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The 'XZJQ Project' Presents...

|Location: Azur Lane Base|
|Time: 1820|

At the harbor, no more than 20 minutes have the Azur Lane begin setting up their defenses. Xavier at the harbor has planned to make a three-layer defense for the base and asked for those who will be in each defense, from the ocean, the coast, and finally the island itself.

As a bunch of girls has volunteered to go to the ocean and coastal areas such as the likes of Bismarck, Jean Bat, Shoukaku and Zuikaku, etc, the rest waited here as John walks up to him.

The Manjuus prepared to reinforce the base, with Cleveland leading them. As Xavier speaks to the doctor, "How is Enterprise?" He asked.

"She's stable, her injuries looked major but her vital signs reminded normal." John informed. "Vestal and Akashi are on support, all we need to do is wait til she wakes up."

Hornet comes up, "So, any plan on how to defeat Orochi?" She wondered. "The only thing we see its struggle is against sister. I don't think even we can land a scratch." She worried.

"But Orochi hasn't faced all of us." Xavier replied. "And I know everyone won't go down without a fight..." He stated as Hornet smiled and nodded.

"And what of Akagi and Kaga?" Amagi came with Yorktown and Hammann. "If they are somewhere in the Mirror Sea..."

"They might be captured within Orochi. If Oswald works them, it would be his obvious choice to capture them and use them as either baits or living shields of the vessel." Xavier assumed as Amagi looked worried, and he saw, "Rest assured, Amagi, they won't be killed, we can save them."

Amagi is a bit hesitant but slowly settles down, "I put my faith in you, Shikikian." She said. As Yorktown smiles to see that she is calm by this.

"So you will stay with us, Commander?" Yorktown asked.

Xavier shook his head, "No, I shall join in." Yorktown looks surprised by hearing this. "Don't worry, I have Hornet, Shoukaku, Zuikaku, Atago, Takao, Javelin, Laffey, Ayanami, and Z23 as my escort. Along having the subs." A few of the Manjuus landed onto Xavier's hat and shoulders and chirped once he look at them

"What will you do?" Amagi wondered as Xavier regained his focus on her.

"I do not know yet." Xavier admitted. "But we need to prepare for the worst, I might be needed." He said.

"Well... We will keep you safe." A voice came as Shoukaku and others and the subs such as Albacore, Dace, I-19, I-168, U-81, and U-96.

"You can count on us!" Albacore gleamed.

"We're with you!" Javelin added with a smile.

"If you're going, I shall join." John speaks up as Xavier turns to him, "If we're dealing with Oswald personally, you might need some help."

Xavier smiled and nodded, "Okay, we'll join the ocean fleet, but we'll be separate." The girls nodded, "Alright, let's move out."

|Location: Pacific Ocean|
|Time: 1830|

At the Pacific Ocean, yet not too far from the base as seen from the distance, Xavier along with John on Takao's ship as the rest of everyone else has their riggings on. John using the telescope, sees the girls are positioned...

Bismarck has selected her Iron Blood fleet, from having her strongest ships with her. Such as Triptiz, Graf Zepplin, Prinz Eugen, Blucher, Admiral Hipper, Ulrich Von Hutten, Brunhilde, Madeburg, Peter Strasser, Seydlitz, Z1, Z2, Karlsruhe, Koln, Konigsberg, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst.

Nagato with Mutsu next to her along with the Sakura Empire has their best fighters and supporters. From Musashi, Shinano, and Shimakaze. But they have other fighters besides, Chikama, Choukai, Maya, Kawakaze, Noshiro, Ryuuhou, Sakawa, Suruga, Kinu, Hyuuga, Ise, Yuudachi, Yukikaze, and Shigure.

Jean Bart, while small has Vicyha Dominion's best ships, Joffre, L'Indomptable, and Le Malin.

And lastly, Vittorio Veneto and her Sardenga Empire, Duca Degli Abruzzi, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Pola, Zara, and Pompeo Magno.

Then John turned, gazed at the distant forward, and saw more dark specks afar.

"They're here..." John spoke out, as everyone steadies themselves. "Nimi, prepare our vessels." He stated, Z23 nodded, and she runs to the large vessels, preparing them. "These vessels are Navy Seatlh pods to sneak in battles." He explained to Xavier, "Something Zander has made and idealises it."

"Very well." Xavier nodded as he was about to go... Javelin tugs his arm sleeve which he turns, seeing her along with Laffey, Ayanami, and Z23 returning back, finishing the pods.

"Be careful, Commander..." Javelin replied.

"Laffey will do her best..." Laffey thumbs up.

"We won't disappoint you." Z23 said.

"Me too..." Ayanami added.

Xavier nodded again as they are ready to prepare what was coming...

|Location: Azur Lane Coast|
|Time: 1832|

At the coastal defense, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, and Northern Parliament have set up their position here, as Eagle uses her rifle scope to see the upcoming Siren fleet.

"They're coming..." Eagle informs others, right beside, Queen Elizabeth is here, with Warspite beside her, along with Hood, Illustiorus, the Maid Corps, etc. Prince Of Wales worries when she sees a larger black speck.

"That large vessel..." Wales called out, staring at the large ship.

"Yeah, Orochi itself." Washington confirms, "Real monster that thing is..." She added, recalling the battle of the Mirror Sea.

Prince Of Wales worries even more, Howe speaks, "This may be one of the biggest battles we will face in this war..." She said.

"Agreed..." Hood nodded, "I hope Commander can save them."

"And we may need Enterprise back if we hope to gain an advantage," Baltimore added but is regrettably speaking about Enterprise due to her condition.

"Let's just hope we can hold off..." Suffolk hoped.

|Location: Pacific Ocean|
|Time: 1835|

From the distance, the Siren Fleet is heading to the Azur Lane Base, with Orochi's vessel right behind the offensive lines of ships. Oswald is on Orochi's deck with Orochi itself right next to him, floating above are Observer, Tester, and Purifier, as Purifier is excited as always.

"There it is..." Oswald remarked seeing the island base. "Alright, let's get this over with. Orochi launches the nuke." He commanded.

Purifier hears this, and whines, "Awww, come on! And not having a chance to fight them again!" She complained.

"You're a child..." Oswald whispered with annoyance, remarking about Purifier.

"Don't think that missile will be enough to wipe them all out." Observer reminded.

