Brigitta's POV

Liesl said "Fraulien do we really have to go to a fish market?"

Fraulien said "Yes. Max where is it?"

Uncle Max said "Up at the docks right there".

I asked "Father are you coming too?'

Father said "I might".

Kurt asked "What kind of fish are we going to get?"

Fraulien said "I don't know".

The baroness said "Well I'm coming too".

Louisa asked "Why?"

The baroness said "Am I not allowed to?"

Liesl said "Oh no I just thought you'd be too much of a lady to be seen in a fish market".

Fraulien said "Marta, Gretl stay close, Kurt don't wander".

When we arrived, Gretl held father & Fraulien's hand and we started walking. Marta asked "Father what's that?"

Father said "Those are oysters".

Marta asked "Do they taste good?"

Father said "Well I don't like them but some people do".

Kurt asked "Can we get a catfish?"

Fraulien said "Now Kurt a cat fish is big enough to feed everyone".

Gretl asked "How can it be a cat and a fish fraulien?"

Fraulien said "It's just a name that fish happens to look like it has whiskers like kittens".

Father & Fraulien looked at each other for like a second but it was long enough for the baroness to huff and say "It smells in here".

Louisa said "You can always wait outside".

I asked "What kind of fish are we going to get?"

Father said "Which ever one everyone wants".

Liesl said "Father look at these pearls".

Father said "Hmm mm" even though he wasn't looking at the pearls but at fraulien.

I heard Liesl say "Rolfe" and walked away.

Gretl asked "Father can I get a balloon?"

Father said "Where? I don't see any balloons".

Gretl said "Over there" and pointed across the street.

Father said "After we get our fish".

Fraulien said "I can take them" and left with Gretl & Marta.

I asked "Father could I get shrimp?"

Father said "Alright. Now we'll get three catfish, some shrimp and sushi".

Louisa said "Father look, it's a book about why certain bugs are better than others for catching fish".

Fraulien came back and said "Captain a man was looking for you".

Father asked "What man?"

Fraulien said "I don't know he said his name is Herr Zeller and you'd know him".

Father rolled his eyes and said "I'll be right back" and left.

Gretl asked "Fraulien can I get a goldfish?"

Fraulien asked "Let's wait until your father gets back. Okay".

Gretl asked "Okay".

Louisa said "Fraulien look these are green worms".

Kurt asked "Fraulien can I have a lobster?"

Father walked back in and fraulien said "Ask your father?"

Father said "Ask me what?"

Kurt said "If I could get a lobster?"

Father asked "Where's Liesl?"

Fraulien said "She was just right there".

Louisa said "Maybe she went back to the boat".

Father said "Maria can you take the children back to the boat- Liesl! Where have you been?"

Liesl said "Well I just- I went-I-".

Fraulien said "We get it Liesl you went out for air because it got hot".

Liesl said "Exactly".

Father said "Next time tell someone".

The baroness said "Oh Georg for Pete sakes she's a woman not a little girl".

Father said "We should be getting back to the boat".

The baroness said "When we get back, I would like to talk to you Georg".

Father said "Oh I can't Elsa, I promised Louisa I'd take a look at her green worms".

When father got to the register the man behind it said "Quite a lot of fish. I wish people like you would come in every day. $46.90".

While we were walking back to the docks, Louisa already started reading her book. Louisa said "Fraulien did you know a spider can survive up to 2 months without food".

Fraulien said "No I did not know that".

Louisa said "And they can hold their breath for 15 minutes to a month".

Fraulien said "Interesting".

Louisa said "And spiders can stay underwater for over 24 hours. And a tarantula can stay under water for a year".

Kurt said "That's impossible".

Louisa said "Look it says so right here" and shoved the book in Kurt's face.

When we got on the boat, father said "Max! Max, we got fish".

Uncle Max said "I'll join you in a minute, I want to talk to my lovely godchildren".

Louisa asked "About what?"

Uncle Max said "Just come in here".

When we walked in uncle Max's room, Uncle Max said "Okay, I've got another surprise but we will be there soon".

I asked "Where are we going?"

Uncle Max said "Camping".

Louisa said "Maybe I'll find some of the bugs in my book".

Frederich said "Maybe fraulien will go tree climbing with us".

Liesl said "Maybe the baroness won't want to come or sleep on the boat that way father and fraulien will be together without the baroness".

Frederich said "I'm going to need some honey".

Gretl said "Maybe we'll make some smores and father and fraulien will stay warm by the fire".

Louisa said "Oh the baroness camping that'll be a sight and I've got a lot of things up my sleeve".

Uncle Max asked "I wonder what your father and lovely fraulien are doing now?"

I asked "Should we go see?"

Uncle Max said "Yeah, I need a drink any way".

When we went in Liesl & fraulien's room fraulien wasn't there. Gretl asked "Where's fraulien?"

Frederich said "Maybe we should check the top where we jumping".

Fraulien was leaning on the boat with a glisten in her eye but she didn't look like she wanted to cry or had been crying.

Author's note. Want to find out what Maria was up to when the children left to talk to Max, keep reading.