Pikatwig: So… you wanna do something?

KKD: Sure. Not like I have much better to do.

Pikatwig: Yay. I really needed a break from some other stuff going on, so writing with you will be nice.

KKD: I guess that's fair. Do I want to know what specifically?

Pikatwig: Lots of things. Also, suffice to say… medical dramas are stupid.

KKD: …do I wanna know?

Pikatwig: How much of The Good Doctor have you seen?

KKD: Very~ little. Maybe stopped at like… episode 3?

Pikatwig: Of…

KKD: Of season 1.

Pikatwig: Alright. Uh, if you do ever wanna watch it again, then I'll simply leave it at "very tragic circumstances that even characters in the show were crying about".

KKD: …alright then.

Pikatwig: Oh, word to the wise really quickly. Don't watch the Korean show that inspired The Good Doctor. Just don't.

KKD: Uh… why?

Pikatwig: Just don't. Trust me.

KKD: Alright then. Anyway, what do you wanna do?

-One Idea Session Later-

KKD: Well… I wasn't expecting to see you guys again after so long… *looking towards Alpha and Akiza*

Alpha: Sorry. I've been stuck in… what was it call? The OC-Culdesac of Standby for… what, years?

KKD: Sorry, dude.

Akiza: Hi-hi. *casually waves with a smile* Nice to be back again.

KKD: Good to see you. Been a while and I'm sorry for the wait and all.

Alpha: Please tell me this project will actually be finished…?

KKD: …most likely.

Alpha: I can live with that. *heads off with Akiza following*

Pikatwig: So… if you didn't notice… Sonic and Kamen Rider.

KKD: That explains the belts.

Pikatwig: Revice is only a handful of episodes away from wrapping up and the next season, Geats, is upcoming. …and boy, oh boy, the Rider count for Reiwa seasons is a little ridiculous. All three have gone over double digits.

KKD: I don't think I want to know how many Revice got to specifically.

Pikatwig: As of this writing, little around 15.

KKD: Oh gosh. *sighs* That's gonna make writing this problematic.

Pikatwig: Ye~ah… but, I'm sure we can think of creative solutions.

KKD: Hopefully so.

Pikatwig: Plus, you get to work with what is basically Spider-Man as a Kamen Rider.

KKD: Very loose interpretation, I guess. I still prefer Insomniac's Arachnid Rider, but… ok.

Pikatwig: Also, we got a rumor Geats will be starting with eight Riders.

KKD: EIGHT?! Oh great. Just another way of turning Riders into Sentai. What next? The Riders are going to get a permanent giant mecha?

Pikatwig: Not a clue. Well, let's go on and try to start this as best we can.

Disclaimers: Neither KKD nor Pikatwig own the rights to anything in this story apart from the original characters and concepts within. Sonic the Hedgehog, Kamen Rider, and the other properties utilized and referenced belong to Sega, Yuji Naka, Toei, NamcoBandai, Shotaro Ishinomori, and their respective owners.

"Alright… let's start from the beginning, one last time…" a male voice spoke, proceeding to start up a recording of sorts. The footage that started playing was dated to around April in the year of 1971, and showed some sort of an excavation team working on clearing out some amount of rubble from what looked almost like a coffin of sorts.

Among the artifacts discovered, one archaeologist appeared to discover what appeared to be some sort of a strange fossil that looked kind of like the tail of a reptile, yet connected to the bottom of it almost looked like a stamp of some sort. Though suddenly, the man holding it felt a sudden strong compulsion he tried resisting after seeing the object glow red. As he struggled, his hand held the stamp over his wrist and something almost seemed like it was forcing him to lower it.

When it finally made contact with his skin, the stamp released a dark mist that formed into some sort of monster. It let out an angered roar and began to attack the people nearby…

"Fifty years ago, this mysterious stamp was discovered at that location and it unleashed what could most aptly be described as some sort of monster. The energy readings were not unlike that of Dark Gaia, the form it took on being equivalent to some form of demon, this smaller entity being one which a person can contract with should a person use the stamp on themselves..." the voice spoke, revealing an orange fox mobian with two tails, appearing to be about 11 or 12 years in age while wearing a white lab coat that covered most of his body, along with red and white sneakers of sorts.

The person he was speaking to was human, looking somewhere to be in his 40s or 50s, having black hair hair while wearing a white coat of some sort, a pair of white pants, and a pair of black shoes. He watched the young fox walk around a little bit, then exhaled, "I know this. Why are we going over this?"

-It is simply for the record.-

The man turned nearby to see a holographic projection of a brown female lynx in a purple dress of sorts as she hovered near the projection and showed she had been recording what had been said so they would have it for future reference.

"...continue…" the man exhaled, realizing there was a bit of a point.

The kid walked forward, towards a glass container that contained the mysterious stamp, "This stamp, for lack of a better phrase… allows one to form contracts with demons…"

Elsewhere, sat what looked to be a nightclub underwater, with music playing loudly and all sorts of flashing lights, as if some sort of rave was going on.

"I am no one…" a figure spoke, standing in a bit of shadows before stepping forward and being cheered on a bit.

"We're all nobodies!" the figure yelled. He stepped forward to reveal an emerald green hedgehog that had cobalt blue eyes, currently wearing a black leather jacket over his scarred torso, red sunglasses, and black leather boots, "And that's all the world thinks of us!"

The crowd cheered a bit, many of them clearly enjoying what was being said.

"No more holding back, no more sadness!" another hedgehog yelled out. This one was a bit of a paler shade of green than the first one, had brown eyes, with messy, almost musical note-styled, quills that were covered by a purple sombrero, while wearing a purple vest and pants, and what looked to be red and white sneakers, "Put an end to your pretend happiness!"

The crowd just kept cheering a bit, just purely excited over what it was the two hedgehogs were talking about. The males grinning, though the one dressed in purple appeared more ecstatic about it.

"You all shall be the sacrificial ones to the demons on the inside…" a female voice soon spoke.

