A/N: This was inspired by how hot it's been in the UK the last two days! I was disgustingly hot yesterday and was thinking why would anyone ever have sex in hot countries because who would wanna touch when it's so hot (lol probably my aro/ace brain).

But then I had a brainwave like I want to write something where they're so desperate for each other that they don't care how horribly hot and sweaty they get! ;)

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It was hot.

It was so Merlin-damned hot in Romania. You'd think she'd be used to it, being her second year here. She wasn't.

And yet… despite all of that, there she was, in bed with a man, getting even hotter.

"Harder, Charlie. Pease!" She moaned, throwing her head back, exposing the column of her throat – already marked up with dark bruises from his mouth. She'd never been one for such barbaric signs of ownership before, but Charlie Weasley broke all her rules. And Pansy Parkinson had a lot of rules when it came to the way she liked to be fucked. Her pale skin flushed – though whether it was more from pleasure or temperature was indiscernible. "Faster!" She whined.

"Not yet, love." His smirk was infuriating. He had been ignoring her pleas for a while, keeping up slow, deep thrusts; with the sweltering heat it was nearly unbearable, but she wouldn't dare ask him to stop.

She reached up and tangled her thin fingers in his flame-red hair, pulling him down into a filthy kiss, tongues tangling. His thrusts sped up momentarily, lust over-taking his higher brain functions when she clenched around him at the same time she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth, nibbling on it.

He pulled back from the kiss, panting and just as flushed as her – though his went down his broad chest. "You're going to be the death of me," Charlie groaned, slowing his thrusts back down and grinning smugly when she started whining pathetically.

She cursed the sound for escaping. For letting him know just how desperate she was for him. It hadn't been going on long, this thing between them – an accidental kiss while drunk, a few dinners, and they'd fallen happily into bed and not looked back.

"Salazar, I'm so close!" Her aristocratic voice was shrill, and she winced, damaged from men she'd dated in the past – she was always expecting ridicule for her 'grating tone'.

Charlie Weasley wasn't that kind of man though.

He slid one work-roughened hand down her side, tickling across her ribs, to grasp her thigh and lift it up around his hip. The movement spread her wider and he sank deeper into her. He lifted both her arms above her head with his other hand, holding her wrists together gently. She let out a stuttering cry when the new angle sent his thick, hard cock brushing over that perfect spot inside with each slow and measured thrust. Being at his mercy like this had her pussy clenching and fluttering as he pushed her closer and closer to the precipice of her orgasm.

"Godric, you feel so good, Pans." Charlie's normally deep voice was husky and rough, sending shivers racing down her spine to pool in her core despite the stifling heat of the room. "You're so fucking wet. Perfect. Never had anyone take me as well as you do, baby."

Circe damn this man and how well he knew her. She wasn't one for being vulnerable, she'd not been raised that way – it was a weakness not afforded to the eldest daughter of a Noble, pureblood family. They were Sacred 28, and that had meaning in her parents' eyes (and once had for her). Before Hogwarts it had been instilled – with punishing spells if necessary – that she was not to sully herself by associating with 'Mudbloods', 'half-breeds', or those from 'lesser' families.

For so long she had listened and followed and obeyed like the good pureblood princess she'd been. But three years ago, seated at that table – a snooty older man with a prestige longer than his dick opposite her – realisation had struck. That was the life her parents planned for her; sold like chattel to the highest bidder with a name more powerful than her own, and expected to push out heirs and never think for herself.

She'd left that night, possessions stuffed in her trunk, suddenly destitute and free. A few months of living off the hospitality of Draco and Granger, and then she'd left the country, needing to get out. Romania had been a spur of the moment decision – she'd wanted to see the dragons, fierce, fiery animals that were so free despite being in the reserve.

She'd not looked back, and she was slowly learning to let go – to be vulnerable, show weakness and be wild.

