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Hogwarts, abandon classroom, December 1991.

In an ancient valley located in the Scottish highlands, sat a Millennial old castle, built as a school for young witches and wizards to teach them how to control their magic by the four greatest witches and wizards of the age. To this day the old castle still housed a school for all the young Wixen aged 11 to 18 who spent 7 years learning in its hallowed halls.

In the endless corridors of the school sat an empty and unused classroom, and in this classroom sat a mirror, but not a normal mirror cruelly showing the image of those who stand before it. No, this mirror showed one's heart's deepest desire, and for the boy who sat in front of it, it showed his parents.

He had never known them, not even what they had looked like, for you see, the boy's parents were ripped from him when he was just over a year old on a cold Halloween night by a wizard most dark, a wizard by the name of Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort had gone to the home of the young couple to kill them all, while he had succeeded in killing the father and the mother, he had failed to kill the boy, the dark wizards curse striking the baby and rebounding onto him, destroying the dark wizard's body in the process. Only the child survived that night, he was the only the child to have survived a curse that had killed everyone else before him, for the child sitting in front of the mirror was Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived; and his deepest desire was not to be alone anymore.

He had been alone for as long as he could remember, the family he lived with, the Dursleys, related to his mother through his Aunt, were the ones that had been "stuck with him." As they liked to put it, and so Harry was forced to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs with only the spiders and dust bunnies for company. For ten long years, he had lived at the whims of his cruel relatives as they told him to be grateful for the far too big hand-me-downs and the scraps of food they let him eat after he had cooked said meal or the fact he had a cot and didn't make him sleep on the floor, all the while they spoiled their only son, his cousin Dudley, rotten with everything they could while teaching their son to be just as cruel to Harry as they were. And the large boy was, he had made sure Harry was as alone at school as he was at home, chasing off anyone friendly, him and his parents telling his teachers and the school at large how much he lied and caused trouble, but in truth, Harry knew better to lie. Lying would get him a week in the cupboard with only two bathroom breaks a day, bread and water to eat, and a few smacks so he'd know his place. Harry was very used to being alone.

It wasn't till a few weeks before his eleventh birthday did they change their tune after his Hogwarts letter had come, they had moved him to the smallest bedroom that housed all the broken and unwanted things in the house. The message to the soon-to-be eleven-year-old boy was clear enough, he was an unwanted and broken thing. When he was younger he held out hope for someone to rescue him from his "family", that someone would show up in a flying motorbike and a leather jacket, with a laugh like a bark, he would come to save Harry from them. But he knew better now, he was stuck with them until his seventeenth birthday.

But as he sat in front of the mirror, watching his mom and dad watch him, the invisibility cloak that was his fathers, that he had gotten for Christmas hanging off his shoulders, he couldn't help but think how much better his life was now attending Hogwarts, he no longer had to do worst then Dudley in class, he had friends, he thinks. Ron and Hermione were great, but it was hard to talk to them, he had no idea how to be friends with anyone except for spiders and dust bunnies. So he would let them talk and do things and drag him along to do them, Harry thinks he's doing a good job but doesn't truly know.

So as he sat in front of the mirror that was made to be crueler than any mirror before or after its creation, the boy had wished and hoped against hope, deep in his heart that he would no longer be alone.

It was at that moment that his heart called out into the darkness with a desire so strong one could taste in the air that the image of his parents flicker and began to fade, Harry cries out, asking them not to leave him, not again but heedless to his words the cruel magic of the mirror works against his words his mother and father fade with one last wave, as a new image takes their place. It came slowly like a dream, starting with the stone floor much like the one he sat on, then came the bookshelves crammed with books, from ancient tombs to muggle bond books, a mixture of both mundane and magical, works of art came next from statues to paintings and everything in between moving from side to side shifting in style and age showing the vast collection as they moved up and down, left and right replacing themselves as time goes on. The background was shown next, it seems whatever platform this was, it was overlooking a field of green and wildflowers as the sun hung in the clear blue sky.

It was then Harry noticed the woman, dressed in a dark red dress right out of the history books he had learned from in muggle schools, the types that noble women had worn to balls so long ago. She was very pretty, from her golden eyes, high and sharp cheekbones, and slightly pointed chin. Her hair was a pale blonde almost white or pale green in the light, done into an elegant bun, crowning her head, but the thing that had caught Harry's attention was the odd symbol on her forehead. To him, it looked like a bird with its wings stretched out in flight like the kind you would see in a painting showing how far away or large something was, but when the woman turned her head it had a gleam to it, like a ruby.

