Summary: Alternate Universe where Onoda is a girl with the same name, but she did martial arts and had anime before cycling.

Martial Arts, if you're not careful enough, you can get hurt. However, if you have the bravery and guts to fight; alongside powerful kicks and swift punches and jabs, then you can be a Martial Arts Master.

A young girl named Onoda Sakamichi was a Martial Artist, she mainly does Kickboxing. However, she learned both taekwondo and karate. She was praised for her talent all the way through her career but...

Karate and Taekwondo made her feel lonely, sure; people admire her for her strength and all but they saw how ruthless and merciless she was when she fights. She gets carried away with her hunger to win. She couldn't control her instincts at all, so... She ends up always kicking too hard and make her opponent spit up blood that always stained her dobok. It still had the feint splotches of blood that wouldn't come off, having to prepare new ones every time she won a match.

'The Blood-stained Maiden...' A wistful smile lifts the corners of her mouth, the opening to her favorite anime being forgotten as she tried to stop the tears that were welling up.

She hates being alone, she hates being avoided like the plague! She was just a middle-schooler with monstrous strength in her legs; that's all! She wouldn't dare to hurt a friend! She barely has friends!

Unbeknownst to her, the way she had kept discarding her glasses made her eyes squint but to the spectators and her opponent; she was glaring, as if they were in the way of victory. However, to her; discarding her glasses keeps it safe, the way she pulled her hair that passed her shoulders into a bun was what made it all scary.

A girl glowering down at her opponent, wanting nothing but victory as she stood. Alone.

'This time, in highschool...' Her mind goes back to a race she had spectated after winning another official game of taekwondo, how a blur of red zoomed past her; snapping her thin hair tie and her hair flowed with the wind and the water bottle that had been thrown at her, the cap flew off, the rest of the water spilling on her head.

Her eyes couldn't properly see the race since she didn't have her glasses on, but the red guy that zoomed past her had been grinning; he looked so happy!

She did own a city bike... And the wind had always been refreshing when she always made the ninety-kilometer trip to Akihabara. She goes there weekly for anime goods and she's always been so delighted to get figurines and merch of animes she had watched.

Could she join the Bicycle racing club? Do her legs even have the strength?

Her kicks are so powerful!

Watch out for her kicks, dude. She might not look like it but her legs are strong

She doesn't pull her punches; she goes all out when she kicks!

Once you get hit, there's no way you can defend yourself!

She was powerful. Onoda Sakamichi was powerful.

I am a woman, a woman... But not a weak woman, far from it.

Is one of her favorite lines from an exciting anime called 'Naruto'. A female character, Senju Tsunade said that. Her line was perfect and empowering to the female audience! She was strong, the 'Godaime Hokage' of the 'Hidden Leaf Village' from Naruto.

She's a woman, a woman... But she isn't a weak woman that needs a man to fight for her battles, she isn't helpless. She is Onoda Sakamichi. And she is going to be a cyclist.

Taekwondo makes her feel alive, satisfies her hunger. But she is left alone...

But Bicycle racing is a team sport, maybe... Just maybe, she can make friends with the other members and be a fast cyclist!

Most Tournaments were held in Osaka. So, she frequently visits it. Onoda was known for watching the bicycle races here. The reason for her periodic returns to Osaka is because a certain sprinter enjoyed racing all the time. She brings water bottles, towels, and high-quality dairy snacks for the sprinter.

Their first encounter had been a 'love at first glance' for the both of them.

"I'M NANIWA'S SPEED MAN!" A distant yell of one of the racers is what Onoda first hears when she gets close to the race track. The wind pressure already affecting her and she was really excited to see the fast racers.

She just won a match and was feeling a bit down, she was passionate about taekwondo however the price of it was that she was always alone. Other students have the impression of her being scary and merciless. She just wants to be surrounded with friends... Maybe the racers were brave enough to speak to her; sure, she doesn't always visit Osaka but it was enough to hopefully maintain some friends.

Or... Maybe she could make the trip herself on her city bike? Yeah, she'll give that a try. But right now... "Here he is!"


She was going to watch today's race!

"So fa-" Onoda couldn't continue what she was about to say when her world suddenly slowed as an indescribable pressure loom over her, then an unexpected strong gust of wind blows her hair out of her messy bun and her jet-black strands swayed with the wind. It was also a horrible time for her to not have been wearing her glasses at all (she takes them off every match she participates in, although she needs to squint her eyes sometimes in the match after taking off her glasses.)

