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"Farewell Naruto Uzumaki" a masked man said to an unconscious child before a monstrous statue "if it's any consolation I will make this as quick and painless as I can" he said to him a small part sounding sincere

Naruto felt weak and in pain and felt like he was being ripped apart as he was encased in a bubble of chakra

The men and woman in the room covered their eyes as Naruto's seal flashed brightly and when they looked he was gone… and everything else on his planet


'Grand Councilwoman we have reached the location of the massive energy burst we detected" a alien bridge officer said from his station

"By the galaxies..." the alien woman said as what was once a lush and beautiful planet was turned into a mere wasteland

"Maam we are detecting a single life-form still on the planet but it's weak" another bridge officer said from her station.

"Begin landing immediately we will rescue the survivor and hopefully figure out what happened to Planet Elemantia" the Grand Councilwoman orders as the large spaceship begins entering the atmosphere of the Triple X Level Restricted world.


"I don't understand how he's not dead"

"His body is deeply burned it looks like electrical burns mixed with plasma burns he should be dead"

"We did a scan he seems to have a secondary nervous system that has some kind of energy in it"

"It'd be interesting to study if 90% of it wasn't fried it looks like the remaining 10% is still working"

Naruto was barely conscious, his eyes looking to the voices and saw weird people in suits but what caught his attention was they didn't seem human, the tails being a dead give away "What the heck? He thinks before he fades back into unconsciousness

(few days later)

Naruto woke up his body feeling heavy and sore with the littlest of moves he makes, he noticed he was in a weird hospital like room and fought through the pain as he got up

"I am honestly surprised this kid even survived his injuries hell a full grown adult would've died" a man in a suit said walking in

"Maybe his species has a healing factor, another man in a suit said

Naruto was a little weirded out by the hospital and the people and carefully snuck out and hoped his stealth was good

"Hey where'd he go?" a female in a suit asked looking at the empty bed

'Time to run' Naruto thought as hospitals sucked

"Huh?" one of the men in suits said as he looked at the now empty bed

"Jeez that squirt has some major luck or skills in stealth the alarms didn't go off" the other man said as he looked around

"Send out a alert and find the boy but be gentle he's just a kid" the alien woman said

Naruto ran as fast as he could today not being his day

"There blasters set to stun" another guard in a group said

The guards nodded and fired there blasters which missed Naruto

"What hospital am I in?" Naruto said avoiding and dodging each and every shot "What have I gotten myself into?" he said running

"Over here" another guard said

"What is this a cloning factory?" Naruto said as he charged at the firing group stepping on ones face mask "kiss my ass" he said to them

Naruto had ran dodging more and more groups as he finally found an empty hallway and went into a room to hide

When Naruto entered the room he saw it was a big office almost similar to the hokage's office

"Well, hello there" The grand councilwoman said

"You're not gonna shoot me are you?" Naruto asked her in exhaustion

The alien woman frowned at this 'those fools were supposed to be gentle' she thought as shooting at a child even with stun-setting was pure idiocy

The woman got up and walked over to him "I am sorry for your… crude awakening" she said

"I wanna go home" Naruto said afraid

She then embraced Naruto "I am so sorry young one, but your planet… is no more" she said

"What!...What happened?" Naruto asks tears welling in his eyes

The Grand Councilwoman thinks for a moment on how best to explain this to one so young, especially given how all evidence was pointing towards him possibly being the cause of it. Despite that she in no way believed that the child was at fault given how it's simply impossible for one so young to wipe out all life on a planet.

"Based on our findings we believe that someone on the planet attempted to forcibly control a large power source of some kind and there was a massive explosion that immediately wiping out all life on the planet" she said telling the truth but leaving some information out

"Then how did I survive?" Naruto asked

The councilwoman winces slightly at this "We believe that shortly before the blast you instinctively made a shield of some kind that protected you from the blast but it wasn't completely protective hence the severe injuries you sustained" she says again telling the truth from a certain point of view.

"Gramps… Ayame and Ichiraku… everyone I cared about is gone" Naruto said as he slumped

"I am sorry little one" The grand councilwoman said embracing him

"What will happen to me now?" Naruto asked

"In a normal situation you would be placed in an orphanage. However given the situation and how you are the last of your people I will be personally taking care of you until you reach adulthood" she said

"What's your name?" Naruto asked

"I am Grand Councilwoman Zowell leader of the United Galactic Federation" she said

"Zowell….can I call you bachan?" Naruto asked nervously

Zowell quirked an eyebrow at this and looked at her wrist for a transition and smiled lightly when she saw it meant grandmother "of course you may call me that now what's your name?" she asked

"Naruto Uzumaki."

Zowell looked at her wrist translator again and chuckled "So you're named after a ramen topping?" she asked finding that both adorable and amusing

"Jiji said it means Maelstrom...Wait, you know what Ramen is?" Naruto asked in surprise

"We know many things about your planet and another just like it, perhaps you'll go there one day" Zowell said

"Can I have some ramen?" Naruto asked as he felt hungry

Zowell smiled at this and got up and held his hand "Of course you can follow me" she said as she led Naruto out of her office

Naruto smiled as he followed her

(15 years later)

Naruto was packing up some things in his big red spaceship getting ready to leave

"Are you sure you wanna retire so early, Naruto? You're still so young" Zowell asked

"Bacchan I've spent the last 5 years protecting the galaxy, taking down warlords, space pirates, the odd mad scientist that popped up, and even fought in a war. I just want to see some of what I've been protecting. It's not a permanent retirement, just more like a Semi-Retirement as if there is ever a big threat I am willing to come back." Naruto said still packing

"Hmm very well" Zowell said with a nod

"Just make sure Amelia's still around should I stop by" Naruto said with a chuckle before he hugged Zowell

"She will be fine I heard she's doing well in the captain academy" Zowell said with a smile

