So… Dragalia Lost has had its end of service announcement made. This… this one really hurts. I've already lost Digimon ReArise and had to give up Final Fantasy Record Keeper in advance of that game's shut down, but now Dragalia Lost is going to be gone as well. The only big benefit I see to this is that I can get back about… nine gigs worth of space on my phone. …there's really no other benefit to this. There was one game I recently had to uninstall in order to make the dang thing keep working, but the save was backed-up, so… eh. *sighs*

This is just something that makes me really sad and upset, even more so considering I actually did spend money on the game exactly once. It was around the anniversary and they were doing a give-away for a five-star of your choice, and I ended up getting the okay to spend money and was able to get Kimono Elly. That was the only version of Elly I was missing, so I wanted to get her… and I did. Side note, kinda shocking that there was no character who had a variant that covered every element in the game. Euden, Elly, and Cleo all tied at four of five (Euden's missing water, Elly's missing dark, and Cleo's missing wind). That's interesting to see.

But… yeah. This one… I don't know what to even say right now. I'm still sort of processing it and, while we still have until July at the minimum, it's just so frustrating that this amazing game is not much longer for this world. And now, as of this going up, we're one chapter away from the end. It just… it just hurts. And seeing the fact the revenue the game has made hadn't gone up by a substantial number since year one, according to one report I found, it just hurt.

Nintendo… you really messed up here. And not helping matters is the fact they only really started to put ads for this game after the EOS was announced. My genuine reaction to seeing one of their monthly rewinds advertising Dragalia? "Is this some kind of twisted joke?!", and then the second time, "Now I'm confused AND annoyed!".

Honestly… the only hope I can really say is that I hope this series isn't lost forever and that something, anything, will be done with it in the future. All we can do is wait and see. Even if it is gone, Dragalia will forever live on in all of the people who played it.

But, as we draw closer and closer to the end, I figured I'd at least do some short writings for something I've come to love so much.

A note to make, I concepted this out before we got the story trailer for the last two chapters, so this may not be accurate to what was shown there, as well as the final story chapter we recently got. Not gonna lie when I say… seeing that made me start crying. And then Victor Hunter's tweet of "Ready for one last adventure?" didn't help things.

Additionally, this was originally going to be two separate one-shots, but I decided to make it a two-chapter story for the sake of simplicity. Part of the original reason for that was because these had different titles, but then I figured out the way I want to unite them into a single story.

Also, before I'm asked, I promise I'll get back to the Eliden story at some point. I guess the game's ending will let me be able to plan out how I want that one to flow, so that is something that ended up working out.

So, with this, while there won't be any of the crossover characters in this because… y'know… legal reasons… part of me is sort of imagining a hypothetical version of the game. And, while it may be long, I do want to touch on as many major characters as I can, as well as a few of my favorite side characters. This… may be long, but… it'll be worth it.

Disclaimers: I do not own any of the characters within this story. Dragalia Lost belongs to Cygames, Nintendo, Hiroki Matsuura, Yuji Okada, and Hideki Konno.

A large explosion had occurred and the dust remained in the air for a bit. Euden took a moment to try to catch his breath as the dust slowly started to settle around the area. The five Greatwryms hovered down nearby him as Xenos slowly managed to rise.

"You… cannot… stop me…" Xenos growled as he stood up once more, though his stance indicated that he was weakened.

"This is over, Xenos!" Euden proclaimed. He then dashed forward as fast as he possibly could, only for something to forcibly stop him from moving.

Dark mana had gathered in front of the prince before it seemed to solidify. Xenos managed to give a smirk as he gathered the dark mana closer to himself and began to wrap around him.

"What… is happening…?" Euden murmured. He was about to try to take another step forward, when he saw how the dark mana was starting to affect the others, "Fall back!"

