This story takes place parallel to 'DxD Overlord', starting from Chapter 1.

Prepare for maximum brain damage. There are no brakes on the Demiurge-train.

There was an odd silence that hung in the air.

Indeed, he couldn't feel his body anymore.

Everything was quite still and cold, and his vision was shrouded by a veil of darkness.

However, that ended as soon as Issei realized that he had merely closed his eyes, just for a moment's rest so that he could get back up, smash Riser Phenix's face in, and win the Rating Game between Rias Gremory's Peerage and Riser Phenix's Peerage.

He had little illusions as to how it would go- Issei knew he'd die for real if he continued his duel with Riser, but if he managed to take out the Phenix then the Rating Game would result in Gremory Peerage's victory. After all, Rias had been tied up but not knocked out, so even if Issei died then as long as he took Riser out with him then Rias would win.



The burning hot feeling in his chest that had resulted from Issei getting run through by Riser's spear made of fire had disappeared, and Issei instinctively stood up as he realized he had been sitting on something quite hard instead of being dangled up in the air by said flaming spear.

After that, Issei realized that he was no longer in the Rating Game 'arena', nor in the amazingly realistic not-Kuoh Academy where the fight had taken place.

'Where exactly am I? This isn't an infirmary, I think?'

Indeed, now that Issei got a look around himself, he saw that he was in some sort of grand hall that resembled a throne room of sorts, with all sorts of banners hanging from huge pillars that lined the throne room's central red carpet, which stretched all the way from where Issei stood to a huge double-door in the distance.

All in all, the whole palace gave Issei serious creeps, even more so than the absolutely obscenely luxurious vistas that Devils surrounded themselves with in the Underworld- At least, that had been all Issei had seen of his Rias-buchou's homeland in the brief moment that Issei had spent in that realm before the Rating Game.

And that was when Issei realized that he didn't have his flesh on his bones.

"Kyaaaah?!" Two voices suddenly cried out in shock, and Issei realized that he was one of them as he quickly patted over his body in sheer shock.

"M-Momonga-sama… M-Momonga-sama, this is too bold- O-or are you saying that I should get naked too?" A sweet-sounding if almost obscenely horny voice came from somewhere nearby, causing Issei to almost jump out of his skin. If he had any to jump out of anymore, anyway.

He turned towards the source of the scream, and froze still as soon as he saw it.

"W-Wait, wha-" Issei's confusion came to a quick halt as he spotted the absolute beauty who had been kneeling beside the throne where Issei realized he had been sitting on.

Moreover, now that Issei had passed the initial shock, he saw that the hall had a line of people kneeling on the floor- A butler of some sort who looked quite strict, and six… Maids?

Issei had a sudden epiphany. 'Did I die and go to heaven?'

…And then he realized two things. 'Wait, Rias-buchou said devils can't go to Heaven, so… this is hell, right? But that onee-sama with black hair has such a lovely pair of breasts that- That- I can barely hold myself back!'

Indeed, as soon as Issei thought about the pair of heavenly mounds on the black-haired beauty who had covered her eyes for some reason, his reasoning had nearly ground to a halt.

"You…" A voice left Issei's mouth against his will, or indeed because of his will, causing the black-haired woman to freeze up. "I'd like to… Touch your oppai."

'Ten out of ten seduction lines.' Issei thought a bit dryly with what remained of his rational mind, as he was fairly sure the black-haired beauty would just slap him.

"O-Oppa-i?" The woman froze still- Before Issei realized that he was currently lying flat on the floor of the throne-room and the black-haired beauty was currently on top of him.

He hadn't even seen her move… But more importantly, there was another thing that took Issei's attention. Namely the pair of breasts that were hanging above his head.

'E-eh?! I thought she'd slap me, or scold-' Issei's mouth fell open, or rather the skeletal jaw that made his mouth fell open while the woman who was sitting on top of his skeletal pelvis was panting way too hard.

"Is- Is this it? Does my lord wish to take me here and now? In sight of all the servants of the Ninth Floor? Kukuku! Yes- Yes, my lord! Of course, please ravage my body to your heart's content!" The mysterious black-haired beauty gave off a seriously messed-up feeling, like if there was utterly foul energy radiating out of her in vast excess, making Issei's neck-hairs stand on end… Metaphorically speaking. Not to mention that the onee-sama's expression was utterly depraved and more than a little frightening. "Please let us join our bodies now! Right now! Ah- this dress is getting in my way- Oh, of course, this is why you took your clothes off, my lord- I should have prepared myself instantly, please forgive this foolish servant-"

"I-it's alright." Issei felt more than a bit afraid but the pair of breasts in front of him, which were still clothed yet bounced around as if they were not, overrode his sense of self-preservation.

