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Betad by Marethyu, Beans, Priapus, Mike God of Lore

The Guild of Gamers: The Nightmare

Chapter 12: A Hero's Welcome

Markus Gray (Legion) –

My vacation had some unintended side effects beyond giving me some brilliant inspiration for future games. Firstly, my system might have been disconnected from me but it was still gathering fear at an admittedly reduced rate since Neo was doing most of the work.

This means now that I've reconnected it, I immediately got a bunch of updates from my 'grinding'.

[The Vermin Lord] - Upgraded

You have the ability to control a great variety of beasts within your range, sensing their presence, commanding them telepathically, sharing their senses and even possessing them. In addition, you are completely immune to disease.

Creatures: Rodents, Insects, Corvids

Range: 100 Miles

[Nightfall] - Upgraded

Cause a vast area to grow incredibly dark and covered in an extremely thick fog, which you can see through and blocks the supernatural sensing abilities of other people. While trapped in the darkness, people will hear whispers, distant screams, and unnatural sounds and suffer a sense of disorientation as well as a constant drain on their stamina. While inside the fog, you gain an increase in strength and speed for every person trapped inside, as well as the ability to sense the location of anyone trapped inside.

[Wail of the Damned]

You can let out an inhuman, unnerving shriek which can be heard for miles around. Not only is the sound incredibly terrifying to hear, it can also cause paralysis to those who are too close.

[Your Fear Feeds Me]

Those who fear you have their physical strength and speed drained, scaling with the intensity of their fear. You gain an equivalent boost to your own physique equal to the amount they have lost. This effect is temporary, and lasts until fear of you is no longer the target's main focus.

[The Entity]

You have gained enough fear to become more than human, able to shed your mortal form and take on a monstrous form of your choosing. You can feed off all negative emotions and sense people who are experiencing such emotions, having a sixth sense for people who could become your minions. You can create 'Killers' by forging new abilities to grant to people, using the fear you have gathered as a currency, or even making entirely new beings from scratch. You have gained the power to open portals into other multiverses from your realm, and while you cannot cross the threshold, you can send your killers and fog into that world or simply leave the portal open as an invitation.

And there it is my prize for months of torture and suffering. I mean, the excitement of every escape was enough of a prize for me, but I won't say no to my promotion from killer to Entity. I'm sure the system takes its ideas from my own mind since I've themed so much around Dead by Daylight, and now I've managed to become the entity itself. Of course, I still intend to be hands-on.

If the last three months or so have taught me anything, it's that I really like participating in the games as either survivor or killer. I honestly don't get why so many people see them as a bad thing; the exhilaration of escaping the killer or winning the game is top-tier; nothing compares to it. Well, aside from being the killer, of course.

Maybe we should give the greedy fuckers prizes for escaping? Would that stop them from complaining so much?

'So, what now?' Neo asks, kicking her feet as she watches me go through my notifications.

"Hm, oh, I have no idea. I have some games planned but what to do with Markus Gray? It feels a waste just to throw him away when he's done such a good job getting into the good graces of the heroes," I admit, scratching my chin. I didn't really think about what I was going to do with my civilian persona after the game, but the reputation I built could be useful. "Do you think I could get a way to disconnect my system regularly? I'm a shit actor, I couldn't play the part if I remember being Legion, but it could be funny to just disconnect my system when I need to go to work. Hunting myself sounds like a laugh," I explain, making her shrug as she focuses.

You know, if anyone else constantly got my wife to come and poke me for a free power-up or power-down, in this case, I'd be kind of annoyed, but this show has been pretty entertaining.

Oh, hey, boss-man. I'm glad you've been enjoying the show. Would you like to join in?

I genuinely can't tell if you've got balls the size of planets or just don't understand what you're asking. I could just peer into that head of yours but I'm not sure even I want to know what's going on in there. I'll pass, for now at least. Take your freebie. Neo would pout at me if I said no, and we're so far past the point of no interference that it's not even funny.

Thanks, boss. Feel free to come and join the fun whenever you want.

Heh, I just might. I know a few Guild members who could do with some humbling; it might be funny to throw them into one of your games without the systems they're so reliant on and show them what happens when they piss me off. Later, kid, don't do anything I wouldn't do.

