He wakes up to the shining bright light of the sun, it was bright and sunny indeed. Though as his body begins to wake up, he notices several things around him, such as gaps in his memories. It was-

Scent of something pungent and steel enters his nose.

Grabbing the gemstone as the scent suddenly increased in pressure, it was horrible. He wanted it to stop and so he grabbed the stone harder and it dug to skin of his hand making it bleed, it was painful but if it was to escape the smell, then bleed he shall.

It was a few moments after that incident or whatever it was called, words passes by his brain. Most of it are familiar to him but to where and when he learned those words he didn't know.

Facing his surroundings he found himself as to what he can say ", Paradise" or what he remembers what might be appropriate of his surroundings.

", Wonderful" he intones the words and meant it.

Flowers and plants of different kind scatters the ground and it was certainly beautiful that he stood there mesmerized as how he didn't noticed that earlier.

A smile grows in his face and a thought came to pass as, "If such wonderful plants and flowers are beautiful, how would they feel if I touch them?"

And so he did albeit with slight hesitation, as he did so. Sensations of unknown source assaulted his senses as tiredness assaulted him as soon as that overcame him, images appeared before him and he noticed a person crouching.

He seemed to be planting some sort of plant, as he saw his work, it was what he called pleasing as soon as the plants were put down it the soil he grabbed something from a bag and scattered in the soil,

Moments later it suddenly grew into a smaller version of the plant he saw earlier and with that the person smiled as he looked upon his work. It was infectious and with the grin of the person, he too found himself smiling at the plants themselves.

As sudden as the memory appeared, so to it disappeared suddenly.

That didn't dissuade him as from that experience, as it was wonderful. He laughed at the absurdity of his current situation and questions that he would have asked to himself forgotten, if this was what he experienced everyday,

Even though he doesn't know how the phenomenon of the ability he currently he has then he shall know the stories of the plants and flowers that bloomed in a place such as this, it was what he called a paradise,

He looked at the rest of the flowers that he didn't touched or the great plains before him and said out loud, "What stories hide within you?"

He smiled as many possibilities and possibilities of what the story may be behind them, he laughed quietly in the paradise, and proceeded to walk leisurely inside the the place called paradise.