Author's note. This is the first chapter to "The Girl Who Made the Beast Return" it's the sequel to "The Girl the Beast is Drawn To" so if you haven't read that, I suggest you do before continuing. This chapter continues where "The Girl the Beast is Drawn To" left off. This chapter might be short. Enjoy.

Georg's POV

When we stopped dancing, Max asked "Where is that lovely fraulien dinner will be ready soon?" Where is she? Elsa said "Georg?" I said "I'll be right back" and left. When I got upstairs, I heard Gretl say "Fraulien! Fraulien!" I went in Gretl's room and she was fast asleep. I said "Wake up Gretl wake up". Gretl opened her eyes and asked "Where's fraulien?" I said "She should be getting ready to come down. Why?" Gretl said "Fraulien didn't answer when I called and she always comes". I said "She's probably getting ready". Unless she changed her mind. Gretl said "Good night father". I kissed her forehead and said "Good night, Gretl" and left.

I knocked on fraulien's door but no one answered. When I opened the door no one was in there. I said "Fraulien. Fraulien!" And looked in the bathroom and no one was there either. I asked "Where are you?!" I would've thought it was a dream but I didn't hear the giggle I've grown to love. When I walked out Max asked "Well where is she?" I said "She's not here dammit!" Max asked "Where did she go?" I said "I don't know". Elsa said "Darling everyone's looking for you. What is it darling?" Max said "Fraulien's gone". Elsa said "What? No, she probably just went out to get some air". Max opened the wardrobe and said "All her clothes are gone". I said "I don't understand". Elsa said "Understand what Georg". I said "Why she left". Elsa said "Oh I don't know maybe the children were tiring her out". I said "But she loves the children". Elsa said "And spends so much time she probably got tired". Max said "Let's not jump to conclusions, she possible could've packed because she was planning to leave tomorrow and went for a walk".

Elsa said "Yeah, you know that girl is late for everything. No reason everyone should be hungry waiting for a girl who'll never be on time". Max said "She'll probably come down as her usual self out of breath from running". I said "Alright" and we went downstairs. Franz said "Dinner's ready sir". I said "Okay thank you". When I walked pass the ballroom, I said an envelope that said "Captain" in script. Max said "Open it". Elsa said "Let's wait until after dinner. After all, a good host would never let his guest stand around hungry for a governess". I said "You guys go ahead and eat without me; I'm going to read this" and left for my study.

When I got in my study, I sat down and took a letter out of the envelope, that said

Dear Captain

I'm very sorry to leave like this captain. But I missed my life at the abbey more than I can bare so, I've gone back. I'm terribly sorry to leave like this but one look from the children would've changed my mind. I've missed my life back at the abbey. Please tell the children goodbye for me and I pray that you, the children and the baroness will have a long and happy life ahead of you. I'm terribly sorry. Just know it was nothing you or the children or Max did, it's something I've done and need to fix. Please tell the children bye. I will miss all of you.

Sincerely Fraulien

She left? Why would she leave and not even say goodbye at least to the children. I stuffed the letter in the draw and took out the picture of Agathe and asked "What am I supposed to do now?" And sighed. Maybe she didn't get far. I went outside and said "Maria!" And all I heard was my echo. I said "Oh my love" and went back inside. I didn't seem surprised to realize, I love Maria and I have for a while. But how long? I don't know.

Author's note. In the Maria's note to the captain if you noticed Maria repeated somethings that was intentional to show the reader how discombobulated Maria is about leaving. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of "The Girl Who Made the Beast Return". I promise to work on a better title.