She was sitting in a chair, a throne really, reading from a tome, her forehead crinkled in concentration as she read on, reminding Harry of his kinda friend Hermione when she was studying.

This wasn't like what the mirror had shown Harry earlier, his parents were static, going through the same loops as were shown in it. This wasn't, it had shown different artworks never the same thing twice so far, the woman would fidget, cross her legs and uncross them, shift in her seat. Harry had the sinking feeling that he was looking through a window more than a mirror now. So as the woman looks up from her book to where he was now kneeling, the boy who lived quickly throws his cloak over himself, hiding him from her eyes. The woman looks over with surprise on her face before it morphs into confusion, she stands from her seat, dog-earring the page she was on, and places the book on the chair before walking over to the mirror.

She looks into it, bending her head and looking left and right as if trying to see more of the room beyond the window. The confused look did not leave her face but her eyes did narrow as she scans the floor in front of her and for one heart-stopping second her eyes look into Harry's, staying still for just a moment before moving on, she stands there for a few more minutes before turning around and going back to her book and her seat. Harry let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, but he continued to watch the strange pretty woman in the mirror, every few minutes her eyes would flick to the mirror and then back to the book in her hands as if checking to see if anything had changed.

Harry watches her for a few more minutes before deciding it was getting too late to be out, he decided to come back the next night hoping his parents would return in the mirror instead of the woman that he sees.

The boy who lived, true to his word to himself returns the following night, the need and want to see his parents burns in him like a compulsion that he needed to follow, so as Harry steps in front of the mirror and takes off his cloak, allowing it to fall to the floor all he sees is darkness in the mirror.

"Any moment" Harry had thought, "and he wouldn't be alone anymore" but the moment came and went, but still the mirror remained dark. Harry felt his heartbreak, he would never get to see them again and it wasn't fair, he had only half a night with the images of them, not even enough time to memorize their faces. As the boy who lived looked down at the floor, dejected and hopeless, a light shines into the room.

Harry's head snaps up, but it wasn't his mother and father he was looking at, but the woman who had come after them, and she was looking right back at him. She looked confused at first but it quickly shifts into a smirk as she kneels down to Harry's height, brushing a loose lock of hair behind her ear she opens her mouth to say something, but Harry hears nothing, the look of confusion etched on his face. The woman mirrors his face before sighing and pointing at him, then at her ear, then to herself. Harry quickly figures out what she was asking and cautiously shakes his head slowly, the woman pouts before holding up one finger as if telling him to wait.

Harry, curious, does what she asks and waits for a moment, the woman returns with a book, a piece of parchment, an ink well, and a quill before sitting down in front of her side of the mirror with a smile, she proceeds to write on the parchment before holding it up for him to see.

Hello, I'm C.C, what's your name?

Harry is a bit wary about answering a stranger in a mirror, but his curiosity gets the better of him. Who was this C.C and how was she in the mirror? So going to the old teacher's desk in the classroom he digs through the desk, his luck holding out as he finds what he needs and takes them back to the mirror to write back to the woman, C.C.

Hello, my name is Harry.

It's nice to meet you, Harry, pray tell, how did you come by my mirror?

"So, it's her mirror." Harry thinks to himself before writing out his response.

I found it in an abandoned classroom at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts? That is on the other side of the channel from where it was created. I'm surprised it's not in Beauxbatons where it was last.


It's the school that teaches magic in France, it's where I went to school a long time ago.

"So she's a witch!" Harry smiles at that

How did you get into the mirror? Did you do it to yourself?

C.C smiles a coy smile at Harry, a playful look in her eyes.

Why Harry, we've only just met and you already question my ability not to be ensnared by my own creation?

Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.

C.C laughs before writing, I know what you meant Harry, I was just teasing you. But to answer your question, there were a few dark wizards who wanted my secrets, needless to say, they took me telling them no quite poorly and used the magic of my mirror and a spell of their own to seal me inside here. I'm honestly surprised that you can see me.

I'm sorry to hear that, I lost my mom and dad to a dark wizard named Voldemort. Why are you surprised that I can see you?

My condolences for your loss, I do not know who this Voldemort is, but I do hope he does not live up to his name and death catches him quickly. As to why I am surprised, you see this mirror is very special, it shows whoever looks into their heart's deepest and truest desire. But when I was sealed in, the dark wizards had enchanted it so only those with a desire that matches my own could see me.

If you don't mind me asking Harry, what did you see in my mirror?

Harry sees the last question and freezes, should he tell her what he had seen. He takes a deep breath before deciding not to lie.

I saw my parents.