"I know of that, the Azur Lane had foiled our plans time and time again. Even with the full power of Orochi, I may doubt the success of this battle..." Oswald responded as he places his hand on his chin.

"I suppose this is where you summoned one of your 'flawless' strategies." Tester remarked, adding a sarcastic tone when saying "flawless".

Oswald ignores her sarcastic word, it seems only Observer he can tolerant with, "Orochi will fire the nuke, then the Siren fleet will perform a blitzkrieg strategy on the ocean position, they won't prepare an all-out assault along the Excutor-class will invade the coastal position." He planned out the attack, he turns to Tester and Purifier, "The rest is up to you two."

Purifier giggled, and Tester smiled as the two jumped off the deck as Observer hovers down slowly and directly next to Oswald. "Hope you won't disappoint us." She whispered as then she floats up and flies to join the others.

Oswald didn't say anything, then he speaks his command, "Orochi... Fire the Nuke!" He demanded.

Orochi's visor glows red as the hatch from Orochi's vessel at the rear begin to open. A large missile flew off, its thrusters grows powerful, and a shockwave emitted as the missile pierce the sound barrier heading straight at the Azur Lane base.

At the Ocean position, Musashi's fox ears twitched as it heard something from the distance. Nagato beside her notices this, "Something coming?" She asked.

Musashi nodded as she stepped forward, her riggings charged with electric powers, "We need to stand back, something's coming."

Nagato is concerned but nodded as she gestured the others to move back, Bismarck, Jean Bart, and Vittorio Veneto immediate moves away as quickly as possible.

Musashi charges forward at full speed, and one of her large rigging mechanical hands summoned a katana made of pure purple electricity energy. She gazes at something... The missile heading straight at the base.

Her rigging arm swung its sword sending a wave of purple electricity sending straight at the large missile. The two clash as large sparks are emitted, and a shockwave is sent out which nearly pushed Mushasi as she backs off, at full speed again, just in time to get away from the...

Boom... A large explosion happened, a massive red nuke explosion as red electricity emitted out of the smoke clouds...

Nagato, along with Bismarck, Jean, Vittorio, and others, is shocked to see Orochi's power...

From the distance, Xavier and John have their mini vessels prepared but are witnessing this, along with the other girls watching in terror at the massive explosion... The ocean was erupting massive waves

"It just..." Javelin trembled, Z23 is almost silent, while Aynami and Laffey just watched, silently...

"Fired that..." Zuikaku softly exclaimed at the sheer explosion from that missile. Takao and Atago are also worried.

"And is Musashi?..." Shoukaku worries for her.

John quickly uses his telescope and sees Mushasi has barely gotten out of the blast, unharmed. "She's okay." He calls out, causing others to be relieved of her safety...

Xavier shook his head, "We need to get to Orochi and free Akagi and Kaga now!" He worried as John nodded as the two enters their vessels. The two are dropped in the ocean as engines are on, and they begin to move full speed ahead underwater.

Now both are off their vessels, the Takao jumps off her ship which transports the two, transforms into her riggings, and follows the trial of the two humans, along with others straight at the Siren ship.

Oswald sees the explosion, tho his expression is calmed, "Alright, commence Blitzkrieg." He commanded. "You go full speed."

Purifier cackles like a mad girl, as she with Tester, and Observer along with their Excutor-class Sirens begin to charge faster.

Observer smiles, "Let's begin..." She whispered as her riggings are armed and ready. They begin to charge...

Oswald turns to Orochi again, "Join them, and make sure Musashi and others are killed." He ordered.

Orochi complied as it walks, then runs and jumps out off the deck, however, small purple cubes came out of Orochi's vessel and later formed its riggings, while the vessel still remains...

Oswald remains standing as he smiles, and is holding a Yellow Wisdom Cube, ready to speak to it when ready...

Nagato sees Musashi has returned back, slightly unscathed by the massive nuke explosion. "Are you okay?" She asked as Musashi nodded.

"Orochi's missile, I counter it, barely..." Musashi replied.

Shinano is also worried as she gazed as the massive explosion slowly disappears, "We may have incoming enemies..." Everyone else sees Executor Sirens emerge with Purifier, and Tester on the lead.

"Purifier, Tester..." Bismarck glares at seeing the old foes.

Purifier cackles, "Miss us!" She gleamed as her rigging cannons fired lasers heading straight at the fleet. The girls immediately scattered as lasers are fired, and soon they come face to face with the Sirens.

Cannons are shot, lasers pass by, explosions in the ocean occur, and Bismarck aims her cannons shooting down two Breakers. Triptiz right by her side has shot down the Siren jets from the sky.

Musashi was supported by Jean Bart and Shimkaze who destroyed three Strategists, just as two more Explorers came, Musashi's slashed them down both with one swing as it emits a purple wave of electricity.

Graf Zepplin summons aircraft as it bombards some of the Executor Sirens. Kawakaze and Maya, charged through the Siren group and sliced off their riggings, as well the Sirens themselves. Prinz Eugen, Blucher, and Admiral Hipper commenced firing at more Executors, Ryuuhou provides air support as planes fired torpedoes at more Sirens, creating large explosions.

Vittorio Veneto along with Pola, and Zara supported by Shinano who are destroying the Executors with ease witness more enemies...

Mass-Produced Siren Ships have arrived full speed ahead as it lets out a barrage of laser attacks.

Later on, Nagato sunken a Queen-class Siren ship protected by Noshiro, and Chikama. Z1, and Z2 are taking down one of the Mass-Produced Ships. Then Purifier passes by laughing crazy and fires at Nagato.

"Nice one, Z2!" Z1 complimented Z2 as she strikes at a critical hit on one of the ships sinking it instantly with one shot.

Just as Z2 nodded... A red blast hit her... Z1 yells her name as she got knocked into the water. Z1 immediately come to her aid, and tries to carry her, only something appeared in front of her...

A large shadow lurked over both Z1 and the unconscious and injured Z2.

To Z1, it felt like something teleported, but it isn't the case, she looked up, enraged but fearful as it is Orochi with its rigging as snakeheads...

Orochi's riggings have its mechanical snakes have their mouths opened as it is glowing red, ready to fire at the two Iron Blood Destroyers...

Then, an explosion hits Orochi from the back slightly staggering it.