…Is there anything you wouldn't do?

The lack of an answer is telling, and Neo giggles as she hops off the table she is sitting on. I won't deny I get momentarily distracted by the jiggling since she's still not wearing anything but the Legion-themed panties, but I focus quickly as I smile.

With my system having an 'off-switch', I can turn it off for a set amount of time so I can play Markus without the very smart people around me catching on that I'm hiding something. If even I don't know I'm Legion, they should have a much harder time working things out and it could make for some funny revelations down the line.

"So much to do, so many games to plan," I say, stretching with a wide grin. "I hope the League have enjoyed my vacation as much as I have because it's time we got back to work."

'So, where do we start?' Neo asks, my mind racing with ideas before I grin. My Entity senses have already picked up a potential killer, a being of pure rage and hatred that wants vengeance.

"I need to see some guys about a cat," I say with a smile, making her tilt her head. I feel her just pluck the answer out of my head before she grins. "We could use a pet around the realm to brighten up the place."

Dex-Starr –

Staring at the fog, he tilted his head in curiosity. It was new; he didn't understand what he was looking at, but the paper that came out of it was familiar. He didn't understand much, even with the ring he now carried translating, but he understood enough.

Each piece of paper was of a different man, detailing their crimes, and one name stood out in their lists of crimes. His owner. These were the men that had hurt her, brutalised her, the men he hadn't been able to find. He'd sworn he'd kill them for what they did, but someone had found them first.

Seeing the fog clear somewhat, he saw the same men lost and confused as they wandered the streets of an empty city. Rage filled him, more than usual, as his ring pulsed, and without a second thought, he rushed into the fog.

The men barely got a chance to scream as he descended upon them, literally glowing with rage as he fulfilled his promise, ripping them limb from limb. He was a good kitty, and they had killed his master.

But then something odd happened; even as he licked their gore from his fur, the fog shifted, and they were alive again. They were in pain and terrified, so they had died, but now they lived again.

This was good because that meant he could kill them all over again. He hunted, he killed, they lived, and he killed again, the massive city being utterly empty as he chased them through it, killing them again and again.

It didn't subside his rage; nothing could, but every kill made him feel just a bit better.

Pausing, he saw a new man in the city, fog emitting from the masked figure.

"Having fun, Dexter?" the man asked, making Dex-Starr pause. Nobody called him that anymore, what did this man know?

Red Lantern or not, he was still a cat and his brain was only capable of so much, but he understood enough here.

"You find?" Dex asked, making the man nod.

"It was easy enough, the men were all already in the system for a variety of crimes. I just relocated them to a more secure prison, mine, where not even death will let them escape," he explained.

"Why?" Dex asked, barely restraining his rage from attacking the man despite the favour he'd done.

"Hm, I just thought it'd be funny. As long as they are here, you can hunt them forever; you can come and go as you please, and all I ask is one thing. Anyone I send into this hunting ground, hunt and kill them," he explained, the grin carved into his mask matching his tone.

Kill those who hurt his master forever? And all he had to do was hunt?

"Dex hunts, Dex good kitty," Dex hissed, making the man chuckle.

"That you are, Dex," he agreed, reaching down to stroke his fur. Dex slashed at his hand with his claws, already gore-soaked. Empowered by the ring and his rage, his claws slashed through his flesh easily, making the man chuckle even as his hand fell to the ground, severed. "I am Legion, and I think we're going to get along just fine."

The man simply picked up his severed hand, sticking it back on the stump with an utter lack of care, a simple act that informed Dex that he wasn't dealing with any human. Whatever this man was, he was more. But Dex did not care; Dex had hunting to do.

Turning and leaving, he sniffed the air. The prey had spread out, hoping to delay the inevitable. It wouldn't work.

Markus Gray (Legion) –

I just stole Atrocitus' cat. I wonder if that will piss him off more than he already is? I hope so; my ability to feed on all negative emotions means that anger is just as valid a source of essence for me as fear.

Dex radiates it, and I remembered reading his comic a long time ago. Neo was able to send the fog to him; a simple invitation and acquiring the men responsible for his owner's rather brutal death was easy enough.

Dex will serve as a constant feast of rage, as well as a new killer for me to unleash on people. He's a good kitty. Still, I may be stronger now, but damn some people in this verse hit hard. Dex severed my hand like my bones were made of melted butter.

