(Naruto's restaurant)

Naruto was at the rising tide getting the restaurant ready for the day like he always did

"You know if you're gonna watch someone I suggest you use a different paper" Naruto said as he saw the man in his restaurant and across the street always at the same spots where he had a clear view of sight of him

"You're observant for someone so young" the man said as he put down his paper

"And you're not as dumb as I expect most people from what is it CIA" Naruto said as he had a hard time pinning out

"Former actually you can call me Bubbles" he said in a serious tone

Naruto bit his cheek at this as it sounded hilarious

"Yea yea I know" the man said

"Ok that is clearly a handle you have or your mother really screwed you over name wise"

"At least I'm not named after a ramen topping" Bubbles said with a small challenging grin

Naruto paused at this before he laughed "Got me there" he said with a nod

"You can call me Cobra if you want Mr Uzumaki" Cobra said to him

"Little better so sure ,anyway what brings you here Cobra?" Naruto asked as he then froze "I recognize you now" he said to him calmly "you were definitely doing bigger jobs than this how have you been and why are you so focused on Nani and Lilo?" he asked him wondering how he got to them of all people

"I'm with social services now and I want to ask you some questions about Nani Pelekai" Cobra said as he took off his sunglasses

Naruto gave the man a neutral and calm look, but Cobra saw right past this as he saw someone who would do something drastic "Nani is trying" he said to her "and Lilo is having trouble adjusting being one so young losing their parents I know the feeling" he said as Cobra picked up Naruto was an orphan himself

"Let me ask you this, do you think they have the emotional potential to still be a family?" Cobra asked him as stepping up as a guardian when one was a sister was a big step and for one to connect to the only family they had left after losing the rest of their family was a difficult thing for a child to adapt or accept

"Lilo needs others she's not anti social but she's reaching out maybe a little to hard and in her own way but she'll grow into it and Nani well she is trying to be there for her sister she has more potential than you or I know" Naruto said as Nani had surprised him at how hard she was trying

"I see...what is your relationship to Nani?" Cobra asked as a person's relationship sometimes made certain opinions worth less or worth more

"I'm her friend and boss here at the restaurant" Naruto said a slight edge in his voice

"And have you seen how Lilo's home life is?" Cobra asked him simply

"Yeah" Naruto said as that was gonna be a difficult thing to answer as he had to admit both sisters were slobs and he often helped them clean up

"I heard from Lilo that you pick her up from school sometimes" Cobra said

"Yeah, what about it? Naruto asked with a slight edge

"Please calm yourself Mr Uzumaki I know she is trying I'm just doing my job I'm not against them at all"Cobra said as years in the CiA was telling him that Naruto was getting angry despite his cool demeanor

Naruto composed himself after hearing this "Ok yes I do pick Lilo up from school sometimes so Nani can pick up a extra shift if she wants" he said truthfully

"Not a lot of bosses would go the extra mile to help one of their employees" Cobra said giving him a look that suggested he knew there had to be more to their relationship

"Well I like to help those that need it it's called being a decent human being" Naruto said to him

"Naruto helps a lot of people can ask anyone he's a major part of the communty" Kailua said as she was a few feet from them giving Cobra a look "plus if Naruto was sleeping with Nani as you are clearly trying to insinuate I would know" she said sitting down with them "that's your que to get the fuck outta here" she said as she was a customer and he couldn't do jack to her

"Hey babe" Naruto said with a smile

"Ah, your girlfriend Mr Uzumaki ? Cobra asked as he took a few notes

"And you clearly didn't hear me when I said to piss off" Kailua said to him without batting an eye

"Babe it's ok he's only been a 5 out of 10 at most at annoying me" Naruto said as he patted Kailua on the shoulder

Kailua nodded at this and backed off knowing Naruto could handle this

"Look I help Nani because she's my friend no more no less and she has been a hard worker here and you can ask my other workers" Naruto said firmly to Cobra

Cobra nodded at this as he could tell Naruto was telling the truth since despite him being intimidating he could tell Naruto couldn't tell a convincing lie "Very well thank you for answering my questions Mr Uzumaki" he said as he got up to leave

Naruto nodded at this "And yes Kailua is my girlfriend so be sure to write that down" he said as Cobra left

Naruto turned to Kailua who was looking at him wide eyed "what?" he asked

"I'm your girlfriend?" Kailua asked curiously as she felt butterflies in her stomach

"Well…. we have been pretty much living together for a few months now so I thought…." Naruto said trailing off