Z1 sees who fired the shot was none other than Ulrich von Hutten, who glares at the tall Siren robot. Orochi then lets all eight snakeheads aim at her as it lets out loud blasts of red lasers coming at Ulrich as she avoids them.

Thinking Z1 can take the opportunity to carry Z2 out, Orochi aims its arm, transforming into a cannon and firing its laser that hit Z1 knocking her and Z2 down. Then Orochi fired another shot to destroy the two, but that blast was struck down... By a blade.

Kawakaze stares with battle-hardened intent as she charges straight at Orochi's side, attempting to slash its side armor. But the sword struck, sparks flew, and her eyes slightly widen seeing no scratch.

Orochi counters, letting out a punch and knocking Kawakaze down, as she splashed into the water as clutched her waist where Orochi punched, gritted in pain.

Then Ulrich came by and attack Orochi again from behind as once again the snakeheads cannot hit her. Orochi turns around uses its Gatling gun and fires at Ulrich which did hit her and she is pushed back, slightly injured by the Gatling gun.

Orochi then immediately scans the entire area, its data scans 46 Kansens in the Ocean area... Then a warning as it turns to see Musashi charging with a giant purple sword as it hit the chest, and Orochi is pushed back by a couple of meters before stopping.

Orochi is down but soon gets up while having a singe mark on its chest where Mushasi swung her sword as it faces her. Then its entire riggings reveal its entire arsenal, the turrets, the snakeheads as well as summoning drones, then it lets an all-out attack on Musashi.

Mushasi blocks, and dodges but the pressure is too much, she falls back as Orochi goes on the offensive at the Yamato-class Battleship.

"What's the matter? Struggling already!?" Purifier meanwhile at the battlefield continues firing on Nagato while Tester deals with Jean Bart and Vittorio Veneto, and Bismarck faces Observer.

Observer smiles and continues shooting as Bismarck blocks them with her flagpole she carries and shoots back, which energy shields block them. As Tester avoids attacks due to a Two versus One.

Purifier continues her offensive attack as Nagato is pushed back, she sees the others are still occupied with other Sirens, and Musashi is still dealing with Orochi as she is on the defensive.

"Distracted!" Purifier yells as she has an opening of Nagato and is about to fire but she notices a projectile and dodges immediately and flies up, Nagato sees Mutsu helping her.

"Sister! There are too many of them!" Mutsu yelped as she ducks another shot from somewhere, as Nagato mentally agrees with her.

"You're right, we need to join the coast." Nagato replied as she reaches the comms, "We are overwhelmed, joining the coast now!" She said.

Everyone in the Ocean Area hears her message and immediately complied. Musashi is in needs to distract Orochi.

Then suddenly, came more planes, as the planes themselves became physical projectiles and crashed into Orochi which staggers it impactfully, she sees it's Shinano's planes and takes the opportunity to fall back.

Z1, Z2, Kawakaze along with those who are injured in battle are supported by others as they are heading straight to the coast.

Purifier laughs, "Look at them go! Tho... I want to fight more!" Just as she prepares to attack. Observer's riggings raised one of the tentacles in front of her.

"Oswald has informed us to come back to Orochi's vessel." Observer calmly stated.

Purifier whines even more, "Oh, come on!... I want to battle more!" She downcasted.

"Don't get too greedy." Tester remarked. "We do as he said. Orders are orders."

Purifier scoffed but smirked as the three leaves, letting Orochi and the entire Siren fleet on its own against the Azur Lane.

|Location: Azur Lane Coast|
|Time: 1845|

At the coast, the Royal Navy, Eagle Union, and Northern Parliament are here, as Queen Elizabeth has gotten the message of Nagato as they prepared to stand off.

Then they see Nagato, Bismarck, Jean Bart, and Vittorio Veneto along with their companions have joined in, with the Maid Corps providing support for them once they arrived.

"Are you okay?" Hood asked.

Bismarck replied, "We took some injuries." She noted some of the girls are hurt during the assault, such as Z1, Z2, Kawakaze, and some others.

"We'll take them back to the port." Prince Of Wales replied. Houston, Chicago, Northampton, Kuybyshev, London, and Black Prince leads them back to base. Just then Howe sees the upcoming Siren Fleet as everyone follows in.

They see more Executor Sirens in front, along with Mass-Produced Ships as the second line behind them. But the one standing in front of the fleet is Orochi itself.

King George V sees the riggings as Eagle speaks out, "It seems Orochi can have both the riggings and having its vessel over here." She informed. "This confirms Commander's theory where Akagi and Kaga are."

"And if Orochi fires the missile again..." Illustrious speak out her concerns.

"Musashi can counterattack it." Nagato assured as she turns to her, which Musashi nodded as confirmation. "However, she did it with strain, and we need to keep our powerful fighters safe if Orochi fires the weapon again."

"We shall follow it." Bismarck stated they need to stay strong and have their best fighters at bay. "Musashi, Shinano, Ulrich, and Shimakaze, you may need to be at the back lines."

Baltimore here, speaks out, "Along with New Jersey, Vanguard, and Kronshtadt?" She asked.

"Indeed." Prince Of Wales nodded, then they all agreed on this plan.

Then Orochi has arrived at its target range as its snakeheads begin to fire their lasers toward the Coastal area. All the girls move back as huge splashes erupted from the ocean. Orochi scans its enemies as the water explosion claimed down only to see thousands of planes coming straight at Orochi, exploding on contact making Orochi step back, along with other Sirens getting destroyed.

It is shown, Shinano, Graf Zepplin, Joffre, Ryuuhou, Volga, Essex, Bunker Hill, Intrepid, Shangri-La, Illustrious, Glorious, Eagle, Victorious, and Chaser have summoned their air fleet and used them as projectiles.

The planes also crashed onto other Sirens, and suddenly more mass-produced are destroyed by other girls, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Sheffield, then the rest of the maids come by to take care of them. Then more girls charged back with even more firepower retaliating back.

Orochi gets bombarded one by one by the planes, then its riggings begin to free back, destroying these planes. A few of them, now many more destroyed, then someone grabbed Orochi by the neck, and a sword clashes with the visor, sparks fly out revealing Renown is on Orochi.

Orochi grabs Renown and throws her away and attempts to shoot her, but was stopped by another slashed from no other from Maya. She dodges a swing, as Repulse saves Renown and takes her away from the battle.

