Chapter 7


"Whew! I'm exhausted," Rocky said, as he started the engine of his car. Ivy and Freckle were passed out in the rear, and Amanda was looking like she would faint at the slightest scent of whiskey.

"You're the one who danced around like a lunatic while accepting drinks from almost everyone," Ivy said, massaging her forehead. "But, then again, I can't complain. That was some excellent singing."

"Yeah," Freckle said, almost sounding like a lovesick person. "You were amazing!" His tail swished about before he collapsed, eyes spinning wildly.

"With that much liquor tonight, I'm surprised the bootleggers even got past the Coast Guard," Rocky said, turning left. They were going to drop Amanda off first, then he would crash at Ivy's place for the night before taking off tomorrow to drop Freckle off at his Aunt's place before hightailing it back to the Lackadaisy for the daily assignment.

"I thought your liquor came from up the Mississippi," Amanda said, watching as traffic rushed by her window.

"The initial shipments are smuggled into port by rum-runners from those larger vessels," Rocky said, making a quick turn. "They are then transported up the Mississippi by smaller vessels. All I need to do is lie in wait until the first trucks exit the docks. Then, I pounce."

"Must be chaotic if things go wrong," Amanda said, as Rocky pulled up next to her apartment.

"Most of the time, things go to plan," Rocky said, wincing a little. "But, sometimes, things get…complicated."

Amanda nodded. Rocky stopped the car and gestured to the apartment block.

"Well, here you go," he said. "Hope you enjoy-" He didn't finish, as Amanda suddenly crossed over and held him close.

"Thanks for tonight," she whispered, her breath hot in Rocky's ear. "I had so much fun."

"Y-yeah," Rocky said, nervously, his cheeks reddening. He glanced behind to make sure Ivy and Freckle were passed out. He didn't see them move. Good. "I'm glad you enjoyed it." Then, Amanda made a move that even his lucky stars couldn't predict: She kissed him, full on the mouth.

Rocky's eyes widened, and he swore he felt the temperature in the car rise by a few degrees. He then leaned into her kiss, tasting the leftover whiskey and gin on her lips. They parted after a few moments.

"Goodnight, Rocky," Amanda whispered softly. "I'll see you tomorrow." She then gently glided out of the car and vanished into the apartment. Rocky watched her go and was dazed for a few moments before he heard a cough behind him.

"I knew it!" he heard Ivy call. He turned to find both Freckle and Ivy grinning like maniacs, their drunken stupor gone.

"Huh," he said. "How long have you been waiting to see this?"

"Ever since we saw you meet Amanda outside," Ivy said, her grin spreading. "And I placed a bet saying that Amanda would be the first person to kiss you!"

"W-wait," Freckle said. "I thought we established that Rocky would be the one to do that."

"So," Rocky said, his eyes narrowing into dangerous slits. "You two made a bet behind my back this whole time?!"

"Uh, yeah," Ivy said, sheepishly. "I thought it would be fun, seeing you two have a great friendship."

Rocky fumed for a few moments, his face a rich shade of red, much like the flames he regularly stoked up, he then heaved a deep sigh, starting the car and pulled away.

"How much do you owe Freckle?" Rocky asked.

"Twenty dollars," Ivy said.

"That's a lot," Rocky said. "I hope you can scrape by soon. That's a lot from your paycheck."

"Oh yeah?" Ivy said, a smirk creeping on her face. "Just wait for the next bet, where I will place another 20 dollars for when you get mar-"

"WOULD YOU STOP?" Rocky said, his face growing redder by the moment. "IF YOU DON'T, I'M DROWNING YOU BOTH IN THE MISSISSIPPI!"

Ivy and Freckle just chuckled.