The cheering only grew louder and louder at the female voice. Amongst the crowd, a female magenta hedgehog with pink quills on her head, baby blue eyes, wearing what looked like a blood red dress, walked through the crowd holding a stamp that she stamped down on both humans and mobians in the crowd with a bit of a sly, almost seductive, smile on her face.

"With these seals, we shall shatter the order of this world so that nobody has to hide behind fake happiness," the female hedgehog spoke before she jumped up to the center of the stage, joining the male hedgehogs as they all smiled.

"Behold the one who shall guide us to Gifu, Aguilera-sama!" the hedgehog with the sombrero spoke, making the female hedgehog wave a little to the crowd, and the crowd swooned at seeing her.

"Saa… the time has come to evolve once more…" she said with a grin.

"Gracias, Deadmen!" the three hedgehogs all proclaimed aloud.

The crowd happily cheered, not noticing the mysterious stone statue/coffin that was in the footage that had been recorded from fifty years ago…

Back above ground, in what looked to be some sort of a flying airship base that had the letters 'G.U.N.' on it, the fox and lynx were continuing their presentation to the man.

"G.U.N. had lost several supplies during a raid done by the Deadmen over a month and a half ago…" the fox spoke, thinking back to those events, "Amongst the supplies lost, several dozens of Vistamps and at least one prototype belt to make safe use of them…"

-They are likely to move into a full scale assault soon…- the holographic lynx added on, -To combat these, G.U.N. has been in the process of creating the Fehnix division to combat them.

And naturally, you recruited Miles Prower to help develop the technologies used today.-

"...so, is the Revice system nearly complete?" the man asked.

The fox simply gave a smile as he moved to grab a large yellow tablet of some sorts and pressed a button on it, "If we have to fight the demons… we fight them with demons."

With that, the fox summoned up a pedestal that had a black and white case on it, housing what appeared to be a purple stamp with a magenta T-Rex on it, and a belt buckle of matching colors with the number 50 in its design.

"In spite of the loss of a prototype for the system, production on this one Driver has been working smoothly," the fox continued.

"...and you based it off of some juvenile TV show because…?" the other person started to ask.

"I figured, the less of a weapon the finished version would look like, the less likely they are to be stolen," the fox figured.

-Subtlety is key as they say. On top of that, it is a reference to some shows that he had watched while working on the systems.-

"...not the time, Nicole…" the fox stated, before turning to the older man, "Besides, you asked me to make the system however I saw fit, Commander. So I did."

The commander gave off a small sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose before resuming a neutral position, "So have you determined a candidate to use the system or have you not?"

"There are two candidates that have been narrowed down. Other people in G.U.N. and Fehnix said I couldn't pick because 'bias' or something," the fox added, proceeding to hand over two files to the commander, "Since the demons exude energy similar to that of Dark Gaia, the candidate I thought would work had experience with it."

The commander looked to both files, "Yet he doesn't work for us."

"Well… you can't blame Sonic for that…"

The commander set one file aside and then held up another one, "Then Igarashi Alpha shall be the one to use it."

Nicole nodded, pulling up the file on the hedgehog in question on a monitor.

Over on a small island to the south, a blue blur zipped around it at top speeds. He kept going with a bit of a carefree smile before eventually hearing some sort of a whistle that got his attention. With that, the blur moved towards what looked to be some sort of a small village of sorts. The blur soon slowed to a walking speed of sorts, revealing a blue hedgehog with green eyes, red and white shoes, white gloves, and what looked like a dark blue vest of sorts. He soon came to a stop by what looked to be some sort of a restaurant of some description, looking humble and small on the outside with a Japanese aesthetic.

"Told you I'd be right back," the hedgehog said with a smile to someone else, "No sign of Eggman anywhere. So, we're good to open with no issues."

The other person didn't seem to fully hear the blue hedgehog, so they quickly zipped around to finish setting up the front of the yard area for the restaurant. The other person soon turned around, revealing herself to be a purple female hedgehog with brown eyes while wearing fairly casual white top, long black pants, gray flat shoes, and long quills that almost seemed like human hair by the way it flowed.

"Well… good job searching, Sonic. We'll open in a few minutes," the older hedgehog responded.

"Alright, mom," Sonic responded.

A few people and mobians walked over to the restaurant area and got some chili dogs and other similar snack foods. Sonic made sure to walk slowly and help serve people, doing so with a calm smile on his face. He gave a few waves to some people as they waved towards him.

"Going too slow for your like, isn't it…?" an ominous voice spoke, though only Sonic seemed to notice that there was a voice at all. He glanced around, yet couldn't see the source of who it was who spoke. Sonic just shrugged a little bit and kept making sure orders were written down. He soon passed the order off to his mom and gave a smile.

"You doing alright?" she asked.

"Pretty good," Sonic smiled, "Are dad or Alpha back yet?"

"Your dad should be here… but Alpha's busy," the mom responded, soon sighing a little as Sonic couldn't help but chuckle.

"Sorry that I'm late," a man's voice spoke up, a blue hedgehog with graying blue quills, a big mustache, a large white shirt over his torso, a pair of brown shorts, and pair of brown shoes walked on over to the two, "I hope the lunch rush wasn't bad, Aleena."

"Nothing too bad, sweetie. We just finished clearing out the main lunch rush. Was about to ask Sonic to check on Akiza," the mom, Aleena, spoke.

"So, Dad, what were you up to that made you late?" Sonic couldn't help but ask.

The older hedgehog smiled as he took out what looked to be some jump rope, which dangled around his neck, "Well, I was filming my recent attempt at the jump rope record. You know how many the current record is? 10,709!"

"Uh-huh… and how close did you get?"

The older hedgehog gave a proud grin before he spoke… "Two!"

"Wow, Chuck, that's great!" Aleena smiled, the older hedgehog chuckling.

"How? That's so far off!" Sonic proclaimed.

The two older hedgehogs just laughed a little, Sonic sighing to himself before he looked to his mom.

