The Ross's

Harvey Spector hired Mike Ross partly because he was intrigued by the kid and partly because he knew he'd heard his name before. Sure enough, Mike Ross was the biological son of the very same Ross's Harvey had entrusted a very special secret to, a secret that let him and Donna move on with their corporate careers. A secret that was now back in their life, loyally following her big brother Mike.

The name Ross sounded familiar.

Harvey couldn't place where he'd heard it before, but there was something that seemed to go off in his head when Donna poked her head in and explained about the kid who was impersonating another kid, all to get away from the cops. Well, regardless, even if the name wasn't familiar, Harvey had to know the story.

So he let this Mike Ross in and interviewed him and immediately Harvey had a brilliant, interesting, and fun idea. He hired the kid on the spot.

There wasn't much time to dwell on where he'd heard his name before, what with trying to avoid Jessica from finding out he'd hired a guy with absolutely no higher education and trying to keep his promotion intact. Besides, Ross was a no doubt a common enough name. He was probably misremembering the name of some client or acquaintance or what not. Harvey gradually forgot the feeling that had crept upon him when he'd first heard his name and put it out of his mind.

But one evening, after about two weeks since hiring Mike, Harvey spotted his new associate on his way home, sitting on a bench next to a young girl. He briefly recalled Mike mentioning having a younger sibling he was responsible for, but Harvey hadn't really paid attention as Mike had been in the process of using her as an excuse to leave early. There she was now, about eleven years old, bickering with her older brother.

Eleven years.

And suddenly the feeling of familiarity of the name of Ross came back upon Harvey in full force, and he knew where he'd heard it before. Had he not picked it out himself among dozens of other names? After interviews of dozens of other families? Was it not the same name that belonged to the couple he heard laughing nervously in the elevator on the way up to meet him, the man who kept smirking out of the corner of his mouth and the woman with the sparkling eyes?

Mike had that man's smile and that woman's eyes.

Caught in the uproar of the improbability of this happenstance, Harvey risked a few more paces closer to the two siblings. He longed to know for certain, yet how was he to? Asking was out of the question. And it's not as if he could tell by looking at the girl-

Mike and his sister got up and began walking, no doubt to their own home. Even in the dusk light, it was impossible to miss the orange color to the girl's hair, and her light laugh at her brother's remark. Perhaps it was only clear to Harvey because he held all the puzzle pieces, but in that moment the resemblance to her mother could not be missed.

Oh god, what have I done?

How? How in all the thousands of people who lived in this city, how had his path's crossed with Mike Ross's? How had he managed to hire him, of all people? How was he to keep both Mike and his sister from finding out who he was? How was he to keep Donna from finding out?

Donna can never know.

Wasn't that their agreement? They could continue on with their professional relationship if they never again mentioned the proof of when they had been more than co-workers? Had Harvey thrown all that away with his careless hiring of some unprofessional genius, just because it amused him?

What can I do?

Firing Mike was out of the question. If he'd refrained from doing it when it almost cost him his partnership, any other motive would have to be even more serious. He couldn't just let him go without a satisfactory explanation both to him and to Donna. He'd have to stay; There was no way around it.

It's not like I'll ever have to interact with her.

While it was true chances of ever seeing the girl in the office were slim, chances on the street were slightly higher, such as this scenario happening right now. Logically, Harvey knew he should turn on his heel back to the office, hail a cab, and go to his own home that was in a district Mike Ross would probably never be able to afford. No chance of an accidental encounter there.

But Harvey did not do this.

Instead, he kept a safe distance and observed the two siblings as they walked down the streets. It was easy to keep track of them and stay hidden amidst the crowds until their path diverged to an underpass. Rather than following them below, Harvey went above.

He could clearly hear the two converse from his spot. ''So, one more time,'' the girl was saying, ''You're sure this isn't going to blow up in your face?''

''Sure I'm sure,'' Mike replied, sounding less than sure.

''I know you want to be a lawyer, but is all this lying really the way to go about it?''

''I get if you're worried-''

''Worried? Mike, this is freaking cool!'' Her tone made Harvey conclude she was jumping from foot to foot. ''You're like, lying to the government! The world! And getting away with it. Who knew you had it in you?''

''…Your enthusiasm worries me.''

''More so than your fake job?''

''It's not a fake job. It's a real job with real money which means we can buy real things. Like food.''

''Good, cause the fake food was tasting a little bland.'' Footsteps began echoing, and Harvey knew they were about to walk out of the covering. ''Mike, just one thing,'' the girl spoke again. ''You're not….I mean, you're definitely not gonna get caught and like, go to jail, right? Promise? Cause I'll tell Gran and she'll be so pissed.'' She added this hastily, as if not wanting to reveal her fears.

Judging by Mike's laugh, he saw through her. ''Promise,'' he said, his voice echoing as they finally walked out of earshot. ''I promise, Chloe.''

Harvey looked down and watched them walked away, the darkening sky swallowing them up and hiding them from sight. The last thing to fade was Chloe Ross' bright hair.