Oh well.

'He's cute,' Neo agrees, making me nod. He's a very good kitty. 'Wanna have me throw Catwoman in with him? She should love him.'

"Hm, it could be funny, but I do have plans for her; maybe Wildcat instead? She just got out of one game, let's give her some time to think she's safe. We do have a lot of cat-themed people in this world, after all," I say, scratching my chin. So many choices, but I have nothing but time. "I'll think about it; Dex isn't going to get bored of hunting any time soon and it's time that the GCPD got its forensic scientist back."

Neo gives me a grin, knowing the next step to our plan. Well, to be honest, calling anything we've done so far a 'plan' is being entirely too generous since I'm kinda just making it up as I go.

Neo –

Sending Markus to where he'd be found, she giggled at the potential heartbreak. How would the world react if they found out that the survivor they thought was such a big damn hero was the mastermind behind everything?

But it wasn't time for that; it was better to let things marinate, and the world frankly had bigger problems headed its way with some of the ideas Markus had come up with.

Still, despite getting him his 'off-switch', she felt that she owed him a big gift for making things so fun for her, pausing as she considered what to do. She had some ideas, but one idea stood out. It might escalate things, but Markus didn't care; he'd said she could do what she wanted as long as she didn't completely destabilise the world and ruin their fun.

Nodding to herself, she set out (after arranging for a clone of herself to pose as the original Legion for a game, helping Markus keep up the act). Yeah, that would make a good gift.

Barbara Gordon –

Markus had been found, something which sent a wave of relief through her. Legion, despite everything, had kept their word and released Markus when he'd 'won' their game.

He was in the hospital now, Gotham's newest 'hero'.

She couldn't go and see him, not with her identity revealed like it was, but she was following his case very carefully. Despite his months of torture, he was in amazing physical condition. It was his mind that she feared for; he'd gone through months of torment and stress.

The fact that Bruce had decided to basically immediately interrogate him for any details he could remember really didn't help, but she didn't blame Bruce for his impatience. Legion had been running roughshod over them since his first appearance, and things were only getting more desperate.

Legion had changed the game, and the fact that the original Legion was becoming so rare was a worry. What was he up to? The fact that he'd managed to recruit a Red Lantern was very worrying, cat or not.

That can't have been all Legion had been scheming, and he'd hinted at 'fun new developments' headed their way.

Still, Markus represented an opportunity. As a member of CSI, he was able to identify and remember a great amount of details about the various killers. It wasn't going to help them get into Legion's 'realm', but every little bit of information could be useful.

For instance, Markus had noticed that the Original Legion seemed to change size and shape between games, not much, but enough for his keen eye to notice it. He was sure it was always the same person, but height, weight and build would shift ever so slightly.

Despite the frequent appearances, it was hard to tell that on camera, but Markus had been hunted by both the original Legion and the Female Legion- who seemed borderline obsessed with him- enough times to notice. The Female Legion never changed; she was the same every time.

This was in line with her current theory. Legion was almost certainly an extradimensional creature, one that fed on fear (or perhaps all negative emotions). And realistically, why would it have a humanoid shape? She suspected that Legion didn't have a human form but instead possessed people through some means she couldn't prove. He looked different because he was different, inhabiting different bodies throughout his different appearances. It was possible he could inhabit multiple at once, hence the name, which would explain his ability to seemingly be everywhere at once.

As for the female Legion? Legion had an obsession with corruption; one only had to look at Thea's fate to understand that. Could the female Legion be one of his first victims? Now fully converted into 'Legion', she was an eager player in his games, but if he'd broken her first, had he reshaped her into his sidekick?

It would match what Markus had noticed about her, his analysis that had triggered her violent outburst during his torture session. She was a follower, even if she didn't like him pointing that out. Had Markus reminded her of her own time as Legion's victim?

Plus, despite how little effort she put into hiding her identity, they had nothing on her, which led her to a second, more terrifying theory. She wasn't from their universe; Legion had taken her from another world that he'd attacked before he came here.

Nobody could tell what his end goals were, but if this wasn't the first time he had invaded a world, then it meant he may have already succeeded in his goal. Perhaps he'd failed before and been driven away, but she had to consider the possibility that there was another world out there where he'd achieved his goal.