"...so, you were about to ask me to check on Akiza?" Sonic double checked.

"Oh, yeah."

"Can do," Sonic nodded

"Hey, Akiza? Everything alright in here?" Sonic asked as he walked into the house.

"Hai~," she responded, waving her gloved hand out to signal where she was.

Sonic walked over into the living room and saw a magenta hedgehog that had yellow eyes, currently wearing what looked like a green shirt, blue shorts, white gloves, a light blue necklace with a piece on the front shaped like a shooting star, and she was barefoot as well. She looked to be only a few years younger than Sonic, giving her an air of innocence.

"Mom sent me in to check on you. You know how she can get with… y'know."

"I'm doing alright," she assured, "Karate training and classes went well. Little boring staying in here, but I get why…"

"Yea. If it weren't for my speed, I know you could beat me in a fight," Sonic chuckled.

Akiza looked outside and watched some people walking around happily and she smiled a little… with her small hedgehog ears soon changing into a pair of cat ears, face modifying itself to match and her tail was now a cat tail. Sonic exhaled a little bit, soon trying to shrug it off with a smile.

"It's so unfair for her to need to be locked up in here all day just because she's more than one animal, and you know it!"

Sonic glanced behind him, yet saw nothing. He turned his attention back to Akiza as her fur along her arms turned into scales with her quills now a snake hood, her tail growing much longer to match a snake's.

"Uh… Akiza?"

She blinked a bit and then saw she had shifted forms a bit and went back to pure hedgehog, "Right, right. No need to worry, just thinking."

"You seem to do that on your own quite a bit . Just… y'know… try to avoid it in public…" Sonic told her.

"Hai," she nodded.

Sonic nodded, then stepped away for a bit.

Sonic looked towards his reflection and standing nearby in the mirror appeared a ghostly version of a demon in shape alone as the head was blue with silvery 'hair', black fins as ears, a black body with blue accents to represent fur and had what almost seemed like a ghostly tail that trailed back to Sonic himself.

"...yeah… that's not the most shocking thing I've ever seen in my life…" Sonic stated in a bit of a blunt, almost tired, tone, pinching the bridge of his nose as the demon almost fell through the wall and seemed angered by how Sonic just thought of him as an illusion.


Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary + Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary

Revice: Speed Demon

Chapter 01: Blast Through at Sonic Speed

It was now evening and the hedgehog family were gathered around the dinner table and joined by another hedgehog. This hedgehog had green quills that were of a yellowish while currently wearing what looks like a military jacket, white gloves, boots to match his jacket, and he seemed to be older than both Sonic and Akiza.

"Congrats on the promotion, Alpha!" Sonic beamed, "I mean, a Captain! That's something worth celebrating, right?"

"Oh, come on, Sonic. It's nothing super serious…" the older hedgehog, Alpha, responded, "Seriously, I'm just following orders like everyone else in the Fehnix branch. I don't even know what makes me so special…"

"Nonsense, my son!" Chuck added, "You have such big responsibilities thrust upon you, but you've proven responsible enough with your powers and the men you work alongside to handle such duties."

"And you're a captain when you're so new to the group! That's amazing!" Akiza added on.

Alpha just shrugged it off with a look of embarrassment and he seemed a little nervous at the praise he was getting.

"Relax a little, why don't you? We're celebrating!" Aleena told him.

Alpha chuckled a bit, then his military jacket changed into a hoodie and his boots changed to sneakers, the two flickering as if tiny flecks of metal just flipped over to turn into the new shapes.

"And we're gonna be showing up at your promotion!" Aleena added.

"...oh…" Alpha spoke, getting a bit nervous.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure they don't overdo it," Sonic assured him, "Only the best for my big brother."

"...I'm holding you to that."

Sonic gave a thumbs up in response, "While I focus on Egghead, we're counting on you to help take out those Deadmen."

Alpha simply smiled a bit

"Am I able to join the promotion party?" Akiza asked.

"Of course, Aki-chan. This is a big deal for your brother," Aleena smiled.

"Plus, Tails works for the big wigs at G.U.N., so even if you do shift, then he can probably do something to help you out," Alpha assured her.

Akiza beamed a little bit, her ears then changing into bat-like ones and sprouting bat wings out of her back suddenly as she cheered a bit.

"Take it easy, sis," Alpha told her, "You don't want to accidentally scare someone…"

Akiza blushed in response, realizing what she did and quickly changed back to normal.

Sonic chuckled a little at his siblings, before he glanced up and saw what looked to be the transparent demon he saw earlier floating nearby the two. He quickly rubbed his eyes a little bit, then saw it was still there and the arms were a lot more burly than they were before. He then squinted a bit, seeing that the limbs phased through the two.

"Sonic… everything alright?" Chuck asked.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," he quickly apologized, "Just thought I saw something."

Alpha and Akiza both looked, the two seeming confused a bit as neither of them saw anything.

"Must've just been a bug," Sonic figured.

"Just a bug?! JUST A BUG?! Buddy, I don't know what your deal is, but you should know that I am more than that!" the demon yelled in anger.

Sonic paid it no mind as he tried to focus on eating the meal and listening to the others speaking a bit. However, the demon kept making threatening swipes towards the rest of the family that, quite clearly, went through them and didn't cause them harm.

A bit of time had passed and Sonic had wrapped up the dishes and stretched a little bit.

"Tch. You're lucky no one else can see me, you little rodent. Plus, I'm see-through… BOORIIIIIIINGGG!"

"So… what are you even supposed to be? You look like something out of those tokusatsu shows Tails and I used to watch a lot," Sonic casually responded.

"How rude! I am more than just some toku-stupid thing! I AM A DEMON!"

"Sure~..." Sonic sarcastically responded.

"Okay, rat! Why are you not reacting to me?!"

"I've seen far more threatening things than you. I mean, I fought a multitude of killer robots, mechanical clones of myself, traveled through time at least twice, fought many space aliens, out of control science experiments, storybook tales gone awry, eldritch horrors, amongst other things. You? You hardly look like a monster that would last more than… a week, two weeks tops?"

