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The Guild of Gamers: The Nightmare

Chapter 08.5: Thea's Fall

Thea Queen —

They were criminals, scum that would be unleashed on the world again (with gifts from a madman no less). She had to stop them from escaping this place.

She knew she was making excuses as she took aim, a bolt piercing the chest of the survivor (as Legion called them). He'd made too much noise trying to fix the mechanism that would raise the portcullis and let them get into the next zone.

They were survivors, trapped in this place and forced to solve puzzles and complete objectives to escape from the realm Legion had stuck them in.

She was the killer, the hunter, it was her job to stop them from escaping.

She usually hunted in the forest map, where they had to infiltrate the castle and solve a series of changing puzzles and challenges to open a secret passageway that would lead them out of the realm.

One time it was a mine, with them trying to unlock one of the exits and escape, so far nobody had managed to get away.

Three teams, twelve lives. That's how many she'd killed to protect herself, and as she moved for the survivor who was desperately trying to crawl away, she made him into lucky thirteen with her knife.

Sometimes there were days between her hunts, which made her heart drop as she realised that the League couldn't find her, she was on her own.

It was harder to defend, the teams had the advantage because they had all the time in the world, stealth was their best weapon because survivors weren't armed.

It was a big place, and she couldn't be everywhere at once, but she knew this realm best. Even though the objectives changed and even the layout shifted,plenty of things stayed the same giving her an advantage over the-

A sound echoed throughout the castle, her eyes widening as she realised they'd made it to the castle dungeons.

They were close to finishing already, how? She'd only taken one of them out, she hadn't even noticed the others getting into the castle…

The secret entrance, they'd found it. It moved around every time they played, but it let them bypass the objective to raise the portcullis if they could find it.

She panicked, knowing she'd be punished if she failed to stop them, rushing into the castle with her bow in hand.

They wouldn't escape her.

Later —

Two more for the count, but as she watched the last survivor barely manage to limp through the exit and into the fog, even with an arrow through his shin, her heart dropped.

He'd escaped. She had failed.

Immediately she felt the fog overcome her, as it always did at the end of the trial, but as she returned to consciousness, she wasn't in the small apartment she was permitted to stay in during her free time.

She was in Legion's dungeon, with Legion himself staring at her with that creepy mask.

"And you were doing so well," Legion said calmly, making her shudder at the promise of pain in his tone. He didn't sound disappointed, he sounded excited.

He was waiting for her to fail, he was hoping she would so he could show her what she had waiting for her if she failed again.

Her weapons hadn't made the trip, but she knew she couldn't beat him anyway.

"Strip," Legion commanded, and she hesitated for a moment before her hands slowly moved to her top.

He didn't turn away, or say anything as he watched her red leather jacket fall to the floor, followed by her top, then bra.

He'd kissed her before, was that a taste of things to come? As she removed her trousers her eyes flickered to the tools of pain and misery lined up neatly on the board attached to the wall, some of which she didn't even want to guess what their uses were.

Sex would be preferably to torture. She'd much rather be raped than go through even a fraction of what the 'fake' Roy went though in this very room.

As she finished stripping, Legion remained silent as he stared at her entirely nude form, making her go to cover herself before she forced herself to remain still.

There were no cameras that she could see, so at least her punishment wouldn't be for public viewing,

"Lay on the table," Legion ordered, making her shudder as she glanced at the table. It had straps for him to keep her arms and legs in place but she couldn't defy him without making things worse.

She almost wished he'd just knocked her out and stripped her himself, waking up strapped to that cold metal table. She knew why he didn't, he enjoyed her hesitation as she shuffled over to the slab and laid down upon it, shuddering as he strapped her arms above her head and her legs slightly spread.

He turned to the wall of tools he had prepared, making her truly start to shiver as he hummed to himself, looking over the tools.

"You don't have to torture me, I can apologise for failing in other ways," Thea offered, trying to sound sexy despite her fear as he turned back to her, a worryingly large knife in his hands. "I don't mind if you record it, let my friends see me pleasing you. It'd hurt Oliver, that's what you want right?"