(Unbeknownst to her, people think she's glaring when she squints her eyes.)

The Speedman of Naniwa had also been looking at her for a split-second, that split-second felt so prolonged as they got lost in the other person's eyes. Her line of sight was blurry but she can make out one distinctive feature of the speedster atleast...


The speedster was fully adorned in red.

The same color of blood.

She didn't like blood but... Red... It was the same thing the speedster wore-

"Hey, young lady! Look out for that water bottle!" A stranger's voice knocks her out of her thoughts as she couldn't dodge the stray water bottle in time; the remaining water in it splashing on her.

Now, her hair was wet. With a water bottle surprisingly balanced on her head.

When she had went to retrieve the cap of the bottle and to hopefully return it to the sprinter, she made sure he fixed her hair to hide her squinting eyes. Since her glasses got cracked from the last match (making it dangerous for her to wear), she needed to last a few days without it for a while.

When she handed the bottle back to the sprinter, Naruko Shoukichi was his name, he immediately exploded into chatter with her. She did her best to keep up with him and hopefully make friends with him. Naruko was amazing, he was bold, strong, and fast. He had a thing for being a bit vulgar however it is to be expected from someone in Osaka.

"Hey, hey! Do you like bikes? I think I've never seen you before!"

"Yeah. I like bikes, I own a city bike. But I never knew you could race with other types of bikes."

Naruko started a whole lecture about bikes and races. She was bombarded with knowledge of a new sport, something a bit more fun, a sport that makes you have to rely on others, a sport where you can have camaraderie. Bicycles...

"Bicycles... They're so amazing..."

"Uh-huh! That's more like it! Do you plan on joining a Bicycle club after Middle School?"

"I- I need time to think, I've accomplished so much as a Martial Artist. It takes time to let go of something I'm already passionate about."

Lies. She just had to lie in front of her new friend. She was no longer passionate for the sport that had took potential friends from her, all because she was strong. All because she knew how to fight.

"Mou~ I bet you'll be a thousand times passionate about cycling! Come on, Onoda-chan!"

"Okay, okay! You don't have to force me, Naruko-kun! I- I'll think about it."

She does. Every second, every day, every night. Is she really about to let go of the sport that had made her grow so strong but physically and mentally? Onoda Sakamichi had a lot of time, but she feels so much pressure.

"Mom... I thought long and hard about this." Sakamichi started up, putting her rice bowl back down to the table. The woman, glanced at her daughter. Noting the graveness she was emitting.

"I'm quitting taekwondo and karate once I enter Highschool. I'm going to start to road race." The brunette woman didn't really understand the term, "Road racing? What is that dear?" The arms of her daughter that were on the table is what she held gently.

"U- Um, I learned it from a friend in Osaka." The mother's blue eyes slightly widened. "Since most tournaments were held there. Road racing is about racing on bikes. And since I rode a lot on my city bike then I think I could join. When I told him-" It was a boy, her mother thought. A soft smile. "That I was fast on the slopes and mountains, he told me I was a climber. Can you believe it, Mom?! I'm good at something that isn't taekwondo or karate! And I've been doing it all the time!" Sakamichi laughed whole-heartedly.

The jet-black-haired daugter continued to tell her about road racing and her plans for her high school years as a cyclist.

"Hello, is the great speedman of Naniwa still here?" Onoda singsongs, a plastic bag filled with bread with different kinds of filling. Walking forward into the road track that was occupied by sprinters. Speaking of the sprinters, they began to chuckle and whistle. Loudly stating that the speedman of Naniwa was ignoring such a pretty young lady.

"The little jerk just won another race!"

"Welcome back, Onoda-san. Here for the fastest guy in Naniwa again?"

"Hey Naruko! Hurry the hell up, your friend is here, damn bastard!"

So vulgar but so genuine.

A spiky red-haired middle schooler that was about to graduate hurriedly took off his helmet. "Onoda-chan! I won again!" His nose picked up the scent of... "H- Hey...! Are those-?" Like an excited child, he was already by the girl's side. Onoda yelped, fixing her crooked glasses.