The others saw what was in front of them and all followed the prince as to try to get away from the dark mana before it could impact all of them too badly. As they ran, shadows flew overhead and towards where Xenos was. Euden glanced up to see they were the Terminals and that they were gathering right where the dark mana was coming from. The prince and his forces soon managed to get atop a cliff that was a safe enough distance from the dark mana, and took a bit to observe what was gathering. Hoards upon hoards of Terminals had gathered around what looked to be a cocoon of sorts and then bound together to form a ring. The cocoon was made of some sort of shadowy energy that made looking inside of it basically impossible. Against the backdrop of the setting sun, it almost looked like a dark tower that was casting a never ending shadow over the land.

"That… looks really bad…" Ranzal observed.

"No kidding…" Notte added on.

Regina, who had recently allied up with the army in light of events that happened a while back, quickly got out her scanning device and got to work trying to get a read on the mana that was in it to try to get any kind of info.

"How's it looking?" Euden soon asked.

"He's gathering dark mana into that… thing. And it's a very high amount of it…" Regina spoke.

"Any guesses on when he'll break out?"

"Based on the mana readings from within there… we have at least until tomorrow evening until it opens back up…" Regina quickly told the others, "Those Terminals may make closing in difficult…"

"Well, we don't have time to lose. We should-" Luca started to speak, only to wince a little bit in pain. He tried to keep talking, only for the pain to start to get a bit too much. Cleo quickly got to work on healing him, not saying much as she did so. The words Luca said made the others start to think, but…

"Are you daft?!" Emile yelled, making some people turn to him, "Look at all of us! We have been fighting almost with no stop for days now!"

"He's got a point…" Chelle soon admitted, before she exhaled a little, "All of us have been fighting for a while and need to make sure that we're ready…"

Euden went quiet in realization as he looked to the various people who were there and could see that some of them were hunched back and trying to catch their breaths, and there were a few people that were injured.

"...tomorrow evening you said, right?" Euden checked with Regina.

"At the absolute minimum, based on the amount of energy gathering," Regina added on.

This made Euden nod his head a little bit, then glance elsewhere. He thought things over a moment, then spoke, "We're heading back for the Halidom. We need to make preparations as fast as we possibly can, and try to rest up. There's no telling what will happen after Xenos breaks free, but… we will be ready."

The march back to the castle wasn't too far, but it ended up being in mostly silence as everybody was thinking about various things on their way back. Eventually, the Greatwryms ended up shifting back into their human forms as the trip kept going.

"Is everything okay?" Euden asked after he saw this happen.

"We're fine, darling. Just need to try to save some energy before we have to fight again. Lower mana use for these forms," Mym told him.

"...alright…" he nodded.

"You need not concern yourself with us," Mercury assured him.

Euden was about to speak, but he simply gave another nod before they continued onwards.

The gates of the Halidom were finally in sight for the returning force. Euden smiled a little as they kept on going.

"Your highness!"

Euden looked up to see Lief and Patia both approaching, followed by a few New Alberian soldiers and some people who lived near or in the Halidom. He simply smiled at them a bit, only for Patia to suddenly gasp and motion behind them.

"Your highness… what is that…?" Patia nervously asked.

"...the final battle," Euden responded.

"...what does that mean, your highness?" Lief soon questioned.

"Would you two be able to gather everybody that is able to fight?" Euden quickly requested.

"Of course," they both nodded.

About an hour had passed before every fighter capable of any degree of combat had gathered at the center of the Halidom. Euden had arrived at the top of the front of the castle in order to address everybody as best he could.

"Fellow countrymen!" Euden proclaimed, which got all of their attention right at him, "Heed my words!"

The area fell silent.

"The final battle with Xenos is upon us. With it, all of possibility is on the line. This may not be a battle that we all walk away from with our lives. There's no telling what Xenos will be able to do when he returns. I do believe in our strength, however… I do feel the need to make this offer."

The people went silent as Euden took a moment to breathe in and then out, then looked towards them. All the eyes were locked onto him before he spoke again.