She knew how desperate she sounded, Legion gently stroking her cheek as he lifted his mask up again and placed a light kiss on her forehead.

"Ah, Thea, you still don't get it. You will, in time. You owe me a life, true, but this isn't just to punish you," Legion said, almost softly as he ran his hand down her body, his finger briefly circling her nipple as she gasped, before it continued its path down. "I know this might hurt, but bear with it. You'll understand in time."

As the knife got closer to her body, she felt herself start to struggle in her restraints, Legion fixing his mask as he started his work.

The Next Hunt —

She'd died on that table, she was sure of it. Legion even admitted it when asked, he controlled death itself in this place.

The ones she killed didn't truly die, they went back to their cells to await another chance at freedom.

She shuddered as she remembered the pain, the knife slowly peeling away at her flesh, the barbed whip striking her back again and again as she begged him to stop.

The things she'd offered for a brief reprieve, they disgusted her even now but she knew she'd do it all again.

She'd been happy when he finally finished her off, plunging his knife into her chest, but death was not an escape in this hellish place.

And now, she was to hunt again.

The memories of her punishment were fresh in her mind, she gripped her bow tightly as she glared out into the forest. Nobody would escape her.

She owed him a single life, and he'd taken it. If she let more than one person escape…

No, there would be no escape from this place. She wouldn't allow it.

Later —

It was the shortest hunt she'd ever had, the bastards didn't have a chance. Not a single objective got completed before she slaughtered them.

She had no pity, even with the realisation that every time she killed them, they got punished much like she had been. They were scum, they deserved the pain more than her.

In truth, she knew she wouldn't have hesitated even if they were civilians. If they escaped, they got to be free of this hellish place.. but her? This was her life now, until Legion deemed otherwise.

The injustice made her growl, getting some food as she prepared for the next hunt.

After the Next Hunt —

She'd failed again.

Another person had escaped her. Apparently one of them had been a lieutenant of a gang and he'd taken control, making them more efficient than usual, all while she was on a new map, a temple in a jungle, losing her homefield advantage.

Legion had given her a choice this time.

Bobbing her head, she looked up at the mask staring down at her as she took the large cock all the way to the base, wearing nothing but her domino mask as she worshipped the cock she was deep-throating.

Pain or pleasure, Legion dealt with both. She'd failed, she needed to make it up to him, and to avoid that room sex was the least of what she was willing to do.

The shame she felt was vastly overshadowed by the relief she experienced as Legion gave her an out, and she wasn't even holding back.

Putting all her skills to use, she tried to show Legion that she was better off being used like this than being tortured to death again. His enjoyment was her main goal, she wanted him to want a repeat.

Legion was a man, despite his power, despite the mystique, there was a man under that mask and he had his needs, his vices.

She didn't pull back as he started to cum, taking the entire load down her throat without spilling a single drop, her tongue writhing against his shaft as she sucked him dry.

"Such a good girl," Legion taunted as he guided her head off his cock, the seal she'd made with her lips breaking with a pop. "So eager, so dutiful. Ride me."

She didn't hesitate as she moved to the bed, climbing up into his lap as she gripped his still-hard cock and lowered herself down onto it.

He was big, and the moan that left her mouth as his shaft filled her wasn't entirely faked, his hands on her hips as he lifted his mask up and removed it.

Legion revealed his face to her with casual ease, a handsome man barely a few years older than her at the very most. His face was soft, not rugged, he seemed almost cute as he gave her a playful smile, messy light blonde hair as he lowered his hood.

He didn't look like the monster she expected, except for the eyes, the burning orange irises revealing the darkness inside him.

But it sunk in as she started to ride him, kissing him like a lover. He was never letting her go.

Why else would he reveal his face to her so easily?

That simple fact made her speed up, desperate to please the man who now held her fate in his hands. She didn't even care if he knocked her up, even hoping for it since he might give her a break if she was carrying his child.

Whatever it took to avoid that place.