Noshiro came and strike her sword at Orochi's knee but once again, no visible damage occurred. Then multiplied shots from Sheffield joined in, hitting Orochi. Then battleship cannons fired at Orochi, Nagato, Bismarck pressured their firepower on the robot.

Orochi withstood these attacks, then gets double slashed by Sakawa and Suruga, before they aimed their cannons and shot Orochi. Orochi gets up and stares at the Azur Lane, especially the Sakura Empire ones wielding their swords...

46 opponents it faces... Now many more are here... 100 Kansens, no possibly still more?... Nevermind... Destroy them all...

|Location: Pacific Ocean|
|Time: 1850|

At Orochi's vessel, Xavier's fleet arrives close by, just then Takao sees Purifier, Tester, and Observer arrive nearby.

"You really think you'd just do that?" Purifier giggled as she fired her cannons which Takao dodges. Atago counterattack fires back, and Purifier swiftly flies above and cackles once more.

Observer fires down onto Laffey, Javelin, Ayanami, and Z23 who avoid it, "You sure are confident about your new Commander, thinking he could stop Orochi." She smirked.

Then Observer glanced, seeing more planes heading straight to her, she shot them down as it is Hornet that summons the planes who is smirking. "Yeah, that's about right." Joined by Zuikaku and Shoukaku summing their aircraft Tester intervene and prevent their firepower with her shields.

None of the girls here aren't upset, they are very determined since their Commander and Doctor have already reached Orochi.

At the Orochi's ship, two large subs emerged out of the water surface, then later on Albacore, Dace, I-19, I-168, U-81, and U-96 joins on guard.

Xavier and John got off their subs, carrying their equipment with bags, and they attempt to find some way to get on the large ship. Its scale compared to other ships, creepos John out, as Xavier finds a ladder to get on.

John gets on the second as Xavier's already on the deck, he speaks to the subs, "Go join the others, Albacore." Xavier commanded.

"Sure thing, Commander!" Albacore saluted as she and the other subs joined the Coast area to support them.

Later on, they are on top of the vessel, John is holding his pistol and checks to see around the deck. No one's there... "Oswald's hiding, he already knows we're here." He is on guard.

"As I expected..." Xavier replied as he has his own pistol, tho less experienced than John. "Just get to where Akagi and Kaga... Have you fought him before?"

"No..." John replied, "But don't underestimate him. He's a fighter on his own." The two slowly walk to the door at the back side of Orochi's deck. Xavier then goes to a panel, near the door, he opens it and sees the technology that is very advanced.

Xavier slightly exhaled due to the sight of this tech, "Alright, gimme a sec." He uses his bag, takes his modified small computer out and connects to the tech, and types down bypassing the codes.

In a moment, the door opens through Xavier's skills and bypassing such advanced tech. John admitted to being impressed, Zander hasn't done anything like that. The two enter inside, seeing the hallways look the same, dark having red glowing hues.

They look at each other and nod and enter the hallway, beginning their search for Akagi and Kaga...

|Location: Azur Lane Coast|
|Time: 1905|

Orochi is slowly taken back by multiple fire barrages by the majority of Kansens while the rest deals with the other Sirens. Orochi witness more and more ships getting destroyed, then soon it turns face to face with Warspite who charges with her sword.

A rematch goes on, Warspite slashed at Orochi's shoulder, but it ignores the minimal damage and goes straight to her neck, but Warspite flips sideways, avoiding the grab, and fires her battleship cannons directly at Orochi's face.

Then came Maya and Kinu came through Kinu provides cover fire as Maya came with her sword striking at the knee joint Orochi.

Orochi tries to aim at Maya, but then came Yuudachi, Shigure, and Yukikaze launched their torpedoes onto Orochi's feet staggering it even more. The snakeheads aimed at the three, hitting Yuudachi and Shigure, as it was about to hit Yukikaze, Kii came by and strikes one of the snakeheads as Baltimore, and Edinburgh guided the knocked-out Yuudachi and Shigure.

Then, of course, Kii continues her attack, swinging her sword and hitting Orochi's face. Then she moves back allowing Maya to strike at the same area again.

"Keep going! Don't let it have a chance to break!" Howe yelled as she fried her cannons at Orochi. Cleveland fires on its side then came Maya and Kii once again slashing their swords on the other side. In a group of one or two, the girls begin to take more of their turns of attacks.

Jean Bart fires cannons, Choukai comes by striking at the head, then Noshiro. Planes dropped by Ryuuhou and Shinano. Orochi blocks the plane's assault with its arm as the riggings shot them down.

Sakawa and Suruga combined their assault, one strikes their sword at the legs and the other on the head, causing Orochi to be tripped down.

Then before it can get up... Sheffield came from behind and starts shooting at Orochi. It gets up and shoots Sheffield but she dodges.

Then came Belfast fired, avoiding a second blast. Sirius and Dido came from behind striking Orochi on the back, Orochi blocks the swords with its arms while the two sword maids dodged their punches.

Gloucester comes fast with a kick at Orochi's head, staggering before King George slashed Orochi with her sword.

Then came Hyuuga and Ise swinging their swords hitting left and right from Orochi. Then Orochi lets out a punch at Admiral Hipper who luckily uses her shield to block the punch but she was sent back nonetheless.

Yukikaze fired more torpedoes, then Musashi charges and swing her sword at Orochi, and both hit the robot. Washington fires her cannons in front, Hood fires from the side, then Howe on the other side.

Just as Orochi have snakeheads aiming at Washington, Hood, and Howe... Until Albacore, Dace, I-19, I-168, U-81, and U-96 fired all of their torpedos once more onto the leg, staggering more and more.

Then Belfast goes down and sweeps kick Orochi which it trips over. With this opportunity, Sheffield jumps, wrapping her legs around Orochi's neck and performing her scissor leg takedown, which Orochi can see underneath her skirt...

Sheffield manages to make Orochi flip down and landed on the ocean with its back. Manchester, Edinburgh, Suffolk, and Kent commence firing at Orochi after Sheffield jumps out while Orochi gets constantly shot down. Then, New Jersey, Ulrich, Vanguard, and Kronshtadt join in the firing.

Annoyed... Many opponents... Enough...

Orochi's riggings glow red, and the snakeheads shriek once more, surprising the maids that are suppressing fire...