C.C looks at his answer as if she was expecting it, she looks down at her own parchment and doesn't write for a few moments before asking another question.

Harry, do you feel alone?

Harry flinches as he reads the words, eyes dying a little as his face drops. The answer to this was obvious to the boy who lived, but he didn't want to face it, he didn't want to acknowledge it in any form. So he does the only thing he can think of, he runs from it. He throws his cloak over himself and leaves the abandoned classroom behind with the sound of someone knocking on glass.

Harry doesn't return to the abandoned classroom for a night, he wants to go back, but is too scared to answer a simple question to go alone. So the following night he brings his almost friend Ron with him, having backup was always good, and it would show that he wasn't alone to C.C. but it doesn't happen that way, when he and Ron got to the mirror all Harry found in it was his parents again, smiling and waving at him in the fake semblance of life that now looked dead to him in the mirror.

Ron had seen himself as older, stronger, and better than all his brothers before him which made sense from a certain point of view, he was the second youngest child out of a large family and growing up in the shadows of his older brothers, he wanted to be the best out of him. But as long as they stayed there, C.C never showed up, why? Was it because he wasn't alone? Neither he nor Ron left the reflection of the mirror long enough to be alone. Harry had decided to return tomorrow night alone to see if C.C would return.

And so Harry returns once again to the mirror, this time a bit more prepared than last time with everything one would need to write, his answer to C.C's last question already written down. As he drops his cloak he stands in the room facing the mirror, it only takes a moment for the mirror to turn into a window that looks into the weird world on the other side, Harry sees C.C running her fingers down the spines of books, looking for something to read, her back facing him. Harry raises his hand, and after a moment of hesitation knocks on the glass. C.C jumps and turns around, surprise etched on her face. But when she sees him she smiles, walking out of sight only a second later with parchment, ink, and a quill, but before she could write anything Harry holds up his own parchment for her to read.

Yes, I've always felt alone.

Harry doesn't look at her as she reads, too ashamed of his own admittance because he shouldn't feel alone anymore, he has kinda friends now, and most of his teachers care about him he thinks. But still, he felt alone in a school full of children but none of them were like him, Harry barely knew how to interact with them let alone how to relate to them.

When Harry finally looks back, C.C had written out her response and apology.

I see, before we go on Harry, I feel like I owe you an apology for the question itself. It was a deeply personal one, and I see it upset you. I'm sorry, it wasn't my intent to upset you, just to understand what you saw.

It's okay I guess, it just caught me off guard that's all.

Still, I am sorry. When you didn't come back last night I was worried that I had unintentionally pushed you away, you are the first person I've gotten to talk to in a very long time.

Harry never had anyone apologize to him, it was a weird feeling knowing someone was sorry for something that they did to him. It was always his fault that anything bad happened with him just being around, but he was now wondering something else.

How long have you been in the mirror?

Well, that depends, what year is it?


C.C stares at the parchment for a long time, blinking in shock before looking back at Harry, sadness coloring her face.

I was sealed in the mirror in the latter half of the 17th century.

It was Harry's turn to be shocked, she had been locked away for almost four hundred years without companionship. She was like him, locked away out of sight and out of mine in a cupboard of her own, it had resonated with him deeply. He had hated his cupboard as much as it was a comfort for him, because when he was locked in it, the world was locked out from him, and couldn't hurt him anymore. But he hated the thought of being locked up again now that he was finally free, and wouldn't want it done to anyone else.

How could I free you?

C.C seemed taken aback by his question, looking between the parchment and the determined look on Harry's face. She then writes out her answer.

Well, I can think of a few ways it can be done, but most would require you to be older and more powerful than you are with a deep understanding of Runes and Arithmancy.

Harry frowns at this, he wanted to help now, not wait years to help C.C but reads on.

Or the one sure thing you can do right now is to form a contract with me.

A contract?

It's a very old form of magic, it forms a magic bond between two people who both agree to the terms of the contract, in this case, my terms would be my freedom and yours would declare what you would want from me, and if it's in my ability to grant it the contract will force me to do it. Once we agree on the terms, magic will force the terms to be met no matter what. It's called a Geass, or a Gaes. So the question is, what do you want from me, Harry?

He knew the answer immediately but didn't voice it, he was once again scared of the answer to a question C.C had asked. But he was sorted into Gryffindor for a reason.

I don't want to feel alone anymore.

C.C had smiled at this before writing back.

Then you won't be, I'll stay with you, protect you, and let no harm come to you. I'll care for and comfort you in any way you need, and make sure you never feel alone again so is my oath to you.