Expendable Thug #162 —

"I'm telling you, we should go for the other exit," he whispered, looking at the exit across the clearing.

"Fuck that, we get through there and we're home free. Free from this fucking place and these psychopaths," the other survivor said, standing up and making a break for it as he went to call out before some movement made him cover his mouth.

The clearing wasn't that large, the exit clear in sight, wide open and waiting for them.

It wasn't the only thing waiting for them, an arrow stabbing through the running survivor's leg as the Red Huntress dropped from the trees she'd been lurking in, waiting for them to take the air.

She was a hero once, Green Arrow's sidekick, but he'd seen too many hunts to see her as one of the do-gooders, broadcasted to them as they waited for their turn.

Those who lost came back changed, broken. He wouldn't be one of them as he watched her saunter up to the poor bastard as he tried to crawl towards the exit, pulling the handaxe from her belt.

He didn't make a sound as she brought it down on the unlucky bastard's head, not wanting to draw her attention as he silently snuck away, hearing the sounds of her bringing the axe down on the body, again and again.

She was getting more savage, more hateful. With every escape she grew increasingly brutal, and he didn't plan to be the next victim.

As he snuck away, he froze as he heard the snap of a stick, shivering in fear as he realised that the sounds of violence behind him had stopped.

He risked turning around, just in turn to see her release the hatchet, sending it flying towards him. He wasn't a good fighter, he was in jail for raping a woman who couldn't fight back, scum, but not one of the career criminals who tangled with heroes on a regular basis.

His reaction time was entirely too slow, and her aim was perfect as the hatchet hit him in the head, dead centre as it split his skull open.

Thea Queen — Later —

It had finally happened. She'd lost, utterly and completely.

Not one, not two, but all four survivors had escaped her. Everything seemed to go wrong, objectives were completed far too quickly, their coordination was impeccable, and their stealth flawless.

She'd failed since the time she gave Legion her body, and Legion didn't always give her a chance to avoid the pain.

Sometimes it was a mixture, pain and pleasure in equal measure, other times he simply punished her.

Today, he'd given her another choice. She owed him four deaths, and she couldn't go through that pain four times in a row.

The whip in her hand felt heavy as she looked at the naked back of the attractive blonde who was chained to the wall.

"Thea, please, you don't have to-" Felicity started, her brother's ex-girlfriend and tech girl stripped naked and defenceless.

Legion fed on fear and pain, that was why he made her hunt, she was feeding him as she hunted the survivors. That's why she'd started being more savage, to grant him more fear.

But she'd failed, they'd escaped and he'd gone hungry because of her.

Felicity's pleas were interrupted by a scream of pain as she brought the whip down on Felicity's bare skin.

It wasn't the barbed whip Legion used, leaving a deep red mark instead of tearing the flesh away, but Felicity was the girl in the chair, she didn't fight herself and her pain tolerance wasn't high.

She did have to do this because if she didn't it would be her chained to the wall, and Legion could inflict pain on a level far beyond what Felicity was going to experience.

Legion was watching them, impassively leaning against the wall as he watched her repay her debt.

Felicity didn't understand, Legion was going to hurt them either way, and Thea was far less experienced and creative in inflicting pain.

What Felicity felt as the whip was repeatedly brought down on her back and buttocks paled in comparison to what Legion would do to them both if she didn't do this.

As Felicity screamed in pain, Thea's fragile psyche broke just a little more, torturing a friend, a good person, all on Legion's command.

Later —

Felicity didn't resist as Thea guided her head, making her take more of Legion's cock, her back and breasts covered in red marks.

She could see Felicity was crying, but tried not to focus on it as she forced the older girl's head down on Legion's cock, hearing her gag and choke slightly.

She didn't understand, when Legion was in a horny mood, it was a good thing. What was pride or dignity truly worth compared to the suffering he could deal out?

Felicity at least knew not to try and fight back, keeping her teeth away from the manhood violating her mouth, they'd both be punished if Felicity got any clever ideas about biting down.