No longer Orochi can first time feel annoyed... Orochi feels... Rage...

Then Orochi quickly gets up and lets out a huge red energy pulse. The blast suddenly knocks the girls away as well as accidentally damages the Sirens who are in the radius. However, the girls are resilient, though tho are injured.

Orochi remains to stand, its armor is smoking from the attacks... As it stares at the girls who are getting up, it seems that pulse critically destroyed the Siren Fleet... Nagato, Bismarck, and others who got attacked by the pulse slowly get up.

Orochi has had enough... Then a familiar purple glow emits from Orochi...

|Location: Pacific Ocean - Orochi's Vessel|
|Time: 1910|

Inside, the hallway is very long and looks dark and murky despite the futuristic aesthetic. Xavier and John have their guns out, with John in front. They soon find another door, Zavier finds another panel but is sealed, he takes another item, from the back, and rips open the panel.

He immediately works on the exposed panel and opens the door. Just as the two get inside with Xaiver carrying his computer.

A shot banged, bullet hits Xaiver's computer, luckily Xavier's fine and the two hide at the sides. Inside the room they tried to enter, Akagi and Kaga are in a coma and are restrained with advanced technology.

Oswald held a pistol aiming at the two as he stood in front of the canisters containing them.

"Greetings Doctor, this is the first time we have our face-to-face, finally out of the field?" Oswald smirked as he still aims.

John is silent and gestures to Xavier that he'll take the first shot he nodded. Then John quickly reveals himself and fires his pistol which Oswald already takes cover. Xavier runs into the room, and Oswald sees and fires his gun, but John provided a distraction, and Oswald takes cover.

Xavier arrives near the containers, he knocks on the glass, but Akagi and Kaga did not reply. Then Xavier turns to see Oswald fires his gun at him, which he quickly dodges.

"You're not so defenseless as you look." Oswald remarked seeing how fast he dodges it.

"You should know, this is not the first time, I've dodged a gunshot." Xavier calls out as he hides behind a column.

"Indeed, I admire your hacking tricks, however..." Oswald continues firing at John and he takes cover. Xavier aims his gun and fires but Oswald ducks again. John checks his pistol, already reloading it as he tried to fire it, the door closed right in front of him.

"Damnit!" John cursed as he slammed his fist at the door.

Inside Oswald smiles when the door closes, "You think you're the only super genius." He mocked Xavier.

"That seemed exaggerated..." Xavier responds as he drops his bag, which is slightly shifting a bit.

Then he moves out of the column firing at Oswald who is still taking cover, he fries back and Xavier dodges them again.

Then his gun ran out of ammo, Oswald smiled and then throws the empty gun straight at Xavier's gun which knocked it out of his hand he holds his wrist.

Xavier sees the gun he dropped and runs to get it, but Oswald charged into him, and the two slide onto the floor. Oswald lands two punches straight at Xavier's face.

Xavier pushed him out with his leg, however, he was hurt by the punches and he gets out drowsy from the hits. Oswald gets up along with Xaiver both having their stances tho Xaiver's mouth bleeds as his cheek is bruised.

Oswald chuckles at how weak this Commander is, Xaiver lands a punch but he swiftly dodges it and grabs his arm. Then he strikes it at the rib area, critically hurting Xavier as he flips him over on the floor.

"Pathetic..." Oswald speaks with disgust as he lifts Xaiver off the floor. He punches him in the face, then to add insult and injury, he then grabs the other arm and strikes the bottom of the elbow so hard, the bone snaps...

Xavier screams in pain as Oswald kicks him in the knee, making Xavier drop onto the ground. His fracture on the elbow got worse as blood leaks spread on his suit.

"I can't believe it!" Oswald laughs as Xavier grunts in pain, wincing so much, "This is the Commander that would be Zander's replacement? You can't fight like him. I suppose you have the brains slightly better than him..." He pondered.

Xavier struggles as he glances at Akagi and Kaga as Oswald notices.

"You think you and that Doctor alone can save these two obsessed foxes? I take back about you being slightly smarter than him." Oswald remarks as he steps onto his knee and crushes it which Xavier yells in pain. "Not much a talker now all of a sudden?"

"You know Oswald..." Xavier mutters out while wincing, "I admit your intelligence and your fight with Commander..." Oswald smiles as he continues, "Tho one thing you are unaware and that the Commander has never done..."

Oswald is confused by that and wants to hear what he has to say... As Xavier looks up with a smile, "Is that, you think it's just me and Doctor, that's stopping you."

Before Oswald asked, he hears glasses shattered, and he turns to see a couple of Manjuus holding tools responsible for breaking the canisters, he looks at the bag, Xaiver dropped which is empty...

He brought these things here!? Oswald is shocked as suddenly, he sees Manjuus breaking the restraints on Akagi and Kaga. He tries to stop them but Xavier's push kicks with all of his strength on the leg making Oswald falls down, he gets up and angrily stares at him.

Oswald mentally curses, if these two are free, he stood no chance, he runs off and opens another door escaping from it.

Xavier sees him run away, then he turns to see Akagi and Kaga slowly wake up as the Manjuus are nudging them to wake up.

Akagi and Kaga groan and soon they get up, "Sister..." Kaga mutters as she notices Akagi getting up, "Sister!" Kaga exclaimed as she helps her get up.

Akagi awakens as the two looks around, just as she speaks, she sees Xavier beaten down. "You..." She muttered. Then the Manjuus begin to open the door which let John in. He sees the plan worked but is shocked to see Xavier injured.

"Commander!" John shouted as he runs up to him and checks his injuries, "Fractured elbow. Ribs are injured, and the ACL tear on the knee..." He muttered the symptoms.

Akagi is downcast, and Kaga watches John tries to treat Xavier with bandages, since that's the only he can do, he needs actual surgery.

John glanced at the two, "Don't stand there, I need your help!" He yells.

"Don't bother to talk to Akagi, Doctor..." Akagi speaks out, and John perks up.

"Akagi, what happens-" Oswald tries to reason.

"Akagi was fooled... Hoping to find Shikikan, only that scumbag..." Tears coming from Akagi as she crouches down Kaga tries to comfort her, but can't speak...

"Please, Sister, blame me... I was too late when he..." Kaga tries to take the blame.

"He had both of you tricked." John speaks up as Kaga stares, tho she holds no anger. "We're not blaming you two for this..."