Kailua smiled at this and hugged Naruto "You are to innocent" she said with a teasing grin but with her predatory eyes it made it seem less innocent

Before Naruto could answer Nani came in panting from running "sorry I'm late" she said to Naruto stumbling in

"It's fine Nani your only a minute late" Naruto said with a smile

"Where's the squirt today?" Kailua asked with a smile at her friend

"Since it's the weekend she's exploring the island with Stitch" Nani said as she clocked In for work

"And she will come in for lunch" Naruto said with a nod as this was a regular thing

"So you decide who's getting promoted to manager yet babe? Kailua asked Naruto with a smile

"Yep the person is very capable despite being a minute late" Naruto said making Nani freeze up

"You're making me manager?" Nani asked in surprise

"Absolutely you're a hard worker and you are the most organized person here plus there is a raise included,'' Naruto said with a smile at Nani so you want the job? he asked

Nani smiled and nodded her head "absolutely but would the hours be-" she was saying before she was interrupted

"The hours would actually be more stable than they are for you now so don't worry" Naruto said reassuringly

Nani nodded again at this with a smile "I'll take the job Mr Uzumaki" she said happily

Naruto sighed at this as Nani left to get changed into her work uniform "I said call me Naruto" he said rolling his eyes

"I know a way to make her call you by your name" Kailua said with a smirk

"Behave" Naruto said as he poked Kailua on the forehead

"Can't help it" Kailua said to him teasingly "plus you know it's true all I can do is call your name when we're alone" she said with a small blush

"Behave or i'll make you" Naruto said as he instantly regretted his wording as she smiled even more

"Oh I like the sound of that" Kailua said pressing herself against him

(next day)

"Ah" Naruto said seeing Stitch try and steal Lilo's food "you get your own plate" he said to him giving him the stink eye daring him to take Lilo's food

Stitch crossed his arms and grumbled

"Here have some meatloaf" Naruto said as he placed a plate of meatloaf in front of stitch

Stitch sniffed at the food curiously

"Look how curious the puppy is" Lilo said with a smile

"Ooooooooo meat!" Stitch said before he started to eat

Naruto quirked an eyebrow at this 'ok definitely not a dog' he thought to himself as he walked towards the back room he saw the two aliens he threw out the other night enter the restaurant

Naruto sighed at this and headed into the back to put some dishes in the sink and as he did so he counted down from five to zero and then he heard a scream

"Sir that dog is fighting with a -" a worker said as he came Into the room

"On it" Naruto said interrupting the worker as he walked past him and saw that indeed Stitch was fighting with the disguised aliens again

Naruto quickly ran over and pulled Stitch off the big one

"Alright this is the second time you two have tried this so you are going to wait here until we close and then explain to me why you tried to abduct Stitch here...Stitch head on back to Lilo" Naruto says with a glare at Jumba and Pleakely as Stitch pulled his eyelid down at them and stuck his tongue out before walking away

After the restaurant had closed for the night Naruto was standing in front of Jumba and Pleakely with his arms crossed "Alright spill why are you after Stitch?"

"We have no idea what you are meaning?" Jumba says

"Cut the crap I know you both are aliens and given how you don't have holo-guises your not here on vacation so you're either refugees or on a mission for the Galactic Federation" Naruto says surprising the two

"You know about the Federation?" Pleakely asks

"Ah Ha you are being an alien yourself!" Jumba says with a grin

"Technically speaking yeah I am and yes I know about the Federation as I am one of their agents" Naruto says

Pleakely's eye widens before he snaps a salute "Sir!" he says respectfully

Naruto sighs seeing this "Alright enough of that I am on vacation/semi-retired now what the heck are you two doing here and what does it have to do with Stitch?" he asks

(one explanation later)

"Oh jeez your that quack scientist Baa-chan was talking about before I retired" Naruto said as he slapped his forehead and looked at Jumba

"I prefer the term evil genius" Jumba said puffing out his chest

"Oh yeah that's much better" Naruto said flatly pinching the bridge of his nose "Look from what I have seen Stitch aka your Experiment 626 doesn't seem to be this WMD like you say he is. Sure he is a bit rough around the edges and has a bit of an attitude but that doesn't mean he is a threat. Not to mention how he is really important to Lilo. That being the case here is what's going to happen. First you are going to stop trying to capture him. Second, when you get a chance you are going to contact the Galactic Federation and advise them of the situation. However space communication is a bit spotty in this sector so that could take a bit. Third and finally when you do manage to communicate with them you will then report what they say to me first before any action is taken…is that understood?"

