Chapter 1: Meeting the Queen.

In The Shock of It All, many asked that I do a side story where Harry made an army of doxies. Well, here it is.

I found this in my incomplete story list. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but I thought a short story would be better. If you've read my newest stories, you know that I am dealing with bad hands. So, there will not be daily updates. Even for as short a story this might be. I say might be, because my muse takes over sometimes, and I write far more then I plan on.


Harry was moping. He was stuck at Grimmuald Place and his trial for underage magic was pending. It would have been great if he got to spend more time with Sirius, but the man seemed too always be busy. Dumbledore wanted his godfather to connect to anyone they thought wouldn't turn him in. There were still a lot of people that needed to be told the truth about Voldemort, and Sirius was volunteered. The man wasn't having much luck, but he spent most of the day trying.

Harry was still mad at his friends for not writing. They said Dumbledore told them not to, and they gave an excuse that letters could be stolen. Which was true, but both of them knew how to use a phone. Well, Ron had to be told not to yell, but he did learn to call someone.

He had told them that too, but they stated that there were no phones in Grimmuald Place. He then told them that there was a payphone on the corner, to which they replied that they didn't have muggle money. He then threw up his hands and stated they just didn't want to put in the effort of contacting him and stomped out of the room.

So, here he was in his room, pouting as he hid from Mrs. Weasley and her obsessive need to make kids work. He had had enough of that at the Dursleys, thank you very much. That and there was a house elf for this house. He even offered to call Dobby but was shot down once again.

To tell the truth, he was getting angry that everyone seemed to have more important things to do than help him with his issues. Well, that wasn't entirely fair, Hermione had been spending lots of time looking up the law, but he felt he wouldn't be getting a fair trial anyway, so it was a moot point.

As he was sitting there in his bad mood, a little critter with four arms and legs was creeping up on him. It had just gotten to his ear, with its sharp teeth ready to bite, when Harry's hand snatched out and grabbed it. Go Seeker reflexes.

"What are you then?" he asked, peering at the small creature in his hand. "I don't remember reading about you."

The tiny being looked at Harry with wide eyes as if to plead that it was only doing what as in its nature and it should be let go, when Harry got an idea.

With a smirk he asked, "Do you understand me?"

The critter nodded.

"Do you have friends and family?"

Again, there was a nod.

"How would you like to bite as many wizards as you can?"

This time it was an eager nod, accompanied with many sharp teeth formed into a smile.

"Are you deadly?"

It raised one of its four hands and made a so-so motion.

"So, you're like bees, if more than one bites it would be deadly?" the teen asked, gears turning.

The creature nodded its head, though it did look confused as to what a bee was. It was the main point that counted.

"Okay, how about you go and get your friends and we can talk," Harry asked, seeing it nod he continued. "Meet me here in two hours, okay?"

With that he let it go and got up to head to the library. He figured if he was going to make a deal with anything he should know more about it. On his way there, Sirius joined him.

"Hey, Harry, how are you doing?" the older man asked, he had seen Harry moping around the last few days, and had told Dumbledore to bugger off, so he could spend time with his godson. The old man hadn't liked that.

It was getting to the point that he was ready to tell the old man to bugger off permanently. Who the hell did the man think he was to tell him he couldn't spend time with his godson? He knew that was what the headmaster was doing, giving him busy work to keep the two of them far from each other.

Sure, it was important to get the word out, but to have only Sirius work on this was a waste of valuable resources. There were many Order members that weren't doing anything and wouldn't be killed if they were caught. So, yeah, the old man was playing games again.

"Fine, thanks," Harry said with a reassuring smile. "Are you done for the day?"

"Yup, well, I told Dumbledore that I was finished. I did make a few fire calls," Sirius stated proudly. He had been at his wits end on what to do about Harry, until Remus had suggested his current mission, which was to stay at the house and used the Floo. "Where are you headed?" he asked, putting his arm around the teen's shoulder.

"I ran into something upstairs that almost bit me, so I want to find out what it was," was the casual answer as they reached the library door. "It was small and blue. Oh, and it had wings."

"Sounds like a doxy, or a pixie. Though pixies are usually flesh colored," the dogman said, going through the door. "It could be a fairy. Sometimes, they are blue," he added, with a great deal of doubt.

The room was huge, it had an expansion charm on it that made it five times its normal size. The bookcases reached the ceiling, which were also expanded to over six meters. There were ladders everywhere. There were a few tables here and there, with very uncomfortable chairs surrounding them. The Blacks were more about looks than comfort. Prestigious bunch that they were.

Sirius hated the fact that his family had been so pompous. He had been raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, and it left a funny taste. He was given everything a child could want, but he had to bow to their pureblood doctrine, and he rebelled at a very young age. Hogwarts only cemented his decision by getting sorted into Gryffindor. Which, a Black had never been before.

The dogman took the lead and led him to the section on household pests, next to the potion and herbology sections. The section was here more for the uses of any venoms, so poisons could be made, but still had useful tips for ridding the house of them as well.

"This would be the place to look," he said, glancing at the spines of the books. "If it's in this house, it'll probably be in the dark section. No fairy would lighten my doorstep." He looked around the gloomy room.