He reached up with his skeletal hand… And poked one of the breasts.

"Iyaaaaaaaan!" The black-haired woman let out a loud moan which sent an echo all around the throne-room… And Issei felt nothing.

No, it should be said that Issei did feel something, a touch… But it was nothing more than a simple feeling of just touching something mundane and average.

'Oh.' Issei realized that he had calmed down instantly, as if a switch had been flicked inside his head. 'I see. In other words, this is hell after all. Beauties all around, except… I don't have my flesh, my 'that', or could even enjoy groping their breasts. Indeed, this hell was handcrafted just for me.'

"Thank you. That is all." Issei felt quite depressed and wanted to just sit down and cradle his exposed leg-bones against his exposed ribs.

"Ahn, more, ple- Of course, master." The black-haired woman seemed to do a total one-eighty in her attitude while she had been struggling out of her outfit, and stood up in a flash.

'...U-um…' Issei realized that he had neglected something important in his 'breast-frenzy'.

Namely, that the black-haired woman had a pair of black wings coming out of her back-waist and horns coming out of her head.

'Is… Is she a Fallen Angel?' Issei froze utterly still for a brief moment before scrambling back to his feet. 'Raynare…'

The memory of Raynare tearing Asia's life-force out of her body alongside the nun's Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing, was still fresh in Issei's memory… As well as the act of compassion and kindness Raynare had shown to Issei while adopting the fake persona of 'Yuuma Amano' in order to lure him out to a park alone at night, and then reveal her true persona.

Before Raynare had killed Issei, albeit only temporarily as Rias had been around to resurrect him with a Devil Piece.

'...That act just now- It had to be something like that, right? That onee-sama acted horny on my command just now, but then… It was as if a switch was flicked.' Issei felt more than a bit worried and tried to materialize his [Boosted Gear].

Except, the [Boosted Gear] didn't appear. "Wha- What?! My equipment?! It's gone?! I can't bring it out?!"

The desperate cry caused the black-haired woman's eyes to nearly bulge out of her eye sockets, which made Issei flinch instinctively while bracing for an attack, certain that she'd swoop down to finish him off now that he had foolishly revealed that he was unarmed-

"Ah! That- That is why Lord Momonga was naked!" The elderly gentleman-looking butler seemed to snap out of his stupor. "Please contain yourself, Albedo-sama! All may not be as it seems!"

"Sebas, you dare- wait." The woman who had been referred to as Albedo seemed to pause as well. "Ah- Momonga-sama? Your equipment? Is that- Did something happen to it?"

"I- Um, it…" Issei sweated bullets internally while lifting his hands up to stall Albedo. "It's a long story, but there's this [Sacred Gear], and a dragon, and… Ahem… I can't materialize my gear."

Albedo seemed to freeze still for a moment while muttering something, all the while an extremely malefic expression crossed her face. "I am so going to murder that leech if I find she's grabbed some of Lord Momonga's clothes and didn't bother to share so I could smell- Ahem! Y-yes, indeed, I shall do everything in my power that this travesty is set right! In the meanwhile- Pleiades! Please fetch Lord Momonga new clothes- Ah, that is, unless Lord Momonga wishes to-"

"Please call me 'Issei'." Issei didn't know who 'Lord Momonga' was, but he was slowly getting a sinking feeling that everything was not alright. In fact, he was quite certain that everything was most definitely the opposite of being quite alright. 'Lord Momonga? She's talking as if that was me… But I'm Issei… Wait, unless, is it something like 'Sekiryūtei'? A title? Or a pet-name? I think 'Momonga' has something to do with flying squirrels… Err, I think I should be offended that 'Sekiryūtei' is called 'flying squirrel', but without [Boosted Gear] I'm not exactly in a position to argue…'

'Not to mention, I need to figure out where Rias-buchou is and if everything is alright… Dammit- If I died, then Riser would have won the Rating Game! In other words, Rias-buchou would be married off to that…' Issei felt his rage build up in an instant. "That… THAT DAMN THIEF! I WILL RIP HIS HEAD OFF! I WILL RIP HIS HEAD OFF AND FORCE HIM TO APOLOGIZE FOR TAKING WHAT'S MINE! I SHALL NEVER FORGIVE! I SHALL NEVER FORGIVE HIM! RRRAAAAAGGHHHH!"