The nerdy girl just knelt there and let her face be violated, anger and humiliation in her eyes as she felt Legion start to cum, trying to pull back as her mouth was flooded with his seed, but Thea held her in place with a firm hand.

Legion gave her a nod, making her let go as Felicity moved back, only to get a cumshot to the face, the sticky seed dripping down Felicity's features, staining her glasses.

"A good start, but just a start nonetheless. Thea be a dear and place Felicity in the stockade," Legion ordered, and she didn't hesitate.

Legion had two dungeons, one for pleasure and one for pain. Felicity struggled a little as Thea dragged her to the centre of the room, but Thea was stronger than her and soon enough she was strapping her into the stockade, forced to bend over as her legs were forced to spread, shackled to the ground.

Legion moved forwards, and Thea stepped back, looking at Felicity from the front, seeing the hatred in the sweet girl's eyes as Legion moved behind her.

Felicity knew that all this was happening because Thea chose to have Felicity be punished instead of taking the punishment herself, she didn't understand how mild this was as she gritted her teeth, grunting as Legion's thrust made her jolt forwards in the stockade, a pained noise leaving her clenched teeth.

Legion wasn't fucking her pussy, Felicty grunting and glaring as her ass was violated, she should just be grateful he had her suck his cock first. He wasn't always so nice as to let you lube up that fat cock before it split your ass in two.

Felicity's glare never faded, blaming Thea for her situation, who watched her defilement feeling barely any guilt.

Perhaps Felicity should have a session with Legion. Then she'd truly understand just how easy she had it, how gentle this was compared to when Legion was the one dealing out the pain.

Instead of guilt, it was anger that bubbled in Thea's chest, glaring right back.

Felicity clenched her fists as Legion sped up, whimpering and then moaning as her back door was roughly used, grunting with each thrust, the sounds of Legion's hips clapping against her ass barely audible over Felicity's sounds of pain and unwanted pleasure.

This was being recorded. Ollie wouldn't understand why she did this either. He'd hate her for what she had to do. He might not be dating Felicity anymore but Thea knew he still cared for her.

And now she was being used by the man who ruined Ollie's life, another part of Oliver's life stained by Legion. It wasn't enough to destroy Oliver's city, he had to take everything.

Legion could last quite a long time, even while fucking Felicity's tight ass, occasionally spanking her still sore buttocks, Thea simply watching until Legion finally gripped her waist and slammed his hips forwards, grunting as Felicity's face, still coated in his seed, scrunched up in disgust as he flooded her backdoor with his semen.

Legion paused for a moment, pulling back as Felicity let out a sigh of relief, which immediately faded as Legion readjusted and thrust forwards again, a despairing moan leaving her lips as Legion took her third and final hole.

Did she honestly think she'd get out of this without taking his cock in every single hole?

Felicity's body was more honest than her eyes, and despite the furious glare directed towards Thea, she couldn't stop her moans from slipping out, even as tears fell down her cheeks.

Thea just watched, uncaring of the shame and violation Felicity felt as Legion continued to use her.

Her body was honest too, nipples hardening and her thighs growing wet with her leaking arousal, but she didn't care. It was better that she was aroused, it'd make things easier if Legion turned his lusts towards her, and she could have sworn he gave her an approving look from behind his mask.

As Legion finally pumped his seed into Felicity's waiting cunt, the nerdy girl let out a wail, despair and pleasure in equal measure as she reluctantly came from her defilement.

Pulling back, Legion walked around to her front, glancing at Thea as he casually gestured at his cock. Thea didn't hesitate as she moved forwards, kneeling and wrapping her lips around his messy cock.

She tried not to think about where it had been recently as she cleaned him up of his semen and Felicity's juices.

He placed a hand on her head, stroking her hair almost gently, his approval clear.

"Now then, I think that's a nice enough pleasure break. Back to the pain, Miss Smoak. Thea, why don't you try the knives this time? Don't worry, I'll show you how," Legion promised as she rose, seeing Felicity shudder and stare up at her pleadingly.

