Beatrix was able to escape the police, Beatrix had lost sight of Brian's car for a few blocks but was able to find him again. Beatrix followed Brian to see where he was heading. She noticed a group of motorcycles fly past her and surround Brian's car, Beatrix was starting to worry for Brian as they had guns strapped to their backs.

Beatrix slowed down so she could follow them at a safe distance and hopefully be able to help Brian if he needed it, it was when Brian got out of the car that she noticed Dom was in the car as well, trust Brian to help him out. Beatrix noticed that an attractive Asian guy was talking to Dom and Brian for a bit, they got on their bikes and started to head away only to turn around and come back and open fire on Brian's poor car. Beatrix was scared for Brian and wanted to rush over but decided to wait until the Asian guys had left for good this time.

Once they had left Beatrix started her car and raced over to Brian, putting the car into park Beatrix jumped out of the car and ran to Brian and began checking him for any injuries. "Trix I'm fine I promise, none of the bullets or shrapnel got me" said Brian "well who the fuck was that Brian are you in trouble, why did they destroy your car" Beatrix asked.

Dom replied, "That was Johnny Tran an old business associate gone bad, and I made the mistake and slept with his sister." Beatrix walked up to Dom and slapped his across the back of the head saying, "Bad Bob, because of your shit you put my brother's life in danger what did I tell you about my brother huh." Brian got between "ok that's enough its not his fault I picked him up so he wouldn't be arrested by the cops, I didn't know that he had beef with people on this side of town ok so can we cool the protective Mumma bear routine, man anyone would think you're the older sibling."

Of course, I'm going to worry Brian you're the only family I have left, you think I'm not going to worry when your life is put in danger because somebody can't keep his dick in his pants," glaring at Dom.

"Alright any way lets get out of here before more unwanted cops or guest decide to show up", turning and looking both boys "is there anywhere we can drop you off at Bob." "Seriously you need to stop with the Bob shit I have a name and its Dom", "yeah dude she isn't going to be calling you Dom any time soon you have pissed her off and when she is pissed off, she gets sassy and there is no stopping until you redeem yourself, she spent six weeks calling me Brianna once when we were kids" Brian told Dom.

"Can you please drop me off at my house? everyone usually meets back there for after race party". "Sure, what's the address Bob" she smirked at Dom, Dom huffed "its 1327 Kensington Road", "ok well lets rock n roll gentlemen" Beatrix said heading towards her car.