It started out as a nice day in downtown LA, just as people were getting ready to head into work Beatrix was finishing up the final touches on her engine by checking the oil and water and then was going to surprise her older brother Brian with a visit at his work. Beatrix had been trying to track down Brian since she had finally graduated university and had received her bachelor's degree in engineering and completed her residency in the medical field.

Beatrix had punched in the directions to The Racer's Edge Body Shop into her navigation system, easing her 67' Shelby GT500 into traffic she was nervous to be seeing Brian after so long, she arrived thirty minutes later to her destination and shut the car off and got out, taking a deep breath she gathered herself and entered the shop. It surprised her by how busy it was, making her way up to the counter she waited to be served by an elder gentlemen "welcome to racers edge, how can I help you mame" the man said, looking at his name tag on his shirt it said Harry, "Hi Harry, I was wondering if you could help me out see I'm looking for my brother and told he was working here, his name is Brian" Beatrix spoke to harry and waited for a reply. Harry was a bit confused as he knew that Brian was here on investigation and not sure if this lady was telling the truth. Harry replies by yelling to someone out back "Hey Brian, you have a visitor for you", He will be with you in a moment Harry told Beatrix. Thank you replied Beatrix, she started to look around the store at the different products they had for sale while waiting on Brian.

"Trix is that you" she heard, as she turned around, she came face to face with her only living family member besides Rome, but he was not her biological brother but grew up with him being family. "Hi Brian, long time no see, how are you, "Beatrix said to Brian. Brian was stunned that his baby sister had found him he hadn't seen her since she left for college years ago, Brian grabbed her in a massive hug, 'I have missed you so much, let me get a look at you, wow your so grown up now and look how beautiful you became', Brian told Beatrix. This is what Beatrix had missed about Brian was that brotherly love and affection, she couldn't believe that she had finally found Brian. She punched Brian in the shoulder "do you know how hard it is to try and find you Brian, I have been looking for years, and anytime I got close you seemed to disappear, do you know how frustrating that is? and how much money and time it takes to find someone Brian" Beatrix asked annoyed at him. Brian smirked at his younger sisters' rant, once she got going, she was hard to stop. But he could understand the worry and loved that she cared for him.