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(Woods outside of Arcadia Oaks, Southern California, Nighttime)

Labored breathing could be heard as a red headed woman struggled to make her way through the woods leaving a trail of blood behind her from the slash wound on her side, all the while holding a bundle close to her chest protectively.

The woman stumbled a bit over a root hidden by the shadows jostling the bundle a bit before she steadied herself. A slight crying is heard from the bundle "Shh shh it's okay Naruto mommy has you" the woman said comfortingly pulling back the blanket a bit to reveal a baby with a small tuft of blond hair, bright ocean blue eyes, and three distinct whisker marks on his cheeks.

Pulling her child closer to her chest to comfort him the woman continued making her way through the woods and to hopefully get her child to safety.

After another half hour of stumbling her way through the woods the woman finally made it to the outskirts of the town and pulled out a slip of paper with a magic circle on it. Channeling what little energy she had she sends it into the circle making it pulse before fading as she sat down and leaned up against a tree cradling her child and waited.

"By Daya's grace is that you Kushina? What happened" a gruff voice says, alerting the woman and snapping her eyes open as she had drifted off for a bit after activating the circle.

Standing before the woman wearing shiny silver armor intricate lines engraved into it was a tall bulky creature with blueish-gray colored rocky skin "Kanjigar aren't you a sight for sore eyes, great to see you finally got here" Kushina said with a weak grin as even though she was nearing her end she had to make a crack at his timing.

"Kushina now's not the time for jokes. What happened?" Kanjigar asked getting straight to the point.

"Bular found us and attacked. What little was left of House Uzumaki tried to hold him off while Minato and I escaped with our child but they didn't last very long and Bular started to catch up to us. After that Minato stayed behind to buy me and the baby time to escape but I got nicked by a dagger coated in Creeper's Sun that Bular threw. A while later I heard Minato scream signifying well…and I have been running ever since using my magic to keep the poison at bay but I am just about out of mana " she said as her wound was slowly becoming stone.

"...Kushina what would you ask of me" Kanjigar said after a moment of processing everything that he had just heard and that 2 of his closest friends and allies were dead and dying respectively

"I need you to take my son Naruto to his Godmother Barbara Lake where he will be safe from Bular" Kushina said reaching into her pocket and pulling out a piece of paper with an address on it, and a note and handing both to Kanjigar along before giving Naruto a kiss on the forehead "Mommy will always love you" she said before handing her sleeping child to the troll who nodded.

"I shall do as you ask my friend now get some rest and one day we shall meet again" Kanjigar said with a nod of respect before heading off to uphold the last request of the woman.

'Merlin I swear by magic itself I will kill you in the afterlife beating you to death with your own magic staff if any harm comes to my child' the woman thought as she hated the elderly wizard and his prophecy of insanity and wanted him to know pain in the afterlife. She smiled as her last thoughts were that and of sadness as she would be unable to be there for her child, she then became stone still leaning against the tree with a look of peace on her face.

(1 hour later)

"You carry strong blood in your veins young Uzumaki, your mother and father were part of a family that has been loyal to and fought beside troll kind for as long as I can remember. I hope to one day see you again and share this knowledge with you, but that day is not today." Kanjigar said as it took him some time, but he found Barbara Lake and had a gnome do him a favor and write a letter in Kushina's name about her dying a more normal death 'I shall have to inform Vendal of this development.' he thought as he needed to keep the circle as small as possible and Vendal while a grouch did in fact like Minato, Kushina, and House Uzumaki.

Kanjikar used the utmost restraint to ring the doorbell and run away in the nearby bushes leaving the now crying infant 'We will meet again young one this I swear.' he thought seeing the woman gain a shocked look at seeing the baby on her doorstep before picking him up and reading the note as tears began to leak down her cheeks and she hugged the baby close taking him into her home.

(Timeskip 15 Years)

"I've waited for this day for so long." Kanjikar said as years for trolls were basically days, but everyday that went by he couldn't stop thinking of what the vile beast before him did to someone he valued as family "You're a coward needing creeper's sun for a human." he said tauntingly to Bular.

"I just wanted to put an end to the line that was forever holding trolls back." Bular said to him "and I wanted to give the human female a painful death." he said smugly.

"Well you made a mistake that night…her line lives." Kanjikar said to him making Bular's eyes widen.

"No impossible!" Bular said tackling Kanjikar.

(with Naruto)

"Can you get any better at cooking?" Barbara asked her son Naruto Uzumaki Lake tiredly as she had woken up to eat his freshly made breakfast despite only getting home from her job at the local hospital a few hours ago.

"Well there is always room for improvement as nothing is perfect." Naruto says with a chuckle as he continues cooking food at the stove using some impressive cooking skills.

Naruto skillfully tossed his knife back in the knife holster not even blinking as he had always had a particular skill when blades were involved.

"Naruto Uzumaki Lake! What have I told you about tossing knives around?" Barbara asked sternly with her arms crossed giving him the 'Mother's Glare' as he nicknamed it.

"Um…Only do it when you're not around?" Naruto said quickly.

"Yes that's righ-NO! I have told you NOT to do it young man" Barbara begins saying only to realize what he had said and what she was saying.

Naruto just chuckled as grabbed the three bagged lunches he just finished making and threw one in the fridge before taking the others with him as he ran for the garage to get his bicycle after giving his mom a quick kiss goodbye on the cheek.

'Teenagers.' Barbara thought to herself as it had always been Naruto and her since her ex walked out when Naruto was young. The woman let out a yawn as she then cleaned up her plate putting it in the sink before heading back upstairs to resume her sleeping.

(with Kanjikar)

"Tell me where the child is and I will make your death swift!" Bular said in anger and fury.

"Never." Kanjikar said as they were dangerously close to the child as it was.

Both trolls fought violently desperately wanting to see the other's life end. Their swords clashed again and again in a flurry of sparks as the morning sun got higher and higher. The ever creeping sun forced them to head towards the last bit of shade under the nearby bridge.

(with Naruto)

"C'mon Tobes no pain no gain." Naruto said to his rotund best friend they were about to ride into the canal.

(with Kanjikar)

'This scent…NO!' Kanjikar thought as he smelt the boy he delivered many years ago and in his shock and panic Bular gained the upper hand and stabbed him.

"You are bested Kanjigar now yield, tell me where the child is, and give me the amulet and I will end your suffering" Bular says with a sneer

Kanjikar felt his life slipping away. He stepped closer to the edge of the bridge and took an honorable stance, his arms crossed over his chest "Your end and the end of your Master is near Bular I can see it." he said with a smile falling back his body starting to turn to stone from the sunlight hitting it as an image came to his mind of a person bearing the features of Kushina and Minato and in his vision the amulet seemed to hum in delight shining as bright as the name of the blade it gave to it's wielders.

Bular let out a roar of rage as he saw Kanjigars petrified body shatter on the ground and the location of the child lost with it. The only saving grace was that all he needed to do was wait until nightfall and he would be able to seize the amulet.

(with Naruto)

Naruto stopped mid way in the canal as he saw something odd and was waiting for Toby to man up and go over 'is this a statue or what was left of one anyway.' he thought seeing there seemed to be some things akin to limbs as he saw a foot and a finger of all things and took a guess, but his mind was brought to the non stone part which seemed to be glowing, he reached over and touched feeling it hum in his hand and before he knew it, it was calling to him.

"Naruto Lake." the amulet said in harmony with many voices overlapping each other calling through it.

'What is this?' Naruto thought to himself as he put it away when Toby called him and took one last look at the rubble and thought there was more to it than just stone and as he walked away he never saw the ruble glow blue for a moment and Kanjigar's ghost appeared 'the amulet couldn't have chosen better you'd be proud Kushina, he'll make an excellent hunter.' he thought turning into a blue sphere and going toward the heroes forge to join his fellow brothers and sisters, but not before taking the delight to hear a certain son of Gunmar's disapproval.

"The amulet chose…a Human!?" a voice said from a shadowy nearby drainage tunnel, the only visible part of the speaker being its six glowing eyes.

(with Naruto)

"Dude what is that?" Toby asked as they made it just in time and he saw something Naruto stuffed in his bag.

"I don't know." Naruto said in honesty as they walked to class

They both soon arrived to class as everyone was sitting down.

"Think they'll ever notice?" Darcy asked Toby as they both saw Jim and Claire sit next to each other and tried to avoid the other's gaze.

"No idea, how much you bet on them?" Toby asked as the entire school had a betting pool on this going and it was down to what day of the week.

"Last I checked the pool was up to around $500, though I heard a rumor that Steve might try and throw a wrench into the pool somehow" Darcy whispered back.

"Please the only wrench being thrown is the gears in his very empty head." Toby said as she chuckled.