"Uh, not to be rude but why should we listen to you?" Pleakely asked

"Yeah you're not high ranking member of Federation are you?" Jumba asked

Before Naruto could respond he heard someone yell out to him

"Mr Uzumaki I am off now but I start monday as the manager right? Nani asked

"Yes Nani that is right don't forget your tips and have a good night and weekend" Naruto with a smile

Nani nodded and looked at her tip jar and her eyes widened at the fact she had several 50s in there

"Naruto did it" Lilo said with a smile as her and Stitch approached

Nani blushed at this and made a mental note to try and make this up to Naruto later

"M-Mr Uzumaki?" Pleakely asked his eye wide as he recognized that name

After Nani had left and was out of earshot Naruto turned back to the two aliens "Now where were we?...Oh yes to answer your question I am in a fact a high ranking officer in the Federation and if thats not incentive to listen to me then maybe you should ask that space gerbil with the ego the size of a sector what happens when you cross me" he says narrowing his eyes before walking off leaving a shaking Pleakely and intrigued Jumba.

"Who is this Uzumaki?" Jumba whispered to Pleakely

"He is one of if not the most decorated and infamous agents of the Galactic Federation having brought in more Threat Level 9 and 10 Dangerous Criminals than any other Agent in the history of the Galactic Federation despite only having been an Agent for a few years. He single handedly ended the threat of the Machina Vampires and their Count. Drove back the Flynt Zealots to the Flynt Sector through fear alone after he eradicated the entire crew of one of their battleships. He also captured the Evil Dr. Hamsterviel" Pleakely says explaining several of Naruto's feats as an Agent

"He's the one who captured Hamsterviel?" Jumba asked wondering who it was who captured his business partner

"Yes and that rat sold you out within minutes! Why do you think the Federation found your secret lab so fast after he was caught?" Pleakely said raising his hands in the air above his head

Jumba placed his hand under his chin in interest as they watched Naruto behind his counter helping to clean up

"hmmmm we should observe 626 with this boy before we call" Jumba thinks to himself wanting to see how his greatest creation would interact with the greatest agent of the Galactic Federation.

(the next day)

Naruto was at home for the weekend while Kailua was getting ready for her shift as a lifeguard

"Babe you need to get out a bit just because I'm not here doesn't mean you should be lazy" Kailua says with her hand on her hip having turned around to see Naruto laying on the couch

"I'm not lazy I have my video games" Naruto said

"Can't believe I'm dating a nerd" Kailua said with a chuckle

"Oi don't act like you don't enjoy video games yourself…Besides this "Nerd" seems to have something you can't get enough of no matter how many hours it has you screaming in pleasure" Naruto says with a sly grin

"….True" Kailua said with a smirk licking her lips as her gaze drifts to a certain bulging outline down the right leg of Naruto's shorts

"Look if you want I'll go out today but I expect you naked and ready in my bed when I get home" Naruto said with a grin knowing his girlfriend would agree instantly

"Deal!" Kailua said before an idea entered her mind "Hey babe have you learned to surf yet?" she asked

"Not yet why?" Naruto said as he got up off the couch to get ready to go out.

"I know someone who is a expert at surfing that can teach you Kailua said

"Sounds good I will meet them at the beach" Naruto says before walking past Kailua and getting a yelp and moan out of her as he gave her sexy ass a spank and her earlobe a nibble teasing her.

Kailua smirked at this as she took out her phone and texted Nani "I will have my threesome… I swear it" she thought, licking her lips and rubbing her thighs together to try and quell her growing desire to take the day off and spend it in bed with Naruto after that spank and ear nibble he gave her.

(Later with Naruto)

Naruto arrived at the beach where Kailua texted him to meet her friend who would teach him to surf. Suddenly he felt something hug his legs and looked down and smiled at seeing Lilo

"Hi Naruto!" Lilo said with a smile

"Hey Lilo, are you spending the day at the beach today?" Naruto asked, rubbing the top of the girl's head.

"Yup Nani said she is meeting someone to teach how to surf so she decided to take me and Stitch and make it a family day" Lilo said as she gestured to Stitch who was sniffing at the sand

Naruto paused at this before he sighed "damn it Kailua" he thought knowing what his girlfriend was trying to do. He then looked at Lilo and smiled "Well it looks like Nani is supposed to be teaching me to surf he said while mentally making a note to "Punish" Kailua for her little trick later that night.

