you damn well want with your life."

"…Ah…" Akeno stared at him open mouthed, before her lips formed into a watery smile, "I'm beginning to see why you've managed to get two girlfriends, you know just what to say, don't you?"

"Not really, I'm just winging it and telling it like I see it," Kaito rolled his eyes, before reaching over and with his thumbs to wipe away the tears that dirtied her cheeks, "Now come on stop crying, I can't exactly have you teach me how to use magic like this, and I really need to learn how to use a teleportation circle."

Without Yanagi and Irina to help suck out the excess dragon power that built up within him, it would get harder and harder to stop his full transformation into a dragon from progressing.

At this rate, he was going to need to just fly back early morning to get it done and then come back. It wouldn't be that long of a trip really, but it would be way more convenient with teleportation magic.

She stared at him, cheeks flushing once more with his thumbs on her cheeks, faces close together, before giggling lightly, "You know Kaito-kun, you need to be more careful," she said suddenly, "This is the kind of thing that will make girls fall for you."

"I literally just slapped you." he deadpanned.

"I'm kind of into that though," Akeno smiled at him prettily, "Since you know quite a bit about us, you probably know I'm quite the sadist, but I wouldn't mind being the M either, it sounds fun, though I think I'd prefer you slapping something else fufufuf!"

Kaito snorted and pulled back from her, "Yeah, whatever virgin." he shot back.

Akeno froze looking like a deer caught in headlights for a moment before shaking her head, "Isn't that better though, you'd get to break in and steal my purity all for yourself," she returned fire, ironically calling herself pure when moments ago she claimed she was disgusting and tainted, "I'm dummy thicc and ripe for the taking, don't you want to see if you clapping my ass cheeks will be heard by everyone?"

Kaito just stared. That was was a sentence that should never have been uttered aloud.

Akeno grinned and winked at him, "My coming onto you earlier was only partly a joke you know, I do find you rather manly and handsome and after our little chat here, I can't say my interest hasn't risen massively," she said, before cupping her huge breasts and holding them up to his gaze, "What do you say, I know I'm definitely not first in the running, or even second, but I don't mind being third place either, it might even be more fun that way."

Kaito simply nodded, "No." he replied bluntly.

"…No?" Akeno cocked her head to the side and just looked confused, she apparently didn't think he'd refuse the offer for a free third girlfriend like her.

"No," Kaito confirmed and then shrugged, "Don't get me wrong, you're gorgeous beyond belief, and the whole walking talking cock tease theme you've got going on? I'd definitely fuck you into the bed hard enough to break it and leave an imprint of your dump track of an ass in the mattress, but Akeno, I just told you, I don't know you. This is literally the first time we've had a proper conversation between us and it's got pretty heavy. You being sexy as sin itself, isn't enough for a relationship."

Akeno blinked, "….Oh…" she trailed off, looking a little lost. She let go of her breasts and looked at him a little befuddled, "Well, that makes this kind of awkward then doesn't it? Especially after I kind of poured my heart out and then what you said and now, usually this would culminate into kind of dating…"

"In an anime maybe, you've clearly been watching too much of it with Rias," he rolled his eyes, "A relationship isn't about lust, at least not to me. Actually entering a relationship, is a commitment. Like I said, I will happily make you squeal, but right now, I'm only committed to Yanagi and Irina, I don't know you enough to be willing to do that for you, at least not yet, who knows how things might change in the future."

His dick if it were possible would be smacking him silly for turning down such an offer.

"You're really mature, huh?" Akeno mused, shaking her head, "Any other boy would probably jump at the chance, even if they didn't feel anything for me, they wouldn't hesitate to use me as they pleased and toss me aside when they got bored."

"That's just not me," Kaito shrugged in return, "If you want me to just fuck your brains out, that's fine with me, I'm all for it. But if you want more than that, I can't give it to you right now."