Akagi glanced with tears still remaining, "Do you speak the truth?..." She asked.

"He is..." Xavier weakly speaks out, gaining Akagi, Kaga, and John's attention "They first think they can't believe you'd go that far to save him, but I won't blame you to lose someone so close..."

"Why still with Akagi, after what happened...?" Akagi questioned him.

"...It's because I get that feeling..." Xavier replied. "You couldn't do anything. Like me... I lost someone close like you, heard how it impacts the others, and you the most..." Xavier winced as John tried to attend to his current wounds.

John speaks for him, "Akagi, please, Xaiver is giving you a second chance. He knows what you both lost. He needs a proper medical bay."

Kaga stares at him, then Xaiver, she turns to Akagi who is silent. Akagi thinks of Xaiver's offer of her a second chance. Then one of the Manjuus flew onto her shoulder and chirped at her. Seeing how much Xavier would do anything even end up in this state, all because he wanted to save her and Kaga.

Xavier lets out a speak one more time, "Akagi, I can save you, it's what he would have wanted... I'm not letting you go down on this route..." Just then John injects him anesthesia thus Xavier's down.

"Sorry, Commander, you may need to save your words for now." John replied. "Akagi, Kaga, please, we need to go."

And just like that, Akagi makes her choice... Akagi nodded to Kaga confirming her choice as Kaga nodded back, then Kaga carries Xavier with gentle ease, in the bridal style of course. John is relieved by this.

"What of Oswald?" Kaga asked, with a harsh tone as mentioning that man.

"Let him be." Akagi speaks with a serious tone, "Right now, we must go." Kaga nodded as they leave the chamber.

|̶̬̠̀͜L̶̡̞̹̍̀͜ǫ̸͖͓̦̲̿̚͝c̸̡̩̤͑̿͐̊ȧ̵̮͓t̶̥̗̠̯͈͆̈́̉̓͆ḭ̴̛͆͊ơ̸̡̝͎̐̆̚ͅń̷̛̩͍͕̝͐̂̕:̶̭̭͐̍̋̔͝ ̸͕͗͆͒́|̷̧̛̥͛̈́ͅ
|̵͖́̾͑̉͜Ť̷̢̮͆̀̓ī̵̼͈̣̮̳͒̐m̷̨̖̥͚̓ͅe̸̲͌̂̀͝:̶͌̽̈̏ͅ ̷̡͍̠̬̓̆̋|̴̨͇͙͋ͅͅ

Back again...

Orochi has summoned the Mirror Sea once more, the girls are moved back with Musashi and others in the front as Orochi prepared for the worst.

Orochi summoned its drones as hundreds swarmed together into a large combination machinery weapon, then a gigantic laser shoots out from the combined drones and onto the sea, creating a massive explosion in the girls.

Many of them are pushed back, looking more injuries than ever, Sheffield is helped by Belfast, Cleveland had her sisters, Bismarck uses her flagpole to stand up, Graf Zepplin with Trpitz, Avrora with Rossiya, Reno is carrying an injured Yuikikaze, and Prinz Eugen along with Hipper and Blucher have their shields but are weakened by this attack.

But they are still standing... Thanks to these blue glowing butterflies summoned by Shinano, who is with Musashi, Shimakaze, Ulrich, New Jersey, Kronshtadt, and Vanguard standing in the front lines.

Orochi scans the likes of the frontlines... Those Kansens... If it destroys those ones, then they will all fall...

Then Orochi's arm transformed into a different cannon, now armed with a familiar missile, it aims at the water and creates another massive nuke explosion, Shinano along with others from the frontline shielded the attack but are struggling to do so.

Constantly more nuke explosions occurred as Orochi stands there silently, summoning them more and more, attempting to destroy them...

|Location: Pacific Ocean - Orochi's Vessel|
|Time: 1920|

Akagi, Kaga, John, Xaiver, and the other Manjuus escaped from the deck and later sees the fight of Xaiver's group against the Elite Sirens.

"Akagi, Kaga go help them." John stated.

"We shall Doctor." Akagi nodded, as she and Kaga jumps down and landed on the water. There Kaga sees the pods and carefully places Xavier inside. John climbs down and hopes on, while Kaga sets up the auto-drive of the sub.

Just then John and Xaiver's subs submerged down and heads to base... Now Akagi and Kaga will have their payback...

Meanwhile, Hornet, with Zuikaku and Shoukaku, deals with both Purifier and Observer, the two deal with the planes while Zuikaku chases Purifier who enjoys it. As for Tester, she faces Javelin, Laffey, Ayanami, and Z23. The four destroyers move in unison like old times while Tester fires at them. Then Takao and Atago manage to hit Tester.

Purifier laughs as she shoots down the planes while Observer keeps her distance away. Then suddenly Observer senses something and dodges red and blue planes from behind. Purifier and Tester stop their attacks to see Observer dodges something and then get hit by the same planes.

Hornet is surprised but smiles, they have done it. Zuikaku is surprised to see them along with Javelin, Z23, and Ayanami, while Shoukaku, Takao, and Atago and Laffey are glad to see them back.

"Akagi! Kaga!" Zuikaku exclaimed.

"Well, well, you two have come." Observer smiled at this as Akagi and Kaga stood in front with their planes ready.

"Indeed, Observer." Akagi smiled, tho with battle-ready intent. Just as Kaga with her serious expression.

Purifier shrugs off the attack and laughs, "Oh yes! More opponents!" She gleamed, Tester arms her weapons, while everyone else prepares to continue the battle...

"Let's go." Observer stated which surprises them even more.

"Aw... Well, alright... Hope we can meet again!" Purifier waves while Tester remains silent as they leave.

"What is this? You're running away?" Hornet questioned them.

"If you think of that..." Observer smiles, "Admit, the odds are against us. We'll let you deal with Orochi."

"And what of Orochi? You would leave it behind?" Shoukaku asked.

But Observer says nothing, but a smirk remains and joins the two, the three Elite Sirens left the battlefield.

"What is she planning?" Takao muttered out loud.

"It does not matter." Akagi speaks out, "Right now we must stop Orochi, already the robot has transported them to the Mirror Sea." As she is right, the coast is empty.

Hornet sees this and smiles, "Don't worry... Someone's gonna stop that thing, and she just woke up." She mentions someone.