"You say something metal mouth?" a voice said causing Toby to look back and see a blonde haired jock looking teen sit down behind him.

"Nope not at all" Toby said quickly hoping Steve didn't hear exactly what he said.

"That's what I thought Dumbzowsky" Steve said with a grin.

Naruto sent Steve a glare as both teens had duked it out before when Steve went too far and Naruto always won out in the end.

The stare off was broken by the bell ringing and their teacher Mr. Strickler walking into the classroom "Alright settle down and pull out your history books we will be resuming our coverage of the Peloponnesian War" Strickler said getting a few groans from the students.

"We should make a bet on which dies." Toby said as Darcy had to agree as the raging testosterone battle these two had was getting out of hand.

"Nah the bet would be totally one sided" Darcy said after thinking for a moment as Naruto had always won on the few instances of when things between Naruto and Steve got physical. The two then stopped their conversation and started paying attention to class not wanting to earn the ire of Mr. Strickler.

About an hour had passed since the start of class and Mr. Strickler was continuing his lecture "The Peloponnesian War was actually Three Wars fought between Athens and Sparta. The first being known as the Archimidian War type that into your search engines

Strickler was a teacher so he knew how to multitask and as he taught he looked toward his favorite student Naruto Lake whom he dubbed 'Young Atlas' as Naruto carried the weight of not only himself, but for others as well and felt the name was more than appropriate.

Toby looked over to his best friend to see him not working on his computer but staring at Claire with a dopey grin on his face "Really?" he whispered to Naruto "Close your mouth your drooling" he added on

"No I'm not" Naruto whispered back as he saw Claire look over her shoulder at him before turning her head back and smiling unknown to him "Hey look up talking amulet" he suddenly says causing Toby to look at him strangely.

"Naruto would you agree?" Strickler suddenly asks standing right behind Naruto.

"Um Sir?" Naruto asks gulping slightly.

"With Herodotus opinion on his tactics of war, as I've described" Strickler says casually while looking down at Naruto.

"Oh um…absolutely?" Naruto says answering the best he could

"Oh really? Which tactics specifically then?" Strickler adds on.

"Um…the winning ones?" Naruto answers lamely causing several students to laugh just as the bell starts ringing and students begin to start quickly exiting the class.

"Don't forget Michaelson, Chapters 4 and 5, Naruto a word…"Strickler said causing Naruto to gulp

(1 hour later)

For the last hour teacher and student had talked about Naruto being tired and distracted in class even falling asleep at times, and how Naruto's mom working double shifts at the clinic left Naruto not getting much sleep at night as he tended to a lot of the household chores and such to help her out. Strickler also mentioned how he wanted to setup a meeting with Barbara regarding Naruto's slipping in class.

"One more thing Mr Lake it is often that those who don't take risks never truly reap the rewards." Strickler said seeing Naruto was slightly confused "Young Ms Nunez my dear boy I see you fancy her." he said seeing Naruto blush.

"Yeah, but I feel like I can't talk to her." Naruto said as he got tongue-tied.

'Ah young love.' Strickler thought in amusement, before realizing he had it just as bad with Naruto's mother.

Both failed to realize that this was the last day before the epic conflict that would unfold in this town creating a wedge between them and their bond.

(Gym class)

While Toby tried and failed to climb a rope as the Gym teacher yelled at him, Naruto climbed on the rope next to him.

"C'mon Tobes you got this!" Naruto said from the top of his rope before wincing as Toby got his foot tangled and lost his grip falling back onto the mat…of which he was only about a foot off of to begin with.

Letting go of his own rope, Naruto free falled back down to his own mat landing right next to Toby in a standard 'Superhero' landing before standing up. Looking off to the side he saw Claire sitting on the bleachers with Darcy, and another of her friends Shannon as they looked at Claire's cellphone.

"Alright Naruto you got this just go over and say Hello how hard is that?" the spiky haired blonde thinks to himself before steeling his nerves and starting to walk over

"Oh girl look who it is." Darcy said as she motioned to Naruto "I honestly don't know how you keep your hands off that man meat." she said as she saw his abs and how those shorts were on him.

"Darcy!" Claire said in a quite whispering yell while blushing heavily

"Ooh girl here is your chance looks like he is coming over, don't mess up" Darcy says with a teasing grin giving her a nudge and causing Claire to panic slightly.

"Konichiwa" Naruto says upon reaching the bleachers and metnally face palms "FUCK! Seriously why the hell did I say Konichiwa!?" he mentally screams at himself

'And she finds this adorable.' Darcy thought as Naruto went to his heritage language when he was nervous around Claire 'least the boy has game with spanish.' she thought as Spanish was one of the romance languages and Claire loved her heritage, it didn't hurt that she liked Japanese foods although.

"Um that's Japanese right?" Claire asks not quite sure that was the right guess.

"Um uh Si?" Naruto says lamely while mentally thinking "AND NOW I AM SPEAKING SPANISH WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME!"

"And Spanish?" Claire says inwardly impressed by his multi-lingual skills "Holy crap he is hot, nice, and multilingual!" she thinks to herself trying not to blush "Quick think of something to say…" "Do you like Shakespeare?" she suddenly says.

"Uh what?" Naruto asks in confusion at the random question

"Crap what the heck is wrong with me asking about Shakspeare out of nowhere!" Claire thinks to herself "Um the school play, we're having trouble getting boys to audition" she says going off from what she said and handing him a flier.

Naruto looks down at the flier in his hands to see it is for the play Romeo and Juliet and his eyes widen "Oh!" he says in realization looking up just in time to see Claire brush a strand of her black hair minus the blue stripe dyed into it behind her ear before walking away "Oh Sayonara" he says before facepalming.

"It's like a flabby pinata and I'm pretty sure you're filled with candy!" he hears before turning around to see the Gym teacher poking Toby's exposed belly. Naruto sighed at this as it really was bullshit that the gym teacher could act this way.

(Locker Room)

"You talked to her?" Toby said with a grunt of excretion as he tried to put his socks on.

"Yep" Naruto said with a grin as he finished changing into his normal clothes consisting of an open black hoodie with an orange interior showing off his white shirt and black pants leading down to a pair of black sneakers with orange soles.

"Actually spoke to her? Like vocally spoke to her and not just in your head like usual" Toby says with a sly grin.

"I unleashed my spanish on her…after slipping into my japanese to greet her" Naruto says before rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly as he says the last part "She gave me a flier for the school play and kind of asked me to audition" he adds with a grin.

"You should totally go for it dude" Toby says finally able to put his socks on.

"What the play? But I know nothing about acting Tobes" Naruto said, brushing the idea off as nonsense.

"Come on dude you're always saying how you want your life to be more exciting right? Well this is literally life saying "Here is excitement take it"" Toby says as he starts putting his shoes on.

"I don't think Romeo and Juliet is exactly the answer Tobes. Besides I don't mean just exciting I mean well…more as well" Naruto says running a hand through his naturally spiky hair that he nor his mother could ever get to lay flat no matter what they did "I just need to know there is something out there and more to life than high school y'know?" as the two begin making their way out of the locker room unaware of the shadowy figure darting past in the background having spied on them.

(Outside the School End of School Day)

Naruto and Toby were pushing their bikes along the outside of the school where some lockers are as they started making their way home "Good news dude orthodontist said I only got four more years before these babies come off then I am going to be beating the ladies off with a stick" Toby says with a chuckle in regards to his braces. Not hearing an answer from his best friend Toby turns to see Naruto staring at Steve who just pushed a smaller kid named Eli Pepperjack into a locker and closed the door with a chuckle "Okay nothing to see here" he quickly adds not wanting a confrontation to happen.

Naruto suddenly stopped pushing his bike making Toby stop as well "C'mon buddy we don't want to get in trouble remember the last time you stopped Psycho Steve?" Toby says only to sigh as Naruto ignores him and starts walking over to Steve.

"Tell me again about the creature's dweeb and maybe I'll let you out" Steve says with a cold chuckle getting a laugh from his two cronies standing next to him.

"Steve let him out now" Naruto states simply while narrowing his eyes at the bully.

"Oh hey Naruto" Eli's voice could be heard from within the locker causing Naurto to sigh "Really Eli again?" he asks getting a muffled 'Sorry' from the boy.

"Shut it Lake, Pepperjack here was just telling us all about these 'Monsters' he saw this morning with fangs and what was it?" Steve says with a grin before slamming his fist into the locker door.

"Stone for skin…they were in the Canal!" Eli says quickly causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow when hearing this given the pile of stones amulet he found in the canal earlier that morning.

"Ha stone for skin! The imagination on this one" Steve says with a scoff and mocking laughter

"Enough Steve, Let…Him..Out" Naruto says once more narrowing his at the bully.

"Ooh or what you going to fight me? Oh I am shaking in fear" Steve says mockingly getting a laugh from his two followers.