"Ara, ara," Akeno cupped her cheek and stared at him hotly, "I can't say that blunt attitude of yours it isn't a bit of a turn on either. What if I say, I'm actually alright with that and would to put your boasting about leaving an imprint of my 'dump truck of an ass' in the mattress to the test?" she licked her lips and glided her finger down through the top buttons of her chest, unfastening them expertly and allowing a massive canyon of deep creamy cleavage to jiggle into view.

His dick practically roared to attention.

"I'd say you better be hopeful mouth isn't signing a cheque your ass can't pay." he replied, before stepping forward, unzipping his pants. He was going to call her bluff.

He yanked down his pants slightly alongside his boxers, allowing his semi hard cock to flop into view and loom menacingly above the older girl.

"Oh…dear," Akeno swallowed heavily, "That's…a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be."

He grasped it at the base and gave it a long stroke, "Ready to start squealing?" he smirked at her, the lust built up over getting worked up to have his way with Rias, and then Serafall as well and pulling back each time to be a good person finally boiling back up to the surface and overwhelming his normal sensibilities, "You'll be calling me daddy soon."

Akeno shuddered, "Sounds like a fun time, daddy~"

With Irina and Yanagi, he'd held himself back, forced down the near all consuming impulse to do everything and anything he wanted to them, to utterly dominate them in full.

But it was like a constant itch that needed to be scratched. Akeno, with how she was, and who she was, presented the perfected opportunity, to claw the ever loving shit out of that itch.

By fucking the ever loving shit out of her and unloading his dominion fuelled impulses upon her.

That was why, when Kaito let go, stopped holding, back and fell into his instincts, the first thing he did, was grasp the beautiful older girl by the chin and forced her to look up into his eyes, while he grasped his fat throbbing cock with the other.

And slapped it down hard and meatily across her face, so hard it echoed throughout the room as if he'd just back handed her.


He felt Akeno tremble bodily just from his grasp on her chin and a lewd moan erupted from her full pretty lips.

His cock hung over her head like the Sword of Damocles, the length starting at her chin and covering the length of her face and beyond easily.

"Just like that daddy…treat me like your little slut." she whined needily from below him, her lips pressing kisses against his length before her tongue slivered out to lather his balls.

Well if she insisted!

He pulled back and jerked her face up with his grasp on her chin, staring down at her with a smirk and forced her mouth open, before pulling back and forcing the fat head of his cock straight into her mouth.

Akeno understood the assignment quickly and clamped her lips tightly around his cock and began to glide her lips up and down his throbbing length.

Kaito stood there, luxuriating in the feeling of power running through him as the older beautiful girl bobbed her head up and down on his cock, long glimmering black ponytail bouncing with each movement.

But it wasn't enough.

This wasn't about getting his cock sucked, at least not fully. It was about unleashing his most primal desires that he'd held back with the girls he actually had feelings for.

His hands came to the side of Akeno's head, and her beautiful purple eyes went wide as he forced his cock into her throat and forced her to deep throat his massive length, her throat bulging outwards from the sheer thickness of his cock.

"Glak! Glak! Glak!" wet, slurping gagging sounds echoed through the room, spittle splashing against his crotch and dripping to the floor in puddles of drool as he immediately set up a pace, of outright face fucking the older girl.

Yet even as she choked on his cock with each thrust into her gullet, Akeno stared up at him almost adoringly.

He ripped his cock free a moment later, and Akeno immediately sucked in great big mouthfuls of air.

Kaito only gave her a few moments to recover, before his hand was fisting into her ponytail and dragging her up to her feet. He dragged her by the hair, drawing a small squeal from her and threw her onto the bed face first, leaving her lower body sticking up, her skirt fully rode up and revealing that fat pale cushiony dump truck ass of hers, covered only by a pair of lacy purple and black panties that were absolutely soaked.

His hand lashed out and his palm impacted against one of her fat cheeks in a punishing spank that drew another squeal from her and left an immediate hand print behind on her previously unblemished skin.

Before his other hand shot out and grasped her panties, and outright tore them off, exposing her puffy pink slit and winking asshole to his gaze.