Lilo smiled at this and looked behind her "Hey Nani I found your student!" she yelled

Naruto looked where Lilo was looking and paused as he saw Nani running over getting a slight blush on the blonde as he saw Nani's chest bounce in her blue and green horizontal striped bikini top accompanied by her bikini bottoms that almost seemed to strain against her sexy thicc waist and hips

Nanis eyes widened in surprise when she saw Naruto in nothing but some orange swim Trunks which did gave her an open view of his chiseled swimmer's body the sight of which caused her to blush slightly having never seen someone so toned yet not overly so with bulging muscles like that of a professional bodybuilder.

Naruto chuckled at this "I didn't know you surfed" he said as he noticed the surfboard she was carrying

Nani shook her head to regain her focus after seeing Naruto's shirtless body and looked at Naruto "Yeah I have been surfing since I was a kid" she said with a smile thinking back to when she used to surf in competitions

"Well if your smile is any indication then you definitely know what your talking about so let's get started" Naruto said with his own smile

"Can I help teach you?" Lilo asked wanting to help

"Of course you can" Naruto said with a smile at the child getting a enthusiastic cheer from her and a smile from Nani


it had been a little bit since Nani had started trying to teach Naruto to surf. The only problem was…He was horrible

Naruto couldn't keep his balance on the board while it was in the water, leading to Nani having him practice for a bit with it on the beach and correcting him on his footing.

"No your right foot needs to go a bit further back like so" Nani says, reaching down and gripping Naruto's thigh to slide his leg back before her eyes widen in shock "Holy Crap! Was that what I think it was and its not even hard?...How the hell can Kailua take that?!" she thinks to herself after her hand had brushed up against what she assumed was Naruto's dick

Naruto didn't notice as he tried to figure this surfing thing out and fell over when a bunch of seaweed hit him in the head

Nani and Naruto looked and saw Stitch laughing and rolling on the sand whole Lilo giggled

"Oh yeah laugh it up" Naruto said as he took the seaweed off his head and threw it at Stitch who gagged in disgust as some fell into his open mouth


Meanwhile nearby Jumba and Pleakely were watching nearby

"Such a strange activity " Jumba said

"You'd think one of the greatest agents of the Galactic Federation would have better balance skills" Pleakely said finding this humorous

"I find it interesting that he's able to keep 626 calm and help the little girl teach him things" Jumba said as he continued to observe Stitch as he waited his turn as Naruto and Nani passed out lunches

"Not uncommon I heard he has quite the abilities taming wild beasts" Pleakely said

"Yes mindless beasts but 626 was designed only to destroy and is not mindless beast but has intelligence rivaling that of super computer" Jumba states

"Maybe he bribed him" Pleakely suggested

Jumba rolled his eyes at this as they continued to observe


Naruto was finally starting to get the hang of surfing though Nani was still miles better then him

"Yeah baby - oh sh-" Naruto said as a big wave knocked him off his board "Dang it! I had it going, I think the ocean hates me" he said

Nani just chuckled at this as she rolled her eyes

"Maybe you upset pudge" Lilo said

"Pudge?" Naruto asked

"He's a fish that controls the weather" Lilo said

"That sounds so awesome" Naruto said with a chuckle

"Ahem." Everyone looked up to see Cobra Bubbles standing nearby

"Oh great this guy" Naruto muttered

Nani walked over holding Lilos hand

"I have good news, I just got through talking to my higher ups and it's looking good, keep up the good work… you do realize you have seaweed on you right?" Bubbles said

Nani looked to see she had some strands of seaweed sticking out of her bathing suit "Naruto!" she said as the blonde hair male laughed

"Finally got you to use my first name" Naruto said with a sly smile causing Nani's eyes to widen before she blushed slightly and her eye twitched.