Harry blushes at her words, he never had anyone say something like that to him, he nods and writes out.

How do we make the contract?

Simply place your hand on the glass over mine and focus on what you want, what your desire is, and I'll do the rest.

C.C places her hand on the glass, palm flat with fingers splayed out a look of desperation in her eyes as if she finally had the keys to the cage in front of her and was ready to do anything to get them, that is why when Harry raised his hand to do what was asked of him, he hesitates the tales of devils and Faustian bargains come surging through his mind. So he stops as doubts enter his mind, C.C's head tilts in confusion as Harry writes out a question.

I don't know if I can trust you, I haven't had many adults that I could trust, can I have time to think about it?

C.C's face goes cold and emotionless as she looks at Harry before she sighs.

Of course Harry, I understand. Take all the time you need.

Harry nods before picking up his cloak and wrapping it around himself, taking one last look at C.C he leaves the classroom with thoughts of her offer rolling around his head.

Harry had thought about, it all night in his bed looking at the ceiling, while he ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While he wandered the halls of Hogwarts and looked up the mirror and C.C in the library, to his disappointment he had found nothing in his search. When he was getting trashed by Ron in wizards chess. To never be alone again, and all he had to do was release the unknown woman by the name of C.C from the mirror. She could be lying, she could leave him as soon as she was free.

But in the end, Harry's desire had won, he didn't want to be alone anymore. So he would take the gamble and release C.C from the mirror and hope she would save him from the Dursleys. So when Harry showed up later that night in the mirror he was surprised to only see his parents; it confused him to see that C.C hadn't shown up. It wasn't until he heard a voice behind him that he understood.

"Good evening, Harry." A wizen voice says behind him, as he turns from the mirror he finds the headmaster sitting on the desk he had raided for writing utensils on his first night here.

"Headmaster," Harry says, sure he was about to get in trouble, but the Headmaster had a smile on his face as he looked at him.

"It seems," the Headmaster starts slowly, "that like many before you have discovered the cursed delight of the Mirror of Erised."

Harry looks between the mirror and the Headmaster before answering back, "I didn't know it was called that sir."

The Headmaster chuckles, "Yes, like all horrible and holy things in the world it has a name, but tell me, Harry, have you figured out what it does?" The Headmaster asks.

"Well, it shows me my parents," Harry says, deciding that he wasn't going to say anything about C.C.

"And it shows your friend, young mister Weasley, better than all his brothers before him." The Headmaster says with a knowing smile. Harry was shocked that the Headmaster knew this, was he there that night?

"How did you know that Headmaster?" Harry asked.

"I do not need a cloak, much like the fine one that you have, to turn myself invisible." He tells Harry with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips. "But, I digress, how about a hint Harry." He says talking about the mirror once again.

"The happiest man on earth could look into this mirror and just see himself." He says as Harry works through the hit.

"It shows us what we want," Harry says after a few moments.

"Close Harry, but not quiet. The mirror shows us our heart's deepest desire, nothing more nothing less." The Headmaster says with a nod. "It shows you the family you had lost, and it shows mister Weasley better than all his brothers."

Harry nods, though he already knew this from C.C.

"Now Harry, the mirror will be moved tonight to its new home, and I would ask you not to go looking for it again." The old wizard says "for it does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live." He finishes with a smile. Harry nods before moving to the door, he knows a dismissal when he hears it, but before he leaves he stops and turns to the Headmaster.

"Sir?" He asks, "if you don't mind me asking, what do you see when you look in the mirror?"

The Headmaster looks surprised but answers anyway to the deeply personal question "I? I see myself holding a pair of thick woolen socks. But alas another Christmas has come and gone, and all I have gotten were books." He says with a disappointed sigh.

Albus watches the boy leave the room and close the door behind him before he stands and walks over to the mirror and stands before it. The image of his younger sister appears in the mirror, just as she had looked in life, he smiles at her sadly knowing what he sees is but a dream, she waves at him and smiles before she begins to fade away. The woman appears before him in the mirror, a look of anger and disappointment on her face.

The being known as C.C, sealed in the mirror long ago by Dumbledore's mentor and old friend Nicholas Flamel, She was to Nicholas as Tom Riddle was to him. Someone who couldn't be killed by conventional means and so had to be dealt with unconventionally.

She looks Albus in the eyes with a glare that could pale paint, it was wise to turn the boy away from the mirror so he wouldn't find out about the woman and possibly release her evil back on the world, they had a Dark Lord to worry about, they did not need the Demon Queen of Orleans running about causing her own brand of evil. It is then the woman smiles at him and Albus feels something shift in his mind, his eyes widen as he quickly looks away from her. A legilimency attack he had not felt breached his mind, she had slipped in with nary a whisper of her probs.