""Of course she is here's hoping when I see her she's actually a captain or heck knowing her she would overwork herself and be an Admiral and pull rank on me" Naruto said with a chuckle as he placed the last of his bags in his ship

"I'm gonna assume your heading for earth?" Zowell asked knowing Naruto was curious about that planet since it's similar to his old planet

"Yea I'm gonna find a home there….maybe something tropical" he said with a smile

"Very well though you may want to find and check in with one Cobra Bubbles as he is technically the liaison between Earth and the Galactic Federation after he convinced us that Mosquitoes were an endangered species" she says with a slight chuckle

"Pfft! That's his name? Also must be an interesting man if he managed to trick the Galactic Federation into thinking that pests like Mosquitoes were an endangered species" Naruto asked

"I wouldn't talk my little ramen topping, Yes it was a rather embarrassing moment for the Federation hence why we have hidden the truth of the matter except for the higher-ups like myself" Zowell said as she pinched Naruto's cheek affectionately and smiled seeing him pout

"See you soon bachan" Naruto said as he got into his ship

Zowell waved as did Naruto before he flew his ship away before engaging its hyperdrive and disappearing into hyperspace.

(a few weeks later on Earth)

Naruto was walking on the beach close to his beach house in Hawaii. After arriving on Earth it didn't take long for Naruto to decide on where to live once he did a scan of earth as he loved tropical climates. As luck would have it he also ran into Cobra Bubbles not long after landing and met the man who was fine with Naruto living on Earth so long as he didn't cause any trouble.

Naruto took a deep breath taking in the ocean air

Naruto noticed a splash erupting from the water and watched as Kailua, the beach's lifeguard, emerged from the water, her blonde hair swaying back and forth as she gave a warm yet seductive smile. Naruto looked on as she walked onto the beach running her hands through her hair she had large EE-cup breasts, a fit body with model like curves, and a round plump heart shaped ass

Naruto gave a soft gulp looking back at the lovely lifeguard, he met her a few days ago when he moved here and she was very flirty with him

For good amount of his life the only woman he had known close to him was Amelia who carried a proud and aristocratic attitude and presence wherever she went and always stuck to her duty as a lieutenant

"Naruto hey!" Kailua waved before sprinting over to Naruto her breasts jiggling with each step before quickly reach him

"Oh hey Kailua." Naruto said, blushing from how close she was, her breasts nearly pushed up against his chest.

"So what brings you here?" She asked

"Oh the usual, a good surf and taking in the sites is all." Naruto said stiffening up a bit when the blond lifeguard ran her hand over his cheek.

Kailua couldn't help but smirk by how cute Naruto got wherever he get got all flustered

Naruto pouted as he moved her hand off of his face "You know where I can find some ramen in town?" he asked the flirty lifeguard

Kailua smiled at this "Well there is a few grocery stores in town though you may need to walk a fair amount. Want me to drive you?" she asked knowing Naruto didn't have a car

"I wouldn't mind it but aren't you on duty?" Naruto asked her

"Actually I just got off my shift so I'm all yours handsome" Kailua said with a flirty wink

"You plan on wearing that bathing suit the whole time?" Naruto asked

"Hmmm well as fun as it would be to make you drool all day I have a change if clothes in my car so let me change and we can get going" Kailua said with a teasing smirk at Naruto

Naruto grumbled at this as he watched Kailua walking into a public restroom with a duffle bag

'That woman is exhausting at times' Naruto thought with a chuckle as ever since he met her she flirted with him a lot but she was actually really helpful with showing him around which showed she was a good person

she soon came out in a red shirt Jean shorts and blue sneaker and they both left

(Few minutes later)

"I should really get a car of my own" Naruto said to himself

"I see you as more the type to own a motorcycle" Kailua said with a chuckle

"I could get both I have plenty of money" Naruto said thankful that he had a bag of valuable stones he had from his time as a agent of the Galactic Federation

"True but then you might not get to spend as much time with me" Kailua said with a smile

"Don't say that you're my friend of course I would make time for you" Naruto said simply

Kailua smiled and chuckled as they walked into the grocery store

A few moments later Naruto had several bags of groceries loaded up in Kailua's car

"Wow you really like ramen huh?" Kailua asked as they both got into the car

"Yea I would have gotten more but I heard my bachans voice yelling at me" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Oh? You have a grandmother?" Kailua asked curiously

"Well she took me in when… something bad happened and so she's been like a grandmother to me ever since" Naruto said with a sad but fond smile

"She sounds nice at least." Kailua said with a small smile

"Yea she's a little strict but always fair" Naruto said with a smile as they drove past a car dealership. "Hey! they are having a sale at the car dealership up ahead" he said seeing a sale sign

"OK I'll stop here but you owe me" Kailua said with a chuckle at Naruto's excitement

"Oh and what will I owe you?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow wondering what the bombshell lifeguard could want in exchange

"Hmm I don't know maybe a date" Kalua said with a smirk

"Huh I haven't had a date since me and my first girlfriend went to that restaurant a couple years ago" Naruto said as they drove onto the car lot

"Oh a former lover do tell" Kailua says with a teasing grin wanting to hear more about her fellow blonde's past love life.

"Well she was a bit of a wet blanket when we first met" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Well I am very much the opposite" Kalua said with a smirk as she was easy going and was out going as well

"Oh really I hadn't noticed" Naruto teases with a grin getting a light jab to the shoulder when Kailua gives him a light hit with a chuckle "But yeah eventually she mellowed out a bit"

"So why did the two of you break up if you don't mind me asking?" Kailua asked

"Well it was kind of a mutual thing. She was getting ready to go off to school for her career which would need her total focus and commitment and I was getting really busy with my job at the time so we decided on a mutual breakup but are still really close friends" Naruto said with a smile thinking back on his time with Amelia.