"Yes, sir," Thea said submissively, memories of her own punishment still fresh in her mind.

At the end of the day, as she left Felicity in a sobbing, broken heap, curled up in the fetal position, cum and blood in equal measure coating her abused body, Legion approached Thea, whispering into her ear as his hand teased her breasts.

"Good girl, that'll be one of the four you owe me. Same time tomorrow, we have such sights to show Miss Smoak."

She shuddered at the way his voice reverberated through her body, nodding obediently.

Markus Gray —

Watching Thea's hunt, I smile under my mask as Felicity worships my cock with desperate fervour.

Thea is learning well, the time dilation means that they think they've been left to their fate, that they've been here for weeks, maybe months, when it's not even morning yet.

Thea has started dragging out the final kill, when she's sure they can't escape, their pain and terror feeding me as Thea gives them to me as such delicious sacrifices. Today she's hunting civilians. She knows they're innocents, and it hasn't even slowed her down.

Felicity is becoming quite obedient herself, Ollie's old lover and tech girl is now my tech girl. This hunt is being live streamed, and as I cum she obedient swallows it and rises back to her feet, moving back to her seat.

Sure, it might be a waste to make her the moderator for my stream, but I find it funny. I'm obviously monitoring her actions, both overtly and less so, and disappointingly, she isn't trying anything clever.

I was looking forward to punishing her for trying.

Dressed in nothing but a metal collar, Felicity monitors the chat as it goes wild, Thea having caught one of the survivors.

She's getting clever, not killing them but instead crippling the man and stringing him up as bait, he won't be able to help his team but they'll have to choose between abandoning him or risking their own lives to save him.

She's even started setting up primitive traps, and as a reward for her initiative I let her start early before the survivors arrive and gave her some new tools.

Pitfalls, bear traps, noise-makers, etcetera. She's becoming quite the fearsome killer to play against.

The man's agonised cries draw attention, and the survivor hesitates before she moves across the clearing, carefully avoiding the bear traps, untying the man and supporting him as they try to get away.

The survivor spotted the bear traps, but not the tripwire, stepping on it as it causes the cans to clang together noisily, and both of them speed up, knowing she is coming.

As some noise come from behind them, the woman pushes the crippled man away from her and makes a break for it, leaving him for Thea as she flees into the forest.

The survivor card helpfully tells the viewers that she's a single mother, two precious children waiting for her. She agreed to play in this game in exchange for me moving her children out of Star City. Her children could be free of the zombie infested hellscape if she came with me.

It gets her a lot of sympathy with the viewers, even as she leaves her teammate to die.

Her teammate is a retired fireman, something of a local hero once, the non-super kind, saving a bunch of kids from a fire decades ago.

All the survivors this time are genuinely good people, it's interesting to see the change in how votes go from game to game, survivor to survivor.

When a survivor 'dies' on stream, I let the viewers vote on their punishment, and the fact that death is clearly not as final here seems to have encouraged people to vote more… extremely.

Do I fix the votes? Maybe a little. Shiro did leave that feature in, but most of the time it's not needed.

People see other people voting for evil choices and make excuses like 'everyone else is doing it' or 'one more vote isn't going to make a difference'.

The game calms down again, Thea stringing up her bait a second time. He'll bleed out sooner or later, so he's dead either way. Whether anyone else will come for him is up for debate, but if nothing else it's a distraction.

I'm surprised how quickly Thea took to her new role. I thought I'd need to punish her so much more before she… broke, I'm almost disappointed.

But at least she'll be ready for the next stage, the final push for her to prove her loyalty. I just need to find where those sneaky young justice kids are hiding.

Ollie hasn't lost everyone yet, the real Roy is still stashed away somewhere by Lexy and his Light Buddies, and Artemis is still hiding.

I think a mirror match could be quite fun.

Thea had already demonstrated that oh-so-sexy self preservation, having Felicity take her punishment, inflicting the pain herself.

Shame can be just as delicious as fear, and Felicity is a fine source of both.