"Come on!" Javelin rushes forward, as the rest head to the coast.

|̶̬̠̀͜L̶̡̞̹̍̀͜ǫ̸͖͓̦̲̿̚͝c̸̡̩̤͑̿͐̊ȧ̵̮͓t̶̥̗̠̯͈͆̈́̉̓͆ḭ̴̛͆͊ơ̸̡̝͎̐̆̚ͅń̷̛̩͍͕̝͐̂̕:̶̭̭͐̍̋̔͝ ̸͕͗͆͒́|̷̧̛̥͛̈́ͅ
|̵͖́̾͑̉͜Ť̷̢̮͆̀̓ī̵̼͈̣̮̳͒̐m̷̨̖̥͚̓ͅe̸̲͌̂̀͝:̶͌̽̈̏ͅ ̷̡͍̠̬̓̆̋|̴̨͇͙͋ͅͅ

Inside the dimension, Orochi summons nuke after nuke, trying to eradicate them all, just as it continues even more...

The girls are resisting, but at losing...

Then the Mirror Sea made a small crack, as a yellow energy arrow came straight through. And hits Orochi's, actually damaging its armor...

The Mirror Sea instantly shattered...

|Location: Azur Lane Coast|
|Time: 1930|

Everyone from the Mirror Sea is back once again on the ocean, Hornet, and others have arrived and Nagato notices them, especially Akagi and Kaga, which means he has succeeded.

Then Bismarck turned to see who fired the arrow, as Hornet smiles at the arrival...

Enterprise is back, with her yellow glowing eyes, but then it fades away back to normal. Her serious yet determined expression remains. She is all well and better, thanks to Vestal and Akashi.

Musashi gets up and smiles as Enterprise stops by her side. The two exchange nods as now, everyone faces Orochi who is slowly getting up, seeing its chest is damaged.

Near outside the coastal border, Orochi's vessel is moving ahead, there is an enraged Oswald, he can't believe he was tricked... Twice! By that crazy Commander and now the new one!?

He already knows the Sirens left him and now it's just him and his creation, he's mad at this, first, these Sirens take their time not going all out on the enemy, and now this!?

He's gonna end this now!

"OROCHI!" He yells at the comms, "Get back to the vessel! Deploy the nuke!"

Orochi gazes up and instantly gets up and heads back to the ship at full speed, the girls watch it returning back to the ship.

"Is he firing again?" Rossiya asked.

"Yes." Akagi speaks up, gaining their attention, "But this time, he's letting Orochi go all out this time, transferring more power onto the weapon..." As she knows about Orochi.

"Then we need to stop it." Musashi step up as Enterprise nodded.

"I'll counter first, then we can build up it." Enterprise said.

"We'll all join!" Javelin raised her weapon up.

"Laffey too..." Laffey mumbled out loud.

The remaining Azur Lane standing to prepare their final charge as Enterprise exhales and closes her eyes... Then opens to be yellow again. Then with pure speed, she heads straight to Orochi followed by everyone else.

Oswald is on his personal vessel, and due to his Wisdom Cube watching the Azur Lane coming full force, as Orochi has arrived the vessel disappears now fully inserted with Orochi's riggings.

Oswald is not letting them win... "Fire! Amped this time!" He ordered.

Orochi's visor glows red, now yellow as its arm transforms into a larger cannon with the same missile inside ready to launch. Then the missile also glows yellow, then without a pause, the missile fires straight at them.

Enterprise aims her bow at the missile, then she fires her arrow. The arrow and the missile collided as two energies clashed together the waves erupted violently. Just as it looked evenly matched...

Musashi unleashed her sword slash, Shinano summons her butterflies, Akagi and Kaga summing their planes, then many more, and then came almost everyone else fired their aircraft, torpedoes, cannons...

Suddenly the missile is getting pushed back... With everyone yelling their might, the missile gets sent away with Enterprise's power and the entire Coast Fleet Azur Lane backing up, it soon heads to Orochi.

"WHAT!?" Oswald widens his eyes before the missiles bluntly onto Orochi itself, and an explosion emits as it engulfs Orochi and Oswald himself.

Everyone sees the massive explosion, now red, unlike purple... Everyone is exhausted but Enterprise, Hornet, Akagi, Kaga, Atago, Takao, Zuikaku, Shoukaku, Laffey, Javelin, Ayanami, and Z23.

"We... We won?..." Baltimore asked...

Enterprise's eyes return back to normal again, she turns to her and smiles. "Yeah... We won..." She stated.

Then a few seconds passed... The girls cheered while some have their smiles.

"We did it!" Cleveland beamed as her sisters gives out a group hugs around her.

Javelin cheered as she hugs Laffey, Ayanami, and Z23, while Laffey rested, as it was finally over. Ayanami and Z23 are a bit embarrassed but are relieved and happy by Javelin's happy hug.

"It's over..." Bismarck smiled.

"Indeed." Prince Of Wales and Hood joined in.

Enterprise sees the cheers, then Hornet comes with a clash hug over her shoulder as her sister is laughing which Enterprise slightly chuckles.

"Glad to see you've recovered, Sis!" Hornet replied.

"Of course... It took a while... Sorry if my arrival was too soon." Enterprise apologised.

"No need. You are here, and we have won." Rossiya nodded.

Amagi sees Kaga and Akagi and is happy to see them, "Amagi!" Both Akagi and Kaga rushed in as Amagi hugs them dearly...

"Oh... Akagi... Kaga..." Amagi is relieved to see them alive, but later on... Both Akagi and Kaga got fist-slammed on the head by a now-angry Amagi. "I am still mad that you caused these actions. But luckily Shikikan had me made decided this would be your punishment. Next time, don't do stupid actions like this."

"Yes, Amagi..." Both Akagi and Kaga bow down as comical tears occur with big bumps on their heads.

"And what of the Shikikan and the Doctor?" Takao asked as she turns to Akagi and Kaga, those who escaped Orochi. Everyone has their attention, no hate, but curiosity...

Akagi calmly speaks out, "Shikikan has been critically injured when facing Oswald, he's already getting treated at the medical bay at base." This causes most of the gasps.

"Quick! Back to base!" Queen Elizabeth announced as most of the girls worryingly head to the base. With Enterprise and some of them head there but on a slow pace, as Akagi glanced at Enterprise...

|Location: Azur Lane Base|
|Time: 0830|

The next day, Xavier is at the medical bay and in bed with equipment supporting his knee and leg, and below while he is bandaged mostly at the rib area and some on his face.

