Author's note. This will take place 2 weeks after "The Girl Who Made the Beast Return" so, if you haven't read that, I suggest you read it before continuing with this story.

Liesl's POV

Fraulien Maria woke me up this morning for breakfast, oh it's been lovely having fraulien Maria back and the baroness back in Vienna. When I got downstairs father & fraulien were talking in the same low voices they've been talking in since the baroness left 8 days ago. I asked "Why are you two always whispering?" Fraulien said "Well we don't want to ruin the surprise now would we". Father said "Not at all". Kurt said "A surprise where are we going?" Fraulien said "Nowhere". Brigitta said "You're lying. We're going somewhere". Father said "Yes we are". Gretl asked "Are you coming too fraulien?" Fraulien said "Of course I am, I am your governess after all". Louisa asked "Can we go on a camping trip?" Frederich asked "Or a boat trip around the world?"

Father said "It's up to Maria". Lately father calls fraulien "Maria" and not by accident like he used to. Fraulien said "Oh no captain it's your boat and your sleeping bags it's up to you". Father said "I insist Maria. We want you to feel comfortable". Fraulien said "No captain I insist more". Uncle Max said "Why don't you let the children pick?" Father said "Very well. Children where would you like to go?" Louisa said "It's a surprise". Father and fraulien exchanged confused looks. Max said "Well it seems like the children have decided it's your turn for a surprise". Father said "What should we pack". I said "Frederich packed your bag father and I packed fraulien's yesterday". Gretl said "And no pouting fraulien it won't work". Fraulien said "How about a little hint". Brigitta said "You're going to like it". Father said "Oh, are we?" Louisa said "Yes". Father asked "Whose idea was this to surprise us?" I said "Louisa". Fraulien said "Oh Louisa, I should've known you were so much like your father". Father said "That explains why you didn't know about her during the summer". Fraulien smiled and turned away.

Marta asked "Fraulien Maria are you hot?" Fraulien said "No". Marta said "But your cheeks are all red" and father smiled as fraulien's cheeks got redder. Fraulien said "Well, I may be a little warm". Father said "Maybe I should open a window?" Fraulien said "Oh no, no it'll pass". Uncle Max said "Well Georg you must be hot as well". Fraulien smiled at that comment and we kept eating. Father asked "Okay children what time are we leaving?" I said "After lunch". Uncle Max asked "Can I come?" Brigitta said "Of course". Louisa said "Somebody has to watch us". Fraulien said "Isn't that why I'm here?" Brigitta said "Yes but you and father work too hard so, we're giving you some time for yourself to do things you wouldn't want others to see. Just for the two of you. None of us around take a day off". Father said "Well that's very kind of you children".

I said "Well we don't want fraulien to leave again because we wore her we father?" Father said "No". Fraulien said "Oh children that's nonsense". Uncle Max said "Take this as gift Maria, I mean obviously this family care about you enough to give you the day off and you're obviously a very important member and person to this family". Fraulien looked at father while father nodded. Fraulien said "Oh but Max just spending time with the children is a gift by itself". Brigitta said "Fraulien, father, please take time off we spent so much time preparing this for you guys". Father said "Well it's up to fraulien if she'll take her time off but as for me, I spent years off and I don't plan on taking anymore time of until Gretl is married". Gretl asked "What if I get married tomorrow?" Everyone at the table laughed.

Gretl asked "What's so funny?" Fraulien said "Sweetie you can't get married until you're an adult". Gretl said "Like you and father?" And everyone at the table were waiting for fraulien's reply. Fraulien and father exchanged a look of shock. Uncle Max said "Yes Gretl, your fraulien and father can get married if they wanted to". Father & fraulien gave uncle Max a look of disbelief. Uncle Max just shrugged. After breakfast father said "I uh I think I'm going to go to my study" and left. Fraulien said "I think I'm going to rest for a couple minutes" and left. Kurt asked "What was that about?" Uncle Max said "You'll know soon enough". Kurt said "Since fraulien didn't eat her egg can I have it?" Uncle Max said "I'm going to talk to your father" and left. Kurt said "I'll take that as a yes" and started eating fraulien's egg.

Author's note. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of The Girl & the Beast Who Love Each Other" want to know what the children have in mind for fraulien & the captain keep reading to find out.