They could be looking at an extinction event, putting Legion on the same level as Darkseid and Doomsday instead of the common comparison of 'a more dangerous Joker'.

And despite everything, they seemed no closer to stopping him now than when he'd first arrived. Still, if he was possessing people, perhaps they could find a way to trap him.

Her final theory was the one she hated the most, but the more she looked at the facts, the more sure she was. If Legion was possessing hosts, she had a horrible suspicion that she knew why the Female Legion seemed obsessed with Markus.

Markus was marked as a future host, and her obsession and obedience towards Legion were projected into Legion's next host. Still, it was also telling because if Legion was able to possess people and wanted Markus as his next body, then why not just take over Markus while they had him captured?

There had to be some limitations, which would explain their apparent focus on Markus compared to other survivors. Markus had been picked for games almost three hundred percent as regularly as any other survivor, which had backfired because he'd actually managed to win enough to get his freedom.

Still, she didn't doubt that Legion wasn't going to give up… which meant that they needed to keep a close eye on Markus from now on.

James Gordon –

He tried not to glare as Batman left the hospital room. Markus had barely been found before Batman showed up with a million questions.

"I'm sorry about him; our recent failures against Legion have hit him hard," Superman said, making Markus nod.

"It's fine; if anything I know can help counter Legion, then it's better to ask while the memories are fresh in my mind. I plan to try and document every detail I remember anyway," Markus explained, making Superman smile slightly. "How are your parents?"

"Good, alive. I had to move them somewhere safe to prevent my enemies from targeting them, thanks to Legion's final slap to the face. They were worried about you," Superman, Clark, explained softly. "And guilty about leaving you behind."

"They shouldn't have been. With all due respect, I doubt any of the others would have won Legion's games. I had the best chance of survival, and lo and behold, here I am," Markus said, gesturing at himself. "It's just basic logic; the one with the best chance at survival should stay behind."

"Logical or not, not many people would make that choice," James pointed out, making Markus shrug. "If you left Barbara behind, you would have had a better chance of survival."

"Honestly, I figured I was probably dead either way. Might as well go out feeling like a hero," Markus admitted frankly. "Besides, how many people can say they saved Batgirl and Superman's parents and girlfriend?"

Markus hadn't known that when he was in the game, but his jokey attitude didn't quite hide how weary he seemed.

"So, do I still have a job? I did kinda miss the last three months of work, and I do need the money since my apartment got burnt down," Markus joked, making Superman chuckle.

"You plan to stay in Gotham? Legion's admirers have made certain threats-"

"I survived the real deal; I won't be driven into hiding by some copycats," Markus said, steel in his tone.

"Then you certainly still have a job for as long as you want it," James agreed with a smile. "The Wayne Foundation has actually bought you a new home in Gotham, it's quite a lot nicer than your apartment, to be perfectly honest, and you have three months back pay plus one hell of a bonus headed your way to replace whatever you lost in the fire."

Markus gave him a smile, but he was clearly caught up in his own thoughts.

"I do have to warn you, we have reasons to believe that the Female Legion will come for you again. The Original Legion doesn't seem to go after the same person twice, but his sidekick seems more unhinged," Superman said, making Markus sigh.

"...I probably shouldn't have talked so much shit to her, huh?" Markus admitted, making Superman laugh slightly.

"I don't think it helped, but her obsession started before then. Do you remember going to the Iceberg Lounge shortly after returning to Gotham?" Superman asked, making Markus nod with furrowed brows. "We have reasons to believe that she was stalking you already at that point, and someone matching her rather unique appearance was seen tailing you home."

"I didn't see her, and she kinda stands out, but then, with the powers she apparently has, I suppose that's not surprising," Markus said, frowning deeply.

"Can you think of any reason she'd be so interested in you?" Superman asked, watching as Markus furrowed his brows in thought before he shook his head.

"No, before I returned to Gotham, I never had a single encounter with a villain or even a regular criminal. I don't think we ever met before I was kidnapped," Markus explained, making James mentally sigh.

After years of peace, he came back to Gotham and became the target of a psychopathic midget, then got kidnapped within a week. That sounded about right.