Moving behind her, I reach around as she stiffens, circling my finger around her nipple gently as she tries to ignore my ministrations, gasping as I force her to stand up, bending her over the desk as I push her face into the keyboard.

Despite the anger I feel from her, her legs obediently spread, her shame overcoming her rage as she feels me line myself up.

She's still got some fight left in her, even as I thrust forwards and fill her pussy once more, but she has experienced both Thea's amateurish torture and my rather more brutal treatment, she knows the price of disobedience.

It amuses me, watching the messages she's sending in chat as I thrust into her, holding her head down as each thrust makes her hit more keys, occasionally hitting enter.

I wonder if Ollie got my message?

Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) —

Hatred filled him as he watched the video intensely, looking for any details that could help him.

Facing the camera, Felicity stared back at him, her naked breasts pressed against the bed as Legion took her from behind, on her knees with her ass in the air, Legion's hand on her head forcing it into the bed.

He could barely see through the cum drying in her face, but she was both crying and glaring, gritted teeth trying to suppress her moans.

Thea was next to Legion, equally naked as she kissed his neck, cum leaking from her pussy.

This video was nearly four hours long, a four hour sex tape of Legion defiling Thea and Felicity, in a variety of positions.

Legion was getting increasingly cocky, wearing nothing but his mask with his black hair on display, his body had no real markings, nothing notable beyond him being in decent shape.

Thea didn't seem nearly as opposed as Felicity, even going as far as to help with Felicity's defilement, as the position changed.

Felicity, on her back with her legs held up by her shoulders by Thea, letting Legion pound his former lover into the bed.

He shouldn't be watching this, but he felt like he had to watch the entire thing, he kept expecting Dinah to show up at any moment, or for there to be something that could help him find or identify Legion.

He tried not to think about the way his pants felt tight as he watched Felicity reluctantly cum around her rapist's cock.

As the video started to come to an end, it switched to both girls on their knees as they stroked Legion's cock, Felicity scowling and Thea blushing as Legion started to cum, painting their already messy faces with his seed.

Thea opened her mouth, accepting the cum with no hesitation but Felicity looked away until Thea gripped her hair and made her take the facial, they'd left Felicity's glasses on, spattering them with semen.

"Say hi for the camera," Legion taunted as Felicity glared from behind cum-stained glasses, Thea holding her hand up with two fingers held up, a v for victory as it faded to black.

He'd just watched a four hour video of his sister and lover being raped, and all he'd got out of it was that they were both alive and that Legion had black hair.

Words appeared making him freeze.

Coming soon from a sociopath near you.

The Songbird Sings

The screen changed again, just for a few seconds as he saw Dinah, still dressed but gagged and chained to a wall as she glared at the camera, before a redhead with a crazy smile skipped into view, blowing a kiss at the camera before it faded to black once again.

Cupid? Even she wouldn't be crazy enough to get involved with Legion-

Oh who was he kidding, she was absolutely crazy enough and now she had Dinah, who she hated more than anyone else.

His fist clenched, hatred filling him as the video ended with a mocking depiction of Legion's smiley face on a white screen.

Markus Gray —

I hope he did, I put a lot of work into making Felicity edit that. She kept being naughty and trying to cut out too much.

Well, she tried once and then I politely but firmly explained why that was naughty and she did better after that.

Ah well, I'm sure Felicity will see things my way soon enough, so will Artemis and Oliver himself.

But tracking down his missing sidekick is going to have to wait, because I have work in the morning.

Once this stream ends, I'll return these two to the little world I made for them. I'm sure putting Thea and Felicity into the same apartment after what Thea did won't have any issues whatsoever.

No hard feelings, right?

Felicity grunts in agreement as I pound her into the desk, making me nod cheerfully. Yup, it'll be just fine.

I'm sure nothing terrible and tragic will happen while I'm busy being the newest and best forensic analyst that Gotham City's Police Department has ever had (and maybe fucking with Barbara some more)

It's a good job my little virus reduces my need to sleep (which I have been using my new free time to tinker with, time dilation is such a useful tool to have in one's arsenal), because I have a lot to do with my time that can't be wasted napping.