Cobra chuckled at this and looked at Stitch and Lilo "Good job on making your dog a model citizen" he said

Lilo nodded at this while Stitch blew a raspberry at Cobra causing the man to raise an eyebrow

"Somewhat" Naruto said with a shrug

Cobra nodded at this before he left

"Well the sun is setting I think I'll head home but here" Naruto said as he reached into his duffle bag and pulled out his wallet and took out some money and handed it to Nani

"What's this for?" she asked

"For being a fantastic teacher" Naruto said with a smile

"I can't take this your a friend and I am more than happy to teach you" Nani said

"Trust me beautiful you need this more than I do and you earned it putting up with my abysmal skills at the start" Naruto said

"Yeah he was like a rock trying to surf" Lilo said with a nod of her something which Stitch copied

"Hey I'm more intelligent than a rock squirt" Naruto said with a look at the girl and her dog

"By the way." Nani said before she dropped seaweed on his head "Payback for the seaweed in my swimsuit" she said with a laugh

"Well played,by the way i like your laugh " Naruto said as he picked up his duffle bag and left

Nani blushed at this and watched as Naruto left

"I think he won that one" Lilo said with a smile at her sister

"Eh" Stitch said with a nod

"Oh who asked you two" Nani said with a pout getting a chuckle from the two "Come on you two gremlins let's go home" Nani said

"bright light!" Lilo yelled with a smile remembering what Naruto told her to say if Nani called her that again

Nani groaned at this

Meanwhile she was unaware of Stitch who had snuck up behind her with a few small crabs in his hand. The little experiment jumped up and pulled Nani's bikini top back, slipping two crabs into them before grabbing her bottoms on the way down, slipping another crab in them. Needless to say this resulted in Nani letting out a loud shriek as the tiny crabs pinched at her breasts and butt resulting in her scrambling to pull them out of her swimsuit while Lilo and Stitch watched on laughing.

"You do realize she's gonna put you on a diet for this" Lilo said

"Eh worth it" Stitch said thinking that even if Nani put him on a diet he was still going to get coconut cake from Naruto as part of their payment for pranking Nani.

(with Jumba and Pleakely)

Jumba and Pleakely were nearby behind some rocks

"Looks like Mr Uzumaki was right" Pleakely said

"Yes yes I suppose so" Jumba said

"I'll call the grand councilwoman" Pleakely said as he took out his communicator

Only for it to spark

"I told you going into the water with that was a mistake" Jumba said

"This is bad if we don't check in she's gonna send someone to take 626 by force" Pleakely said in a panic

"Maybe whisker boy has a way to contact them" Jumba said

"That's a good idea…..but we don't know where he lives" Pleakely said in realization

"This is not good" Jumba said

(with Naruto)

Naruto sighed as he entered his house "She is so going to get me back for that crab thing" he muttered to himself as he entered his bedroom where Kailua was

"Hey babe you have fun seeing Nani in her swimsuit?" Kailua asked

"I thought that's what you were up to" Naruto said with a smirk

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Kailua said in a fake innocent tone.

"Hmm I bet…" Naruto says with a grin as he walks over to Kailua and lifts her up slinging her over his shoulder in a caveman carry getting a yelp out of her as he firmly grips her ass "It would seem you need some punishment" Naruto says as he begins walking towards the bedroom.

"What you gonna do to me stud?" Kailua moaned

"The more pressing question is what am I NOT going to do to you" Naruto says firmly kneading her ass as they enter the bedroom and he kicks the door shut behind him. A few moments later the sounds of Kailua moaning and screaming while Naruto growls and grunts could be heard

(with Nani)

Nani sighed as she got out of the shower wrapping a towel around her body and walked back into her room before she sat on her bed smiling as she enjoyed herself teaching Naruto and watching him mess up before he got a somewhat hold on it

She blushed a bit as she remembered his toned physique, not to mention when she accidently brushed up against his package with her hand. Just remembering the brief contact with it through his swim shorts sent a shiver up her spine. Nani had to admit that she had started to develop feelings for the blonde as he was incredibly kind to her, very attractive, had helped her out when she really needed it, and not to mention Lilo simply adored him.

Plus she remembered what Kailua whispered to her a few weeks ago

'Anytime you wanna share Naruto just say the word'

Nani had initially thought her friend-and part time stress relief-was simply being her usual joking self but as the weeks passed and her feelings for Naruto began to grow and develop she had started to entertain the idea of maybe taking her up on the offer.

(Lime Start)

"Lilo and Stitch are asleep so as long as I am quiet I should be able to do this" Nani thought to herself as she let her towel drop revealing her nude body as she prepared to have some "alone time" as thinking of Naruto and then Kailua's offer had got her a bit excited.

She began to rub her breasts imagining it was Naruto or even Kailua doing it to her, their hands gripping and rubbing her breasts occasionally moving to and lightly pinching or rubbing her nipples making them hard.

Nani held back her moans as her hands slipped from her breasts sliding down her curvy toned body and smooth flawless tanned skin. She imagined that Naruto was laying light kisses down her body as he grew closer and closer to her nether lips resulting in Nani's arousal to grow.