"Mh, yep! These are for you, Naruko-kun." Fascinating over the amount of dairy food, were those cold milk drinks? Naruko was holding the plastic bag with stars in his eyes while Onoda set down a cloth and sat down on it, the red-haired sprinter also noticed the basket she had. Maybe it was her food.

"You said it yourelf didn't you? A racer burns off 5,000 kilos when they race. Here is your...reward...?" The glasses-wearing girl trailed off when the racer was already sitting beside her, munching on the bread happily as comical waterfall tears streamed down his cheeks.

Meanwhile, with the other racers watching the relaxation-turned date.

"She's kind of like his girlfriend now at this point."

"Damn, he's fast when it comes to girls too? Holy shit."

"Hey dude, quiet down! We might scare her off, we only mean this in a good way. Plus, if they really were to happen."

Onoda laughs at a comically choking Naruko after the cold liquid went down the wrong pipe.

"They'd be freakin' adorable."

"Better keep quiet, Naruko's family would surely love to meet Onoda-san."

It was great. Riding bikes was great.

Onoda had checked on the Anime club Sohoku Highschool had; she was just checking since she did make the decision to immediately join the Bicycle club.

However, she noticed that there was an unspoken rule that only boys could join. But it was unspoken right? Maybe she could be this cool new girl and break that rule! Wait, what was she thinking?!

"Remember Onoda-chan, you might not deal well with flat roads but you endure long distance and excellent with slopes and mountains."

"T- that isn't anything special... It's to be expected. I live on top a steep hill, so no one wants to come to my house since going up is tiring."

"Wait... So, you climb that steep hill back home?!"

"Quiet down, Naruko-kun! This is a library!"

She was confused as to why her friend freaked out about her daily returns back home. 'I mean, it is pretty steep. But it shouldn't shock Naruko-kun that much.' Onoda had been going back and forth with her registration paper so many times in the teacher's lounge. The coach was always never there, and she keeps getting lost in the upperclassmen's part of the school. She doesn't want to appear lost! Onoda was an independent young woman that was a bit shy (and overly friendly but the reason behind that was because she wanted to look nice), she had never depended on anyone else besides herself and her mom.

Naruko had said she had the talent and would make an excellent climber but then again, he was a sprinter, just because she can't do well with flat roads won't mean she would be good with taller mountains or steeper slopes.

Speaking of the Speedman of Naniwa, sprinters need to be as light as possible, Naruko's frame was really small (like him, so cute. HUH. She did not just think that.) and he was really light. However,...

"Naruko-kun! Looks like you won a race again! I just won my final match; I can quit taekwondo and karate to ride...with you...?" Blue eyes trailed behind the road racer, there was... Another seat?!

"Just in time, Onoda-chan. Can you tell the difference with my road racer from before?" Naruko grinned as he leaned on to the handlebars, his right foot supporting his weight and vehicle. Onoda's eyes were wide in horror, what was Naruko doing? He needs to be as light as possible, doesn't he?

"Naruko-kun, that will only add more weight. Modify it!" The plastic bag filled with food she was holding up dropped to the ground, her hands clenched into fists. The red-haired speedster's grin only softened.

HIs gloved hand patted on the extra seat, "Hop on, Onoda-chan. This modified seat is just for you!" Her eyes shun with joy.

"You aren't good on flat roads so why not place another seat on my own road racer and let you ride with me?" Naruko had been parading his modified bicycle around, saying it was for a special someone. All the words caught up in her throat. Her friend doesn't need to do this, just him telling her all about the world of racing and bicycles were already enough!

"Naruko-kun, this is your road racer. Not mine! A- and... You're a sprinter! You shouldn't have something that'll add more weight to your bicycle, that's just..." The words seemed loss when the soft smile was still on his usually wild and expressive face.

"Let's go, Onoda-chan. Let me show you the world of sprinters this time." Her gaze went from the sprinter to the fallen plastic bag and food basket. Carefully, she the plastic bag in the basket and also scoops up the packaged delights, setting it in the basket as well.

"Ready this time?"

"Ready- Woah!" Her small pale wrist was grabbed by a tan one. Pulling her on the sweet red ride. She quickly braces herself by hugging the speedster as the basket's handle slipped to around her forearm.

"Off we go!"

'I should really stop letting people push me around like that.' The highschooler sighed. It couldn't be helped; she was such a pushover for someone who had a scary name.