I feel fire burning inside me. It's like the sun is a part of me.

"Yaaang! Yang yang yang yang yang wake up! Wake up! I'll come back soon but we have to go soon!" A voice whines.

It takes some time to even process what was said and by then the person is already gone. Slowly getting up from bed, I notice something feels wrong. This isn't my room, my body feels different, and oh - looking in the mirror I see Yang Xiao Long. Holy shit I am jacked. It's not a gross amount, but wow I actually have muscles, and a lot of them at that. I'm also not me anymore. At the same time though, is there something familiar about this? As that thought comes to me I feel my head get hot and collapse as a sudden rush of memories comes through.

"Yang, I told you to get up already! We have to get as much dust as we can carry if we're both going to Beacon!" Ruby shouts at me before running off again.

I slowly wake up again, this time feeling weird but more complete? I'm Yang, but I'm also someone else. There's so much to think about: Beacon, team RWBY, Pyrrha, Raven, Relics, and so much more. Whoever my new part was, they watched a show about our lives and it did not go well. I don't know if these memories are real, but I have to keep going for now and see what happens in the future.

I know I'm not an idiot but I've definitely been more focused on punching than thinking. I can strategize pretty well in a fight, but long-term planning is admittedly not my strong suit. My other self from these memories though…was definitely a nerd. They were pretty much the opposite of the original Yang part of me, though I don't think I was as smart as I acted. With any luck I can combine both my selves and make up for the weaknesses each of us had.

As Ruby and I walk out of the dust shop with enough supplies to last us a year, I feel a growing sense of panic. Ruby knows weapons like the back of her hand and did all the purchasing and selecting for the both of us while I've been getting more and more worried. Knowing what's coming up for us to face, I can tell we aren't ready for the horrors out there in the world.

Looking through my memories, I know that I'm strong - I haven't lost a spar to a classmate in years - and yet, compared to fighting monstrous grimm, psychopath killers, or even just experienced criminals, I don't think I stand a chance.

"Yang? What's wrong?" Ruby asks gently, a concerned look on her face.

I realize that she's been chattering away since we left the store but began slowing down as she noticed I wasn't responding; too lost in my own thoughts.

After hesitating for a moment I reply evenly, "I'm worried about the future. I'm worried I'm not strong enough to protect you against real dangers. There are threats out there that we've never faced before, and there's going to be things that I can't just punch away."

Ruby gives me a sad smile and gently says, "Mom did her best, but she was alone when … when she left us. You aren't alone Yang, we can face things together out there. If there's something you can't punch, then I'll cut it!"

I hug my sister and hold her against me. Ruby makes it sound so simple, but I wonder if she'd say the same if she had my memories. Cinder, Adam, Neo, Roman, Tyrian, Arthur, Hazel, Salem. These were just some of the more well known villains I'd have to fight, and something tells me there's a lot of things I don't know about.

Original Yang has memories of hearing about terrifying grimm that my other self has no knowledge about, not to mention the existence of the Grimm Titans, whom original Yang knows for a fact exist, while other me has never heard of. Still, I won't let this knowledge break me - I will survive, no matter the odds.

The future is going to be a nightmare, but despite these new memories changing me, I am Yang Xiao Long and all that entails - my love for my sister hasn't changed one bit, and I would do anything to protect her.

Yes, instead of updating my last fic I went ahead and got an idea for something else. I don't write often and lose motivation quickly and that turns into me switching to another story idea I have - in this case Yang from an AU RWBY gets the memories of someone who's watched most of the show and changes for it. I promise I'm not abandoning my Harry Potter fic - I actually have most of the next chapter done - I just felt a burst of inspiration and wanted to get this down asap. Future chapters will be longer, this is just the opening scene to chart the story, hence it being rather short.

For those of you who are new, I like to recommend games/fics whenever I post an update and I'll be continuing that trend! Lately I've been reading Arc Royale by Coeur Al'Aran, but the story won't make sense unless you've read at least some of his other fics so I'd recommend checking any of his out and he has a bunch of RWBY fics and you're bound to be interested in at least one of them. Game wise I've been keeping up with Genshin Impact and am loving the new game Stray. Stray is an adventure game where you are a cat and it is amazing. In the future I will update my HP fic and this fic sporadically as usual, but I may also add a new fic that I'm feeling interest in. See ya until next time!