Her hands reached her moist flower her fingers tracing her outer lips as she imagined it was Naruto's tongue sending a shiver up her spine before she gasped as she slipped her middle and ring fingers into her her now dripping pussy and began rubbing her walls in a almost undulating scraping motion.

She adjusted her position on the bed so that now her head is on a pillow in an attempt to muffle her growing gasps and moans of pleasure as she sat with her ass in the air as she explored her leaking pussy imagining that Naruto was now probing her with his dick

"Ah its been too long since I have been able to relax like this" Nani thinks to herself as she continues to fantasize "I just wish I had an actual dildo to use as my fingers are nothing compared to what I felt by accident" she continued as her fingers paled in size comparison to what she felt of Naruto's dick. Though it was all she had available to her as there was no way she could keep a didlo in her room let alone the house, not when Lilo had a penchant for going into her room and rummaging through her stuff…or reading her diary.

Her breathing began to pick up as she imagined Naruto thrusting into her untouched pussy

Slipping one of her hands up Nani began to massage one of her breasts again imagining that Kailua had joined in and was now massaging and suckling her breasts like she would when the two would relieve stress together.

"Yes yes yes…cumming!" Nnai yelled mentally as she buried her face into her pillow to muffle her scream of pleasure as her whole body shook due to climaxing. Her fingers slipped out of her twitching and spasming pussy falling to the bed as her hips and thighs twitched and spasmed in the aftereffects of her orgasm.

Thoroughly exhausted and heavily panting, Nani managed to slip under the blankets of her bed and began to drift off to sleep, her thoughts filled with fantasies of being with Naruto, Kailua, and even both. Unknown to her said people were still in the middle of their own carnal activities and would continue to be for the next several hours and into the early morning

(Lime End)

(the next day)

Naruto was setting up shop getting ready to open up the restaurant when he heard a familiar voice crying out in the distance

"Naruto! We got trouble! Really BIG TROUBLE!" Pleakely cried out as he and Jumba ran towards him

"Whoa Pleakely settle down what's going on?" Naruto asked

"It is Gantu, he has come for 626!" Jumba stated shocking Naruto knowing this would put Lilo and Nani in danger

"Why the heck has Gantu come for Stitch?!" Naruto nearly yelled

"We weren't able to call the grand councilwoman and she said she would send gantu if we didn't check in regularly" Pleakely said

"Ah shit so when is he getting here?" Naruto asked before he heard his phone ring and picked it up "Hello?"

"Aliens are attacking my house!" Lilo yelled from the other end of the phone call

"Shit" Naruto muttered

he then heard Stitch laughing maniacally while a chainsaw was revving

"oh good Stitch found the chainsaw!" Lilo yelled before she hung up

Before Naruto could even react an explosion was heard causing the trio to look over in the direction of where Nani and Lilo's house was and see some smoke rising up and the sound of a engine powering up

"Shit thats not good…Okay you two need to get to your ship and prep it for liftoff. I am going to go and see if what I think happened just happened. If it did the I will meet you two at your ship and we will go and rescue them" Naruto said as he grabbed a backpack with some of his old equipment just in case

"You know where my ship is?" Jumba asked

"Please you two can't hide anything from me…not to mention you didn't even cover it with anything leaving it perfectly visible in the woods" Naruto said as he left and began running towards Nani and Lilo's house.

As he ran over he saw what looked like a spaceship taking off into the sky

"Damn it Gantu" Naruto said with a scowl as he saw the space captain in the front of the ship while Lilo was in a capture pod at the back with Stitch clawing at it trying to free her only to get blasted off by the engines of the ship.

Naruto then noticed Nani trying to run after the ship before it took off flying before she then picked up a tree branch and smack Stitch who had come stumbling out of a bush

"Talk, I know you can!" Nani yelled the stick raised to hit him again

Stitch looked at Nani and sighed "Okay okay" revealing his extra arms and antennae

Nani then screamed in surprise as she hit him again sending him flying

"Wow nice swing Nani" Naruto said actually impressed by how far she sent Stitch given his increased weight

"Naruto! some giant whale came and took Lilo!" Nani yelled

"I know, I know, I'm going to get her back, I promise"

"What how!?" Nani yelled near hysterically

"I have a ship that we can use. As for you Stitch we are gonna mount a rescue" Naruto said as he helped Stitch to his feet

