A 10-year old boy with black hair was sitting on a bench shedding tears at a cemetery as he was mourning the loss of his parents & their burial ended several minutes ago.

"Excuse me?" A voice said

The boy looked up & saw 3 middle-aged men. The first man was tan-skinned with a black beard & black hair with some gray hair on the sides wearing a gray shirt over a white chef apron, black pants & black shoes. The second man was muscular & lightly-tanned with a black beard, a black braid on the back of his head wearing a white tank top, black pants & black shoes, he also had a heart-shaped tattoo on his left arm. The final man was skinny & light-skinned with a shaved beard wearing a tin hat & a purple attire

"May I help you?" The boy asked

"Pardon us, but are you Gara by any chance?" The first man asked

"I am, who are you?" The boy named Gara said

"I'm Uncle Dumpling & these are my brothers Linguini & Ho." Uncle Dumpling said "We're good friends of your father."

"You knew my Dad?" Gara said

"Yes, we're from Sooga Village, the birthplace your father grew up in before he moved here to the big city." Linguini said "I'm sure you've heard all about it from your father."

"Oh, yeah, my Dad told me all about Sooga Village & he also told me all about you." Gara said "So, what are you guys doing here in the city, have you come to pay your respects?"

"Yes, but we've also come here for you?" Ho said

"Me?" Gara said

"We received a letter from your father, we also received his Will." Uncle Dumpling said as he pulled out the Will "It says here that if anything happened to him & your mother, we will be taking you to Sooga Village where you'll be under the care of any of his friends & will be attending Sooga Academy."

"Hm..." Gara said as he looked at the Will, it was no doubt that it had his father's handwriting

"Gara, you know you don't have to come with us if you don't want to." Linguini said "If you don't wanna come, then we won't force you."

Gara thought about it for a moment, he didn't have the heart to go against his father's wishes. Besides, it would be a new experience for him to enjoy while he's at his father's hometown.

"Okay, I'll go." Gara said

"Great." The brothers smiled

After agreeing to move the Sooga Village, he had changed from his funeral clothes to a black short-sleeved shirt with a red heart in the middle, black pants, black shoes, & red fingerless gloves. After he packed his stuff, he said goodbye to his maternal families.

"Bye you guys, I'll miss you." Gara said as he hugged his grandmother

"Goodbye dearie, don't forget to write." Gara's Grandma said

"& watch out for wild ninjas." Gara's Grandpa said

"If there's any problem, be sure to give us a call." Gara's Aunt said

"I will." Gara said

"Don't worry about a thing, he'll be in good hands." Ho said

"We'll make sure nothing happens to him." Linguini said "All of you are always welcomed in Sooga Village."

"Did you pack everything you need?" Uncle Dumpling said

"Yes sir." Gara said

"Alright, let's go." Uncle Dumpling said as he left with his brothers & Gara

Gara & the brothers arrived at an empty park

"Why are we at a park? Aren't we supposed to be taking a train to the village?" Gara asked

"Actually, we have our own transportation." Ho said as he blew a whistle.

Just then a big golden dragon appeared in front of them

"Whoa, is that a dragon!?" Gara gasped

"You bet I am." The dragon said as it winked

"& it talks, that's so cool!" Gara beamed

"Gara, meet Destiny, he's the golden dragon of Sooga Lake." Uncle Dumpling said

"So, you must be Garu's kid, it's nice to meet you." Destiny said

"Nice to meet you too." Gara said

"Destiny, take us back to Sooga Village." Linguini said as they got on Destiny's back

"You got it. Next stop, Sooga Village!" Destiny said as he flew off