"Oh yea? Well I've got powers I'm sure no one here has ever seen before. And even if I could tell you what I am... It's all a… hi-mi-chu!"

"It's himi-tsu, you baka. Akiza drilled the Japanese into us for months after we found her…"

"Uh, Sonic? You okay?"

Sonic quickly turned to see Alpha had walked over.

"Thought I heard you talking to someone…"

"Oh, nothing to worry about. …able to make a quick run to make sure Eggman hasn't tried to pull anything? I looked earlier, but you can never be too careful."

"Right… uh… mind if we just… talk?" Alpha soon asked.

The two were soon outside and running around the island to do a quick patrol. Sonic's speed was fairly natural, and he clearly knew the route like it was the back of his hand. Alpha was keeping up, fairly easily as his golden clothes turned into a set of aerodynamic armor that was able of pushing him to keep up with Sonic.

"So, were you talking to someone earlier?" Alpha asked.

"No. Just thinking aloud," Sonic responded.

"Alright," Alpha nodded, soon spotting something, "Looks like we got some Egg Pawns nearby. Can't tell what they're doing."

Sonic gave off a grin as he diverted course to hurry over to the sight of the machines, with Alpha soon following suit. Sure enough, a series of red and orange robots were roaming around as if trying to find something before Sonic rammed right into one of them by curling up into a Homing Attack. Alpha simply smiled and did similar moves before his armor sprouted a golden sword blade that slashed through the armor of some of the Pawns and made them blow up.

"Not bad! Sure is good knowing that you can protect people when I'm not around!" Sonic spoke, quickly kicking down some other Egg Pawns.

"I just do what I can, Sonic. And that's all there is to it!" Alpha responded.

The brothers smirked before they both spun around to create a blue, green, and golden tornado that sucked up most of the remaining pawns, Alpha's blade shredding every single one before the brothers landed.

Soon, the last pawn was destroyed and the hedgehog siblings took a moment to catch their breaths. Alpha retracted the blade and helmet before smiling at Sonic.

"Glad to see you haven't lost your touch," Alpha smiled, as Sonic just chuckled a little.

"You're not bad yourself," Sonic responded.

A bit of silence got over the two as they started to walk back home.

"...are you worried about anything? Anything at all?" Alpha asked.

"...apart from Akiza? Not much," Sonic admitted, "...I hate that we have to make sure people don't know more about her. It's not like she caused any harm."

"I know…" Alpha nodded, the green hedgehog looking off towards the nearby shore and seeing the moon, "Trust me, if the whole Multi-Mobian Incident never occurred, then life for all of us would be easier."

"Just… super fast hedgehogs, foxes with two tails, ninja chameleons, spy bats, an echidna guardian, and a cat with fire powers are all acceptable, and then suddenly a hedgehog that's part… several other animals, and that's too far?! I mean, how backwards is that?" Sonic retorted, causing him to laugh.

Despite his brother's efforts, all Alpha could do was sigh a bit, "The amount of times I've seen G.U.N. get a pointless call for a Multi-Mobian living their lives… if I had a ring for every time it happened, I imagine it would be an endless supply for your Super form."

"Ha. I'd hopefully decline that offer. I'd never want to use something that was fueled by the suffering of others…" Sonic exhaled as they kept going, "Just… Akiza should be able to live her life. No need for all this nonsense of hiding who she is. Yet… the universe just dealt her a nearly unusable hand of cards."

"Well, Akiza's got one advantage over both of us. …she can swim…" Alpha remarked.

"Only because she can become part fish!" Sonic retorted.

"And there's where she'd tell you it's part mermaid," Alpha chuckled.

Sonic gave his own little chuckle in response, causing Alpha to laugh as well. After a bit, the two ultimately decided to head home, Alpha briefly hearing news of an attack via a headset by his hoodie, but tried to shrug it off.

Back over at the underwater base of the Deadmen, the green hedgehog with the scars was carrying a man in an orange jumpsuit.

"Aguilera-sama! We got someone we can use as a sacrifice!" the hedgehog yelled out as he plopped the nearly unconscious human down.

Aguilera looked forward, "So, will he give us a powerful demon to use, Olteca?"

The scarred hedgehog, Olteca, chuckled a bit, "But of course. I only pick the scummiest of the scum for our purposes. That produces what I believe to be the most brutal of demons!"

"Shut up you hedgehog freaks and let me outta here!" the man snapped, in spite of his near unconsciousness, "What do you think you're doing?!"

"You keep your mouth shut, fool. We're here to ensure you form a contract," the hedgehog with the sombrero spoke.

"I don't want what you're offering…"

Aguilera rolled her eyes a little bit, causing the hedgehog with the sombrero to smack the human. Said hedgehog growled at the human, who simply limped into unconsciousness.

"Gracias, Julio," she spoke, pulling out a red stamp with the picture of a white mammoth on the front before pressing a button on the top of it.


She then smacked the stamp against the human, causing an ominous sound to play at the contact. The image depicted on the bottom of the stamp then manifested into a giant paper contract of sorts, making the man scream before the contract crumbled up, folding almost like origami, and seemed to morph into a humanoid monster that had the tusks and trunk of a mammoth in orange. It let out a roar of anger and the three hedgehogs just smiled at it.

The following day, at the ceremony for the promoted Fehnix members, Sonic, Akiza, Aleena, and Chuck had arrived first and had got seated. Akiza glanced around in a bit of wonderment at the area, though seemed a little nervous at the eyes of G.U.N. and Fehnix around.

"You ok?" Sonic asked.

"Yea, I just… I couldn't help but… see the eyes…" she admitted.

Sonic gently held onto his little sister's hand to try to keep her calm, the magenta hedgehog just nodding in turn. She soon pulled up a hood from the hoodie that she had on, doing her best to try to remain inconspicuous.