"Oooh blaster?" Stitch said with a wide grin

"Nope sorry little dude no blaster for you as we can't risk causing Gantu's ship to blow up" Naruto said

"Naga! Lilo Ohana" Stitch said as he shook his head

Naruto smiled at this and patted Stitch on the head glad he had his priorities straight

"I'm coming with you!" Nani said as she approached Naruto and Stitch

"Look I don't think-" Naruto was saying before Nani grabbed him by his shirt

"I'm...coming… with...you." Nani said with a heated glare

"...Welcome aboard!" Naruto said sweating slightly at the glare before turning to glare at Stitch who was quietly snickering and moving his arm as if someone was cracking a whip

"Quiet you furball now let's move!" Nani yelled at them both as they left

"Jeez and I thought Amelia had a mean streak" Naruto thought as he led the way


Gantu smiled smugly as he readied to contact the Grand Councilwoman until he heard a horn and saw Jumba's ship and saw Stitch rubbing his butt on the window at him he sputtered in surprise at this before his call connected

"Captain Gantu, did you complete your mission?" Zowell asked over the comm

"I'm going to have to call you back" Gantu said angrily growling as he hung up

"Ok you fat sack of blubber! you have 30 seconds to bring your ship down before I kick your ass like I always do!" Naruto yelled over a intercom on the ship

they then heard a smacking sound on the other end of the conversation

"Language! Lilo can hear you!" Nani yelled

"Ah Agent Uzumaki, I suppose a trade. You won't want to harm my ship with this child on it, so I give you the child you give me the abomination" Gantu said over his own intercom

"Agent?" Nani repeated

"I'll explain that later… You have a deal Gantu" Naruto said as he hung up

"Huh?!" Stitch said

"Relax I have a plan as soon as he lands i'll fire a EMP grenade and cripple his ship that's your cue to go save Lilo" Naruto said to Stitch

Stitch nodded at this

(15 minutes later)

"Okay I landed, try anything like that EMP prank years back and I will take her back" Gantu said as their ships landed

"Shit I thought he forgot about that" Naruto muttered

"Stupid head" Stitch said as he slapped his head at marutos idiocy

"Well how was I supposed to know he had that good of memory" Naruto said

Gantu walked over carrying Lilo in her pod but before he could open it a light shined down on them. They all looked up and saw it was a Galactic Federation ship.

"Oh no." Naruto muttered as the ship slowly landed and the front doors opened showing Zowell as they all watched her walk down with soldiers "Hey Bachan" Naruto said nervously with a wave

"Quiet you, I have had to go all over the place cleaning up that mess you made on Alpha 9 and now this" Zowell said

"Alpha 9? that was years ago" Naruto said

"Exactly! That's how long it took" Zowell said

"How was I supposed to know that compliment I gave was considered a marriage proposal" Naruto said

"Grand Councilwoman I can explain." Gantu said interjecting into the conversation

"Explain what, you took a child hostage!" Zowell yelled

"That violates what no contact and sentient life laws along with that right" Naruto asked plainly

"If he hadn't gotten in my way I could've safely retrieved the experiment but this one jumps in"

"Nagga you call her snack!" Stitch yelled making the soldiers look at him surprised as they didn't think Stitch could actually talk

"For you, you little monster" Gantu said

"Enough of this, you release her, soldiers prepare to take 626 on board." Zowell said looking at Gantu then her soldiers

"Stitch!" Stitch yelled as the soldiers approached him

"What?" Zowell asked

"My name Stitch" Stitch said proudly and with dignity

"Fine soldiers take Stitch–" she was saying before she paused in realization and looked at Stitch

"Does Stitch have to go on the ship?" Stitch asked sadly

"Yes." Zowell said slowly trying to comprehend what she was seeing

"Can Stitch say goodbye?" Stitch asked politely

"Yes." Zowell said as she watched calmly

"Okay" Stitch said as he walked over to Nani and the now freed Lilo who hugged him

"Seems I came at the right time" Cobra said from behind Naruto making him jump

"God! Someone needs to put a bell on you shades!" Naruto said pointing at Cobra

"Lilo didn't you buy him at the pet shelter?" Cobra asked having an idea

Lilo nodded and took out the license she was given and ran over to Zowell "Hey I bought Stitch and have the license if you take him you're stealing" she said holding up the license to her which she took and looked at before she smiled