He sees her move, picking up a piece of parchment and quill, before writing something and turning it to him to read.

Give my regards to Nicholas next you see him and tell him that I hope he lives a long, long life from the blood he stole from me.

She is smiling as Albus reads it, and she laughs as he conjures a sheet to cover the mirror, and Albus can't help but to feel that he is missing something.

The catacombs under Hogwarts, late June.

True to the Headmaster's words, Harry had not seen the mirror for many months for it was moved that very night to another place. He had wanted to look for it, but it could have been moved out of Hogwarts for all he knew.

So when he walked into the final chamber of the catacombs he was as shocked to see the mirror as he was to see Professor Quirrell, but neither shocked him as much as to see the man who had left him alone in the world.

Voldemort's face peering out the back of Quirrell's head had been a thing of nightmares, but it had nothing on the pain. The pain from his scar and the curse that Quirrell had used on him, it had felt as if every nerve in his body was pierced with red hot needles, Harry had screamed his throat raw when he was held under it, but he had not begged him to stop, Harry was far too stubborn to do anything like that.

As Harry lay on the floor, panting and covered in sweat, he heard Voldemort tell Quirrell that he was the key, that Voldemort was sure of it. To try and use the boy again, and use the imperious curse to do it. So when Harry felt bliss, he knew it was a lie and fought against the voice in his head telling him to get the stone for him. He felt himself stand and face the mirror, it was only him in the reflection, Voldemort and Quirrell standing off to the side, and the vision of his parents appeared once again, Lily Potter with tears in her eyes and James Potter looking down at him with a grim and proud face.

"Get the stone, being it to me Harry, and I can bring them back. Such is the power of Lord Voldemort if you do as I say." The voice hisses in his head, and for a moment Harry wants to believe him, but that belief melts away much like the image of his parents melts away to show the face of C.C, already kneeling hands pressed against the glass, eyes full of worry, for him Harry realizes.

But still, the voice hisses, telling him to claim the stone and he would bring them back. Harry no longer believes it, the dead can't live again, Harry knows that and he won't believe their killer.

"LAIR!" Harry screams as he breaks through the fog of bliss.

"Crucio!" Quirell screams and Harry is once again plunged into a world of pain that has no end. But before long the spell ends and Harry is once again on his back looking up at the ceiling, turning his head he sees C.C pounding on the glass with desperation in her eyes. Harry sees her mouth something, "-can save you." He reads before she presses her palm against the glass. Harry hears Voldemort order Quirell to kill him, he was of no use, and Quirell argues back against it.

"But Master, he has to be of some use, it is as you say," Quirell says as Harry picks himself off the ground. He didn't want to die, He didn't want to be alone anymore. So, Harry uses his remaining strength to get to his knees, his body shaking all the while, and presses his palm against the glass. Harry's forehead slick with sweat pressed against the glass, he weakly opens his eyes and looks into the molten gold of C.C's, he vaguely notes her mouth moving rapidly, she was chanting, casting a spell with no wand. As she continues Harry hears Quirell turn and walk toward him, but it's drowned out by a new sound, a voice high and clear like crystal bells wrong in his head.

"-Your fate, my sword; your doom, my shield, and I swear to you this upon these binding words of soul and fate. You will never be alone again." C.C says, hearing her voice for the first time Harry's eyes widen as he feels his hand taken into hers, soft yet firm, gentle and protecting, cradling it like some precision thing that could not be valued in any system of currency.

Then the sound of breaking glass filled the chamber.

Quirell watched as the poison green spell of death flies toward the boy who lived to finally finish his master's work eleven years in the making. But as the sound of glass shattering his face shifts to shock as a woman appears from the mirror, and pulling the boy out of the way of the killing curse and taking it herself. He felt his Lord's displeasure and mild amusement as the boy had yet another sacrifice herself for him. But as the spell smoke cleared both master and servant are shocked as they watch the woman rise to her feet and turn to face them.

She raises an eyebrow at them, "How very rude of you," she says in a voice like crystal bells, "casting such vile magic at women you've just met, my I would say you're not much of a gentleman." Her French accent was barely there but still pronounced enough to hear.

"Who are you?" Quirell hears his master say as the woman just smirks at them.

"Now we have proven that you are but a parasite without any manners, you haven't even introduced yourself and your host yet you demand my name?" The woman tisks as if she was giving a child a lecture, "No, I do not think you deserve to know my name, let alone stand before me." She dismisses them, and Quirell feels his master rage build, so like a dutiful servant he raises his wand with the Intent to punish her for her disrespect, but no soon as he did, his world is consumed by fire.

