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The 'XZJQ Project' Presents...

In our world, the Sirens attacked... Enemies that are rumored to be alien in nature...

We, the Azur Lane are tasked to stop them from taking over the world... We were born with such similar technology as theirs...

Our Commander, no my Shikikan, has been leading us to victory for 5 years... But now... He's gone...

They say he was killed...


I know he is...

Shikikan... I know you're here, our love is never separated... I promise you...

I will find you...

|Location: Unknown|
|Time: XXXX|

"Xavier Riese..." A voice spoke up. Somewhere in this dark room, a man wearing some casual black casual clothes is sitting on a chair along with a table in front of him. His dark hair shined in the light, and his silver eyes focus on one person in this room...

He gazes at another man standing in the darkness standing in front of him and the table. This man is one of the Admirals of the Navy, the man known as Xavier was so confused about this. Why is he here?

As the Admiral was holding a file, he reads what was in it. "You're a professional hacker, who manages to make plans of getting out of situations. It's lucky you decided to accept our invitation otherwise it'll be hard to track you down." He said.

"I never thought you Admirals would come to find me," Xavier admits nervously, "You nearly surprise me with that one."

The Admiral smiles, "Well, at ease, we are not here to arrest you, that'll be the police." He assured.

"So why haven't you?" Xavier wondered what is the deal.

"You have been chosen." The Admiral stated as he lower the file, assuming he finished reading it.

"Chosen?" Xavier raised his eyebrow.

"To become the next Commander of Azur Lane." The answer causes Xavier to be so shocked.

"W-what? Me?!" Xavier exclaimed.

The Admiral nodded, "It's been five months since the world has been unaware of the Commander's death, and we wanna keep it that way." He explains. "You are our next available option to take his position and lead the force."

"Why me? Why not someone in your Navy?" Xavier asked.

"Because... The Commander we hired is not from the Navy." Xavier tilts his head, confused as the Admiral explains furthermore. "He is someone like you, a person who lives in the deep parts of this world. Despite his antics, he is a good leader. But now we need a replacement."

Xavier hears this and is surprised that the Officials have hired basically outlaws to do the work for them. But it hearing the Admiral's words sound so sincere about the death of the previous Commander...

"...So, how am I gonna be the leader?" Xavier questioned, as he slowly did not get nervous.

"As I said, despite your role, you are the only one who has the capabilities to become a leader just like the previous Commander." The Admiral explains. "We simply needed you to lead the Azur Lane which I am aware you know who they are."

Xavier nodded at the Admiral, he knows who Azur Lane is. Girls who are incarnations of Warships serving the Navy in World War 2 that is until the Sirens attack and they joined forces to fight this threat.

"So...What's in it for me?" Xavier wondered what is the deal.

"The deal is simple, if you are willing to join us, we will remove your records. Not to mention you get the girls everywhere, it surely is a man's dream isn't it?" The Admiral convinces Xavier.

The hacker can only slightly blush when hearing the last part of what the Admiral said. He lets out a cough of discomfort while reducing his blush.

"Very different than our last Commander..." The Admiral thought and chuckled, seeing this hacker in an embarrassed state, "So, you in?" He asked as Xavier looks at him as decided to make his decision.

|Location: Naval Base San Diego|
|Time: 0500|

A helicopter flies towards the naval base, as Xaiver now dressed in a Commander uniform is with the Admiral seated as the hacker himself watches the structure itself. It was so advanced, that the base outshine compared to a nearby city where people were settling. The style of the city still remained during the 1970s, yet a little advanced, thanks to technological improvements.

Xavier looks by and sees large walls on the waters from a distance away from the port, and sees each tower on the wall, heavy cannons mounted. These walls are what protect them from the Sirens.

"Say..." The Admiral interrupts his thoughts as Xavier turns to him, "Impressed by the technology so far?" He asked.

"...Yeah. Something I have never seen before." Xavier replied as he admired the tech. He knew the Admiral read his profile, tho he maintain himself.