"Well given the fact that we have done this whole song and dance a number of times now and every time it gets physical you end up on your ass I would have to say yeah maybe you should be a little afraid. Now you can either let Eli outta the locker right now or this gets physical, you lose once again, and maybe to make things sink in this time I dislocate an arm or leg, heck I might even break one. With sports season starting up so soon it would be a big shame if you had to be benched or maybe even cut from the team due to you injury" Naruto states with a lopsided grin knowing he had the bully right where he wanted him.

Seeing Steve faltering a bit at the prospect of Naruto injuring him and preventing him from playing sports Naruto decided to press him a bit more "Besides none of this matters in the long run as in like 20 years your going to be fat and bald working at some dead end job like a muffler shop. Meanwhile Eli is going to go on to have a career in computer software or something which will make him super rich likely having a totally smoking hot wife and living in a mansion" he says causing Steve to stumble a bit backwards.

"I do like and am very good with computers!" Eli chimes in causing Naruto to mentally laugh at the small boy unknowingly help push Steve over the edge so to speak which was only added onto by everyone that had gathered to watch the potential fight suddenly chanting "Let Him Out!"

Suddenly the school door was thrown open and the gym teacher burst out "Palchuk! Why aren't you at practice!" he yelled causing Steve to gulp.

"I was just helping young Eli here out of this locker that he seemed to get himself stuck in" Steve says thinking quickly before opening the locker door resulting in Eli falling out. Seeing this the teacher went back inside upon which Steve glared at Naruto "Friday at Noon I am going to kick your ass" he says before walking away causing Naruto to scoff.

The blonde then turned his attention to the downed form of Eli "You okay Eli?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah thanks" the glasses wearing boy said with a smile from the ground.

"Anytime little dude though you really gotta start standing up to Steve…preferably when someone around his size is around to back you up until you hit your growth spurt" Naruto says with a little chuckle helping the boy up.

"Ugh I know" Eli says in a depressed tone before Naruto ruffles his hair with a grin and resumes heading home with Toby following right beside him.

As two best friends rode their bikes home Toby start chuckling "That was totally awesomesauce how you stood up to Steve and did you see how I started that chant!" Toby sad excitedly causing Naruto to grin and shake his head as the two neared their houses just as Naruto's mom was beginning her drive to work.

Barbara stops her car upon seeing them and rolls down her window "Hey boys!" she says n greeting as Naruto stops next to her.

"Hey mom!" he says

"Looking sharp Dr. Lake" Toby says with a grin as he continues to ride past only to grunt as he runs into a lamp post "I'm okay" he quickly says before backing up next to Naruto.

"Thank you Toby" Barbara says with a chuckle at antics of her son's best friend.

"You going to be out all night?" Naruto asks.

"Unfortunately as Dr. Glberg called out with bursitis, and Dr. Lens has a wedding out of town this weekend…Though between us I think Dr. Glberg is just being dramatic again" Barbara says with a heavy sigh at having to work another all nighter.

"Okay but don't forget your-Dinner already got it!" Naruto begins only for Barbara to interrupt him and show him the bagged of food he prepared for her before school.

"Right and at least try to find an oven to reheat it instead of just nuking it in the microwave as that zaps out all the flavor and nutrients" Naruto says with a grin and chuckle while he subtly pockets the note Strickler gave him.

"Naruto there must be a million things you would rather be doing than looking after me" Barbara says with a sigh, not happy that her son is spending so much of his time looking after and worrying about her instead of living his life.

"Can't think of one but when I do I will be sure to not let you know" Naruto says with a laugh

"Alright love you honey" Barbara says before starting to roll up her window and driving off as Naruto says by to her.

"Dude you mother your mother a lot" Toby said with a cheesy grin.

"Ha! Good one Tobes see ya tomorrow" Naruto says as he rides over to his house.

"Oh and by the way don't use mayo on the sandwich next time its the wrong note and conflicts with the other condiments you had on it!" Toby yells before heading over to his house right across the cul de sac from Naruto's.

(later that evening)

"What is this thing?" Naruto asked himself as he held the amulet and read the inscription which seemed to shift from runic symbols to english right before his eyes "For the glory of Merlin Daylight is mine to command?." he said reading the inscription seeing the amulet glow even brighter as if reacting to him "cool." he said saying the oath again before this time he felt himself being levitated and soon armor appeared and fitted itself onto his person.

Naruto examined himself and while a little in shock he couldn't help but notice how natural the armor felt and out of nowhere he felt a sword appear in his hand, he then began testing his new appearance and couldn't help but think about how cool he was.

Naruto did not know that while he played with his equipment that many were searching for him for various reasons.

(next day)

Naruto wanted to tell Toby about the amulet and what it could do and he was feeling unafraid of having the amulet out as no one knew what it was.

Unknown to Naruto he chose a bad place to look at the amulet as Strickler was looking at it as well and was having many mixed emotions as the child he favored was now his mortal enemy merely possessing the amulet and was a threat to him 'why him.' he thought wondering how or why the amulet chose him of all people, he waited after class to speak with him.

"So young Atlas, how are things decided to take any extra curricular activities?" Strickler asked as he was trying to earn the boys' confidence wanting to see if he was aware or would confide in him 'perhaps I can have Gunmar spare him.' he thought in hope.

"You ever feel there is more to life than we realize?" Naruto asked him curiously.

'More often than you think.' Strickler thought as he thought of many great things when he became a teacher, often wondering about things from a different perspective and wondering how things would be if they played differently or if change happened "Sometimes what has led you to this young Atlas?" he asked still playing coy.

"Nothing." Naruto said as he took off.

Strickler felt a small amount of sadness as he mentally listed all of Naruto's weaknesses.

(few hours later)

"You ok man you look like something is eating you?" Toby asked as his friend was a lot of things, hiding secrets not always his best trait as they often weighed on him.

"Yeah hey I gotta show you something after school that is going to blow your mind." Naruto said as he needed someone to know to relieve the pressure this secret brought

"Sure thing buddy sounds awesome!" Toby said excitedly, eager to see whatever it was Naruto wanted to show him.

(Naruto's House later that evening)

The two were standing in the kitchen as Toby munched on a corn dog that he had just got doing cooking in the microwave while Naruto pulled out the amulet "Alright Tobes check this out, For the Glory of Merlin Daylight is Mine to Command" Naruto said before he once more floated into the air surrounded by magical energy before the amor manifested on him and he landed back on the floor

"Whaaaaaaaa?." Toby said as he saw this having even dropped his corn dog on the floor in his shock.

"Right." Naruto said as he made a sword appear

Toby began freaking out as he began looking over every inch of Naruto's armor and the sword "Dude this is so cool!..Wait dude you know what this means right? You have a sacred responsibility here. You have to use these powers to benefit all mankind! But more importantly you have to use these powers to kick Steve's butt!" he ranted excitedly.

"...Really!? I show you a glowing sword and what is clearly magic armor your response is that I need to use it to kick Steve's butt?" Naruto asks in disbelief at his best friend's reaction.

"Seriously, it's butt kicking time!" Toby said before making some karate-like motions before he goes back to feeling up Naruto's armor.

Naruto rolled his eyes as Toby felt his armor, but soon the hairs on his body stood on end as he heard something.

Suddenly the kitchen door was thrown open and in walked a four armed, six eyed creature with blue stone-like skin "Master Naruto we have finally found you!" it says excitedly with a wide grin showing off its large fangs.

"AHHH Monster!" Toby yells in fear running behind Naruto who holds his sword out at the creature.

"Monster? How preposterous and offensive I young man am a Troll" the monster er Troll corrected sounding insulated my Toby's claim.

"Toby quick run out through the front door I will hold it off!" Naruto says as they back up only to stop as they collide with something large and sturdy.

Turning around they see another Troll only this one is far bigger and bulkier than the other one with green fur on its shoulders "Hi" the troll says.

"AHHH BIGGER MONSTER!" Toby screams with Naruto joining him this time.

"Again we are Trolls not Monsters…and they have passed out from fright wonderful great first impressions by us on our new Trollhunter and his associate" the multi-armed Troll stated as he saw Naruto and Toby pass out.

(few minutes later)

"What the hell…IS THAT SMELL!" Naruto said wanting to vomit violently as he smelt something foul.

"Week old gym socks." the giant troll with green hair said.

"Allow me to introduce myself and my compatriot I am Blinkus Galadrigal and this is Aarghaumont better known as Aargh." Blinky said to them

(Author's note will use the first part of Aarghaumont's name instead of AAARRRGGHH for simplicity's sake)

"Naruto Lake and Toby Dumzalski." Naruto said pointing at them respectively "wait trolls as in the riddle and under the bridge kinda trolls?" he asked seeing them tense up.