C.C turns from the burning corpse of the man with a smirk, a fool to let a parasite crawl into him like he was a meat puppet. She had more important things to do than deal with fools and half-dead men, she was finally free! After four hundred years trapped in the mirror by former student Nicholas, she walked the material world once again. So many things to do, and such a long time to do it, but first Harry. As C.C begins to walk over to the boy in question, she stops before turning her head with narrowed eyes, the black smoke from the body begins to twist and form into a face, and its eyes gleam red in the torch light.

"You," its mouth hisses at her, "I will return, and when I do I will strip you of your flesh till I find out how you survived after I kill the boy in front of you as slowly as I know how."

"Hmm, such promises coming from something less than a man. A word of warning shade, many men have tried, and while they all died, I still yet live." C.C states calmly as she waves her hand, banishing the soul away from her as painful as she could make it. She makes her way over to Harry, turning him onto his back carefully, she brushes his hair from his eyes and smiles down at him. C.C had much to thank Harry Potter for, but for now, all she could do was to make sure the boy survived this. She would come for him later, she had things she had to do before she could fulfill her side of the agreement. Just one more thing before she leaves him for now, he had shown extraordinary willpower by throwing off the mind-controlling curse after the torture curse, perhaps he had what it takes, she had slipped it in when the boy was passing out, C.C's one true wish, and for him to help her with that, he needed a seal of his own.

So as the symbol on C.C's forehead lights up with gleaming red light, she connects her code to the depths of Harry's soul and grants him a Geass of his own.

Harry Potter hasn't had a good summer so far, in fact, he would go so far as to say this had been the worst summer yet. It had all started when Harry had woken up in the hospital wing and spoke to the Headmaster about what had happened, Harry didn't remember much, just the pain, and the sound of glass breaking. Headmaster Dumbledore had theorized that Voldemort had once again tried to cast the killing curse at me, and due to my mother's protection, it had rebounded once again. The resulting shock wave had flung me back into the mirror, destroying it and destroying Quirell. When Harry had asked the Headmaster if he had to return to the Dursleys, if he could stay somewhere else, anywhere else, he had explained about the blood wards and the power behind them with an odd look in his eyes. So Harry was once again shuffled off to his relatives behind the protection of the blood wards and into the not-so-loving arms of the Dursleys.

He had cried the first night back in the room of discarded and unwanted things, C.C was gone, his only chance to escape here gone, and after a few weeks of his kinda friends not returning his letters, he had decided they were kinda not his friends. That was true, until the night of the incident.

The house elf Dobby, how he had been stealing his mail, how he had told Harry he could not return to Hogwarts because he would be in great danger. When Harry told him he would be going back after snatching his mail back from the elf, the elf decided to up the ante on him and dropped a pudding during the Dursley's very important dinner, right on the guest's head. After the guests had left Vernon had turned on him, purple in the face, first raised to strike Harry, when the oddest thing happened.

There was a sharp pain in Harry's right eye and Vernon had stopped, looked around, and asked Aunt Petunia where Harry was because he was sure that it was his fault with his freakishness. Harry was confused when Aunt Petunia said she wasn't sure where Harry was, even though he had been standing right in front of her the whole time. Harry quickly made his way upstairs, hoping they would forget about him and what had happened, and they did, for a little while until the pain stopped in his eye and the owl arrived telling Harry's relatives he wasn't allowed to use magic outside of school. The yell of "BOY!" Had shaken the house and the beating that followed was one of the worst yet. They had installed bars on his windows and replaced his door the very next day, laughing at him all the while about how he would never return to that freak school of his and Harry believed them.

They had fed him very little this summer, only a meal a day through the catflap on the door, mostly bread and water, cold soup if he was lucky. He was let out twice a day to use the restroom and during that time Harry had practiced using his newfound ability to make them forget about him so he could steal away more food and hide it under the loose floorboard in the room. They had locked away his trunk with all his school supplies including his wand and padlocked Hedwig's cage shut, so he couldn't contact anyone for help.

Harry Potter had never felt more alone.

C.C has had the best summer she's had in a very long time. After escaping Hogwarts, she had traveled back to her home country, oh how she had missed France. The food, the contrary side, the magic, she had hunted down her old house, while in disrepair it was still salvageable, and her account at Gringotts still open. She had paid for the repair to her home and left the Goblins with details on what she wanted to be done before hunting down her old student.