"If anyone wishes to leave… then they are free to do so," Euden said to the people of the Halidom, "There will be no shame if you choose to do so. I do not know what this fight will entail, nor if any of us will make it back. So, if you want to depart, then you are able to."

The area fell totally silent at this proposition. Nobody was quite sure what to say in response to this offer, with several people glancing between each-other.

"For those who wish to continue to fight, remain here. Once again, I am saying this sincerely, if you do not wish to fight, then it is okay."

The area went silent for a moment longer before one soldier raised his sword, "I shall fight by your side!"

"As will I!" another yelled.

More resounding cheers from the crowd came out, much to the shock and amazement of the prince. His eyes widened a bit in disbelief that nobody had decided to leave, then he just kept his eyes at a calm look as he watched the crowd.

"We're with you to the very end!" one soldier yelled before raising his weapon to the sky, "Vio rhyse Alberia!"

A resounding cheer of "VIO RHYSE ALBERIA!" came from the many soldiers that resided within the kingdom. Euden simply gave a smile as he raised his sword into the air, with the people continuing to cheer…

Dragalia Forever

Part 1: Our Hearts As One

The remainder of the evening had been spent making as many preparations and other necessities for the last battle as the army of New Alberia was capable of making. The

"Alright! The boss wants to make sure everybody gets at least some amount of rest! We're going to be fighting the fight of our lives, and nobody will be allowed to nap on the battlefield!" Ranzal yelled out.

The regular rank and file soldiers saluted before New Alberia's main general and headed off to the barracks. Ranzal simply gave a small smile, then turned to see Luca was walking over.

"How you doing?" Ranzal asked.

"Lot better. Cleo and the others may have needed to work together a bit, but I know I'm in fighting shape for tomorrow," Luca proudly proclaimed as he readied his bow.

"Good. I think your sister would give you a lot of hassle if you weren't."

"Luckily for me, she's heading the Manacaster front, so I won't need to worry about her directly. …still, she did check up on me. I think she's gonna be fine," Luca told Ranzal.

Both gave a bit of a nod at each-other, then Ranzal looked to his friend and gave a fond smile.


"Luca? I just want to say this… it's been an honor," Ranzal said to the sylvan.

"Don't go talking like that. We're making it back!" Luca responded with a confident look on his face.

"I know. I just wanted to tell you that," Ranzal informed, "If nothing else, you're a great guy."

Luca happily chuckled, then raised a fist up to get a fist bump. Ranzal happily obliged before the two headed off in different directions to finish what preparations they needed to do.

Laxi walked by towards the area where Sylas was making some preps to have as much additional medical support as they were possibly able to get.

-Resources secured,- Laxi declared as she set a box down.

"Thank you," Sylas responded, quickly getting the box opened to check the contents.

-I overheard The Maestro say this may be the final battle. What do you think will happen after that?- Mascula proceeded to ask in a worried tone.

-We shall find our new route after that…- Laxi told to the AI that shared her body.

Sylas didn't say anything else to the robot as he kept checking up on the materials. Laxi simply stared a little at him, then stepped forward.

-I wish to say… after everything is over, do you wish to have help with your research?- Laxi asked.

Sylas looked a little surprised by what the robot had offered to him, yet noticed the sort of sincere look that Laxi had on her face, "...I don't see why not."

Laxi gave off a cheerful expression, though Sylas got back to focusing on what he had to do.

Some distance away, Sarisse was giving some final instructions to the Manacaster troops, being as clear and concise as she possibly could.

"You have to remember, these are not toys. They are far more powerful and dangerous than any bow. If another person is in your way, do not fire," Sarisse instructed to the Manacaster wielders. They nodded towards her, which made her smile, "Good. Dismissed. Rest up."

The troops quickly hurried off, then Sarisse took a moment to try to calm her nerves a little bit. Her eyes wandered up to the sight of the dark mass of energy that had been gathered by Xenos that was still narrowly visible from where the Halidom was.

"How ya holdin' up there?"