Soon, as the performance for the ceremony began, the white clad soldiers of both human and mobian decent marched out, earning cheers from both sides alike. They marched in and soon stood at attention, turning towards the podium as a red echidna stepped forward to the podium.

"I still can't believe he got to work for the government…" Sonic whispered.

"Seems like he'd get fired really easily…" Akiza whispered back.

"Don't say that now…" Chuck told the two.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and others. Humans and mobians alike. Behold… before you stands the hope for the future," a certain red echidna began to announced as all eyes fell to him, "They will get rid of the Deadmen. They will ensure our safety and-"

"Yeah, Knuckles, you're going on a bit too long…" Tails soon spoke, going up to the podium in place of the echidna, earning a tiny bit of chuckles from the crowd, but it quickly quieted down, "Around ten years ago, a certain scientist had a breakthrough about the means to separate people from their inner demons, which utilized power from Dark Gaia that had remained below the core of the world. That scientist is no longer alive."

A projection of Nicole soon joined Tails to speak, -Before then, items known as the Vistamps were created in order to help with this process.-

Images of several of them soon appeared on a monitor overhead, mostly of stylized animals as shown on the stamps before the stamps themselves were shown.

"And now, some fools known as the Deadmen are trying to use this technology to commit who knows what sorts of crimes to ruin the world. Luckily, we don't need to wait for a hero to try to stop them. We already have one ready!" Tails spoke, quickly unveiling the belt buckle from earlier within a container.

Knuckles then quickly stole the microphone away from the fox to speak, "We promise that we shall use this power to protect you all! Harnessing the powers of their own forces against them, the demons shall rue the day they tried to fight us with such stunning technology! It shall be used for peace and prosperity of our world!"

The crowd began to clap a bit, many cheers followed up with some more claps.

"Not half bad, Knux. Not half bad at all," Sonic whispered.

However, before anything else could happen, a loud explosion occurred nearby. Everyone turned to see the new hole in the wall, filled with flames as from it walked out the three hedgehogs from the underwater base, but all three had on stylized masks that made their faces impossible to see. They basically covered their entire faces and depicted vastly different animals with Julio's being based on a wolf, Oletca's based on squid, and Aguilera's based on what looked like a bee.

"Try to not make promises you can't keep," Aguilera spoke, her voice having a distortion added to it because of the mask. She then let out a laugh with the others as people stood up in fear. She then held out a stamp that didn't really seem to depict any kind of animal, only a series of bones, and activated it.


She then smacked it against the ground, generating a red symbol that spilled out dozens of papers that spawned into grunts. These grunts looking like black and white skeletal freaks who had bone-styled swords and daggers.

"Crap. The Deadmen? Now?!" Alpha gasped.

People started to run in fear and panic, only for Olteca to launch out purple blasts of energy that collided with most of the soldiers, incapacitating most of them. Julio simply went for a more direct approach and just motioned for the grunts to go after the fleeing people.

"Hurry and get away!" Sonic yelled as he got up and started to fight off the grunts as best he could. While the attacks did harm the grunts, they weren't as easily phased as the machines were earlier.

"Man, is it noisy," the blue demon yawned as he spawned behind Sonic, "What? Is it time for a party or something? Come on now, let's rock out and-"

"Quiet you," Sonic muttered, then quickly focused on trying to fight off the grunts as best he could.

From nearby, Aguilera and Julio just watched the hedgehog in action, then one of them simply rolled their eyes a bit.

Not too far away, Knuckles quickly looked towards the container housing the Driver. He looked between it and the crowd before groaning a little.

"It looks like it's come to this…" Knuckles spoke, quickly smashing open the glass container holding the Driver and the Rex Vistamp.

"Knuckles, I wouldn't do that if I were you…" Tails spoke, "That's really-"

"I will lay down my life… if it means I protect the world!" Knuckles yelled, pressing down on the button atop the Vistamp after strapping the belt on.


He tried to bring it down to the screen on the '0' on the Driver, but electrical energy seemed to reject it. In fact, it just caused Knuckles to fumble before the image of the Rex caused a large contract to form and refold into a red and white T-Rex monster that just growled a bit.

"...oh…" Knuckles paled.

"...I… didn't think that would happen…" Tails admitted.

"We got another one! Afortunada (Lucky)~!" Aguilera cheered.

Sonic quickly turned towards his two friends and just groaned after he realized what happened, "Knuckles! You idiot!"

"SHUT UP!" Knuckles shouted back.

"HAHAHAHAHA! He let out his demon! Suge~!" the demon by Sonic cheered as he witnessed the Rex fight off Knuckles and Tails without much difficulty. The Rex seemed to be at equal strength as the echidna, even greater at one moment as the monster knocked the belt off of the echidna's waist and sent him tumbling away.

Aguilera was soon holding the camera, with only one hand, "Hola a todas. This is just a taste of what Gifu-sama has in store for you all. Look forward to more Hell on Earth."

With that, she dropped the camera without a second thought, but left it running as she regrouped with Julio and Olteca to head out. The three generals started to make their exit, which Sonic spotted.

"Oh no you don't!" Sonic yelled, quickly running over towards the three.

Olteca just scoffed at the hedgehog and then sped right over to him to knock him back. The two were shockingly at equal speeds, both blocking each other before Olteca managed to get a sneak attack off that sent Sonic tumbling back a bit. The blue blur panted a bit as he stood up.

"Those moves… they feel familiar," Sonic panted.

"Onii-san!" Akiza yelled, struggling to get over to his side to try to help him up.

The three generals managed to escape, with nobody able to impede their escape. Sonic grunted as he got back up, then looked around.

Alpha had his arm transformed into a large blaster of sorts, firing at the Deadmen grunts trying to get close to the innocents.

"Alpha! The belt was meant for you!" Tails yelled, directing the gold-clad green hedgehog's attention towards the fallen objects.

Alpha quickly rushed over and grabbed the Driver and Vistamp, only for the images of what just happened with Knuckles to flash through his mind and for his attention to fall towards the monster that was created.