Next to him are Vestal and John who are treating him with care. The repair ship sighed heavily, "Commander, you'll be okay, but the next time you perform the reckless action again, I'll have you stay in the office full-time." She warned.

"I'll be aware of my safety..." Xavier mumbles as he is tired after he wakes up from the anesthetic. Yesterday, Vestal and John go full-on surgery immediately now all he needs is to rest. "Maybe I need to train myself a bit more..."

"Have you not considered the injuries you may take!?" Vestal exclaimed, admittedly frustrated.

"As much as I don't want him to risk getting hurt, he's right." John replied, "Until you are well done, you may need to improve yourself if you ever get a chance to be defenseless." He stated.

"Agreed..." Xavier accepts as Vestal is flabbergasted. "Sorry Vestal, but rest assured, I'll be more careful about myself. In fact, I may slightly underestimate how this goes." He gestured to himself and his condition.

Vestal sighed, "I promise Vestal... I can handle myself." Xavier assured as he turns to John. "So how will the officials speak of this?" He asked.

"Soon, they'll bring their word in. For now, I think we can relax for now. After all, Azur Lane has reunited thanks to you." John replied.

Xavier smiled, "That's good to know..." He sighed as someone enters the medical bay...

Outside, Enterprise gazes at the beautiful sky, as she is hanging nearby the medical bay where Xavier is. Then Akagi arrives but she knows not that Akagi is hiding.

"Do you have a moment?..." Akagi asked, Enterprise turned and nodded. "So, you have changed thanks to Shikikian..."

Enterprise replies, "And you've been saying his title like that to him..." She noted.

"Akagi has admitted, he is not what Akagi thinks... And, Akagi admires it." Akagi replied, then a silence of peace occur before Akagi speaks again, "What of the Alter-self?" She asked.

"...Before I woke up, I see her again... She lets me have one more try. And after that, I don't sense her anymore after Orochi is destroyed." Enterprise explained.

"Hm, Akagi admits it's a shame she isn't here, the war would have been different for our outcome." Akagi replied.

Enterprise smiles, "Maybe... But in the end, no matter what changes in the war, it would always be the same..." She said.

"Akagi agrees..." Akagi recalled her using Orochi in hopes to find previous Shikikian. "And so how would we end the war if it still remains the same?" She asked.

Enterprise thought of this one, recalling where Commander helped her change, and now Akagi, gives her answer. "We should accept... War never changes... But we as people can change and that is what matters. It happened to me and you."

Akagi thought of this, and smiled, "It has indeed... Enterprise." She replied. "Akagi is grateful for this, and of course to Shikikan." Just then they hear noises at the medical bay they are near.

Now inside, both Enterprise and Akagi gazed at the door. They soon see the room Xavier is taken care of is nearly filled with other girls. Dido and Sirius are holding bowls of fruit with Belfast with a plate of cake. Sheffield is there, having her arms crossed.

Then of course Junyou and Taihou are here, then Javelin, Laffey, Ayanami, and Z23 are there as well. Even Hood, Prince Of Wales, Illustrious, Unicorn and so much more.

"Uh, girls please, I'm fine..." Xavier fretted. "Vestal, Doc? I may need some help!" He yelped while Vestal and John stood by and watched, both having smirks on their faces. This is due to Xavier being the teasable and shy guy, and it's fresh air seeing that, compared to their previous Commander.

"Nonsense, my second childhood friend, for you'll be taken care of by me." Junyou replied.

"Actually, let Taihou be the one taking care of him, the rest shall leave." Taihou demanded with a soft tone.

"Unfortunately, the maids are needed to treat him." Belfast smiled as she takes a fork and that cake, "Say ah, Commander."

"He can feed it himself." Sheffield stated. "He's right-handed."

"M-master, how about trying an apple?" Dido is a bit shy but is determined.

"Laffey wants to sleep with you. Laffey thinks it can make you better..." Laffey mutters out loud.

"Go near him, I dare you..." Taihou warned.

"Hey!" Javelin stood between Laffeya and Taihou.

Enterprise and Akagi are surprised to see this, Yorktown, Amagi, Kaga, and Hornet arrived at the scene.

"Wow, I have never seen them go so close, then again our last Commander has always been treating our quips casually," Hornet remarked.

"Indeed." Amagi replied, "Here Shikikan is a lot more..." She tries to guess.

"Shy?..." Yorktown assumed as the two giggled.

Kaga sighed, feeling bad for Xavier. Hornet added, "And he's also easy to be teased."

"I think your commentary is unneeded Hornet..." Kaga replied with a deadpan expression.

"Well, Akagi may have a way to handle them..." Akagi suggested.

"Actually, maybe I can help him." Enterprise replied.

"Akagi don't think so. Don't forget your place, as Akagi can give the most comfort to Shikikan." Akagi speaks with a "familiar" tone, and that's when she speaks like that about Shikikan.

"Well, things have changed... Don't recall the past." Enterprise responds back as the two glare at each other.

"Oh my..." Amagi whispered as Kaga sighed again, Yorktown giggled while Hornet chuckled. Xavier has always been a kind guy to them, more gentlemanly than ever compared to their old but still lovable one.

All they got to think... They hoped Xavier can survive their gratitude...

Chapter 14 Completed... The End...

...Somewhere in the ocean in the middle of the dark night, Observer hovers down looking for something from the waters. While Purifier is cheery as ever also looking for something along with Tester.

"I'd say the simulation worked well as it should be." Tester smirked at Observer to who she smiled back.

"Of course, as always." Observer replied, then she glanced at something floating... "There it is..." She calls out. The other two arrived and found what they need...

Orochi's body... Damaged but still, a majority of it remains are there. But what's also next to it... Is Oswald's vessel, and his hand is sticking out, not moving.

"It's impressive how this weapon is purely man-made tho if not that he used our resources." Tester admitted.

"Yep. But do we have to bring him back? He ruins my fun..." Purifier whines.

"Orders are orders." Observer harshly responded then smiles again, "And now once we bring them back, our next phase will begin..." She stated.

Then from Orochi, the entire side of the face is broken. As it reveals... A human face opens its eye as the red hues around its armor begin to glow...

To Be Continued...

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