Sarisse turned around to see Joe walking over, his Manacaster and bow in tow, "I'm alright. …still don't get how I got to be the one to head the Manacaster unit when you've used one for far longer than I have."

"May be true, but yer the one who has more experience with it. I bounce between mine and mah bow, so…"

This made the sylvan girl just exhale a little, realizing Joe was onto the reason. She took a moment to scratch the back of her head, then glanced up, "Well… I'm honored the prince trusts me enough with this."

Joe gave a hearty chuckle towards Sarisse, before they heard what sounded like someone walking around. Both quickly got themselves ready for a fight, only to hear a kind of giggling.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" Sarisse yelled.

"Oh? The prince hasn't told you about moi? What a shame…" a female voice spoke. She then flung a card over towards the two, which read 'Phantom Thief Lapis' on it. Lapis quickly jumped up onto a branch and twirled her Manacaster, "Your prince had requested that I join your division so that you have back-up. Tis only fitting that you know that moi is here."

"...okay… but…" Joe started to speak.

"Why are you helping us? You're a thief…"

"Who knows what possible treasures still remain out there?" Lapis asked with a bit of a teasing smile. She then jumped away, out of sight of the two Manacaster wielders.

"...there are so many strange people here…" Sarisse remarked.

"It takes many people ta build a kingdom?" Joe offered.

"I wouldn't worry about her."

Sarisse and Joe quickly turned around to see another sylvan man walking over, "Oh, Isaac!"

"It is good to see you again, Sarisse. Know that I have gathered as many other sylvans as I was able to on short notice. New Alberia will not be alone in this fight," Isaac told her.

"Good to know we got more help. …some of the other help we got on short notice leaves a bit to be desired…" Sarisse commented.

Over in another area, a few members of the Apostles and the Wyrmclan leaders had gathered. Pinon ended up needing to try to get the sleeping Mitsuhide to wake up to listen, while Shingen was trying to get Yukimura to stay in line. Faris, meanwhile, was simply jotting down the list of mistakes that Pinon and the Wrymclan leaders had been making. Regina just exhaled a bit at the sigh, trying to focus on the scans that she had gotten.

"You going to try to stop him?"

Regina turned to see Orgia had arrived and she was glancing towards Faris.

"No. It's just the way he is… no use trying to stop it…" Regina stated.

Orgia gave a nod to her sister, then sat down beside her. The blue-haired mage tried to think of something to say, yet drew a total blank on anything to talk about for a bit. Her eyes glanced around a bit, soon spotting Zethia walking by in search of something.

"Someone trying to reunite with their sister after they were taken by a demonic force… why does that sound familiar?" Orgia ended up joking.

Regina was a little silent as she considered what her sister had asked of her, before she couldn't help but snicker a little bit as she realized the comparison she was getting at.

"Are you talking about me and you, or Euden and Zethia?" Regina asked before she laughed a little bit, "Wow… that is quite the coincidence…"

The sisters ended up both laughing a little, just having a short and brief moment to try to relax amidst the oncoming chaos of the final battle.

Zethia continued to look around in search of something or someone, clearly a little bit worried. She had a calm outlook to anyone who got her attention, yet was focused on something else completely as she kept moving.

"Should Zethia and Zena need to change priorities in the battle, then I believe we are the next best healers the Halidom has. The four of us have to divide and assess what is going on on the field, ok?" Cleo instructed to Felicia, Jiang Ziya, and Kuzunoha.

"Understood," Felicia nodded.

"Leave it to us!" Jiang Ziya cheered.

"We'll cover the field like a tarp over a buildin'!" Kuzunoha added on.

"Counting on you three," Cleo spoke.

The trio all nodded towards her, then headed off to make sure their weapons were ready for the support role they had to play.

Cleo turned away for a moment and then seemed to see someone by her side. She rubbed her eyes a little, but whoever it was was now gone as if they were a ghost. She was about to speak, when a thought crossed her mind and she gently smiled, 'Your Majesty… I will not allow this world that you helped protect fall.'