"You know where Troll Market is?" Blinky asked before he heard the riddles "you know of…Gatto?" he asked as he was the only troll to do riddles.

"Who?" Naruto and Toby ask at the same time.

"Umm those are rumors about trolls and are pretty well known. I mean hell there are a lot." Naruto said as he was just taking a wild guess.

"Those are unfounded and downright offensive stereotypes" Blinkous says in mild outrage despite not admitting they were true minus the riddle one as it only applied to Gatto from what little rumors he heard.

"Hello Animal Control there are giant monsters in my friends house" Toby could be heard saying suddenly into his phone causing everyone to look at him "...Animal Control hung up on me" he said with a dumbfounded look.

"Are you mad you can not reveal troll kind to humans!" Blinky said to them.

"You revealed yourself to us"

"That's because your friend here is the Trollhunter. His noble obligation is protective" Blinkous says explaining why they revealed themselves.

"Like protecting?...Wait you mean like a superhero?! Can I be his sidekick, with a cool superhero name like Deathblade or Snipersnake?" Toby says suddenly rambling at the thought of being a superhero alongside Naruto.

"Um Tobes aren't those more of Villain names? Besides, who would I be protecting?" Naruto asks, pointing out how at least one of the name ideas Toby had was clearly a villain one.

"Us" Aargh said pointing to him and then Blinky

"As well as Mankind, from bad trolls, goblins, gruesomes, and the occasional rogue gnome the nasty little vermin that they are…" Blinkous lists off while Toby starts hitting a ladle against the side of his head "Do you mind?" he asks the boy causing Toby to put the ladle down "Anyway the mantle of Trollhunter is a sacred responsibility, one which has never been passed to a human before. This is a momentous occasion!" he finishes with a wide grin.

Naruto is about to say something when a car horn is heard honking causing his eyes to widen "Oh crap it's my mom! Upstairs Now!" he yells before making

"Yes best keep the circle small, let us hide." Blinky said as they all ran upstairs.

'Crap how'd I get this off!' Naruto thought as it came off on command beforehand and soon to his relief he was out of it the moment his mother came inside.

As Barbara walked into the house she heard a loud thud from upstairs "Naruto it's me!" she yells up the staircase.

Inside the cramped bathroom Naruto turns towards the others "She's not supposed to be home until midnight!" he whispers in a panic just imagining his mothers freakout if she were to see what he is looking at.

Aargh suddenly takes a deep sniff of Toby kinda freaking him out before he says "Mmm you smell like cat"

"Um my nana has a siamese?" Toby answered awkwardly as he was a little concerned as the troll looked hungry.

"Mmm tasty" Aargh says licking his lips and making the rotund boy promise himself to keep his nana's cat far away from the bulky troll.

"I forgot my phone, are you okay in there?" Barbara could be heard asking Naruto from the other side of the door causing him to panic.

"Um yeah I'm fine my stomachs a little, uh…"Naruto begins saying trying to think of an excuse before Toby in his infinite wisdom starts to make fart noises with his mouth as he plunges the toilet cleaning brush in and out of the toilet resulting in Naruto giving him a look that basically equates to "REALLY!" "Uh you know I might have a small bit of food poisoning" he adds.

"Okay honey I will get you some medicine okay?" Barba says as she starts to head downstairs.

Turning back to the others Naruto only for his armor to reform around him and the amulet to start flashing "Now whats this thing doing?" he asks looking at Blinkous

"The amulet reacts to your emotional state and you appear to be in distress hence why it has activated your armor again.

Naruto looked down at the amulet that was blinking a bit before he concentrated thinking of his armor disappearing and sure enough it vanished in a blue light and then reappear.

Naruto looked at the amulet in contemplation wondering why it chose him 'this thing is weird.' he thought before seeing it brighten for a moment as if taking that as a compliment.

"By Daya's grace you can transform on command!" Blinkous said enthusiastically as that was an impressive feat and showed a strong bond with the amulet.

"Eh more like it does it on occasion." Naruto said more to himself than Blinkous.

"Um excuse me I have a question" Toby said

"Certainly speak Theodore" Blinkous says

"It's Toby actually or Tobias. Anyway you said that Naruto is the first HUMAN Trollhunter then who or what was the Trollhunter before him?" he asks.

"The glorious mantle has been passed down from Troll to Troll for hundreds of years starting with Deya the Deliverer all the way to Kanjigar the Courageous" Blinkious said proudly.

"So what the previous Trollhunters just what retired or something?" Naruto asked with a raised brow.

"Was felled" Aargh says somberly

"Felled?" Toby asks in confusion

"No Tobes I think he means die." Naruto said taking a stab in the dark as the amulet seemed pretty attached and he assumed it took a more permanent way to separate it from the holder.

"Killed more precisely turned to stone and smashed, brutally slain by a ruthless and bloodthirsty troll by the name of Bular" Blinkous says explaining what happened to the previous Trollhunter.

"Don't worry dude I'm sure this Bular guy just got lucky" Toby says optimistically to his best friend.

"The evidence does not suggest that. Bular is a formidable opponent having killed a number of Trollhunters over the centuries" Blinkous adds in.

"Um so the other guy was just off his game or something?" Naruto asks with a gulp.

"Doubtful Kanjigar was perhaps the most alert and able of all the Trollhunters and having worn the mantle for several hundred years before his fall. He was in fact one of the best Trollhunters with many song and sagas having been written about him and his feats" Blinkous says

"So what Naruto will be a big wet pile of blood and bones." Toby said as Naruto gave him a look

"I don't why but I'm kinda excited." Naruto said as it felt like his blood was raging at the thought of fighting this Bular for some reason while the trolls looked at him like he was a lunatic.

"That would be most ill advised…But if you are so dead set on fighting Bular we must begin your training at once" Blinkous said as Aargh nodded quickly.

"No prob how long does this training usually take?" Naruto asked with a grin.

Blinkous gained a thoughtful look as he began counting on all the fingers of his four hands before looking at Naruto "...Decades" he says grimly.

"And how long does Naruto have before this Bular comes after him?" Toby asks in a worried tone.

"A day or 2 at most" Blinkous said while Aargh waggled his hand back and forth as if to say 'give or take'

"Naruto I have some ginger ale and medicine let me in" Barbara says from outside the door to the bathroom again.

"That's okay mom, just leave it by the door and I will get it when I am done in here. You should be headed to work now anyway" Naruto says turning to look at the door.

"Okay but after you get out of there you are to take this medicine and drink the ginger ale then it's straight to bed young man as you need your rest to help this pass, also if your symptoms worsen then you are to call me right away is that clear?" Barbara says sternly.

"Alright mom will do love you" Naruto says from within the bathroom.

Barbara just shakes her head with a smile "Love you to honey" she says before heading downstairs and leaving the house.

After hearing his mothers car leave Naruto and the others head down to the living room where Aargh knocks several things over due to his size "So Master Naruto are you ready to begin your training?" Blinkous asks.

"Well given how this Bular guy is gunning for me sooner rather than later would probably be best" Naruto says.

(with Strickler)

Strickler was nervous as Bular informed him about his pursuit of Naruto 'this will not end well.' he thought to himself.

As Strickler was lost in his thoughts Nomura his fellow changeling was doing some research on her target as she didn't like to leave anything to chance, but her blood went cold as she read his full name or more accurately his true name turned middle 'Naruto Uzumaki Lake, Barbara Lake godmother.' she thought as she needed to see this for herself, she was glad it was late at night.

(Lake residence)

'Idiots great.' Nomura thought rolling her eyes as she spotted him 'looks like his father, but he does have his mother's face.' she thought analyzing him following him as the trolls went to trollmarket 'glad I stole this.' She thought as she kept the horngozal she stole years ago when she had a certain dalliance with a son of a Trollhunter and saw all the ins and outs of trollmarket, but didn't share that information with her fellow changelings or Gunmar and Bular.

(with Naruto)

Naruto looked at the crowd curiously as he didn't know why but he felt a certain set of eyes in him different than the others as they were all whispering about him.

"What is the meaning of-" Vendal was saying breaking through than freezing 'Minato.' he thought seeing a ghost in the boy 'of course Kanjikar.' he thought to himself knowing this boy's story, but wanted to test his mettle as he knew of his history but he was not raised in it.

(with Nomura)

'He knows.' Nomura thought as while she and Kanjikar never saw eye to eye and he never liked her she did in fact know certain things like that Naruto's father was by Kushina's side despite being an average human something she respected and admired in the man who later on married her student 'Kushina I am so sorry for what will happen.' she thought as she knew Naruto's fate.

Everyone's eyes were on Naruto when Vendal suggested using the Hero's Forge on Naruto.