Kailua sees this and smiles to herself as she can tell that Naruto is one of those guys that any girl would be lucky to have as their boyfriend or even just friends in general. The two soon reached the car dealership so Kailua pulled into it and parked her car. Naruto then got out of the car and looked at the cars around in the lot while Kailua decided to wait in the car wanting it to be a surprise to see which one Naruto picked out

(30 minutes later)

"Only you would be able to talk a guy into giving you a bike and a car while only paying half-price for the bike" Kailua said with a chuckle

"Well he was trying to give me a deal and you did say I would look good on a motorcycle" Naruto said with a smirk

"Still can't believe your gonna pay to have him deliver the bike to your house" Kailua said

"Well I can't exactly drive both the car and motorcycle to my house." Naruto said with a chuckle "So you wanna have dinner at my place?" he asked his fellow blonde

Kailua smiled at this "Sure I'll follow you" she said as she got in her car while Naruto got in his new 1999 Chevy Camaro. The former Galactic Agent was looking forward to getting the car home so he can begin upgrading it with some alien tech.

(Later at Naruto's house)

"Gotta love living on the beach, you get to see some awesome sunsets" Naruto said as he could see the sunset from his dining room

"You can see some rather special sights" Kalua said sending him a seductive wink

"It's why I love living on the beach especially given how its my own private beach" Naruto said

"Hey, how's about going for a little swim, there's still some sun out to enjoy it" Kailua asked him

"Sure you have your swimsuit right?" Naruto asked

"Yes...unless you wanna go skinny dipping" She said with a teasing smirk and wink

"I think we will stick to swimsuits, just give me a moment to find my trunks," Naruto said with a blush, causing Kailua to giggle to herself.

(few minutes later)

Naruto came out in his orange swimming trunks and headed for the water before he noticed a pile of clothes on a towel outside his house a pile that also included a red one piece swimsuit

He looked out and saw Kalua out in the water looking back at him with a smirk

"Well, I'm waiting" She said

Naruto contemplated on going in still clothed or naked as she was


"Come on, don't be a chicken" Kailua said teasingly calling him out

Naruto breathed before dropping his trunks on the sand leaving himself as naked as she was

Kailua smiled and loved the sight of his naked form as she was glad he decided to join her in this endeavor as she was a very bold person when it came to adult activities but this was her first time doing something with someone

Naruto got into the water and swam to her "Catch me if you can" she says with a wink before diving into the water and swimming away flashing Naruto her flower for a moment before he gives chase.

Kailua was amazed by how amazing nude swimming with Naruto was 'man of many talents' she thought thinking there was something special about Naruto she couldn't place her finger on

The two came up for breath and looked at each other

Kailua nudged closer putting her arms around his neck "The ocean sunset really lights up those blue eyes of yours" she said as his eyes were like the ocean, pure crystal like blue it was honestly hypnotic

Naruto looked into Kailua's green eyes and grabbed her by her hips

Kailua leaned forward kissing his lips as she wrapped her arms around his neck

Naruto moaned into her kiss and groped her ass with one of his hands as his tongue battled hers in her mouth briefly before asserting its dominance over hers causing her to moan in pleasure.

Kailua loved the attention and certainly loved the hot and hard member against her inner thigh, occasionally striking against her southern lips whenever it twitched sending little jolts of pleasure up her spine. The blonde lifeguard brought one of her legs up and wrapped it around Naruto's hips as she began to grind her dripping flower against his hard member causing both to groan into the other's mouth.

"If we are gonna do….that we should take this inside" Naruto panted into Kailua's ear

"Mmm agreed...this time" Kailua said with a grin as the two let each other go and swim back 'nice ass' she thought as she ogled Naruto as they swam back

"You can take a shower first to get all the salt washed off" Naruto said as they exited the ocean and collected their clothes heading back into the house.

Kailua was in awe as she got a look at his manhood. She could tell it was big from when she grinded up against him but she had no idea it was THAT big. Based on her rough estimates it had to be at least 12 inches long and 4 inches thick making it roughly as thick as three of her fingers side by side

Naruto opened the door to his home "Shower's are to the right down that hall" he said

Hearing Naruto's voice snapped her out of her dazed state at seeing his member "Right be done in a flash" she said with a teasing wink as she walked by him making sure to sway her hips a bit causing her ass to jiggle hypnotically.

Naruto watched her hips sway and growled as his cock throbbed as her teasing was really starting to get to him and he was having to hold himself back from simply taking her right then and there.

A few minutes passed before the bathroom door opened "Can you come in here? I think you're out of body soap and I can't find any?" she asked, poking her head out before pulling it back into the bathroom.

"y-yea" Naruto said as he calmed himself as he approached

He entered the bathroom and opened a cabinet and pulled out a new thing of body soap "H-here" he said before he was pulled into the shower

There he stood as the water rolled off their bodies, face to face with each other

"I was getting kinda lonely, thought I'd enjoy some company" Kailua said sensually as she hugged Naruto close her breasts squishing against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into another fierce kiss.

Naruto grunted feeling her grind her pussy on his cock moaning into the kiss as he brought his hands down to her ass and began massaging it, getting a moan from Kailua in return. The blonde former agent then surprised her by lifting her up and causing her to wrap her legs around his waist, further grinding her damp flower against his member as he supported her in his arms.

Breaking the kiss Kailua let out a loud moan as his dick continually grazed against the sensitive bundle of nerves that was her clit. The blonde lifeguard felt her back meet the shower wall as Naruto pushed her against it and brought his head down to suckle on her neck by her collar bone getting another moan from her. However Naruto didn't spend much time on her neck as he moved down to her ample bosom and began licking, sucking, and nibbling on her nipples. Kailua tilts her head back to look at the ceiling as she moans and pulls Naruto's head deeper into her chest as she grinds her hips against his throbbing member as it continues to graze her southern lips, and sensitive pleasure bundle.

"You want me?" Kailua panted as she moaned and blushed wanting to hear his claim of desire for her

"So fucking bad" Naruto groaned removing his face from Kailua's heaving bosom as she breaths heavily as a result of the pleasure he was give her.

