Beatrix had made plans with Brian to meet up after he finished his shift at Racers Edge. Beatrix had left Racers Edge and was trying to find a hotel that she could stay at for her time in LA, after looking at a few hotels, Beatrix decided to rent a room at the Metric which was close to where Brian was currently living.

After unpacking her bags and having a shower. Beatrix decided to chill on the bed and watch Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix. After watching tv Beatrix decided to look around town and see what she could do to kill time while Brian was still at work, you can only watch so many episodes about food and not feel hungry. Beatrix got into her car and drove to Guisado's to have some tacos for lunch.

After eating Beatrix made the drive out to Santa Monica so she could sit on the sand and watch the waves and catch some sun. It was starting to get later in the day and Beatrix needed to head back to the Metric to get ready to meet up with Brian for dinner and a catch-up session. Due to it being summer and LA Beatrix decided to wear her denim shorts with her gold gladiator sandals and her white off the shoulder top as it was thing and comfortable. Beatrix meet Brian at the Road to Seoul restaurant for dinner.

While they were eating Brian asked what Beatrix had been doing while she was in university and what degree did. Beatrix replied to Brian "I have my bachelor's degree in engineering and in Medicine hoping to make a career in the medical field while fixing up older cars as a hobby like Otto does. I also did some modelling while I was in New York and took up boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu jitsu as well as Krav Maga as one of the girls in our dorm was attacked and we wanted to be able to protect ourselves while being in New York. Did you see my baby out front I found her in a car yard in Brooklyn the Old man Otto Halliwell who runs the place let me keep her there while I was getting my bachelors, it worked out well as I got to do my practical placement with him for one of my bachelor's in engineering. Its where I met my partner Sphinx. Sphinx works in the local county morgue as a coroner we met first at Otto's then again while I was working at the hospital doing my residency. Anyway, what have you been doing all this time you are one hard person to find Brian also, have you heard from Rome I haven't heard from him in forever."

Brian told Trix that Rome was serving 2-5 years in jail for car theft and refusal of arrest. Brian couldn't tell Beatrix that he was a police officer due to there up brining back in Barstow you avoided the cops and never spoke to them. So, he told here that he had been travelling around California surfing and driving and racing just enjoying the Cali lifestyle. "Really so all you have been doing all these years is bumming around Cali and surfing, sure you haven't been getting yourself into trouble Mr., your life sounds so vague and why does it feel like there is stuff you're not telling me big brother?" I will get the truth out of you one of these days mister. Any way it's getting late, and I am tired so let's catch up tomorrow some time but don't even thing about waking me to early need my beauty sleep after all."