Nomura knew the hero's forge was meant for only the strong or the skilled 'let's find out who you take after.' she thought to herself as she was also curious of which parent Naruto favored.

Naruto stood ready in his armor and was not expecting the ground to shift the way it did.

Everyone watched him critically as he evaded the traps and moved accordingly to the moving platforms.

Nomura was being extremely thorough though as she saw his movements 'unrefined clearly unnurtured talent, but good reflexes and blade movements though.' she thought as Naruto seemed to have an impressive slash technique with the blade, but his follow through and lack of stabbing motions meant he never went for the kill or had a true opponent.

Naruto didn't need to see to notice he was getting many looks and reactions, some laughed at his shortcomings while others cheered, impressed by his ability.

'So he's not blind.' Nomura thought as she could tell what a person was focusing on at times and Naruto was focusing on the crowd 'he is definitely your son Kushina.' she thought as Naruto was weighing the reactions of everyone not that she could blame him as trolls were idiots in her opinion.

The forge was soon shut down per Vendal's request/order.

"You did well…for a human." Vendal said drawing some eyes as those who truly knew him knew this was a little out of character.

'Oh dear lord Vendal is testing the boy.' Nomura thought as that was not gonna be fun for him.

"Read these I'd prefer if the trollhunter knew the proper tongue." Vendal said, giving him a collection of books.

Nomura decided to leave ahead of the small group having many things to contemplate as she thought back to her decision to join the gum gums as her case was both impossible to believe and hard to understand 'I'll do my best to help him from the shadows Kushina, no one wants you more avenged than I do.' she thought as her blood boiled whenever Bular or someone mentioned Kushina's end and now that Bular knew that Kushina's heir lived that made things harder.

Nomura made a quick stop at the library and ran back to the Lake residence, leaving something in Naruto's room.

(later with Naruto)

"You didn't have to walk me home Blink." Naruto said seeing Aargh with Toby.

"Balderdash my friend you made a terrific display today and you are not dead, what good fortune." Blinky said as Naruto gave him a dry look "but I merely wished to pass on some words of wisdom always be afraid." he said to him.

"Blink that sounds like crap advice." Naruto said to him flatly.

"Not at all my good fellow, this is your destiny and destiny is a gift. Some go their entire lives living existences of quiet desperation, never learning the truth that what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders is actually a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights. Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor, that to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero. Don't think Master Naruto...Become" he said to him.

Naruto was a little impressed as Blinky made the two things he hated actually sound incredible. 'guess I can try.' he thought to himself thinking about all the times he pushed past his fears.

(next day)

"So what did you decide?" Toby asked as he and Naruto walked towards the school entrance

"That if anyone finds out about what happened last night we will both get a one way ticket to a hotel with padded rooms" Naruto aid with a deadpan look.

"No not that I meant about kicking Steve's butt" Toby said doing a few mock punches.

"I am not going to beat up Steve, Tobes…it's to easy and doesn't solve anything" Naruto said with another deadpan

Toby seemed to deflate hearing that before he noticed a shining in Naruto's backpack and opened a zipper to see the amulet glowing slightly "Does this thing run on batteries?...Wait what's it doing?" he asked as the amulet seemed to glow a bit brighter.

"Okay first I highly doubt a magical amulet would run on batteries of all things and what do you mean what is it doing?" Naruot asked in a slight panicked tone.

"Well it's starting to glow brighter like when you…" Toby said before trailing off.

"Ah crap" Naruto said before he runs into the nearby locker room with Toby following right behind him both boys unaware that Strickler is watching them run into the locker room.

Mere moments after the door to the room closes the amulet activates and Naruto's armor forms on him in the usual flash of blue magical light with his sword sheathed on his back. "Ugh why the heck did it do that?" Naruto asks himself before he and Toby hear Strickler enter the room and start calling for him asking if he was in there "Get him out of here Tobes" Naruto whispers frantically.

Toby tries to intercept Strickler claiming Naruto is having some bowel issues due to Taco Tuesday but the man walks past him to see Naruto in his armor with his foot on a bench as if he is tightening something.

"Naruto I don't believe that is appropriate school attire, do you?" the man says while inwardly thinking "So he has in fact been chosen as the next Trollhunter" the man having no doubts now after seeing what is clearly the armor of the Trollhunter combined with the amulet he caught a glimpse of earlier.

"Oh yeah this is a uh costume for the play Romeo and Juliet" Naruto says quickly thinking of an excuse and having seen a poster for the play on the wall behind Strickler.

"Yeah Naruto is going to totally smoke the others who tryout as look at his costume it's so realistic" Toby says playing along with what Naruto said.

"Hmm well you better hurry then" Strickler says calmly looking at the two boys.

"What?" Naruto asks confused by the statement.

"I believe that auditions end in five minutes," Strickler says causing Naruto's eyes to widen.


"Give me my Romeo. And when he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all of the world will be in love with the night" Claire recites passionately up on the stage as she auditions for the role of Juliet in the play earning several applause from the handful of people other than the drama teacher that were in attendance.

Off to the side Naruto stands next to Toby and sighs "It would have been easier to tell Strickler I am the Trollhunter! I don't even know the play!" he whisper shouts to his best friend.

"Thank you Ms Nunez" the drama teacher can be heard saying as Claire bows a bit before walking towards Naruto and Toby "Naruto?...And here I thought you didn't like Shakespeare" she says as she nears him.

"Oh uh no I love the guy a total genius at playwriting" Naruto says trying not to blush.

Claire gives Naruto's costume a look, her eyes widening "That costume is amazing did you make it?" she asks while thinking "He looks like a Heroic Knight in shining armor!" and trying not to blush.

"No he found this magical amulet that makes it" Toby says suddenly with a grin.

Claire chuckles a bit hearing this as she looks at Toby "Huh your pretty funny" she compliments finding his active imagination amusing.

"Yep Toby is a riot that's for sure" Naruto says with a forced grin and clenched teeth while his friend just gives him a thumbs up with a cheeky grin.

"NEXT!" the Drama teacher yells from her seat in front of the stage.

"I think that's your cue, break a leg" Claire says with a small smile.

"Thanks…think I would prefer that" Naruto says before whispering the last part to himself just hoping that he doesn't make a fool of himself out there let alone in front of Claire. He makes his way out onto the stage and stand in front of the small group whose eyes widen at seeing him in his "Costume".

"Who are you?" the teacher asks.

"Um Naruto Lake…I'm auditioning for the role of Romeo?" Naruto says nervously.

"Well we are all ears" the teacher says in an unimpressed tone, her eyes going back to her clipboard.

Naruto stands up on stage for a few moments having no idea what to say before something comes to him after he looks to the side to see Toby giving him two thumbs up and Claire smiling at him "Destiny…Destiny is…a gift. Some go their entire lives living an existence of quiet desperation, never learning the truth that what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders…" he begins before drawing his sword and pointing it at the small audience " actually the sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights. Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor…" Naruto continues

"He's good" the teacher whispers to herself.

"...That to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero!" Naruto continues as he raises his sword pointing it towards the ceiling with a determined look on his face "Don't think.." he adds before he takes several swings with his sword earning a few gasps. Naruto then throws his sword up into the air with it spinning several times before he takes a step forward and to the utter shock of the audience he catches it in the sheath on his back "...Become" he finishes with a hardened gaze before everyone gathered erupts into applause.

Off to the side entrance of the room Strickler watches from a door thats cracked upon with a hardened gaze and scowl before walking away.

Naruto looks at all the people applauding his speech and nervously scratches his right cheek "Um thanks" he says bashfully before noticing Claire get up from her seat having sat down with the others when he started his speech.

"Naruto, that was breathtaking!" she says in awe staring up at him as he kneels down so they are nearly eye level due the raised stage.

"Really um thanks I didn't even think and just sort of said it" he responds with a subtle blush.

"That's acting!" Claire says with a chuckle and smile before putting her hand on his shoulder and the two chuckle.

(After School)

Naruto and Toby were on their bikes riding through town as the sun began to set "Dude that was AMAZING! You were amazing! I'm amazed at how amazing you were!" Toby yelled excitedly.

"Okay first Tobes gotta say we really need to expand your vocabulary" Naruto says with a sly grin causing his friend to pout a bit with a grin of his own "Second I seriously can't believe that just happened" he adds with a grin remembering his performance still shocked by it himself.

"Oh yeah and did you see how a certain chiquita was looking at you after your performance, not to mention how your armor totally did you a favor" Toby says with another sly grin as he sees the blonde try to hide a blush.

"I'm still getting the hang of it, Tobes I mean I just got it the other day" Naruto says as they continue riding their bikes through the town which gets more and more deserted as they go through a construction area.

"Blinky said it reacts to your emotional state, that it turns on when you're in distress" Toby said as he and Jim turn a corner.