"I see. The League plans to keep an eye on you. Hopefully, we'll be able to capture her if she returns for you," Superman said, making Markus nod gratefully. "Oh, one last warning. Lois is very determined to interview you, and she has never been one to take no for an answer."

"I don't mind; I'm glad she's doing okay," Markus said, getting a grateful nod from Superman, who excused himself to go and talk to Batman.

"I know I've already said it, but thank you, Markus. You had nothing to gain from helping Barbara and everything to lose," James said, making Markus smile.

"I'm a very stubborn person. Legion's games seem focused on turning survivors against each other, and I hate doing what people want, especially when those people are psychopathic villains," Markus explained, a smirk on his lips. "I won; I got out of their pathetic game and did it without falling to their level."

James smiled at that, even if Markus' words had a certain vicious edge to them. He made a note to have Markus scheduled to spend time with a therapist, but he couldn't deny Markus had indeed won.

Bruce Wayne (Batman) –

Setting Markus up in a high-rise apartment in the richer part of town meant they could keep a very close eye on him because he'd made sure to plant plenty of surveillance both inside and around the apartment.

If Barbara was right, Markus was marked for possession. It was possible that Markus was already possessed, but Barbara didn't want to consider that. He wasn't so biased; he was grateful that Markus had saved Barbara, of course, but he wouldn't let it colour his opinions.

If Markus was possessed, Zatanna thought it was possible that he would genuinely not know that Legion was using his body. She'd dealt with possession before, and it was common that the possessed person didn't even realise that they were possessed, losing memories, or being piloted in their sleep.

If Markus was not possessed, then they'd be able to keep watch for Legion coming back for him. Barbara was right that the female Legion seemed to be hyperfocused on him. In some ways, it reminded him of Harley Quinn when she was first converted by the Joker.

Markus had wasted no time, arranging to return to work mere days after his ordeal. Markus had a respectable amount of will to be able to move on despite being clearly changed by his experience.

Pausing as he got a high-priority message, he froze for the briefest moment as he read the contents. Legion had struck again, right at the heart of the Watchtower.

Markus Gray (Legion) –

Going to sleep in my incredibly bugged penthouse, I separate from Markus and return to my realm with a grin. Becoming the Entity has given me a lot of options, far more than the text would suggest.

While Markus sleeps, Legion will roam. I want them to notice, I think it'll be very funny for them to try and work out how and why Legion is so focused on Markus. If they blow my cover, meh. Let's be honest here: I'm not following some grand plan, and I can work with whatever happens. I'm flexible.

Ooh, maybe I can make them think Markus is still in there somewhere? Eh, we'll see.

Humming to myself as I return to my true home, I head towards Neo to see what she's been up to while I was busy doing forensics. I'm the GCPD's big damn hero at the moment, so I barely got any work done with how much people were bothering me to give me a pat on the back.

Entering the room, I pause as I spot Neo grinning at me, glad I have my mask on.

Leaving the room, Neo follows behind.

"Neo, is that who I think it is?" I ask, making her nod happily as she makes some gestures.

Looking back into the room, a pair of fierce blue eyes glare right back at me, the woman bound by a thick golden rope.

"Neo, that's Wonder Woman," I say, making her nod again.

'Happy Birthday!'

"I don't think it's my Birthday," I point out, but she just shrugs.

'Meh, close enough,' Neo replies helpfully, making me snort.

I have plans for Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters, but there's no reason I can't use this. Ideas form in my head, making Neo grin as she blatantly reads my mind.

You know, Bullock and the other cops told me I deserve to relax and have some fun after my ordeal, and I think they might be right.

Neo grins as she sees the plan form in my head. I don't want to break Wonder Woman; it would ruin the scheme I'm making for her island, but this gives me a fun and interesting way to start that plan.

"So, how far can we stretch the time dilation?" I ask, making Neo grin widely.

'As far as we want, Shiro's kinda just thrown his hands up and said do what you want. I think he likes that he's found a babysitter for me,' Neo snorts, watching my grin grow.

Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) –

Bound by her own lasso, she cursed herself for letting her guard down. She'd never even suspected that Legion would strike at the League's very heart. She'd been caught by surprise, taken down by the shockingly powerful female Legion before she could even draw her blade.

