Chapter 1

A woman with beautiful orange hair and beautiful brown eyes is walking up the hill. She is heavily pregnant with a smile on her face and a light blue maternity dress fluttering in the wind. As soon as she found out she was pregnant she told her crew and her lover. They all got together and decided that it was safer for her to move to a remote island. Beside her coming up the hill packing some luggage is a tall muscular man with black hair, golden eyes, and wearing a black button up shirt with the 2 top buttons unbuttoned showing off some of the tattoos on his chest. It's short sleeved so you can also see the tattoos on his arms.

In the distance there is a little 2 story house. It's white with a red roof, a little porch with a swing.

"Cute little house to have our family in" the woman whose name is Nami says.

The man who's name is Trafalgar D. Water Law just smirks at his girlfriend. "Too bad Bepo and the others are staying with the sub for a while to throw off our trail, they would love to mock me for settling down like this"

A month later

"I see the head, keep pushing Nami" Law instructs as he is working on delivering their baby.

"DAMN YOU LAW, YOU BASTARD FOR DOING THIS TO ME!" Nami screams at the top of her lungs.

Nojiko, Nami"s sister was also in the room to help as much as she can when her due date was getting closer. She looked at her sister in worry and patted her head with a cold, wet cloth.

"I got the head out, one more big push Nami to get the shoulders." Nami grunted and gave one more big push. Afterwards you could hear a loud wail from the baby.

"I's a boy!" Law then held his son just staring for a moment then handed him to his mother. Nojilo had tears in her eyes as she watched Nami with her new son. Law finished cutting the cord and cleaning Nami up, he then sat next to her to look at his son.

"What do you think about names?" he asked the new mother.

"I was thinking of Raiden for a boy, what do you think?"

"Sounds good to me," he smiled.

"Smile!" a flash was seen as Nojiko took a picture of the family, it had Nami in the bed with hair disheveled holding baby Raiden. Law was leaning in with his right arm around his new family with his signature smirk on his face.

"Goodness I probably look a mess," Nami said, covering her face with the hand not holding her son.

"You never looked more beautiful" Law looked at her with love in his eyes.

A few months later

Nami is breast feeding her son, she looks lovingly down at him thinking about how wonderful the past few months have been. Law has taken being a father in stride and helps just as much as he can to give her some rest, While he isn't home he is in the small town in the center of the island working as a doctor. The town is so small and has loved having not only a strong pirate to help protect them, but is an excellent doctor too. They tell no one that the two wanted fugitives are on the island and respect them both for their help in bringing down the corrupt world government.

Off to the shore near the town a small boat lands. Two men frantically land and run to the town. In town they run around screaming for a doctor. Law steps out and nods to them that he is indeed a doctor. They look at him concerningly, but agree to take him to their injured man. When they get to the small ship they lead Law onboard and he sees the battered man. Law was skeptical, usually he wont help strangers, but the men got on their knees and pleaded "Please help our conrad! He is dying and we will forever be in your debt. Law thought about his oath as a doctor, he used to not care when he was a pirate, but now on this island he took the hippocratic oath.

"Fine, what happened to him?"

"We were fighting off pirates when they stabbed him1 multiple times and beat him unconscious"

"Bring him to my office up the hill, I have an operating station there". The two men help move the injured man to the sub while Law holds open the door. Once inside he leads them to the operating table and instructs them to lay him down.

"You two might want to leave, don't want to see this" he said as he was injecting the iv into the injured man.

The two men leave and stand outside the door as Law is working on their comrade. As they stand there for a while one man is fidgeting, "what is taking him so long," he secretly peeks through the door. Inside he sees Law using his devil fruit powers. He shuts the door quietly but quickly. "THAT IS TRAFALGAR LAW!" He whisper screams.

"No way, no one knows what happened to him after the war" the other man whispers alarmed.

"I just saw him use his devil fruit power, body parts were flying around. That is exactly how they say it looks, plus he was a surgeon."

Just then the door opened and both men stood straight up.

"Well he should be fine now, he just needs rest and i will keep him in observation for a few days" he walked away to go home. The two men stood surprised to what they just discovered, the infamou Trafalgar Law was on a remote island playing a civilian doctor, their boss will love to hear this.