"So have I" Kailua said as she was not shy to admit she wanted it as bad as him

"If I don't fuck you soon I'm gonna go crazy" Naruto panted as his hormones raged inside of him

Kailua got out of his arms and down on her knees his cock in her face "How's about I ease this for you a bit" she said sensually rubbing it with her hands before dragging her tongue from the base of his cock up the entire shaft before leaving a kiss on its head

Naruto grunted enjoying this as he looked down at his blond lover as she gave his mighty member another long lick from base to head before she took his balls into her mouth and sucked on them while running her tongue across his sack sending waves of pleasure up his hips and spine nearly making him fall to his knees in the shower.

"I gotta admit you're bigger than the toys I used, that's what makes this more fun" Kailua said after releasing his sack from her mouth with a loud pop after giving it a intense suck. The Blonde Life guard was 100% a virgin due to never meeting a guy that caught her interest like Naruto has, but she often used toys and erotic sexual stimulants to play with herself

Naruto subtly growled, feeling her tongue and mouth pleasure his cock as she once more took his member into her mouth inch by inch sucking and licking the whole way and actually getting down to near the base as his mighty member entered her throat causing a bulge to be seen in her neck. The blonde lifeguard was glad she didn't have a gag reflex as she worked her throat muscles over the upper portion of Naruto's shaft as she licked the portion that was still in her mouth. Kailua moaned at the taste of Naruto's sword coated with her own juices and his thick pre-cum sending vibrations up the length of her lover's member.

Slowly she begins pulling her head up off of Naruto's mighty tool of pleasure suckign intensely the whole way causing her cheeks to sink in from the sheer vacuum-like suction she was using on his dick. When she has just the head of his member in her mouth she rapidly runs her tongue over it causing Naruto to grip the back of her head as his hips shake from the pleasure. He can feel himself almost at the point of cumming only for it to stop causing him to look down to see Kailua had removed her mouth from his throbbing and twitching member.

"Tell me am I-" Kailua was silenced as Naruto grabbed the back of her head and shoved all of his cock down her throat surprising her, her eyes were wide as she coughed and choked from the sudden intense insertion into her throat.

Naruto proceeded to go hard on her throat taking all of his cock out besides the head before thrusting it all back down and burying her face in his pelvis before pulling out and repeating the process again and again.

Kailua gagged from the quick and deep insertions as she was at his mercy and it made her very wet liking strong men or more specifically this almost primal side of Naruto as he dominated her mouth and throat with his mighty sword.

Naruto threw his head back and roared burying Kailu's face into his crotch as he came down her throat.

Kailua's eyes rolled back as what felt like gallons of a hot, thick, liquid was going down her throat and into her stomach 'he's still hard' she thought moaning in bliss as she could still feel his stiffness in her throat

Naruto panted for breath and pulled away from Kailua's mouth and saw her panting for breath and looking at his cock with a heated look in her eyes

"Let's take this to your bed lover" Kailua said as she turned off the shower both staring at the other the water glistening in the light looking spectacular to the other and much more enticing

"Mmm good idea but first I need to return the favor" Naruto says with a grin causing Kailua's eyes to widen as Naruto kneels down so he is eye level with her before hoisting her up so her legs are resting on his shoulders and her dripping flower is right in front of his face.

Kailua opens her mouth to ask him something only for it to be replaced by a loud moan as Naruto begins his feast on her nether lips running his tongue along her outer lips and sensitive bundle of nerves sending massive amounts of pleasure shooting through her entire body causing it to shake. The blonde lifeguard somehow manages to power through the pleasure and cross her legs behind his head pulling him deeper into her flower as she runs her hands through her hair and gyrates her hips into his face.

Naruto continues his feast on her outer garden moving from licking and succking her outer lips to plundering her inner garden. Running his tongue along the quivering inner folds of her love tunnel and relishing in the sweet nectar they are releasing greedily drinking it up. Over and over he runs his tongue along her inner walls twisting and curling it in her making sure to hit every single fold and area his tongue can reach making sure his lover receives the same level of pleasure if not more that she gave him.

For her part Kailua is a moaning mess as she continues grinding her hips against her lover's face pulling him as deep as she can with her legs. Her body was covered in a thin sheet of sweat and water making it shine in the light of the bathroom. Her ample breasts heaved up and down due to a combination of her gyrating body and heavy breathing as she had to take deep breaths so as to not pass out from lack of air due the pleasure making it hard to catch her breath.

Closer and closer she can feel herself getting to her climax causing her to increase her gyrating and the volume of her moans to increase. Then right as she is at the edge of her orgasmic cliff it suddenly stops causing her to look down and see Naruto no longer feasting on her southern salad but instead looking up at her with mirth in his eyes. She goes to say something only for it to be lost as her eyes shoot open wide and she throws her head back screaming as she is shoved over her orgasmic cliff and falls into the abyss of pleasure as Naruto sucks and lightly bites down on her clit.

Kailua's whole body spasms and shakes, her eyes rolling back up into her head and her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she squirts her love nectar explosively all over Naruto's face. The former agent simply licks her juice off his face before giving her leaking flower several licks cleaning the outer lips of her juices as her removes her legs from his shoulders and gently lowers the still climaxing lifeguard to the shower floor

"…" Kailua says breathlessly while trying to reaging her breath and bearings from what is hands down the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced in her life. NONE of the orgasms she had given herself using any of her toys had even come remotely close to what she had just experienced at the hands or in this case tongue of Naruto. The terrifying part was they hadn't even had sex yet and he had already reduced her to a trembling mess with simply his oral skills. A part of her was actually scared of what he would do to her when he actually used his massive sword on her tight pussy as while she had broken her hymen with toys none of them were even remotely close to the size of Naruto's tool. However that part of her that was scared was nothing compared to the side of her that was excited to see what he can do to her and how much more pleasure he can make her feel

"Oh we are just getting started my sexy little lifeguard as we haven't even got to the pounding yet" Naruto said with a grin as he proceeded to pick her up bridal style and when he came to his room he practically tossed her onto the bed and was already on top of her beginning another intense make out session by the time her back hit the bed sheets.