"Yeah but I wasn't in distress back at school…" Naruto begins to say before they both hear a roar and see a bulky black skinned troll with blazing red standing in the shadow of a building in the middle of the road "But I have a feeling I am now" he finishes.

"Trollhunter, Merlin's creation, Gunmar's Bane" the troll says with a snarl and growling roar.

"I think he is talking to you dude" Toby whispered before noticing how the troll recoiled back in pain when part of its arm touched sunlight "Dude he is afraid of the sun!...Though not sure how much longer that will help us" he added noticing how the sun was quickly setting creating more and more shadowed areas.

Naruto didn't know why but he looked at the creature with hostility as he could feel something stir within him as if his blood was screaming to butcher the troll before him.

"The amulet! Surrender it and I will give you a speedy death" The troll roared baring its fangs with a sneer.

"How about no." Naruto said as he said the oath and his armor appeared and his sword let out a blue light "Tobes run!" he said as Toby went somewhere to hide.

"You should follow your own advice child day-light is fading." Bular said with a grin as the sun got lower and lower with each passing second, but his eyes were on daylight the sword 'it's still releasing magic.' he thought as daylight often let out magic from what he had seen from the trollhunters of the past, but never this long 'he may be more deadly than I thought.' he thought as while trolls he could fight on even ground daylight was a game changer in those fights as it could do more harm to his kind.

Naruto readied himself taking deep breaths as he waited and then rushed in toward Bular as he wanted to abuse the sun's advantage while he still had it.

"I'm impressed!" Bular said with a grin "you're not as fragile as the rest of your kind, maybe you'll be crunchier to eat!" he said tauntingly using both his blades in an X formation to shield himself.

"Choke on this!" Naruto said, swiping his blade up from below leaving a scratch on Bular's chest "first blood." he said rather smugly.

Bular glared no longer amused and brought his blades down breaking apart the street.

'Damn it, I can't take him on like this.' Naruto thought as while he wanted to finish the fight, he knew Bular outclassed him in many ways 'as much as I hate it running away is my best option.' he thought as he slammed his sword on the debris Bular made with his swords and made it explode into dust, he looked for possible escape routes and settled on the sewers as Bular was to big to get through the manhole.

Bular roared as the dust settled and the human was gone, hating that his prey escaped.

(few minutes later)

"You're alive!" Blinky said along with Aargh and Tobey "to survive Bular was extremely fortunate as when Young Tobias told us you were fighting him we feared the worst" he said to Naruto.

"Like I told you before, you have a sweet voice but you bring DEATH with you!...Also I still can't believe you are a pacifist big guy" Toby says looking at Blinky and then at Argh.

"Yeah cause I'm definitely going to be training for our rematch I want to use the forge again….Wait a minute Aargh is a Pacifist?" Naruto said his eyes burning bright in determination before they widened in surprise.

"Yeah total waste of a hulking brute" Toby said with a shrug to which Aargh thanked him.

"Rematch have you lost your mind Bular has killed trollhunters for centuries!" Blinky said to him.

"I don't care." Naruto said as he entered troll market through the door Aargh made on the side of the canal under the bridge using a horngazel which was a special crystal that acted as a magical key literally drawing a door into Trollmarket.

(2 hours later)

"Has he lost his senses? Why in Daya's name would he want to fight Bular again so soon." Vendall asked Blinky as he came to see why Naruto was using the forge and the answer he got surprised him.

"Maybe the fleshbag wants to die like a true warrior." Draal said as he slightly respected Naruto more as to die in battle was an honorable one.

"I'll kindly ask that you shut your mouth." Blinky said as hoping for someone's death was not something he liked or tolerated.

Draal merely scoffed at him.

"Hey is there a record for how long someone can use this?" Toby asked them curiously.

"2 days, 4 fours, 27 minutes, and 48 seconds." Vendall said as he remembered the one person who wanted to do that and it was the boy's mother on one of the rare times she had secretly visited Troll Market. She had broken the record on her own merit, something even he who preferred more mental tasks found impressive.

"Dang no way Naruto can beat that time" Toby says with a snap of his fingers.

"Oh even you doubt your fellow fleshbags skills?" Draal says with a cocky grin.

"No, it's just that if he were to go missing for a day his mom would raise so much heck that she would have the entire town's police force out looking for him" Toby says with a shrug.

"...MOM!" Naruto suddenly yells in realization that he should be home right now and in that realization he got smacked by one of the many obstacles in the forge and even as he was slapped out the arena crashing into the stone wall so hard he got stuck in it for a moment. Naruto then pulled himself free before dashing to the exit before dashing back grabbing Toby by his shirt collar and dragging him behind him as he resumed his dashing away.

"I will give the human this…he is durable." Vendall said as many trolls had taken hits like that not many had gotten back up as quickly or at all.

"Yes a good thing if what Young Tobias has told me about the rage of Master Naruto's mother is true" Blinky said with a light shudder as the stories Toby had told him of when Barbara Lake got angry were truly terrifying.

"Hmm yes I have heard stories of how human females due posses an enhanced rage" Vendal says stroking his beard "Merlin help the boy if this Barbara's rage is anything like Kushina's" the aged troll thought with a mental shudder remembering one of the times Kushina got enraged and wiped out an entire goblin clan by herself…not even the brutality of gumgums compared to that incident and it almost had the old troll feeling sorry for those goblins…almost.

(Next day at school with Claire)

"Yo Claire check your man out." Darcy said to Claire in the gym.

Claire looked at Naruto as he climbed the rope in a race with Steve as they raced, Naruto winning by a large margin "Yeah?" she asked, not seeing the point.

"Look at those muscles girl is it me or did your boy up his sex appeal? I mean dang girl he had me trembling with his performance yesterday" Darcy asked her curiously

"Give me a sec." Mary said as she looked through her phone and showed them a pic of Naruto shirtless. Yeah, his abs have more definition now, looks like he is almost at a six-pack." she said getting odd looks from the other two girls.

"...Why do you have a picture of his abs." Claire said suddenly territorial.

"Meh I bribed one of the boys and besides Claire a girl has needs and your man is eye candy." Mary said with a shrug.

Darcy merely raised an eyebrow at this wondering just who Mary could have bribed, unaware that off at the other end of the bleachers Eli sat with a large grin on his face as he read a limited edition comic book.

(later that day)

Naruto was in line wat a coffee shop waiting for his order as he was waiting for Toby and was listening to someone whistling a song "Excuse me is that…in the hall of the mountain king." he said as he found a cd in his room and thought the song was catcht

"Why yes it is and I must say it's surprising to see someone your age know the song" an asain woman with black hair and jade green eyes wearing a professional looking pinkish purple business dress.

"It's a good song, are you new to town?" Naruto said as in a small town like Arcadia it's rare to meet someone new.

"Why yes I am, I'm the new curator of the museum my name is Nomura and you are Mr." Nomura said playing dumb as she wanted to know Naruto as best as she could before…his end.

"Ah sorry my name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Lake" the blonde said introducing himself to the woman.

Nomura smiled and offered the seat across from her.

(few minutes later)

"Romeo and Juliet impressive not many appreciate the more finer arts." Nomura said as Naruto explained that he was playing Romeo in a play 'must get it from his father.' she thought as Kushina while someone she loved had no appreciation for the finer literature arts.

Naruto chuckled a bit as he said "To be honest I only really got into the play so that I could try and get closer to this girl that I like…But after reading the script I really enjoyed the story as its tragic yet also beautiful".

Nomura smiled as Naruto certainly was a person she liked and she liked a good romance story here and now "Many people don't often act on love Naruto be it little or big, if this girl is truly special I suggest making a move." she said as watching Kushina and Minato wanting to make sure the man treated her student with respect was both entertaining and boring as they blushed and tiptoed around each other like the nervous virgins they were at the time.

Naruto thought on that advice taking it to heart and said his goodbyes to the woman before he left a $10 on the table paying for her drink.

Nomura hated that there was nothing she could hate about him as he was the perfect blend of his parents and was someone deserving of respect, above much of the rabble and idiocy she normally dealt with.

(School next day)

"Mr Lake I have to say you show an impressive amount of talent for acting." Ms Janet said as she saw how much Naruto was trying and was secretly hoping he and Claire got together during this play as she was one of the many who was secretly betting on them "Trip to Italy here I come, just need to win the pool first" she thought with a mental grin.

"Um thanks Ms. Janeth" Naruto says rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, not sure how to take the compliment.

"Right right now lets continue shall we…Deny and Refuse but he can't deny it as Romeo can't not be a Montague which means that Juliet…" Ms Janeth says trailing off as she motions to Claire

"And I'll no longer be a Capulet" Claire says passionately fully getting into her role.

"Exactly! Now Naruto you're up" Ms Janeth says.

