It's a cold night on April 15th, 1912. Rose DewittBuckateer is trying to stay alive. Her hands are cold as ice and her body is almost dead. She has been lying in the cold for about half an hour, she is lying on a board while her best friend Jack is dead…Or at least he might be. She cried silently on the board as her tears became slightly frozen.

A lightroler was coming around with an extra lifeboat to see if anyone is alive. Rose was struggling to stay alive but she knew she had to, for Jack, for her family. The family that betrayed her all these years.

Her eyes were closing but she was determined to stay alive. She was determined to meet Jack again after this whole tragedy. Even if he didn't make it. She was also determined to survive and see her future children grow.

As the night was coming to a close. Two officers saw a board floating with someone on it. Rose struggled a little bit but she knew she had to keep going, the Carpathia was soon coming. But no one knew when it was coming. Another group of officers pulled Rose into their boat.

They were trying to calm her down and make her warm, one of the officers was a nice man known as Officer Lightroler. The man looked down at the woman as she was struggling with not crying, she had no idea where and how Jack was.

But she knew he was out there somewhere.

She got on to the Carpathia the next morning and found herself being surrounded by survivors. Her first tthought was if Jack was found and made it. "Hey, are you alright dear? Do you need anything?" A nurse on the ship asked.

Rose kindly declined as all she was focused on was Jack, her mind was in a trance as she slowly remembered the night she first met Jack. She was about to kill herself by jumping off the ship into the freezing cold ocean. But now, she sees how cold that water would have been and how she would have felt.

As she was lying down in a sick bay bed, she suddenly saw her mother walking towards her. She did look mad and upset but she was also glad to see her baby made it out alright. "Rose! Your okay! I'm sorry for how I treated you, I shouldn't have done that…And Cal also has an apology," her mother said.

"Hello Rose, I have something to say…I'm sorry for everything. And I'm sorry for treating you like a fucking slave. I shouldn't have, and I know I should take responsibility for my actions. And I am. Please forgive me Rose. We can start a new life."

She didn't know what to think, she didn't know if she should stay with the man who mentally and physically hurt her. But deep down she thought that she should accept his apology and just let it go.

But she wouldn't forget Jack; the man who saved her life when she was about to commit suicide on the Titanic. And the man who protected her throughout the whole sinking. She just couldn't bare to lose him and he couldn't bare to lose her.

If Rose were to die right now, her last thoughts would be about her family and how they treated her like shit and crap 24/7. She might not want to go back.

And she might not want to suffer.

But she does want Jack.

Hopefully, he's okay. As the day went by on the Carpathia. Many people were saved and many people were healthy. But some drowned in the ocean and didn't make it out, Rose is happy to be that lucky person who did make it out.

And that one lucky person who did survive. Now all she needed, was Jack.

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