"Everyhin' al'ight?" Kuzunoha asked after she spotted Cleo's expression.

"Yes. There's no need to worry about me," Cleo spoke.

"If yer sure."

"I am indeed," Cleo assured.

The remaining royal siblings had been in some discussion for a while after having returned. Tactics and future plans had been at the forefront of conversation, with Sheila and Zena both watching from nearby in order to make sure to have any plans written down in case they came up. Phares and Valyx had ended up leaving to try to get some sleep, leaving only Emile, Chelle, and Leonidas to keep going. Although, it would be more fair to say it was Chelle and Leonidas talking strategy, whilst Emile was talking about other things.

Eventually, Emile ended up rambling on a bit about the possible future for the world, with Zena eventually sighing and taking a step back to rest her head a bit. Sheila just listened a bit to what Emile had to say, clearly a bit curious.

"And people shall know the name of Emile long after I pass on!" Emile ended up boasting as he held up his staff.

"Ha… very funny…" Leonidas responded in irritation.

"I don't know, he's kinda funny," Sheila remarked.

This caused the other royal siblings to turn towards her in shock and confusion. Emile was stunned into silence as Sheila gave off an earnest giggle at his remark. The prince didn't seem to know how to react to this as Sheila simply gave him a calm smile. A brief blush formed on his face in response, as he tried to think of anything to say to her.

"Muh…?" was all Emile was able to utter, earning another earnest giggle from Sheila.

"Genuinely, I think you're funny," Sheila remarked, "And while you do have… a way… with words, you're pretty wise when it comes down to it."

Emile's face kept growing a bit brighter at this, and there wasn't a hint of irony in Sheila's tone from what he had been able to gather.

"...thank you…" was the only other words Emile was able to say to her.

"You're welcome," Sheila told him.

"I.. am tuckered out. I shall be heading off for the evening…" Emile soon told his siblings. He then turned towards Sheila, " you wish to have an escort to your quarters?"

"That would be nice," Sheila smiled.

Not too far away, the five Greatwryms had been observing the conversation and watched as Emile and Sheila were walking off together.

"It's hard to believe how much he's changed…" Jupiter ended up observing, "And without him, we'd be pretty much done for."

"Indeed…" Midgardsormr nodded.

Mercury simply fell silent at this, but had a smile on her face. The others didn't seem to notice her reaction, so they proceeded to continue talking.

"Prince Euden has been a most fascinating person to work with," Jupiter eventually commented.

"Indeed he has been," Midgardsomr admitted.

"I never would've expected to work for him, but now… I don't know anyone who could surpass how amazing he has been," Mercury spoke.

"Of course my darling is!" Mym added.

"Not surprising you'd say that…" Zodiark sighed.

"Even after everything… I just want to remain by my darling's side until the end," Mym stated, "Even if everybody else leaves, I won't."

Midgardsormr couldn't help but chuckle a little as he stepped forward, "And I don't think you should if you are capable of always remembering him. Hold fast to the memories you've made… even at the end of all things."

"What… does that mean…?" Mym nervously asked.

"...just something I remember Alberius once telling me…"

"Hold fast to your memories, even at the end of all things, huh? I could believe he'd say that…" Zodiark admitted.

The five Greatwryms nodded a bit as they got up and turned back into their dragon forms. All five were primed and ready, come what may.

Leonidas rubbed his head a little bit as he walked towards his quarters to try to get some rest, "Emile may have grown up… but hearing him ramble makes me wish he remained useless at times…"

"Your highness?"

The oldest prince turned to see that Alex had found him and quickly bowed respectfully. Leonidas just gave her a motion to speak, yet to be quick about it.

"Allow me to fight by your side once more…" Alex spoke.

Leonidas looked a bit surprised by this comment, yet he was able to tell Alex was fairly sincere about this request.

"...forgive me if that was a bit too presumptuous. Just…" Alex continued, only for Leonidas to give her a motion to not talk.