Legion re-entered her room; she didn't miss his surprise at her presence. She was laid on a bed, her arms bound above her head and her legs forced to part by the creative binding the female Legion had done. She had a dreadful suspicion that she knew what fate they had in store for her. She'd been stripped entirely, her muscled body on full display as she glared at him. Her strength had failed her, and she was unable to free herself as he approached.

"I admit, I wasn't expecting to meet you so soon," he said, his gaze moving over her exposed body. "But I have to say, it's an honour. I have such fun plans for you and your sisters, but my adorable assistant decided to jump the gun and bring you here early."

Her glare intensified at that, rage flooding her at the idea of him going anywhere near her sisters.

"But don't worry, I'm going to let you go. No game required; I just want one thing from you," Legion explained, making her shudder slightly as she watched him start to undress. "You're actually a birthday present; Neo thought I deserved a gift for all my hard work; she's so sweet, isn't she?"


The female Legion watched from the corner of the room, waving at her mockingly.

"If you think I'll be as easy to break as Thea was, you are very much mistaken," Diana growled, watching his hand slowly move up her leg.

"Oh, I'm counting on it," Legion whispered, climbing onto the bed. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the sensation as she felt something hard press against her exposed womanhood. She felt the tip of Legion's manhood poke against her womanhood, rubbing up and down her slit before he slapped his cock against her exposed vagina several times.

Then, with a single, ruthless thrust, Legion claimed something he had no right to, but she was not so easily shaken. His entire phallus sheathed inside her, giving her an uncomfortable, unpleasant fullness as he took his pleasure from her body.

She struggled against the bindings as he started to pump his hips, having his way with her defenceless hole, but her own tool was being used to bind her for defilement, a defilement itself of the sacred tool. His hands moved to her bare breasts, roughly groping and squeezing the mounds of flesh, teasing her nipples and slapping her tits as he had his way with her vulnerable body, leaving her feeling utterly defenceless.

Her rape continued for what seemed like hours, his hands wandering her body and his manhood violating her most sacred place, before he came to a halt, hips bucking slightly as she shuddered, feeling him unleash his foul seed into her.

She opened her eyes and stared up at the mask that had become so infamous. It's mocking smile seemed all the more insulting now, her eyes flickering down to where he was slowly pulling back from her body. His cock popped free, and she was forced to watch as the thick, white goop leaked from her abused hole.

"This will not break me; if anything, you are just proving me right. Beneath that mask, you're nothing but a man controlled by your desires," Diana spat, making him laugh. "You said you'd release me when you got what you wanted. Do you not claim to be a man of your word?"

"I am, but I haven't gotten what I want from you yet," Legion explained, making her snarl as he cupped her breast. He pushed into her again, uncaring of the seed that was leaking from her, and she was forced to lay there and take it as he started the process all over again.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the other Legion had disrobed, touching herself to the sight of a fellow woman being defiled against her will.

Sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, the girl was wearing nothing but her mask as she teased her naked body at the sight of Diana's violation. One hand cupped her breast as the other stroked her dripping slit, pumping a single slender finger into herself.

She was clearly enjoying the show, eventually moving to lie on the bed next to Diana so she could get a closer look. Her ministrations were growing faster and more intense.

Legion's thrusting grew faster, the bed shaking with the force behind his brutal assault, and she could only glare hatefully as she grunted, her body reacting to the unwanted intrusion.

With a triumphant groan, he climaxed again as his sick seed flooded her most sacred place and filled her womb. He rested for a moment, his hard phallus still inside her body.

"That'll do for today," Legion said, pulling back as she shuddered. She'd climaxed during her violation despite her hatred of the man taking advantage of her body. "See you soon."

He left without another word, his minion following behind as she glared at their backs. Unable to move, she lay there as the thick dollops of semen leaked from her abused body.

This would not break her.

Days Later –

She glared back at the bastard as he took her, wearing a mocking cosplay of Hercules. She didn't know how he'd got his hands on what was undeniably her mother's dress, but she did not find his idea to play 'Hippolyta and Hercules' funny.

He grabbed her head, forcing it back against the ground as she knelt, arms bound behind her back. Every day, he came to her, and every day he defiled her. Even now, his manhood was pumping into her, using her as an unwilling receptacle for his seed.