"You're probably right," the teen agreed, running his finger over the bindings, and reading the titles.

"Tell me more about it," the older man said, following along.

"Well, it had four arms and legs and shiny beetle wings," Harry explained, picking out a book that looked interesting.

"Oh, those are doxies, nasty buggers. You have to be careful with them, they're venomous. They don't kill you, unless you get a dozen or so bites, but you'll feel bad for a while," his godfather explained, reaching over his godson, and grabbing the book he needed. "The twins are collecting the dead ones to use in one of their prank candies."

Harry took the book, placed it with the interesting one in his arm, and headed to the nearest table. "Thanks," he said, sitting on the straight back wooden chair. "What are you doing right now?" he inquired, thinking that, while he wanted to spend time with Sirius, he was on a schedule.

"I'm going to go find Remus. He wanted to discuss something with me. We'll get together soon. You take care, alright?" Sirius said, with a great deal of concern. His godson had been in a foul mood since coming here, and he and Remus were thinking of ways to cheer the poor boy up.

"Alright, Sirius. I'll see you at dinner," the dark-haired teen said distractedly as he read. The more he read the more confused he got. There was nothing in here about the doxies being able to understand English. They were supposed to be mindless bugs, that formed colonies and even had a queen.

So venomous magic bee type insects.

They lived off the cloth in draperies and would only bite if attacked. So why had his little 'friend' tried to bite him? He was nowhere near the windows. Nor had he posed a danger to the little guy. But the insect had been about to bite him anyway. He had to wonder why.

He read all he could and made his way back to the room. Inside was a swarm of doxies. There had to be about fifty of the little buggers.

They were flying all over the place, and Harry was a bit concerned about entering. When they spotted him in the doorway they went to attack, but the one he talked to earlier flew in front and held up its hands. Harry had no idea how they communicated. But it worked and the doxies fell into a military type of formation.

"Right," he said a bit relieved. "Let see if we can work together." He looked at the doxies and made sure to hold his wand for a Knockback Jinx if needed. He knew a long time ago that magical houses didn't register with the Ministry.

It only made sense since Malfoy would constantly brag on what he did over the summer. Usually to Ron, to see if he could rile the redhead up. He could.

Mrs. Weasley was very strict about the law.

Ginny had snuck in some magic before she ever went to Hogwarts. It's how she learned her Bat-bogy Hex. Bill had taught her, behind their parents back. Which also meant that her other children probably did the same. He knew for sure the twins practiced whenever they could get away with it. Ron was just too much of a mama's boy.

All the doxies grinned, and it was not a pretty sight.

"Right, so I was thinking you guys could get some payback on humans. Only I don't want them dead. Well, not all of them anyway. My main question is where is your queen? If she's anything like a bee, she would be in your nest. Can you take me to her?" Harry said to the doxies and watched as those who seemed to be the leaders got in a huddle and started 'talking'.

It was a matter of minutes before they decided to take him to their leader. They all flew out of the room, and Harry truly hoped no one saw that, and flew up one more floor. This floor was empty. They had yet to clean up here, and there was dirt, cobwebs, and other pests everywhere.

Harry started casting cleaning and repelling charms every step he took. He had no idea why Mrs. Weasley was making them clean the hard way, when magic done by adults was so much easier. That way the law would not be broken, and the house would be clean faster.

His charms worked just fine, and soon the place was looking better.

They went into a room at the end of the hall. Harry, with his wand still up, cautiously made his way inside. He didn't know what to expect, he figured he was still thinking about bees. So, it was a great surprise when they all flew to the curtains on the bed. They seemed to swarm the bed, but Harry figured they were communicating with the queen. Soon enough, she came out and flew to Harry.

"What to you want, human?" she said in perfect English.

"I was hoping we could come to an agreement," Harry said, his wand still in hand. He knew that if he messed this up, then it would be bad.

"An agreement, with a human?" the queen stated, putting her lower arms on her hips.

"Yeah, it'll be a bit of fun for me, and you guys can travel and get out of this house," Harry said, his mind going a million miles an hour with thoughts of pranks and payback.

"Why would we want to leave this place?" the female doxy asked, tilting her head a bit. "It is just the right kind of atmosphere."

"You like the doom and gloom of this house?" Harry asked, not sure how to take that.

"No, we like the dark magic," she reiterated.

"Is that how you can speak to me now?" he asked, settling on the bed, though he did cast a cleaning charm before he sat.

"Yes, it took many years, but I can now lead my family in a more organized manner," she explained, still hovering in front of his face.

"So, if I can get you a new place, because I have to tell you, they will kill you if you stay here, all I have to do is find a way to get you some dark magic?" Harry inquired, thinking of how he could do that.

"Yes, if you can give us some place safe, and feed us dark magic, we will do what you wish," the queen said, thinking of the fact that the other magicals were out to kill her hive.

"Let me talk to a few people and I'll see what I can do. You guys stay on this floor. They don't plan on cleaning up here for a while. So, I'll do my best to get you a new home," the teen said, getting off the bed and heading towards the door.

"Human," the queen called, right as he was turning the knob, "thank you, for protecting my hive." She then flew into the curtains before he could say anything else.

Harry mumbled a 'you're welcome,' and then left the room. He had a godfather to talk to.