Usually, he would give a girl time to get herself ready, prepare herself, or even go in slowly.

Not here, not now.

Akeno had awoken the Dragon of Domination.

And there was no mercy to be found there.

Before she could even look back at him, one of his hands was gasping her hip tightly while the other one grasped his huge cock and lined it up with her dripping slit-

And then he forcefully spread her puffy pink vulva with the fat jed of his cock and invaded her insides, claiming them for his own.

"Oh fuck!" Akeno's head whipped up and she squealed, stoking the fire of satisfaction within him as her squeal transitioned into a reverberating moan that bounced off of the walls as he forced himself fully inside her, warping her previously pristine little pussy and stretching it out to fit him.

And by fucking Serafall was her pussy tight! It clamped down upon him and tried to swing him dry like a pulsating, ever tightening vice.

It clung to him like the needy little daddy issues slut Akeno was.

He gave her only a few seconds to adjust, but in that time, his hands went to her front and sunk into her fat soft tits and dragged her up to press her back flat against his front and force his cock even deeper into him.

Akeno gave a full body shudder, her insides spasming like she was getting electrocuted and she gave a whimpering squeal as her juices squirted from her near plugged slit and soaked his bed.

She came.

She came so hard, she almost went limp and fell forward onto the bed, and would have if not for the grip her had on her.

"Did I say you could cum so quickly, slut?" Kaito growled in her ear, his teeth nipping at her earlobe as he outright savagely tore the shirt to pieces with his hands and left her torso bare beyond a lacey purple bra that her massive tits were absolutely falling out of.

"Ah….ah…." Akeno shuddered in his grasp as his hands went straight to her tits and tugged forcefully on her rigidly hard nipples, "M-sorry daddy I….I've…been a bad girl…."

Then she needed to be punished right?

Akeno mewled in almost disappointment as he pulled his hips back, pulling his cock that was buried so deep in her he may as well have been crowned King of Britain out until only the head remained.

Before slamming it all back into her with all the speed and force of a fired bullet, his hips clapping into her fat cushiony ass so hard it sounded like a cruise missile slamming into the Earth.

"Oh daddddyyy!" Akeno squealed.

Within moments, the room was filled with the wet meaty slaps of his hips meeting her own in a blistering, blurring pace and her squealing her absolute lungs out as he destroyed her pussy.

"Finally finished…" Issei groaned in relief, sitting on one of the stools within the kitchen of Buchou's villa.

For the last hour, he'd been peeling onions and potatoes for tomorrows dinner. Buchou had claimed doing it every day while here would install some discipline in him.

But it sounded like crap, though he wouldn't say that to Buchou out loud. She obviously knew better than him right?
Well that and it was apparently Koneko-chan that thought of it. Apparently she wanted to go for a bath and didn't want him trying to peep on her.

Like he even would. Cute as she was, her tiny flat plain washboard chest held no interest to him, he only cared about big bouncing bazoonga powered oppai!

Like Buchou, or Akeno-senpai!

'Man those oppai are crazy, what I wouldn't give to bury my head between those melons hehehehehe!' Issei giggled to himself, a bit of drool leaking from his mouth at the thought.

Ah he could just see it now, Akeno-senpai and Buchou dressed in harem, girl outfits and serving his every desire! That was his future for sure once he mastered the Boosted Gear and beat the crap out of that dumbass yakitori.

'Actually…' he blinked, thoughts trailing off. He hadn't seen Akeno-senpai since dinner. Buchou, Asia, Keno and Kiba were off having a bath and had left him to peel the potatoes and onions.

But he hadn't seen Akeno-senpai since dinner, she'd been one of the first to dip out. The first had been that stupid pretty boy muscle headed jock that thought he was so fucking cool and strong.

But who cared about that asshole?

Buchou had explained the specifics behind the guy earlier. Apparently, he had been recruited by one of the four Satans, the leaders of the underworld, one of them being Buchou's big brother.