She didn't understand what he wanted from her, but he certainly didn't seem to mind keeping her as a toy for his sick pleasure. She would not break; the League would be looking for a way into this place, and even the Gods may finally help against this monster.

She simply had to endure.

He pulled back, once more having pumped his seed into her defenceless body, leaving her face down, ass up with his cum leaking from a freshly creamed hole. She panted, coated in a sheen of sweat from their exertions, unable to guess how many hours he'd been violating her body.

Legion didn't let her rest, and as she felt the cock she hated so much press against her body again, her eyes widened as her head snapped back. His mocking mask showed no mercy as he slammed forward, a grunt of pain leaving her clenched teeth as he took a different hole, her ass torn apart by the massive cock that had just penetrated her backdoor.

Weeks Later –

Laid on her back, Neo rode her face while Legion continued his violation of her pussy, his seed already inside her.

As her face was pushed into Neo's naked womanhood, she reluctantly licked the dripping pussy as Legion fucked her, pausing to spank her tits. She knew better than to fight; she had tried that several times already, and it always made them happy.

They were so pleased she still had some fight in her because she gave them another reason to discipline her. She was starting to understand what Thea felt, days turning into weeks without any sign of help.

She'd tried to ask about Black Canary while she was here but to no avail. Was Dinah going through something similar? Would she be the next Thea? Diana couldn't break, becoming one of Legion's pet killers.

What did he want? He didn't torture her unless she gave him a reason to punish her, but what was it he wanted in exchange for her freedom?

She didn't know, but she obeyed as Neo ground against her mouth, riding her face. Her tongue pushed into the tight pussy of her captor, even as Legion took his pleasure from her body. This was what they reduced her to, a toy for their pleasure.

Neo —

With Wonder Woman's head between her legs, she gave Markus a sultry smirk as he pounded their toy from behind.

She hadn't been getting her itch properly scratched while she was playing with Markus, and it was nice to feel something instead of her fingers again as she forced the Amazonian to eat her out. She was surprisingly good at it, muffled moans leaving the slut as Markus slammed his cock into the royal cunt, watching the fat cock sink into Diana's tight cunt again and again.

She reached down and groped Diana's surprisingly fat tits with one hand, her other hand on her own breasts. Hers were nicer, and Markus seemed to agree as he watched them jiggle, making her give him a naughty grin.

He wasn't dumb enough to try anything, which was a shame; it might have been funny to see how Markus handled being punished by Shiro.

Repositioning, she laid down so she was in a sixty-nine position with Diana, her face so very close to Diana's pussy as Markus fucked it. Markus' cock looked even nicer up close, her hot breath teasing him as he pounded the Amazon whore for all she was worth. He'd rather pull back and fuck her face, but he knew better even as she gave him a teasing look. Watching her stomach slightly bulge as Markus filled her, she grinned excitedly as she confirmed something. She was ready.

Princess Diana — Months Later –

She had worked out what he wanted from her, and it filled her with a loathing she didn't think she was capable of. Her violations seemed so irrelevant now, understand exactly what they wanted from her, what they had gotten from her.

The defilements had stopped suddenly, leaving her to her thoughts for days on end until she realised exactly why. He'd achieved his goal, looking down at her bloated stomach.

Dollhouse came to feed her daily because she was eating for two now. She was pregnant with Legion's child, a thought that sickened her. She knew it wouldn't be long, but what was he planning? What did he want this for?

Weeks Later –

She watched in horror as Dollhouse handed the newborn girl to the masked Legion, who cooed to his daughter happily.

"W-what are you planning with-" Diana asked weakly, but Legion didn't even look up at her.

"We don't need her anymore, Neo. Why don't you show our guest out?" Legion asked, not looking at her as he set off with the newborn. She knew that she needed to stop him, but she was still bound, and she felt so weak. She hadn't managed to fight back in months, and never successfully; at least a year of captivity had drained her strength.

"No! No, Legion, p-please, keep me, but not- not my daught-" Diana tried, her mind racing as a dread she didn't know she was capable of flooding her veins. Neo grinned down at her, enjoying her torment as she struggled harder than she ever had before. "I'll do anything, I'll join your games, I'll pleasure you as often as you wish, just release her."