"You are good at hacking or 'creating' technology, but what you get is our latest ones." The Admiral smiles, "As the Commander, we give you full authorization so you can support the Azur Lane." He said.

"Yeah..." Xavier nodded. "But the girls... Their relations with their Commander..." He added.

"I know, it has taken a toll on them." The Admiral said, "But others manage to hold on and understand this dire situation."

"And the rest?" Xavier wondered about the remains that didn't.

"Well..." The Admiral pauses to think, "Not everyone has agreed on the status of the Commander fact, I'm sure some will distrust you." Xavier ponders this situation. "Don't worry, you have the remaining others, and the doctor will assist you." He assured.

"Doctor?" Xavier perked up.

Before he can get an answer, the helicopter lowers down causing a little halt, and alarming him. The aircraft landed as the men from the outside arrived, opening the doors.

The Admiral gets out as he holds onto his hat from the strong wind. Xavier comes out holding onto his hat as well. Just then, the helicopter soon leaves as the two are walking towards the docks.

There they soon see the three figures standing nearby the docks. It was a man with golden blonde hair and eyes, wearing a white coat, with dark pants and shoes. Beside him was a woman with blue eyes, she has long white hair along wearing a white dress with other accessories. Another was a short girl, with long lavender hair and purple eyes, she was also wearing a white dress. She was hugging what seemed to be a unicorn doll?

Xavier was confused until he soon realise... Those are the girls... Then he sees the little girl hiding behind the woman. Meanwhile, the Admiral smiles as he gave his hand out as the other man shook it with his.

"Greetings Doctor." The Admiral greeted as he turns to Xavier who is a few centimeters away. "Xavier, I'd like to introduce Doctor Jonathan Gerrard, he's the assistant and main doctor of the Azur Lane."

Xavier waves by, "Um... Hi Jonathan." He said in an awkward tone. "I'm Xavier Riese." He introduced himself.

"Hello, Xavier. I prefer you can call me John," John replied, "I see you are our next Commander."

Xavier nodded, "Yeah..." He looks at the girls behind the Doctor. "And you must be...?"

The woman gives out a small but warm smile, "Greetings, Aircraft carrier Illustrious." She takes a small bow. "I'll be looking forward to working beside you."

Xavier was nervous, seeing this woman looks so beautiful, as then he notices the little girl who noticed his gaze and immediately hides behind Illustrious.

"Oh apologizes for her behavior, Unicorn is very shy meeting new people." Illustrious warmly apologizes as she says the name of the little girl.

The Admiral smiles, as he claps his hands, "Well, I'll be leaving this to your capable hands, Doctor." He said as he walks away, "Make sure you take care of the Commander." He called out. Like that, the Admiral is off to perform other duties.

This leaves, Xavier, John, Illustrious, and Unicorn on a busy dock.

"Very well, Xavier if you should come with us." John requested as he did as he ordered. The four are walking to the edge as Unicorn is still close to Illustrious and the Doctor.

Xavier was slightly behind them, and then he sees two large aircraft carriers. He assumes it is the ships that the girl uses, he hasn't seen them in combat, so this is all new to him.

"Alright." His thoughts get interrupted once again by the Doctor, "Unicorn if you will." John said to the little one, she nodded, and just then a small aircraft carrier glows blue as glowing cubes began to move out towards her. Just then a bright light flashes as she is surrounded by what seemed to be armaments of the ship but smaller.

"...Woah." Xavier was wowed by this, again this is all new to him.

"Impressive, right?" John calls out, as Xavier looks at the doctor, "This is the impressive technology you've been hearing of." He said.

"Compare to computers, phones, and transportation..." Xavier replied.

"Are nothing compare to this." John finished what he attempted to say, he smiles at the new Commander genuinely surprised to see this. "Welcome to the Azur Lane." He said.

Illustrious smiled and look at Unicorn, "You hear that Unicron, the new Commander is impressed with what you do." She said as Unicron act shy but not much like her previous introduction.

"T-Thank you..." Unicron muttered as Xavier manages to hear it.