"That… came from Knuckles…?" Alpha asked, "...then… if I… what would…?"

In this moment of hesitancy, Alpha dropped both items once again, oblivious to the T-Rex Deadman roaring and marching towards him.

"HANDS OFF MY FAMILY!" Sonic shouted as he rushed in to save his brother while also grabbing the items he dropped, the Rex slamming into a wall, "Alpha! You ok? Now's not the time to have an existential crisis. Pull yourself together!"

Alpha couldn't say anything, clearly lost in a state of panic. Akiza looked to her brothers, gave off a groan, then dashed off to try to fight off the grunts as best she could.

"Yea~ about that, bluey. Maybe this would be the best time to really tell him how you feel and actually acknowledge that I'm here…" the demon spoke up, "Not to mention, why not express your true feelings of yours truly seeing how I'm with these guys and they're much stronger than your average dumbbot."

"Huh?! What is that supposed to mean? And what even are you?!" Sonic yelled.

"Simple, stupid. I'm the little demon living inside your heart," the demon chuckled, making Sonic gasp in shock, seeing things slowly start to click and then he chuckled., "So… what say we make a deal?"

"...a deal? With a demon? What do you think I am, stupid?"

"...I literally just called you that a moment ago. Tch… well, it's either sell your soul to the devil, or~... risk the lives of your loved ones. I mean… just look at your hot momma and your sis."

Sonic punched the air, clearly irritated at the remark before he turned to what the demon was trying to point out. The Mammoth Deadman was on its warpath towards Aleena, who struggled to keep away while Akiza was trying to keep the grunts away from the people who were trying to escape while keeping herself covered. Then in the blink of an eye, the Mammoth uppercutted Aleena and knocked her to the ground.

"KAA-CHAN~!" Sonic shouted in pure fear.

"You yourself once said you're not fast enough to save everyone, you know…" the demon reminded.

"...I hate you so much…" Sonic growled.

"Now there is a chance to save your Mom. Just like the echidna did, you just need to stamp yourself with the Vistamp and I'll be able to leave your body and fight. Sound fine?"

Sonic just glared at the spectral image, but saw Knuckles wasn't conscious at the moment, Tails was struggling to keep the Driver away from the oncoming grunts, Alpha was still a bit too lost in his thoughts, and Akiza was struggling to fight all the threats.

"Clock's ticking, bluey. Waste a second more and someone will probably game over."

Sonic just yelled out and ran to grab the Rex Vistamp, pressing the button before smacking it across his stomach. He then screamed in pain for a moment as the contract flew right out of him, the demon chuckling in victory before seeming to merge with it as the contract erupted with black and purple smoke along with a blast of electricity. However, his appearance had somewhat altered, his limbs growing longer, his 'fur' seeming to get shaggier with his hair turning into quills similar to Sonic's, spikes on his shoes and the braces of his newfound gloves, and even seemed to have a more feral stance. The unleashed creature almost seemed to look a little like the werehog.

"WOOOOOOOOO! I'm finally out~!" he cheered before noticing his new form, "Oooh… this is weird… but could still be useful. Now this is where my journey begins!"

"...why… do you look like that…?" Sonic questioned as he noticed the Rex monster try to dart in, only for the blue demon that left his body to reel his fist back as it increased in size before he stretched his arm to punch the dino Deadman back, Sonic soon connecting the dots, "...oh, wait. Tails mentioned Dark Gaia. That adds up."

The demon just cheered and whooped like he was at some kind of rock concert, leaping into the air before slamming an enlarged foot onto the Mammoth Deadman soon after it charged towards him.

"...I… thought all that darkness left me…" Sonic spoke to himself.

The werehog demon just chuckled as it started pounding the other grunts before taking another look at Aleena.

"Ooh~, you look tasty. I think I'll make you my first proper meal!" the demon smirked as he slowly approaching the older hedgehog

"...oh… what did I do…?" Sonic paled, quickly trying to move, but the grunts were still fairly numerous.

"Sonic! Grab the Driver!" Tails yelled, pointing to the device that he had in his arms, "You'll get that thing back in line and be able to fight them off!"

Sonic looked between the demon slowly stalking his mother and the monsters attacking the civilians before he finally managed to dash over, grab the belt, and don it. The demon was about to make a leap, only to get literally dragged back into Sonic, kicking and screaming as the Driver's power pulled it back.

"...this… this feels wrong… but I don't have a choice…" Sonic panted, looking to himself as he looked to the belt and the stamp for a moment

"C'mon, Sonic. You know what you have to do, and how to do it. So tell us… what will you do?" Tails spoke.

Initially, without a word, Sonic held the Vistamp out and stood ready, with all of the people still there turning towards him in a bit of shock, though Tails and Akiza both looked fairly excited.

"I… will protect my family!" Sonic yelled aloud before he pressed the button atop the stamp.


Then behind Sonic appeared what looked like a text message board that showed a conversation between him and his newfound demon, with the gist of it being Sonic yelling at the demon about what it was saying about his mom and the demon trying to pass it off as a joke. Sonic then exhaled onto the stamp, before positioning it above the 0 on the Driver, slamming it down on top so the stamp's symbol appeared on it.


As this jingle played, the werehog demon floated around above Sonic, laughing while suddenly gaining a massive illusory Vistamp as it kept laughing and floating.

"Now slam the Vistamp down onto the 5 side of the Driver and henshin!" Tails shouted.

Sonic glanced forward a bit, then saw Akiza doing the poses of the first Kamen Rider, trying to urge him to keep going. Sonic then glared out at the monsters with a look of determination so far unseen of the hedgehog as he got the message.



The werehog demon's Vistamp glowed pink as Sonic did as Tails instructed, slotting the Vistamp into position before tilting it to his right, causing the 0 side to flip forward to reveal the mirrored Rex symbol.