"Eeep!" A chorus of small voices came from somewhere nearby and Issei realized that he had yelled his rage aloud.




The thunderous sound carried a wave of dark power that washed over the Pleiades, sending cold shivers down each of their backs.

"U-uhuu…" Entoma put her claw-like hands on her mask while curling into a ball with her face against the floor, utterly terrified.

Solution had turned into a puddle.

Yuri Alpha's face had turned entirely blue, as if she was a corpse, while her eyes were wavering in fear.

Nabariel Gamma's body was utterly frozen, as if she had just turned into a statue, while her mind was in a state of abject shock and terror, and her face had stopped resembling that of a human and was more akin to a egg with three holes for eyes and mouth.

Lupusregina's wolf-ears flopped down against the top of her head while her tail was tucked securely between her thighs.

Shizu was completely unaffected… before she flopped to her back like a log of wood while assuming a 'T'-position as if she was rebooting, her expression staying utterly neutral throughout.

Such was the wave of terror and might that the Last Supreme Being sent around the Throne Room with his mere voice.



Sebas felt as streaks of sweat ran down his back, covered from view by his black suit.

His entire willpower was dedicated to the task of not sweating on his face, as he would not be able to hide it from view. Sebas was adamant to not show such dread on his posture, as it was unbecoming of his status as the House Steward of Ninth Floor of Nazarick.

'Was it something I said?! I thought- Did I misinterpret Lord Momonga's order? I thought someone had stolen from him and Albedo-sama jumped to conclusions! No! This cannot be!' A thought raced through Sebas's mind while the white-bearded and white-haired gentleman remained kneeling towards the Last Supreme Being, just like how he, the Pleiades, and Albedo had been ordered to do by Momonga mere moments prior.

The rage of the Supreme Being sent a wave of dread down Sebas Tian's back, and he swore on his honor that the Thief would pay dearly for his transgression against the Last Supreme Being.



Albedo paled until her alabaster skin was like dry parchment, fearing that she had done something to offend lord Momonga.

'That- He speaks of 'Him' so the thief wasn't Shalltear… Was it someone else? It… Surely it can't be one of the other Supreme Beings, right? But who else could steal from Lord Momonga? Unless… Unless there was some sort of foe even more mighty than what Nazarick is capable of stopping, and Lord Momonga believed that we could stop it… But failed to do so, meaning that when Lord Momonga relaxed for a moment the thief came in and swiped everything off his body?!' Albedo's rational mind raced on while her body shivered in terror, and her hips quaked with barely held-back lust after she had received a taste of what might come. 'Unforgivable! I'll never forgive those who stole from Lord Momonga! Even if… Even if it was Tabula-sama!'

Albedo felt an odd yearning towards Lord Momonga even while he was screaming his rage to the ceiling of the Throne Room, and realized that her 'character' had been ordered to love Lord Momonga. 'Ah! Ahh! Of course… Ahh! How glorious- I cannot be happier! That someone as dignified, supreme and powerful as Lord Momonga has decreed that I shall love him… How could an innocent Succubus such as I resist? No, why would I wish to even do such a travesty as resisting Him?'

Albedo felt her body heat up, and had to wrestle with herself in order to not jump on Lord Momonga once again so that he could indulge in her body to his heart's content- After all, her lord had said that the touch had been 'that is all'-

Albedo realized that the wording… That the wording was not comforting at all! 'No! No! 'That is all'?! Is that it, there's nothing more?! That was all- Was- Was my body not satisfactory for the Supreme Being?! Has he grown tired of me?!'

She reached for her side for [Ginnungagap] so that she could apologize to Lord Momonga properly for failing to meet his expectations.

Naturally, Albedo planned to formulate the apology by performing a exemplary suicide in front of her lord.

However, to her terror, she realized that [Ginnugagap] was nowhere to be found. 'Ah? AH?! But- But- But it was here just now! I swear I had-'

Albedo's head spun with multiple feelings. Rage, fear, terror, self-loathing, immoral lust, and realization that she was probably feeling similar rage towards the thief that the Supreme Being was feeling, and felt oddly close to Lord Momonga due to that. 'No- I cannot and will not hide this!' "Lord Momonga! I-"

"...Hrrrgh…" Lord Momonga turned towards Albedo like a raging beast, and Albedo felt her heart skip a beat as she looked at his utterly unclothed bones, and at his handsome facial structure… before he reached up with his hand, and touched one of Albedo's breasts with his forefinger again.