Kailua wrapped her arms around his neck and her still shaking legs around his waist 'he's definitely romantic I'll give him that' she thought as despite her lewd behavior she was a small fan of romance and a bit of cliches and Naruto certainly was giving her those small moments she wanted

Naruto pulled back his hips and aligned his mighty member with her love tunnel gently prodding and rubbing it. Looking into Kailua's eyes and getting a nod from her he proceeded to push his sword into her quivering and tight tunnel.

"Ahhhh!" Kailua screamed out in pleasure with a smile and one eye closed as Naruto stretched her out, spreading her wider than any of the toys she had used and bottoming out in her the head of his member prodding against the closed door to the inner sanctum that was her cervix.

"I-I'm sorry I can't stop myself!" Naruto groaned as he started to thrust himself into her pulling his length slowly out of her having difficulty with the vice-like grip that her walls her pressing on his member trying to lock it in place.

"Then don't," Kailua said, moaning loudly in pleasure as she held Naruto close, gyrating her hips to meet his thrusts pulling him deeper and deeper inside her as he continued plundering her depths with his member.

The sounds of flesh meeting flesh and moans and groans filled the room as Naruto and Kailua started having intense sex her breasts heaving against his chest as she ran her fingers through his hair. Naruto reciprocated by running the fingers of his right hand through her hair as his left was down under her grabbing her left ass cheek pulling her hips up into his with every forward assault he made on her tunnel with his member.

Kailua moaned feeling ecstasy as none of her toys ever reached as deep as Naruto's battering ram of a member has as she felt it knocking against the door to her inner sanctum that was her cervix trying to break through and enter so that it could flood the room with his soldiers and claim it as solely his.

Naruto panted as he felt a familiar sensation in his groin region and his member starting throbbing and twitching as it continued its assault "K-kailua I'm gonna-" he panted as a thing sheen of sweat was visible on his body making it glow in the light of the setting sun giving him an almost divine like look to his lover beneath him.

"Ah!ah! M-Me too!" She yelled out as she felt her own climax approaching or should she say approaching again as she has had a number of ogasms of increasing intensity through the whole time that her blonde lover has been ravaging her inner depths with his member.

"W-where do you want me to cum?" Naruto panted out while increasing the speed and intensity of his movements, hilting himself in her with each one and slapping her jiggling cheeks with his coin purse.

"I-inside! I want to feel you flood my insides!" She panted out with a moan as her legs held him tighter, locking her ankles around each other and clawing at his back leaving light red trails with her nails but not breaking his skin surprisingly.

Naruto groaned hearing this but hesitated slightly not actually sure she was being serious or if this was simply the pleasure talking.

"I'm on birth control now do it damn you!" Kailua screamed out as she once more fell into the abyss of pleasure and caused her tunnel to constrict on his member with such intensity that it made the previous vice-like grip pale in comparison.

Naruto dropped down and captured her lips in another kiss once more plundering her mouth and dominating her tongue at the same time that his battering ram finally breached the door to her inner keep and he felt it enter before he began unleashing the flood of soldiers it contained filling the room to capacity and beyond as it struggled to expand fast enough to meet the incoming horde.

After a few minutes of them riding out there orgasms with Naruto unleashing wave after wave of his little soldiers into her as he plundered her mouth, and Kailua being dominated in both her northern and southern mouths they finally pulled away from each other panting for breath

"W-wow" Naruto said breathlessly his form slick with sweat and muscular chest heaving as he tried to regain his breath

"F-first time too?" Kailua asked, also covered in sweat with her own chest heaving against Naruto's her hard and sensitive nipples scraping against his chiseled muscles sending minor jolts of pleasure to her already pleasure drunk mind.

"N-no but you were fantastic" Naruto said honestly as he kissed Kailua on the forehead and looked down on the beauty that was beneath him.

"So… where does this leave us?" She asked, still recovering from the pleasure she was just bombarded with.

"I-I don't know" Naruto said rolling them so that he was on the bottom and she was resting against his chest her breasts squashed against his toned muscles his member still locked inside her tunnel

"Well I can see us being friends with benefits" Kailua said as she definitely wanted to experience him again and not just sexually as she also really enjoyed just spending time with him and not wanting a rushed relationship on account of having sex to ruin their freindship.

"Uh what's that?" Naruto asked curiously yet honestly having never heard of that term before.

"Well we're still friends but can fuck whenever, at least until you want to move forward and make this… official." Kailua explained the basic mechanics behind being friends with benefits.

"And if I meet someone else?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow wondering how that would affect the whole thing.

"Well….I am bi" Kailua said with a smirk as she did check out many females on her job at the beach and had fooled around with a friend of hers when said friend needed to unwind from her stressful life

Naruto's still hard member throbbed and twitched violently inside Kailua's tunnel hearing this.

Kailua laughed at this "Awww poor baby your fuck buddy got you aroused again?" she said as she then spun herself around all without removing Naruto's mighty weapon from her so that her ass was facing him.

"Come on let's have some fun" Kailua said with a sexy wink as she slapped her ass cheek making it jiggle

Naruto subtly smirked "I think it's your turn to work and be sure to work hard as I want to see those cheeks clap" he said before giving her cheeks a spank making them jiggle again and causing Kailua to moan as she started to bounce on his cock

Naruto's home was soon filled with moans and screams of pleasure again and would be for the remainder of the night


(The Next Morning)

Laying in Naruto's bed half covered by the sheets Kailua breathes deeply still recovering from the marathon of sex she and Naruto had the previous night. The two had gone literally the entire night having sex not sleeping or stopping at all. They had tried so many positions that the blonde lifeguard didn't even know that ¾'ths of them even existed until Naruto showed her them.