Hearing his heart beat, Sonic stood ready as the message background showed the Rex symbol, the demon slamming the Vistamp on top of the hedgehog as he posed like the Riders he grew up with. A pink fluid from in the giant Vistamp seemed to coat Sonic with a new energy that solidified into a new suit which had a lavender bodysuit of sorts, along with cyan and pink armor, most of it being themed after a T-Rex, especially in the helmet with the red eyes and teeth.


As this jingle played, similarly colored armor, though darker blue, slammed onto the demon, giving it a longer tail like a T-Rex, a scarf around his neck, and a helmet much closer to a Rex's head, before he landed next to Sonic and the energy shattered around them. They stood side by side, Sonic's new form staring down the monsters as the demon's looked himself over in amazement.

(Insert Song: LiveDevil)

"Seriously! This is really cool!"

The still remaining people, as well as Aleena and Alpha, just stared in disbelief at what they just saw. Knuckles couldn't believe what he saw as he managed to force himself back up in spite of the injuries he had.

"YES~! GREAT~!" Tails cheered.

"Sugee…" Akiza muttered.

"'Subdue the demons WITH demons', huh?" the commander from before noted as he observed it from the skybase.

"Fwoo~! I'm looking GOOD~! Yo, Sonic, that thing from earlier was just a joke, m'kay?"

The Rider Sonic just grabbed onto the other Rider's chest, actually scaring the other one.

"Just for that alone, you're gonna get a beating later. For now, make yourself useful and fight!" the Rider Sonic snapped before letting the Rider demon go.

The Rex Deadman managed to stand back up, bursting through the rubble as the pink and cyan Rider rushed in, spinning past the rubble before punching the Deadman down a bit, followed by kicking up another piece to send at the grunts, which caused them all to explode.

"Priority one, the Deadman!" the Rider Sonic spoke.

"Roger that!" the Rider demon responded, shoving the Rex Deadman and the remaining grunts outside of the building.

The two Riders then got to work kicking the grunts out, Sonic's form managing to use his own speed mixed with the suit to knock the grunts and the one Deadman around like it was nothing at all.

"Wow! You're pretty good!" the demon Rider noted, swinging his stretchy mass to keep the grunts from getting out of hand.

The two fought more as the Mammoth Deadman barged out the building and went after them both.

(End Insert Song)

"Hey, stupids! Leave him alone and fight me," the demon partner of Sonic shouted before leaping in with a charging tackle onto the Mammoth before

"That's pretty nice of you, for a demon," the Rider Sonic noted.

"It's not fully altruistic. If you die, I die as well. I'll admit, saving you helps save my skin as well."

"...and I thought I had a headache dealing with Knuckles at times…" the Rider Sonic mumbled before the demon Rider charged forward.

The pink and cyan Rider exhaled a little, clearly not used to the new form.

"Hey, Sonic!" Tails yelled, hurrying over, revealing a purple and blue stamp of some sort, "This might give you a bit of a boost to help."

Tails tossed the stamp to the Rider, who looked confused at first. Tails did a quick stamping motion to try to get what Sonic was supposed to do across, the Rider stamping his hand with the item as it suddenly sprouted energy from the top, turning into a large axe weapon.

"Whoa! That's new. Thanks, buddy!" the Rider smiled under his helmet before he slashed at some of the grunts.

"Whoa! Sugee! That's an epic looking weapon!" the demon laughed as he kicked a grunt aside, before rushing over, "Hey, let's call it the Ohin (Stamping) Buster, since you gotta stamp it to bring the heat!"

"...okay, you clearly have some part of my memories, because I don't see how else you'd think of that pun because Akiza told me that joke once… oni, ohin…" the Rider exhaled as he slashed one of the Deadmen grunts.

"C'mon, you gotta admit it's a good pun," the demon chuckled, seemingly turning to no one, "Right, minna-san?"

The Rider Sonic rolled his eyes under the helmet and just focused on staying on the attack. The battle raged on with Rider Sonic focused on swinging his ax against any Deadmen in his way while the Demon Rider kicked and struck as many as he could before slamming one of the grunts in a piledriver style slam on its head.

"That's a special Screwdriver, demon edition, for all you reading at home," the demon smirked, giving the devil horns.

"...wow, this guy is crazy…" Tails said under his breath, not that the demon Rider seemed to hear him.

The Rider Sonic just kept slashing with the axe, the Demon Rider kicking more of the grunts before his partner leaped over him and slashed at the Mammoth.

"WHOO! Ok, that was slick as Hades!"

The Rider Sonic then saw how many grunts were left before taking the stamp that formed the ax in the first place, breathed on it, and stamped the side with some sort of screen.


"GET DOWN!" the Rider Sonic shouted as the blue blade of the ax glowed a bit.


"Wait, what was that, I couldn't hear y-WHOA!" the demon Rider reacted as he saw the sudden energy stamp shurikens get flung out from the axe and got rid of the last of the grunts.

"...okay… one problem down…" the Rider Sonic remarked, taking a brief moment to exhale.

"Hey, watch it! That was too close for comfort!" the demon Rider snapped before, "But we do make a good combi, don't ya think?"

"I'd sooner say I'm a good team with Eggman than I am with you!"

Tails couldn't help but snicker a little bit at that remark from the sidelines, the Rider that was his friend taking the charge against the incoming Deadmen, kicking and spinning wildly with the axe to act as a means to replicate the Spin Dash. This act managed to separate the two monsters a bit.

"Alright! So, we kill the stronger one first, right? Why don't we figure out that finishing kick move of yours and!" the demon Rider started to speak, but the Rider Sonic just ran forward and quickly moved the Driver to ready the finisher.

"Blast away!" he yelled as he tilted the Vistamp in the Driver.

Energy generated into both Riders, the demon Rider looking surprised at first before both got into kicking and tackling the two Deadmen monsters before they kicked both into the air, leaping up after them with energy Vistamps.


Both Riders slammed into the Vistamps before they collided with their respective targets, causing a massive explosion as both Deadmen hit the ground and landed.