I can't sleep because I have a very important meeting tonight, before I start my new job.

After all, how often does one of the former guests ask for a meeting?

Bonus Scene — Moira Queen

Recovering from what she had… seen, she shuddered as she remembered the things Legion did to her would-be rapist.

When she'd recovered from her state of shock, she'd realised that she'd been so out of it she hadn't even reacted to her daughter rescuing her, that she'd been too scared to notice that Thea wasn't following her out of that hellscape.

She was not a squeamish woman, but the things Legion did to that man would stay with her for years to come, and Thea had stayed behind with him to get her out of there.

Oliver was a mixture of rage and despair, the disappearance of Black Canary certainly not helping her son's mental state, with the heroes having seemingly given up on working out how to get into Legion's hidden world, but she hadn't.

She didn't have powers, she didn't have super-tech or magic, but she did have one thing. Money. The destruction of Star City had not broken the Queen family's bank, they were too diversified for that. It hurt, certainly, but she was still a very rich woman.

Legion might be a monster, but everyone had their price, even him. She'd empty every secret savings account she had if it got Thea out of these sick games Legion was forcing her to play.

Contacting Legion wasn't particularly difficult, not with the site that it seemed like everyone knew about, he outright had a message system built in so people could contact him, though what he planned to do with that was beyond her.

In the fancy hotel room she had rented, she sighed to herself. There had been no response yet, though she'd heard of the stream Thea starred in, hunting people for sport.

People were apparently arguing over whether people who were forced to kill on Legion's streams were guilty, but the savagery Thea displayed had people asking if she'd even been forced in the first place:

Then people brought up 'The Hood', her son's former alias when he was far more brutal, wondering what he'd taught his sister for her to take to killing for Legion so easily.

As she combed her hair in the mirror, she froze as the lights in her room started flickering rapidly, the air growing colder before all the lights went out at once.

The room was pitch black, but in the mirror she could vaguely see the figure standing right behind her, his hands reaching forwards and resting on her shoulders.

"Most would be happy to have had my attention and escaped… mostly unscathed, it's rare that a person tries to get my attention a second time," Legion said calmly, his hands almost massaging her shoulders as the main light came back on, dimmed and flickering as Legion stood right behind her. "Why so surprised? You summoned me, I came."

"I thought you'd respond on your site, not just barge into my room," Moira said, trying to keep her cool even as the quiver of fear slipped into her tone.

"I like to have a personal touch to these things," Legion said calmly.

"I want my daughter back, name your price," Moira said, shivering as she stood up and turned to face him.

"Do you think I can be bought? That I take credit card? No, I have no interest in such things," Legion said calmly, her guards were just outside the room, they wouldn't be able to beat him but maybe they'd buy her time if things went south.

"Please, let's talk. My family is wealthy and well connected, I'm sure we can come to an agreement-"

"No more deals, it is your flesh I want to experience, not your skill at bargaining," Legion said, making her shudder as he stepped forwards.

"Guards!" Moira shouted, a cold chill running through her body as Legion just chuckled, walking forwards and opening the door himself, showing her the gore that waited just outside.

She could only see one body, but the blood told her that she shouldn't count on any of them having survived.

"You summoned me, and now you must come with me. I have such sights to show you," Legion said with a dark tone. "I cannot be bought, I will enjoy making you bleed for your mistake. And I will enjoy making you enjoy it."

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I have a discord server (technically someone else's but my name is on the server so it's basically mine) with a bunch of other authors and a load of porn. Here's the link for that: discord .gg/wd3tUYWVCd

If it says it's expired, add my (The Pumpkin King#1234) and I'll invite you myself.

I've finally started to use my pat reon for something, mostly I've just added some discord integration so that my pat reons can read early previews of chapters. This won't affect regular posting, but if you wanna read my works a day or two early then consider checking it out

Link: Pat reon TheDarkWolfShiro