Feh, Issei bet he thought he was hot shit

Who cared if he had two Twice Critical's and evolved one or some such nonsense because he managed to luckily take down some super strong Fallen Angel while he was weakened.

That was just luck, everything that idiot had always relied on by Issei's reckoning. Born with good looks and big muscles, luckily getting two sacred gears, luckily being skilled at sports, luckily getting close to that babe Yanagi-chan and her massive oppai, luck luck luck.

Unlike Issei who'd been working hard and only got his Boosted Gear because he was attacked and risked his life, that asshole had been coasting by, and he had the nerve to look down on him and think he was better.

He was just like that yakitori bastard, but Issei would show him. He might be stronger for now, but no amount of luck was going to let him be superior in the end when he had the Boosted Gear!

"Yeah…Ima kick his ass one day!" Issei declared with a nod. He could already boost a full six times as they found out today during his crazy exhausting training.

He bet Evander had never trained like that in his life. By the time this training ended, he would be much stronger and would be able to boost even more, maybe eight or even nine times!

Then he'd show him!

For now though, he was super tired!

'Time for bed!' he decided. He needed all the rest he could get if he wanted to give it his all tomorrow and impress the girls with his manliness.

He could take a quick shower in the morning.

With that thought, Issei forced himself up and made his way towards the wing of the villa where the bedrooms were located.

As he was making his way towards his designated bedroom, Issei paused. He was on the downstairs, but from the upstairs, directly above his own room he could hear banging.

And just make out a female voice?


'She sounds like…she's crying? And throwing things around?' Issei thought. Was she alright?

Maybe the yakitori business had gotten to her and she was crying for Buchou! Then he should go try and cheer her up right and comfort her?

Maybe she'd even let him bury his head in her oppai if he lent her his shoulder to cry on?

A smile spread across at the thought and with a spring in his step he left his bedroom for the next ten days behind and made his way upstairs.

As he did, the banging just got louder and louder, he wondered what the heck she was throwing around in there?
Well he'd find out in a moment.

Issei made his way to the bedroom directly above his own and grasped the door knob before opening it up just a bit to peek his head in, "Akeno-senpai are you al-"

Issei's voice was drowned out and his eyes went wide with absolute horror at what he saw.

Two asses.

One big, round, bouncy, bodacious and jiggly. Covered in multiple hand prints. While the other was tan and muscular.

Akeno-senpai was not crying he realised, she was squealing and moaning in pleasure. She was also not throwing things around or breaking them. It was just the frame of a bed smashing against the wall over and over again.

Issei was like a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding car as he watched the muscular toned ass of Kaito Evander rise up, giving him a glimpse below him at the massive naked oppai of Akeno-senpai, before that horrendous muscular ass drove back down in a powerful piledriving pistoning slam of epic proportions and drove a monstrous cock Issei could have went his entire life without ever wanting to see into Akeno-senpai.

And then again, and again and again.

Akeno-senpai squealed and screamed, her legs flailing helplessly in the air as Kaito Evander ruthlessly fucked her in a textbook perfect mating press straight out of one of his beloved hentai!

"Mercy daddy! Pleash!" Akeno-senpai gave a babbling moan, "You're breaking me!"

It didn't sound like she was begging for mercy, in fact, despite her words it sounded like she was begging for him to give it to her even more.

And in response, Kaito Evander began to speed up, his hips moving at a pace so fast they began to blur before Issei's very eyes!


Biting his lip, Issei mustered the willpower to pull away and close the door and just stood there crouched in the hallway listening to Akeno-senpai get the fucking of a life time.

Issei sniffled, "…That guy, why is he so manly?" he couldn't help but whimper, hand absently readjusting himself at the crotch.

He stayed there for over a half an hour listening to the squealing moans of Akeno-senpai being destroyed, before things went quiet and he slinked back down to his bedroom.

Only, as soon as he got back within his room, that squealing and rhythmic started up once again.

His hands trailed down his front as he listened to the crazy sexathon above.

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