Brigitta's POV

Kurt ran back outside, Frederich asked "Do we get to eat lunch?" Kurt said "He said he wasn't going to skip our lunch, and he wants us to get out of uniform so, we can go on a trip?" I said "A trip but he hasn't taken us out since fraulien Maria left". Liesl said "Well maybe he's changing again". Louisa said "Or maybe he finally realized fraulien loves her". I said "How? They haven't seen each other since the night of the party". Louisa said "Well I don't see you coming up with ideas for this trip we're going on". Kurt said "We'll never know if we stand here talking about it" and went inside to get ready.

When we got downstairs father was waiting with Marta & Gretl. Marta asked "Father where are we going?" Father said "I'm not telling and Gretl stop with the pouty face. Okay now we'll just have to wait for Liesl". Kurt asked "Father is uncle Max coming?" Father said "I don't know". Kurt asked "Can I go ask him". Father said "Sure" and Kurt took the steps 2 at a time. Father yelled "Liesl! Come on". Liesl yelled "Coming". Louisa asked "Can you please tell us where we're going?" Father said "Have some patience". Kurt came down and said "Father uncle Max said he's waiting for an invitation and since you won't give him one, he'll take it". Louisa asked "Are we going to the insect museum again?" Father said "Nope". I asked "Are we going to the library again?" Father said "Nope". Marta asked "Are we going to fly our kites' father?" Father said "Nope".

Kurt asked "how about if we guess correctly, you tell us?" Father said "Nope" and yelled "Liesl! Come on or we're leaving without you!" Liesl said "I'm coming" and came downstairs. I said "Franz bring the car around". Franz said "Yes sir" and left. While we were waiting for uncle Max, Frederich asked "Father should we bring a ball?" Father said "Nope". I asked "Father will you at least give us a hint?" Father said "Nope. Frederich go check on uncle Max. The rest of you get in the car" and we left and got in the car. When Frederich got in the car, I asked "Where's uncle Max?" Frederich said "He's not coming, he said something about making phone calls while we are away". Father said "Okay everyone seatbelts" and we put on our seatbelt. Kurt asked "Are we going fishing father?" Father said "Nope". Frederich said "Canoeing?" Father said "Nope". Louisa asked "Can you just tell us?" Father said "You'll like it that's for sure". Kurt asked "Will I like it?" Father said "Yup" and continued driving.

We started slowing down near fraulien's abbey. Marta said "look we're near the abbey" and soon we came to a stop. Father said "Okay children out you go" and we stepped out. Louisa said "Father did you take a wrong turn". Father grabbed Marta & Gretl's hand and said "No. This is where we are going". Liesl said "But we're in front the abbey and not just any abbey but fraulien Maria's abbey". Father said "I know and this is what honesty can get you. Isn't that right Kurt?" Kurt said "Yeah!" I whispered "You told him?" Father said "Yes Brigitta he told me. Cross the street and stay close to each other". When we got in front the abbey door, Liesl rang the doorbell.

Sister Berthe greeted us by saying "Good afternoon children". We said "Good afternoon sister Berthe". Sister Berthe said "Come in please" and opened the door. Sister Berthe asked "How may I help you?" Frederich said "We'd like to see fraulien Maria, will you tell her we're here?" Sister Berthe said "I'm very sorry children but Maria left about an hour ago for a job". Kurt said "Oh father". I said "We're too late?" Gretl said "I want to show her my finger". Sister Berthe said "I'm very sorry children come again some other time". Liesl said "No please let us see her". Frederich said "Please tell us where she is". Gretl said "Father do something". Father asked "Sister Berthe may I speak to the mother abbess?" Sister Bethe said "Oh of course, Sister Katherine can watch your children" and another nun came over.

Sister Berthe said "Sister Katherine I'm going to take Captain Von Trapp to the mother abbess can you watch his children". Sister Katherine said "Of course. Come along children we'll go in the gardens" and I glance back at father one more time before following the rest.