"Iyaaaan!" Albedo fell to her knees while holding herself, feeling as if her loins would burst on the spot from her lust.

And at the same time, she felt as if her heart would shatter from the disgusting feeling that she felt- That Lord Momonga would shower her with such affection even after she had failed to meet his expectations, and after she had failed to keep the World Class-item entrusted to her safe…

Meanwhile, Lord Momonga had a green 'calm' visual effect around his face, and he sighed a bit like an old man.



'Yes, even if I can't properly feel it, I can feel my head find a 'happy place' if I poke at breasts.' Issei concluded as he got rid of his overwhelming rage towards Riser Phenix for the moment through poking Albedo's breasts.

He looked down a bit, and realized that Albedo was crying while she had crumpled down to her knees and was hugging herself. "Ah- U-um, please forgive me. It was just that- U-um, you were so cute that I couldn't hold back."

It seemed that hearing such words didn't help Albedo's mood as she looked up, tear-stricken, and as soon as her gaze met Issei's (admittedly eyeless) gaze, she burst into outright bawling with thick streams of tears and snot running down her face.

Issei realized that he had failed to keep an eye contact for even that brief moment and had instead looked down at Albedo's breasts while she had been looking at him, and she must have realized that.

"A-ahum… Shh, it's… I'm sorry, I didn't…" Issei looked around in panic, and managed to establish an eye-contact with the strict-looking butler.

The butler had quite an intense expression and Issei felt as if his skeletal body froze on the spot from the steel-hard gaze that seemed to bring his sins just now to the light and judge them like some sort of vengeful god of justice clad in tuxedo…



'Hieeee?!' Sebas almost jumped out of his skin the instant Lord Momonga's eyes landed on his.

The look the Supreme Being gave him was incredibly intense and hard, and Sebas felt as if part of his soul fled out of his body from the sheer intensity of the glare. However, a memory of his creator, Touch Me, managed to anchor Sebas to reality and stop him from merely keeling over dead. However, he was fairly sure a soul-like part of him had partially peeked itself out of his back with a halo above it's head and harp in it's hands for a brief moment before he got hang of himself.

Instead, he was frozen still in indecision and terror while his face was utterly calm and collected. The roar of the Supreme Being had sent Sebas's entire soul quaking, and he was unsure how to proceed- After all, by being in the very room where the theft had taken place, Sebas was suspect, as well as the Pleiades and the Guardian Overseer.

However… Sebas also had a more pressing concern right at the second. 'Ngggh… Get back, get back into my hairline, sweat!'

A rogue droplet of cold sweat was making a way through Sebas's hairline towards his temple, and Sebas concentrated all his willpower to make his skin drain the deviant droplet before it'd streak right down his temple and mar his composure when Lord Momonga was looking directly at him…



Issei was frozen in terror while the butler stared at him like some sort of final boss, a fierce expression of calmness and neutrality plastered over the old man's face that had a pair of veins popping in his forehead as if he was desperately holding himself back something and his eyes cloaked by a shadow, like if he was a split second away from jumping at Issei and tearing him apart bone-by-bone. 'D-Don't tell me, um, I think Albedo called him 'Sebas'- Don't tell me they were in a relationship and I'm poking at her breasts while in front of him?!'

Issei realized something slowly through his terror. 'D-don't tell me, I've become the 'Riser' in this scenario, and Sebas is the 'me', and Albedo is 'Rias-buchou'?! No- wait- damn, this never works… But…'

'How do I fix it… U-um…' Issei felt as if he'd turn into a puddle of sweat in an instant if he had actual fleshy body, and glanced at Albedo for just the merest moment.

However, that was a mistake as he saw from the corner of his eye that 'Sebas' had moved with lightning-fast reaction, and there was a handkerchief in his hand.

However, as soon as Issei had turned his gaze back at Sebas the man froze still, as if time had stopped for him… Yet, the man's hand with the handkerchief was positioned as if it had been approaching his face, while he remained in a kneeling position towards Issei.

'Ah, so- he's… He's implying that I should… No, he's implying that he is going to wipe Albedo's tears, and I should back off… A, gotcha.' Issei felt as if his soul would just jump spontaneously from his body as he kept staring at the man in tuxedo whose stare was somehow even more intense, and Issei moved to slowly put his hand on Albedo's back.