He simply gives a small nod as John calls out, "Alright, let's head to the base." He announced.

|Location: North Pacific Ocean|
|Time: 0630|

An hour and a half have passed, aircraft carrier controlled by Illustrious herself, sails across the vast ocean. "That's so weird to say in my head..." Xavier thought as he is standing on the deck. Then next to him are the Doctor, Illustrious, and Unicorn.

Xavier began to think of the Admiral's words, about the Commander being somewhat like him... He decided to ask... "Excuse me?" The three turned to the new Commander. "What was your previous Commander like?" He wondered.

The Doctor sighed, "His name, is Zander Aaron." He says the name of the Commander, "And he's probably the biggest loony I have ever met." He gives a warm smile.

Illustrious joins in, "The Commander was conventional, but his heart is made of pure light." She explains, "He was willing to help us, although through his unusual methods." She said with a pure smile.

"Her smile is so... Radiating." Xavier thought, but can't help but think of Illustrious as a pure woman.

"But he is our big brother." Unicorn spoke up, holding tight to her unicorn plush.

"But he's not perfect as Illustrious said." John mentioned.

"What do you mean?" Xavier questioned.

"You know... He tries to make new experiments causing me and the maids to have a difficult time, dealing with his antics." John replied with an annoyed look, "He once attempted to test out his new anesthetics on one of the Manjuus." He explained.

"The Manjuus?" Xavier wondered what are those.

"Small creatures supporting the Azur Lane." John vaguely answered, "But you'll soon see them once we reached the base." He said.

Xavier nods in understatement, as a moment of silence occurs. "Do you miss him?" He asked the three.

John then sighs again, "He's a crazy person sometimes, but I really do miss him." He admits with a saddened smile.

Illustrious nodded in agreement, "He is also willing to join and help us during the battle, his determination to end the war was great." She said. "Even letting us try human activities." She mentioned the last part with a big smile.

"And..." Unicorn calls out, "He protects us." She said with a smile, "Big brother was the best... But he is gone..." She looks down looking very sad.

Illustrious lets out a small frown and pats Unicorn's head. Xavier sees how their looks towards the loss are still there, even the Doctor's eyes are a little saddened about the death of their Commander.

"Sorry to hear that. He must be a great man." Xavier apologises as he takes a small bow.

"Thank you for our concerns." Illustrious smiled, "Your heart is also pure as well."She said.

"Yeah, he was." John replied. "While Illustrious, Unicorn, and I along with the others have tried to move on, knowing our Commander wouldn't want us to be in deep grief during the war..."

Illustrious speaks what the doctor is going to say, "There are others who refused to accept his death." She said with a sad look.

"Really?" Xavier is now paying full attention.

John nodded, "Half of the Azur Lane believed he was M.I.A not K.I.A, while I understand due to no body was found..." He takes a deep breath.

"You're not sure..." Xavier guessed what he is about to say.

"Our white hearts was been stained by such great loss." Illustrious explains. "And if that stain remains there... It will spread. And I worried this will corrupt the pure hearts." She said, placing her hands on her chest.

"...Who are the ones that... Have their hearts stained?" Xavier asked.

The Doctor informed, "We have the best examples taken such a massive toll, such as Akagi, Taihou, Dido, and Junyou. In fact, most of the factions such as Sakura Empire, Iron Blood, Vichya Dominion, and Sardegna Empire." John listed.

"However Dido is recovering." Illustrious added. "And when she meets you, she might be more protective for your own safety."

"We will protect you, C-commander..." Unicorn stuttered the last word, and only John and Illustrious understands.

"Right." Xavier nodded, feeling safer now he has a second man in a base full of girls who are the incarnations of warships. "And the girls... Will they be fine with me?" He worryingly asked.

"Don't worry." John assures Xavier, "Once arrived, you'll be fine, we cannot lose you after we lost ours. However, things have changed for some of the girls." He said. "Just do your best."