"Charlie." She demanded, pulling herself from her thoughts. She tilted her hips up into him and whimpered when the movement sent him impossibly deeper.

She wriggled her hands in his hold, wanting to reach out and touch his heaving chest. She wanted to trace the red hair that snaked an enticing line down his firm abs, to that sharp 'V' where his length disappeared into her over and over.

Pansy arched her back, pushing her small breasts out enticingly. She'd always worried they were too small and unattractive to men, but Charlie took every opportunity to worship her and them.

He always took his time to tease her sensitive nipples with his fingers, tongue, and teeth until they were puffy hard peaks and she was a keening, eager mess beneath him. This time had been no different, and the long foreplay coupled with the oppressive heat had had her nearly delirious by the time he'd finally slid home, his hot, heavy dick spreading her aching cunt open for him.

"Do you feel that, Pansy?" Charlie cooed to her as he snapped his hips into hers, suddenly harder and faster than he'd been going. She cried out, body shaking as her pleasure spiked. Charlie leaned down briefly to kiss her, sloppy and delicious. She licked her lips desperately, suddenly parched, and tasted the sharp salt of his sweat. "Do you feel how fucking well we fit together?" Charlie groaned, deep blue eyes zeroing in on her tongue for a moment. He kept the new pace, letting go of her wrists to raise himself to his knees, taking her thighs in each of his hands and spreading her wide as he fucked her hard. "It's like you were made for me."

She kept her hands above her head, tangled in the sheets as she watched him watch her. His eyes were focused on where they joined, teeth biting into his plump lower lip as he admired how her pussy took him in each time.

"I'm so close." She whispered, purposefully clenching around his thick length the next time he thrust all the way in. "Fuck. Charlie, please. Please. I need to come."

"Yeah, baby?" he asked. Pansy had never admitted how much she liked his pet names for her, but somehow he knew. "I love when you come. The way your pussy fucking milks me." Charlie dropped one hand from her thigh to press his calloused thumb in fast circles over her swollen, sensitive clit. "Come on, Pans. Come. Come for me."

Pansy moaned, sparks travelling through her whole body, flushing even hotter. Godric, why hadn't they thought of cooling charms? Fire pooled in her abdomen and core, and her whole world narrowed to just this man – this man who treated her like she was the only thing that mattered.

Charlie leant down, sucking her nipple back into his hot mouth and scraping his teeth oh so gently over the peak. That coupledwith his thumb on her clit, and his thick cock fucking her steadily, was all Pansy needed to finally fall over the edge. Her orgasm pulsed through her in beautifully excruciating waves, pulling her under, and sending her gasping on the other side.

Charlie swore loudly when she tightened around him over and over, her wetness soaking the sheets below them along with their combined sweat. He dropped to his elbows above her, letting his thrusts turn hard and fast when she sobbed for him to continue. He worked her through the final shivers of one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever had – eyes locked with hers.

She wanted to give the same to him. "I wanna feel you come inside me, Charlie."

"Shit." Charlie rarely lost control, it wasn't something encouraged in his line of work, but there was something about this woman that undid him. Their eyes met, and Charlie watched in wonder as static filled his ears, his vision nearly whited out as he came – grunting her name – with his hands clenched in the sheets either side of her head.

His thrusts slowed as he filled her, finally coming to a stop as he rested his forehead against hers, eyes closed.

Pansy swallowed thickly, cursing the way her eyes burned and tried to fill with happy tears. She lifted her arms, curling them around Charlie and holding him tight against her, uncaring about how hot it was.

"You okay, love?" He murmured, hot breath washing over her ear. He turned them over, holding her against his broad chest, and tangling one hand in her short hair.

She buried a sappy smile in his chest, "Yes." She replied She knew she sounded curt, but the smile she felt pressed against her forehead when he gently kissed her told her he truly understood her.

A/N: Pansy deserves all the love! I hope people liked this smutty oneshot :P (this is my first time writing Pansy, so hope I did her justice?)

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