"Ahn!" Albedo let out a small moan seemingly against her will, which caused her to start crying even more… And Issei made a decision.

'She's got to have some sort of condition that causes hypersensitivity or something! This is bad! I totally groped a busty onee-sama in front of her husband! I'm going to get killed! I'm going to get killed after I got killed! But if I die when I have died, does that mean I can't go back and save Rias-buchou?! Wait, Albedo was in control of her emotions just now- Don't tell me, Albedo is trying to get her husband to kill me by acting lewd?! She's a Fallen Angel after all- I can't let my guard down!' Issei found mental strength from the possibility of meeting Rias again, and mental fortitude from the suffering that the knowledge brought- Namely, that Rias would be suffering in Riser's hands for every second that Issei was away. 'I have no time to die here! Rias-buchou is waiting for me! I'm sure of it!'

So, Issei hoisted Albedo up to a princess carry by the back of her knees and back, even if it caused the onee-sama like woman to gasp in surprise.

Issei took three quick steps towards the butler whose glare had turned outright deadly as Issei approached him with the woman in carry…



'H-hieee, spare me, Momonga-sama!' Sebas's mind was flickering in and out of consciousness as he realized he had tried to bamboozle the Supreme Being by trying to swipe his sweat while he thought the Lord was looking away… But of course such a cheap attempt was seen through by the Supreme Being, who caught Sebas like if he was a kid with a hand in a candy jar.

Neverheless he stayed in place, keeping as much dignity in his pose as possible. 'I will not… I will not fail this test! Touch Me-sama! I will not fail… Your memory… Something like this will not break me!'

The thoughts might have been more honest, however, if Sebas wasn't feeling as if the puddle on the floor was his sweat, and not just Solution being utterly terrified and losing her physical 'form'.

And then, Lord Momonga swept Albedo up into a princess carry, making Sebas freeze still as he realized his earlier theory on Lord Momonga was proven false and Albedo had gotten it right- Indeed, Lord Momonga was about to take the Guardian Overseer in front of the Pleiades and him.

A tear threatened to fall from the corner of Sebas's eye as he realized he'd be allowed to witness and safeguard such a grand event, and see the moment the sire of Lord Momonga was conceived-

That was, before Lord Momonga deposited Albedo in front of Sebas as if she was a bag of carrots.

"Please see to her needs and, um, state. I'll be going off. Don't worry, I won't be bothering you two ever again." Lord Momonga stated simply, causing Sebas to almost fall over in sheer, abject terror while Albedo froze equally still and her face lost whatever colour had remained on it.

"Nooooo!" Two voices came out at the same time as Lord Momonga seemed to turn towards the exit of the Throne Room.

'I-It can't be?! Did we fail?! Did we fail this badly, this soon?! Is the Last Supreme Being about to leave us too?!' Panic raced through two minds as both Sebas and Albedo dove right down to the floor in unison and lied flat on it while raising their hands towards Lord Momonga s if in prayer.

"Please! Please, lord, please say what you most desire and everything will be done exactly as you wish!" Sebas felt as if his brain was about to turn off from stress, but soldiered on nevertheless. "I apologize profusely for my inability to keep my composure in the presence of the Greatest of the Supreme Beings!"

"I am sorry for being a depraved, ugly and misshapen woman who failed to meet my lord's expectations, and who foolishly allowed something entrusted to me get stolen!" Albedo's cry was a bit less… noble, but nonetheless seemed to touch something in Lord Momonga as he paused. Although, that might have had something to do with the fact Albedo had hugged both her arms around Lord Momonga's shin and was gripping it with quite a bit of force.

"..." Lord Momonga seemed to pause for a moment… Before he turned to look down at Albedo.

Sebas froze from the fierceness of the glare, even if it was not directed at him- Before it was, and Sebas felt as if he'd die at any second under the baleful glare.

"...Sebas, do you happen to be in a relationship with Albedo?" Lord Momonga asked almost as a half-though, causing both Albedo and Sebas to let out sounds like breaking glass.

In retrospect, that might have been their minds.

Meanwhile, Lord Momonga gazed down upon the two, his full skeletal frame and might in full display, and looking down on the pair in a way that displayed his incredible presence….



Meanwhile, Issei was frozen solid in fear. 'Hieeeee! Grampa-sama has such intense eyes! Super-intense! I should not have blurted that out! I'm sorry, Rias-buchou! I'm going to get turned into a bonemeal! I'm sorry, goodbye Rias's left boob, goodbye Rias's right boob…'