Once this is over, silence occurred again as the ship sails across the sea. While Xavier still ponders about the girls, hearing the two examples of them saying their Commander was the best.

"Just do my best..." Xavier thought, just do his best in an attempt to save the world from the Sirens, who have been inactive for five months just like the previous Commander's death.

|Location: Azur Lane Base|
|Time: 0845|

Somewhere on the big sea, a large island is there. There is the base of Azur Lane. A large white base section is near the water, along with a large lake that leads to the ocean bay, which has the dock for the ships. From a distance, there is a small town shop stalls that are empty, with different buildings.

At the docks, two women are standing there, waiting for the arrival of someone they know is coming. The first woman has short blonde hair, and red eyes, wearing a red military uniform with other accessories. And another one was shorter than the first one. She has red eyes but waist-length light-brown hair, she also wears a mid-length capelet along with a blue jacket and other accessories.

Then there they see... A familiar ship has arrived. Now stationed at the dock, later on, the two see four figures walking toward them. Just then the two meet up together...

"Greetings Illustrious." The tall woman with the red uniform greeted her with a warm smile. "How was the trip?" She asked.

Illustrious returns with a smile as well, "It has been going well." She responds.

She then looks at Unicorn who is less shy towards her, "And how about you Unicorn?" She asked.

Unicorn nodded, "It was good." She said as her armaments glowed blue once again as the trial of blue cubes heads at the empty dock, where the ship reappears.

Then the Doctor spoke up, "Xavier Riese, meets Prince Of Wales, or Wales for short." He introduced the tall woman, "And this is Cleveland." He gestures to the shorter girl, tho not as shorter as Unicorn.

"Hey!" Cleveland waves her hand with a smile.

John turns to the two, "Wales, Cleveland, I assume you know who he is..." He said.

"Indeed." The tall woman, now known as Prince Of Wales responded, "Greetings, you must be the new Commander." She said.

"Yes." Xavier simply replied.

"Huh, so you're our next Commander huh?" Cleveland takes a look at him, comparing him to the previous Commander, "Way different than our previous one... Well... Appearance-wise..." She thought.

"Well..." Cleveland spoke out, "Pleasure meeting you!" She said with a smile.

"Thanks..." Xavier takes a small bow at least to respect them, "Now, I know I won't be the same Commander as you-"

"Commander." Wales' voice with a serious tone halts him to speak further, but then he looks up to see the look of sincerity. "You are aware of our loss, and we can thank you for concerning us." She thanked him.

Cleveland nodded, "Yeah, we understand our Commander wouldn't want us to be held down, but to continue further, that is what he says to us." She explained, with slight determination.

Xavier nodded his head, "Got it, that's what they told me." He said, mentioning the three.

Wales smiles, "Very well. We shall introduce you to the base." She turns and walks to the exit with Cleveland following her, now joined up by Xavier, John, Illustrious, and Unicorn. Just as Xavier is walking, he then notices a group of small yellow chicks wearing... Hard hats? Seeing them look like they are checking up on the two ships he saw.

"Those must be the Manjuus..." Xavier whispers out and assumes those chicks are the creatures John talks about. They look adorable, but then he recalled that they were used for experiments by the previous Commander... Hopefully, he won't push their bad side, surely if he meets them...

From a distance on the hills of the island, a cloaked short figure is standing on one of the hills. A pair of brown eyes see the Commander, just then the hood of the cloak was taken off by the wind.

It was a girl, with white hair tied in a high ponytail with mechanical animal ears on top of her head. She wears a white sleeveless sailor uniform with other accessories beside her as well as the small rigging of what seemed to be warship armaments.

"So... This is the new Shikikan..." Her voice thought up in her head. She was very curious about this new Commander, but she knows this is not the time for that anymore. She pulls out a device and taps the screen which glows blue, "Ayanami here, I here to report that the new Shikikan has arrived..." She informs.

"Thank you, Ayanami..." A female with a sinister voice responded, "We will be arriving with our forces soon... For now, keep yourself hidden." She ordered.