She didn't know which look on his face was sweeter, the heartbreak of finding his dead wife, the horror when he had found her behind him, or the terror when she had removed his heart and reclaimed her stolen blood he had used to make his stone. It was an experience she would save for all time so she could relive it again and again.

But as C.C had done all that, the nagging feeling in the back of her mind was pushing her to fulfill her end of the contract, she had felt the boy, her Harry, use his Geass throughout the summer. C.C had smiled every time he did, for the more he used it, the stronger it would become, and the stronger it became the likelihood of it evolving came closer. But before the Geass became powerful enough to bare her Code, she had an obligation to fulfill with the boy. It wasn't hard, a few compulsions and a heavy use of the imperious curse and she had all the documents she needed. It is why C.C found herself walking up the drive to number four Privet Drive on a hot summer day. She was dressed in what passed as a muggle suit, pinstriped and white with a black blouse under and just the cutest white heels. C.C knocks on the front door and waits, after a few moments the door is opened by a horse face woman with a long neck, this was Petunia Dursley, she matched perfectly from what C.C saw in Harry's mind, and as soon as Petunia looked C.C in her eyes, she was ensnared by the witch.

"Where are your manners? Do welcome me inside." C.C says to the horse-face woman.

"Of course, please come in," Petunia says in a dull drone of a voice from being ensnared, "can I get you something to drink?"

"Tea, please," C.C tells her ensnared slave as she is shown to the kitchen and takes a seat at the table, she looks around as Petunia is busy making tea. The house was just awful, everything was lace and plastic, while she had been impressed with what the muggles have achieved and created over the last four hundred years, this house was an abomination, perhaps she should set it ablaze.

When the tea is placed in front of her she adds a little milk and honey before telling Petunia to join her, which, like a good slave, she does. C.C looks over her teacup as she takes a sip, rooting around in the muggle's mind, and almost laughs at what she finds. Harry hasn't had a very good summer so far, and honestly, this couldn't have turned out better even if she had planned it herself. Noting a few interesting facts down, C.C sets her cup down on the table before pulling out a stack of papers and a pen from inside her suit jacket and placing them in front of Petunia.

"Sign, initial, and date three days ago all the highlighted lines if you please, I'll be taking Harry off your hands, permanently," C.C tells her, and oddly enough, she feels hesitation from the woman, C.C had squashed that feeling inside Petunia without remorse, but it was interesting to note. But Petunia does as she's told, filling in every line and dating them for three days ago. C.C takes back the paperwork and looks through it, making sure every I is dotted and T crossed.

Harry Potter was officially her charge in both the magical and mundane world.

"Thank you so much Petunia dear, I'll be taking the boy off your hands post-haste," C.C says as she pockets the paperwork and causally waves her hand to unlock the cupboard before walking over to open it. C.C shrinks Harry's trunk down before picking it up and stops as something catches her attention. A ratty old cot stuffed against the wall, she had known about it of course, but seeing it in person was entirely different than seeing a memory of it.

It was then C.C started to see the details, the splotches of colors painted like a rainbow on the wall where a marker had bled through the paper as he was trying to color in the dark, The broken army men lined up near the water heater, the age-old papers tacked to under the stairs showing off A's and B's with Harry's name written on them, and the most damning thing. Smears of old blood on the baseboards from who knows what.

C.C slowly shuts the cupboard door, not turning back to Petunia she asks, "Petunia, could you tell me where Harry is?" In a cold tone of voice.

"In the smallest bedroom, first door on the right. He'll be locked in there." Petunia says if it wasn't for the compulsions killing whatever emotions Petunia felt, C.C would have sworn she heard glee in her voice, Petunia hadn't even called it Harry's room, but C.C nods anyway.

"And where is your son at the moment?" C.C asks.

"In his room, playing on his new computer." Petunia answers obediently.

"I see." That is all C.C says, she looks into the living and says a clock hanging on the wall, walking over and taking it in hand she goes back to Petunia and places the clock face up on the table, right in front of her, and looks the spiteful bitter woman in her eyes.

"In ten minutes Petunia, you are to go upstairs and check if Harry and I are gone, once you have confirmed this, you are to get your husband's rifle, and load it, before killing your son and then finally yourself. Do you understand?" C.C tells the woman, loosening the shackles just a bit so she'll be aware of what she was about to do, but had no power to stop it.

Petunia, who now starts to weep silent tears and simply nods and says "Yes, Ma'am." In a quiet, horrified voice.