"Or if thou wilt not be sworn by love…right?" Naruto asks the drama and math teacher.

"Exactly and very good on picking that up now let's continue shall we..Act 2, Scene 2, Line 33" the teacher says hastily.

"Wherefore art thou Romeo?" Claire recites as Naruto can't help but gaze at her passionately recite her lines a small smile on his face as they continue their rehearsing.

(End of the School Day)

Nomura had to admit she was considering buying a ticket for this play as it was at least accurate to the original scripture as she watched from the shadows as Naruto talked to Claire 'young love.' she thought as it was something that normally disgusted her but there were exceptions.

Naruto walked out to his locker and was about to open it when he heard a voice "Where have you been?" it asked causing him to turn around to see Steve glaring at him "I scheduled your butt whooping and you were a no show" he adds with a scowl.

"Hmm I'm sorry did you say something?" Naruto asks with a deadpan look on his face showing how little he cared about Steve.

"The hell you say to me Lake?" Steve asked with his eye twitching in rage.

"Oh I'm sorry you see I had my "Don't give a fuck" filter on and turned to up to maximum so I didn't hear a word you were saying" Naruto says with a grin causing the students that had gathered around the scene to snicker.

"Thats it you're dead Lake!"Steve growls out as it takes several swings at Naruto who easily avoids them by either turning to the side or just ducking them "Stand still so I can hit you!" he growls out in rage.

"Now what kind of moron would I have to be to just stand still and let you hit me?" Naruto asks casually, still avoiding the bullies swings.

"Leave him alone Steve!" Claire says jumping in between the two boys suddenly.

"Out of the way!" Steve yells in rage harshly grabbing Claire and shoving her to the side though thankfully Darcy and Toby managed to catch her before she fell and hurt herself.

Seeing this Naruto's eyes widened before they narrowed "Good thing your mom's a nurse!" Steve says throwing another punch at Naruto's face.

However in a split second his fist was suddenly stopped by Naruto casually grabbing it and applying pressure to it making the bully wince "First of all my mother is a Doctor…and Second of all a guy doesn't put his hands on a lady!" Naruto growls out before delivering a brutal uppercut to Steve's chin that actually lifts the bully off his feet and knocks a tooth out before the hit sends him flying back where he lands on the ground on his back, knocked out.

"DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME!" Toby yelled running over to Naruto and in the process stepping on Steve's arm.

Naruto just waved Toby off before he walked over to Claire and knelt down by her as Darcy held her "You okay?" he asked with a kind yet concerned smile.

"Yeah I'm alright but you shouldn't have hit Steve you could get in trouble" Claire says in concern not wanting him to get in trouble especially if it was a result of him defending her.

"Meh it's no big deal besides even if I do get in trouble for this…it was worth it" Naruto says scratching the back of his neck shyly as he averted his gaze, a small blush on his cheeks and causing Claire to blush slightly herself.

From her hiding place in the shadows Nomura had a small smile on her face as she watched the whole scene play out "Heh so much like his parents" she thought fondly.

(Later that night)

Naruto opened the door to his house and thought about sneaking up to his room as it was past his curfew but upon seeing his mom in the kitchen decided to face the music so to speak "Hey mom I'm home!" he said.

"I'm in the kitchen honey" Barbara said holding a teakettle.

"Sorry about being late mom I…" Naruto began to say until his eyes widened at who he saw sitting on a stool at the kitchen island

"Hello Naruto" Strickler said kindly with a smile.

"Mr. Strickler?" Naruto responded with a confused look on his face.

"Mr. Strickler came by to congratulate you on getting the role of Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Why didn't you tell me you were trying out for the play" Barbara said excitedly as she poured Strickler a cup of tea.

"Oh just been so busy with rehearsal I guess it slipped my mind" Naruto said sheepishly with a chuckle.

"Yes it's a great honor that you have been chosen to wield this mantle. I have no doubt that you'll prove equal to the task. I was however just remarking to your mother about how I am a touched concerned though about you possibly spreading yourself so thin with everything you have going on" Strickler says before taking a sip of his tea before his eyes widen and he tries not to gag or spit out said drink.

"I never knew you had an interest in acting it's almost like you have this whole secret life I know nothing about" Barbara jokes with a smile.

Naruto just chuckles with a smile as he thinks "You have no idea" not looking forward to his mother finding out about his whole Trollhunter business if she found out "Really hoping she never finds out" he adds mentally as that was a whole ocean of issues.

"In Greek Mythology Atlas too carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, and I am concerned like him you are overextending yourself. After all, a few days ago you were falling asleep in class" Strickler says in a kind yet concerned tone.

"Wait what?" Barbara asks suddenly in a worried tone.

"Yeah but I am all good now. I am recharged and ready to go…"We know what we are, but not what we may be" and all" Naruto said trying to sound energetic.

"That's from Hamlet sweetie," Barbara says with a smile and chuckle.

"Oh I know I got into reading some of Shakespeare's other works after reading the script for the play. I gotta say though Macbeth is SERIOUSLY messed up" Naruto says mentally recoiling at the memory of Macbeth as that was a pretty dark and twisted piece of work at times.

Barbara then goes to hand Strickler another cup of tea "Thank you but I don't want to overstay my welcome. Here is my phone number Mrs. Lake if there is ever something you need to talk about" Strickler says getting up after politely declining more tea.

"Please call me Barbara" Barbara says with a smile.

"Barbara then, delighted to meet you" Strickler says before making his way out of the house.

"He really likes you sweetie. I have never seen a teacher take such an interest in one of their students before" Barbara says going over to the sink to take care of the teacups that were used. As she begins doing the dishes she sighs "He also has a point Naruto. There are only so many hours in the day. If your grades start slipping even a little bit, I am going to insist that you cut back, starting with all the things you do to help me out" she then says, putting down the dishes and walking over to Naruto.

"Mom I like taking care of you" Naruto says with a smile as he really did enjoy helping his mother out and lightening her load so to speak what with her being a single parent.

"Except that it's my job to be taking care of you as you're my son, not the other way around" Barbara says sounding a little tired.

"Do you remember when I was old enough to ask about the jackass what you told me?" Naruto asked with a soft look on his face "You said "We just have to take care of each other" and that's all I'm doing mom" he adds.

Barbara wipes a tear from her eye behind her glasses and pulls Naruto into a hug which he immediately returns "First of all language young man…Now you must be starving. How about breakfast for dinner? Even I can't screw up an omelet" she says with a smile as she releases the hug and starts heading towards the kitchen.

"Heh I wouldn't be so sure and the spot on the ceiling says otherwise" Naruto whispers to himself before looking at a certain spot above the stove that has a noticeable burn mark on it.

"What?" Barbara asks having not heard him.

"Oh nothing mom just saying I can't wait!" Naruto said with a forced grin.

(Outside the house)

As Strickler walked to his car he suddenly stopped and scowled "You shouldn't be here" he growled out before turning to look at Bular who was standing just outside the kitchen window of the Lake house watching Naruto and Barbara in the kitchen..

"Why aren't I feeling his neck snap in my hands right now as his blood pools at my feet as his hut burns to the ground around us?" Bular snarls out.

"That certainly wouldn't draw any attention now would it?" Strickler says with a scoff.

"I could take the amulet and be done with it" Bular counters with a growl clenching his fist.

"Your attempt to do so earlier was not only unsuccessful, but also risked exposing out entire agenda to both humans and trolls" Strickler says getting a snarl from the Gumm-Gumm "The first human Trollhunter. This will require patience and finesse if we are to achieve our goals" he adds while looking into the window to see Naruto quickly throw some spices into the food while Barbara had her back turned.

"I resent your weak and devious ways Impure, I only respect force" Bular says spitting out the word impure with vitriol and venom.

"And I respect your father. If you want any chance of seeing him again, then adapt, it is the only way you will see him again" Strickler counters before Bular snarls and goes back to staring at Naruto and Barbara.

(In the Kitchen)

Barbara takes a taste of the food and her eyes widen "Huh that is actually pretty good, maybe I am getting better" she says sounding impressed with her job at cooking "So Mr. Strickler seems very nice…is he single?" she asks suddenly.

"Wh-wha-what? I don't know" Naruto asks, sputtering with a grossed out look on his face while, unknown to him, Strickler pushes Bular away from the window.

(Afternoon next day)

Naruto was in the Hero's Forge practicing with Blinky instructed him while Toby and Aargh sat on the sidelines with Toby giving the bulky Troll various things to eat.

Aargh dumps a bag of stuff into his mouth and eats it before burping "Mmm tasty what is this?" he asks.

"Dander from my Nana's Persian along with a couple of hairballs" Toby says as Aargh proceeds to also eat the vacuum bag said dander and hairballs came in.

