Breathing in and out, She looks at front of her sight and deemed it as chaotic and indeed it was as skeletal sword nearly shoves itself on her chest as instinct forces her to bring forth the shield she had on her hand as it smashes unto her shield.

It hurt her ears as steel lands on steel, it may hurt but not like she wasn't already deaf with the sounds of the rest of her comrades battling it out in chaotic frenzy. She grit her mouth at the increasing pressure and swung her shield forward.

The skeletal warrior unprepared with the sudden bash got it's head pulverized as arrow that was more steel than wood smashed through it like a scythe through fields of wheat.

She was momentarily stunned at that but she forced herself to focus as she blocks another sword which was pretty rusted as the way the sword just broke into pieces, thought the skeletal warrior barely paused as it resumed it's attacks with it's fists or skeletal fists at that.

It was slashed in to two despite it's best efforts and so she resumed the long battle, despite that she finds himself grimacing as she looks at her surroundings to find that the killing zone set-up was not enough.

As the blast of fires and spears of lights that kept the crowd of skeletal warriors started slowing down, bashing another skeleton warrior in front of her making it stumble before it was then replaced three more and soon afterwards, a head rolled in front of her and it was not a skeletal head.

Anger coursed through her veins but she did not start hacking skeleton in fit of rage killing every skeletal warrior in her sight, she looked at her fellow warriors and shouted, "Tighten your formation!".

It was a precaution she had to make, she didn't want cracks and reinforcements were set to arrive a week, and today was the fifth day, it was an achievement that they were alive until now she thought as pride filled her heart.

She wasn't someone who could simply invent strategies that can destroy waves of skeletal warriors or binds as what the mage told her about but that's just the details, she feels a bit grandiose when saying it in her ow mind.

And, so she told herself but is that what she truly want?

"No…", was her silent response.

And at that moment something inside her stirred just like how her instincts have done so in the past week at this stronghold she was in.

"Seek," she intoned and so a path was opened before her and felt clarity fill her mind.