"It will be done." Ayanami replied as the call has been turned off. All she can do now... Wait and watch.

Time has passed, as the group is touring the new Commander on this island base.

"I never thought this base for the best force of the navy would look like a small town..." Xavier remarked at those buildings, especially seeing the empty food stalls.

Wales smiles, "That's because our previous Commander has thought of making the island to be more... Humane, similar to what humans have been living in the cities." She explains.

"Yeah, he was cool, the first one to actually appreciate us." Cleveland added as she smiles.

"Right, since your arrival, the rest of the navy distrusts you for taking their roles in this war." Xavier learns about the history of Azur Lane.

John nodded, "Indeed, tho long ago I was a little hesitant, I soon join them thanks to him." He said.

"Indeed, you are mostly a grumbling old man back at the times." Cleveland giggled as John deadpan stared at her.

"Ha ha..." John responded with a sarcastic fake laugh. Just then they are walking normally...

"Wales!" An energetic voice occurred, as the group sees a short but young-looking girl holding onto another shorter and young girl who looks sleepy.

The first one has long lavender hair tied in a messy high ponytail and aqua-colored eyes. She wears a purple hooded scarf and a white jagged end blouse with other features.

The second one was the sleepy one, she has long silver-white hair tied in messy twintails, red eyes, and one thing Xavier perked up by... Bunny ears?

Wales smiled at the two arrivals, "Hello there, Javelin and Laffey, what made you arrive at this moment?"

Javelin and Laffey stopped, with Javelin taking a breath, "Sorry we're late! We didn't arrive in time to join you to meet our Commander!" She explains loudly, taking more breaths.

"Mm... Laffey needs to sleep..." The girl Laffey mutters, tho for some reason she's saying her name as if she's speaking in the third person.

"Eh! Didn't you asleep already?!" Javelin exclaimed as she slightly shook Laffey to stay awake.

Wales slightly giggles seeing this moment, "It's okay Javelin, it was optional whether you wanna come with me or not." She reassured as Javelin sighed in relief. "Commander, meet Javlein and Laffey." She introduced Xavier to the two.

"Um... Hi! Javelin." The purple hair girl introduced herself, "And this-" She sees Laffey sleeping on the ground, "Laffey!" She panics seeing her friend in this position and she quickly shook her not to get rude towards the new Commander.

"Mhmm... Laffey awaiting orders..." Laffey mumbled, "These ears aren't real... You don't need to stare at them..." She reminded as Xavier was looking at the bunny ears.

Xavier cleared his throat as he pulls out his hand for a shake, "I'll be looking forward to helping you." He said.

Javelin smiles and shakes his hand in return, "Nice to meet you. You are very kind Commander." She responds.

Xavier nervously chuckled, "How so? We just met now..." He replied.

Javelin slightly giggles at the Commander, "I don't know... But I have that feeling since meeting our Commander before." She assumes.

"Right..." Xavier simply responded. Already he's getting a liking to some girls, as what the Admiral says, he is somewhat similar to the previous Commander...

Just then Unicorn spoke out, "U-chan?" This causes their attention as they see Unicorn is missing her unicorn doll. "I forgot U-chan!" She worried.

"Oh, maybe you must have left it at the docks..." Xavier suggested.

"The doll is somewhat sentient," John replied, which perked Xaiver up. "Right now, we need to finish this tour." He said.

"Don't worry Doctor!" Javelin calls out, "Laffey and I will help Unicorn find U-chan. While you can still do the tour."

Wales smiled, "That is accepted, thank you for your help." She thanked the two.

Javelin nodded, "Come on Laffey, we need to find U-chan!" She holds onto Laffey as they head out to find the doll.

"Mmmm... Slow down, Javelin..." Laffey muttered as Javelin practically drags her through the path.

"You can join them." Illustrious affirms with Unicorn as she nods and follows the two girls. Now Illustrious, Wales, Cleveland, John, and Xavier are the only ones there.

"Now then, we shall continue the tour." Wales announces as they continue to guide the new Commander of this base...

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