Kailua chuckles as she remembered asking Naruto how he knew so many different positions and his response was that one day he was bored so he decided to go to the library to get some books and a book called "Karma Sutra" which was a collection of various sexual positions was mistakenly added to his pile and he didn't realize it until he got home.

Seeing that it was almost 9:00 judging by the alarm clock on the nightstand next to the bed and she needed to be at work in less than 30 minutes and still not being able to feel anything from her hips down she managed to reach over to where her cellphone rested and grab it before dialing a friends number.

"Hello…?" A female voice can be heard saying though the name of the person isn't audible

"Hey girl it's Kailua look I need a favor can you cover my shift as lifeguard today I had a rough night so not feeling to good" Kailua said into the phone

"Sure thing Kailua get some rest" her friends voice can be heard saying

"Thanks girl I owe you one. I will be sure to give you Double-Overtime rate as a thanks talk to ya later" Kailua says hanging up the phone and resuming her laying in bed "Damn that was the best night ever, can't believe I can't feel my legs" Kailua says to herself just reminiscing on the mind-blowing night of sex she had

"Yea sorry about that if you want you can rest here today" Naruto said as he came into the room dressed for the day and a tray filled with breakfast foods in hand before setting it down on the bed for her giving her breakfast in bed.

"You're not staying?" Kailua asked curiously as she began digging into her food, honestly really touched that he would go as far as make her breakfast in bed.

"I would but I wanted to go see a guy about starting my own business" Naruto said as he picked up his keys from a dresser

"Oh? What kind of business?" Kailua asked as she continued eating her breakfast occasionally moaning at how delicious everything was

"I was thinking of maybe a restaurant and I need to go look at a place to see if it fits my needs" Naruto said as he watched her continue eating and pleased to see she was enjoying it given the moans she continued making.

Kailua's eyes widened at that "If you're hiring I have a friend who really needs a job. She is a really hard worker but has had some really bad luck the last year or two so she really needs to work" the lifeguard says seriously actually stopping eating her divine tasting breakfast.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this and saw that Kailua really wanted to help her friend. The blonde former agent smiled at Kailua and nodded "No problem I'll give her a chance so feel free to tell her she has a interview and don't worry she has a good reference with you he" said as he got ready to leave giving Kailua a kiss on the forehead before exiting the bedroom.

Kailua smiled at this and was glad Naruto had her back with helping her friend. With that taken care of the blonde bombshell of a lifeguard went back to enjoying her divine breakfast and healing "Mmmm if I regain feeling in my lower half today I might just give Naruto a proper thank you surprise for this heavenly breakfast" she says to herself as she continues to eat and rest.

(a few weeks later with Naruto)

Naruto was at his new restaurant looking over the paperwork to make sure everything was set for the grand opening for his restaurant which was called the "Rising Tide" in a few days

It didn't take him long to find and buy this place and get the place ready given how it used to be a French Restaurant that went out of business due to the head chef being an arrogant ass that would insult his sous chefs for even the slightest mistake when it came to cooking. This even extended to customers who gave even the slightest critique of his food other than it being fabulous which quickly earned him and by extension the restaurant a bad reputation which resulted in lack of business and ultimately it going out of business

Naruto was now doing interviews for the staff of his restaurant and all he had left to hire were waitresses. He was waiting for the next applicant and soon the door opened and a woman with long black hair E-cup breasts that slightly strained against the blue tank top she had on. Her curvy model-like body, namely her wide hips and nice sized bubbly ass were hugged tightly by the pair of tan jean shorts she wore while at the end of her long model-like legs with thicc thighs she had a pair of brown boots.

Naruto saw that this woman was panting a bit from rushing to get here and he smiled at her and looked at his paperwork seeing that her name was Nani Pelekai, the friend that Kailua talked about.

"Miss Pelekai? Naruto asked, wanting to confirm who this was. The woman sat down and nodded as she tried to catch her breath. Naruto sat down too and handed Nani a bottle of water which she took with a thankful nod

After she took a drink from the bottle she looked at Naruto for the first time she blushed lightly seeing him how handsome he was and took note of his whisker marks which in her mind made him look wild

"I'm glad you could make it to your interview otherwise Kailua may get mad at me" Naruto said with a chuckle

Nani nodded at this "Thanks for giving me a chance" she said sounding a little nervous

"It's no problem your resume looks good. I just wanna ask you a few questions to see if you would fit in here at the Rising Tide and answer any questions you may have too" Naruto said with a comforting smile causing Nani to relax slightly. They both started to talk taking turns asking and answering questions and as they talked Nani became more at ease

"Well I think you will definitely fit in well here so you have the job if you want it" Naruto said with a smile liking Nanis attitude

"Of course this job seems perfect but I have a few questions" Nani said

Naruto nodded as he waited for her to ask her questions

"How much does this job pay and what are my hours?" Nani asked hoping that Naruto would not be a jerk about her pay and her needing to leave in a emergency

"Minimum wage is around $10.50 an hour not counting tips but I am paying my waitresses $15 an hour to start not counting tips and depending on work performance that can increase to as much as $20 an hour again not counting tips" Naruto says wanting to pay a bit more to minimum wage to not only incentivise people to show up to work but also motivate them to work harder and be polite to customers.

Nanis eyes widened In surprise at this information but she smiled and nodded

"As for work hours Kailua told me about your….situation" Naruto said with a apprehensive look not knowing how to bring this up

Nani frowned at this but nodded

"Don't worry I'm pretty flexible with family situations and tell you what you and your little sister eat here for free 4 times a week" Naruto said with a smile at Nani

Nani's eyes widened at this but she smiled and nodded at this"Thank you so much Mr Uzumaki" she said

"My friends call me Naruto and no need to thank me. I can see you are a hardworking and dedicated person Nani. Furthermore I find your dedication to taking care of your younger sister very commendable. Some people may criticize how you raise her or say that she should go to an orphanage so that she can maybe be adopted by an adult couple but I disagree. As an orphan myself I would have given anything to have an older sibling that was willing to put their life on hold and raise me like you have done so with your sister" Naruto said, causing Nani's eyes to widen and her to slightly tear up.