"HAHA! KIMATTA (Nailed it)!" the demon Rider cheered out before he gave off a pose, "Oh yeah! That's right! S Rank performance!"

The two soon heard a bit of clapping, then saw Tails walking towards both of them.

"Alright, so, we got Revice all ready!" Tails beamed, leaving the Riders semi-confused, "Oh. Revice, it's you two as a team. Kamen Rider Revi and Vice, hence… Revice!"

"...Vice? Is that supposed to be my name? …HOLY-THAT'S GOOD~! Vice~." the demon Rider cheered out.

Sonic, now revealed as Revi, sighed as he removed the Vistamp from his belt, reverting him to normal, and turning the demon, Vice, back into his previous transparent form, only now looking more like the werehog.

"Wait, what? When did- HEY! What's the big idea here?!"

Sonic just stared at the items for a moment, ignoring how Vice tried to keep talking.

"I know the mess with Dark Gaia was something you don't look back on fondly, but…" Tails started to speak, only for Sonic to hand him back the belt and the stamp, "...Sonic?"

"I didn't ask for this. These belong to my older brother, not me," Sonic sighed before he turned around, "Besides, you know me, buddy. This isn't something that really fits… me."

With that, Sonic turned towards the ambulances and hurried after them. Tails simply stared a little bit, then just exhaled a little.

A couple of hours had passed and the small family had gathered into Aleena's hospital room. Most of them got teary eyed before Aleena opened her eyes after a few hours and she gave a weak smile.

"Aleena/Okaa-san/Mama!/Mom!" the four reacted.

"...Everyone's ok? …sorry I worried you all…" she apologized.

"Oh… it's ok, Okaa-san. It's going to be ok," Alpha exhaled, clearly still getting out of his panic.

"A new battle is going to start… hoo boy…" Sonic muttered.

"Nothing you and your brother cannot handle, Sonic," Chuck assured.

Sonic nervously chuckled, then noticed Akiza glancing at him with starry eyes, which made him sigh. Vice couldn't help but laugh, but Sonic tried to tune him out as best he could.

From elsewhere, on a remote and seemingly deserted island, within some sort of an underground machine factory, a certain someone turned on the news to check on recent events.

-We are still reeling from the attack caused by an unknown group of assailants during the Fehnix promotion celebration. These monsters, who called themselves Deadmen, have claimed to be responsible and are going to create some sort of an afterlife on world. Though thankfully, local hero Sonic the Hedgehog was able to assist the Fehnix branch of G.U.N. and dispatch the monsters.-

"Can't pretend I'm surprised. That pest always has a knack for stopping problems…"

-What are your plans, Doctor?- an orb shaped robot asked.

"Nothing… yet. Let's see how it plays out. If anything, I'm curious to see how those pesky little hedgehogs deal with them… and how I can adapt to them…" the so called doctor remarked, chuckling to himself as he kept watching the news, then broke out into more laughter, "Ohohohoho!"

Pikatwig: And there's chapter 1. This has certainly been fun to work on.

KKD: Man, I'm sure glad to get back into this storytelling. It's been too long.

Pikatwig: It's certainly going to be fun. And we have a bit more knowledge of how to readapt the story since we're only a handful of episodes away from Revice ending. In fact, we actually got our first look at the suit of Kamen Rider Geats.

KKD: I've yet to see it myself, but it sounds interesting.

Pikatwig: You'll just see it when you do, I guess. So… what did you think about the chapter?

KKD: I honestly think it's very cool, and I'm glad we found ways to deviate from the original show. Plus, getting to work with these old OCs of ours feels nice.

Pikatwig: Yeah, it does. It was honestly really fun working on this and including all the little twists and turns.

KKD: Also, Vice's remark about Aleena, that's just Vice making a joke.

Pikatwig: Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Vice actually said something like that in canon…

KKD: Moving along.

Pikatwig: I don't know why I thought of tying the inner demon concept to Dark Gaia, but I thought it would be creative.

KKD: Honestly, that does make a lot of sense given Dark Gaia is focused around negative emotions and, at least from the first episode, the demons do seem focused on embracing that negativity as one's 'true self'.

Pikatwig: Thanks. Find it funny that we're directly referencing Unleashed given, when those ads were airing back in the day, they scared me.

KKD: …

Pikatwig: In my defense, I would've been… nine.

KKD: Fair enough.

Pikatwig: Also, connecting Fehnix to G.U.N. just seemed like a natural fit, since they're both government ran things.

KKD: Commonplace, I'd think. Heck, if this took place in Marvel and New York, this could easily link to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pikatwig: The big thing I'm really curious about… how long will it be before people clue in who Aguilera, Julio, and Olteca are in this continuity? I at least think Olteca is a little apparent, but the other two? We'll just have to wait and see.

KKD: Well, here's hoping that we can keep the secret as long as planned. Which… we don't know how long, just yet. We'll see.

Pikatwig: Favorite part… honestly? The part at the start with Tails doing the whole "Let's start at the beginning, one last time".

KKD: Into the Spider-Verse reference is pretty clear to me.

Pikatwig: Had a feeling.

KKD: Yea, very cool. I think one of my favorites was the scenes with Alpha interacting with Sonic, and us revealing Akiza's genetic feature as a Multi-Mobian.

Pikatwig: Yeah, that was fun. We'll certainly have some interesting bits with that going forward.

KKD: Definitely.

Pikatwig: Also… Geats is being written by the same guy as Ex-Aid and Zero-One. So… would it be fair to say it should be "Ge-ats"?

KKD: Maybe. We'll see.

Pikatwig: Also, the possibility of finisher cut-ins again? Yes please.

KKD: Oh yes. That's a fun detail.

Hinata: Just a reminder… Christmas is on Sunday this year.

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Pikatwig: But, that's the future. Hope you guys enjoy this story and whatever happens next. …and, before I'm asked, I have no idea if the Geats suits will get used in Hero.

KKD: We'll see about that. Either way, hope you guys liked this. Until next time, Keep it Cool.

Pikatwig: Just Live More.

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