Author's Notes- Hello guys! It's been a while since I've uploaded anything, but this is a start to a huge story! This has actually been years in the making, but now I think it's time I came out with it. It's a new saga that replaces the Future Trunks saga, since his timeline ended up being quite different in here than it is in canon. I put a lot of thought into it, so I hope you all enjoy!

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The Persecution Saga

Prologue- Evil Twin

Trunks' Future Timeline

Trunks crashed into the ground painfully, his sword going flying and landing far away from him. He looked up to see the two beings whom he was fighting, their aggressive purple auras and glowing red eyes paying homage to their terrifying nature. The power spike that came with this sudden transformation made them even more fearsome than the dreaded androids whose rampage he had been planning to end today. Seventeen and Eighteen simply watched in shock and mild interest as the two warriors, one of whom had befriended them, fought to make sure Trunks couldn't kill either one of them today.

"Nomu… why?" Trunks asked, looking into the face of the one he had least expected to fight against him. "We both know this battle started for the stupidest reason!"

But the Namekian, who he had addressed, wasn't the one who answered. Instead, it was the other, the full blooded Super Saiyan. "Because what you're doing is wrong, Trunks."

"What I'm doing is wrong? You were the one who sided with those murderers! You were the one who betrayed Gohan's memory by deciding to associate with his killers! I don't know how you tricked Nomu into helping you, but I will defeat you, Cut!" Trunks spat.

"He did not trick me." Nomu now spoke. "He simply told me what you were planning, which you yourself have admitted. We will not let you carry out your unfair and unjust plans."

"Unfair and unjust? All I have ever tried to do is protect my world from people who want to hurt innocents!" Trunks declared.

"Really? That's all you're trying to do, huh?" Cut, the apparent traitor, spoke. "Listen. You have no right to pick and choose who gets a second chance and who doesn't. Everyone deserves a chance to do better. EVERYONE! I don't know how I got this weird power up, but I do know that I will use it to defeat you!"

Trunks looked up just in time to see an energy wave coming at him. He dodged, but he saw the blast make a U-turn and come back at him. Nomu had been the one to fire this blast. Trunks flew away to avoid the blast which was now chasing him. He was gaining a significant distance from it when Cut suddenly appeared, punching Trunks with a flurry of fists before knocking him away. Before Trunks could recover, Cut was at his side again, hitting him with the same flurry of punches and sending him flying again. Cut then appeared and hit him with one last flurry of punches before sending hi to the ground. Trunks managed to stop himself from crashing, but as he looked up, he saw that Nomu's blast was closing in, and Trunks was unable to get out of the way. Trunks felt the energy rip into him, and then everything went black.

Through a psychic link, a young girl, situated not only in a different place but a different time as well, watched in horror as Trunks was brutally beaten by the two warriors. Tears began to drip down her cheeks at the display. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

She would never forget the angry face of the Saiyan, apparently named Cut, who had struck down Trunks.

Present Timeline

8.5 years Later

It was just after breakfast, and Bulma had been in her lab for about twenty minutes, toying around with some technological components, when her phone rang.

"Secretary?" She answered.

"Hello Mrs. Briefs. I called to relay a message to you." The secretary responded.


"Well Mrs. Briefs, it appears that the up and coming businesswoman Yumi Mesa wants to meet with you. She wants to propose a deal with you."

"What kind of deal?"

"She wants to start a new project, and she is requesting your help in working on it. She says your scientific prowess is needed for this."

"Get me her contact info and her file. I'll take a look at it."

She decided she'd go retrieve it from the secretary and also check on Trunks and Vegeta. The recent fake Vegeta incident had her slightly more paranoid than normal.

Before she did, however, she went to her laptop and googled Yumi Mesa's name. She was a businesswoman who apparently had a lot of power in the corporate industry. It was strange, Bulma had never even heard of her before today. She practically became a celebrity overnight, it seemed. Bulma came up with a video, and clicked on it.

Appearing on the screen was a woman. She had black hair that went just past her shoulders, sporting a red headband. She wore a pink dressy suit-like shirt and dress pants. She looked the part of a businesswoman. She wore a friendly and welcoming smile on her face. In the video, she began to speak.

"Hello! I'm Yumi Mesa, an up and coming businesswoman who is passionate about making our planet a better and safer place to live! I'm currently seeking highly skilled scientists for a huge mega project that I'll be launching in the near future. But really, I see it as more of a performance than anything else! Just picture, myself, my scientist costar, and my supporting cast of a team, together we can make this the show of a lifetime! Or… project of a lifetime, I guess. Anyway, if I've requested you, that means you were the best of the best. I look forward to working with you to achieve the greatness we were destined for!"

"Wow, she sure is something." Bulma said aloud. But the curiosity was already clawing at her. She wondered just what kind of project this woman wanted to do that she was this excited about.

With that thought, she made her way to her secretary's desk. She would need to check the info, but she'd probably call Yumi Mesa even if she weren't interested in her financially, just to see what the project was.

Author's Notes- Well, that's the prologue. But the first chapter is already here as well. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy the future chapters!