"Thank you Na- Mr Uzumaki" Nani said, quickly correcting herself after wiping the tears that were building up in her eyes. She had never had someone speak so passionately to her and commend her on how she has been dealing with everything regarding her little sister Lilo after the tragic passing of their parents last year.

Naruto chuckled at this knowing they would have to work on the whole her calling him Mr. Uzumaki thing "You start opening day this Friday and feel free to bring your little sister as well" he said as he took out a waitress uniform and handed it to her

Nani took the uniform and nodded as she left closing the door behind her

"Woo hoo!" Naruto heard her cheer as she left causing him to chuckle and smiled at this glad he could help someone who was a genuinely good person.

"She's hot huh?" Kailua's voice said making Naruto jump and turn around seeing his friend leaning against a wall with a smirk

"How long have you been there? and yes I will admit she is quite beautiful" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Oh only a few minutes, and just so you know….me and her have fooled around with each other" Kailua said with a husky voice causing Naruto's eyes to widen.

Naruto paused at this and blushed but composed himself and looked at Kailua" I'm gonna assume it's for stress relief?" he asked

"Yeah it started about a year or so ago when things were starting to get really bad for her and she was just really stressed all the time. She ended up having a really bad fight with her little sister and almost said something that would have crushed her little sister but realized what she was about to say and stopped herself just in time. Afterwards she called me up and we talked and it led to me inviting her over and the two of us fooling around. After that it become an as needed thing" Kailua explained

"So she is one of your F.W.B. too?" Naruto asked curiously with a raised eyebrow

"Actually she is the only F.W.B. that I have had before you and yeah at first but I'll admit I care about her quite a bit. Why do you think I asked you to help her?" Kailua said, having a soft smile on her face as she truly did care about Nani.

"I like this soft side of you" Naruto said with a smile as he approached Kailua

"Well don't worry I'm still your flirty little fuck buddy now let's go get dinner then we can go to your place for….dessert" Kailua said as she licked her lips sensually

"Sounds like a plan as you definitely deserve a reward for being such a good friend and a good girl...along with some punishment for riling me up with all that talk of you and Nani fucking each other" Naruto says leaning in to nibble on Kailua's ear as he gives her ass a spank making it jiggle.

"You wanna fuck her baby?" Kailua asked with a teasing look while suppressing a moan from Naruto's actions to her 'Only a few weeks into this FWB relationship and he already knows all my switches' she thinks to herself growing steadily more aroused

"I'm gonna just be her friend for now she doesn't need me getting in the way of her fixing her Ohana" Naruto said firmly

"You are such a sweetheart now let's go eat...unless you want to skip dinner and eat something else instead" Kailua said with a smile as she grabbed Naruto's hand

"As heavenly as that sounds I am actually hungry so let's grab some actual food before I 'eat out' dessert...though you should probably cover those up" he says giving her a peck on the cheek and flicking one of her nipples which were noticeable through her shirt due to her not only forgetting to wear a bra but also Naruto's ministrations turning her on.

Kailua shivered at this and adjusted her shirt to hide her erect nipples from being noticeable as they both left to get some takeout food so that they could eat it on the way to Naruto's so that they could then get right to having 'desert'.

(Few Days Later)

It was the day of the grand opening of Naruto's restaurant and him and his staff were getting ready

Naruto was at the front doors and saw that some people were already lining up to enter

Naruto turned to his staff and smiled "ok you all ready?" he asked as he got nods from everyone

Naruto nodded at his staff and turned around and opened the doors and let the people outside come in

"Welcome to the Rising Tide" a greeter said as she led a family to their table

several other greeters led some other customers to their tables and the waitresses took their orders

Several customers headed for the bar Naruto had set aside liking the colorful and tasty drinks he had

Naruto smiled as he saw some kids head straight for the arcade part of the building tucked away in the corner which he had equipped with arcade games and several televisions with game consoles attached to them

Naruto looked outside and saw Nani running over holding the hand of a little girl "Hi you must be Lilo right?" he said kneeling down to be at a similar level of height to the little girl

Lilo looked at Naruto curiously "Are you part cat?" she asked seeing his whisker marks

"Lilo! I am so sorry Mr. Uzumaki" Nani said not wanting her sister to be rude and apologizing to her boss

"You would not believe how many times I get asked that...and I said that you can call me Naruto" Naruto said with a chuckle as people thought he was part animal, wore makeup, or thought they were tattoos

"So have you eaten dinner yet Lilo? Naruto asked with a smile

Lilo shook her head at this

"Well you can have anything you want and dessert something chocolate" Naruto said knowing he had Nani as she loved chocolate

Nani was about to politely refuse the kind offer but the moment chocolate was mentioned she lost

"I'll save you a slice Nani as I know you want to get started working and don't worry I'll watch Lilo for you" Naruto said with a smile

Nani nodded and went into the back room to change into her work uniform

"OK Lilo let's get you some food first then cake OK?" Naruto said as he held Lilo's hand and led her to a table "What kind of cake do you want?" he asked

"Why do you have whiskers, are you a cat man?" Lilo asked him still on that topic

"Um that's a little complicated but I kinda see them as birthmarks" Naruto said to her as even he didn't know the true reason why

"So you have a birthmark like Nani?" Lilo asked curiously

""...She has a birthmark" Naruto asked curiously

"Yea it's shaped like a flower and it's on her lower back" Lilo said as she sat down

"Good to know" Naruto said fully intending on teasing her about her obvious tattoo