"Shh, love, Shh," C.C says while brushing away her tears, "The time for remorse has long since passed. We all must reap what we sow in the end, and I do hope you like your harvest." C.C then turns around as Petunia looks down at the clock, counting down the minutes to midday.

C.C makes her way upstairs, as quiet as a cat before coming to the first door on the right, locked with numerous locks and a catflap at the bottom, she quickly undoes the locks before turning the handle and pushing the door in. She feels it as the door swings open, the compulsion of the geas, and what a wonderfully ironic one it was, The Seal of Absolute Isolation. C.C almost laughs at the irony of it all.

She pops her head past the door frame with a smirk, "I'm sorry to tell you, Harry but that won't work on me." The boy jumps back on the bed, shocked, and surprise colors his face in an adorable fashion. His eyes are a bit sunken in, his cheeks a bit hollow, and it looked like he was swimming in those ragged hand-me-downs, but he was alive with a glowing green crest of the Gaes she had given him in his right eye, and that was all that mattered right now.

"C.C…" Harry says in a shocked voice, he had thought her gone, destroyed with the mirror and his last hope.

"I'm so glad you remember little old me Harry, may I come in?" C.C asks and waits for the slow nod from the boy before stepping into his room, waving her hand at the owl's cage to unlock it. C.C would let her out when they leave and after whispering the address to the snow-white bird.

"How are you here?" Harry asks, disbelief evident in his voice, this was a good thing to C.C, she had erased his memories of freeing her to cover her tracks better, but C.C wasn't about to tell Harry that.

"Don't you remember silly? You had freed me mid-fight with the man down in the catacombs." C.C makes a hurt face like she couldn't believe he had forgotten about it.

"Oh." Harry says, "I-I don't remember much of what happened down there. I'm sorry."

C.C smiled reassuringly at him, "It's okay Harry, it was a very traumatic experience for you, you blocking it all out is normal for that kind of situation." C.C tells Harry in a soft voice as she approaches the bed that he was sitting on, curled up into a ball against the wall like a scared animal.

"What-What are you doing here?" Harry asks, unsure of what she wanted.

"Now Harry, don't tell me you've forgotten our contract?" C.C says in a hurt voice as she edges a little closer, "My freedom for your deepest desire." C.C says this in a soft but firm voice, reminding Harry of her oath to him.

"But…" Harry pauses, emotion choking his voice as he tries to speak, "But what took you so long?" He can feel the corners of his eyes burn, was this happening? Was this real?

C.C kneels at the side of the bed, a look of profound sadness on her face. "I'm sorry Harry, I had a lot to do. I had to check in with Gringotts, travel to France to see if my old home was still standing, then I had to contact the Ministry both magical and mundane. But it's done, I've just had a chat with your aunt, and she has signed all the paperwork." C.C tells him, willing tears into her eyes.

"We're leaving here together Harry, today, right now, and you'll never have to return here again," C.C vows to him

The dam broke for Harry, he felt the sob breakthrough before hot tears run down his face as he looked at C.C's crying face. It was happening, it was really happening, someone had finally come to take him away.

"Do-do you pro-prom-promise?" Harry was able to say through the tears and sobs.

"Never again." C.C promises him, in a voice so full of confidence in her own words that it could only be true, she then opens her arms wide and beckons him to her.

Harry slowly, hesitantly, and tentatively goes and reaches out for C.C.

End of one shot, a solid 8,000-word one at that holy fuck this was fun to write!

The reason I wrote this was because I don't see many "Harry gets a geass" stories, and that made me sad. So I said fuck it and wrote my own. But like I said at the top, this is a one-shot, and I will not continue it. But hey if you like it, by all means, rip me off I don't care.

That being said, I want to clear some things up.

Yes, C.C is straight-up evil in this, she invaded a child's mind to learn how to best manipulate him into getting him to free her, she gave him a geas to pass on her code to him one day and kill herself, leaving him alone again, she does not truly care about Harry in this one shot, he is a means to an end. C.C would manipulate, corrupt, and gaslight the fuck out of him to do it too, she doesn't care.

Does that mean she would stay like that? No, maybe throughout the next 6 years she starts to care for the boy, who knows? Not me.

But evil C.C is just my bag.

Harry's geas the seal of absolute isolation plays into the theme of Harry always feeling alone, it makes everyone in a certain range completely forget he was there at all or even what he was doing when he was for a certain amount of time.

What's the drawback? I don't know, didn't come up with one, you can do that.

Does it have to be that? No, not really I just found it funny to do. You can take it a lot of different ways with Harry, so play with it.

Anyway, I hope y'all liked it, because I will not be doing this again.

Kingsaxcul, out!

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