"Do what you feel is right," was all he told her before walking off to turn in for the evening.

This made Alex smile a bit and then head off to get some rest herself. From nearby, Chelle watched the two walk off, then gave off a small giggle at the sight. She headed off to get to rest herself, with Harle simply keeping an eye on her as she made her way to her lodgings.

Nedrick just gave a small scoff as he leaned against a tree and tried to not be noticed by anyone. The shadows were covering his fairly dark outfit fairly well, and he was content to just lay there to rest.

" there?"

"...go away."

Zena walked over to where Nedrick was laying, which made the dark clothed figure groan a bit.

"What do you want?"

"I need a break from hearing Emile ramble…" Zena admitted.

"...the pompous buffoon? I wouldn't blame you…" Nedrick told her.

"And I figured finding you would give me somewhere peaceful and quiet. Plus… well… I don't know a lot about you. So…"

"...fine…" Nedrick relented.

Zena gave a small smile, then sat down next to Nedrick. The alternate versions of the Alberian twins simply stared out into the night sky in silence. Zena exhaled a little, somewhat nervous, but holding onto the staff that she had allowed her to recenter herself away from her nerves.

Zethia had finally arrived at where Illia had been, only to see that Illia was fast asleep. Zethia was about to try to wake her up, but backed off before she could attempt. The blonde Auspex simply looked at her for a moment, then walked off without another word.

Another round around the Halidom later, Zethia sighed a bit as she saw who she was looking for was still missing. She then spotted Notte flying around and got her attention.

"Oh, hey Zethia. What's up?"

"Where is my brother?" Zethia asked, "I haven't seen him in a few hours, and I'm worried."

"Oh, he said he just wanted to get a bit of time by himself just to sort of be calm and ready," Notte informed, "I know where he is, if anyone wants to check on him."

Zethia smiled, only to realize how late it had gotten and what she still needed to do. She glanced around, then spotted Elissane, "Elly? Could you do something for me?"

"Of course."

"I'm going to go make sure the other healers will be ready. Can you go check on him for me? Notte knows where he is," Zethia proceeded to ask.

"Right away," Elisanne nodded before she followed after Notte.

Notte and Elisanne soon spotted Euden near the entrance to the Halidom. He was simply sitting there and just trying to relax as best he could. As Elisanne walked forward, she soon spotted the remains of what looked to be some sort of a gemstone.

"...the sacred shard?" she soon spoke, which made Euden turn towards him, "Oh. Good evening, your highness."

"Zethia was a little worried about you since we hadn't seen you in a while," Notte added.

"Oh, sorry. Just… have a bit on my mind."

"...that it…?" Notte soon asked out of a bit of concern.

"Trust me, I'm not foolish enough to go running off by myself…" Euden told the two in a calm way, "I just wasn't sure where to gather my thoughts. This just ended up being where I decided to sit down is all."

"Very well…" Elisanne nodded.

"You know… it's hard to believe this has all happened, even after almost four years…" Euden admitted as he glanced down to the remains of the sacred shard, "It was just me going to make a pact with a dragon and then get a shard. Then… everything else unfolded."

"It was going to be so simple…" Notte added on.

" you regret any of it?" Elisanne asked as she got a bit closer.

"...regret any of it?" Euden repeated.

"You had a very simple goal, then it was derailed and it evolved into the circumstances we are preparing for tonight. I was simply wondering if…"

"Do you still remember the day we first met?" Euden ended up asking.

"Indeed I do, your highness. It's… a day I will treasure for the remainder of my days," Elisanne remarked, trying her best to not blush.

"It is also a day I treasure," Euden told her, "While my life may not have gone in a direction I thought it would… I think that all of my choices have lead me to a great spot. I may not know what'll come next, but the ability to be able to choose it is what will remain important."

Elisanne nodded a little bit, then her blush grew a little brighter as Euden got closer to her side.