"Earth has it's laws too" Naruto said with a smirk

"Quiet you" Zowell said without looking at her surrogate grandson

"yes Bachan" Naruto said automatically

"You, have we met?" Zowell asked looking at Cobra

"Roswell, CIA." Cobra said as he took off his sunglasses

"Oh yes you had hair back then" Zowell said as she remembered him differently

"Look Bachan you banished Stitch right? why not have him stay here since earth is out of the way?" Naruto asked

"Fine she owns him but you are to monitor him and these two" Zowell said pointing to Jumba and Pleakely

"Yeah I thought you'd say that" Naruto said with a sigh as he knew all his pranks over his space career would catch up to him

"Consider this payback for all the paperwork you had me do at Alpha 9" Zowell said

"It was one time" Naruto said under his breath

"They had to use special made chemicals to remove all those paint stains and graffiti" Zowell said

"Ha nice" Naruto said feeling proud

"Hush" She said smacking him on the head

"Love you too bachan" Naruto groaned as he held his head

"This is gonna be tricky to explain back at HQ" Cobra said

"Yes same here but at least you don't have a adopted grandson that is the reason for half your paperwork" Zowell said with a sigh

"Grandson?" Nani asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow

"Yeah I'll explain that later too" Naruto said rubbing the back of his head

"Does Kailua know?" Nani asked

"uhhhhh…" Naruto said not having a answer for that

"That's a no" Lilo said knowing that look as she made it all the time when caught in a lie

"Just know whatever Stitch or Jumba does it will be your responsibility to fix" Zowell said

"I think I'm getting my own headache" Naruto muttered

"Consider it karma catching up with you I'll be sending someone to check on you now and then" Zowell said as she headed for her ship

"Is it gonna be who I think it is?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow as he knew his grandmother she was to conniving for her own good something he felt she got from him

Zowell smiled lightly at this before she entered her ship

"Oh boy" Naruto muttered as the ship took off

"Ok explanation now" Nani said with a no nonsense look

"Ok ok I'll explain but let's go get Kailua at the restaurant first I don't wanna explain this multiple times" Naruto said

"Eh" Stitch said still in his restraints

"I'm half tempted to keep you in them." Naruto said

Stitch then growled and started to bang his cuffed hands on Naruto's leg

"Ow! OK ok calm down you little freak!" Naruto yelled as he tried to grab Stitch

"Meega no freak! I'm cute and fluffy!" Stitch yelled

Nani sighed at this "I'm in love with a idiot" she grumbled to herself

(Half an hour later at Naruto's Restaurant)

Naruto and the others were inside his restaurant all gathered around a table

Naruto had just finished his explanation to everyone

"So, you're an alien and top agent in this Galactic Federation?" Nani asked

"Eh I was more freelance I did missions I wanted to do" Naruto said with a shrug

"Well the alien thing explains a few things." Kailua muttered

"If you are referring to what I think you are referring to I will have you know that is all natural and that my people were basically what you would consider Humans as well just in a different part of the galaxy" Naruto said

"You're like Starlord, only Starlord is slightly cooler" Lilo said as she ate some spaghetti

"... That hurt" Naruto said putting a hand over his chest pretending to be hurt

"Who is this Lord of Stars?" Jumba asked

"Later, now as for you four eyes. Anything else you got in your giant sleeve that could give me a headache later?" Naruto asked

"What makes you think he's gonna cause problems." Peakley asked

"Stitch is number 626" Naruto said simply as he looked at Jumba

"Correct I made six hundred and twenty five other genetic experiments before making 626" Jumba said sounding proud

"and now I have a headache" Naruto said as he held his head

"Don't worry I have them in safe place" Jumba said

"I'll believe that when I see it" Naruto said

"Well for now we need to discuss your house" Cobra said looking at Nani

"No problem me and these two can help you fix it up" Naruto said as he grabbed Jumba and Pleakely's arms

Nani nodded at this glad Naruto was gonna help

"So you were a space agent and you retired to run a restaurant….sounds like a bad plot" Kailua said

"Ah who asked you" Naruto said as he waved his hand dismissively before Kailua could say anything Nani pulled her to the side and whispered into her ear. The blonde lifeguards eyes widened at this before she smirked at what she was just told

(space prison)

Inside a cell in a space prison in deep space what looked like a space gerbil was looking at a newspaper which had a picture of Naruto and Stitch with the others along with the headline Agent Uzumaki reforms evil experiment!

"So that silly agent with the stupid whiskers thinks he can turn my experiments good….we will see" he said as he ripped his newspaper in half