"Can I have chocolate cake?" Lilo asked

"Like I said, dinner first then cake but don't worry my place has all kinds of choices. What's your favorite dinner?" Naruto asked her wondering what the small girl wanted

"I like spaghetti because it looks like worms" Lilo said with a smile

Naruto snickered at this "It looks like a bunch of snakes to me" he said as she seemed rather interesting and had a very unique perspective


Naruto was sitting with Lilo and talking with her as she ate her cake since she ate her spaghetti

"Wow this is the best cake ever" Lilo said with a smile

"Thank you." Naruto said with a big smile

Lilo smiled back as she finished her cake

"Hey Lilo, are you being good?" Nani asked as she walked over to check on her

"She's been fine the whole time" Naruto said rubbing Lilo's head

"Yeah big bro gave me spaghetti and cake" Lilo said with a smile

"Big bro am I now?" Naruto asked her

"You feel like a big brother" Lilo said simply

"Well I'll take it as a complement." Naruto said with a smile

"Here wipe your face you got more cake on you then in you" Nani said as she took out a napkin and wiped Lilo face

Naruto smirked seeing Lilo pout being treated like a child which she absolutely was

Nani threw the napkin away once she was finished

"I have a few more hours left in my shift then we can head home" Nani said to her sister

"Don't worry I'll watch her she's been eyeballing the games area all night" Naruto said with a knowing look at Lilo

Nani chuckled rolling her eyes as she walked off "Nintendo only" she said knowing those games were appropriate for Lilo

"So… what game do you wanna play first?" Naruto asked Lilo

"smash bros" Lilo said with a smile

"Huh interesting" Naruto said finding that choice odd for a kid

(Few hours later)

Nani walked towards the game area and saw Naruto sitting with Lilo as they played smash bros

"Huh you're pretty good for a kid" Naruto said with a smile as they played

"Maybe your slow for your age" Lilo said with a smile as her character Samus beat Naruto's character Sora

"Hey I'm only 21 squirt" Naruto said with a laugh

Lilo joined in the laughter as she won the game "I win!" she said holding up her arms happily

"I bow to your greatness" Naruto said with a small bow at Lilo

Lilo giggled before yawning slightly

"Looks like it's bedtime for you" Nani said as she approached and picked Lilo up

"You go ahead and take her home I'll make sure you get your tips tomorrow" Naruto said with a smile

"Thank you so much for this." Nani said with a smile

"No problem Nani" Naruto said with his own smile as Nani and Lilo left "Hmm I kinda see that flower birthmark she told me looks good" he said with a smirk

Nani paused at this and blushed a bit as she quickly left

Naruto chuckled at this and walked over to Nani's tip jar and put a fee 20s in there before he went back to his rounds around the restaurant

(months later)

It had been a few months since Naruto opened his restaurant and he was doing pretty good with his business. Currently it was the dinner shift and Naruto was in the back doing some paperwork

He then heard some yells out in the restaurant area and when he ran out he saw that the stage was on fire where one of his performers David was

Naruto rushed over and put out the flames with the fire extinguisher while giving David a raised eyebrow.

Naruto then took notice of Lilo at a table talking with her new pet.

"This is your badness level. It's extremely high for someone your size. We need to fix that." Lilo said

"Lilo, your dog cannot sit at the table." Nani scolded as she walked over

"Stitch is troubled." Lilo said before smiling. "He wants deserts!"

"You haven't even finished your sweet potatoes, I thought you liked them." Nani said, picking up the plates.

"Deserts!" Lilo cheerfully demanded

"Better do what the little lady says Nani." Naruro said, walking up from behind his friend with a smile. "Hi ya Lilo."

"Hi Naruto." Lilo said waving at him excitedly

"And who's this little guy?" Naruto said smiling down at the blue alien

"This is Stitch." Lilo introduced

"Hey there Stitch." Naruto said as he looked at Lilo's new pet

Stitch looked at Naruto and sniffed at him curiously

"So this little guy is your pet dog huh." Naruto said, looking Stitch over as he set down two plates of coconut cake only for Stitch to gobble them both up at once.

"Hungry little guy huh?" Naruto chuckled

"Hey!" Lilo said upset Stitch at her piece too Stitch spit out both pieces and pushed one back to Lilo.

"Don't sweat it Lilo I'll get you some on the house you eat up Stitch." Naruto smiled before looking over at a nearby table where two very, very, very poorly dressed aliens sat.

'Humans can't be that blind can they?' Naruto thought a bit embarrassed of his own species.

Naruto shrugged at this and headed back to the back and got more cake and as he came back out he saw one of the aliens trying to lure Stitch to him with what looked like Alien meat

When the big Alien grabbed stitch he started to fight back and started causing a ruckus

Naruto instantly ran over and pulled stitch away firm the big Alien

"Hey no trying to take my Littles sister's pet in my place so I'm afraid...YER OUTTA HERE!" Naruto shouted, throwing both aliens out by their collars screaming into the distance.

The screaming duo crashed into a nearby garbage can causing it to fall over.

"Here you go Lilo" Naruto said as he gave Lilo a fresh piece of cake

Lilo nodded and smiled as she ate her cake

"Sorry about Stitch" Nani said as she walked over

"Relax Nani it's OK things happen" Naruto said with a smile as he patted Nani on the head causing Nani to blush lightly and nod as she got back to work

Naruto chuckled as he watched Nani leave

"She likes your whiskers she thinks they make you look mysterious and wild, I know because I read it in her diary" Lilo said simply as she drew a new picture

Naruto paused at this and then chuckled at Lilo. "You're a little trouble maker aren't you?" he asked

"Nani calls me a gremlin" Lilo said with a smile

Naruto laughed at this "if she calls you that again be sure to say bright light!" he said as he ruffled her hair affectionately as he left

FYI Kailua is the blonde lifeguard from the first Lilo and Stitch movie she didn't have a name so she was given an OC one