"In the event that something bad happens, I'd just like to tell you something for sure…" Euden spoke as he turned towards Elisanne, "I couldn't have asked for a better friend and partner on the battlefield than you. I appreciate you and value you."

Elisanne quickly managed to recompose herself, though she did keep on blushing, "Thank you, your highness. You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that. I am honored to continue to fight by your side."

Euden gave a smile at her, while Notte just gave a mischievous giggle at the display before her. The two didn't pay any attention to the small faerie as their eyes went up to the night sky.

"...what do you think may happen next?" Elisanne ended up asking.

"I'll admit that, after all this is over, I don't really know what I'm going to do…" Euden spoke, soon exhaling, "But… we'll figure it out after."

Elisanne nodded a bit, then a thought occurred to her. She blushed a little bit again, which Euden noticed.

"...everything okay?"

"…" Elisanne soon spoke up, "Usually, before a potential war breaks out, a paladyn is set to establish a reason for them to make it back. Motivation to keep them going."

"Alright. Do you want me to know that?"

"Yes. In fact… I'd like you to be part of it."

Euden tilted his head a little bit at that, while Elisanne just tried to keep her courage at the forefront.

"...would you like to go out… on a date…?" Elisanne nervously asked, "After… everything is over?"

Euden stared a bit, his own blush forming, but he smiled a bit, "Sure thing, Elly. It sounds like fun."

Elisanne just smiled at Euden, internally cheering a little bit at the agreement. She then summoned her lance and gave a respectful bow.


"Victory has, and shall always, belong to you, your highness," Elisanne said with a smile.

Euden blinked a bit, then smiled, "It's always reassuring to hear you say that."

A little bit of silence fell over the two as they were just happy and comfortable around each-other. After a bit…

"Hold up! Don't forget me!" Notte called out, "I hope you weren't thinking about leaving me behind!"

"Muh?" Euden uttered.

"I'm gonna fight for my friends!" Notte beamed before she quickly shifted into her human sized form, "You're notte gonna leave me outta this!"

Euden was about to say something before he noticed the joke and started to snicker a little. Elisanne turned to ask him what was so funny, only to realize what the joke was and snickered a bit as well.

"Trust me, I got this!" Notte beamed.

"Alright. We'll be counting on you," Euden told her.

Notte cheered and then flew off with a happy smile on her face. Euden and Elisanne soon noticed the position of the moon, then looked towards each-other.

"Sleep well, your highness," Elisanne bid.

"You as well," Euden added.

Morning had arrived and the army of the kingdom of New Alberia stood ready at the gate of the Halidom. Euden stepped forward, ready to lead them.

"With our hearts as one!" Euden called out before he and his allies walked forward, the hope for the future and all of possibility riding on their shoulders…

With that, part one is finished. I'll admit that, originally, this and the next part were meant to be two separate one-shots, but since they were so interconnected, I decided to just make it a two-shot story. This was, admittedly, originally supposed to come out before part one of the final chapter, but I got busy with various things. Still… it's out before the last part of the final chapter.

One thing I will remark on is that I tried to touch upon every major character who has joined during the main campaign of the story, as well as other characters that I'm fond of, think would fight, or just have for one reason or another. The scene with Cleo and those three healers is because those are my most powerful healers of those elements. And then there's just characters I like, such as Yukimura and Lapis.

I'll openly admit that I have absolutely no idea how the final battle will go, but I am going to be using my primary team of Euden, Elly, Joker, and Sharena in it. They've gotten through many tight spots in this game and I'm going to give one run of the last fight with them. And, I'll admit, I have no idea how the game will end. While the next part will contain some of my ideas, the only thing I can say with certainty is that I want a happy ending. After everything that Euden and the others have gone through… they all deserve a happy ending.

For my favorite part… has to be the interactions between Euden and Elly at the end. I'm a hardcore Eliden shipper and will remain that way. Notte's bit near the end was fun.

Now… we're only a few days away from the end of the main story. Losties… it has been an honor.

Just Live More.