The sight of the dark-haired babe in his hands sent her into a panic, fearing what torment he had planned for the child. But Legion just turned and started to walk away, his prize in his hands as she writhed against her bindings with renewed vigour for what little it helped.

Dollhouse saw her struggling, snorting as she pulled out a needle. Sticking it into her neck, Diana watched through darkening eyes as Legion left the room with the baby in his arms.

Later –

Waking up in the Watchtower, she was faced with a terrifying discovery. She'd been gone for exactly one day. They'd known that time moved differently in Legion's realm, but her entire year of captivity had been reduced to a single day.

They'd had thousands of questions, of course. Zatanna had even suggested searching her memories for anything she'd missed, but she'd spent a year having something sacred being defiled, and she didn't plan to let her mind be next.

All she was able to tell them was Neo's name, as Legion was too careful to ever really give her anything. Neo's name and the fact that Legion had an Amazonian child. Her daughter, taken to be raised by Legion and his pack of psychopaths.

Her defilement was irrelevant; she was right in her declaration at the start. She had not broken, even after so many months of abuse, but the fact that Legion was out there with their child did more to hurt her than every day he'd spent abusing her.

What was he planning? He'd even admitted he had plans for Themyscira; how did her daughter play into them? This was a man who'd spent a full year focusing on her, so it had to be part of a much greater scheme.

A pang in her chest made her scowl, true hatred flooding her veins. Legion would die; Oliver was right. They should have put him down like the dog he was when they'd had the chance.

Whatever grand plan he had for her people, for her daughter, it would end in his death and nothing else.

Neo –

Did Markus actually have a plan for his daughter? He absolutely did not. He was the kind of man who'd spend a year of his time on 'wouldn't this be funny'. It was a whim that caused him to decide to breed Wonder Woman, part of some grand plan for Themyscira that he hadn't even fully decided on.

He just wanted to see what Wonder Woman would do with her daughter in Legion's hands. He'd learnt a lot about maternal love from watching the other survivors, specifically the families, during his time as a survivor, and wanted to see what would happen if Wonder Woman was impregnated by her enemy and then separated from her child.

Wonder Woman hid it well, but she couldn't conceal her despair. The emotions she'd felt as Legion took the baby away had been delicious. The foreboding as she watched her belly grow was just as good, months of dread building up and encompassing Diana to the point where Neo even sensed some suicidal thoughts, not that Diana would admit it even to herself.

"That's her?" My new recruit asked, making Neo nod happily. Tracking her down hadn't been hard, even if Shiro had told her she wasn't allowed to use her full powers again, so no more kidnappings.

Aresia looked at the cot where the brat was sleeping. Markus was a surprisingly good father.

The rogue amazon glanced at Markus with a glare, her hatred of men coming up, but she shook it off. Markus wasn't merely a man, and for what Aresia had been promised, she'd tolerate this one male.

"It is; I take it you've accepted our generous offer?" Markus asked.

"What's her name?" Aresia asked, making Markus smirk.

"Danae," Markus explained as Neo grinned. 'She who Judges'. "And you didn't answer my question."

"I do, as long as you can do what you say," Aresia agreed, watching Markus grin as he waved his hand and formed a portal, an island with Grecian-style buildings decorating it. It wasn't Themyscira, just another map for Legion's realm.

"I can," Markus said simply, a dark smile on his lips.

Bonus Scene — Aresia

Looking around the home of her new Amazons, she nodded. She didn't know what Markus was, but he had to be a God of some kind. The Amazons of Themyscira had failed, interacting with Man's World so much, but her attempt to correct this had ended in her imprisonment.

The mists had freed her from Tartarus, bringing her into Legion's realm, and the offer that he'd made was too tempting. A new Themyscira, one where she could take women who understood the failures of Man's World and make her own Amazons.

One separated from Man's World, hidden away in its own secret realm, and all she had to do was help train Danae to become a true Amazon. Legion would bring women here to be tested, and those who passed would be empowered.

Not by the Greek Gods, who had already failed, but by a new one. When the time came, Themyscira would fall, and those who survived would be judged to see if they were worthy of joining their successors.

Danae, She Who Judges. A fitting name.

Author's Note: Markus's decision to spend months doing nothing but banging Wonder Woman was very important to his plans, I promise.

Written: 01/05/2024

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