Chapter 4

Nami awakes in her room on the ship. At this point Robin is gone. She looks at herself in the mirror noticing she has bags under her eyes and overall looks awful. She decides some shopping would cheer her up. She looks in her closet and finds a pair of jeans that hug her figure and a blue blouse (she dresses more modestly since getting older and becoming a mother) and heads out on deck, waves everyone goodbye and tells them her plans to head into town to do some therapy shopping.

It's a beautiful day with a blue sky, no clouds can be seen. She walks the familiar path to the little town, enjoying the scenery. She walks into the main plaza of the town, shops surround a huge water fountain, kids are laughing and throwing coins in it, and people bustling around them to get into the stores to do their shopping.

Her first store is a boutique that has the loveliest sun dresses, she will need them for this perfect warm weather. As she walks out with bags around her arms she notices a man of strong build. He has messy midnight hair, a white button shirt, and black pants, sitting on a bench near the fountain. She finds herself attracted to him, which she hasn't felt in a very long time. She wanders closer to maybe get a look at his face. He suddenly turns his head and she cannot believe to see familiar sideburns and goatee, but what gets her the most is the piercing golden eyes he has that still haunts her dreams.

She stands frozen with eyes wide. When suddenly, as if he sensed her staring, he turned to look at her. She shakes off her shock and at lightning speed drops her bags and runs to him. When she gets close she wraps her arms around his neck and cries out "Law!" She pulls back and looks at him, knowing him from anywhere she knows this is her Law, but she has so many questions, which start spilling out of her mouth like vomit.

"How are you here? We buried you, you died. How do you still look young?"

He pulls her off with a stern face "Get off me, who are you?

Shocked "Isn't your name Trafalgar D. Water Law?"

"How did you know my secret name?

"It's me Law, Nami!" in a desperate plea for him to remember.

"Look lady I do not know you, you can walk away" he turns to leave

"Law! It's me your girlfriend Nami

"You are not my girlfriend!" as he says this a woman with long blonde, wavy hair wearing a pink wavy blouse and a tan skirt shows up.

"I am his girlfriend, '' she emphasizes.

"My name is Zara, and who might you be?" the lady holds out her hand to Nami to shake "Oh wait, I do know you! You are Cat Burglar Nami! It's nice to meet you in person"

When Nami doesn't shake her hand she puts it down and turns to Law.

"I got what I needed honey let's go" she proceeded to then lean up and kiss Law while looking at Nami. Heartbroken, Nami runs out of the plaza, even forgetting all the bags she had with her.

The woman known as Zara then looks at Law, "we need your devil fruit to make you what you once were, and I have a feeling she knows where to find it."

Nami ran all the way to her house (she doesnt stay there often due to the memories she has with Law), she barges in and jumps on her bed crying. "Thank god Raiden is off training with Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi". She cant believe Law is alive but he doesn't remember her and worse that he is kissing another woman. Her heart can't take much more of this agony. Unlucky that at that moment Raiden comes in looking for her, she hears him calling from the front door.

She cleans her face the best she can to not look like she has been crying. Raiden knows better but doesn't comment on it.

"Come outside I want to show you what I've learned so far!" She follows him out with a small smile on her face, amused with her son.

Once outside he stands a little away and shouts "Room!" when he does you can see the blue sheen appear out of his hand. He throws a pebble then shouts "Shambles" and it switches places with a bigger rock and hits the side of the house. He turns to look at his mother.

"Wow you progressed real fast!" clapping and laughing lightly "I am so proud of you" she says as she walks to give him a hug. Unbeknownst to them the woman known as Zara was watching the whole thing. "So they have a son and she gave him the fruit? That is fine I will get that fruit, I have an idea" she smiles wickedly. She sneaks away and meets up with Law in the woods near Nami's house.

She gives him a kiss and his eyes glow again, like he is in a trance.

"There is a boy that has the ope ope fruit that belongs to you, I need you to kill him and then the fruit will transfer to this one" she holds up an apple "Then you will be complete! Take this sword with you" she pulls from behind her back. With his instructions he runs off to find the boy.

Back with Nami and Raiden

As Nami and Raiden were hugging, the three founding members of Law's crew ran up the hill.

"You could've waited for us, Raiden," Penguin said out of breath.

"Yeah we are excited to show Nami too!" Shachi was also out of breath.

"I'm sorry we aren't faster" Bepo joined in.

"Sorry guys, just couldn't wait," Raiden was smiling.

They guys then started going over how they were training Raiden how to use the ope ope fruit when Law jumped out and started attacking Raiden. Raiden had the nodach with him and was able to block his attack. They all yelled "RAIDEN!" when the three Heart Pirates saw who the man was their eyes widened in disbelief.

"Why does that man look like Law?" Shachi asked what the others were thinking. Then when they shook off the shock they ran into the fight trying to help Raiden. Raiden on the other hand was having a hard time trying to block Law's attacks on his own.

"LAW! Stop, that is your son!" Nami cried out. At that sentence Raiden started to notice that this man did look like the dead father he had seen in pictures. In his hesitation, Law got the upperhand and had the boy on his back with the blade raised to strike. The woman known as Zara was off to the side holding the apple with hopes the ope ope fruit will be reborn.

Nami, in her panic at seeing her lover holding a sword over their son, ran and jumped in front of the boy. Confusion crossed Law's face as his eyes wavered a bit.

"That is our son Law!" she yelled in hopes it would jog a memory. She saw the wavering in his eyes and thought to do the only thing she could think of and kissed him on the lips. When she did that his eyes closed and he pulled away.

"Nami? What is going on?"

"Law, is that you?"

"Who else?" he smiles.

Zara screams and attacks Nami, forcing her to the ground. You just had to interfere" She yelled more.

"Who the hell are you, why did you do all this!" Nami yelled back trying to push Zara off her.

"If you must know I am from Amazon Lilly, I have been in love with Law since I first saw him on the island with Straw Hat. I tried to woo him but he brushed off my advances. Then imagine years later I hear rumors he is seeing the Cat Burglar, then suddenly nothing more on you two until they report his death. I was devastated and started my plan to find the revive revive fruit. It has the ability to bring the dead back as long as they did not die of natural causes, just my luck he was stabbed. Also lets you control them. It took years but I finally found it. I was gonna finally have him as my lover, I was gonna be powerful with him by my side, then you just had to ruin it and have his fruit and not let him go!"

During her rant Law grabbed a hold of her and held the sword to her neck as Raiden helped up his mother.

"What are you gonna do? Kill me? If you do, you will die too!"

"I don't care if I die again, you will not get away with hurting my family" he slits her throat and drops her. He turns around then collapses.


"Father!" Raiden and Nami run to Law, Nami is holding his head in her lap when she notices the blood soaking through his shirt. She opens it to find his old wound and Law is dying again.

"Law!" The three Heart pirates cry out bawling. Raiden is in shock then snaps out of it,

"I think I can save him this time. I can trade his heart with the womans"

Nami looks at Raiden tearfully "You think you have enough control to do that?"

"I have been learning from Chopper since forever. It is worth a shot"

"Do it" Law croaks "I believe you can"

With that he summons his room and cuts out the heart of Zara (she isn't completely dead yet) and cuts out Law's. He places the good heart in Law and steps back,

A few moments pass then Law sits up and opens his eyes. Nami is staring at him with a watery gaze and hugs him.

"Wow you are older but still so beautiful Nami," he smirks as he says.

"Well I am now nine years older than you now" She laughs.