"A Trollhunter lives and dies by three rules. Rule number one: Always be afraid" Blinky says circling around Naruto who stood at the ready with daylight in hand.

"Afraid? Isn't that counterintuitive to the whole fighting thing?" the blonde asks in confusion only to duck as a rock went whizzing by his head.

"See? Fear is good it keeps us alert, on guard, and makes us vigilant" Blinky says before he starts hurling rocks at Naruto only for the Trollhunter to block them with his sword "A hero is not he who is fearless but he who is not stopped by it" he says.

"Makes sense I guess" Naruto says with a shrug finding some logic in what Blinky said.

"Rule number two: Always finish the fight, an opponent must be given no mercy!" Blinky says before suddenly throwing more rocks at Naruto which the blonde once again blocks perfectly with his sword.

"So what am I supposed to do to kill everyone I fight?" Naruto asks, finding it kinda odd that things were so black and white.

"Indeed the Trollhunter must always vanquish his or her opponent through death" Blinky further explains while still circling Naruto.

"Dude thats super harsh" Toby comments from his spot next to Aargh.

"Ours is a harsh and unforgiving world Toby. Hence the third rule: When in doubt kick them in the gronk-nuts" Blinky says before tapping his foot making a massive sickle blade come out of the floor and slice down at Naruto making him jump back and look down to see the blade mere inches from his groin.

"Your telling me that 1/3rd of being a Trollhunter is kicking someone in the family jewels?" Naruto asks in disbelief.

"No I never mentioned kicking of any family jewels just kicking them in the gronk-nuts" Blinky says crossing his four arms.

"Dude family jewels is a term used by humans sometimes when referring to our gronk-nuts!" Toby shouted from his spot.

"Ah yes well that is correct then" Blinky said as he made a mental note to read up on this human slang stuff Toby frequently mentioned.

"Oh look it's training." Draal said as he walked into the forge.

"Oh look it has an ego." Naruto said returning the jab.

"Oh you seem spirited, care to test how much." Draal said to him clenching his fist.

Naruto didn't even need to say anything as the armor and his sword appeared "ready when you are." he said to him.

"Master Naruto this is not wise." Blinky said as Naruto walked past him.

"Dude this is crazy." Toby said thinking this was a suicide move.

"No go." Aargh said to him.

"I don't quit and I don't run." Naruto said to them simply as he got to the center of the ring.


Kanjikar was conflicted between duty and family as he knew how his son was and while proud of him, he wished Draal was more patient and less aggressive 'perhaps this is why humans and trolls never got along, short sightedness.' he thought as he understood things a bit better after his demise as he knew things were not always black and white "I pray your son is as you were Kushina." he said as while not many knew this Kushina beat him in a fight years ago and when he expected death, she instead offered her hand of friendship and showed him compassion and kindness and changed him for the better.

(with Naruto)

Both wasted no time charging the other.

"We must get Vendal Aargh!" Blinky said to his friend who ran off.

Toby watched in concern as Naruto and Draal traded harsh and violent blows.

(with Vendal)

Vendal was enjoying his peace and quiet, but saw it was about to end as Blinkey came in.

"Draal challenged the Trollhunter to a spar." the six eyed troll nearly yells breathing heavily from how fast he ran.

Vendal got up faster than most would think he could.

'A fight I can not intervene, but a spar I most certainly can.' Vendal thought as spars were not seen as fights as many taught others and often teachers or leaders could stop them when desired.

They both soon arrived and were shocked by what they saw.

"By Deya's grace." Blinkey said as when they got there they saw Naruto on the ground…bleeding heavily.

'Please don't have perished.' Vendal thought sadly.

However the two trolls along with everyone else watching the match were in shock when they saw the injured human seemingly get up and resume fighting.

Vendal, despite his poor eyesight due to his incredible age, noticed something in the humans eyes 'he's unconscious.' he thought not sure whether to be in awe or feel frightened for him.

Vendal was not the only one to see this as Draal saw it as well and despite many things Draal could tell this boy was a warrior 'still does this make him worthy of the amulet.' he thought still not convinced.

Draal's thoughts were broken when he was forced to bring his arms up to block a slash from daylight the blade slightly digging into his rocky skin despite the dull side of the blade having been used "For the sword to have cut me this much without the blade being used just how much strength does this human posses" he thought in shock before pushing his arms outward flinging Naruto away from him.

Skidding back several feet Naruto dropped daylight and charged at Draal his right arm raised in the air signifying he was going for a punch. Seeing a chance to end the fight Draal charged at Naruto his left arm raised the result being that the two soon met in a bone shattering clash each of their fists buried into the face of the other.

The two combatants stood there motionless for what seemed like an eternity while the spectators watched in shock and baited breath waiting for the outcome of the spar. Mere moments later their wait was over as both combatants collapsed to the ground at the same time.

"Both fighters are unconscious, the spar is a Draw!" Vendal yells seeing this as a perfect opportunity to end the spar before any graver injuries could be obtained by either combatant. The declaration resulted in mixed reactions by the spectating Trolls as some were joyous at the spar they just witnessed impressed by both fighters while others were outraged that a human tied with a Troll let alone Draal.


Vendal looked at Naruto sadly as he addressed the wounds carefully and left him to rest and hoped that the heartstone gave him the strength to keep going.

As Naruto slept he was unaware of certain elements around him and were taking place.


Kanjikar and the other past trollhunters were in slight panic as for the first time in a long time they felt the connection with the amulet cease.

(with Naruto)

The amulet pulsed as it spun around like a clock, its pace increasing heavily as it spun the blue glow now becoming gold and green.

'Rest Naruto rest, let all of your troubles wash away, the time is coming my dear. Merlin may have made this amulet, but he used my hand to do it. This amulet is as much mine as it is his.' a female voice said to Naruto her voice a mere whisper in his mind and as she spoke, she let her influence over the amulet increase as the amulet kept her glow 'I need a stronger catalyst.' she thought needing something solid and imbued with her magic 'I wonder how MY champion is doing.' she thought wondering when he'd be free as she did give the Janus Order instructions on how to find and control him 'never forget Naruto you belong to me and no one else least of all the old fool Merlin.' she said to him before quieting down and smiled as she was now able to reach out to Naruto whenever she desired 'now dream and let your mind drift.' she said in a calm sweet tone of voice as the amulet stopped glowing gold and returned to its normal blue color before the glow faded.

All the while the first human Trollhunter was oblivious to all of this due to his beaten and unconscious state.

(Hour later)

After having woken up in Vendals sanctuary in the Heartstone Naruto had been informed about the outcome of his fight with Draal and the blonde was both impressed and annoyed by the outcome after having found out that he had fought the last half of the fight while unconscious.

Given his still slightly injured state Blinky and Vendal had decided that the rest of the days training could be postponed for tomorrow so he and Toby had bid the trolls goodbye for the day and made their way home.

Having said goodnight to his best friend Naruto opened the front door to his house and walked in "Hey mom I'm home!" he announced walking inside

"I'm in the living room dear" Barbara's voice could be heard so Naruto decided to go see her.

Walking into the living room Naruto was surprised to see his mother wasn't alone as sitting across from her sipping a cup of tea was Ms Nomura "Ms Nomura what are you doing here?" he asked curiously.

"I happened to run into your mother quite literally I might add earlier today and after learning she was your mother we got to chatting and she invited me over for tea" Nomura says with a kind smile setting her tea down.

"Sorry again about that" Barbara says to the asian woman who merely waves it off with a smile "But I have to say I was rather surprised that you two knew each other" she adds.

"Yes, young Naruto here was quite helpful and quite the gentleman the other day. I might add its also quite refreshing to see someone his age so interested and well versed in the world of theatre' Nomura says

"I wouldn't say I am well versed and instead have just read a few plays here and there" Naruto says chuckling a bit with a shy smile on his face as he rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment. This gets a soft giggle from the asain woman and Barbara as Naruto took a seat at the table and the three continued talking for a few hours before Nomura bid them farewell for the night.

(few hours later)

Nomura never wanted to kill anyone so badly as much as she wanted to kill Draal right now 'he hurt my human.' she thought as she broke into his room seeing his bruises and marks which were already looking better than they looked when she first saw them ' Just like his mother he'll heal fast.' she thought as Kushina had advanced healing which Naruto inherited. She then noticed her cd she gave him sitting on his nightstand next to his bed 'at least he listens to it.' she thought with a small smile as she could tell he used it as he seemed to have it out while other cds were put away 'please Naruto don't be like your mother…oh who the fuck am I kidding.' she thought as Kushina was defiant and so was he 'Just try to survive little Gynt. Your mother left this world too soon and I would rather you follow in her footsteps' she thought leaving the room and went home her night filled with worry and anger and thoughts of murdering her former lover like most women in the world that got screwed over.

End Chapter 1